is the intimacy

It never occurred to me that what had totally panicked me when he touched me was exacty what startles virgins on being touched for the first time by the person they desire: he stirs nerves in them they never knew existed and that produce far, far more disturbing pleasures than they are used to on their own.
—  Elio, Call Me by Your Name

I don’t get girls who are pissy about their boyfriend not wanting them to post pictures of them in underwear or revealing clothes. If anything, it shows a great deal of care on the bf’s part and i think that’s noble. So what, he doesn’t want you to do certain stuff? How much do you care about him showing his bulge to everyone or flexing without a shirt on for everyone to see? You don’t care, that’s fine. But don’t belittle other relationships or call them abusive simply because the guy doesn’t want his girl showing off to everyone and anyone. If you want to show yourself in a bra or show your tits and your boyfriend doesn’t want you to and you feel he’s stepping on your freedom, that’s your problem, but it’s not abusive. Saying “my boyfriend doesn’t want me to…” is a red flag for abusive behavior is completely putting aside the very meaning of a couple as in a team that communicates with each other’s and takes decisions for both and not only one. Where did we lose caring about one another? If he tells you showing off will hurt him, maybe think how much you value that relationship to think he’s stripping you off of your personal liberty. Is showing off more important than his feelings you claim to care about? There’s nothing wrong with keeping some intimacy in a couple.

But that’s just my opinion.

Here’s a song I composed, recorded and mixed all by myself! Slightly nervous to be posting it but here you go. 

I wrote it to commemorate ten years of close friendship. I took parts of the very first song I ever composed, all those years ago, and made it into something new.

Do you remember my first song?
Back when the years felt long
All of us searching for where we belonged

And as I look around us now
when all the dust has settled down
it suddenly hits me: we’ve found our place somehow

We’ve made it, we’re here, we’re safe and sound
and I cannot believe you’re still around

Can you believe how much we’ve grown?
We’ve come into our own
Familiar faces made into a home

We’ve shared the highs, the lows and more
We’ve seen it all before
We’re ready to handle whatever lies in store

After all of these years it still seems strange
how both everything and nothing’s changed

And I can’t wait to see
how much more we’ll do
Cause part of the person I am today
I’m because of you

Should’ve known from the day I wrote that song
You were always the place where I’d belong

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The Spaces Between: Sharing a Dessert

Oseon–After the Raid on Manaan

Far flung, but still with all the comforts of civilized society were the best words to describe Jas’ favorite sort of planet, moon, or collection of habitable asteroids (as Oseon happened to be).  Outside of both Republic or Imperial-claimed sectors, no allegiance to the Hutts, totally owned and operated by private companies.  It was the perfect place to hide out for a few days—refuel, resupply, and take a break.

“Enjoy, darlin’,” the waitress said as she placed the bowl in front of her.  It was the cafe’s signature dessert and looked too enticing in the advert to not try.  A chunk of warm chocolate cake covered with scoops of brightly colored ice cream and smothered with a thick, fudge sauce.  Heaven in only ten thousand calories.

Jas dug her spoon in and smiled like a child when the first hit of sugar and cream coated her tongue.  She sighed contentedly and enjoyed the nice, quiet—

“Don’t forget the sprinkles.”

Jas glanced up, mouth full of another scoop of her dessert, and saw someone who almost looked like Theron Shan.  He was wearing a tattered duster jacket over the rest of his clothing, which looked just as rough.  He clearly hadn’t shaved in several days and had on a broad-brimmed hat with one side folded upwards.  Hats really didn’t suit him.

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  • you: Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, rightful heir to the Iron Throne, rightful Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains.
  • jon, an intellectual: Dany.

when i was in about 7th grade i ‘dated’ a guy i liked from school for maybe a week or two but i was extremely shy and nervous about dating and just found any possible excuse to never go out with him. anyone one day he called on the landline because we had no cellphones yet asking to just talk on the phone and my (true) excuse was “sorry i can’t talk, i’m watching Planet 51 with my mom.”