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Desc: Kai’s father kidnaps reader, causing Kai to burst into a frantic, bloody, and violent rage as he does everything he can to protect you.

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She woke up in the back of his trunk, hands bound with cloth, hair sprawled around her precious face. She blinked her bright eyes open and rolled to her side, the pain that seared through her like hot red fire. She was wearing the same outfit of that as when she’d been knocked out by Joshua parker, a black tee and dark skinnies. She began to kick into the trunk, screaming out, not for herself, but for him.

“KAI!” She screeched in desperation, unable to break the magically sealed binds on her wrists.

It had been early nightfall when Kai’s father had come after her. She’d been able to catch only a moment’s peace with her treasured heretic before a bright blast had hit her in the back, and she’d crumpled onto the floor, the last sound she heard being Kai’s voice crying her name. She knew why Joshua had kidnapped her; it was the only way he could get Kai, and end him once and for all. Now it was dark out, probably around midnight, she presumed from the stars in the pitch black sky.

Suddenly, the car trunk was thrown open, shimmering rays of silver moonlight illuminating her saviors face.

“Kai,” she choked.

His hands were drenched in fresh ruby red blood, big blue eyes lacking their usual glow, lips bent downwards in such a way that the goofball she’d gotten to know seemed almost unrecognizable. His white tee was torn and covered in dirt, long arms stretching into the trunk as he grasped her curled and feeble form in his strong hold.

“Oh god, oh god,” he whispered frantically, more to himself than her. He scooped her bridal style into his arms, eyes flickering across her confused face. His slender fingers came up to brush a stray strand of hair back behind her ears, whispering an incantation under his breath that melted the binds on her wrists.

“I’m okay,” she reassured him as he gingerly set her on her feet and onto the soil.

“This is all my fault,” he breathed, hands cupping at her face, tears coming to his eyes. “Y/N, please, run.”

“I’m not leaving you,” she protested, locking her fingers around his, eyebrows furrowed.

“Now would be a good time to say your goodbye’s,” a voice said from behind her.

Joshua Parker stood with his right hand raised, the left side of his face bruised up from where she assumed Kai had hit him. The look in his eyes was dark and cold, he had no regret for what he was going to do to his own son, nor what he had done in the past. The green grass seemed to droop where he walked, an aura of relentless hatred around his body.

Kai spun away from her at once, eyes locking on his father, his hands raising in front of her like a shield, silver rings glinting under the starlight.

“Don’t you dare touch her,” he growled, his voice dropping low, expression hardening. “Or I swear, I will gladly rip your throat out and tear you apart limb from limb.” Kai’s jaw was set, eyes hooded, and something about the way he spoke and held himself almost scared her, he never acted like this.

His father raised an eyebrow and took a step forward, eyes landing on the girl.

“Ka-” she began.

But in another moment she was thrown forward, her body ragdolling as she went soaring through the air and crumbling onto the ground at Joshua’s feet. A searing pain burst through her arm, and she went rolling onto her side, vision momentarily going black. Joshua parker raised a finger and drew a slit in the air, which began to slice a long red mark across her pale cheeks. Kai leapt forward, her name tumbling off his lips as he dashed into an invisible wall that held him back from her. An orange glow appeared as he began to siphon the magic, but it was so slow that nothing seemed to happen.

“Fool,” his father spat. “I didn’t want to kill you, that would be too kind. So instead you’ll watch as I take the one thing from your life that brought you happiness.”

He drew another slice in the air, now cutting down the flesh of her stomach, and she screamed out in agony as blood spilled across her front and over her trembling hands, tears flooding down her cheeks as Kai screamed out in anguish, his hands clawing at the barrier, knees shaking as he sobbed at the sight of her, looking more broken than ever.

“Please, PAPA!” Kai begged, so scared and fragile, just like the boy who had once been abused and isolated by everyone he loved.

She stretched an arm across the grass, fingertips touching the invisible shield. She was too weak to talk, but her fingers spread across the wall, he knew exactly what she wanted to say.

“Don’t,” he cried, raising his palm against the other side, fingers spreading out against hers, lower lip trembling as his own tears travelled across them.

She gasped out, body convulsing suddenly, the blood draining from her body and onto the grass. She gave a feeble smile to him, unable to utter how much she loved him in any other way.

All at once, where their fingers touched, the invisible barrier began to crack, shattering into a thousand pieces as it disintegrated under their contact. Kai stared in awe as the spell melted into his skin, his eyes closing as the magic flooded into his system like a drug. His fingers traced patterns across her flesh, wounds closing at once, the electricity from his magic sending electrical currents into her healed body. He stood up, eyes fluttering open as he cracked his neck with a faint smirk. His father stared in disbelief, taking a step back when he realized his defense system was down. Joshua gulped down the nervous lump in his throat as Kai approached him slowly, lips splitting into a twisted grin. Kai lifted two of his fingers into the air, and his father began to rise from the ground, panic spreading across his features. Kai released him at just the position where he wouldn’t die, but would instead be filled with intense agony. 

“How does that feel, papa?” he asked, snapping his father’s legs with a flick of his wrist. He twisted his fingers, and blood went exploding from his father’s body and onto Kai’s front, to which Kai chuckled, drunk off the rush.

Joshua screamed out in pain, his voice filling the empty night, begging Kai to let him live.

“Kai, stop,” she gasped, watching in horror as he assumed an identity so unlike his own. She dragged herself off the earth and onto her feet, eyes pleading with his own.

Kai froze, dark glare softening under her gaze, “he tried to hurt you, and anyone who tries to lay so much as a finger on you deserves worse than death,” he snarled.

She grabbed his wrists before he could turn away, defiant as she grasped him tightly. 

“You’re better than him,” she stated.

Kai tried to turn his head away, unable to resist her control, but she forced his jaw back to hers. 

“Hey, hey, look at me,” she commanded.

Kai’s teeth gritted together as he blinked through his long lashes with a shake of his head.

“You’re better,” she whispered softly.

She brought him back down from his craze, and Kai sighed, his shoulders relaxing, full lips parting as he went to speak.

Suddenly, from the corner of her eye, she made out Joshua parker, raising his arm to give one final move before he collapsed for good. He coughed out a spell, and Kai’s ears began to ring, hands flying to his temples as he crumpled to the ground from the noise flooding his body. The girl caught Kai’s body as he sunk to the dirt and cried out, his blue eyes pained as they held to hers, and in the second where she saw him like that, where she was unable to do anything but watch him die, she understood.

“GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM!” she snarled and dashed over to Kai’s father, arm swinging out as she dove towards his crumpled form. Her fist went smashing into his jaw, which cracked under the force, blood exploding across her knuckles. She slammed her fist in one more time for good measure, heart racing as Joshua Parker went still under her blow. She didn’t even care when his eyes met with hers before glazing over, she didn’t care when his heart failed to beat, nor when his body went still.

“Y/N,” Kai’s voice was distant as he pulled himself up to approach her.

She breathed heavily, hair all across her eyes as she stared in disbelief at her bloodied hands. She spun around, eyes locking with Kai’s blue ones. He looked at her with bewilderment, which was fair enough considering he’d never seen her act this way.

“Are you going to make me apologize,” she murmured, voice low. “Because I am sorry, but not for what I did to him. I’m sorry I let you let him live another second.”

Kai was close to her now, eyes flickering across her dark facial expression, wanting to feel scared or sad because of her newfound rage, but with blood on her hands and black in her eyes, he just couldn’t stop himself. His hands grabbed at her cheeks, forcing her face into his as her lips went crashing against his own. Her hands came up against his jaw, and both of them groaned softly against each other’s mouths as their bloody hands left red across their faces.

“I’ve never felt more scared of anything than I have about losing you,” her voice cracked as she pulled back, nose squishing against his. “I love you so so much Malachai Parker,” her face softened, eyes glistening with tears. “I don’t want you to think I’m a bad person, I just-” she stumbled softly.

He pecked at her lips, bringing his bloodied fingers to her cheek and drawing a crimson heart on her flesh.

“Love makes us do crazy things,” he finished.


Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 252
warning : smut
summary : Kai and Reader are best friends. After the transition Kai finds himself wanting to bite her , feed on her and … (lets just say the deleted scene got to me in a way and this story is the result.)
* gif by wood-x-chris

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It wasnt the first time Kai had shown up at Y/N’s place at midnight hours. It was their thing , or one of them at least. None of them knew that this night was going to change everything between them. Ever since Kai had turned into a vampire it became clear he had a thing for the real thing - no blood bags but feeding directly from someone. He liked how the warm blood dripped down his throat. Problem was Kai wanted one person’s specific blood - his best friends’ Y/N’s. Only her blood was able to wake up every fiber in his body. The young heretic didn’t know why that was and at first he had been worried to ask her , afraid she might push him away and he’d lose their friendship. After one accident with Damon , when the vampire tried to kill him again , Kai had shown up at Y/N’s place and she had been the one to offer to open up a vein for him. Later on Kai had told her how he cant stop thinking about her , biting her and being around her and she had agreed to help him , hiding a secret of her own.

It was one of those hot summer nights and Y/N laid in bed with a book in her hands. Reading was her escape from reality and every spare moment she had she took as an opportunity to do just that. Her life wasn’t ordinary , not in the traditional sense of the word anyways. Most of her friends were supernaturals and she was one of the few humans left in the group. Her best friend was a vampire witch hybrid. Though he was more than a friend to her - he was the missing piece in her life she never even knew was missing until he showed up.
Y/N flipped another page of her book when a gust of wind blew through her window and with a muffled thud someone’s feet landed on the floorboards. Her heart skipped at bit when she looked up from her book and saw Kai standing there looking hotter than ever. He was wearing jeans , a white shirt and his favorite dark blue / black jacket.
“Hey.” said Kai grinning motioning towards the window. “Why do you keep your window open so widely at night ? Don’t you know it’s dangerous ? Someone might sneak into your room.”
Y/N laughed , putting her book away moving a little on her bed to make space for him.”It might be , but not with you around.”
“Your friends would say the opposite.” replied Kai , kicking his shoes off climbing onto the bed next to her. “I am a dangerous sociopath , remember ? Even more so now that I am a heretic.”
“The only thing I find dangerous about you is how I could never get enough of your constant talking.” she laughed.
“You don’t find it annoying ?” he asked amused. “Most people would literally put a sock in my mouth to keep me from talking you know. Damon tried once.”
“Not at all. I love the sound of your voice.” she laughed. ”Are you hungry?”
Kai smiled at her , his hands behind his head. “Always am , sweetheart. Being a vampire is so weird. I can hear things from miles away and thats awesome except when I have to listen to your friends bicker. They do that a lot by the way.“
“Yeah , things are a little on edge lately.” she sighed tossing herself onto the pillow next to him. Kai turned to his side , his fingertips touching the skin on her neck feeling her blood flowing , pulsating in her veins.
“May I?”
“How many times do I have to tell you Kai ?” she said smiling moving her hair to the side. “You don’t have to ask.”
“Yeah but its nicer when I do.” he said rolling on top of her , his knee between her legs. Y/N smiled as Kai gripped her wrists holding them on either side of her head , purple black veins flickering under his eyes. The sight of Kai’s vampirism always did things to her - send butterflies to her stomach and shock waves *down there*. He smirked devilishly and sank his teeth into her neck.
The feeling of having a vampire feed on someone’s blood is hard to explain. Its a rush , pleasure and the good kind of pain at the same time. Of all three when Kai was feeding on her , Y/N felt the pleasure most of all. That night as every other night Kai had fed on her she felt the waves vibrate through her body , concentrating mostly on her heat. It was impossible to avoid the feeling. Her crush on him had grown into strong feelings and having him this close and personal did things to her nothing and no one else could.
A low moan escaped her lips as Kai drained an artery , slowly pulling away from her feeling Y/N slide down a little and grind her crotch against his knee. He wiped away his mouth looking at her with a surprise and curiousity in his eyes.
“S-Sorry.” she muttered. “I dont know why I did that…”
Kai was starring at her , only then realising the feeling he always got while feeding on her went both ways. He had thought it was one sided , a side effect of his vampirism or something but maybe he had been wrong. Y/N’s eyes met his , noticing a different kind of glow in them. He smiled nervously , brushing his fingers against her cheek for a moment before his lips touched hers , kissing her gently for a second but long enough to make her head spin even more than before.
Y/N’s heart beat faster than ever and she had trouble remembering how to breath, blink or function for that matter. Kai gazed into her eyes , trying to figure out her reaction. He could hear her heart racing after the kiss but had no idea what that reaction meant. Her heart always raced like that when he was around.
“Kiss me again” she whispered and his lips crashed against hers again ,demanding and hungry for more. He leaned towards her pressing his crotch against hers as their lips felt like they were glued together. Y/N moaned into he kiss feeling Kai’s hand slide between their bodies towards her heat. Kai pushed his way into her panties , rubbing her clit slowly with his fingers. He wanted her , not just her blood but her , all of her. He wanted to kiss every square inch of her body and make her his again and again.

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Imagine being in a relationship with Chris.

A/N: Take this as a sequel to ‘Imagine falling in-love with Chris’. Also this was inspired by Taylor Swift’s ‘Ours’, which was a request from @lapetitsyrene quite a while ago. So here it is, Jet. (Finally, right? 😂) Enjoy! ❤️  

Monday mornings were perpetually bad, especially after exceptional Sundays with Chris. It’d been a year since you officially became a couple and things between the two of you were still as good as it’d been on your first, second, and third dates. The flames of romance and passion were effulgent; the level of strength of your relationship described as incandescent. The longer you thought about Chris, the wider your smile became. There were a few reasons as to why he was on your mind: one) you were that knee-deep in-love with the man; two) you were using your Minnie Mouse travel mug, to which he had a matching Mickey Mouse one; three) you were drinking the coconut chai tea McKenna Grace recommended to him which he then recommended to you. You didn’t know when it happened, but you’d become a half of one of those co-dependent couples whose lives were intertwined to the point where you couldn’t even be in an elevator with strangers without imagining what it’d be like with Chris there.

The silence was deafening in the elevator; you were the only one not in a suit of some kind possessed with a vacant stare. You thought about what Chris would say if he were stuck in that uncomfortable elevator with you and stifled your giggle by biting down on the rim of your travel mug. It was an accurate assumption of his that your job, though taxing, was better than “being stuck in an office doing that nine-to-five thing like a ritual.” Perhaps it did occasionally take away the excitement of going to a new place, but at least you were going to a new place. You had opportunities to take in the fresh ocean breeze while swaying with the palm trees, and you’d rather do that than breathe a stale air in a stuffy office standing still next to a water cooler. You still had to drop in at your publisher’s office every now and again, but you already had it better than most people both professionally and romantically.

You had to admit though it was hard to enjoy your romantic privileges sometimes. You were dating Chris Evans, an A-Lister who many thought you didn’t deserve. In your field, your success and stature would’ve been on par with Chris’ in his. You were highly successful and thoroughly respected, even renowned enough to be invited to certain A-List events. Yet in the eyes of his fans and the Hollywood media, you were still a nobody. You were reminded of that every time you walked by the magazines in a bookstore, or a grocery shop. You’d see the headlines: “Chris Evans dating out of his comfort zone, a travel journalist?”, “Chris Evans’ new girlfriend spotted with another man!”, “Chris Evans attends the People’s Choice awards alone, was it out of Y/N Y/L/N’s league?” It was frustrating to have a relationship feel like it was on trial, and this was a relationship with an actor who stayed out of the limelight as much as possible. What would it have been like for the others? You could never just be, there was always someone lurking, waiting for a mistake to be made so they could make their case to a jury of people who had nothing better to do. It wasn’t always easy, but you and Chris made it work. No matter the verdict, the choice was clear: it was you and him against the world.

You were fortunate in other areas, like how Chris wasn’t the kind of guy who had bad breakups. You had to admit when you first agreed to go out with him, you were a little worried about being dragged into an encounter with one of his star-studded exes. But so far, so good. All those rumors and warnings about how the ghosts from his past were waiting to jump out at your with their lipgloss smiles did nothing but amuse you now. The love was yours, it wasn’t for anyone to speculate. If there was doubt, the two of you would sit and talk. The relationship was important to the both of you, important to the point that you even ignored your father’s snide comments about his tattoos. But Chris knew your father liked him despite that, so he said nothing either. It was fairly obvious how much your parents adored Chris, just like it was how much his parents loved you. Things were going to last with him, there was no doubt there.

Chris pushed himself off his car when you walked out of your apartment building. He smiled as soon as he caught you in his sights. “Good morning, beautiful.” He called then laughed at your shocked expression. You had no expectation to see him today as Mondays were usually chock-blocked with work meetings for both of you. “Hi,” one of his eyebrow quirked along with the corners of his mouth as he pulled you in for a kiss. Your arms immediately made their way around his neck  and you pulled your body flushed against his. “How are you?” He whispered, resting his forehead against yours.

“Wondering if I can still breathe after that kiss,” you responded then giggled when he smiled. “What are you doing here?” You asked, pulling away from him. “I thought you said you had a meeting today, shouldn’t you be halfway there?”

He glanced at his watch before answering, “three quarters of the way there, but I had to come see you first.” You bit the inside of your cheek to prevent yourself from squealing at how adorable he was. “I wanted to ask you to join me for dinner tonight at the Van Heusen Steakhouse, seven-thirty if you don’t already have plans.”

“You couldn’t just text me?”

“I could, but I couldn’t do this…” He trailed off, dipping his head to meet your lips again. “And I’d give anything to do that,” he winked as he pulled away. You giggled and playfully shoved him, making him laugh. “So dinner, can I come pick you up at seven-thirty?” You nodded. “Awesome, there’s something really important that I need to ask you tonight.” You felt your heart skip a beat at that, then completely stop when he admitted “I’m actually kind of nervous” with a soft chuckle.

“Did you freak all your other girlfriends out too, or am I the exception?”

“What do you mean?” His innocence made you scowl. “What?” He laughed. “What did I say, Y/N?”

“You can’t just ask me to a fancy dinner, tell me there’s something really important that you need to ask me tonight, and leave it at that.” You bit and he laughed when he realized what his choice of words must have insinuated. “I love you, Chris, but I don’t think we’re ready to-”

“I’m not going to propose,” he cut you off, chuckling. You let out an audible sigh of relief and it was his turn to scowl, “okay, don’t sound so relieved.” His smile returned when you giggled. “I’m a romantic, I’m not an eccentric. We’re not even living together yet, you really think I’ll propose before we take that step? What if you’re a pain in the ass to live with?” He joked and you scoffed with a smile. “What if you talk during my football games, or force me to do the dishes immediately?” Another scoff escaped because you did do that; he laughed because he was obviously joking. “I can’t live with that for the rest of my life.”

“You know what, jackass,” you slapped his arm, “even if you did propose I’d say no.” He pouted, giving you signature puppy dog eyes as he grabbed you by your waist. “Get off me,” you laughed and playfully pushed him back when he tried to hug you. “Chris!” You shrieked with laughter when he lifted you off the ground, crushing you in a tight encasement created by his strong arms. “People are watching,” you giggled, “put me down.”

“I love you, baby.” He smacked a loud, scruffy kiss on your cheek before planting you back down on your feet. “Do you want me to drive you to work?” He asked as he released you. “I’m already late, I might as well be a good boyfriend while I’m at it. C’mon,” he took your hand and started to pull you towards his car.

“Can you be a good boyfriend and tell me what that really important thing you have to ask me tonight is?” You asked with a wince; the hope that laced your voice was not present in the next sentence after he shook his head. “Chris, come on. Have mercy, you know I’m just going to fixate on it until I see you tonight. Do you really want me distracted all day? I have meetings today, I can’t afford to be distracted.”

“But you’re so cute when you’re distracted.”

“Chris,” you tried not to laugh while you were being terse, but you failed.

“Why are you always so impatient?” He turned around, smiling. “Do you know how many surprises you’ve ruined because of your impatience?” He rhetorically quizzed and you scoffed; he smiled because he knew what you were going to say in defense.

“Are you serious? I could ask you the same thing,” you bit back playfully. “You’re the one who always hints he has a surprise for me. I wouldn’t even know if you didn’t say anything, but no, you always have to open your big mouth. So if we are really looking for someone to blame for my ruined surprises, shouldn’t it be you?”

“Okay, fine.” He rolled his eyes dramatically and you laughed. “You really want to spoil the surprise for yourself, fine.” He dug into his back pocket and pulled out a classic Disney Castle keychain with a single key. “Here,” he held it up in front of your confused face. You didn’t get it, you already had a key to his place just like he had one to yours.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve already got a key to your house.”

“You have a spare key to my house, yes, but this is your key to my house.”

“What are you talking about?” You laughed and he sighed with a smile. “It’s a key, it doesn’t-”

“I’m trying to ask you to move in with me, idiot,” he cut you off, chuckling. “The key was symbolic, okay? I know you already have a key and it works and it doesn’t matter if I call it a spare key or your key. I’m trying to ask you to move in with me.” You pressed your lips together, trying not to laugh at his semi-rant. “God, I’m glad I’m doing this now. If I did this at dinner, I’d be too worked up to eat.” He joked then laughed when you did. “Will you please move in with me?” He wiggled the key in your face, a hopeful smile on his lips.

“Of course I will,” you swiped the keychain from his hand then wrapped your arms around his neck. He smiled and rested both hands on your waist before rewarding you with another tender kiss. “Just out of curiosity,” you began when he broke the kiss, “does this mean we’re on the path to getting married?”

“I’d answer that, but I don’t want to ruin any more surprises for you.”

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What do you mean you don’t know who Batman is?

Bucky Barnes x ReaderWord Count: 1,263

You only had a few minutes.

The mission was a simple one. Infiltrate the charity banquet, find the plans for the weapon that Hydra was building and then haul ass out.

The charity banquet was being thrown by Xander Scott, elected politician in the area. He was suspected to be in cahoots with Hydra. Just what you needed, more corrupt government officials. Like there weren’t enough of them already.

You and Sam were dancing in the middle of the large ballroom. Xander Scott owned the hotel, so it was safe to assume that he had an office there. The two of you were dressed to the nines to fit in with all of the ridiculously rich people around you. Steve, Natasha and Wanda were at another location close by just in case things got out of hand. It would’ve been too suspicious for you all to be there.

You looked over Sam’s shoulder and saw Bucky standing at the bar. He gave you a small nod and then disappeared.

“I’m going to run to the ladies room, sweetheart.” You said to Sam playing along with the charade that the two of you were a couple.

“I’ll be waiting.” He winked before you went in the same direction that Bucky had gone.

“Okay guys. Let’s get in and out without a fuss.” Steve said in your earpiece.

“It’s the two knuckleheads and (Y/n). I’m praying there will be minimum fuss.” Natasha joked.

“To their defense, the knuckleheads have managed to act civilized 90% of the time.” You added as you walked right past the woman’s restrooms. Making sure that no one was watching you, you took a left and walked down a hallway that you were sure you weren’t supposed to be in. The heels you were wearing wasn’t making it easier for you to be stealthy.

“Bucky, are you in position?” Steve questioned.

“I’m here. Waiting for (Y/n).”

You walked towards the door that you knew was Xander’s office. Bucky was there waiting for you inside. You closed the door behind you.

“I didn’t get followed but that doesn’t mean we have all day.” You said to him as you started to search the office alongside him.

“I’ve looked in the obvious places. There’s nothing here.”

You quickly tried to get into the mindset of the crook. Scanning along the walls, you tried to find something that was out of the ordinary. There was a giant bookshelf that was on the opposite wall of the door.

“Something about these books seem a little…” you tried to move one of the books and saw that they were fake. All of them on the middle shelf were connected together making a long row. You pulled them down and the bookshelf opened right in the middle leading down a dark hallway.

“I’m getting some major Batman vibes right now.”

“What’s Batman?”

You froze and turned to look at Bucky, “What?”

“What’s Batman?” He repeated, “Is that like a friend of yours or something? I don’t know who that is.”

“What do you mean you don’t know who Batman is?”

“Guys!” Steve shouted in your earpieces, “are you seriously having this conversation right now?”

“Sorry.” You and Bucky said at the same time. You grabbed the gun that you had in your thigh holster and went down the hallway first. Bucky walked closely behind you.

The hallway lead to a small room. There weren’t any windows or anything hanging on the walls. There was barely any light. The only table in the room was stacked with papers.

You and Bucky dug around until you found the blueprints. Bucky stuck them on the inside of his coat pocket before the two of you left the creepy room.

“You guys are in the clear. Just get out of there safely.” Natasha said to you as you walked back into the office.

The two of you pushed the bookshelf back together before making sure you didn’t leave anything out of place. Bucky walked out of the office first and you closed the door behind you.

Just as the two of you were going to round the corner of the hallway that lead back to the party, you heard footsteps. The sound stopped you in your tracks.

“You’ve got company headed your way.” Steve warned you and Bucky.

You knew that you only had a short amount of time to do something.

“Kiss me.” You said to Bucky.

Shocked at what you ordered him to do, he froze in place. “What?”

“Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable. Kiss me now!”

Bucky faltered for a split second before grabbing you by your waist and pulling you closer to him. His lips were on yours before you could tell him to kiss you.

Maybe the thought of you kissing Bucky crossed your mind a time or two. You would admit that it had. Bucky was the most attractive man that you had ever laid eyes on.

It was easy to get a little lost in the heat of the moment. Bucky completely forgot that he was in the middle of a mission the moment his lips touched yours. He had been wanting to kiss you for quite some time and now seemed like the perfect moment.

“Excuse me?”

The two of you came up for air and saw someone standing nearby. He looked like he was one of Xander’s guys. You braced yourself for a fight.

“No guests are allowed back here.”

Bucky chuckled a little, keeping his hold on you for show, “Sorry, I just needed a moment alone with my beautiful wife.”

“He hasn’t been able to keep his hands off of me all night.” You joked.

The man smiled dryly, “Let me escort you back to the party.”

You both followed the guy back to the ballroom were everyone was dancing. Discretely checking behind your shoulder, you saw that the guy left once he made sure you and Bucky were where you were supposed of be.

“Sam is waiting outside for you guys.” Steve said in your ear.

Bucky grabbed your hand and lead you outside. Once made it out safely, you felt a weight lifted off your shoulders. You and the knuckleheads actually did it without a ruckus.

“What are you doing holding hands with my wife?” Sam joked when you and Bucky approached him.

“After that kiss, I think that she prefers my company. Don’t you, baby?” Bucky winked at you making your heart skip a beat.

You decided to mess with him a little. “Bucky, don’t flatter yourself. I would’ve kissed Vision if he were there instead of you.”

“Damn! She told you.” Sam joked as the three of you got into the car that was waiting for you.

Bucky hit Sam before sliding in after you. He was quiet for most of the trip back to the Tower. Sam, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was too busy on his phone and talking to the driver to notice.

You decided to be a little bold and move closer to Bucky. He looked at you when he noticed that you moved towards him.

“Just so you know, I wouldn’t have kissed just anyone back there. You’re special, Barnes.” You whispered in his ear.

He smirked, “So, what you’re saying is that you like me better than everyone else.”

You smiled, “I guess that’s what I’m saying.”

Bucky leaned even closer and kissed your cheek softly. “I like you more than anyone else too.”

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Our thing

Word count: 2,393

Request: You always have your bedroom window open for Kai, but when you get into a fight one day, you close it and Kai realizes how badly he messed up

*gif by me

You have always lived close to Kai Parker. You were neighbours from the beginning, but you were ignoring him because of what your parents told you about him. In their eyes he was a terrible human being, a murderer and a complete sociopath, someone who didn’t deserve a good life or a person who would love him no matter what. Sometimes, you spent almost every day watching him through your bedroom’s window, sitting alone on the grass, his back leaned on the biggest tree in his garden, a big treetop hiding him from the bright and hot sun from shining down at him, but somehow a few sunshine rays have always managed to shine through the branches and lit up his face in such a beautiful way, making your heart skip a beat from how beautiful he looked. At that moment, you forgot about everything you were doing and focused on him, the way his eyes focused on one spot in the distance before turning back to the book in his lap, his fingers following the line he was reading.

‘Hello, neighbour!’ A familiar voice traveled towards you, your eyes following it as you lifted your head up and made eye contact with your neighbour and your boyfriend, Malachai Parker. Your heart started beating faster, his eyes still making your heart skip a beat, even though you have been dating him for a while. You have learned to understand why he did all those things in the past and you loved him for who he was, no matter what people said about him. You were sitting on the floor of your room, a notebook laying casually on your lap, your fingers playing with a pen, tapping it against your thigh.

'Hi.’ You muttered and smiled, Kai’s legs quietly coming through the opened window, his feet planting on the carpet in your room, the rest of his body following. He let out a deep sigh and looked down at you, your eyes still glued to his blue ones. He chuckled and crouched down to grab your hand as he lifted you up, making you stand on your feet, before he pulled you into his arms, wrapping his one arm around your body while the other one snaked behind you, placing it gently on the back of your head as he finally locked his lips with yours. The kiss was filled with lust, love and passion, feeling as if you haven’t seen each other in a while. His lips moved perfectly with yours, shivers rolling down your spine and nervousness finding its way into your body. Every kiss you and Kai shared still felt just as special as the first one, sending shivers down your spine and bringing up a smile every time he looked at you in the eyes. He pulled away, but refused to let you go, his forehead pressing on yours as his eyes remained closed.

'I missed you.’ He whispered making you chuckle quietly, his thb caressing your cheek softly.

'We saw each other just a few hours ago.’ He finally opened his eyes and locked them with yours, his lips curling up into a big smile.

'You know I can’t spend my days without you. I have to be close to you, especially when you’re writing something in that notebook of yours that you never let me see. I always find it so mesmerizing, but why can’t I read it?’ He asked gently, his hands drawing small circles on your back, your muscles relaxing at the feeling of his hands caressing you softly. You chuckled and brushed the tip of your nose on his bottom lip, making them part slightly.

'It’s personal, something I like to keep to myself.’

'Have you ever-’

'Written something about you? Yes, I did. A lot of times. Writing about you is my favourite thing to do, describing you, the way your lips curve when you smile or that little small dimple of yours next to your lips.’ You whispered and traced your fingers over every part on his face you just mentioned, admiring his beautiful featires and taking in every single detail.

'Then why won’t you let me read it?’ He asked, slowly pushing your hair with his hand, letting it fall casually down your back, exposing your neck.

'Because it’s like my diary. I have never let anyone read my diary, ever. It’s something I love doing when I’m alone in my room, watching the stars through the window and listening to that light breeze that sometimes echoes through my window.’ you trailed off as his lips slowly pressed on your neck, kissing it slowly, making you throw your head back a little bit, allowing him to get better access to your sensitive skin. 

 'If you feel lonely, you can always invite me over, I would be happy to keep you company.’ He breathed out, his hot breath tickling the skin on your neck. You chuckled and looked him deeply into his eyes before your gaze dropped down to his lips, watching how they parted and how beautiful they looked. You leaned in and pecked his bottom lip only, your thumb brushing it slightly right after you pulled away.

 'You know I would love to… but we can’t. Not here.’ You muttered and somehow got out of his grip, your back turned to his side. After only a few seconds, you felt his hands touching your waist, his fingers slightly digging into your skin.

 'You know that’s not what I meant. I would be fine with just watching you sleep. You in my arms, my fingers caressing your back, just like we used to do it, remember?’ He whispered in your ear, his lips brushing against your earlobe. You turned around, your noses brushing against one another because of close you were to each other.

 'We still do that, Kai. Almost every single day, whenever we have a chance.' 

 'Or whenever you’re free to leave this house.' 

 'I can leave whenever I want. I can even move in with you. Today.’ You said, catching Kai by surprise. He looked lost and a bit scared, clearly unsure of what to do or say, he was just quiet, his lips parting every few seconds, looking for words to come out of his mouth, but unsuccesfully. Your lips curved up into a smile, a quiet giggle escaping your lips. 'I’m joking. You don’t have to worry about that, we talked about it before.' 

 'You sure know how to scare the sh-’ you placed your finger on his lips and made a 'shh’ sound, his brows furrowing in confussion. You caught his hand gently and led him towards your bed as you got under the covers. Kai followed you and laid beside you, his arms wrapped around your body while your head rested against his chest, listening to his calm heartbeat. You let out a deep sigh, Kai’s body heat that was radiating out of his body suddenly making you feel very sleepy and tired. 

 'How long can I stay here?’ Kai asked quietly, but had to wait a few minutes for you to answer him.

 'Please don’t talk.’ A quiet chuckle escaped Kai’s body, his lips softly pressing on the top of your head, giving you a kiss that brought up one of his favourite things about you. Your smile. 'Just stay here, with me. Ok?' 

 'Ok.’ His arms pulled you a bit closer to him as you felt safe again in his strong arms. 

 As months passed and your love for Kai only grew stronger, you came to notice how you found it very hard to stay away from each other. There were days when you came home and not even a half an hour later, Kai was already in your room, keeping you company as his arms were so perfectly wrapped around your body once again. The thing that has become your thing through all these months was Kai coming to your house through your bedroom window. You couldn’t remember when was the last time you closed it. Probably months have already passed since your bedroom window was closed. There was simply no need to do it or to be afraid of something because Kai has always been there for you and was ready to jump in and help you whenever he thought it was needed. 

 Your gaze traveled around the room as if you were looking for something, but had no idea what. Instead of finding what you have been seeking for, your eyes landed on Malachai Parker, coming through your window once again, his arms wrapping around your body as every time he visited you. His scent invaded your nostrils, affecting you and making your knees weaker than before. It was a mix of his own scent and a shower gel, that mix a little bit intoxicating. He cupped your face and kissed you deeply, looking a bit worried about something. 

 'Is everything ok?’ You asked him softly, your fingers gently brushing through his already messy hair.

 'Yeah, it’s- I’m fine.’ He smiled shortly at you and took a few steps away from you, looking through the window at all the tars that adorned the sky that night.

 'I’ll be right back.' 

 You walked out of the room and ran fast into the kitchen, picking up as many chocolate bars as possible, along with some water from the fridge, barely stopping everything from falling down on the floor as your hands were completely full. You opened your bedroom door with your foot, a few chocolate bars dropping down on the floor, making you chuckle.

 'I got as many of these as I could and- What the hell do you think you’re doing?’ You said loudly, dropping everything else you had in your hands down on the floor, not caring if it will stain the carpet somehow or not. You took a few large steps towards Kai and yanked your notebook out of his hands, throwing it on your bed, far from his curious eyes.

 'I was just-’

 'You just what? Decided to invade my privacy? Just like that, huh? You just decided it was a good idea to go through my stuff while I’m not here, when I’m doing what I think it might cheer you up since I know how much you like chocolate?’ You blurted out angrily, your brows furrowing in confussion and anger, your heart beating a lot fast than it has before.

 'Clearly you haven’t told me everything. All the stuff you think about dating me.’ He trailed off and walked towards your bed, picking up your notebook and opening it on the page he had perfectly memorized. 'How about this one: I wonder if Kai has ever wondered what would have happened if he didn’t kill his own family. It sometimes scare me, sometimes I’m afraid, but I guess he would never hurt me.' He stopped talking, closing the note book and throwing it onto the bed again. 

 'You had no right to read that. You had no-’

 'I’m glad I did because at least now I know how you feel about me.’

 You have no right to judge me!’ You yelled, your voice cracking at the end, tears fighting to escape your eyes as a lump appeared in your throat, stopping your from talking without wanting to cry. 'That was at the beginning. I know you would never hurt me, I’m not stupid!’

 'I would rather hurt myself than hurt you.’ He muttered, your heart aching at his words. You hated the thought of him huring himself in who knows what way. It was breaking your heart and you didn’t know what to do, how to fix all of this.

 'Did you read any of the good stuff in there too? Or about my problems in the past. That was something I wanted to tell you in person, not give you a random notebook for you to read it from, just like you wanted to tell me your story, you told me not to listen what other people have to say and that I should hear it from you!’ He couldn’t even look at you in the eyes. He looked like a lost child, a child that needed a hug and someone to tell him that everything would be alright. He kept playing with his fingers, obviously fighting his tears and from snapping completely.

 'I’m sorry, I should- I shouldn’t have done that, I’m-’

 'Yes, you shouldn’t have.’ He stepped a bit closer, obviously wanting to wrap his arms around you, but you lifted up your finger, motioning him to stay in place and to not touch you in any way possible. You stood next to the window and Kai immediately knew what that meant. You wanted him to leaved and that was just an icing on the cake for the whole situation. He blinked away his tears and nodded, understanding what he had to do. He climbed on the window and jumped from it, taking some time before he looked at you, his heart breaking when you closed the window that has been opened for so many months, opened for him only as Kai realized how badly he messed up this time. You dropped down on the floor underneath that window and let your tears fall down, burrying your head in your hands, thinking how maybe you overreacted and how maybe you were to harsh on him, but your thought about how he had no right to do such a thing replaced that weak thought, making another tear roll down your cheeks and fall down on Kai’s shirt you loved to wear so much that the colour was starting to fade, but you didn’t care. It was as if you had Kai by your side at that moment, the shirt still having his scent on, calming you down a little bit, but nothing could calm you down like Kai’s strong arms around you, not letting you go until you stopped crying and started smiling. 

 You looked up and through the window as you made a wish upon a star. A wish for Kai to come through that window like he always did and kiss you like you always liked, with his arms around your waist and a soft I love you whispered in your ear.

A Brisk Swim

gif is not mine

Title: A Brisk Swim

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,316

Warnings: FLUFF

A/N: @lizbeth-loves-bobear wanted some romantic dean fluff. I hope this fills that need! I am always willing to write some cute Dean fluff so I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much!

The last few days had been incredibly stressful for you and the Winchesters.  Granted, the three of you had been through worse, but it was still a hellish week for everyone.  You retreated to your room, hoping for some time alone.  Even if you wanted time alone, you wouldn’t have minded Dean’s company.

You were laying in the middle of your bed, listening to music.  You didn’t even notice Dean poke his head into your room.  He came inside, quietly shutting your door behind him.  He slowly walked up to your bed, laying down beside you.  That’s when your eyes shot open and you looked to the side.  You were relieved to see that it was only Dean.

You removed your headphones, tossing them onto your pillow.  “Did you need something,” you wondered, laying back down on your side.  You folded your arm under your head.

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(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 4 840
: smut
summary: Reader squirts for the first time.
*gif by phantom-evil
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An evening at the Salvatores.
Lately it appeared the Mystic Falls gang had started to finally accept that maybe there is good in him , or maybe they were just tolerating him because he was Y/N’s boyfriend and it was more than obvious they were crazy about each other. It’s been almost three months since Kai and Y/N had officially become a couple , but their history went beyond that - stolen glances and kisses here and there. They had played the cat and mice game for a while until Kai figured out he just can’t be without her. He had fallen in love with the human girl and there was no going back. Kai knew Y/N loves him too , not only because she had told him so multiple times , but because it was in her eyes , in her entire attitude towards him. Always , no matter who of her friends would try to say something about him that she didn’t like , she’d try to bite their head off. Kai really loved that fire burning inside her.
Kai had expected everything but this. Since the second Y/N had walked in , his breath had been taken away and his thoughts had been thrown off completely balance. Y/N was wearing knee high boots with a short tight black dress(and no bra!!) , a short black jacket , her hair made in waves but still a tad messy and that lipstick - Kai felt as if he had been thrown straight into Hell. He could barely control himself around her in general and the way she looked in that moment had pushed it a bit too far. How was he supposed to keep his hands off her for a few more hours , when all he could think about was tearing that dress off her and messing up her hair completely ? The moment Y/N had gotten up from the sofa and asked him if he wants to go home , he had hardly managed not to grab her and whoosh them away in vampire speed.

On their way home Kai had held onto the steering wheel so hard , he had nearly broken it to keep himself from pulling over somewhere and having his way with her in the car in the middle of nowhere. Not that they hadn’t done this before but the entire night he had ran scenarios in his head and the car or the woods just wouldn’t do. Finally they got to their house and Kai could barely wait for them to get inside. Y/N’s outfit had droven him completely mad and his skin felt as if was on fire even more with each passing moment , watching her walk a step ahead of him and her dress lightly lift itself up.
The door wasn’t even closed completely when Kai smashed her against the wall lightly wrapping his hand around her neck holding her in place , brushing his nose against her cheek moving towards her neck.
“You did that on purpose , didn’t you? Wearing that short tight dress with those boots , with your hair all messed up. Not to mention that lipstick -” whispered Kai , nibbling on her earlobe. “ I can’t decide if I want to tear that dress of your body or just pull it over your head for you to wear again.”
“I have no idea what you are talking about.” said Y/N innocently , tangling her fingers in his hair pulling him closer to her than ever. Truth to be told , those had been her true intentions since the early evening. Usually they’d go there together but that evening they had gone separately because she had told him there is something she has to do. The second Y/N had walked in and he had seen her , she had known her mission was complete. Kai’s eyes had gone wider than ever and he had nearly choked on the bourbon he was drinking. The rest of the evening she had spent sitting on his lap , playing with his scruff or next to him ,her hip brushing against his and stealing glances from time to time. Kai barely took his eyes off her and his hands were shaking the entire evening as he struggled to keep them away from her.
“So innocent.” he teased resting his forehead on hers , their eyes meeting. His hand slid up her inner thigh to her core , feeling a wet spot on her panties. A smile spread across his face , seeing her eyelids fluttering closed for a second as he pressed on her entrance. Kai had been listening to her hearbeat knowing fully well she had lied to him. Even if he wasnt a vampire , he’d be able to tell by the look in her eyes. Usually she was better at hiding things , not this time though. He wondered why. “I don’t believe you for a second.”
Kai’s lips hungrily attacked hers , kissing her so hard her lips hurt a bit. All emotions he had suppressed during the past few hours came rushing back full speed and he didn’t plan on slowing down at all. He pressed his body to hers so hard her breath got knocked out of her lungs. His lips left kisses down her jaw line to her neck to her collarbone while his hands pushed down her short jacket. Kai snaked his hands down her back to her ass pulling her towards him suddenly , making her feel how hard he was. A small gasp tumbled off her lips feeling his hard on press against her and she bit her lip , her eyes going wide. They were standing so close their lips almost touched as Kai spoke and Y/N could feel his heart racing and she tried to suppress a smile realising his heart was beating as fast as hers , maybe faster.
“This is your fault.” he whispered , looking at her with hooded eyes. “You did that to me the second you walked in. Only you can do this to me without even touching me. Though you sitting on my lap on the sofa , you must’ve already known.”
Kai smirked at her and slid his hands down her hips , hitching them around her thighs as he scooped her up. He could hear her heart rate change the moment he touched her bare skin. He shoved her against the wall again , his nose brushing against hers for a moment as the tension build more. They were starring at each other , none of them willing to look away for more than a split second. Y/N’s eyes darted between his eyes and his lips , holding onto him tighly. Kai’s eyes had darkened to a darker shade of blue and the fact was looking at her with hooded eyes only turned her on even more. She wondered if he knows the effect he has on her. One look from him was enough to get her right where he wanted her - wet on the spot and begging for him. That night had been a payback for all those times. With the help of Elena and Caroline ,she had gotten the hair and make up done and later one had picked out the dress. Y/N darted her tongue out licking his lower lip and a low growl came from deep inside his throat.
“Well…” he trailed off. “Time to pay sweetheart.”
In a flash he whooshed them away upstairs , pulling the dress over her head in vampire speed and tossing it on the floor. Kai’s lips smashed against hers a split second later and her hands pushed away his jacket , hooking around his neck right after. Y/N pulled herself closer to him trying to gain some control , only he wouldn’t let her. He spun her around in vampire speed pressing his chest to her back while slowly trailing his fingertips all the way from her shoulder to her fingertips sending shivers all over her body. Y/N threw her head back , resting it against his chest , turning slightly towards him. Her boyfriend was getting back at her for the entire evening.
Kai could barely hold himself together but somehow he managed knowing if her just pushes her buttons a bit more , things would flip in reverse and Y/N would be the one unable to keep her hands to herself. Their eyes met just as his other hand slid down her stomach to her core , pushing its way in her panties. She bit her lip watching Kai’s eyes darken even more.
“Mmmm so wet.” he whispered , pushing two fingers inside her , curling them around slowly a few times before pulling out. A soft moan tumbled off her lips and Y/N grabbed his hand , shoving his fingers in her mouth licking them clean without breaking eye contact with him. “Damn Y/N..”
Kai’s hand snaked around her stomach , holding her towards him as her ass rubbed against his crotch. Having her lick his fingers was pushing him over the edge as if his emotions weren’t already on an over drive. He wanted her , all of her. In that moment and not a second too late. Kai moved her hair from her neck , whispering in her ear.
“How is it that you drive me so out of control? I swear , I almost lost it tonight.”
“Oh you mean like you do to me every single second of every single day ?” replied Y/N , snaking her hand behind her back towards his lenght catching a glimpse of their reflections in the tall mirror on the other end of the room. Purple black veins flashed under Kai’s eyes and he sank his fangs into her neck at the same time his fingers found their way back inside her panties rubbing slow figure eights on her clit. Y/N titled her neck a little , giving him better access not taking her eyes of their reflections. Kai looked so hot while feeding in general and even hotter in that moment while feeding on her , she couldn’t look away no matter how hard she tried. It all looked so perfect , like they were two pieces perfectly fitting into each other in every scenario. He pulled away following her gaze , purple black veins still flashing under his eyes while her warm blood trickled down his chin dripping onto her neck and slowly down her chest.
“Damn you are so hot when you do that.” she moaned out

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Imagine Chris freaking out about you. (Part A)

A/N: Part 5 is in two letter parts, why? ‘Cause I’m a monster. No shit, I was crying so hard when I wrote this. You can read the previous parts here: (‘Charlotte Rose’ - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4) and (‘Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts’; ‘Baby Fever’; 'Memory Lane’; and 'Little Ones’ - Masterlist) Enjoy. X

June 23, 2019; you were thirty-two weeks and Chris was still experiencing the pregnancy with you. Alex was right when he said “they’re surprisingly understanding at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.” After signing a contract with them, they told both their writer and their director that they were in no rush to start production and could wait until their power couple had their second child before they cracked the hammer. Needless to say, you and Chris were both incredibly grateful to them. It also gave the two of you a chance to assure them that the movie was going to be amazing because it meant you had more time to plan, review, and refine.

At 1:48AM, Chris was still going strong with scene twenty-eight; you, however, had fallen victim to exhaustion and was now fast asleep. Chris looked over at you and chuckled softly, carefully taking your glasses from your face and putting your worn copy of your script aside. He reached for a cashmere throw and was about to cover you with it when you woke due to a sharp, stabbing pain in your abdomen.

“Oh my God,” your hand flew to your stomach as tears filled your eyes. “Chris,” you whimpered, grabbing his wrist with a tight squeeze. His entire body went numb when he saw how pale your lips were becoming from the pain you were experiencing from your sudden contractions; the pain was like your worst period cramps, but ten times more intense. “What’s happening?”

“Breathe,” he advised, trying to do the same himself as he didn’t want to start freaking out too. “We’re only thirty-two weeks, you can’t be-” He cut himself off when you whimpered again, squeezing your eyes shut as you grimaced. “We gotta go to the hospital, I’m going- I’m going to take you to the hospital.” He peeled your hand off his wrist then rose to his feet, scrambling a little as he was on the verge of a panic attack himself.

“No, wait,” you panted; Chris turned around with narrowed eyes. “It’s- um-” you managed a smile because you didn’t want to worry him. “It’s fine, it’s not pa-” A blinding pain shot through you and you cried, making Chris flinch. “Oh my God!” You felt the tears spill out of your eyes and roll down your cheeks. “No, stop,” you shook your head as you saw your husband reach for his phone. “I’m fine, Chris. I’m fin-” you bit the inside of your cheek to stop from crying out as you experienced another contraction.

“You are not fine,” he ignored you as he dialed for Scott; someone needed to look after Jack while he took you to the hospital and he was the closest being only half an hour away. “We’re going to the hospital, Y/N,” he asserted as he rejoined your side, taking your cold hand in his. “You’re freezing,” he muttered to himself.

You tried to sit up straight when you felt something warm flow out of you, you looked down and saw blood which sent you into a panic. “Chris,” you squeezed his hand and he turned to you. “I’m in trouble,” you told him and he frowned. “I’m bleeding,” you started to cry as you beckoned his gaze to your pants.

“Oh my God,” he breathed. “Let’s go, let’s go now.” He helped you to your feet with his phone held up by his shoulder. “We’re- Scott! Scott, oh my God. We need you to meet us at Boston General, Y/N’s bleeding and we don’t- We need you to come get Jack. Please, hurry!” He hung up then supported you as you made your way to the front door.

“What’s happening, Chris?” You couldn’t stop crying and Chris’ eyes were starting to water too. “What’s going to happen to our- Oh, God!” You cried, hunching over as you stopped walking. “No no no,” you whimpered as you started to sob. “I can’t lose her, Chris!” You screamed when he tried to get you to continue walking.

“Hey hey,” he knelt down in front of you, taking both hands in his. “We’re not going to lose her, okay? Look at me, sweetheart. Everything’s going to be fine, you just have to let me get you to the hospital. Just breathe, baby. I’m not going to let anything happen to either of you.” You turned away from him, choking on your tears. “Believe in me, I’m going to take care of you.”

“What’s going on?” Jack’s voice turned both your heads. He and Dodger were awoken by the commotion; he stood on the staircase rubbing his sleepy eyes, whereas Dodger had gone into alert mode and rushed to your side. “Mama, are you okay?”

“I’m-” You bit the inside of your cheek again, not wanting to scare Jack and Dodger more. You reached down and patted Dodger when he nudged his head into your leg, giving him a weak smile. “I’m fine,” you nodded at Chris who was clearly at wits end with worry.

“Bud, come here.” Chris rose to his feet and beckoned Jack over with his hand; Jack ran over and Chris scooped him into his arms. “We’re going to the hospital, okay? Uncle Scott’s going to pick you up from there while I check Mama in.” Jack nodded as he looked over at you, his small face filled with worry. “She’s going to be fine, I’m just going to need your help to keep her calm in the car. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Jack nodded. “I’ll walk,” he said as he got his dad to put him down, “you help Mama.”

Jack grabbed his jacket and put on his shoes himself while Chris helped you with yours, trying not to start crying every time you’d whimper or cry out with pain. He made Jack take your hand while he put on his own shoes and jacket, keeping an eye on you the entire time. He told Dodger to stay as he and Jack helped you out, locking the door behind the three of you. You heard Dodger bark a couple times before he quieted down; your heart ached for the pup. Chris helped you into the back seat then helped Jack with his car seat before he got in and drove out to the hospital.

“Mama, it’s going to be okay.” Jack squeezed your hand as you cried softly, breathing through the pain that you wanted to faint from. “You’re going to be okay.” He shared a glance with his dad through the rear view mirror, managing a smile when he saw his dad manage one.

Scott had reached the hospital before the three of you did, he was standing outside the entrance with a nurse and a wheelchair. They rushed over to help you into the chair, asking you questions that you were too panicked to answer so Chris did for you. Scott scooped Jack up and followed behind Chris who was wheeling you behind the nurse.

They took you up to Obstetrics ward and called your gynecologist from there while the resident doctor examined you. Chris stayed by your side the entire time, whereas Scott and Jack waited in the waiting room. The doctor and nurses hooked you up to several machines, checking your blood pressure, temperature, and pulse- which they also did for the baby, making sure her heart was still beating as you couldn’t feel her moving inside you anymore. After deliberating with your gynecologist on the phone, they decided it was best if she came in to help you deliver the baby immediately via c-section.

“Chris,” you cried softly as they prepped you for surgery; your husband held your hand tightly, a little worried that things would turn out badly in the OR. “If anything happens-” You began because you had the same concerns, but he shook his head, cutting you off.

“Don’t you even dare,” he managed a soft chuckle with very limited humor; it was his only way to stop himself from crying. “Nothing bad is going to happen to you, Y/N. I’m going to be right outside waiting for you to join me in becoming parents to two beautiful children, okay?”

“I’m scared,” you admitted, squeezing his hand tightly. “I don’t want to do this alone.” You shook your head, your lower lip quivered as you tried to stop yourself from crying. “I can’t do this alone, I’m not strong enough.”

“Yes you are,” he brushed your hair back, smiling. “You are the strongest person I have ever met in my entire life, Y/N. Not even Captain America can live up to your level of strength and bravery.” You managed a smile through your fears and tears. “And you are not alone, I am with you always.” He placed his hand on your heart. “Always, Y/N.”

“We’re ready,” the nurse informed you and Chris; you both tensed immediately. “Dr. Vanderbilt is waiting in the OR.” You tightened your grip on Chris’ hand, shaking your head at him because you didn’t want to go in. “You’ll see each other in a few hours.” The nurse shot Chris a look because she was going to need him to let you go seeing as you weren’t going to let him go.

“Sweetheart, you’re going to be fine.” He assured you. “I’ll see you in a few hours, okay?” You shook your head, tightening your grip as he tried to loosen it. “Baby, you’re going to be okay. I promise you, you’re going to be okay. Trust me, trust yourself, and trust our daughter. She wouldn’t do anything to hurt you,” he promised as you felt your grip loosen. “I’ll see you soon, okay?” He gently caressed your face and kissed your lips before taking a step back so they could wheel your gurney into the OR.

He held up his hand, giving you a small wave until you disappeared behind the doors. He let out the breath he’d been holding in and leaned against the wall, feeling tears well his eyes. With his arms crossed over his chest and his head buried in his hand, he waited to see you again.

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Part 5B coming soon.

With or without me

Word count: 2513

Warning: the smuttiest smut I’ve ever written

Kai siphones you during sex

After three weeks of Kai ignoring you and not wanting to touch you in any way just to teach you a lesson, really made your head spinning. You hated when he did it. No matter what you did, walk around the house in your short skirts without any underwear underneath it or walked around the house in your sexy lingerie, it didn’t help. You were seducing him the whole time, driving him crazy to the point where he had to leave the house because it was too much for him, but he was strong. Much, much stronger than you were even though his bulge was perfectly visible through his jeans and you knew he wanted you just as much as you wanted him. Sometimes you would lock yourself in the bathroom when he wasn’t at home and touch yourself in the way Kai would, with him on your mind you brought yourself to a release, moaning out his name. It calmed you down a little bit, but nothing could have compared to what Kai’s fingers could do to your body. Sometimes, he came behind you, pretending he was just picking up a glass of water and then grazed his long fingers on your bare skin, his crotch pressing firmly against your butt, making your breath hitch at the feeling and you could have felt the smirk that was on his face everytime he did it because he knew what kind of effect he had on you. It made your body tremble and sent chills down your spine but the feeling always ended up *down there.*

Today wasn’t any different. He did the exactly same thing, his touch feeling like fire as if it would burn your skin if he touched you, your heart picking up its pace, beating against his chest while his head was pressed against your neck, his hot breath caressing your sensitive skin, making you close your eyes and take a deep breath. He perfectly knew what he was doing and after minutes of torturing you, he stepped away from you and quickly fixed his obvious bulge in his jeans and smirked at you when he saw you biting your lip, your eyes focused on his bulge for a few seconds before you made eye contact with him.

‘See you later beautiful.’ He simply said and then walked out of the house, closing the big doors behind him. You placed your hands on the kitchen counter and leaned on them as you exhaled hardly, letting out a big sigh, feeling like you have been running a marathon. Your legs were weaker, feeling like jello and like you could collapse right there on the floor. You were hungry, but not for food. You were hungry for Kai and his incredible touch that always made your body feel good like nobody ever did before and you couldn’t help but remember what it felt like having him right inside you, filling and stretching you out oh so perfectly. The thought of it made you bite your lip, stopping yourself from moaning out loud. You ran your fingers roughly through your hair, frustration completely taking over your body. You looked towards the front door, knowing Kai wouldn’t be back for couple of hours so you had the house all to yourself, again.

'Screw it!’ You muttered and right there in the kitchen took your bra off and threw it down on the floor, jumping over it as your feet took your right where you wanted to be. On the way to the bathroom, you stopped again and took your panties off, walking completely naked through an empty house and directly to the bathroom. You opened the water in the bathtub, letting it fall into an oval ceramic white bathtub, pouring a little bit of esential oils into the water, a strong vanilla scent hitting your nostrils. You stepped into the bath tub and laid down, warm water wrapping your body perfectly, relaxing your muscles in a second. You exhaled deeply at a nice feeling, the scent calming you down. You closed the tap, the bathtub completely filled, covering your entire body. You closed your eyes and slowly placed your hands on your breasts, squeezing them lightly and then playing with your nipples, feeling them getting hard under your own touch. You let out a quiet moan as you traveled your one hand down your torso, reaching your belly button and then went lower until your hand was exactly where you needed it to be. You trailed your index finger over your clit a couple of times and then slipped one finger inside you, circling it around and feeling your warm walls as you added another finger in. You squirmed in your seat and spread your legs a bit further apart as your other hand slid down your body, finding your clit. You started rubbing it gently with your finger, while you pushed the fingers in a out of you, the combination of those two actions, getting you closer to the point you were craving the most. You sped up a little bit, your moaning getting louder with each movement, making you throw your head back in pleasure as you felt yourself getting closer to your release.

'Having fun without me?’ You heard a male voice, scaring you, your eyes opening in a split second, gasping for air as some of the water spilled on the bathroom floor. You looked to one side and saw Kai standing there, leaned against the door frame with the biggest smirk on his face, his hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans. He smiled and slowly walked towards you, only a few larger steps were enough to reach the bathtub. He knelt down and had a perfect view on your naked body as there were no bubbles to cover you up. 'Now, what were you doing?’ He whispered and dipped his index finger in the water, swirling it around just above your lover half. 'You know, I don’t like when you’re having fun without me, sweetheart.’ He muttered as you felt a slight pressure on your clit, massaging it in slow circles. Hevwas using his magic on you, pleasuring you and bringing you closer to your release with each circle he made on your clit. Your walls clenched as you squirmed in your seat, trying really hard to keep your moans muffled. He smiled at you and winked, his magic working on your body superbly, a familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach getting stronger but just when you wanted to let go, he stopped. You groaned in frustration and looked at him furiously only to earn a mischevious smile from him.

'I was thinking’ he dunk his hand into the warm water,  slowly pushing it all the way until it hit the bottom of the bathtub. 'Maybe I should have taken care of you, but then again’ he moved his hand closer to your entrance and teased it with his fingers a couple of times before he pushed two fingers into you, stretching you out a little bit, making you gasp out. 'this is much more fun’ he pulled his fingers almost all the way out and then quickly pushed them back in. Out. In. Out. In. 'We could have gone to dinner first, get some food in you, watch some kind of movie, whatever you want. Tough decision, I would have needed your help to decide.’ He kept talking like he wasn’t finger fucking you in a freaking bathtub. 'I have to say, seeing you like this, squirming at my touch, your warm walls clenching around my fingers is much, much, much better than any dinner or any other thing that exists in this god damn world.’

'Fuck, Kai. Please, let me.’ You moaned out and grabbed onto the sides of a bathtub, throwing your head back as you felt your orgasm approaching.

'Please, what? What do you want, sweetheart?’ He whispered and slowed down the pace that his fingers were making inside you, circling them around, his fingers finding your g-spot, hitting it perfectly every time.

'Please, let me come for you, please.’ You cried out, dying to let yourself go. 'Look at me.’ You barely opened your eyes, somehow managed to look him in the eyes, your mouth slightly opened as he kept circling his fingers around, but what pushed you over the edge was when he used his magic again you, pressing onto your clit as you came loudly, crying out his name in pleasure, your body falling apart under his touch and the sound of your moaning turning him on even more as he wanted to make his way with you right then and there. He pulled his fingers out of you and pushed his fingers into his mouth, devouring them like what was left on them was his favourite candy.

'Mm, so good.’ His got up and fixed his jeans, his bulge obvious through his jeans as you couldn’t help but stare at it for a few seconds, your breathing uneven. 'Like what you see?’ He asked, winking at you. You bit your lip and quickly got out of the tub, kneeling down in front of him.

'What do you think you’re doing, missy?’ He asked with a seductive voice.

'Taking care of my man. Now shut up and enjoy.’ You whispered as you unbuckled his belt and pushed his jeans down to his ankles, getting a closer meeting with his now hard lenght, just waiting to be set free. You leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on it, Kai’s hands abruptly finding their way to your hair, grabbing on it slightly. You reached out your hands and pushed up his shirt, revealing his toned torso, your lips kept planting gentle kisses on his bulge.

'Stop teasing.’ He moaned out, his gaze strongly focused on you. You showed him a small smiled and then tugged on the sides of his boxers and slowly pushed them down, his lenght springing up free, hitting his abdomen, standing strongly and perfectly in front of your face. You grabbed it with your hand and stroke him a couple of times before planting a kiss on his tip, his pre-cum staining your lips. You licked them, the salty feeling making you groan a bit. You leaned in and took him in your mouth as deep as you could, until it hit the back of your throat.

'Oh shit. Just like that.’ Kai cried out, his hips jerking forward, hitting the back of your throat again. You hummed, the vibrations making him even harder. You pulled back almost all the way and took him in again and this time you didn’t stop. You hollowed your cheeks and kept stroking him with your hand, his panting getting louder, Kai making the grip on your hair tighter as you felt him twitch and just when you knew he will cum, you grazed him slightly with your teeth, sending him over the edge as Kai cried out loudly, only curse words escaping his mouth, his warm liquid trickling down your throat. He looked down at you when you were wiping your mouth with your thumb and smiled at him, his breathing shallow and heavy.

'You will be the death of me one day, sweetheart.’ He moaned and picked you up with a one seift motion, wrapping your legs around his body as you still felt his rock hard lenght under you butt. You reached down and started stroking him again, but your hand got slapped away by his, making you gasp.

'No, baby, now it’s your turn. I have to make it up to you for all this time’ he threw you on the bed and abruptly spread your legs, your bare heat completely exposed to him. He climber on top of you and kissed you deeply, his tongue finding its way inside your mouth, fighting for dominance while his fingers ran aceoss your wet folds, pushing a single finger inside, feeling how wet and warm you were, ready for him.

'So nice. You’re always so ready for me, sweetheart.’ He licked his finger and positioned himself at your entrance, guiding himself with his hand, trailing his tip over your folds, covering himself in your arousal and then pushed inside youwith ease, filling you up to the hilt. You threw your head back and arched your back, his size still surprising you at how thick he was everytime he slid himself into you. He didn’t waste any time as he immediately started thrusting at a faster pace, your breath hitching everytime he pushed in, your skin feeling like it was on fire, sensitive at each touch Kai made on your body. You reached between your bodies to rub your clit, but your hand quickly got replaced by Kai’s hand, rubbing your clit in figure eight motion, his thrust perfectly fitting the movements his hand was making. You arched your back and jerked your hips forward, you and Kai falling into a perfect rhythm.
Kai groaned deeply as he looked down where his hips met yours, focusing on hitting your g-spot everytime, getting you both to your release once again.

'Fuck, Kai. I- I’m so- close.’ You stuttered and placed your hands on his neck, pulling him closer as your lips met his in a deep and passionate kiss, feeling his thrusts becoming sloppier by the minute, but his pace was still there. 'I can’t hold it anymore- I- oh fuck-’ you moaned out and clenched around him as your second orgasm tore through your body, your legs shaking and your nails digging into Kai’s back, drawing small lines over it, causing his hips to slam into you in few sharp thrusts.

'You feel so good, shit.’ He groaned and placed his head in the crook of your neck, his hand placed firmly on your hip. His hot breath caressed your neck, his deep groans filling the room. 'Ugh- fuck-’ he twitched inside you and in time when his orasm hit his body, a red light started glowing around his hand, siphoning the magic out of you unintentionally, but even though it did hurt a little bit, it also somehow added more pleasure and it made you scream out loud, your name escaping Kai’s mouth as he abruptly collapsed on top of you, panting heavily.

'I fucking love you.’ Kai moaned and planted a sloppy koss on your lips and then pulled out of you, making you wince a little bit at the loss of him inside you. 'Did I make it up to you?’ He asked, his chest rising up and down as he was still trying to catch his breath and still his breathing.

'Even more than that, but, I am far from being down with you.’ You bit your lip and got on top of him again, sitting on his lap as his hands made their way to your butt, pressing you down onto his crotch, preparing himself to take you again like you deserve it.

Title: Fatal Attraction (Part 2.)

Character(s): Ike Evans and Diana (original female character)
Diana decides to give Ike a call when Ben leaves the house.
Word Count: 2,558
Warning: Phone sex (dirty talk), masturbation! 
Author’s Note: Wow, this was an incredibly difficult chapter to write. I’m giving you all the smutty goodness for now because things are going to pick up fast and soon. Enjoy! :-)

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms​)

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Hands To Myself

(requested by @babymalachai​)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
warning : smut
summary : Reader and Kai make a bet  on how long each of them can last without kissing / touching the other.
*not my gif
keep reading after the cut 🔥

Y/N’s head rested on Kai’s shoulder , her fingers drawing figurines on Kai’s bare chest. It still felt like a dream that they were together , beating the odds. All her friends had told her thousands of times ‘Kai is dangerous. He is a sociopath. You will end up dead.’ yet there she was , very much alive and happier than ever. Kai was different when they were together. Whatever monster he was capable of being , it all went away the second he saw her.
“That was awesome.” she said softly , a wide smile on her face. Y/N got up a little pressing her lips to Kai’s. He brushed his palm against her cheek for a moment before rolling on top of her, his lips leaving soft kisses on her jaw line down her neck. “Kai we can’t … I’ll be late for classes.”
“I don’t care. I want you … again and again.” he said ignoring her words and continuing to leave kisses all over her chest , trailing his way back to her lips. “Can’t get enough of you sweetheart. The more I have the more I want.”
“But -”
“Sshhh princess.” he said drowning her in a kiss afterwards. “I’ll compell the professors, they won’t even know you weren’t there.”
Every morning was like this - he wouldn’t let her go no matter what she said. Kai demanded to kiss every square inch of her body before he even let her go get her coffee and even then , he’d still wrap his hands around her waist and not let go off her. Kai was incapable of keeping his hands away from her , thing was … Y/N had the same problem. She rolled on top of him kissing him briefly before getting off the bed.
“You are so irresistable I don’t even know how I get to do something else besides you during the day.” she said putting on her bra. “Bet you can’t keep your hands away from me for more than a week.”
Kai propped himself on his elbows his eyes following her every move as she got dressed. How her fingers carefully did every button of her shirt , pulling the zipper of her skirt afterwards.
“Is that a challenge sweetheart ? Because I bet I can last a lot longer than you.” he said with a smug smirk on his face. “We both know you are the one who can’t keep your hands off me. Like that time we were at the Salvatore’s and you pushed me into Damon’s room when no one was looking. Not to mention the time in the taxi after that party at Skull bar when I had to compell the driver to leave the car to us.”
Y/N gave him the look. “Me ? Really ? How about all the times you sneaked into college and dragged me into the hallway or that time we were at the Grill and your hands just kept finding their way up my skirt.”
Kai laughed. “We can do this all day sweetheart but the truth is I have better self control than you.”
“Proove it.” she said.
“Fine.” said Kai , jumping off the bed and smashing her against the wall , drowning her in a deep passionate kiss before taking a step away from her. “Starting now. No touching. No kissing. No teasing , no nothing.”
Her head was spinning from Kai’s kiss just now. “Done. Lets see who breaks first.”
“It won’t be me sweetheart.”
“Are you still making me breakfast or ?”
“Yeah , of course. Can’t have my girl starving for me and for food too.”
Y/N rolled her eyes and for a second she nearly grabbed his hand towards the kitchen. Kai was looking at her with an amused expression as her hand stood frozen barely an inch from his.
“See , I told you you are the one who can’t keep her hands away from me for more than a second.” he grinned. “I am like a fever you can’t shake.”
“Ugh … You know what , I’ll just grab something on my way.” she said grabbing her phone from the nightstand. “See you tonight.”
Y/N took a few steps in the hallway , stopping for a moment before popping her head back in the bedroom. “OH and … figure out some boundary spell that would keep us away from each other while sleeping … unless you want to sleep on the couch.” she said winking at him. Kai had a shocked expression on his face realising what the bet had meant.
“Damn … didn’t see that one coming.” he muttered to himself sitting on the edge of their shared bed starring at the door where just a few moments ago had been Y/N.

* * *

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Imagine Chris realizing he’s in-love with you. (Part B)

A/N: Part 4B, yay! This is honestly taking so long, I’m so sorry. The two of them are just insufferable. 😂 (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A) Enjoy! X

You decided to skip the date with Sam after seeing Chris at your doorstep. You wanted to go, but you couldn’t do it; you couldn’t pretend to be interested in another man. So you left him- looking politely pissed as he was a nice guy and it was fairly obvious you were lying- with the excuse of a family emergency. Sam, compared to the other guys you’d agreed to date before you met Chris, was amazing; he shared your interests, he cared about you, he was funny and good looking and so ridiculously nice. You would’ve been lucky to date him, and you wouldn’t have mind if you had to date him, but that shouldn’t have been how it felt.

Falling in-love shouldn’t have felt like a chore, or like you were settling. You should have felt excitement and passion, but no, you felt nothing. Sam could’ve kissed you and you would’ve felt nothing because your mind would be thinking about Chris and how his lips would feel on yours instead. You knew when you said yes to Sam that you shouldn’t have, now you’d hurt the feelings of the nicest guy in your class because you couldn’t admit the one you were in-love with was Chris.

And now you were too late.

Since you couldn’t go home in fear of running into Chris, you spent your time wandering a mall instead. You bought things you didn’t need to distract yourself because retail therapy was something you always found incredibly effective. You then went to a movie alone, ‘Gifted’ was the movie you decided to watch. Again. This time, however, you entered the theatre feeling more vulnerable than when you watched it the first time. You were lucky there weren’t many people watching a 8:50PM movie on a Thursday night, because you sobbed like a baby and it wasn’t just because of the movie.

The second you saw Chris on screen, you broke down. He was the one and you weren’t going to get the life every being dreamed of when they found their soulmate. There wasn’t going to be a cute proposal, or a wedding. There wasn’t going to be a nice house, or a picket fence, or mini versions of you and him running around. There wasn’t going to be a surprise trips to Rome. There weren’t going to be articles about the two of you being a power couple, or taking home six Oscars with the film you made together. God, you weren’t even going to get to dance with him in your backyard listening to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’, because life wasn’t perfect and you couldn’t just write a story and expect it to come true.

The movie ended around 11:00PM and you took a cab back to your apartment. In the cab, when you finally turned on your phone- you saw text messages from both Ava and Chris. Ava sent you about five because she was understandably worried and confused by your absence in the apartment. You’d left at 1:30PM for a coffee date, you should’ve been home by 4:00PM at the latest. Ava knew you; you weren’t the type to prolong anything on the first date, especially considering the one you loved wasn’t the one you were with. You sent her a quick ‘I’m okay, on my way home’ text, then replied to Chris’ one which simply asked “are you okay?” Your thumb hovered over the send button as you reread your reply “no, we need to talk.” Were you really going to tell him now? Now that he was in a relationship with someone he undoubtedly could have forever with? Are you honestly that selfish? No, you weren’t. You deleted your four words and responded with a simple one, “perfect.”

The lights were out in the apartment by the time you arrived home, which meant Ava had gone to bed. She’d received and replied to your text; she knew you were okay now, so you’d didn’t blame her for not waiting up even though you could’ve used some company. It was nearly midnight and Ava had classes in the morning, unlike you who didn’t have anything on Fridays. You passed her room on the way to yours and quietly opened her door to leave a bag from Topshop by the foot of her bed; there was a dress you saw that you needed her to have.

“Hey,” you flinched when you heard her voice speak to you in the dark. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good,” you lied with a forced smile that you were glad she couldn’t see and decipher. But she knew, she could hear it in your voice. “I’m sorry I worried and woke you,” you whispered, patting her foot through her blanket. “Go back to sleep, I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

“There’s something for you in your room,” she told you before rolling over to go back to sleep.

You quietly made your way back out, closing the door behind you. Your eyes narrowed as you walked to your room, you pushed open your ajar door and saw the bouquet of roses Chris had said were Ava’s and an envelope sitting on your bed. You lowered your shopping bags onto the ground and sat down on the edge of your bed as you picked the envelope up. It felt heavy, like there was a long, long letter waiting inside for you. You could tell by the handwriting that it was from Chris, you loved the way he’d scrawl everything else but write your name with utter perfection. You stared at it for a little while, contemplating whether or not you should read it. What could it have been? He always spoke to you in person, why did he need a letter now? Was this a letter ending your friendship because he was in a relationship now and the two of you were too close for Scarlett’s liking? You’d never even met the woman before, could she have known? You were terrified to read it, because what if after reading it, Chris was no longer in your life?

“Grow some fucking balls, Y/N,” you muttered to yourself before carefully ripping the envelope. You were right about it being a long letter, it was at least four pages. You decided to get comfortable before you started reading because you had a feeling it was going to be a bit of a read. Just in case, you grabbed your tissue box and settled it on your lap.

“He wrote a story,” you mumbled to yourself as soon as you caught sight of the first sentence.

She opened the letter wondering what he could possibly have to say to her, wondering why he couldn’t just say it to her in person. She was an irrational person with thoughts beyond herself; an imagination so wild and expectations so high that it both amazed and scared him. He knew when he gave her the letter that her mind would’ve had a hundred thoughts going at full speed before she even read it. She’d think a thousand bad things, and one good, because that was the kind of person she was; she spent her life searching for greatness and striving for perfection that she didn’t believe she deserve. She’d question everything good in her life, like they were just part of a vivid dream that she would wake up from. He was one of those things she questioned, and he didn’t understand it. To him, she was part of the vivid dream he was afraid he’d wake from. To him, he was the lucky one who didn’t deserve a girl like her.

The further she read, the more she realized he was writing her a letter because he felt the same way she did. She knew now why he chose to write instead of speak, because she was the same; she used written words as a way to articulate the constellation of thoughts she couldn’t use spoken words to. She also used her writing as a shield to hide behind so no one could see her cry, or hear how fast her heart was beating. She used writing to make sure she was the only voice one heard, and that was what he needed from her now; to hear him and nothing else.

How was that, Y/N? I’m not as big of a fan as English as you are, but I think I kind of nailed it. I just needed that to capture your attention as well as give you a bit of an introduction to what this letter is going to be about. You’re a writer, an incredibly talented writer, so you should be able to read between the lines of the first two paragraphs and realize that I, too, am in-love with you.

Yes, you read correctly.

I am in-love with you. Read it, read it again. I don’t care how many times you read that line, or this whole letter- I just need you to hear me and understand me. I am in-love with you, Y/N, and I want to be with you. I’m sorry it took me this long to tell you, I just couldn’t until I figure out why I loved you. I didn’t want to start something with you based on an illusion, and I didn’t want to love you because of the series. I wanted to be sure that what I was feeling- what we were feeling was because of who we are when we’re together now, not who were are when we’re in the story. I’m sorry if that doesn’t make sense and I’m sorry if I made you feel like I didn’t want to be with you because I did, and I do. From the moment I saw you at that check in talking to that little boy, Jasper, I wanted to be with you. Then you snapped at me and- God, I knew you were the one. I’m sorry I let fear get in the way, I’m sorry I wasted so much time not being the man you needed. But no more, I’m done being just friends.

I want more, I want a life with you. I’m sorry if I’m being too straight forward, but that is what I want. I know you’re only turning twenty and you’ve got this whole life ahead of you, so I’m not asking you to marry me. Yet. I’m going to marry you, oh- you bet I’m going to marry you. But I don’t have to marry you now, I’m very capable of waiting. I’ve waited almost thirty-six years to meet you, I can wait a little while longer to marry and start a life with you. I want you to go pursue your dreams first, write a screenplay for a big production company and win an Oscar. I’m going to be there with you every step of the way, just as I hope you will be there for me as I continue on my career’s journey.

I wouldn’t normally do something this extreme and futuristic, but you’re not a normal girl. You are the kind of girl who plans her entire life to the tee, you appreciate long term commitments and you don’t do causal well. You’re amazing and I’d be an idiot to let you walk away from me, even my mom said so. You haven’t met her, but she loves you already. If you agree to being with me, you can come with me to Boston on Sunday for the week. I’d love to spend some time with you (as your boyfriend) and have you meet my family before I have to go film Infinity War. I know this is a lot to process in a short amount of time, but I have a feeling you’ve thought about this before so it shouldn’t be hard for you to come up with an answer.

Call me when you’re ready to talk?

You read the last line and nearly fell face first as scrambled to your feet, grabbing your house keys and phone from your bag. There was no way you were going to just call him, you needed to see him in person. The smile on your face since reading the line 'I, too, am in-love with you’ hadn’t faltered. Christopher Robert Evans was in-love with you. It was time to go and do what Ava advised, “just grab that man and kiss him already.”

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Part 5

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Summary : the reader (Draco’s girlfriend) jumps infront of Draco when Harry tried to hit him with the Sectumsempra curse.

(Y/N : your name
Y/F : your friend
Y/H : your house)

“He’s been acting so strange lately–I don’t know what do..” I said to my best friend, Y/F, while we were both sitting at the Y/H table.

I let out a long sigh and played with the end of my sleeves while she placed her hand on my shoulder in a comforting way, “boys are strange creatures, you just got to find a way to deal with it,” she said while she winked at me, making me chuckle, “It’s going to be okay Y/N..”

“Thank you,” I said as I gave her a smile, she smiled back for a second but her eyes landed on something behind me, making her smile fade away. I turned my head and immediately understood her sudden seriousness. Draco Malfoy had just walked into the great hall, with his eyebrows raised and lips curved down into a frown. He suddenly stopped walking and stood frozen in his spot, staring at something ahead of him. I looked at my boyfriend in worry and wanted to walk towards him, but he was already gone. Draco sped out of the great hall and Harry Potter, confusingly, followed him not short after.

I looked at Y/F and she looked right back at me with a confused expression. “I’m going after them-” I said to her and walked away before she could try to stop me.

I walked out of the great hall and tried to walk past the groups of students. I almost lost Harry out of my eyesight but I soon fastened my pace again.

Harry walked towards the bathroom so I’m positive Draco went there too. I tried to keep quiet as I hid behind a pilar, grabbing my wand and holding it secure in my hand for protection. I peeked my head out from behind the wall and saw Harry slowly walking towards Draco. I felt my heart skip a beat when Draco suddenly started sobbing but it soon stopped when Harry broke the silence.

“I know what you did,” Harry said while he stood firmly in his spot, “you hexed her, didn’t you?” Draco’s head shot up as he looked at Harry in the mirror. He turned around and looked at Harry while shaky breaths escaped his lips. Out of nowhere Draco threw a spell at him, making me gasp. Luckily, Harry jumped to the side and dodged it.

“Bloody hell–” I muttered as I moved from behind the wall and tried to get closer to them while Harry got back up and tried to attack Draco, but he also failed, shattering a couple mirrors instead. Draco quickly moved away and so did Harry as they both tried to hide themselves from each other.

I ran further into the room and saw that Harry almost got hit while he rounded the corner. They both got away again, and I lost them out of my sight for a second. I can’t believe they didn’t even notice me following them.

I heard another loud noise and footsteps running around. This is going too far, I need to stop this. I ran around, trying to find Draco when I suddenly saw him standing straight ahead of me with his wand firmly in his hand.

“Draco-” I whispered as I tried to get his attention. He turned around, pointing his wand at my body before he noticed it was me. He lowered his wand and spoke up, “Y/N? What the hell are you doing here?!” He asked me while his eyebrows arched down, making him look rather angry.

“I-I saw you at the great hall, y-you ran off so quickly,” I mumbled quickly, searching for the right words to say, “I’m sorry, I was worried about you..” I said. Draco’s face expression softened as I walked closer towards him.

“It’s fine, I don’t deserve your apology-” he said as he looked down at me. I smiled at him and was about to kiss him when our little moment got ruined and we heard those footsteps again.
We looked straight ahead of us and at the exact same moment Harry rounded the corner, “Sectumsempra!” Harry shouted, startling the two of us.

“No!” I shouted and pushed Draco’s body away from me before he got hit by the curse. “Y/N!” Draco cried out when the curse hit me instead.

I clutched my hand to my chest as I looked down at my body. My uniform was covered in blood stains that were getting more red by the second. My whole body was hurting and my head was pounding. It felt like hundreds of blades were piercing through my skin. Everything was blurry and all the sounds around me were faint. My knees started to feel weak and before I knew it, my body collided with the wet floor.

Draco and Harry came running towards me with panic written across their faces. Draco kneeled down beside me and held my head in his lap while he kept yelling at Harry that this was his fault. I looked up at Draco through my half closed eyes and noticed that the tears were brimming in his eyes.

“I’m so sorry..” Draco sobbed as he ran his fingers through my hair, “It’s going to be okay..” He whispered as a single tear rolled down his cheek and landed on my blood stained forehead.

“I love you so much– I’m sorry..” He said as he kissed my forehead right before professor Snape came running in and pulled Draco away from me.

meet cute

pairing: changkyun (i.m.) x reader
genre/warning: no warning. f.
word count: 807
description: based on monsta x′s ‘oi’. running into changkyun at the airport.

“I still don’t think you should do this.” Your best friend voices her opinion for the thousandth time. You just smile at her. Despite her reservations and your families and everyone you told about your plan, you were doing this.

“I’ll be fine.” You assure her as you lug your suitcase through the airport. She was kind enough to carry your carry on, but that left you to drag your suitcase which probably weighs more than you.

“Can’t you move to a country where you actually speak the language?”

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Imagine Shannon winning you over
[Holy crap this is long]

I had just finished my shower when my phone began to buzz. It was Shannon, and I knew what he was calling for.

We’d been friends for some time now, and despite his efforts, that’s all we were. He was sweet and a wonderful guy but, I was afraid to make a commitment to someone who was battling the demons of addiction.

I would always be there for him. Always. But I wanted him to be happy AND healthy. He’d checked himself to a rehabilitation clinic about a month ago, and from what Jared told me, he was doing great.

“Hello?” I answered as I wrapped my towel around me.


“Hey! How are you?”

“Good. I’m good. Um, I was actually wondering if I could stop by and see you for a little bit.”

“Yeah sure. I, uh have a thing later but it’d be ok if you stopped by.”

“A thing?”

“A date Shan.”


He sounded defeated.

“I won’t keep you. Just wanna see you before I go back to Jared’s.”

“Of course. I’ll see you in a bit.”

I couldn’t not see my friend. He had just gone through some difficult, life changing things. My date would wait.

After slipping in to a pair of comfortable cotton shorts and tank top, I sat on my couch and waited. It didn’t take long before I heard the sounds of his bike and his knock on my door.

I opened the door to find a smiling, healthy, freshly shaven Shannon. I couldn’t help but get giddy and wrap my arms around him.

“Oh my god. You look so good!” I squealed.

He held me tight and picked me up walking me back in to the apartment.

We sat on the couch and he began to tell me about his journey. His ups and downs and the things that he learned about himself. He was figuring out the way to live this sober life, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.
“So, this date?” He asked


“You like him?”

“I dunno. It’s a blind date. Emma set me up.”



“You know how I feel.”

“I do… I just…”

“Lemme finish… I got a chance to start fresh. I wanna be with someone who knows what I’ve been through and who’ll help me stay in this space where I’m healthy. I wanna be with you.”

I scooted toward him and held him. As I pulled back his finger turned my face to his and our lips met.

Against everything I told myself I wouldn’t and shouldn’t do, I kissed him back. His lips parted mine and he explored my mouth with his tongue. His moan behind our kiss sent swirling waves of lust down to my core that I hadn’t felt with him before.

This wasn’t the fragile hearted Shannon that I knew. He was powerful, in control of himself and determined to make me feel as good as he did.

He pushed me back and down on to the couch quickly removing his shirt before he was laying down between my thighs. He started to kiss my neck, and returned the favor.

I loved the feeling of his warm flesh on my lips pulsing in time with the beats of his heart. He pulled my leg up and wrapped it around his waist grinding lightly. Just enough to let me know that he wanted me. Badly.

Shannon’s lips began to kiss mine again as his hand traveled up my thin tank top to my breast. He teased me, caressing and pinching my sensitive nipple. Finally, he grabbed me at the waist lifting me up just enough so that the shirt was easily taken away.

Now that he had access to more of what he wanted, his mouth began to move down to my other breast where he began to lick and nibble in time with his other movements.

“Shan… Mmm”

The sound of his name being moaned from my lips made him make a trail between my breasts that led to the top of my shorts. His fingers hooked in to the waistband and slowly began to pull them down.

As he worked at them, I lifted to help him. His teeth scraped lightly over my hip bone as he took them off completely.

He pushed my leg back just before I felt him run his tongue slowly along my slit. I reached down and ran my fingers through his freshly shorn locks when he started to lapping at my clit.

“Oh my god…”

I heard the sound of his zipper, and now watched as he stroked his hard cock while he went down on me.

The sight of him made those waves of lust in my core begin to stir again, and his moans sent trickles of heat through my body.

“You’re gonna… Mmm. Make me cum”

Now he continued at a more furious pace, determined to make me get off just for him. It was working. I let the rush take over that started between my legs and spread through out me.

He licked a few more times with the flat of his tongue as if he were enjoying each drop.

Shan backed away and removed the rest of his clothing and placed himself just at my entrance.

“Tell me. Tell me you want me”

“I want you Shan. I want you so bad…”

He slid in to me slowly letting me adjust along the way. We fit together perfectly and when he had buried himself completely he held my gaze for a moment before moving again.

The feeling of his muscles moving beneath my fingertips as he found a perfect rhythm was amazing. He began kissing my collar bone and making small little grunts as if he’d never felt something like this.

“I could be inside you forever…”

I gripped at his tattooed arms and back while his perfect form disappeared in to me. Mine spine bowed while my hips tried to compliment his movements.

“Fuck… Shan…”

I closed my eyes as if it were impossible to keep them open during it all. The little sparks of my second wave were like fireflies coming out on a summer night.

He pushed harder, faster like he was begging me to cum.

“Look at me. I wanna watch you cum.”

The fireflies were gone. They’d been replaced by a sky full of bright shooting stars as my core clenched around him.

His release came in short hot bursts inside of me as we came together.

Shannon slowed as we each finished just before laying his head on my chest.

“I think you should cancel that date.”

Imagine -  Cas finding out about your self harm scars

Word Count – 1052

Pairing – Cas x Reader

Warnings – Mentions of self harm, self hatred.


“Damn it! Ouch..” You grumbled to yourself, rubbing your wrist. “Is everything okay, y/n?” Cas asked from behind. “Y-yeah, I’m fine. Wrists still healing from when I sprained it on the last hunt.” Cas took his hands and placed them over your wrist gently, trying not to cause you any more paint than you’re already in. “Oh no Cas, you don’t have to heal me I’m fine.” Your heart raced, remembering that’s the wrist with your self harm scars on it. Before you could say anything else your sleeve rolled up, showing what you did to yourself. Cas stood in shock and gave you a confused look.

“What is this? Did someone hurt you?” He asked, rubbing his thumb over them while you flinched away. “It doesn’t matter.” You mumbled, looking away from him. “Well it matters to me, y/n. Who hurt you? Does Sam and Dean have to –“ You cut him off. “I did.” He didn’t answer and just stood confused. “I hurt myself, Cas.” “I..I thought humans were supposed to avoid getting hurt.” ‘Yeah, well some people just deserve the pain, Castiel.” You snapped, turning your back and walking back to your room.


You sat down slowly on your bed, sitting and thinking of what just happened. Sam and Dean found out about your self harm scars awhile back, realizing you always wore long sleeved clothes even if it was 100 degrees out. They got mad at first, but finally understood and promised not to tell Cas. The sound of your door knowing got you out of your thoughts. “y/n please, can I come in?” Cas mumbled behind the door. “It’s open.” You said softly, running your hands through you hair. He opened the door and closed it quietly. He walked over and sat next to you, bringing you into a big hug while you hugged back.

“I may not understand much about humans, but I can tell you’re hurting, y/n. Why are you hurting?” He asked softly. You sighed and stood up, thinking of what to say. “Have you ever felt guilty for someone’s death? I have. A million, million times. All those people we weren’t able to save on those past hunts? They were my fault. Maybe I took to much time doing my makeup and getting ready, causing us to be late, I don’t know. I also left my family for this life, Cas. I left my parents, my brother and sister.. You know what my dad told me? He told me don’t call. Don’t come and visit, don’t wonder about us,  don’t drag us with you. I used to be daddy’s little girl, and now it’s gone. I left my family, for this SHITTY life. This waking up every morning and wondering if this will be my last day, if this will be my last meal, my last shower, my last time seeing you and the boys… hell I wonder everyday if this will be the last time I ever see Sam, Dean AND YOU. I can’t lose you boys, ever. You guys are ALL I have. Not to help I think I’m fucking hideous, you and the guys are like sex gods and I’m a potato. I’m a failure, a stupid failure..” You looked down, sniffling and wiping the tears away. “I just want to be happy, Cas. I want to be me again. I want us all to be safe and happy and it’s like that’s to much to ask.”

Cas stood up and hugged you tightly again, so tight you thought you were going to pop. He wiped your tears away with his thumb and cupped your cheek. You looked up and noticed his eyes were watery too, was he really crying?

He looked down and kissed you lightly, not knowing if you would kiss back but when you did he deepened the kiss, feeling all of the butterflies in his stomach. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he wrapped his around your waist, bringing you in as close as he could. “I might’ve not been able to save you before, but I promise I’ll try my best to save you till the end of time.” Cas said softly, running his thumb over your cheek. “Those death’s were not your fault, y/n. You couldn’t do anything to stop it, none of us could. Just remember you have saved more people then people who have died on those hunts, okay? For your family, that was their fault for throwing you out like that. They chose to not let you call or visit them. That was their mistake, because anyone would be lucky to be around and talk to you. I thank the lord every day for bringing you into my life. Same for Sam and Dean. Also you are no where near! ugly. You are beautiful, the most beautiful human being I’ve ever seen. You make me feel warm and happy inside. Whenever I’d see you my heart would beat harder and harder, and my cheeks would get … pink? Dean would always make fun of me and call it blushing, so I guess that. Just your slightest touch gives me shivers, and oh my I don’t know how I could hide my feelings for so long.” He stopped and took your hand in his, then looked at you with a smile. “I know this life is hard, I know we will have hard times, but as long as I have you by my side, I’m okay.” He finished his speech by kissing your scars gently, making your heart skip beats as you watched and smiled, feeling a few tears roll down your cheeks but it wasn’t sad tears, it was happy.

You and Cas didn’t realize Sam and Dean standing in the door way with tears in their eyes and a smile on their face. “Oh.. did you two hear all of that?” Cas asked awkwardly, scratching the back of his head. “Every single bit, we’re so happy for you both.” Sam smiled, giving you and Cas a hug. “I told you you’d win her, buddy.” Dean smiled, hugging you both also. “I’m a lucky winner.” Cas smiled to himself, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and kissing you softly while Sam and Dean made fake gagging noises in the background, but you didn’t care. You were happy, finally.



Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 644
warning : smut
summary : (in the new Prison World) Reader gets sent into the Prison World with Kai. One day Kai comes back and finds out she had sneaked into his room while he was out of the house.
*not my gif

Three months.
That’s how long it had been since Y/N had arrived in the Prison World. It was still a mystery to her how exactly that had happened. First few days had been hell for her , with Kai either torturing her using his magic or following her around trying to get her to talk to him. She hadn’t had a clue who he was at first , then he had told her his story. Y/N had ran away , trying to hide from him - it was a big world after all , but Kai had found her.

“I promise I am not going to hurt you. I might annoy you but never hurt you.” he said wrapping his hands around her , ignoring her protests and attempts to get free. “I don’t want to be alone again. Trust me , neither do you. Just give me a chance.”

After that things had gotten better , sort of. Kai still had a bad temper and they often fought over the smallest things like how hot the coffee should be or if the pancakes had been fluffy enough. He had had only one request , though he made it sound more like an order. Y/N was not to go into his room. Naturally Y/N had been always curious about what could be inside that would make him forbid her to enter. Over the following weeks Y/N had started to feel attraction to him. There was something about the way he acted when he was angry that turned her on every time and a couple of times she found herself dreaming smutty dreams about him which only added more to her desire to be with him.
That was the case this morning.
Y/N walked to the kitchen in her PJ’s only to find a breakfast left for her and a note with her name on it…

Off to the store.
Be back before lunch.
- K.

Kai had made her her favorite breakfast - chocolate chip pancakes with coconut cream on top and a cup of coffee with steam coming off it. Y/N took a sip , nearly choking when she found out there was cinnamon in the coffee. She loved cinnamon in her coffee and he had made sure the start of the day for her would be perfect even without him around. He was being extra nice to her lately and she had no idea why.
A thought popped into her head as she was eating her pancakes , her gaze drifting to the clock on the wall on the left. It was 10.45AM which meant she had time to go and maybe find out why Kai wanted to keep her away from his room. Y/N got up quickly nearly running towards the second floor , taking the stairs two at a time. A minute later she stood in front of his bedroom. For a moment she hessitated , then she placed her hand on the door knob and twisted it. The door had always been locked , but not this time…
Y/N smiled to herself , carefully pushing the door open. Kai’s room was pretty basic , a king size bed on the wall straight ahead of the door , a desk near by the window and a walk in closet to the left. As far as she could gather , there wasn’t anything in there he’d want to hide from her. Her fingers trailed his desk and she sat on his chair , spinning it around a couple of times. There were a couple of pencils on the desk and blank parchment paper. The drawers had locks and she fought the urge to try and open them so instead she got up and tossed herself onto his bed.
“Woww.” she muttered , her head resting in the softest pillow ever. “Maybe that’s why he didn’t want to left me in here. Cuz he knew I’d want one of those.” she laughed to herself , turning her head around taking in Kai’s scent. It was everywhere in the room , intoxicating her. Y/N closed her eyes for a moment , the dream she had had earlier popping into her mind.
In the dream Kai had sneaked behind her as she was getting ready to go to sleep and pushed her onto her bed , crawling over her. His lips on hers , kissing her without letting her take a breath for more than a second and then his hand had pushed into her PJ bottoms teasing her for a few minutes before his fingers had entered her… Sadly for her the dream had ended in the middle of nothing when the alarm clock had woken her up.
Without realising it Y/N hand slid down her stomach and into PJ bottoms , her fingers lightly rubbing her swollen clit. It had been nearly 2 hours since she had woken up , yet the feeling was still there and the dream had felt so real. Her eyes fluttered closed , a low moan escaping her lips. Her other hand squeezing her breasts through her shirt. Y/N had no idea how long she had been there and then suddenly the feeling of someone’s eyes on her made her open hers. Kai was standing by the door , looking at her with an unreadable expression on his face. Y/N froze for a second , pulling her hand out of her PJ’ bottoms and getting off the bed quickly with a terrified expression on her face.
Kai hadn’t expect to find this when he got home , not exactly anyways. The past few weeks he had been the one sneaking into her bedroom in the middle of the night , manipulating her dreams. He didn’t know what those feelings he had meant , all he knew was that he wanted her…and he had fought the urge to grab her and have his way with her in the real world for weeks now. But this changed everything. Y/N hadnt even realised he had returned and just kept teasing herself onto his bed. Every moan tumbling off her lips making Kai want her even more. He had to yet again fight the urge to whoosh himself on top of her ,pin her hands over her head and fuck her senseless.

Kai hadn’t said a word to her , his eyes following her every move as she made her way to the door. Kai had blocked her way and didn’t seem to have any intension of letting her go through it. Y/N kept looking at the ground.
“Oh sweetheart , don’t look so scared and ashamed.” said Kai in low calm voice. “I am not angry you got in my room without permission. However …” he lifted her chin up and she noticed his eyes were black. “… I am quite upset you teased yourself on my bed.” he paused for a moment , his fingers stroking her cheek in a loving way. He wanted to be the one touching her like that.
“I … I um… I’m sorry.” she said , panic starting to take over her.There was no way to tell what he’d do next. “It won’t happen a-again.”
“You are right about that , sweetheart.” he said with a devilish smirk. “I am going to make sure of that.”
Y/N looked at him with a puzzled expression than took a step back from him , then another seeing how he wasn’t moving from the door. When she was halfway back to the bed , Kai stepped towards her and she tried to run past him but he used magic to shut the door and lock it. Her hand was on the door knob , the other on the door trying to open it. In the end she rested her forehead resting against it and then she felt someone behind her. Slowly Y/N turned around coming face to face with Kai , who didn’t look angry at all. He was looking at her as if she was his pray. Kai braced his hands against the door caging her in , slowly leaning towards her.
“Sorry for closing the door like that.” he said in a low voice. “I just can’t affort to let you go. Not yet anyways.”
Kai listened to her heart beat and her breathing both of which had changed completely in the past half minute. Her eyes were darting between his eyes and his lips , then she blinked fast a couple of times and swiftly sneaked under his hands. He smiled to himself , turning around and grabbing her by the waist before in a flash he pushed her onto his bed , leaning over her , making her drag herself up until her head hit the headboard. Kai standing this close to her , looking at her the way he did - with a mix of seduction , anger and domination - was driving her nuts. She could feel herself getting wetter by the second.He brushed his fingers through her hair for a moment.
“What are you going to do to me ?”
“I am going to teach you a lesson , sweetheart. You can’t break the rules without concequenses…”
Kai slid back off the bed pulling her hips down. Y/N shifted on the bed and he pinned her back onto it with magic , holding her hands over her head. He popped up in his closet for a moment coming out with a thin rope and tied her hands to the headboard.
“You didn’t think I’d let it slip because its the first time did you?” his voice low and seductive. “No , no , no …”
He snapped his fingers and her clothes / underwear went flying off her body torn to pieces , leaving her completely exposed to him. He bit his lower lip at the sight of her on his bed. It was finally real , not a dream he had given her. Kai leaned over Y/N , burrying his head in the crook of her neck leaving wet sloppy kisses which slowly he turned into purple splotches. Kai’s finger trailed agonisingly slowly down her naked body towards her heat. His fingers teased her folds for a few moments , spreading her arousal around before he pushed two fingers inside her , watching her throw her head back. Y/N bit her lip trying not to moan out. Kai’s thumb rubbed her clit in figure eights , the pressure getting harder by the second.
“Kai … ” she moaned out. “I’m s-sorry.“
“I know you are sweetheart … but lets not pretend this isn’t what you wanted to happen.” he whispered to her. “I bet you’ve been dreaming about this , haven’t you ?”
Y/N gulped. How did he know ? She tried to think of a moment she had slipped up but couldn’t focus on anything besides him right now. His lips hovering over hers , his fingers curling inside her slowly , exploring every inch before he pulled them out and pushed them in again and again at a faster pace. A soft moan tumbled off her lips and she could see Kai’ smirk hearing it ,pushing and curling his fingers inside her faster every second. The louder her moans were getting the more he speeded up his actions and just as she was about to cum he pulled his fingers out leaving her stranded on the edge.
“What the …”
“Oh , sweetheart..” Kai tilted his head , “You didn’t think I’d let you cum did you ? You are not going to cum until I say so.”
Y/N pushed her hips down at him looking for any kind of friction , but there was none. She closed her eyes for a moment remembering the feeling of Kai’s fingers assaulting her , his lips on her body ..
“Please Kai …”
Instead of finishing her off , Kai leaned over her , his lips hungrily kissing hers. Y/N opened her mouth wide open , allowing his tongue to explore her mouth. She moaned into the kiss , his hand snaking around her neck squeezing it lightly for a moment as he left kisses down her neck and onto her chest. Taking in her breasts into his mouth , moaning as he did so. Kai’s hands squeezing them and rolling her nipples between his middle and index fingers. Y/N arched her back off the bed a little , a louder moan escaping her lips.
“Please …” she begged again and again , as his lips trailed down her stomach leaving kisses and wet splotches on their way to her heat. He rubbed her clit in rough eights for a few moments , while leaving soft kisses on her tights getting closer and closer to where she needed him most.
Kai enveloped her swollen clit in his mouth sucking on it while roughly pushing in two fingers inside her without any warning. Y/N let out a small scream at the feeling, her back slightly arching from the bed. He curled his fingers inside her , exploring every inch before pulling them out all the way to the fingertips and pushing them in again. Y/N moaned out pushing her hips down on him.
“I want to touch you..” she cried , pulling at the rope tying her hands to the headboard. “Please let me touch you.”
“No.” said Kai sternly. “Naughty girls don’t get to make demands sweetheart.”
Her walls clenched around his fingers , a louder moan escaping her lips. Somehow Kai had found her g-spot and almost each time he pushed in his fingers , he hit it. His tongue flickered on her clit for a moment before he blew a light stream of air onto it getting her even closer to the edge again.
“K-Kai … I’m clo-se” she moaned out , her eye lids flittering open and closed catching glimpses of Kai’s face. He looked at her with such lust and domination it turned her on even more…and just as she was about to get her release there was nothing. Kai shoved his wet fingers into her mouth , watching her gag and trash under him a single tear rolling out of her eye. She didn’t know how , but this gesture turned her on even more.
“Did you think I’d let you cum this time , princess? Tsk tsk .. No , no…” his voice dropping a few octaves. Kai pulled his fingers off her mouth leaning in towards her. “What kind of a lesson would that be?”
He traced down her body with his fingers , lightly rubbing on her clit for a moment getting her back a step from the edge before denying her her release once again.
“Please Kai ..” she begged.
Kai shook his head. “No.”
His hands cupped her breasts , squeezing them tight rolling her nipples in between his index and middle finger before he pressed the flat of his tongue onto them.
“Please Kai .. I need you. ” she begged again.
He growled and looked up at her , purple black veins under his eyes showing for a few seconds. Y/N hadn’t realised how hot he looked when his vampirism showed.
Kai lightly rubbed her clit before pushing his fingers inside her again , this time three fingers stretching her out a little. He couldn’t help but think how good it would feel when he got the chance to fuck her the way he wanted - so rough she wouldn’t be able to walk for days. Or maybe he’d play nice the first time. He hadn’t made up his mind yet.
“Kai ..” she moaned out his name as for 4th time he got her to the edge and denied her the pleasure she craved. Except this time he left his fingers inside her.
“Please what sweetheart ? You want to cum ?”
Kai was enjoying this , she could tell. If only she hadn’t had been pinned to the bed…
“Yes .. please let me cum… ”
His fingers curled inside her again once then stopped again.
Kai leaned over her , their foreheads almost touching , his eyes gazing into hers as he curled his fingers inside her once again. Y/N bit her lip , her eyes rolling in her head. He was driving her insane - playing with her like that , making her crave him more and more… All she wanted was him , right in this moment.
“Please Kai…” she begged him again. “Fuck me.”
Kai grinned hearing the words he had been waiting for her to say. His fingers curled inside her again , pushing and pulling at a faster speed , his thumb rubbing her clit in rough eights right before he pulled away again , getting off the bed stripping off quickly and getting onto the bed again. Kai parted her legs , leaning in burrying his face in her core , his tongue sliding inside her while his nose lightly brushed against her clit.
“Please..” she begged as he suddenly stopped again.
He pushed two fingers in , curling them inside her cheating with vampire speed pumps. Y/N threw her head , arching her back a loud moan following as he slowed down for a second and picked up the pace again. She was almost at the edge , half afraid he’d deny her the pleasure she craved again , half afraid she’d cum before he had told her to.
“MMmm cum for me baby girl.” he said , his tongue flickering across her clit for a second before his lips began sucking on it again.
“Kai Fuckk” she moaned out as a strong wave of orgasm washed over her. All the built up pressure getting released at once making her scream out his name. Kai kept devouring her , not stopping or slowing down for a second , pushing his fingers inside her again cheating using his vampire speed as he thrusted and curled them insde until another release came. Y/N trashed and screamed his name , suddenly realising he had used his magic to undo the rope tying her hands. He pulled himself up and just as she thought maybe she could get some control , Kai pinned her wrists over her head again , his grip so tight there would definitely be bruises the shape of his finger tips. His fingers stroked her cheek gently.
“Sweet innocent Y/N…” he whispered. “I’ve been wanting to make you mine for weeks … now there is no way I’d ever let you go.”
“Then don’t.” she whispered.
After what he had done to her in the past hour , she never wanted to be away from him. Kai teased her entrance with his hard lenght , pushing just the tip inside of her and pulling out then repeating again listening to her moans. Without warning he thrusted in deep , making her body jolt forward. He was filling her to the brim.
“Fuck Kai.” she screamed out. He pulled out almost completely and then thrusted in even deeper with bigger force than before making her scream out again. Kai breathed heavily , intertwining his fingers with hers as another hard deep thrust followed. He was going in a slow pace , stretching her out before picking up the pace. Every thrust knocking out the air from her lungs leaving her wanting more. Her mouth hanging open , gasps and moans escaping her lips.
“You’re so tight..” grunted Kai.
He thrusted in deep , hard and fast over and over again. Kai wrapped his hand around her neck , holding her in place while swinging her leg over his shoulder. Y/N held onto his wrist for support as his hard length pumped inside and out of her going in deeper than before bringing her closer and closer to another release. Being with Kai in the real world felt much more magnified than what had happened in her dreams. Her mind was cloudy but a part of her was starting to wonder if those dreams she had had been all part of her subconcounce or maybe something else.
“K-Kai , I’m clo-se..”
“I know sweetheart , so am I… ” he grunted , his thrusts getting sloppier but never slowing down. Kai’s hand reached to rub her clit , drawing rough figure eights on it , turning her moans into little screams. Y/N’s walls contracted more frequently around his shaft making him groan each time that happened. She was a whimpering moaning mess , her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Her back slightly arching from the bed as she came screaming his name and trashing under him. Kai’s eyes were on her the entire time , a smug smirk on his face hearing Y/N scream his name again. Her orgasm triggering his.
Y/N felt Kai come in hot spurts inside of her, his thrusts not slowing down until he was done. He released his grip on her neck leaning in to kiss her , taking the last of her breath away before collapsing on top of her. Kai was breathing heavily , his hot breath tickling her skin. He placed a soft kiss onto her neck , feeling his fangs come out. There had been another thing he had wanted to do , all of his self control slipping away as his emotions blurred into hunger. A split second later Kai sank his teeth into her coroted artery , Y/N’s nails digging into his back as he fed from her.
“That feels amazing.” she whispered.
Kai rolled off her looking at the ceiling for a moment before turning towards her. Y/N had already turned towards him , her eyes gazing into his. There was blood dripping from his chin , her blood.
“So sweetheart… Did you learn your lesson?”
Y/N nodded , she had learned a lesson.
Except she was sure it had been the wrong one.A few days passed and Kai had gone back to acting the way he had before their intimate moment , then Y/N sneaked into his room in the middle of the night snuggling closer to him. Kai had had his eyes closed and Y/N had assumed he was sleeping but then in a flash he was on top of her , his hand on her neck.
“I guess I haven’t learned my lesson as well as I thought …” she trailed , seeing Kai smirk at her. “Care to refresh my memory ?”

MASTERLIST March / April 2017