is the greatest fictional character to ever exist

I came to a realization today

I’ve only started reading internet fan fiction in the last year and a half (I’m thinking February 2016 or so 🤔) and I guess in that way I’m a newcomer. It’s been a magical time of discovery and wonder and really sexy stories.

But I also realized, I’ve been reading fanfic since I was a teenager. I collected 200+ Star Wars novels during an epic two decade long love affair with arguably one of the greatest sci-fi fantasies to ever grace the silver screen. Novels based on existing characters is just professional fanfic.

I want to thank some of my favorite writers, I think you might know what drove me to search out fanfic.

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  • Me: The Calling is a terrible book. It has interesting characters and an interesting plot, but it ultimately fails as a work of fiction in it's execution. It's INTERESTING. But it's not GOOD.
  • Someone: lol, usually I ignore Fiona being Alistair's mom because The Calling was such a mess.
  • Me: The Calling is one of the greatest pieces of literature ever to have existed, take that back.
  • Writer: I'm writing about an admiral who, despite not having any naval training, managed to wage a war against an invading force much larger than him without ever losing a battle. At one point he faced a fleet over ten times larger than his own and not only destroyed or damaged over 20% of their fleet, he didn't lose a single ship. In fact, the only obstacle to him is being held back by political games of short-sighted nobles and bureaucrats who only recognize his greatness after his death. He is remembered as possibly the greatest hero of his country and even on the other end of the world is recognized as the only man to equal or even surpass their greatest admiral.
  • Every Fiction Writing Advice Ever: That sounds like a horrible character. A total Gary Stu and possibly a self-insert. If your hero has no flaws, makes no mistakes and suffers no loss then he is boring and the audience will never believe such character could exist in real life.
  • Historian: Good, we need more biopics about Yi Sun-sin.

so uhhhh

last night i went to see the cursed child and you guys. you guys.

i wish i had better words to express what a phenomenal experience it was but i dont think anything can really do it justice?? it was like being reunited with an old friend

harry potter is and always will be the greatest fictional character ever to exist and he doesn’t get enough appreciation

and the craziest thing was??? there were a couple of lines in the play that just really really struck me and ive just finished a journal and inside this journal is 4 main things and 4 huge struggles/issues ive had in the past 4 or so months and i just. one quote that struck a chord with one of those things i would understand. but all 4?????????? i just don’t get it y’all it’s like serendipity on crack

  • “be honest with those you love, show your pain. to suffer is as human as to breathe.”
  • “the best bits of you are - and always have been - heroic in really quiet ways.”
  • “those that we love never truly leave us, harry. there are things that death can’t touch.”
  • “they were great men, with huge flaws, and you know what - those flaws almost made them greater.”

i cannot even explain to you how relevant these quotes are to me right now. i read the play over a year ago but forgot the quotes; here they are, coming back to me just when i needed them most. bringing me back to an old friend, and reminding me of what it means to be human.

i just can;t you guys i just cant

harry potter is so special