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I’m a serious artist, I tell myself, every day a little less convincingly

97.54% successful method for getting outdoor cat to approach you:

a) crouch

b) hold out one hand in front of you, flat and relaxed, palm up. other hand is tucked against your body

c) look about two feet to the left or right of cat and make soft clicking noises until you can tell cat is looking at you

d) wait, clicking occasionally, glancing at cat periodically

nearly every time, outdoor cat will come up and cautiously sniff your fingers. it has only ever not worked one (1) time and there are tons of outdoor cats in my neighborhood


if cat comes to sniff your hand, DO NOT move to pet cat

just let it sniff you. you are already blessed. if you try to pet it immediately, you will most likely spook it. if cat wanted to be petted, cat would demand it, as cats do, probably by butting head against your hand.