is the file name

This isn’t related to my blog, but I wanted to spread the information.

Because of tumblr’s new safe mode “feature”, posts are being flagged n//sf//w at random. However, if you draft a post before publishing, it’ll show you whether or not the safe mode system has flagged it. (NOTE: it only shows the notification on mobile)

While it’s not a 100% guarantee, I was only able to upload my images un-flagged after I changed file types.  Re-naming the files didn’t seem to work. This will probably be different for everyone, but it’s useful information to know until this is fixed.


I did this a while back but kept taking pictures I loved so setting them as my background, instead. I got tired of not seeing the file names, so I reset my theme. I love this shit!

Lock screen: Harry’s Patronus
Home screen: The Forbidden Forest
The Owlery: Phone, text, and email
The Common Room: Music and tv/movies
The Great Hall: Social media
Transfiguration: Puzzle games that remind me of spellwork
Defense Against the Dark Arts: Kingdom Hearts and device protection apps
Room of Requirement: Search engines and device files
Broom Closet: Device cleaning apps
Quidditch Pitch: Candy Crush and Toy Blast
Arithmancy: Office type apps
Care of Magical Creatures: Angry Birds, Dragon City, and (sometimes) Robot Unicorn Attack
Potions: Camera, Gallery, and photo shop type app

I kinda love being a Harry Potter fan 😂

I’m missing Charms and Divination! Any ideas?

Update: Divination: Weather app and a daily horoscope Via the perfect suggestion by @o0o-chibaken-o0o (I used both because you need at least two apps to make a folder 😄)

I should also note that I didn’t create the backgrounds, it’s a free theme that I found on my phone. I only made the folders :p

i hate myself because right now I’m gong through my google drive and organizing it

sometimes i write a very detailed file name, like: 

but other times, I’ll write: 

great. thanks, past me. thanks. 


I’m a serious artist, I tell myself, every day a little less convincingly