is the fact that he always has that stupid ring

TransGirl!Adrien/Chat Noir AU

Okay okay maybe I’m the only one picturing this because I started watching the show after I saw some gifsets and I originally thought that Chat Noir was a girl, but I got this stuck in my head and I can’t stop thinking about Adrien as a girl.
So Transgirl!Adrien/Chat Noir AU?
(I know this is long as hell but bear with me.)

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Hurt and Healing: A Stray’s New Home

Whoops, my hands slipped (for three hours in my struggle to get this done properly).

Part 1

Part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Fandom: The Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Marichat 

Words: 4,077

Summary: Adrien’s Miraculous has been anything but that. Unlike Ladybug with her good luck all Chat has ever gotten is bad, and it seems to have rubbed off on his normal life. He receives a call one night and nothing is the same afterward.

Notes: You may now welcome me to Ladybug hell. Read if you want I don’t really mind. I just saw a post and had to write this because I feel like shit so I’m taking Adrien down with me. I’m also kinda using some of the aspects from his original write up as Felix. Please, don’t hate me. I fully intend on this being the first of possibly many parts.

Why? Why does this always have to happen to me? Adrien thought, pressing his free hand to his slowly dripping eye. He wished the tears would stop, but the more that he looked at it the more he felt the crushing reality. His grip was strong now, so strong he swore it should have broken, shattered into tiny bits and ruined his hand by now. Yet it held strong and he wanted nothing more than to throw it across the room and hope that this was all a dream.

His phone screen glowed from his palm, illuminating his tear-streaked features in the dark. He wanted nothing more than to never again receive the call he had just gotten. It was from Nathalie, his father’s assistant and his poor excuse for a step in mother. He’d gotten millions of calls from her before, and hundreds of them saying terrible things but never before had he felt the same crushing anguish as with this one. Then again, this is the only call like this that he’d ever receive.

He replayed it over in his head, hearing every syllable that had passed both of their lips.

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Thunder In Our Hearts

Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,800
Warnings: Discussion of grief and canonical deaths (Finn and Kurt’s mother)

Summary: "Things always seem so much clearer when he has his dad to talk him through them.“
6x08 reaction. In which ‘being sure’ is a process, not a moment. AKA, Kurt has a minor freak out and Burt helps him through it. Canon compliant; set during the wedding; Klaine and the Hummel men.


Not long before the sun goes down, Kurt escapes to the veranda out the back of the barn. He settles on the top of the creaky old steps and wraps a hand around one of the pillars to steady himself. There’s no one out here. Everyone is still inside – talking too loud, hands pressing too close, a never ending windmill of bodies spinning around him – but out here there’s no one. The clean, cool air is the best reprieve from the muggy heat of the party. For the first time all afternoon, he can take a breath. It’s quiet and empty, and out here he feels more balanced, less like he’s going to vibrate into a million pieces from all the overstimulation.

It’s a beautiful sunset – a mass of dark purple clouds drifting over a fierce orange backdrop. Kurt wants to stay out here forever, watch the orange turn to dusk turn to indigo, and just think. All the years he spent marrying off his Power Rangers and pretending it was him, he never expected that his own wedding would feel so… suffocating.

That’s being uncharitable. He’s happy, happier than he can even describe, and he feels all the more overwhelmed because of it. He can smile, and dance, and laugh, and cling so tightly to Blaine’s – his husband’s – hand and none of it is fake, not one bit. Walking down that aisle with Brittany on his arm felt like he was floating, like he was made of air, and he’d never felt so sure of anything in his life. He’d held Blaine’s hand on the podium, and he’d forgotten the existence of everyone else in the world.

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