is the elsa she is at the core of her

I really wish I could make gifs because oh my god I just noticed that Elsa totally rolls her eyes at Anna after “I get the feeling you don’t know” and OH MY GOD, ADORABLE BIG SISTER ELSA YOU ARE MY FAVORITE

Elsa has a great power that she has been taught by her parents, from the time she was a child, is not publicly acceptable and that she must fear its expression, at all cost, thus hide it from people, even her own sister who could be hurt by it - even killed. Shame is at the core of Elsa’s feelings about her magical powers: same-sex attraction.

A friend of mine posted this Mormon woman’s extremely thorough analysis of “Frozen” as a movie that is secretly propagating the gay agenda. And she’s not talking about the gay sauna dudes - she posits that Elsa’s “power” is actually “gayness” because she can’t control it and her parents force her to hide it and once she “comes out” about her power she’s happier and a more whole person. She says Anna represents how the gay agenda-mongers see the noble straights: As people who are welcome to get married to anyone they want after knowing them for 10 seconds. Then she breaks down the lyrics to “Let It Go” and italicizes the parts she thinks are the most gay, including but not limited to “Couldn’t keep it in, Heaven knows I tried.”

Is it weird that I kind of love a queer reading of Frozen? Like I know this woman is a homophobe who wrote this to scare fellow god-fearing parents off of taking their kids to see it (though the author has, by her own admission, seen “Frozen” three times in theaters - but it’s OK because it allowed her more time to analyze how gay it is!!!), but I’m kind of reading it and nodding along like, yeah, that actually is a pretty fascinating interpretation.

While I was watching Inside Out, I was thinking of Elsa and Anna's memory orbs...

Young Elsa and Anna’s were mostly yellow (happiness) with memories occupied by a lot playtime, goofing around with their parents, and just making each other laugh and smile all the time.

After the accident…Elsa’s core memories drastically changed into a combination of purple (fear) and blue (sadness) that it’s almost like a yin yang…and this kinda makes me think of her coronation outfit.

And green (disgust) comes creeping in, too. Self-disgust. And anger (red). Self hatred.

And there’s barely any yellow left.

But Anna’s? In spite of it all, yellow was still her dominant emotion because she had hope in her. In anger, sadness, disgust, and fear—Anna held on to hope.

And overtime, yellow and blue worked together in sync and found peace. Sadness is needed to appreciate happiness and overcome it no matter what the extremes. Anna and Elsa worked together and found their balance.

Just like how the hot and cold are both so intense, put ‘em together it just makes sense! :)

And that’s my Frozen and Inside Out head canon for the night.

Good morning......

Anna had woken to sunlight pouring in through the gaps in the curtains; eye lids fluttering with sleep dust in her eyes. It took a moment- before her vision cleared to be able to look up-

and sees Elsa’s sleeping face.

Shock struck her core- but she remained silent, gently taking her lip between her teeth.


She thought, and for a few seconds.. she could feel a cool sensation on her fingertips- and a warm feeling pressed against her knee. Her hand was under her shirt! Her eyes opened wider, shifting slightly- her knee pressed against something-

and the girl beneath her shifted, “nnngh…” Came a low, low quiet voice.

Was that- Her mouth opened, and she instantly froze. That was her sister- her sister’s voice. Looking up again, she noticed the queen still asleep. Her sister, was still asleep. She had not awoken due to her movement. Good.

Shifting again, she went to move- only to accidentally brush her knee against her beloved sister’s center.

Once more, the queen shifted, her legs pressed against her knee.

Oh god. I’m trapped. Trying to wiggle herself free, she found it impossible. Her sister was keeping her knee in place!


Having her name said in the slightest murmur caused her to look up once more, up at a pale sleepy face- who’s eyes were still closed shut.. mouth slightly agap. Was she waking up? She couldn’t tell.. but she couldn’t move her knee, and she was afraid if she moved her hand that laid underneath her shirt- she would shift again. The princess was stuck, there was no moving, or shifting. “psst.” she said, in the quietest voice possible. If she could just- maybe- slid her knee out from between her legs.. and her hand from her shirt-

Without warning, Elsa’s eyes shot open to look down at her younger sister with the slightest smile. “mmm.. Anna, what are …you doing..” Voice slightly shaky and quiet, sleep still in her eyes.

Her head tilted up, to face her. “uhm.. T-trying to..” A finger was pressed to her lips.

Gentle, pale hands cupped her cheeks- drawing the girl closer. Startled, Anna went to pull away.. but her eyes met those of icy blue- and she stopped, letting the queen pull her face closer to her own.

“E-elsa?” She said in a quiet murmur, her lips trembled.

“Shh.. not now..” Was the woman’s response and gently tilted her head down while her own lips trembled. Their noses were just barely touching when she stopped drawing her closer.

The two looked at one another with half closed eyes. For a moment or two, Anna was contemplating on looking away again.

That was, however, until Elsa began to trace her thumb along the sides of her cheek. The motion was cut short when a pair of warm lips brushed faintly across her own cool ones. The action causing Elsa’s eyes to widen- and then. Close shut.

Anna was kissing her- passionately. Parting her lips without thinking- her tongue slipped out to flick lazily at her sister’s bottom one.

Fingertips trailed down the younger sister’s neck, until they met her shoulders.. both hands cupping each one- fingers digging into the skin gently. A silent groan came from her- her lips parting for the young one.

Feeling a gap where her tongue had been- She pressed forward.. tongue gliding past lips. Peppermint laced with a sweet chocolate flavor filled just the tip of her tongue and for the firs time, she knew what (to her view), winter tasted like inside her sister’s mouth.

Though, her mind raged against her.. and against all good consciousness, Elsa let her own tongue meet the awaiting one- sliding around in slight circles as the kiss deepened.

It wasn’t long before Anna could feel the warmth on her knee again.. her hand was till under her shirt- she pondered an idea- and became consumed with the thought. She had kissed Kristoff like this, but to her understanding.. this was different.. softer- and she welcomed the feeling and even wanted.. more of it.

Underneath Anna, the queen tried shifting, to sit up.. but she felt a hand under her shirt.. for the first time since she had awoken. When did that get there?! Even when she began to sit up, the hand under her shirt pushed her back down..

and the knee that was between her legs, was suddenly taken away; she had not realized that either until she felt the warmth leave.

The younger of the two, moved her legs so they were on either side of the girl beneath her- straddling her.

The queen broke the kiss, and leaned her head back against the pillows, eyes opening slightly to meet Anna’s gaze.

Both girls were completely flushed now- cheeks red with blushes. “E-Elsa…G-good morning..” She was the first to speak.

Several moments went by without either one of them speaking until Elsa broke the silence again- her hands moving to either side of her beloved sister’s neck, smiling. “Good morning, Anna.”

Based on this prompt


Elsa didn’t like the rain.

They brought to mind days trapped in the darkness of her room and staring out at her sister splashing gleefully about in puddles and frolicking with ducklings. Sometimes their parents would join Anna and they would romp about, like two overgrown children. Elsa would press her nose to the glass, peering intently out at them, envisioning herself in their midst and etching the memory into her very core. Sometimes her mother might hesitate, and glance up at the window. Elsa would duck, an indescribable emotion knotting within her chest. She would wait for what seemed like hours before peeking out again. Usually her mother would have turned away and rejoined the merriment. Sometimes she would still be staring and would give a little smile and wave that Elsa could never bring herself to return. Even to this day she regretted it.  

Once, just once, the girl had caught sight of her mother’s face as she turned her gaze from the window. Her father had stopped and wrapped a comforting arm around his wife, pressing his face to her hair. They stood like that for several long moments before being dragged back into play by an excited Anna. Elsa didn’t wait to watch them head inside that day. She curled into the very corner of her closet, scrunched into a tightly wound ball and stayed that way until the following morning. 

A gentle rapping at the door pulled her from her reverie. 

“Come in,” she called.

A slim figure clad in waterproof cloak and boots entered, a satchel dangling from one shoulder.

“Do you want to feed the ducklings with me?”

Elsa glanced up into Anna’s face. It was hard to refuse those eyes, and that smile, bursting with hopeful optimism. She shook her head, feeling almost mechanical in her movements.

“I’ll have to refuse Anna, I’m not really fond of rainy days such as these.”

Her sister pouted, scuffing her shoe on the ground. 

“Please?” she begged. “You said you’d spend time with me today but all you’ve done is bury yourself in those stuffy old reports.”

Elsa sighed, shuffling through her papers. A blurry blob loomed into her from the corner of her vision.

“Not now Anna,” she said. “Go play by yourself. I don’t like the rain.”

A hand snatched the quill clean from her grip, a smattering of ink blossoming over the parchment. Gasping, Elsa pulled back, staring in dismay at the ruined paperwork. She looked up at Anna, intent on blistering her sister’s ears with a lecture on why it was rude to interrupt people when they were working and ruin their documents. The words died upon her tongue when she saw Anna’s expression.

“Please?” whispered Anna once again, twiddling the quill between her fingers. “I want to make some new memories with you.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Elsa rose from her chair. Pulling the quill from Anna’s hands, she planted a kiss to her sister’s forehead.

“Come on,” she said, linking their hands together and pulling Anna towards the door. “Let’s go and play.”

Elsa had never liked rain.

Yet as she watched Anna slip on the grass and land face-first into a puddle of mud, she decided that she could grow to like it.