is the elsa she is at the core of her

I really wish I could make gifs because oh my god I just noticed that Elsa totally rolls her eyes at Anna after “I get the feeling you don’t know” and OH MY GOD, ADORABLE BIG SISTER ELSA YOU ARE MY FAVORITE

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Why do some people think that this season is going to heavily focus on Captain Swan and that Regina/OQ will be put on the back burner. Thoughts? I hope not! Captain Swan sucks!

because people let bias cloud their judgement??? I think either CS is actually going to be separated, and Emma is going to be on her own for a little bit, like Henry was in neverland. Or, if she is there, the cool kid crew is traveling to find Merlin which means they’re probably going to all be together. In addition, we’re told next season is supposedly focusing on the core cast which means increased screen time for all of them, instead of having some icy creature dominate screen time and add nothing to the plot *side-eyes elsa*

My hope for OQ isn’t even the romantic stuff, although i never say no to that, but i really want to see them working as a team whether it be with Merlin or dealing with the Zelena stuff. What we got this season with OQ was a whole lot of external circumstances with them being separated. Hopefully the drama doesn’t directly evolve around them so we can see internal issues. Whereas if it is all about CS finding each other, they’re not growing as a couple, sooooo who’s really winning here??