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break my heart- h.s song imagine

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I will not forget

All the wonderful things you’ve done

You sat on the cold floor of your kitchen, tears flowing out of your eyes. You let out a shaky sigh, a sob about to burst through. It was if the world was out to get you today. One thing after another. You woke up late for your uni class, you forgot that a test was scheduled and ended up turning in a test with hardly anything on it because you didn’t know the information, you had to work double shifts since your coworker decided to call in sick, you went to pick up dinner but your card was declined since someone was accessing your bank account. It was just national “Piss on Y/N Day.”

You heard keys jingling in your door before a voice called out to you. Harry turned the corner into the kitchen and sighed, “Oh, love.” You looked up at Harry and started to sob. Harry quickly sat on the floor next to you and pulled you into his lap. He started whispering things such as “You’re going to be okay, love.” or “I love you, you brave girl.”

Eventually your crying ceased. You were just enjoying the feeling of Harry’s arms around you. You quickly looked at him, “You’re supposed to be at Jeff’s birthday dinner right now!”

Harry kissed your forehead. “Jeff will understand. Gotta make sure my girl’s okay.”

It’s like a test, it’s like a game

To see how much I can take

Harry was pacing in front of you, face red. You were looking down at your hands, sat on the couch in his living room.

“I just don’t understand what the big deal is, Y/N!” Harry turned to you, crossing his arms. “Doesn’t change anything! Still love you!”

You sighed for the millionth time that time. You pinched your nose and closed your eyes. “Why do you have to pretend you’re dating someone else? What good will that do?”

Harry sat down next to you. “It’ll get people talking. It’ll bring up my name more. My album would be talked about more.” You looked down at the coffee table, “Why can’t you be seen with me? Why can’t I be the reason why you’re being talked about?”

This time Harry sighed, wanting the conversation to end, “We’ve been seen together already and already claimed we’re friends. Bringing someone new will bring more conversation to the table.” Harry stood up from the couch and looked down at you, “Whether you like it or not, this is happening.” He walked to his bedroom and slammed the door. Not wanting to be there any longer, you grabbed your jacket and left his apartment.

Tell me you’ve never loved me

Tell me that it wasn’t real

Just say you’ve found somebody else

Since the fight, Harry stayed true to his word. Him and his publicity team found someone he could pretend to date. To say she was beautiful was an understatement. She was the classic “girl next door.” What Harry didn’t mention was just how long this whole ordeal would go on. It’s been a month and Harry was still required to be seen with this girl. What he also failed to mention was the lack of communication the two of you would have. Missed calls, unanswered texts, hardly coming to one another’s apartments. He was in the same city but you’ve never felt as far as you did from him. You were looking at your phone, a new picture of “Harry and his beau” was on the screen. Your best friend was staring at your every move, a look of sympathy on her face. “You know. He should just date her. Make things easier. If he wants to be seen with someone else so badly just fucking be with her.” You mumbled, reading the article of Harry and his new love interest.

Your best friend winced, not wanting to upset you any more. “You don’t mean that, Y/N.”

You slammed your phone down and looked up at her. “I mean it, he should just get it over with already.”

Pictures disappear

And every memory will fade

“I’m so sorry, Y/N!” Harry said while on FaceTime with you. You were in the living room of your apartment, a banner saying “Happy birthday” hanging behind you. You moved out of the way as your friends were gratefully cleaning after the party. “Management thought it would be nice to be seen at Paris! Thought it would look like a little get away! Make it seem romantic!” Harry tried reasoning with you. You looked at him with an emotionless face. I should be going on a runaway trip to Paris with you. Especially on my fucking birthday. “It’s fine, Harry.” You started walking to your bedroom door, passing down hallways filled with pictures of you and Harry.

“I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

Break my heart

You stared at the magazine in front of you. Mocking you and confirming your worst nightmare. On the picture was a photo of Harry kissing his “girlfriend” with his arms wrapped around her waist. You stared at it with no emotion whatsoever. Somehow, you knew this would happen. You were done.

This can only end one way

Just do it now, I don’t wanna wait

“Break up with me” You said as soon as Harry’s apartment door opened.

Harry gave you a look. He knew you saw that picture. He gasped, “What..No.”

You pushed him out of the way and walked into his apartment. “Clearly I don’t mean anything to you if you’re out cheating on me.”

Harry closed the door and looked at you, “Cheating! It’s for-”

“I know! It’s for work but that kiss wasn’t for work! That was solely for your own pleasure!” You screamed at him, hands flying to your hair and tugging on it.

Harry panicked and walked up to you, hands trying to find yours, “Love, please let me explain-”

You quickly backed away from him and started to walk to the door. You turned your head over your shoulder. “We’re though.”

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Gone: Chapter 4

A/N: I know you guys are probably fed up with this, but I have every intention of seeing it through. Thanks to everyone who send me feedback on the previous chapter, I really appreciate it so much! And thanks to everyone sticking with me and Jay through all this torture.

This is THE CHAPTER by the way. Not the final chapter, but you know what’s gonna happen. It’s time.

Thanks to @justkillingtimewhileiwait & @allenting for all the help with this fic and all the support! You two are the best <3

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Ever since the beginning of the semester, I would always sit next to this girl. She was shy, but she was also kind and extremely creative.

The first day we sat together, I caught a glimpse of a stack of paper that was in front of her. All of the paper was part of a story she was writing. She saw me looking at it, and she asked: “would you like to read it?” In the most cheerful voice I’ve ever heard. She always wrote about the most interesting things, and she always told me about all of the world’s in her head. I was always so happy when I listened to her speak about what she loved. She was such a smart girl!

School ended for me a couple days ago, and I sat in the front row as I saw her graduate high school. When I saw her receive her diploma, I knew that she would have a very bright and creative future.

Because of her, I learned to enjoy writing again, and I learned that there’s always some brightness in the world.

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Headcanons for the female archers/soldiers in Tauriel's corps (doesn't have to be romantic)


-Girl Love all the way.
-No rivalries
-No hatefulness
-Just pure, sweet girls understanding and taking care each other (I’m a fan of this because we need more girl love in the world.)
-You need an extra dagger? I gotchu.
-The younger ones looking up to Tauriel and crushing on her- not Legolas. (He’s beautiful don’t shoot me. He gets enough love, we can all agree.)
-All of the ladies of the guard having archery competitions and it can get really intense but at the end of the day they all love each other.
-Non-warrior elves getting lessons by warrior elves
-Braiding back each other’s hair for battle. (Oh my gawd 😭)
-If Tauriel fell for one of them it would be so adorable because she just doesn’t know how to approach it?
-Tauriel complimenting the other girls daggers and she blushes
-Them matching dresses to festivals or hunting outfits
-Bows as gifts
-Intense archery competions
-If Thranduil’s a jerk to Tauriel and she’s sad her s/o would comfort her
-Okay but let’s not bash things that are considered a ‘woman’s job’ because without those things no one would have clothes, a clean house, or food. So Tauriel would make her s/o so beautiful stitched leggings or tunics
-Awesome lunches
-Who made those little apple desserts for the guard? A stacked male elf because he loves to cook.
-Just yes. Girl romance and girl friendship love.

I may have gotten a little carried away but I just have a lot of feels about this situation. Idk care what anyone thinks, Tauriel is amazing and I look up to her which is what she was made for so hmph! ❤❤❤

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Oh great Rice, do you know the humble beginnings of the coolest guy around, Adachi?

Ah, that’s an interesting story, indeed.

Little known fact, Adachi started out life on the streets of Boston. Homeless and young, he had to learn to survive on the cold unforgiving streets.

But on one faithful day, Adachi found out he had one hell of a supernatural ability…


He rocked the street basketball world like you wouldn’t believe! And eventually, he was asked to join the NBA big leagues!

Adachi’s life had never been better! He had money, fame, EVERYTHING!

But then he was caught snorting marijuana off a coffin and booted out of the NBA for life.

So then he went to Japan, became a police officer and killed a few people.

The end.

the world is full of magic things (1 /2)

i’ve seen lots of “natsume grows up and finds a child who can also see yokai and adopts them” and i love it and i’ve decided to toss my hat in the same ring, sorry 

continuation of this series, which started with “never mind the bus fare” and might never end apparently ;;

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”
― W.B. Yeats


Satoru all but throws the doors wide open, ready to steamroll past anyone standing in his way, toddler or not—but that turns out not to be necessary, because the colorful little classroom is cleared but for a woman and a messy-haired little boy sitting on opposite sides of a small table.

The phone call Satoru received at work was an innocuous “Your son is having a difficult day, we think it might be best if you came,” but somehow just that was enough to light little fires of panic up and down Satoru’s brain. He barely remembered to tell his supervisor he was taking an early lunch before he was running out the door.

Now he lets go of a relieved sigh, and crosses the room at a more sedate pace than he burst into the school with. He greets the teacher and receives a polite greeting in turn, and then claims a seat on the cushion at Susumu’s side.

“You okay, Suchan?”

Normally the nickname is enough to earn Satoru an annoyed scowl or Takashi a sunny smile—both are adorable, honestly, which might be why Satoru teases him so much—but this time Susumu doesn’t even lift his head. His fringe hangs into his eyes and his shoulders tremble, and the tearful noise he makes when Satoru puts an arm around him makes Satoru want to cry, too.

“Susumu, you gotta talk to me. I can’t help if I don’t know what’s wrong, right?”

It’s reminiscent of when they first met, when Satoru was a stranger trying to convince this smart, disenchanted little person to trust him, despite where trusting adults had gotten him so far.

But almost an entire year sits between then and now, and after barely a minute, Susumu’s fingers sneak out and find the hem of Satoru’s jacket and make a fist around it, holding tight.

He peeks at Satoru from under his unruly hair, brown eyes pleading. He whispers, “There’s a monster in the corner.”

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It HAS been a while since you have written your updated thoughts on the "As The World Turns" adventures of SamCait. Are you in a writing mood today?? Try to top the pier with the band playing...I dare you! hahaha :)

That fucking pier post, man…

Me to me in the voice of @screengeniuz: “Megan, why are you like this????”

I’ve been slammed with real life crap (end of school year, 2/3 of the kids have birthdays within 6 days of each other, etc.) so I’m not that up to speed on all things SC, save for some squeeing over them hanging out and still riding the wave of euphoria from every adorable, loved up thing they’ve done since EVER. My brain won’t let in the white noise of the other crap, so I’m just doing what I’ve always done, which is to quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) ship on. 

Better you don’t (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Requested by: Anon

Request: Hey, can you do an imagine where reader is bellamy’s girlfriend but they don’t See each other very much lately (bc of Prime Faya) But when bellamy go to jasper’s party they finaly have time for each other. (With smut if you can) thank you !

A/N: Excuse any mistake, I’m not in the S4 yet so I did the best that I could ç.ç

Warnings: Smut.


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Better you don’t (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

You are feeling selfish. The world are ending and you are so selfish that the only thing you can think about is Bellamy Blake, your boyfriend. The boyfriend the you are not able to see lately. It is unfair. The world is going to end and you are not able to spend your last days with the one you love the most. And again you feel selfish, because Bellamy assured to you that he would find a way. Why thing couldn’t just go easy one time? Just one time…

You wave to Harper and approach to Jasper who had alredy a cup with moonshine for you on his hands.

“Y/N, good see that you came to my party!”

“I wouldn’t lost it, Jasper.” You kiss his cheek and he smile at you.

“Seems like everyone is here.” He say to you. “Hey, Bellamy!” He shouted and you turn aroud just in time to see your boyfriend walking to meet you and Jasper.


“Jasper…” He cumpriments the boy and round his arms around you. “Hey, babygirl.”

“I would be around, guys…” Jaspers laugh letting both of you alone.

Bellamy keeps hugging you for a long time, just breathing into your neck and holding you close at him. One of your hands are lost in his hair and the other one are resting into his chest. Your head in his shoulder. God, you miss it. You miss his smell, his warm, his touch.

“I miss you, Bell.” You let out your thoughts, whispering to him. “I miss you so much.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N/N, I know I don’t have much time lately…” He whisper back at you, looking at your eyes. “But I miss you too, in every second of my day.”

“Please, just kiss me, Bell.” You beg him. And he do. He kiss you with passion, with urge. God you miss him so much. his hands go down in your hip. You push your hip against his crotch and he moans, starting to kiss your neck. “Bell?” You ask. “I think that is better we go to another place, everyone is looking at us.” And then he looks at you smiling.

He grab your hand and walk with you to the first room he find. It looks like someone’s office, but none of you care. The room are dark, you could barely see the desk and some other furniture. When the door close behind you, Bellamy hold you and you feel the wall into you back, his arms around your waist, holding you even more close, his warm hand on your back. You cross you legs on his waist. You can feel his erection agaist you while you kiss him passionately.

Bellamy grab your hips turning both of you to the other side and pulling you on the desk. You hear some objects falling into the ground, but you don’t care. You refuse to stop kissing him. He tilts your head back with one hand to start kissin your neck, using his tongue and teeth. And you moan when he grab one of your breast in his hand. He stop kissing you, just get rid of your and his clothes. He mouth finding yours soon after that. He grab one of your legs putting your feet on top of the desk, exposing your pussy to him. He grab your back and pulls your hip closer to the desk edge.

He grab you other leg, tickling it with his fingers, while he eat you up. You moan when he slowly start to suck your clit, after touching it with his nose, when he goes inside of you with his tongue. He lick, suck and kiss every inch of your pussy. You gasp when his thumb goes to your clit and start making some circles there at the same time he liks it. Then he put one finger and another one inside of you while he sucks your clit.

You arch your back, shaking against his mouth. When you are almost there he stop without any warning, kissing your lips again. You take your hand to his groin, you start to masturbate him and he gasp.

“I want you inside of me, Bell.” You whisper to him.

And without waiting any other second, he take both of your legs, putting them on his shoulders to have free acess to you. He passes his thumb on you pussy again, up and down.

“Now, Bell.” You beg him and he go inside of you.

He fills every inch of you and you moan. Soon his mouth is on your neck, sucking it and bitting it and sucking it again, while he go inside and out of you slowly gaining speed. Until he is punching harder and harder. You’re coming soon, but you want that he come first, so you look at him, eyes full of desire.

“Cum inside me, Bell. I want you to cum for me… Now.” Your voice coming out hoarse.

And he couldn’t hold a loud moan while he boost wildly against you, and you hold his arms when you came too. You look at him with a smile in your a sated face. He lains on you, letting a kiss into your lips.

“I can’t stay so long without you again, Y/N.”

“Better you don’t.”

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cool prompt maybe something like: "She's angry because I've been keeping and eye her....watching her."

For days, (Y/N) has been laying around the Lost Boy’s camp, alone, numb and completely unattached from the world. At night she gazes into the starless skies of Neverland, dreaming of once again meeting the star that would guarantee her freedom and take her home but she knows that that was only a mere dream. A fantasy.

Lately her sadness and mindless thoughts had turned to anger. She’s angry because he’s been keeping an eye on her….Watching her. What confused Pan to all ends is how she could think of Neverland as such a horrid place. Peter Pan could sympathize; if he was ripped away from his home he would also be unhappy but the fact that he had taken her to a beautiful, paradisal island where time and age didn’t exist should make her happy enough.

“A penny for your thoughts?” He questioned, taking a seat in the grass where she laid. Pan always knew where she was, he knew his own island like he knew his own heart was black.

(Y/N) only shook her head, tipping her face the direction opposite of him to avoid his green eyes that bore into her own. “I want to go home.”

“My dear Wendy.” He cooed. “Neverland is your home. Storybrooke is nothing but a distant memory filled with people who never as much as bothered to tell you the truth.”

“Don’t call me Wendy. My name is (Y/N).”

Pan shook his head and looked up at the night sky. What did she see so interesting about it? Pan had offered to fly her up into the sky; to let her fingertips touch the clouds but she didn’t want that. (Y/N) never wanted anything Pan offered.

“What can I do to convince you otherwise? You’re Wendy and I’m Peter Pan; you’re in me like a heartbeat. We are written as the star crossed lovers of a land where we remain forever young. Death cannot touch us but why do I feel like I am talking to a corpse?”

“Stop! Just stop! You,” (Y/N) emphasized. “…are crazy and I don’t know what this crazy fantasy you have in your mind is but I am not Wendy and you are not some magical flying boy. I don’t know where the hell we are but I want to go home right now!”

“You’re home is here.”

“You’re delusional!” She yelled, covering her tear-blurred eyes.

Pan reached toward his chest, plunging his hand inside and grasping a hold of his heart. His shoulders twitched and slumped as he yanked the organ from his ribcage and held it out before him.

“Take it.” Pan whispered. “My heart is yours.”

(Y/N) woke with a start.

Her eyes scrunched shut at the onslaught of sunshine in her room, her blankets scattered and kicked around her mattress. She was… back in her bedroom and not held captive on an island by a boy who claimed to be Peter Pan.

That afternoon at school, all seemed surreal. Her classmates watched her oddly and people seemed to move in slow motion all around her. Even her teachers avoided any sort of eye contact — dodging their looks side ways and ignoring (Y/N)’s raised hands.

At the end of her odd day, (Y/N) stood at her locker, twisting the knob to the correct numbers of her combo. A note fell from her locker — not surprising since her locker was a mess of stuffed papers and crushed textbooks.

As she bent to pick it up she opened it, the scraggly handwriting shaking fear into her heart:

If you won’t live in my world then I will live in yours. My heart is yours.

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Not sure if this has been done, or if either would care. But if it's possible, 2D and Murdoc's s/o found just absolutely crumbled on the floor crying. B/c they just found out that they can never had kids, and it's always been a secret passion of the s/o to be a mother. How would they react to that? And I mean the s/o is just absolutely devastated; you can see it on their face and their just so crumbled & crying as if the world has ended.

2D: When he comes in to see you sobbing on the floor he rushes over to you and asks what’s wrong. You tell him the news through choked sobs and he holds you tight knowing that this was probably one of the hardest things you’ve ever gone through. He lets you cry it out knowing that this was a huge thing for you and it feels like such a huge loss. He’s careful with you over the next few days, making sure you aren’t pushing yourself emotionally. If you still want to have children he fully supports adopting and other untraditional methods

Murdoc: When he sees you in this state he’s right by your side trying to awkwardly comfort you. When you tell him why you’re so upset he’s hurt for you knowing that this was something you really cared about. He lets you have time for yourself letting you somewhat grieve over the loss but makes sure he’s there for you if you need anything. He’s a bit wary about adopting children at first but he’s sure he’ll come around to it if it’s what you want

‘Let me tell you something’ - HR

Note: I don’t own the gif. 

Stood like an exhibit you watched everyone. They’d stepped in at the wrong point. Just when you pierced the man. When his screams filled the corridors. Everyone was supposed to be out, a dinner in celebration of what they’d all achieved. Ever since Zoom had appeared and you’d slayed your own Earth one doppelganger you’d had this feeling. This urge to remove the unnecessary objects in your never ending quest.

Five days, five Meta human murders and the team still hadn’t suspected you. Today was your mistake, you’d considered yourself safe as your powers activated, the sharp words leaving your lips as the Meta cowered. The fear in their eyes. They were seeing their worst nightmares as you had flicked out your blade.

“It was you” Barry was the first to speak. Always the first to speak as you dropped the blade. As you allowed the body to fall to the ground in a heavy thud.

“I think I’ll take my leave” You hesitated briefly, you could see the determined look in his face as the air sparked around him. “Before you speed yourself over here and throw me into a cell answer me one question. Just for me”

“What’s your question?” A rookie mistake as he tightened his jaw. Your eyes flicked to each of them. Everyone shifting on their feet, uncomfortable. Well almost everyone. HR stood unmoved, his concentration fixed on you and his drumstick twirling in his fingers.

“What do you all fear the most? You know fear, that feeling that sends shivers down your spine, and nerves course through your body. Increasing your adrenaline and causing a state of panic.” You quizzed, and there you had it. Had them. Each began to cower, Joe first, then Iris, then Caitlin, Cisco and Barry. You smiled. “That was easier than expected”

“How?” HR questioned as you walked to the doorway, your figure pausing. You almost forgot he was there. Or that you hadn’t extended your powers onto him, hadn’t ‘Whammied’ him as Cisco and Barry would say. “You helped save all those people, you helped us. Why?”

“Let me tell you something, you want to get away with being a monster, you act like a hero.” You responded, “They don’t know this yet, but everything I’ve done is to help them.”

The Tumblr Holy League (informal)

-Pray a daily Rosary for World Peace, End of Terrorism, Fight Satanism and Witchcraft
-Pray intercessory prayers to St. Michael the Archangel or a Saint of your choice when a fellow Christian is in trouble or under attack by people
-Defend other Christians from written assaults from the enemy
-Spread the Gospel
-Use your Tumblr primarily as a means for the world to know Jesus
-Defend the Mass! Novus Ordo and TLM
-Reblog and support other Christians
-Gently correct other Christians who are in error
-Promote Pro-Life Causes and Posts
-Serve others in our daily lives
-Attend Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation
-Educate others about the True Catholic and Apostolic Faith
-Defend the Family, Chastity, and Holy Sexuality
-Block Porn Blogs
-Challenge all evil!
-Engage in public Discourse about the matters of the Catholic Faith
-Respect and Love Pope Francis
-Defend Pope Francis, Allegiance to The Bishops, Cardinals, and Holy Father is Key
-Defend Mary our Mother, The Immaculate Conception, Marian Doctrines and Dogmas

if you have other editions, inbox me.

OH MY GOD!  You just can not imagine how I TIRED!  Guys, the days are so slow and I’m waiting for this school year to end!  Next year I will have to take exams and … I’m just horrified!  What items do you want to take?  Or have they already passed?  How are you doing?  I wish you good luck and patience!  I love you, guys!

Okay imagine this for a second ….. the gang @ Disney World and Bess and Joe wanting to ride EVERYTHING and Frank and Nancy being all OCD and planning everything down to the second and George running in one of the marathons they have and THEN at the end of the night after a long day they’re watching the fireworks and nancy just leans her head over on Frank’s shoulder IM OUT

i drove all night through dark and moon and fear to see you with a hope stained heart and when we meet i can’t help but be glad that we didn’t outgrow the love we shared as kids who would proudly stretch out their other hand and say “i have a bestfriend” and i remember when i was old enough to drive and you were a year from graduation and my dad passed way, we’d go to the nearest coffee shop and talk about everything until our throats hurt from laughing so hard and it made me feel better. we both came from messed up homes and it felt like the world was against us but we found comfort in each other. we helped each other grow and i don’t think i ever thanked you for that. 

years could pass but i will probably still see you in every person i meet. i hate it actually and some days i think i’d be better off forgetting you entirely but i’m sorry for entertaining that thought even momentarily because even if it ended, you were still the best part of my life. we don’t need each other anymore but i still think back and hope you’ll have more occasions to laugh and smile like that. you’re beautiful and incredible and you’ll do amazing things with or without me and we may have outgrown those too big promises we made a lifetime ago but i want you to take this as my blessing wrapped up with all the love i can muster because we’ll probably never see each other again but you’ll always be my bestfriend my sister and my superior and i hope for you the best

at this point im just abusing the star brush