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[170529] exo-l official website update

“EXO-L give me pizza recommendations I’m hungry ㅜ ㅅ ㅜ”

“I thought you were on chicken’s side but you are the pizza doctors*… I ordered a large one. Hahahahahahaha I couldn’t come here because I was busy preparing many things so I can look great for exo-l’s at our concert. I missed you.”

*korean expression: you know so much about it

**everything is in banmal and sounds very friendly and intimate, especially the last sentence

trans cr. kimjoninis


TID Appreciation Week: Day 2 | Favorite Ship ~ Henry & Lottie

“You are not plain,” Henry said, his face still blazing. “You are beautiful. And I didn’t ask your father if I could marry you out of duty; I did it because I loved you. I’ve always loved you. I’m your husband.”

“I didn’t think you wanted to be,” she whispered.

Henry was shaking his head. “I know people call me eccentric. Peculiar. Even mad. All of those things. I’ve never minded. But for you to think I’d be so weak-willed—Do you even love me at all?”

“Of course I love you!” Charlotte cried. “That was never in question.