is the consumerist hiring

the modern anime industry may be a shithole, but god, yamakan is such a pretentious wanker

like, he directed the second season of haruhi suzumiya (y’know, the Endless Eight one), and the first four episodes of lucky star (as in, the ones that were really bad even by that show’s standards), before kyoto animation fired him four episodes into lucky star’s run for being impossible to work with

after that, he threw a hissy fit online about how the anime industry is a soulless moe juggernaut made to move merchandise (which isn’t entirely wrong, but still) before announcing that he was going to found his own anime studio with the intention of making anime an art form again

the only things said studio made before going belly-up were a shitty OVA based on a piece of vocaloid fanart, an impressively mediocre clusterfuck about sky couriers that was blatantly trying and failing to channel studio ghibli vibes, and an idol anime that everyone completely and utterly forgot about

(also, all of these shows were co-funded by and aggressively promoted by figure companies, which kinda goes against his whole “anime is too consumerist to be art” tirades)

also, when the artist hired to draw the manga adaptation of fractale admitted that she thought the show was boring, he went on another tirade about her “riding on other people’s coattails”, ordering the manga publishers to cancel the manga (they refused)

in other words, he’s pretty much the anime equivalent of phil fish