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more about color vision!

basics: visible light is a spectrum. each color on the spectrum has its associated frequency and wavelengths. this is most famously seen as a rainbow appearing from white light passed through a prism. we’ll call these spectral colors. human eyes have cone cells for detecting color in three different types. S for blue, M for green and L for red. with those three cell types, we can see all colors in the visible spectrum (redundant?). there are some reports of individuals having a fourth type, but i’m not sure how accurate those reports are, and either way, we don’t know how the human brain (meant to process signals from three cell types) deals with a fourth cone type

so the first color bar is the color picker from GIMP, showing all the possible hues in GIMPs RBG system. the next two bars are approximate (your screen is probably RGB) representations of the visible light spectrum, with the wavelengths listed in nanometers. they are from wikipedia. the color wheel is FireAlpaca’s color picker, and is another representation of the hues possible through RBG. my additions are the approximate color reactivities of the S M and L cone cells. the approximation’s based on RGB color; i’m realizing now i got the wavelengths wrong, but the diagram still works for the discussion. the actual peak absorptions are: S around 430nm, M around 530nm, and L around 590nm. 

the colors other than blue red and green are ‘seen’ as a mix of those colors, and yellow, which is the wavelengths between red and green, gets filtered through the eyes as a mix of red and green. so a genuine mix of red and green gets seen as if it were yellow. on that note, since the red and blue parts of the spectrum are so far apart, there is no wavelengths that correspond to a red+blue mix, so red+blue mixes (magentas and purples) are extraspectral colors. so you could argue that magentas are fake colors that we can perceive only because of how our eye+brains work. on that note, white and all pastel colors are extraspectral colors because you need many wavelenghts (think, putting the rainbow back in the prism to get white light)

an alien species with eyes working differently just wouldn’t see magenta, even if they had full color vision matching the rest of the spectrum

an alien species with eyes seeing more colors would see the same wavelengths as different colors, and would have different extraspectral colors.

this alien has another type of cone, called O, since i’ve put it in the part of the spectrum humans’d see as orange. where we’d see yellows and oranges, they’re seeing a new color. So although the wavelengths of light haven’t changed, the structure of the eye has changed and the processing by the brain has changed, and new colors are visible. like this, their ‘yellow’ perceived as red+green is an extraspectral color; they won’t parse RGB screens’ yellow as actual wavelength yellow. on that note, there’d also be another extraspectral color from the O+S cone activity, that i didn’t draw.

as you can see, adding another cone cell G makes the system more complicated, and gives more extraspectral colors. not drawn, are the colors from S+O and G+L. so i assume an organism with more and more cones has a greater sense of distinguishing between colors within the spectrum, and sees more extraspectral colors. and seeing these colors means that RBG screens do not provide the illusion of additive colors matching wavelength colors. this is, of course, assuming that the alien brain organized color information somewhat similarly so how human brains do, and have the capacity for information input from so many cell types


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