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The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #27, The Forbidden Plan-Nut Part 1, in which Ryan North and Erica Henderson are Far Too Good to Us

Alright, not going to go full filibuster mode here, it’s impossible to translate the pure fun of this thing, so just a few semi-spoilery favorites:

-Nancy Whitehead needs to be a real person so I can befriend her*

-*ditto Squirrel Girl

-green squirrels IN SPACE

-Loki is a glittering ham with an actual portrait of themselves hanging in the parlor. Right above the singing fish on the wall.

-Does Erica Henderson know I love her? 

-Loki tries to play aloof/neutral for all of 0.005 seconds until Squirrel Girl reveals Nancy is missing. At which point Loki goes into full red alert citing 2 facts:

1) Nancy is, to quote them, Loki’s favorite Asgardian tourist

2) Nancy is the creator of Cat Thor. Meaning that the power of friendship–and a legitimate concern over future updates to their favorite AU furry fanfic–is what prompts their assistance. 

-Does Ryan North know I love him?

-Loki gifts Squirrel Girl a new cosmos-chic traveling ensemble and–and they–


-look look just trust me l o o k

-If anyone needs me I’ll be screaming in a corner

Today I took my middle son to driver’s ed, then headed downtown to hit the Goodwill on a mission to find sweatshirts for my brood (Cause I’m a thrifty bitch like that😉) They had a huge selection of 5 sweaters to choose from, so I left defeated, ran to Walmart…wasn’t much more successful there but damn if I didn’t buy 3 of each cookie and brownie mixes that were on sale! That was my day😑 looks like I’ll be baking tomorrow💙