is the bomb dot com

  • lance takes keith to the mall of america one time for a date because “malls are the bomb dot com, now get in the car. thirteen hours in the car with me is gonna go by so fast”
  • also, lance knows that keith doesn’t handle crowded spaces very well. so he makes sure to research the quietest day of the year for their trip, and goes near closing hours
  • keith is skeptical of this whole adventure until he sees how big the mall’s forever 21 is. ripped jeans for miles. entire crates of black nail polish. flannel boyfriend shirts 
    • and keith expects lance to hurry him out after a bit bc that’s what the rest of the group does, but lance just kisses keith on the cheek:
    • lance: “dude, we have nowhere else to be. now go do some sexy modeling for me.”
    • and keith tries on all sorts of outfits and lance is super supportive of everything and laughs with keith and takes selfies of the two of them sneaking into the dressing room, then selfies of the two of them making out in said dressing room
  • they find the ragstock and lance like. teleports over to the plastic metallic skinny pants in the year-round halloween costume section. you know the ones.
  • keith: “lance, these are twenty dollars a pair.”
  • lance: “I’m buying them.”
  • keith: “you just told me last week your debit card was almost empty.”
  • lance takes keith by the shoulders and stares into his eyes: “keith. my man. my almost main bro–”
  • keith: “I’m not your main bro?”
  • lance: “hunk’s my main bro. but keith, I love you. and I respect your choices, so please respect that this is just something i have to do.”
  • keith sighs but then smiles when lance pecks him on the lips and mumbles “lance, people are watching” 
    • and lance grins like a little imp. “what? people are watching??” he swoons into keith’s arms. “oh, my darling boyfriend, the eye of the public is upon us!
    • “lance stop” keith is blushing super hard. lance is now collapsed into his arms. and shouting.
    • “kiss me keith! breathe life back into my dainty limbs!” and lance drags them both to the floor and they’re both laughing super hard until lance sobers up in a flash:
    • “no but seriously I’m buying these pants.”

so obviously i don’t make graphics but i wanted to shout out all my favorite blogs!! very thankful for you all making my dash as great as it is & i hope you have a happy new year ❤

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couldn’t sleep, so i doodled in bed instead. this one came out okay.

today in career prep & presentation (a class required for graduation) we each told the class about one thing no one knew about us. the performance was filmed, critted live, and then critted a second time after watching the recording as a class. even though it’s always really embarrassing to watch footage of your own damn self, i survived, and i’m proud to report that i got a great crit and the class labelled me a confident speaker. i don’t really struggle with stage fright like a lot of other students do, so i like to take advantage of that when i can, and its nice to be praised for it as a skill lmao

anyway, according to the video, my outfit today was bomb dot com and i wanted to brag about it

something about the backdrop lifting to reveal a massive crowd of cheering fans all focused solely on him is just magical to me (x)