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Will BWest vs BEast continue on as a weekly feature? Been looking forward to a successor to TNT and this seems like something awesome

No, but it will probably join the lineup of shows that you could see on Hot Wednesdays at Giant Bomb Dot Com!

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have u ever posted this lengthy explanation on tumblr dot com

why stretch marks are the bomb dot com, as told by madd

literally everyone has them. everyone. and everyone’s are different and look different and feel different and tell a different story. 

the stretch marks on my inner thighs are angry and bright white and in a perfect line because my leg muscles grew too fast from doing martial arts at a young age.

the stretch marks on my calves are faint and barely there and kind of wrinkly because of the muscle mass i’ve lost in them over time.

the stretch marks on my hips are raised and wide and turn purple in the sun because my hips are too wide but my skin is too taut for them to relax.

stretch marks tell stories. they are a sign of growth and a sign of change, an indication that your life is too grand for your skin to keep up with. it is an accommodation your body must make for your constantly moving self.

they are like lightning and tiger stripes and the roots of trees and spider webs and everything in nature that photographers spend years trying to get the perfect picture of because it’s not always there, it’s not always in plain sight.

but when it is…

when the sun shines upon them, it is a brilliant display of life and beauty and a small glimpse into the story of a person’s body.

The Good! – After a brief email correspondence with a Vietnam scholar the lovely londonrainings put me in touch with, I have a whole plethora of Vietnam books en route to the library down the street from me so I can do as much research as I possibly can before the start of Camp NaNoWriMo (and likely once it starts, as well!).

The Unfortunate – A lot of his most highly recommended texts aren’t available through the Denver Public Library system… Guess I’m gonna need to hit up a scholarly library to find them.

Which begs the question… Can I check a book out of a university library without being a student? That seems unlikely. Can I, at least, peruse their shelves and bring my notebooks and note cards and do my research that way without being a student? The last time I was a student of anything, it was a trade school and we didn’t have a “library”. There’s only so many books out there that massage therapists can use for reference. Funny thing about a hands-on (literally!) profession…

Yo Kira, sorry about cropping you out of that pic that one time (the one that caused a shit show) you are the bomb dot com for finally addressing Stiles’ love for Lydia. Keep doin’ whatchya doin’ girl. Love you.

It's 3:45

And I really enjoy how Fa-Fa and Lexi fight to carry me down a flight of stairs after talking relationships and sexuality and feminism, I love texting CARLOS in Spanish and practicing a language I don’t get to use often enough, I’m proud that Cass is gonna hold such a responsible position, I adore my sarcastic friends hoohoo and swaggy-P, and it’s incredible discussing deep stuff with noon noon in the hallway. I have many things to learn from people. People have some things to learn from me.

I’m going to miss dorm life so much next semester. So what if I’m sentimental. I love college.