is the biggest pile of shit

Little Jeremy Heere headcanons I’ve been thinking of/writing

  • Jeremy has the wORST BRAIN TO MOUTH FILTER EVER (and when him are Michael are dating it KILLS Michael cause he just randomly blurts things and its like ‘dude wtf stop being sexy with what you say’ and Jeremy’s just all ‘I’m noT TRYING??? WTF’ (credit to @groovymutants for Michael’s reaction))
  • The absolute worst at remembering to eat (especially when he’s not feeling great)
  • Asked Michael to prom by getting them matching Player One and Player Two bowties as well as pacman chocolates 
  • Cannot do laundry to save his life he always lets everything pile up 
  • You know this boy has like 10 million star wars shirts and theyre all slightly different 
  • When he first realized he was bi he was all ‘man if i could just date a dude who’s exactly like Michael that would be perfect’ ‘im gay, man’ ‘HOLY FUCK’
  • I feel like this dude would either be a computer science major or go into video game design (either the programming side or the art side I havent decided)
  • Totally stuck with theater bc you know that boy loves it
  • Is EXTREMELY easy to fluster like holy shit that boy goes red in a second 

I might make a part two when I think of more

I think I have a lot to catch up on but I just read dans article and I feel like it was actually not that bad and was pretty good for a dan wootton article… dan did what he does best and puts words in their mouths etc. But looking at the positives:

- Harry basically says his sexuality is none of your business
- cleverly avoids answering the sexuality question as well but also throwing more question on the topic by not just answering ‘im straight’
- refuses to talk about his past/current relationships
- skirts over questions about how he feels about said relationships being public by saying it’s part of growing up (which of course it is in that industry)
- but then goes on to basically say he doesn’t date……
- doesn’t deny 1d won’t get back together
- stands up for Louis
- talks about being there for Louis at his xfactor performance
- confirms he wanted to be honest in his lyrics in the album saying he didn’t want to edit the lyrics. Which I took as the album isn’t all about Harry styles being honest as himself but writing honest lyrics, lyrics which aren’t edited for the sake of a younger demographic
- confirms dan is a big pile of shit
- confirms the boys will never be able to say a bad word about Simon cowell by rebutting his 'anxiety’ remark by saying it was a joke (yeah right it was)
- confirms dans agenda and who sent him there/how he got access aka Sony by talking about their biggest signed artist, Adele
- and because of our resident larrie catching dan with Harry’s pr person we can pretty much take away that this is the narrative harry is selling.. which I think is fairly positive. It’s basically him not confirming or denying anything and letting people make up their own minds which seems to be his entire theme throughout this whole album promo. And who’s to say that’s bad? Because trying to navigate the current fandom and break into a new market with new fans he’s successfully been able to let everyone think he’s a certain type of person without shutting down those opinions which has given him so many more fans and kept the current ones pretty happy… it’s clever imo. Harry seems to be okay with letting people make up their own minds about him because he’s so private about who he really is.

so im just going to talk about my favorite dirkjake character beat for a minute

Which is this, because like even beyond all the highminded artsy movie references and deep-borne cosmic love thing with these two, this is probably the biggest reason Jake fell for Dirk

Jake is a boy who tries to get into debates about movies literally no one else cares about. Jake loves every movie, but more than that, Jake wants to TALK about every movie, and be really loud about how much it fascinates and delights him every which way.

Jake wants to TALK about his movies, and there’s apparently some movies that he literally can’t get anyone to talk about him with.

Except Dirk. 

Because even if Dirk thinks a movie is the worst pile of shit ever put on the earth, he still won’t be able to help himself when it comes to talking about it and arguing about its merits (or demerits) with Jake. 

And not only that but Dirk is also Jake’s Cool Best Friend who sneaks him early screenings of NEW MOVIES!!! And Jake is such a dork about the privilege. And fuuuck they’re just so cute and i love that they get to watch as many movies as they want now and argue about them forever ;_; they’re happy 

Keep on Living (chapter 2) Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 

Summary: You work at the Richard Rogers theater as the assistant to the musical director as Hamilton hits Broadway. It’s while working there you develop a friendship/crush on Lin who is your nerdy workaholic nerd in arms. Meanwhile you hide the other secret part of your life from Lin and your friends,keeping secret your abusive partner until you can’t hide it anymore.

After turning up to the theater with a black eye and bruised wrists you tell Pippa that you’ve been mugged, but you get the feeling that Lin seems to know what really happened. Lin gets over-protective and you end up feeling really confused. Expect a lot of angst.

(I’m an abuse survivor myself. Not all abuse is the same, and so this fic is not meant to be a universal experience

To anyone that may be experiencing abuse then my inbox is always open and I will always believe you. Tell a friend or a relative if you are able to. And there are many support lines depending on your town/state/country, talking to someone helps. Stay safe)

Warnings - I’m adding a trigger warning for some mentions of emotional and physical abuse.

Word count - LONG AF


The worst hangover of your life had been the morning after opening night on Broadway four months ago. You’d woken up in a crumpled heap on Alex’s couch, a snoring Chris lay on the floor spooning a passed out Lin. The celebratory cocktails, the champagne toasts, the afterhours shots, the 4am whisky nightcaps were all to blame. You had felt worse than you knew possible, your brain and body had never felt so utterly destroyed, everything hurt. You remember focusing your blurry eyes and seeing a sleepy-definitely-still-drunk Lin waking up next to Chris and giving you a sleepy smile whispering ‘we did it!’ before passing out again. That felt like a lifetime ago now.

This morning was now the worst hangover of your life.Your body ached, your head was pounding, and your eyes were sore. But you weren’t hungover, there was no alcohol to blame, you were just… tired. Tired of coping. Constantly bracing for impact is exhausting.

Your phone beeped and you reached over to your nightstand fearful it would be an angry message from Mark, but you saw it was from Lin

Lin: Hey Y/N, you ok?

Oh god, Lin. You’d been so off with him yesterday, hiding behind dark glasses so he wouldn’t see your bruised eye, scared of what he might have pieced together. But he knew something was wrong, the way he’d looked at you, and he’d definitely seen your bruised wrist. Or had he? And had Pippa or Chris told him about your black eye? It was so tiring trying to work out which version of the lie people knew.

But Lin had definitely seen Mark. You replayed the memory of Lin reaching out to shake hands with Mark which felt like an act of confrontation. There was no warmth in his voice when he said hello, the smile on his face was polite but wrong somehow. You’d never seen Lin look like this, almost ready to pounce. Were you just being paranoid?

You had pulled Mark away before either of them had time to speak.You’d smiled to reassure Lin and Mark and even yourself that everything was just fine, before leading Mark away. You could feel Lin’s eyes following you as you went. You could still feel them now, that look of anger, or was it disappointment? You never wanted Lin to look at you like that again.

Mark had stayed silent on the subway home, finally exploding when you reached your apartment. At first he demanded to know why you were talking to Lin. Were you sleeping with him?  You were probably sleeping with him, him and everyone else in your damned precious show. Were you just a whore who slept with any guy that happened to give you a bit of attention? Were you and Lin both laughing at him? He screamed at you, calling you a bitch, a slut, a whore. And then he changed tact: no you weren’t a slut, you were pathetic. There you were throwing yourself at other men but who would want someone like you? You were beyond ugly, you were nothing, you were messed up, look at you, the way you dress, your body, your face, you were ugly.  Nobody wanted you, Lin wouldn’t want you, you were lucky that you had someone like Mark, lucky that he gave you any attention because nobody else would want someone as pathetic and disgusting as you.

He didn’t hit you this time, he didn’t raise his hand, didn’t grab you, he didn’t touch you once. But you felt the violence in his words. Your whole body felt like a punching bag as he screamed insults at you until finally at 1am, the monster was gone, and there he was again crying and begging for your forgiveness. He wasn’t a monster, you just made him so crazy, you made him act this way, he wished you wouldn’t make him feel so jealous, you know what it does to him.

Your phone beeped again bringing you back to the present. Another message from Lin:

Lin: Hey, you up?

You stared at the screen not ready to face the day, let alone Lin. But your phone continued to buzz in your hand as message after message was sent from an over excitable Lin:

Lin: You better be awake!

Lin:  Because I’m one block away and I have coffee

Lin: I bet you’ve forgotten haven’t you?

Lin: Sure, invite me over to pick my genius brain and then forget all about me, fine!

Lin: I didn’t know if you wanted cinnamon or poppyseed bagels, so I have both.

Lin: Also I hope you’re ok, and feel free cancel on me if you aren’t up to this today.

Lin: I’m outside your building.

Shit! You’d mentioned to him earlier that week that you were working on some of your own demos. After he’d harassed you all week you’d finally played him some of your crappy recordings through your phone during intermission one night, the drums sounding weak and distorted through your cheap ass phone, but it was enough. Lin’s eyes had grown wide with excitement and he’d crossed his arms, nodded his head, biting his lip as he grinned. “Holy shit Y/N, that’s amazing! Why have you stopped there, keep going, give me more.”

“Um that’s all there is actually. My laptop is busted, I don’t think I can do anymore recordings until I can afford to get it fixed.”

Lin unfolded his arms which were now wildly gesturing in excitement.

“Well you can borrow mine! And look, I can even come over and give you a hand. Come on, I’m dying to hear the rest of these tracks that you’ve been hiding away. I can help!”

You hadn’t invited him over so much as he’d invited himself. And here he was armed with coffee and bagels and far too much enthusiasm just outside your building while you lay in bed, bruised, tired, and unable to make sense of anything. You know there would no deterring him now and you couldn’t shake the look he’d given you last night as you’d left with Mark. You needed things to be ok again, you needed some normal, and as scary as it was to face him you didn’t exactly have a choice. You messaged back ”Give me 5 minutes” and frantically jumped out of bed.

5 minutes turned into 15 minutes as you quickly got showered and dressed. You sat down to put on makeup to cover up the bruising on your face, but your cheek felt too tender to even touch. Panic set in as you realised you’d have to face him like this. You couldn’t hide behind sunglasses again. You breathed out slowly and forced yourself to smile in front of the mirror You couldn’t hide behind makeup, but you could hide behind another lie for today.

“Oh my god”

Lin’s face dropped when you opened the door..

“Yeah, hi!” you chirped far too brightly. Lin’s eyes never left your face as he walked through the door, balancing coffee, a bag of bagels, his laptop and backpack. You could feel him staring at your black eye and your skin prickled with unease.

“I’m sorry I just…” It wasn’t like Lin to be lost for words. “Oh god, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise it was this bad.”

He set down the coffee and bagels on the kitchen table,

“So Pippa told you?” You said, gesturing to your eye.

“Chris told me. Pippa knows as well?

“About the mugging? Yeah she knows, shall I get us some plates?” You breezed past him setting bagels onto plates and giving the performance of your damned life in the role of someone who has their shit together.

“Mugging??” Lin shook his head in confusion

“Yeah, well, attempted mugging. I’m ok, they didn’t get anything, but yeah, this is my reward” You grimmaced, pointing at your face.

“Mugging? But I thought… I thought…”


You placed plates and bagels in front of him sipping the coffee he’d brought you.

He stared at you as if trying to read you. It made you uncomfortable, like if he looked too close you’d crumble. So you averted his gaze.

“I just thought… Nothing. It’s nothing. I guess I was just worried about you. I heard you were hurt but I didn’t know you’d been….mugged. Are you really ok?”

“I’m fine” you nodded, a little bit too eager. “Look I wasn’t ok. I was a mess yesterday, I’m sorry I couldn’t really talk, I just couldn’t make sense of anything yesterday, and then Mark…” You swallowed, realising you were almost letting your guard down. “ Anyway, I’m ok, really, I don’t want you to worry. Nd I really don’t want to talk about it.”

There was an awkward pause as you finally met his gaze. Did he believe you?. His eyes had softened, he looked like he wanted to say something, he opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again and shook his head as though he’d thought better of it.

“I’m here if you need me…  for anything.” He said softly, his eyes never leaving yours, the concern on his face making you feel like the biggest pile of garbage Mark had always said you were.

You took a deep breath

“Well… funny you should say that, because today I need your expert opinions on how to get my piece of shit drum machine to sound any good”

Lin broke out into a small resigned grin and after a moment clasped his hands and rubbed and them together.

“Alright alright then, show me what we’re working with here.”

For the rest of the morning you felt more like yourself than you had in weeks. Being with Lin was easy.  His enthusiasm for everything was infectious, and you both talked a mile a minute, singing over each other, mocking each other’s terrible ideas.

“ For the last time, I am not rhyming ‘withering’ with ‘Slytherin’!”

“You can’t waste an opportunity like that!” he yelled, grabbing the sampler from your hands and freestyling Harry Potter rhymes over the instrumental you had lovingly crafted while you rolled your eyes.

“Seriously, who the hell gave you a Tony?” you laughed.

When he wasn’t wrecking your demos he was genuinely helping you out, not only did you need his musical advice, you had needed a distraction that morning. You caught yourself stealing glances as he pushed back the hair hanging in his eyes while he bopped his head in time with the bass. His eyes closed occasionally and he grinned in awe when he found a hook or a beat or a lyric that really got to him. He’d catch you looking and you felt yourself blush and you felt stupid, remembering the your embarrassing crush from just a few months ago, before Mark. Occasionally you caught him looking at you too,but he looked at you with worry in his eyes which he blinked away when he saw you noticing him. Like he wanted to say something. Like he knew the truth, like he just fucking *knew*.

Lin pressed his hands to his chest, clutching his heart and exclaimed “Y/N you are killing me, this is so good!”. You blushed uncomfortably.

“Thanks, it’s getting there. It would sound awful if I hadn’t had you helping me structure this properly. I would have just messed it up.”

Lin shook his head earnestly. “Don’t say that, don’t ever say that.”

You’d always wanted to be able to share this stuff with Mark with you both being musicians, but Mark hated the music you played, he laughed at your demos, told you that they were no good, and made you feel stupid for trying. You’d lost all confidence in yourself, so to have Lin bouncing in the seat next to you over a song you’d written and made yourself was unfamiliar.

Your phone buzzed with a message from Mark.

Mark: Audition was a bust, I didn’t get it. Why does everything I touch turn to shit?

The smile on your face froze, and you frantically started texting back a reassuring reply.

“Everything ok?” Lin asked

“Yeah, it’s uh, it’s just Mark. He didn’t get the audition he went out for this morning. I just want to make sure he’s ok.”

Lin didn’t say anything but you could see him studying you from the corner of your eye.

You knew that another failed audition meant that Mark would be in a terrible mood. You’d managed to put him out of your mind all morning but suddenly you felt dizzy and sick, you felt heavy again, you felt scared. Please don’t let him come home in a bad mood tonight, you thought to yourself. You were scared of what it might lead to.

“Y/N what’s wrong?”

You hadn’t realised how much your face gave you away sometimes.

“Nothing, it’s fine, it’s fine. Just hoping Mark is ok that’s all.”

You also didn’t realise you were anxiously rubbing your bruised wrist which now felt so stiff and sore. You hadn’t realised until Lin silently reached over and gently ran his hands down your arm, drawing your wrist towards him. He placed your hand face up in his palm and examined your wrist. The faint marks from yesterday had now turned various shades of blue and purple. He stared intently, as his fingers lightly traced over the bruising, his touch was so gentle and delicate, making you tingle and shiver. His fingers lightly darted across your skin feeling electric and your breath caught in your throat.  You watched him as he found the part of your wrist which felt stiff and swollen, and he rubbed his finger and thumb in small gentle circles, soothing the muscle and releasing the pressure. He was careful not to grip too tightly, his fingers felt soft and light against your skin, giving you goosebumps. You weren’t used to someone touching you so gently, and you closed your eyes for a second, feeling calm and still.

You opened your eyes to see Lin staring at you and you swallowed, unable to speak. You knew that if you tried to talk you’d tell him everything, you’d tell him how scared you were, tell him how much pain you were in, tell him you were frightened it would happened again, tell him that you needed help. But you didn’t know how to even form the words. He leaned forwards, his hair brushing against your arm, biting his bottom lip as though he was about to speak, and his eyes never moving from yours.

Your phone buzzed again snapping you both out of the moment, and you snatched your hand away while Lin cleared his throat and jumped up nervously. It wasn’t from Mark.

“It’s Pippa” you said. “She wants to meet me at the theater this afternoon. She says, bring sweatpants and rage and to get there early. You have any idea what that’s about?”

“Not a clue I’m afraid” He laughed nervously, while quickly gathering his things and packing up his laptop with speed. Your skin still tingled from his touch but there was an awkwardness in the air now. Lin fidgeted pushing his hair back into a messy bun while quickly mumbling his goodbyes and making his way to the door. He seemed in such a hurry to leave and in a blur he was gone.

You shook your head, nothing seemed to make sense anymore.


“Don’t be mad” Pippa said through her nervous smile as you walked into the theater,

“What did you do?” You asked nervously. You dumped your gym bag on the floor containing the sweatpants Pippa had requested. You’d hoped the rage was optional.

“Well I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened to you” she frowned, staring at your bruised face. “And I worry about you, and I worry about all of us. And well, nobody should ever feel afraid or unsafe or go through what you went through. So I spoke to some of the girls and we decided to host a self defence workshop this afternoon. Please don’t be mad.”

Pippa bit her lip nervously. You couldn’t be mad with someone as thoughtful.

“I don’t know what to say” you mumbled.

“Look I know you asked me not to tell anyone, but Chris saw your black eye yesterday and I think he even mentioned it to Lin, and before you know it everyone was asking me what had happened. And I just thought, it could have been any of us who were mugged. And I just wanted to help.”

Your face felt hot with shame as you realised the lie you told had backfired.

“There’s no harm in being prepared” she continued “Are you ok with this?”

You swallowed the lump in your throat and nodded.

Pippa ushered you down the corridor to the empty stage where Renee, Jasmine, and some other girls from the chorus, wardrobe, and backstage crew were assembled and warming up. You were immediately pulled into a giant hug with Renee , and you felt embarrassed as everyone smiled and nodded at you, each of them of them taking note of your bruised face, and some coming up to you to share their own horror stories of being mugged in NYC. Jasmine introduce you to Nathan, a self defence instructor who was an old friend of hers. And for the rest of the afternoon you learned to punch, kick, how to get out of chokeholds, and you learned all the effective places to strike in an attack. “Eyes! Nose! Throat! Groin!” Nathan shouted at the room, and you all shouted back in unison. You looked around at all the incredible strong determined women. They were all so brave and inspiring, and you felt like a fraud next to them. You looked over at a Pippa who had a now defeated Nathan on the floor, her knee resting on his back while she pinned his arms behind him. She looked over at you grinning in victory and you felt a pang of shame. She’d organised this for you. All these inspiring women, all your friends, learning to be tougher, learning to fight, and here you were unable to fight back, unable to even find the words to tell someone what Mark was doing to you. You wished you were strong.

“Holy shit” You turned to see a stunned Chris looking in from the wings. He clapped his hands while laughing in admiration at the sight now in front of him. He raised his eyebrows as Renee now had Nathan in a headlock, while Jasmine cheered her on.

“Hey!” he called over to you “I’m impressed, this is amazing.”

“It’s all Pippa.” You laughed

“No really, I’m impressed, I didn’t expect to see you in today. Are you ok? How are you doing?”

You smiled and gave a reassuring nod, not quite the stunning performance you’d given Lin earlier, but you hoped it would be enough to stop people from worrying about you.

“When I saw your black eye yesterday, man, I didn’t know what had happened. Has Lin spoken to you yet?”

“Oh yeah, I saw him earlier.”

“I mean I was worried about you, Pippa was worried about you, we all were, but damn I’ve never seen anyone look as angry as Lin did yesterday. That man was ready to kill for you.”

You swallowed, feeling uncomfortable.

“Hey Chris, you wanna come over here a sec?” Jasmine called while sitting on Nathan’s back as he lay helpless on the floor.

Chris laughed, putting his hands up “Nah, I’m good. I know better than to mess with you, Jas.”

Chris’ words rang in your head all night. Throughout the show you tried to kept your focus, but you couldn’t help thinking about Lin. You were secretly sad to see Javier that night instead of him. The way he’d left that afternoon had felt so rushed. You felt like if you’d just seen him again tonight you would have crumbled and told him everything. You’d already come so close. You’d wanted to tell him, his face had been so close to yours it had made you feel nervous and also excited, and you just really couldn’t remember the last time someone had been so gentle with you.

After the performance your thoughts turned back to Mark and as the dressing rooms and backstage areas started to empty you found yourself taking longer than needed to pack away, finding little jobs to do to busy yourself with, putting off the inevitable of going home to face whatever awaited you.  

“Y/N, lets go!”

You looked round to see Jasmine, Pippa, and Renee holding the door open for you. They had changed out of costume and were fastening coats and getting ready to leave. “You’re coming with us!” yelled Pippa, waving you over.

You gestured to the pile of folders in your hands “ I gotta get these amended charts ready for Alex” You explained feebly, hoping to avoid a girls night out.

“Nuh-uh, you’re coming out with us. Alex knows. Come on, we’re all fired up from dominating men today, we deserve to celebrate, and you deserve some girl time. Come on!”

You hesitated. Mark would be waiting for you at home, but you were so scared of what he might do, you weren’t ready to go back there yet.

Jasmine sighed and marched over to you, linking her arm with yours and dropping the files you were carrying on a nearby table. “This can wait, now come on!”

“Eyes! Nose! Throat! Groin” Jasmine yelled before clinking her glass with everyone and cheering. As toasts go, it felt appropriate.

“I feel invincible right now!” giggled Jasmine.

“Really, because I feel DRUNK right now” slurred Renee. They had dragged you to a bar just round the corner from the theater, and you’d promised you’d stay for one drink. But that was a few drinks ago now, and Pippa placed a shot of tequila in front of you, which you sniffed at and stuck your tongue out. It was waaaaay past your bedtime but you didn’t care.

“Wait, wait, wait, we should do a thing! Quick, pass me my thingy!” squealed Jasmine

“Girl, what are you talking about?” laughed Renee

“My phone, pass me my phone, I wanna film this!”

Pippa laughed and helped Jasmine in the very difficult task of retrieving her phone which was right in front of her and you smiled to yourself. It had been a confusing 24 hours but you felt so lucky to have amazing friends like these. Friends that teach you how to throw a punch then get you blind drunk to celebrate were friends worth having.

“Ok ok, so I’m out with my girls tonight everyone say helloooooo” Jasmine said into her phone screen, moving the phone around the table to film you all as you waved and hollered.

“Give it up for the Schuyler Sisters!” whooped Renee and you gave a cheer as the three girls bust into a quick rendition of “Angelica… Eliza… and Peggy!”

“And here’s our honorary Schuyler Sister, give it up for Hamilton’s assistant to the musical director: Y/N!”

You shook your head and waved your hands in front of your face feeling drunk and and giggly while Renee and Pippa whooped.

Jasmine snatched the camera and spoke directly into it

“We love our honorary Schuyler Sister and this is a message to anyone who feels like they can mess with her or any other woman out there. You’ve got us to deal with. You think it’s ok to attack women, it’s not ok. So if you fuck with her, you fuck with us. Jasmine out!”

Renee whooped and both you and Jasmine downed your shots in celebration.

“Woah, now you’re sounding like Lin!” Pippa laughed

“What do you mean?” You asked, squinting at Pippa through your now empty shot glass.

“I mean he was pissed when he found out about your black eye. He was ready to fight someone, demanding to know who’d done this to you, ranting at Chris about men who hit women. Did he not speak to you about it?”

“He came round to see me today actually. Wanted to make sure I was ok. He was cute. I mean *IT* was cute! I mean not him specifically!  I just mean it was nice that he cared. God I’m drunk!” You slurred.

“Nuh-uh, you meant *he* was cute” cooed Pippa.

Pippa was the only one who’d ever guessed that you’d had a crush on Lin. This was before you met Mark, before any of this.

“No! Well, yes he’s cute, but you know what I mean. I just meant it’s nice that he cares. Oh god I need to shut up!” You groaned and rested your head in your hands, tequila made you feel sick and when did the bar start spinning?

“Oh god someone take my phone away from me!” yelled Jasmine. “I don’t know how to stop recording on this thing.”

“You’re still filming?” laughed Renee

“I don’t know! Technology is hard” Jasmine giggled. You watched as Renee grabbed Jasmine’s phone, shaking her head and laughing “Wait, why are you uploading this to twitter?”

“Because I’ve recorded a message for the men of the world and I want everyone to see!” Jasmine exclaimed. “Also that was an accident, I didn’t know I’d done that.”

“Well Lin has already liked it.” Pippa rolled her eyes. “Does that man ever get off the internet?”

Your stomach dropped and you groaned as you watched the video playback through Jasmine’s phone, hearing yourself referring to Lin as cute made you cringe.

“Um I think we should probably delete that” suggested Pippa after seeing your grimace. She quickly took Jasmine’s phone to erase your embarrassment.

“I need to go” you moaned, your head spinning and the 24 hours worth of anxiety mixing with tequila was making you queasy. You grabbed your phone as you stood up and saw a message. It was from Mark, the color suddenly draining from your face.

Mark: Get home. Now.


Part 3 coming soon, is here! I might have to write some smut to counteract all the angst tho.

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Truscum are so fucking disgusting

ok im about to drop the biggest pile of shit youll ever see its wild are you ready 

basically i infiltrated a truscum discord server because im a bad person (i dont usually like intruding in chats where im not welcome, even if the people in question are despicable, but i was feeling devilish.) 

basically im @jjj in the discord chat. i went in being completely truthful, saying that im nonbinary and i do experience dysphoria, just to see whether or not they are just disingenuous about the whole dysphoria thing and use it as an excuse to hate nonbinary people(they were) (for the record i dont believe you need dysphoria to be considered trans but i lied about my views on that so i wouldnt be immediately kicked out. consider it a controlled variable in this experiment) 

so i say hey im 19 im asexual and i have no gender etc. and 

it actually did say that in the rules but i was feigning ignorance to get a reason out of them. also, sidenote, they had 2 gender specific chat channels in the server for trans men and trans women called #locker-room and #powder-room respectively which was really sus to me. like whats wrong with women playing sports or men using…powder whatever that is

this is where it gets really wild and they start showing their true colors 

note the excessive “dude” and “my guy” 

and then i sent a link to a video of a cow taking a shit which was immature on my part but whatever. needless to say i got kicked after that. 

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Can we get some fluff tythan? Like a date to a park with flowers and light kisses?


-let’s pretend that LA has actual seasons like here on the East Coast or Europe
-Tyler and Ethan go on walks to the park nearly every day, for either a casual stroll or a date
-They always hold hands, unless they’re out for a run (or if it’s summer)
-They bring Chica with them whenever they can
-The park has a giant pond with ducks that Ethan likes to feed
-The park management gets pissed about the fact that they’ll climb the trees all the time

-Tyler likes to take advantage of the nice days and will often drag Ethan out for a morning run
-Tyler carries tissues in case Ethan reacts badly to the pollen
-During the day, Ethan loves to take pictures of the flowers and the baby ducklings
-He always gets too close to the young birds and the parents will angrily chase him so he jumps on Tyler like “run fucking run”
-Tyler is actually surprisingly good at making flower crowns and bracelets and will pick buttercups and daisies to string them together
-Tyler will also bring him actual bouquets of flowers
-When the wind picks up, the cherry blossoms will fly everywhere like snow and they’ll sit under the trees while Chica happily runs around
-Them kissing under all the blooming trees
-After a movie date they’ll come to the park when it’s like dark and stuff because they can see the stars and it’s very quiet and peaceful
-Ethan secretly still plays Pokemon Go but you can hear the little ding whenever an egg cracks and he gets all flustered about it like “aaa sorry” but Tyler just kind of takes his phone out to show that he also has the app running
-Tyler pushes Ethan on the swing set and sometimes they’ll sit in one of those spinning things and see how fast they can make it go
-If the forecast says that there will be rain, Tyler will bring an umbrella for them to share
-When it just rains without warning they just kind of flit from tree to tree and they laugh a lot about it and when they get home they towel each other dry

-Ethan just wants to stay inside with the air conditioning because he’s still not used to hot summers
-Tyler makes them go out anyway, especially if he knows that Ethan will have a busy day recording ahead of him
-Tyler makes sure Ethan is absolutely covered in sunscreen so that blue boy doesn’t burn
-Ethan complaining about it a lot and refuses to let anything touch him because he is sticky and feels like the sun is out to kill him
-Tyler always packs a picnic with like sandwiches and cool drinks
-Ethan finds the absolute shadiest/coolest spot in the whole park and demands that they lay the blanket down there
-Tyler gets really calm when it’s hot so he’ll immediately take a nap shirtless and sometimes Ethan takes a nap with him but he usually stays awake to watch Chica
-Ethan has one of those handheld tourist fans (that don’t really do anything and are scams tbh) pointed at his face 24/7
-He lives for those small refreshing breezes
-Tyler’s actually lowkey really scared of bees and fireflies so he’ll quickly move away if one gets too close
-Meanwhile Ethan’s over here, letting them land on his skin and trying to convince Tyler that they won’t hurt him
-Tyler buys them ice cream and Ethan’s trying to eat his as fast as he cans because it melts so quickly
-Tyler’s like “this is why I got my ice cream in a cup” but Ethan argues that it’s not a proper scoop without a waffle cone
-The sun sets really late in the day so they stay out a lot longer than usual
-Sometimes the park has like? An outdoor movie thing? That they’ll go to at night and it’s really cute

-Eth and Ty enjoying the leaves, taking pictures of each other in it, making leaf piles
-Tyler makes leaf crowns for himself because he thinks they suit him better than flower crowns
-Chica likes the leaves too
-During fall harvest festivals they go to those market things and buy autumn things
-Ethan makes Tyler buy him the biggest pumpkin and they eat squash soup or whatever
-Tyler buys those apples that taste the best in autumn and he makes his own apple cider out of them
-Ethan and Tyler on a hay ride and Ethan just tosses the shit everywhere
-Ethan gets too excited about Halloween tbh he starts singing the songs in September
-Pumpkin carving feat tythan in which Ethan aims for a scary face design and Tyler aims for like. A graveyard landscape
-Tythan going out to stores to pick out decorations and costumes for each other
-They get a couple costume because they’re cute like that (what ship though that’s the question I’m a big fan of Harley!Ethan but?? oh I knOW THEY TOTALLY COSPLAY AS SPIDEYPOOL because!!! Idk with the size difference I think it fits pretty good and ye acrobatic Ethan and heart of gold Tyler)
-Ethan being on a sugar high after eating all of the carefully sorted Halloween candy and Tyler’s just like pls it’s five go to bed
-Tythan getting ready for thanksgiving, just cooking together and stuff
-They try to make everything from scratch because it’s more fun tbh
-Tyler has a “kiss the cook” apron and he’s always pulling Ethan away when blue boy tries to taste the gravy or apple pies or whatever
-Ethan runs off with the cranberry sauce
-Thankful boys
-Walks in the park in the crisp autumn air in which the strong wind blows leaves everywhere
-Um idk if this happens in America but in Germany the young ones come out en masse and collect a bunch of chestnuts so I just want Ethan dragging Tyler out and forcing him to hold like a wicker basket while Ethan just excitedly darts around and comes back with armfuls of chestnuts
-“I’m not helping you prepare these” sure Tyler

-Ethan and Tyler cuddled up in blankets with mugs of hot chocolate (this is canon though bless)
-Chica enjoying the snow!! Ethan enjoying the snow (they both like catching snowflakes on their tongue)!! Tyler not enjoying the snow because he is cold but as long as Ethan’s there he’s happy
-Ethan is always pelting Tyler with snowballs and making snow angels and entire armies of snowmen
-Ethan makes a big snowman and just puts a beanie on it “it’s you Tyler”
-Them going ice skating over the frozen lake and Tyler being a very cautious boy while Ethan’s doing all of these tricks and going really fast because ice skating is big in Maine and he’s acrobatic I recommend him for figure skating
-Ethan holds Tyler’s hand like “it’s okay” but then he just drags him along because it’s easy on ice and Tyler’s like !!!!! Too fast
-Ethan’s nose and cheeks turning a lovely shade of pink in the cold
-Ethan steals Tyler’s beanies during the winter to keep his ears warm and buys both of them scarves with pictures of cacti or doggos on them
-Does America have Christmas markets? Idk but it’s basically like a bunch of outdoor stalls where you can buy a lot of things like semi precious stones and intricate wooden boxes and glass bird figurines and honey candles and there’s always Christmas music playing and a constant smell of Glühwein and frying Kartoffelpuffer it’s great
-But anyway tythan going to one of these and they hold hands while they browse the stalls
-They find a lot of cool things so basically Christmas shopping for the gang
-Mark’s house is honestly filled to the brim with mistletoe because they’re all little shits. The mistletoe is legit everywhere you can’t walk two steps without encountering another bushel of it (there’s some in the fridge too why)
-Tythan decorating the tree!!! And explaining the story behind specific ornaments because many ornaments will usually have some story tied to it
-Ethan excitedly running down to the stairs with Chica on Christmas morning and Tyler’s really tired like pls why
-New Years kisses!
-Ethan sledding down a hill and falling on his ass and when Tyler laughs at him Eth tries to tackle him so just laughing boys rolling around in the snow
-Tyler just wants winter to end tbh because while he’s a fan of the winter Starbucks flavors he doesn’t like the cold

Studying (Tim Drake x Reader)

Summary: Tim helps (y/n) study, but what happens when sleep and stress combine.

Pairings: Tim Drake x Reader

Warnings: swearing

a/n: mweh. I’m sorry I know this is short. But I’m kinda still recovering…
“Timothy, I hate you.” You said annoyed by the amount of books he brought on to the study table. It was only supposed to be five, but it went onto a dozen. Yes, Finals was stressful, but not an unimaginable impossible task that has never been defeated in the past, right?

“Are you ready, (y/n)?” He asked enthusiastically, sitting on the chair opposite of you. You were not at all. You were scared already, but by the amount of studying Tim wanted you to do instantly intimidated you to highest extent possible.

“Of course.” You said prolonging the middle of course in a sarcastic tone. He rolled his eyes at your sass and proceeded to open the first book on the top of the pile. “Now, will that sass help you?” He asked raising an eyebrow. You groaned at his honestly obviously correct statement.

“Whatever drake. You made me more nervous than ever ya know.” You squinted at him angrily. He just had the biggest smile in response which made you groan once again.

“coffee addicted smart ass piece of shit.” You cursed under your breath. It was bad enough that you were stressed, but sleepy as well was a recipe for madness. One that must be not reckoned with, but Tim was the only exception, because he knew how to outsmart and outwit you in your ‘bamboozled’ state. Plus he was the only one who dared go against you.

“every one swear word equals one more book.” He grinned evilly.



“fuck you.”


“Tim is the biggest dickhead in the biggest pile of crap ever shat.”


“what fucking ever”


You banged your head on the table in complete defeat against the sleep deprived master himself.

“give up?”


“This is going to be a long night” He chirped.

“fine yes.”

I was going through all my unfinished and rejected text files (there’s… quite a few). So, instead of leaving them to collect dust on my computer, I decided hey, why the hell not. Think of these as the roughest of rough doodles. Doodles that might be missing hands. Or are all drawn in side-profile. Most of these are NOT finished.

kinda based on this thing here

If there was a world’s biggest douchebag award you’d be winning the motherfucking shit out of it. But you can’t stop staring at John’s boobs.

It’s awful. You’re awful.

Hate it, that you’re not better than this, that after a fucking decade of John being John your love twizzler still goes hello ladies at the sight of John’s chest and he’s not, they’re not, it’s just him, John, your best friend and your best bro and complete full package deal asshole and god damn it, he has the cutest frickin’ boobs. You’re scum, you’re horrible and you deserve so many pinecones up your fucking ass you can out-fart a Febreze.

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Long Slow Beautiful Dance – Part 1


She stares at herself in the mirror.  Stares at a woman she barely knows anymore.  The one she subconsciously buried months ago.  She had resigned herself to the acceptance that this was how her life, her love, was supposed to be.  That after a while, everything becomes a little more stale.  She had become a shell of herself, conforming to a love she was desperate to hang onto.  A love she convinced herself was still magical, that he was the still the only one who could possibly make her feel alive again.  She would just have to simply wait for that to happen.

But in the mirror at this moment staring back at her is the woman she once was.  A woman who is alive, every nerve in her body screaming that very word over and over again.  And it isn’t Adam who brought her back.  It isn’t Adam who is making her heart flutter with every gentle touch, making her cheeks flush with a simple smile.  It’s another man that every ounce of her soul is longing for.

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hollzholland  asked:

Another -gate? What’s this crepegate?

A post made by a Reylo featuring crepes and a theoretical take-down turned into a viral copy-pasta, became a literal meme, and is currently on the desks of LF and spreading like a virus through Twitter.

It is the biggest gate to ever gate, and also the least fun. I’m cringing my way into the 9th level of hell.

More human tfs for me project

Tarn and the DJD are elite assassins from Megatron’s gang that he plucked off the streets and hand-molded. They specialized in keeping other members of the gang in line by hunting down traitors and murdering them horribly, as they do in the comics. They also perform various other tasks that require a unique level of brutality. Tarn is sort of Megatron’s ex (they were never officially or romantically involved—they pretty much just had extremely depraved sex every now and then) and takes his betrayal SUPER BADLY. He wants to destroy Megatron’s life bit by bit and then finally kill him after stripping away everything he loves. None of the DJD have designs except Tarn, who you can find in the ‘human tf project’ or ‘tarn’ tags on my bloggo.

Soundwave is Megatron’s closest, most trusted friend, and probably the only member of the gang he took on out of compassion. He was a street rat at 16 living off of nothing, until Megatron took him in and let him take care of managing intelligence-related tasks in the gang. He’s very logical, precise, and hears and sees everything—and while before he was quiet, an assassination attempt that ended up mutilating his throat left him nearly mute. He was the one who originally urged Megatron to exchange information about the gang for a reduced sentence, and wrote to him in prison every day. At 19 he became pregnant with twins (no one knows who the parent is) and disappeared off the radar to protect himself and the kids, who he named Rumble and Frenzy. He has a parrot (Laserbeak) and a cat (Ravage), the latter he gave to Megatron to keep him company. He has dark, almost black skin, a short, slender build, sharp cheekbones, and luminous green eyes. He also has a pretty gnarly scar across his throat and wears gold-rimmed glasses. I’m also not sure about the logistics of that pregnancy timeline but fuck the rules ok

Orion was once another one of Megatron’s closest friends. Their relationship was based around the desire to change/destroy the system and make the world a better place in general—until Something Happened. None other than Megatron, Orion, and Soundwave know what happened, but Orion and Megatron now hate each other with the burning passion of a thousand dying suns. 20 something years of separation seem to have slightly cooled their tempers, and by some humiliating cosmic joke, Orion became Megatron’s parole officer. He’s caught between wanting to throw Megatron back in prison at a moment’s notice, and genuinely wanting him to have a chance at creating a new life. He is also super concerned for Rodimus after he finds out about his and Megatron’s relationship, and keeps a very close eye on him to make sure nothing happens. He has dark, graying hair, a neat beard, bright blue eyes, and a few scars here and there.

Starscream is just this massive pile of shit. Just a humongous, steaming pile of dog turds that scrapes the sky. He was Megatron’s right hand man (and the biggest pain in the ass he has ever had) and was in charge of money and other administrative-related things. He comes from a super rich, politically-involved family, and is every inch as slimy and manipulative as you’d expect him to be. When Megatron’s gang collapsed, he was he only one to escape with a totally clean record and not even a spot of suspicion, all thanks to that money and power. While Megatron was in prison, he somehow managed to become the mayor, and now that Megatron’s out of prison, he does his best to fuck him over out of spite. He seems to have pure-ish intentions toward the city, but the way he goes about it is unscrupulous. He’s handsome (but you can see his shittiness IN HIS EYES), and has olive skin, neatly combed black hair, and brown eyes. He’s a super snappy dresser.

Windblade is a really good-hearted, dedicated woman who works as an aide for Starscream. She tries her damnedest to do good by the city and good by Starscream, but he has her busting her ass trying to deal with his bullshit and clean up after him at the same time. She’s a young Japanese-American woman with long black hair (she always does it in really pretty styles), bright brown eyes, and the best smile in the history of ever. She’s an equally snappy dresser.

The Scavengers are extremely weird dudes who all share a farmhouse and raise cows, even though none of them know how to raise cows. No one’s really sure if they’re in a giant polygamous pile of weirdness, related, or just room mates. They have a ridiculously large amount of “Private property, will shoot you in the skull if you come here, beware of Spinister, etc” signs all over the property, and they somehow scrape by selling milk, pick pocketing, and giving cow rides at kids’ birthday parties. And pick pocketing the parents at kids’ birthday parties. None of them have designs atm.

a-radioactive-platypus  asked:

Hi there! I hope you don't mind, but I have a question (hopefully it's not a stupid one) about your last post (the pride day one). Namely, I was wondering if you had some common examples of homophobia within the church and ways that we can begin to combat that and become more accepting in a way that is consistent with church teachings. I hope that this is ok. Thank you and God bless!

Hi! Thank you so much for asking.

For some background, I grew up with Traditional Catholics. I usually only went to Masses in Latin and was taught the details and doctrines of our Faith since I was about six years old. So, my experience with Church-based homophobia may be different than others. Some may not experience it all, some have maybe experienced it to a more intense degree.

Here are some common examples of homophobia I see in the Church. They go in a basic order of bad to not so bad, but the numbers aren’t super exact or rigid. 

1. Talking about LGBT people as if they are a theory/concept or that they are outsiders.

This is common especially when it comes to priests or teachers of the Faith. Like, LGBT people are always assumed to not be part of the Parish, classroom, or in the community in any way. They are “heathens” people who are “slaves to the modern world,” but they aren’t in any way, shape, or form near us or are us. 

To be honest, that’s incredibly harmful. Like, I’ve only heard “nasty” and “unfortunate” rumors of sermons (probably by a visiting Jesuit or something) that preached about “”””gay people being….[dare I say susan] welcome””””” 

I’ve actually NEVER experienced any of those horrid “novus ordo” rumor sermons, but if one of my lovely FSSP priests wants to give one, I would be both shocked and I’d make sure that they get put up for beatification once they go to heaven. But, for now, all I hear is either instruction or condemnation. I rarely hear affirming of our humanities or any acknowledgment that some of us are sitting right there in the pews listening and internalizing every word that the priest is saying.

2. Insulting, shaming, and condemning gay people and gay religious

Nobody dare say this doesn’t happen because IT FUCKING DOES. I’ve heard (Catholic) people say gay people are going to hell, I’ve heard (Catholic) people use gay people as merely the butt of their jokes, I’ve heard (Catholic) people call gay priests and religious “a disease that eats the Church.” And honestly THAT HAS GOT TO FUCKING STOP. This isn’t the 60′s. It’s not longer acceptable to be a dick to gay people, for a good reason. Because it’s not decent.

And if you’re going to be a dick to the gay lay (lmao rhyme) people than you better not, for the love of God (literally), talk shit about gay priests or religious. I will fight you even if it kills me. I don’t care if you *personally* think they’re nasty or some other homophobic sentiment. Lesbian nuns are the brides of Christ and gay priests stand in the person Christ. I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous to the homophobes, but gay religious are actually very common because guess what? That’s a vocation they can do and many times are called to.

3. No desire to welcome them in the Church

Ugh. This one gets me. Because it’s like a casual conversation topic.

“Susan, did you hear about St. Holy’s in Large City, State? Yeah, they’re accepting gay people now. :(:(:(”

“Oh Karen, that’s really sad :(”

(im not kidding, this was a legit conversation i heard).

First of all, ask yourselves, why do you not want gay people to come to Church with you? What are you so afraid of? Gay people are just people who like the same-sex. Why does that make you want to exclude them from Jesus Christ in the Tabernacle?

4. False Assumptions

I wish I didn’t see this as often as I did.

It’s like every straight priest and lay person automatically knows the beliefs, level of devotion, desires, and thoughts of ALL gay people throughout ALL time in ALL places. Stop. Only God knows that. You don’t. STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS.

Not every gay person is an amoral, flamboyant, sex-crazed, godless heathen (some are, but that doesn’t even matter?? you should love them anyway?). Most gay people are just…people? Like? We all have their own quirks and some fit into stereo-types and some don’t? Like, we aren’t all cookie cutter people…

We have dreams, passions, beliefs, morals, and voices. Why don’t you listen to us and try to be friends with us, instead of actively making yourselves enemies to “avoid scandal” or some equally heinous excuse not to love us.

5. Comparing gay people to the murder of innocent children

Nobody talks about this problem which is why I brought it up. Do you ever read those articles/entire books commenting about how post-modern society is full of paganism and fuckery and Fatima’s coming back to get us? Well, some of that’s true, but here’s what always pisses me off about them: gay people and abortion are always put in that same post-modern immorality circle, in the same degree of horribleness, and they are even sometimes linked.

Okay, I understand that logic, but that is literally the most biggest pile of paganism and fuckery that I’ve seen. NO. Having gay sex is NOT the same as killing an unborn child in the womb. How far is your head up your ass for you to have to realize that, while both wrong, one is clearly far worse?

(on a side note: ppl, especially ppl who hate the Vatican II, like blaming it for all of this “gay acceptance.” but that’s garbage b/c if the Vatican II never happened we wouldn’t even give too much shit about gay marriage because we’d be focusing more on gregorian chants and growing in our communities [a.k.a. the emperor didn’t give a shit, he was off somewhere doing poetry])

6. Near-constant instructing, condemning, and patronizing

Gay people can understand theology. Most gay Catholics are acutely aware of the Church’s teaching on gay people because, hey, it affects them. And if they choose not to follow that teaching then they know damn well what they are doing in the sense that no “apologetics” will get them to change their mind. I know apologetics didn’t change mine.

So, in short, most of us are really tired of hearing again and again and again what the Church teaches about gay people. We’ve heard it, we know it, and some of use will choose to follow it. Unless someone legit does not understand the teaching, there’s no need to explain it. You’re not being “more loving” or loving in “the real way” if you tell a gay person that God doesn’t affirm gay relationships. You just look like you have a nasty religious superiority complex. Even if you don’t, that’s what it appears to look like.

7. Enforcing the closet

Honestly, this one’s not going away anytime soon, but we need to be free from the closet. I HATE that I can’t come out to anyone in my religious community because I fear alienation, I fear shame, I fear ridicule, I fear for my physical and mental well-being. And I’m FOLLOWING Church teachings. I naively thought that if I only followed Church teaching again, I wouldn’t feel like an outsider at my Church.

But I do, I really do. And this closet is one we enforce. We encourage gay people to shut up about themselves. We remind them that they are not welcome in Catholicism, we remind them that they are only here to be tokens for our theological debates, we remind them that they are part of our horrible world, we label our gay priests and religious as traitors, we find gay people to be inherently unfortunate, and the list goes on and on.

I want to feel like I am safe enough to be lesbian at my Church, in my family, and in my overall community. But that can’t happen unless the Church militant changes their opinions and assumptions on gay people.

8. Not properly educating your self on Church teaching

Unfortunately, I HAVE SEEN THIS. People don’t understand the difference between homosexuality and homosexual acts.

-Homosexuality is an passive state. It’s beyond our control. It is not sinful.

-Homosexual acts are actions. They are within our control. They are sinful.

Treat your gay brothers and lesbian sisters with compassion and sensitivity.

Those are the Church teachings on Gay People. Know them.

9. Not being able to distinguish between having disorder and being disordered

This one speaks for itself. The person is not disordered. Stop treating them as if they aren’t your equal because you perceive they are disordered rather than they have a disorder. 

10. The mindset that Gay People cannot achieve holiness through being gay

Celibacy is a sacrifice and sometimes a suffering (many times a suffering). But when we unite those sufferings with Jesus on the Cross, we draw such a multitude of graces for us and for others. And yes those sufferings are because we are gay.

Being gay can be a means of holiness. Being gay can bring you to heaven.

11. The Mindset that Gay People are inherently unfortunate

speaks for itself.

12. SSA Terminology (and terminology use in general)

This one’s lower on the list because not everyone thinks it’s homophobic and I can see why but I have a few personal problems with it. 

a. it isolates people identifying with the LGBT+ labels from the Catholic community

b. it isolates LGBT+ Catholics from a common history of oppression and existence they share with the LGBT community

c. it strips the meaning of monosexual labels like Lesbian and Gay which have been used to describe an exclusive attraction to the same-sex. Simply saying “ssa” implied that they are open to heterosexual relationships. And they’re not; lesbians especially have had lots of trauma and issues relating to their exclusive attraction to women and having no attraction to men..

d. it sounds objective. it sounds like a disease. many gay people do not like being called “homosexual” because it objectifies and medicalizes them*. I feel the same way with SSA

*please stop calling us “homosexuals.” gay person/gay people, lgbt/lgbt people are preferable. (homosexual person is okay, but “gay” or “lgbt” is preferable). the problem with “homosexual” is that so many times that word has been used to objectify and dehumanize us. this is the label related to the theory of gay as a mental illness and it’s been used to do horrible things to us. we prefer not to have it be used for us.**

**of course i CANNOT speak for all LGBT people when it comes to labels. this is just what i’ve notices from the majority, please ask if you are unsure.

13. Boycotting gay things, even subtle gay things

Once again, minor pet peeve of mine. But, do ya’ll remember the Beauty and the Beast thing? Where a minor villain was *subtly implied* to be gay more as a joke than a serious thing? Yeah, and everyone acted like it was a hell-sent pagan movie from the depths of Hollywood despair? 

Yeah, that was really fucking rude. Everyone was really fucking rude. The director was really fucking rude to that in the first place tbh.

I think this is a broader Christian thing, but Catholics are Christians as the old saying goes.

14. Misunderstanding the concept of Gay Pride

More minor complaints. First of all, you can totally think gay pride is perverted garbage, there’s a lot of trash in gay pride because half the people in the Pride parades don’t understand what they actually were/meant for.

But to be fair, too many people think that gay pride (self-acceptance) = pride as in the sin. Nope. Unless you want to call National Pride (patriotism) a sin, gay pride isn’t the sin you’re thinking of.

Theoretically, you could call gay pride a form of heresy because you’re showing support for something the Church condemns. But to me, gay pride has always been about self-acceptance, acceptance in society, and gaining our rights as equal citizens.

anonymous asked:

who is they Favorite Catfish you speak of

alright. I deadass have a favourite catfish, like. this guy is my problematic fave and I regularly check up on him on the news.

his name is Mark Acklom and he’s a serial catfisher who’s still at large. his main thing is he pretends to be an MI6 agent and cons rich women out of their life savings, before running off to Europe and vanishing until his next scam. he’s… fucking ridiculous. I do not know how he gets away with it. I guess he’s just really good at confidence trickery? I have no idea. 

he’s scammed his own mother. he’s conned a wealthy divorcee out of £850,000. he has like, several identities and is one of Britain’s most wanted men. he just… walks into places and acts like he’s supposed to be there and it works. it fucking works. he’s been involved in scams worth over a million pounds. he’s convinced people that private jets are his and has flown on them. he’s been in and out of prison and still manages to get away with this shit and vanish off the face of the earth? 

he says he’s an MI6 agent so his girlfriends won’t ask where he is when he vanishes, and so they won’t ask when he can’t take pictures with them. he even pulled that some scars on his ankles were from when he’d been captured as a spy and tortured? he’s an absolute madman who spins the biggest pile of shit and still manages to pull it off, and on top of that he looks like a complete fucking dork. it’s great. I have news alerts set up for him. it’s a real life soap opera.


Originally posted by xhemmohugsx


ship » Luke & Y/N

rating » R (pwp: ORAL SEXXXXXX)

author’s note/warnings » dedicated to hannah, @tadpolehemmings, ‘cause she’s finally, finally, finally my friend after a million frickin’ years! enjoy, this was requested (basically just smut) but not the i took the detailed prompt from this post, enjoy!

You thought venues holding such huge bands would have good security – big, burly security guards by every entrance and exit, their stares demeaning and intimidating as you passed. This was 5 Seconds of Summer, for Christ’s sake – they were practically the kings of the pop punk music industry. You didn’t understand why you were wild enough to accept the dare and try to sneak in one of the forgotten entrances backstage – you assumed it would be a dead end, and if it wasn’t, you’d apologize and return to fully enjoy the show. So, armed with your phone’s flashlight, you crawled your way over to the dusty door. After a few sneezing fits, you gazed back at your expectant friends, who were gesturing for you to enter.

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Partners in crime

Originally posted by donewithjeon

Pairing : Taehyung x oc, International spy AU!

Genre :  Action, romance, angst.

Author’s note : Just the characters getting to know each other. Next parts will have more action and maybe some fluff. 

Summary : Chosen to be the elites from all recruits, Taehyung and Xenia find themselves betraying everything they knew to be true, amongst the things they had to do they find themselves falling for each other but the nature of their job forbids them to be together. 

Word count : 4k

Prologue, Part 2, 

Part 1


Name : Taehyung

Age : 21

Nationality : Korean

Abilities : Cryptography, martial arts, languages, gun skills.


Name : Xenia

Age : 20

Nationality : Unknown

Abilities : Persuasive, martial arts, gun skills, computer hacking, languages,  extraordinary knack for unconventional problem solving and an extensive bank of scientific knowledge.

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manglestangled  asked:


alright i’m really on it


  • he is so HAPPY
  • the entire RFA his other jerk friends always told him heelies were “lame” and “dangerous” and “for little kids”
  • he knew MC was the only one that truly understood him
  • and little did everyone know
  • he still had his old heelies
  • and they fit like a charm
  • he rolls into the living room
  • “hey MC, check me out-”
  • he immediately runs into a table and falls over
  • MC is like SMH u not even a heely master like me :/


  • Zen is ???? ?? ???
  • he thought heelies were for like little kidos??
  • but here MC is, rolling on the side walk
  • right down the sidewalk
  • in….public…
  • “MC, cant you just walk?”
  • they suddenly wheel away from Zen then turn around and shout “no!” at him
  • he has to jog back up to them
  • “alright, i’m sorry! i love your heelies, babe”
  • MC suggest he get a pair but he wouldnt touch that junk with a 10 foot pole


  • ?????
  • ?????????????
  • ?????????
  • ??????????????????
  • ????
  • why would anyone
  • MC why just,
  • please take those off
  • or dont…..thats fine too i guess


  • he is really amazed
  • have shoe, half CAR
  • i mean its got a wheel so thats like half car, right?
  • “commoners are really so innovative”
  • shutup, Jumin
  • he talks about the magical car-shoes in the RFA messenger
  • Seven convinces him that business men everywhere are wearing heelies now as a sign of power
  • and Jumin is like shit, really? i’ve never seen that but sign me up i guess
  • and then the next day he rolls into work of heelies and Jaehee has to hold in the biggest laugh of her LIFE


  • are you kidding me right now
  • Seven is literally the reason MC wears heelies now
  • when they first moved in, whenever Seven messed something up or got in trouble with them he would literally just roll away from the conversation on his heelies
  • so they got their own pair
  • he rolled into the kitchen
  • “Seven, why are there so many dishes piled up in the sink?”
  • he rolled out of the kitchen
  • “oh no you dont”
  • MC rolled after him
  • oh shit, they’re following me
  • “ahh, i see you decided to join the hee-ly par-ty?”
  • “go do the dishes, Seven”
  • he rolls back into the kitchen, this time a sad boy


  • he thinks its so adorable
  • so innocent, so pure
  • he knows the shoes are for kids but he gets a pair just so he can have fun with MC
  • they teach him how to do it good and he’s just so happy
  • he smiles every time they roll around and laugh when they try to do a trick or something
  • he knows two adults on heelies looks silly but he doesnt care
  • he’s havin fun ok


  • he’ll burn them all
  • heelies are so annoying?
  • they’re just shoes but worse
  • they’re just shoes that were purposefully made to be more annoying
  • and to annoy him, specifically
  • he just knows it
  • every time MC wears their heelies he’ll be like
  • “you know i’m gonna throw those in a bonfire one day, right?”
  • MC squints at him
  • “you dont have the guts”
  • one day you’ll burn them all, Saeran
  • one day

THANKS FOR READING LOLOL I HOPE U LIKE IT! btw love u manglestangled

My entire dash is posting Tony discourse so here’s mine:

+ I didn’t like Cap in Avengers.  I didn’t like Cap in Captain America (whatever his first movie was).  I thought he was boring.  However, Cap is 100% all about getting shit done and he understands that means people dies and maybe he dies and maybe we all die but the man has already literally committed suicide to save people.  It’s not even a little bit shocking that he wouldn’t like Tony when they first met.  Tony rolls onto the scene brash and arrogant as he usually does.  These are things I like about Tony, he’s confrontational and he’s a trouble maker and YES he also is a genius and he has recently dedicated his life to trying to better the world and that’s are admirable but their core personalities still aren’t people that would get along without effort.  This doesn’t make either of them villains.

+ For that matter, they were supposed to have reached a point of mutual respect for their very different but equally important skill sets.  That was the point of the whole final battle (In The Avengers).

+ There’s no telling how many missions they did together as Avengers, or how much time they spent hanging out together.  We don’t get to see them getting along because the MCU doesn’t show us that.  We only get to see them when they’re at odds; maybe that’s because in the MCU Tony and Steve aren’t pals or maybe that’s because Age of Ultron was predominantly a clusterfuck.

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Because I’m bored at work, I want to write down some ideas for the business au I sort of mentioned.

Gavin is Burnie’s adopted son (in spirit, because by the time his parents die, gavin was old enough to look after himself). Gavin loves his camera and travels the world taking pictures and making money off that. Gavin loves his free spirit lifestyle and can’t imagine doing anything else.

And then Burnie anounces to the whole world that when he retires, it’s Gavin who will take over. And Gavin can do nothing but come home and learn the way of running a corporation because this is Burnie asking. How could Gavin disappoint him?

Gavin’s first real dealings with this strange new world is at his celebration party. He can mingle (he’s not completely green at this) and tries his best to put on a show for the crowd. It helps that Geoff is there (Geoff, who should be angry with Gavin for taking his place but has been nothing but helpful and Gavin couldn’t be more grateful). And the Gavin runs into Haywood.

Gavin’s heard of him, mostly curses from Burnie. Which makes sense. They are rival companies. But as Haywood chats him up, Gavin can’t help but think there must be some exaggeration. The man seems polite enough and he talks to Gavin like he’s a human and not Burnie’s son. It helps that he’s kind of hot.

So Gavin talks to him. About the party and the food and how Gavin’s scared he’s going to let everyone down…opps. Gavin knows he makes a mistake when he sees a glint in Haywood’s eyes but he doesn’t know what.

It isn’t till the next morning, when he sees his face plastered on the news (Heir to Billion Dollar company not ready to take the throne?) That Gavin realizes maybe there was something to Burnie’s warnings about Haywood.

And Gavin feels like he’s going to throw up. He already let people down, let Burnie down, and it wasn’t even his first day!

But, again, Gavin isn’t completely new to this. He was raised by Burnie Burns, and to an extent Geoff as a weird sort of uncle. Both powerful businessmen in their own right. Gavin’s used to scandles. And how to deal with them.

So Gavin spends the morning in his room, thinking. Then he goes to buy a coffee. Like he suspected, there are cameras waiting for him, people shouting out questions. Questioning Gavin’s ability to do this, wondering if Burnie has made a mistake.

Gavin doesn’t let it get to him, on the outside. He puts on a smile and makes sure to politely address them. And the he gives them the biggest pile of shit ever. Tells them, of course he’s nervous. He wants to make Burnie proud and talks about how much he looks up to Burnie and how he will wishes he’s able to fill Burnie’s shoes. He’s raking over a company? Who wouldn’t be scared of that. But he’s ready and he can handle anything that’s thrown at him.

He works them (he knows his cameras afterall). He looks confident in the right places and bashful in others. Let’s his eyes go wide whenever he talks about Burnie, smiles wide for everyone, gets them laughing along with him,and basically charms the pants off them. By the time the improtu interview ends, Gavin has them all in his corner.

He hopes Haywood is watching. Let the prick know that Gavin Free isn’t going to go down that easy.

joyoiyoi  asked:

Welp, time to stock up on some champagne, because we'll be popping the biggest bottles when Jasper comes back.

My soul can be at rest now knowing that not only is Jasper coming back, and that RS all but confirmed she’s getting redeemed, but also that means that all of the haters (*cough*lapid*t fans*cough*) will suffer in the depths of hell for eternity for all of the unrelenting abuse they’ve put us through this past year.

I will drink their tears of agony for all of the times they hijacked our positivity threads, said all sorts of butchphobic/transmisogynistic shit, piled their shitty revenge pr0n fics in the Jasper AO3 tag, spread that vile “Margo in Bed” rumor, called abuse survivors “abuse apologists,” said Jasper wasn’t coming back because she - the one who hates herself and thinks all suffering is deserved - represents that “not everyone can be saved,” etc. They will suffer eternally because they are evil, and because there is a God, and He is Loving and Just.

It’s going to be alright, you guys.

Object Permanence, and why I'm laughing and rolling my eyes at myself right now.

I was going to start with the following disclaimer:

“Since I’ve noticed that most of the time when I write a rough draft of a post and save it to publish later, I usually forget about it, so this post in a liveblog of my epiphany and not 100% perfectly organized…”

Then, considering what the post was to be about, I laughed at myself a lot in that “OH OF COURSE, THAT EXPLAINS IT!” way.

So anyways, I saw something in the actually autistic tag and it hit me: object permanence! Of course! I’m not an expert but what I know offhand about this concept is enough to make me think it’s at least loosely related to a lot of issues I have with organization and executive function tasks.

(Object permanence: basically the most common way to explain it is when babies are at the “obsessed with peek-a-boo game” stage, it’s because they DON’T yet have object permanence, and therefore when you cover your face, or hide a toy, they think it has disappeared from existence since they can’t see it at the moment, and they are so surprised to see that you do, in fact, come back when they see you/the toy again. They eventually understand that even though it’s not in sight, it still exists (objects are permamently existant).

How does this relate to me as a 26 year old adult grownup? I think it’s why I have always preferred to store things in sight (as opposed to organized in a drawer or put away in the closet or whatever). If I can’t see it at any given time, I forget where it is.

I have to keep my meds on the counter in the bathroom otherwise I’ll forget to take them. I have to write a note with important things to do and leave it where I will for-sure see it, or I’ll probably forget.

I start the laundry and shut the laundry room door, and completely forget that it’s going. I’ll start making soup and if I get distracted by something that takes me into another room I’ll lose track of time and forget that I need to watch for the soup to be ready.

If I start to clean my room (organizing the closet is the biggest one) and leave the room and get actively into something else, I’ll go back in my room that night and “Well, shit. My entire bed and floor are literally covered in stuff that needs to be put away, but it’s midnight and I want to sleep so I’ll pile it all on the floor and finish tomorrow.” Then I get distracted the next day and forget. Repeat cycle: that’s why my room was always a huge mess as a kid.

It’s not exactly object permanence in the way I learned it, but I see a big connection, at least until I read more about the idea… unless I forget to. Hahaha!