is the best place eve

A recap of the best night of my life. If you like cute stories i'm sure you're ganna like this one

Last night was one of the best nights of my entire life.

I’ll warn you though it’s a bit lengthy and. it’s a bit of a love story  and it’s 100% true 

i’m spending the weekend at my vacation house in Georgia with my aunt’s, the rest of my family couldn’t come so it was just me and my aunt’s. I didn’t do much Friday night except hang out with my neighbors Hunter and beau, beau’s real name is john-Luke but everyone just calls him beau. I’ve known hunter and beau since forever, only they’re both older than me so we never got along 100% of the time. Last time i visited me and beau got really close but at the end of the summer we got into a very big fight and that was  3 years ago. so when i came back friday  They invited me to the Christmas festival on Saturday. so i went and it was beautiful 

it was an amazing time. Hunter left me and beau half way through to be with his girlfriend. So it was just me and beau. After the festival me and beau got in his pick up truck and went to a field by our houses we parked in the middle of the field got out and laid down. i’ve lived in the city most of my life so i’ve never seen so many beautiful stars in my life. after me and beau laid there for a while he got out his guitar from the back of his truck and he played me “wanted” by hunter haynes to me. i put a link so you guys could hear it. and after he sang to me he told me “I’ sorry. I’m sorry i yelled at you. I was just so Angry. It wasnt until you we’re gone that i realized how big of a mistake it was. i missed you so much. i wanted to write you but hunter told me it was best to let it go. but i couldn’t and those 3 years were unbearable. right when i thought i forgot you and moved on something always happened that made me think of you.

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Christmas eve in Remedios

If you plan to go to Cuba for Christmas holiday, Remedios is definitly the best place go for the Christmas Eve. You want to know why? Let me explain you!

Trabajos de plaza (San Salvador) 

 Remedios is a lovelly sleepy village located around 50km northeast of Santa Clara.

It is commonly used by tourists as a base or a stopoff to the beautiful northern Cayo (keys) but this quiet town is becoming the place to be every Christmas for “Las Paradas”. It is a 200 year old tradition. For the festival the city is divided into northern quarter (San Salvador) and southern halve (Carmen). The frontier is running thought the centre of Plaza Marti where the two churches representing each “barrios” are facing. 

 Each sides is preparing the whole year the confrontation for night of the 24th of December. The opponents mark their own territories with huge constructions call “trabajos de plaza” whose the design change every-year.  The celebrations start around 4pm when the plaza Marti is crowded.

Hundreds of fireworks are launched from one side to the other for a few hours. Be careful, it can be dangerous!

Picture of the fireworks in remedios, by Arien Chang Castan

After that, two parades representing the two parts of the town are walking around the square followed by the population who are cheering their own team and teasing the other quarter.  Then around 10pm the carrozas make a ceremonials tour of the plaza. 

Carroza (San Salvador)

Build to represent the respective halves of Remedios, the carrozas and the trabajos de plaza, are beautiful creations build by the town residents. 

 Last year and for the first time there is no doubt that San Salvador was the winner because Carmen was not ready on time and they were not able to parade with there carrozas. Normally there is no winner, the both team are doing their best and the game is finishing on draw with a really spectacular show. However since 2014 many refurbishment projects have been lunched in Remedios that involved a lot of inhabitants. Apparently Carmen has not manage to deal with the renovation and the preparation of the parades. 

This year and for the 500th anniversary of the town,  Carmen is going to prendre sa reva che but San Salvador is ready to compete! 

The show should be memorable! Merry Christmas in Remedios or anywhere else!