is the background white

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God I really just love the way you drew Bucky in your last picture. He looks so soft and at easy and just beautiful.

[ this wing AU ]

Yes, good! I do strive for some soft Bucky in my drawings haha 

If you’re curious, Bucky’s wings are golden eagle! Tony’s are magpie

Though immediately after posting, I thought, “Bucky would look cool with trumpeter swan wings….” White, blending in with a snowy background… would be elegant and spooky. A lost opportunity, I guess haha

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you can't really watch the manic episode scene either? so glad I'm not the only one. my heart breaks everytime for Even; what a precious angel. I also can't really watch the beginning of episode 10 with Lantern by The White Birch playing in the background. those scenes literally pain me so much and bring me so much anxiety and stress. it all feels a little too real.

the first time i watched it was horrible, i’m not gonna lie. i felt like i was the one experiencing everything isak felt that day. the beginning of episode 10 isn’t so bad to me, but it’s still heavy. it really feels so, so real


After experimenting with hundreds and thousands, I decided to try using salt instead as this would also allow me to depict a crowd of people. The salt grains were much easier to shape into letters than the hundreds and thousands as they were not as round and prone to rolling around. This time I tried to depict the words “stand out” as if they were morphing out of the crowd, suggesting that every successful designer originated from a herd of others before they found their own unique style. The result turned out quite impactful due to the contrast between the white salt and black background, and I also like how it sort of looks like snow.. 

I realised that there are many typefaces out there constructed out of food already and I want to try and be more unique, so perhaps I might start experimenting with completely different media for the next trial.