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Closure || 28/?

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H U G  S E Q U E N C E

After years of being jumped on and tackled, Trahearne instinctively speaks and holds out his hands when he sees Ive making a beeline for him, knowing that Ive needs some sort of anchor to approximate just how close he is.  Even if Trahearne has absolutely no idea what’s going on.

Spotify decided to throw some of the songs on my playlists that I associate with these two dorks at me while I was sketching and oh god feels bye

I decided to upload an extra page this week because a) I had the line art done, b) it was adorable and I kept wanting to shade it, and c) my schedule might not allow for consistent uploads in coming weeks, depending.  Updates will waffle between 2-3 pages per week (schedule allowing) since it’s summer, but always T/R/S if there is an update. <3

So.  Surprise?  Surprise reunion \o/

I’ll never stop telling you how amazing you are, even if we disagree on certain things you’ll always be my favourite person.
—  Tenari Ioapo // To the one I love

May the happy fox bring joy into your day !