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hey there! I might need a little help. In two days I will go on a trip with my class, and i am not out to anyone there (just to three, but they ignore it completely). I have to sleep with the girls and in rooms with six, and feel like this will be a very bad experience for me. Especially when I can't wear my binder all the time, which I normally do as long as I am with others (when I will sleep in rooms with them I can't wear it the whole day). Any tips what I could do to help myself there?

Do you have any sports bra you could wear instead of the binder? If so you could wear that when you need to take breaks from binding

Also if you had some baggy hoodies to wear over your pyjamas (just while you’re awake) that could reduce the appearance of your unbound chest (and big hoodies are super comfy too!!)

Also trying to layer up on clothes could help too. Like wear a vest or a tank top under a tshirt under a hoodie (unless of course that’s too warm! Don’t risk passing out or anything!)

And try your best to take breaks from binding as much as you can, I understand it must be difficult but you need to consider your health and wellbeing 💙
I hope your trip goes well, and try to have fun!
(If you wanted to let me know how it goes I’d love to be updated!) Best of luck 💙💙💙

The Girl Next Door

A/N: Just a warning for you all that there is (terribly written) smut in this chapter! Hope you enjoy finally getting it on with Greg 😂

Chapter 7

You changed into your pyjamas and grabbed a beer from the fridge. You walked out of the flat and lay down in the hallway of the apparent building. It was raining now, it was louder and more soothing listening to it in the hall. You took a sip of your beer and let out a sigh, fluttering your eyes shut and absorbing the sound of the rain.

The front door creaked open at around half one in the morning, just as you were starting to fall asleep “Y/N?” Greg asked worryingly and leaned over you, droplets of rain from his face and hair landed on you waking you up.

“Yeah?” You tiredly you spoke running your eyes “I’m alright, I was just listening to the rain” you explained and Greg let out a sigh of relief. “Lie down beside me…” You patted the spot beside you and he complied, you showed him the beer bottle and he took it with a thanks.

“So what happened with Mr Lewis?” You asked.

Greg took a sip before placing down the bottle “He jumped by the looks of things. He’s had a stressful time these last few months, I think it finally got to him”.

You nodded, knowing that wasn’t the truth “It’s a real shame, life is a precious and beautiful thing…” You softly spoke before your mind chided you ‘You have no right to talk about life that way when all you do is take it away, break it, destroy it until it is no longer beautiful and the so called life is lying in a pit somewhere!’ you winced at your words. They were true.

You turned your head slightly to look at Greg who was already staring at you “What?” You asked with a smile.

Greg shook his head “You just looked really beautiful tonight…” His voice was low and it suddenly felt like your heart was trying to escape your chest it was beating so fast. “Not like you don’t look beautiful right now! Or all he time!” He quickly interjected with widening eyes.

You let out a soft chuckle while holding your stomach “Thanks…you looked amazing, as always” your voice was trembling as your gaze flickered back and fourth from his eyes to his lips. Was his face this close to yours the entire time you were lying down? His deep brown eyes were slowly pulling you closer to him, allowing him to pull away if he wanted to.

He didn’t.

Your lips connected delicately with his. They were warm and he tasted like strawberries. Who the hell tastes like strawberries?! He wrapped his hand around the back of your neck bringing you closer to press your mouth harder against his. You let out a shaky moan as he trailed his tongue against your bottom lip and you opened your mouth enough to let him swirl his tongue with yours.

He reached down to grasp onto your hip and he tugged it towards him and you gladly slid your body on top of his. Greg moved his hands under your pyjama top and gently pressed his hands into the small of your back to let your hips grind against his. Your hands made their way under his shirt and they rubbed against his muscular torso. Greg playfully bit your lip and you let out a small yelp, he smiled against your skin and he gently scratched his fingers from the top of your back to the bottom causing you to let out a long moan.

He was pleasantly surprised when he didn’t feel a bra strap. Greg grabbed onto your bum and flipped you around so he was on top. Your tongue was battling against his for dominance but neither of you won, you could feel his hand playing with the waistband of your pyjama bottoms before his hand made its way to your already soaking wet knickers “Gregory Lestrade…” You breathlessly whispered out with swollen lips “Are you attempting to finger me in the hallway of our apartment?”.

You both let out a giggled before he started to kiss and nibble your neck “Ohh what would Mrs Robson say?” He mumbled into your neck with a smirk. “My room?” He asked and you nodded.

He got off you and helped you up off the floor “Greg…” You quietly whispered as he pulled you into his flat.

“Yeah?” He asked a little concerned.

A wide smile spread over your face as you pressed yourself close to him “Do you know you taste like strawberries?” You smiled and peppered kisses up and down his neck.

Greg let out a satisfied sigh “Well do you like strawberries?” He asked and you nodded “Good,” he muttered out “Because it will be the only thing you’ll be tasting for a week after I’m done with you” he said in a low growl that made you want to rip his clothes off right there and then.

So you did.

He helped you out of your pyjamas, although the two of you burst out laughing when your top stuck on your head because you both tried to get it off so quick. “Greg!” You let out a half laugh, half moan as he grabbed and kissed your breasts since your arms were in the air and completely powerless “Stop kissing my boobs and help me out!”.

He stopped and tugged off your top “Better?” He asked and wrapped his arms around your naked body and the heat radiated from the both of you “I know this is going to sound creepy but I’ve wanted to be like this with you for so long. After the hassle with my ex-wife I didn’t think I’d find happiness with a woman again. I did with you…” He cupped your face with both hands and placed a long, passionate kiss on your mouth.

“God you’re beautiful…” He breathed out and trailed his eyes up and down your body.

You blushed and your head fell slightly “Don’t worry it’s not creepy…I have feelings for you too” you smiled with relief that you finally told him and disregarded the scolding voice in your mind, Sebastian has feelings for Jim so why where you stopping yourself having feelings too?

He led you to his bedroom, gently placing you down on his bed as he took in your figure again with bright, glistening eyes. He noticed the small scar on your side but didn’t question it. Greg stood over you and trailed his hands up and down the smooth skin on your side, your breath quickened as he hovered himself above you and gently licked his lips “I haven’t done this in a while…” He admitted nervously and you smiled.

“It’s okay, neither have I” you reassured gently cupping his face and stroking his cheek with your thumb. You almost forgot that you were a highly trained assassin who was about to be fucked senselessly by a detective inspector who could lock you in prison and throw away the key.

It didn’t feel like that, it felt like that you were two normal human beings who wanted something more from one another. To show the other the feelings they had been harbouring for so long.

“Ready?” He asked with his breath slightly hitching and you nodded while placing your hands on his shoulders as he began to slowly thrust in and out “Fuck!” He muttered and started to move his hips faster and harder against you. Your moans grew loader as he gently kissed your neck while slamming his dick inside you.

He reached up and tightly held onto his headboard that battered against the wall from your movements and you breathlessly moaned out “Greg…oh..god…please…I’m going…” You moaned and wrapped your legs around his, grabbing onto his hips so tight that your fingertips were sinking into his skin.

“Come on…come for me Y/N…” He grunted out as his pace grew erratic, you knew he was close too. You came so hard that your back arched up off his bed and you screamed so loud that you were sure half the street heard. Greg quickly came after you, his whole body trembled over yours as he removed his grip from the headboard to your sides as he climaxed.

Your chest was heaving as tiny droplets of sweat glistened over both your bodies. Greg lay down beside you and pulled you close to him “Wow…that was…” He let out a satisfied laugh, he couldn’t even finish his sentence he was that ridden with happiness, pleasure and exhaustion.

“Amazing…” You breathed out and placed your head on his chest. He wrapped an arm around you and placed a kiss on top of your head before you both fell asleep.


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ya ok but hear me out... either a budo and gaming club leader friendship or rivalry (lol)

I feel like Budo would be trying to get him to the art martial club, because Gaming club leader can defend himself? Like he’s far away from the heroic persona, but he needs no one to protect him. So I kinda feel like Budo would bug him a bit about joining club?
“Dude, you’ll do a great job if you joined us!
- Oh you mean getting sweaty in some stupid white pyjamas while you’re quoting Bruce Lee? I’ve better shit to do and I don’t wanna waste my time.”

However, they’re probably not in bad terms, it’s just “join us! C’mon, Pippi can be the leader of the gaming club!” - “get your ass outta my club,you and your pyjama” but they’re ‘friends’.

relaxing night in

• put on soft lighting, flickering candles, warm toned lamps and fairy lights
• throw a lot of blankets and cushions on your bed, or wrap yourself in with a soft blanket
• warm drinks, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee
• wear thick cosy socks, oversized sweaters and pyjamas
• switch off your phone, read a good book, listen to music, watch a movie

post break-up au
  • i literally can’t sleep alone anymore so i’ve shown up at your door in my pyjamas, can we have one more nap together, please? 
  • we promised to stay friends but we’re doing the same stuff we did when we were a couple and i don’t wanna point it out because i don’t want it to stop
  • listen i know i can’t just show up at your apartment at six in the morning but i need coffee and no one makes it like you do 
  • we broke up after i left and moved away and months later i find out you rushed to the airport to stop me but you were too late 
  • you keep calling me over to get rid of spiders from your apartment and i’m pretending i don’t know you’re not afraid of them at all because i miss you too
  • we keep showing up at all the same places separately because we’ve always had similar interests 
  • cop!au i’ve been undercover for months/years and i know i told you not to wait for me but i’m still in love with you and it’s killing me
  • or, i fell in love with you while i was undercover and i know you’re mad at me for lying but i have to go back to my old life (and i want you to be in it)
  • i know we’ve been broken up for a while but i still have those concert tickets and you’re the only person i want to share this with
  • i found the ring when i was moving my stuff out of your apartment and now everything makes sense
  • are you?? sabotaging?? my dates?!?!?
  • i’ve seen you hanging around my apartment and i thought it was because you missed me, turns out you’ve been using my wifi you asshole
  • i know you can’t cook for shit so i’ve been bringing you dinner every night, just, y’know, to keep you alive
  • i kissed you goodbye by accident - old habits die hard okay?!?!
  • roadtrip au where we need to save gas money so we take a long, awkward, tension-filled car ride 
  • instead of dividing up the CD’s, let’s play a drinking game to determine who gets what (it may or may not end in sex)
  • i was so sleep-deprived after the night shift that i climbed into bed with you (and you just rolled with it) 
  • you’re my emergency contact and i’ve been in an accident so you drop everything to come to the hospital 
  • soon to be divorced couple obnoxiously painting the walls wacky colours every time the other paints over it 
  • you’re pretending we’re still together because my relatives will disprove of the break up so you’re being all sweet it’s reminding me of why i fell in love with you in the first place
  • we bumped into each other in the street and you were grinning like a cocky asshole the whole time so i stalked off only to realise i’m wearing your shirt 

You know Hinata would be like “I’M TALLER THAN YOU NOW, KAGEYAMA!” and they’d argue about whether it counts or not because he can fly and it totally doesn’t count, dumbass

unconventional study tips

- buy yourself new stationery: i get so excited about using new pens that i don’t mind writing that essay i’ve been putting off for days

- use a playlist as a study timer: have a selection of instrumentals and songs with lyrics. take a break everytime a song with lyrics comes on and work during the instrumentals

- make your study space smell fresh: mint and lemon tend to be good options

- write down how much time you spend studying for a test and then the grade you got: then you can figure out how time you really need to spend to get a good grade. this will help you use your time more effectively

- spend your study breaks showering or exercising for about 30 mins: then come back fresh and quickly review what you have learned. this will help the information sink in

- don’t always study in comfy clothes or pyjamas: do your hair or makeup if you want too. this will put you in ‘get shit done’ mode

- record yourself explaining topics you’ve just studied: explaining/teaching topics helps you learn so much better, and you also have a little video to review before tests

Sometimes being productive in the morning can be very difficult, so here are some tips on how to boost your productivity and stop procrastinating in the morning!

1. Get plenty of sleep-try to get at least 7-9 hours sleep at night so that you actually feel awake and willing to get up in the morning!

2. Change out of your pyjamas-although they are so comfy, keeping your PJ’s on is more likely to make you feel sleepy and want to go back to bed. You can still stay comfortable by putting on workout clothes or yoga pants.

3. Drink a glass of cold water-it’s honestly so refreshing in the morning. Keep a bottle or glass beside your bed.

4. Exercise-anything from 30 minutes of yoga to a walk to the park. You don’t need to go to the gym, but any form of exercise gets the blood pumping round your body, leaving you wide awake and ready to be productive.

5. Lay out everything you need the night before-this includes the clothes your going to wear, work you want to do and anything else you might need. Because it is already laid out you’ll feel less need to procrastinate.

6. Plan your time effectively-making a schedule for the day or using a planner/ bullet journal is great as you can allocate time slots for each task you have to do and it is extremely satisfying to tick things off. It also gives you a structure to stick to, meaning that you will know what you are doing at all times. Just remember to give yourself breaks!

7. Bye bye electronics-make sure to switch off all electronics you won’t be needing and put them in another room. You can even get someone to hide your phone from you if you think you’ll be tempted!

8. Download “Forest” app-I just downloaded this app recently and it’s amazing! It allows you to plant a tree and this tree will grow if you don’t use your phone. It’s super satisfying and really boosts my productivity, especially in the morning!

9. Eat a healthy breakfast-don’t skip breakfast, make sure that you eat something nutritious and filling, as this will make your brain more switched on and alert. I’m going to make a post soon about healthy breakfast ideas, so stay tuned for that. Some include: oatmeal, berries, bananas, smoothies, wholemeal pancakes, yoghurt.

10. Switch up your location-working/studying can be much more fun if you get out of the house sometimes. Try going to a coffee shop, library or a park if it’s a nice day. You’ll be more likely to want to wake up if you’re going out somewhere. ( I’m also going to be making a post soon about study locations, so stay tuned for that as well!)

hope this helps!


Damon x Reader

Peace finally settled over the house. Stefan was somewhere with Elena and her friends, Damon had left early in the morning and had yet to reappear so you had the whole house to yourself. Deciding to make the most of it you drew yourself a bath, sneaking into Damon’s room for his bubble bath and poured a ridiculous amount in until the whole room smelt.


You fetched yourself a glass of wine and a book, setting them in the bathroom as you hurried to pick out the clothes you’d wear when you got out, striping off and dumping your pyjamas in the corner of your room by the wash basket.


“Damon!” You yelped when you found him sat in your bath.


“Oh… I’m sorry, I naturally assumed you’d been a good girl and run me a bath considering you used all of my bubbles.” He wiggled the half empty pot and raised his eyebrows.

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I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa 2/2

Originally posted by sebastianslilmonster

You guys have been so good to me with the first part to this little sequel ‘I saw Mommy kissing Santa”. I hope you guys enjoy this one.

Summary: It’s Christmas day and nobody is prepared for what’s gonna happen.  Reader x Sebastian

Warning: Fluff and some smut oh boy.

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Summary: After a hunt, you can never sleep. Neither can Dean. While you and him get drunk in the kitchen, you offer to bake him a pie, and things get messy?

hahah rip my summary skills

Request: Hi there! Could you maybe do a story where the reader shows Dean her pie baking skills and he just can’t get over her perfection? It could be as fluffy or smutty as you see fit, of course :)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, language

Word Count: 2.4k

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

It was the night after a hunt; you, Sam, and Dean had just gotten home a little over an hour ago. You’d pretty much went your separate ways for the night as it was almost eleven. You scrubbed your face before you threw on some pyjamas and laid down. You were sure everyone else would be passed out by now, but not you. You tossed and turned, the leftover adrenaline from the hunt keeping you awake. This happened after most hunts, you wouldn’t be able to sleep that night, or the night after. You’d almost always have at least one nightmare, so that kept you awake as well.

After tossing and turning for almost an hour, you decided to get up and take a shower. The clock on your nightstand read midnight as you grabbed some clean clothes and a towel. You made your way down the hallway to the bathroom and started the water, throwing your clothes and towel down on the floor. While you waited for the water to warm up you left the bathroom and went into the kitchen to grab a beer, trying to stay quiet so you didn’t wake the boys. You tossed the cap in the trash can and headed back to the bathroom.

When you got out of the shower you’d realized that you’d forgotten clean panties. That or they fell out somewhere along the way. You wrapped the towel around yourself and opened the bathroom door, looking to the right first, then left. To your left, you were surprised by Dean, who was holding your panties while also wearing a bright red face.

“I uh- I think you dropped these.” He tossed them at you before turning around and walking back the other way.

“Thanks?” you said, probably to quiet for him to hear as he walked away. But damn did he look good in his boxers and t-shirt. You smiled to yourself before closing the door to get dressed.

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Stefan x Reader

Requested by Anon

You smiled as you flopped onto Stefan’s bed. There were other rooms you could have picked to stay in, but, Damon had told you Stefan’s room was free for the weekend and you called dibs. While Damon assumed it was because you were on his side and you were giving him an excuse to turn Stefan away if he came home early, you just liked Stefan’s stuff.

“Ok, so… old movies or Bon Jovi?” You asked yourself after have a lavish bath in Stefan’s top of the line bathtub. “Movies and then music while I fall asleep.”

You turned to set the CD down and flung open Stefan’s cupboard, finding the snuggly jumper you always stuffed at the back of his cupboard and swore that you had no clue as to where it had vanished to, quickly changing into your pyjamas you hopped into his bed and started the movie.

You let out a small scream when you spotted Stefan lurking at his window and had to yell to Damon that you were fine and didn’t need him to come in.

“How long have you been standing there?" You hissed and he smiled as you opened the window. 

“Long enough to know why you’re always so eager for me to get out of town.” He teased and sat at the foot of his bed.

“Well, why’re you back here?” you sighed. 

“Well, this is where I live." He pointed out and you groaned.

“Fair enough, but your away time are like my little holidays, Damon’s all happy on drunk human juice and I’m happy in here with all my junk food… I listen to your music and read your diaries.” You huffed and he raised his eyebrows.

“That explains why you never put them back in order.” Stefan chuckled.

“Hey look the nineteen hundreds are pretty boring, I’m not into old timey violence so I skip those and they get pushed to the side.” You snapped.

“Well, Damon doesn’t know I’m back, if you distract him we could read his diaries.”  Stefan offered and you nodded.

Silence (M) // Park Jimin

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut, Angst

Summary//Request: You’ve been giving Jimin some serious silent treatment, and he ends up giving you a reason to use your voice.

Please note that this scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains smut, hair pulling, breath play, unprotected sex.

“Baby, I already told you I’m sorry…how much longer are you gonna keep up the silent treatment?” you saw Jimin’s face appear in the reflection of your mirror as you sat down at your vanity, calmly brushing your hair and removing your earrings – completely ignoring his entire existence.

“(Y/N)…” he whispered in your ear as his eyes glimmered with devilish infatuation before pressing his plump lips along your neckline – to which you shooed him away, standing up abruptly and almost knocking him to the floor as you began walking into the bathroom to change into your pyjamas. Jimin flopped down on to the bed in frustration, ready to tear his hair out after a full, painstaking 4 hours of being ignored by his girlfriend – you.

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Say It Again | Credence Barebone

Title: Say It Again
Author: Clara
Character: Credence Barebone
Warnings: I don’t think there’re any
Prompt: anon: “Hi there!! 1,2,6,7,9,41,50 w/ my boy Credence pleasee thank you (sorry the prompts are too much😅) -Alien 👽”
Note: Again, I’m still getting used to Credence’s character (and I wrote this @ 3am lmao) so forgive me for the shitty writing pls!

Originally posted by imkylotrash

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