is that your fifth leg or are you just happy to see me


“Hey, baby! How are my two loves doing?” Dean asked in a sweet voice smiling.This was the fifth call but you weren’t complaining because you were happy to see how much he loves you and the baby.Even if he will be home in just a few hours he still misses you and wants to be there with you.

“We’re Ok, babe.But I can’t wait to see you.Our baby too, he misses your voice.I can feel his leg kicking.” You smiled putting your hand on your belly.You were pregnant in seven months.

“Me too.And tell him I’ll be home in…"He looked at the clock.”…eight hours.“

“Yeah..maybe I should sleep until then, my legs are killing me.” “I’ll let you rest then, honey.I love you both.” He smiled.

“We love you too."You smiled thinking how lucky you are to have Dean and the baby that is going to make you even more happy than you are now.