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One thing I haven’t seen anyone mention yet about the FCC disaster is how it’s going to affect LGBTQ teens.

If they repeal net neutrality, then your ISP is going to be charging you separate extras for each website you access, right?

Which means they’re going to TRACK which websites you access, because of course they will, how else are they going to know what to charge you for?

Which means your internet history is going to SHOW UP ON YOUR MONTHLY INTERNET BILL. You know, the ones the parents see every month, in a household with teenagers.

So suppose you have a gay teen, living in a household where it isn’t safe to come out? You know, like the one I was in? The one my husband was in? They now would not be able to look up any information, use any resources, or contact any allies online. You know, the thing I did. The thing my husband had to do. That option is completely off the table if Net Neutrality goes down.

i don’t usually get political but this has all the world to do with my blog and yours.

if you’re an american, please read this. even if you’re not, please read this and signal boost it. 

america has laws on something called net neutrality. this keeps internet service providers from regulating media. without it, they could 

  • block whatever websites they please
  • charge extra for websites
  • charge extra for different categories like social media or research
  • make competitor websites run slower

and our government is voting to repeal it. 

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💓 Sending infinite love to closeted trans folks who are forced to interact with their transphobic family members this Thanksgiving! Your identity, your name and your pronouns are all still valid- even if you can’t safely be open about it yet 💓

I really like the idea of Keith being able to sweep Lance off his feet both literally and figuratively


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