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when i switched blogs i never expected to gain back what i lost, let alone this fast!! so thank you all so much for everything!

these are just some blogs that i love seeing on my dash! if i left you off feel free to deck me :,)


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A friendly reminder to keep an eye on your health during the summer, be it mental or physical! No matter how busy you may be, you have to make time to keep an eye on yourself and prevent any possible issues.

¿Que si me hubiera gustado que te quedaras? Cielos, sí, por supuesto que sí. Y hubiera buscado por todas las maneras posibles que aún estuvieras aquí, cerca de mí, pero no supe porqué te fuiste, porqué te alejaste, y ahora que comienzo a entenderlo quiero volver en el tiempo.
💜Follow Forever💜

I’m back with my 3rd follow forever! I have been on tumblr for about 6 years now but this is my very first kpop blog and the fact that I have 1500+ followers now is insane to me. Thank you all so much for following my mess of a blog. I have met some seriously awesome people and made some amazing friends! So here are to my friends and mutuals who make my time on Tumblr worthwhile!!! ^_^

Honorable mentions aka people who I am friends with or talk to regularly are bolded!

@shownx @hyungnu @kimyumbin @hyungjooki @lostinmonstax @girlinawardrobe @jooheonster @tomatoholmes @1leeminhyuk @twowice @silverkyun @minpuphyuk @cngkyns @kkngie @babywoon @daisydokyung @jookkul @urmomstax @monjinki @ckihyun @m0nst4x @tinytaehyun @supersaiyum @wonkyuna @wonhyu-k @hotseok @wonhosflower @in-wonhos-dreams @wonhos-monbaby @mxmb-candyy @jackseung @thequirkyone @laviette @wonhopes @seoulscapes @floofta-x @chiqkihyun @kihqun @spicyramyeonmonbebe @takeagoodjunglook (new friend ^_^) @wonhontology @ikonic-monbebe @ukihyunnie @eternally-nocturnally