is that you snow

My boy Jon won’t take the furs Sansa made for him ever. Not in sunny Dargonstone. NOT IN THE BLAZING SOUTH.

“What do you mean I’ll get a heat stroke?? Sansa made those for me with her bear hands at the fucking wall I ain’t taking them off”


Jon Snow was Robb Stark’s brother, his best friend, his goddamn /shadow/ from the moment they were big enough to toddle.

Their father fought a war to put an end to the tyrannical dynasty that claimed the lives of their uncle and grandfather in the most horrific and gut wrenching way possible.

Jon’s biological mother died because that dynasty taught their children to take whatever they want, let the consequences be damned.

And David Benioff and DB Weiss are out here trying to tell me that Jon Snow would throw that all away because of an epic love story that’s about as interesting and emotionally charged as a lecture on tax law? Like, that’s the best you could do?


He could feel it crawling under his skin.
Ripping through it, hurting him.
Felt it in every breath he took.
It was sharp and burned like hundred hells.
Almost like a heartache, but harder, deeper.
Leaving him suffering.

Then again, it was like an old friend.
Even with pain it felt good.
Almost pleasant.
At least he was sure that he knows it.

That he knows what fear looks like.

(for @winterishereyourgrace)

People love to hate don't they?

I’m so sick of going onto YouTube and watching this beautiful Jonerys scene that the directors have blessed us with, that has been crafted by the Gods and feeling all the feels to then scroll into the comments and have some of the most hateful, rude people with their own LOUD obnoxious opinions ruining my day. Why can’t people just let others enjoy things? IF YOU DONT LIKE IT GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! GTFO!!!!!!!! AhdjdoslzbheoslshwkkVYJKRJENGWPPAJBENEKWOSLDNBDJEOSPAPAL


jon snow and daenerys targaryen - parallels

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