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"You know why Darth Vader didn't join the fight on Scarif? The fucking planet is a beach, and it has sand."


I??Don’t understand how and why Kathleen Kennedy is president of Lucasfilm???when she denounced Rogue One being a political movie when it IS a political movie??? Like, does that mean the other Star Wars movies aren’t political too when they ARE political????

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Um so you don't need to answer this if you don't want to but who's Kathleen and what happened?

Okay, this is a fair question for the newer fans or people who are maybe only familiar with one or two shows. 

But, just before I get started, you’ve got to understand that, as someone who’s been following Rooster Teeth for 11 years and has consumed about 80% of the content they and all of their subsidiaries have ever put out, I’m tired of this shit happening and am not here to get into a fight about it. 

Kathleen Zeulch is one of the original members of RT, the voice of Tex in RvB and Glynda in RWBY most prolifically and she’s done a lot for the company overall. She’s always been good to the community and taken a lot of interest in it and did a lot of fundraising back in the day, and I think she still does, but I admittedly haven’t kept up with her enough to know for sure. 

She’s been involved, heavily, since the beginning, unlike Dan Godwin, Jason Saldaña and Yomary Cruz who are the other original voices that didn’t take that leap with Burnie, Gus, Joel and Geoff. They’ve been around and poked their head in from time to time, but they’ve always managed to stay pretty separate from the fame of the company. (And yes I know there are others like Nathan, before anyone tries to tell me I’m forgetting someone) 

Here’s the kicker, she never got nearly the same amounts of fame as the guys, and has always, somehow been sidelined. A lot of the fans love her, but the media just never took her on, it was always the guys.

I think 2012/2013 is where things started to come to a head, or however you want to put it. She got involved with doing some work with the Make a Wish foundation, because a fair number of fans used their wish to go to RTX or meet one of the members, and if memory serves right (aka I’m not 100%) she wanted to keep doing fundraising for sick kids and RT were never all that supportive of it. 

Not to say they were negative about it, but it was more just an “okay, you do that then” kinda response, and that was upsetting. She was trying to do something good and they were pretty indifferent about it, only to come out a year or two later and make a huge deal about doing Extra Life.

Strike 1.

There’s another thing that comes to mind that’s going to be relevant, even if it is minor. 

Barbara. She got slightly involved with what happened last night.

A while back there was an RT Life that went up that was just a handful of them playing American Football using a grifball plush. Harmless. But there’s a point around 2:30 where Barb makes some crude gestures in the background, y’know, finger in a hole and hip thrusting kind of deal, just Barb being Barbara.

And the next day, on twitter Kathleen had made a non-direct tweet about it, saying something about how women role models need to hold themselves to a higher standard and what she did was unprofessional. It didn’t mention her directly but Barbara replied that it wasn’t serious and felt like she shouldn’t be put under a microscope. They went back and forth for a bit until Burnie made a comment that shut them up, on twitter at least. 

And there’s been a bit of bad blood between Kath and Barb since, and I’ll add to why in a minute.

Strike 2.

It’s hard to know a lot of what goes on behind the scenes, because, as much as they talk about their personal lives on the podcasts and share stories, that’s all they are edited events that they tell us, and this community would do well to keep in mind that, at the end of the day, they all control what we see and hear from them. 

So, let’s get to what happened yesterday. (and please bear in mind that I missed all of this because I don’t use twitter all that much)

It was International Women’s Day, as I’m sure most people know, and of course several RT members made tweets about it, including Burnie and Ashley. Who Kathleen replied to.

Someone took screenshots of everything that was said, so, read for yourself and try to ignore the poster’s comments. Kathleen’s since deleted her twitter apparently.

The main thing that people took away from this is that Kathleen unfairly attacked Ashley for being married to Burnie by implying that she’s where she is because of that relationship. 

Barbara made a tweet after with just the song “True Colours” attached 

Strike 3.

My beautiful wife Mary pretty much summarised my feelings on this, and we have been discussing it.

So, here’s just a few more things.

@pathfinderallison explains the whole thing with Barbara in her post too

Kathleen worked, and she worked and never got the recognition that the ladies at RT get today, and she’s pretty rightfully upset that they’re saying RT has always been good to its female employees when they weren’t good to her.

If you’ve got the time, I’d say you should take a quick look at her Youtube channel, or at the very least her most recent video. 

And finally, keep in mind that she put over ten years of her life into that company. Ten years

Obi Wan was the only white dude member of the Jedi Council so when I get my Old Republic Star Wars movie there damn well better be a majority of people of color in the cast playing Jedi. The only human Jedi we saw on the council besides Obi Wan are Mace Windu and Depa Billaba.

So hey, for continuity purposes, there should be barely any white Jedi, or none at all, in an Old Republic movie.

And if you’re wondering if this is directed at Kathleen Kennedy’s white brunette fetish, you would be correct. Give me a movie of all nonwhite Jedi.

Songs that remind me of Philkas

7- Catfish and The Bottlemen
Adelaide- Meg Myers
Agnes- Glass Animals
Anything- Catfish and The Bottlemen
Atic- Astrid S
Better for It- Foreign Air
BITE- Troye Sivan
BLUE- Troye Sivan
Bonfire- The Hunna
Business- Catfish and the Bottlemen
Can’t Help Falling in Love- twenty one pilots (cover)
Clouds- BØRNS
Cocoon- Catfish and the Bottlemen
COOL- Troye Sivan
Diamond Heart- Lady Gaga
DKLA- Troye Sivan
Doubt- twenty one pilots
EASE- Troye Sivan
Electric Love- BØRNS
The Emotion- BØRNS
Fallingforyou- The 1975
FOOLS- Troye Sivan
for him.- Troye Sivan
Happy Accidents- Saint Motel
HEAVEN- Troye Sivan
Holding On To You- twenty one pilots
It’s You- BØRNS (cover)
Kathleen- Catfish and the Bottlemen
Linger- The Cranberries
LOST BOY- Troye Sivan
Medicine- The 1975
Million Reasons- Lady Gaga
THE QUIET- Troye Sivan
Somebody Else- The 1975
The Sound- The 1975
TALK ME DOWN- Troye Sivan
Think About You- LÉON
TOO GOOD- Troye Sivan
WILD- Troye Sivan
Without You- Oh Wonder
YOUTH- Troye Sivan

captain phasma was originally supposed to be played by benedict cumberbatch until they decided to make it a female role. thank you kathleen kennedy and gwendoline christie for saving us from this hell!


You can leather me with your lips……

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Valentines Day: Romantic Comedies

By Teilani (enfjs-r-us), ENFJ Mod.

Does any one remember that dog and his bone story from when we were kids? Years later and I realized the concept kinda stuck with me. Below is a list of a few movies with the common theme of realizing that special someone right under your nose (figuratively speaking).

You’ve Got Mail: ESTJ with ISFJ. What if you got to know a person, the way they really were, not projecting what you wanted others to see, but the real you instead? Kathleen and Joe couldn’t stand each other in real life, but online, fell in love with each others thoughts and company — separate from any personal details.

Clueless: ESFJ with INFP (I think). Consistent with the theme. Cher finally realizes she’s “butt-crazy” in love with Josh, but it takes one of her friends crushing on him to realize the source of her jealousy. How would you act, once you had such a far out realization? I love how awkward this realization made reigning socialite Cher act around Josh.

Only You: ENFP with INFP. Faith is set on finding her soul mate. The guy belonging to the name she got off a Ouija board when she was twelve. She finds him. But, what happens when Faith realizes he lied about his name? How far would you go to make destiny happen.

Laws of Attraction: ISTJ with INFJ. What if you realized you were actually in love with the person you accidentally married at an Irish festival? Might work. Two divorce lawyers get married while investigating opposing sides of the same divorce case. One believes in divorce law, the other doesn’t. I’m glad the ISTJ didn’t win this case.

Merry Valentines Day! :)

“Scandals from within Beacon! Hello, I’m Lisa Lavender and today I’m reporting a scandal started by Beacon’s own professor, Glynda Goodwitch! Miss Goodwitch has openly accused 2nd year student Coco Adel of only getting into Beacon by dating Taiyang Xiao Long, who then used his connections to get her in! We will have more of this as it develops.”

So, the FUN story behind this; Kathleen decided to make a jab at Ashley on Twitter, when Ashley made a tweet thanking Rooster Teeth and the people that work there. Kathleen said “ All due respect but you married the owner.  Other strong women started and never got your opportunities.” and went on to imply that Ashley only got there because she married Burnie.

What followed afterwards was a glorious shitfest not seen since Shane wrote that letter, with people calling Kathleen out on belittling Ashley’s work, and her responding back in an unprofessional manner.

I decided to have some fun and whipped up this picture which accurately captures the details. Also, there’s screenshots of her tweets.

EDIT: 3/9/17 5:48 AM

Her Twitter account was either suspended, or she deactivated it herself. Regardless, it’s gone, either by embarrassment or in an attempt to hide it all, but the screenshots still exist.