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VIXX-OTPS has reached its third year and has achieved 20,110+ followers! I hope you all enjoyed the 15-day countdown this year and thank you very much for these 3 years! ♥ I hope we would be able to celebrate again next year~

man  heck.  i  really  miss  mattie  but  muse  has  been  low.  one  day  i’ll  come  back  to  him  &  that  day  will  be  soon.

Also, I know I don’t say it often. But seriously feel free to headcanon the shit around, through, and inside out of my meta/lore post. I’m here to present canonical lore for those who want it, but also presenting it so you know what shit to tear apart, tear down, and collage into whatever you want.

I do it.

For instance, I know the elven genetics canon. Canonically a half elven baby is going to be 100% the other parent, but also bullshit. My half elves are actually half and share features of both parents.

Also it’s incredibly uncommon for elven mages in Tevinter to be made Magisters, but also not impossible if a Magister chooses one to take their seat as heir. So have an Elven Magister in a Tevinter AU, you’re welcome.


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I appreciate everyone following this trashcan of a washed up fanfiction writer who needs to be studying more than being on here. 

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If I missed anyone you know where I’ll be. Right now I am trying to work on my massive fanfic project. I’m about 15,000 words deep and only halfway. Also, classes begin Monday, but this semester is going to go so much smoother than the last one. I cannot really do much but just thank everyone.


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This doesnt have much to do with this blog but I like coming here every so often because it feels nice. Over the past five years I feel like it became harder and harder to stay in touch with my friends with whom I used to be extremely close and talk daily. Now literally no one is really around anymore and I feel terribly lonely. It feels like I'm the only one left whos even trying and actually feeling this sad about it. I wish they cared again. thanks for listening. this blog comforts me.

Hey, I got this message this morning, but I’ve honestly been thinking about it the whole day and was trying to think of a good way to respond, so here goes nothing lol.

EDIT: Ok, I added a

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I know you probably get this question so often, but as a fan of droplets I was wondering if you have a date you're shooting for it to come out? Also I love your latest works! I'm sorry they aren't getting the recognition they deserve, but I would attribute that to the SNK fandom being less popular rather than your talent.

you can find all droplets update information and links on this part of my blog :^) i also keep an estimated update on the front page of the fic itself

the answer is this i’m shooting for this semester (any time between now and march 18th), but my university work comes first. if it doesn’t get done this semester, it won’t be until july at the earliest, i’m afraid (i have exams, my thesis, my viva …)

ok i took care of it !!! goodnight, i love y'all. n sorry my blog from hell is so disorganized and personal lately, i’m really trying to make it better..also, sidenote, i’m so thankful for all the people i’ve met thanks to this awful website, it really has impacted me in a big way

url song tag ~~

wow wow wow I haven’t done a tag  in so long! (mostly because I forget to do them oops ;;;;) Thank you to @momosrainbowcat for tagging me - I love your super cute blog and thank you for always tagging me to do the tags ^^! I’ll try and be unpredictable with my choices~~

U - Up & Down by EXID
N - No Make Up by Zion.t
L - L.I.U by Boys Republic 
O - Oasis by Crush ft. Zico
Y - Your Number by SHINee
A - A-CHA by Super Junior
L - Lion Heart by Girls Generation
T - Take A Shot by HOTSHOT
A - All I Wanna Do by Jay Park ft. Hoody & Loco
E - Electric Shock by f(x)

I tried to choose songs I wouldn’t normally, but all of these songs I 100% recommend!~~ 

I will tag @aririkuru, @youmakemylifecolourful, @snowflakejin, @saranghae-hoe, @jinsweater, @sofaraway-yoongi, @nauijimin ~~

Since I’ve had an argument about this topic yesterday, I want to clarify it for each and everyone who might stumble upon my blog.
I do not ship Chris and Piers because they “look cute together”.
I do ship them because I think they have so many things in common. They share a bond that you don’t see often (in videogames, but also in real life.). They trust each other, they respect each other, they share traumatas and can help each other to face their haunting past. They would (and do) literally die for each other. They look out after each other. And these are just a few reasons that came to my mind. There are more, don’t worry. In my opinion it is believable that they’re in love. In my opinion you can see that throughout the game.

I’m perfectly fine if you do not like Nivanfield. It is a choice. If you like another pair, it’s fine. People can like the pairing they want. I’d never tell them their ship is “wrong” or “bad”. Because it isn’t. No ship is “wrong” or “bad”.
So please don’t tell me Nivanfield is “wrong”. And please don’t tell me that I just ship them because they’re cute together.

How to write your book step 173

Read and let read.

Read books. Read so many books. Read websites and magazines and postcards and the backs of every packet you use. Read tags and reports and articles. Read poems. Read often. Read out of your comfort zone. Read things you don’t understand. Read things that challenge you. Read words that you need to google the meaning of.

Reading will widen your horizons and by absorbing all of these words you obtain new sentence structures, new words, new grammar, new ideas. Fresh thoughts will flow out of your excessive reading. Capture them, write them down, don’t let them get away.

Driving Tips & Reminders

It seems that some people don’t actually know HOW to drive properly before they get their license and start making a mess of the road. So for people who drive (or plan on it) here’s some way too mistakes that I see way too often, and also some tips as well.

  1. if you’re at a light, and it’s red, but there is no sign that says ‘no turn on red’ and you are turning right, YOU CAN TURN. as long as you yield to all other oncoming traffic, you can turn right at a red light, unless there’s a sign saying you can’t (or some other reason like police / construction). but I am sick of being stuck behind people at red lights that intend to turn right but don’t?? if there isn’t a sign that says you can’t… TURN.
  2. if you’re at an intersection and wanting to turn in either direction, and there’s a green light (green light, not arrow), you can still pull up to the middle of the intersection and turn when you have an opening. this is not illegal, as the other side can’t go yet since they have a red light, and if you aren’t able to turn when your light turns yellow or red, the opposing traffic will have to wait until you do make your turn before they can go (but there’s like a 1-2 lapse between your light turning red and the other traffic’s turning green, so you have a window before then anyway, unless some idiot is trying to rush the red light on from the side you’re facing).
  3. unless you are passing someone or planning on making a left turn, STAY OUT OF THE FAST / PASSING LANE (aka the left lane). this is specifically the lane for people who are passing cars in the right lane, and for people making left turns or getting in the next lane if there’s more than 2 lanes. if I have to go into the SLOW LANE (the right lane which is where regular non-passing traffic goes) to get around you, and you’re not PASSING anyone, that is ridiculous and annoying. (and illegal.)
  4. maintain a reasonable distance from the car in front of you. 1 car length for every 10 mph you’re going, on DRY roads / clear weather. Double that for larger or hazardous vehicles (buses, construction vehicles, tractor trailers, tow trucks, etc), and for rain / wet roads; triple it for moderate to heavy snowfall. I cannot tell you how many people love to kiss my ass, and not in the fun way. this is called tailing, and is not only ILLEGAL, but very fucking dangerous. also it’s incredibly rude.
  5. also maintain a reasonable distance when stopping behind vehicles. if I can’t see your lights (whether they’re on or not) in my rearview mirror, YOU ARE TOO CLOSE. my driving instructor suggested to line up the bottom of the other car’s tires (the one in front of you, where their tires meet the pavement) with the bottom of your windshield or hood. this is about 6-8 feet or so (I haven’t measured) and a good distance– if you’re on flat terrain. if you’re uphill or downhill, increase it.
  6. don’t ride your brakes going downhill. this wears them out much quicker then pumping the brakes (putting your foot on the brake then taking it off, repeat). riding the brakes means you constantly have your foot down on the brake while you’re going downhill at a relatively high speed.
  7. It’s called a STOP SIGN for a reason, folks. not a yield sign, not a ‘only stop if I see someone else isn’t coming’ sign, not a ‘rush through it to get in front of oncoming traffic’ sign. It means STOP. Full complete stop, where you can hear the brakes and feel the car jerk slightly, and you are no longer in motion. I don’t care if it’s 3 am and there’s literally no one else in sight– you fucking stop at a stop sign.
  8. Only use your high beams outside of large residential or populated areas where there aren’t many or any street lights, and don’t use them if you can see another vehicle fairly close in front of you. If there is another car coming in the other lane, turn them off until they pass. High beams make it extremely difficult to see the road when they’re blinding you in the face (and they also reflect in rear view mirrors and distract drivers in front of you), so don’t use them unless you need to and there’s no one else around (except if only cars are behind you.)
  9. USE YOUR GODDAMN TURN SIGNALS. THEY EXIST FOR A REASON. Just like stop signs, these aren’t negotiable. If you are making a turn, changing lanes, pulling out, whatever– use your turn signal to indicate you want to move in any direction besides FORWARD.
  10. Check your blind spots before you change lanes or pull out. Your blind spots are the areas where none of your mirrors (the rear view mirror and your two side mirrors) show, so you have to look through the secondary smaller windows (which I’m pretty sure most if not all cars have?) And don’t tint those – it will make it a bitch to see, and believe me, you NEED to see out of them, or you will end up hitting someone / someone hitting you.
  11. Flash your lights when you want to indicate to someone they can pull in front of you, turn, etc– basically use them to give your right of way to someone else. You can do so by pulling your left turn signal forward (towards you)– it briefly turns your high beams on for as long as it’s held. Just pull it twice in quick succession and people should get the hint.
  12. If you’re coming to a stop, and there is an entrance / exit, a driveway or another road on your side, DON’T BLOCK IT. stop before it, if there isn’t enough room to fit your car behind the one in front of you without getting your back end in the way. You never know who might want to pull into or out of this road, and you’ll be holding up traffic if someone has to wait in the other lane to turn and everyone else has to wait behind them because you didn’t leave an opening and could have.
  13. Give people 5-10 seconds after a light turns green before you actually beep at them to move. Some people don’t have as quick reaction time, some are distracted (which is unsafe but, at least they’re not moving), and some just lose track of time and don’t see it. I appreciate polite reminders that ‘hey, the light’s green, let’s go’ when I’m actually there longer than I should be. But if it’s literally been 3 seconds after the light turns and someone beeps at me? That’s just being impatient and rude.
  14. Drive defensively, NOT aggressively. The road belongs to the state / government, not to you, so don’t treat it like it does. Be courteous, let people through if you can, and COMMUNICATE.
  15. I VERY HIGHLY suggest going through Driver’s Ed and getting a driving instructor. It is well worth your money and time, and you WILL be a better driver for it, whether you’ve never driven in your life, or you’ve been driving for decades. Whatever you think you know about driving, believe me– it will teach you something you didn’t know. Also anyone who goes through Driver’s Ed gets a certificate proving such, and pretty much all car insurances offer a discount to people who have completed the courses.
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Do you know the name of the other anime in the 2.0 comparison you just posted?

this blog a lot of times runs on a well stocked queue. so unless you give us a post number it’s fairly difficult to find what and where you’re talking about. 

if you could give us a post number ill be able t give you better answer to waht you’re talking about. 

- admin unit 01 

probably the best part tbh

of my Helpful Guide to Renaissance Italy:

me: okay, so Naples was a mess, people were always invading and the Neapolitans didn’t really take most of them very seriously, because - well, people were always invading

students: ok

me: but it wasn’t war like the northern Italians’ pretend wars, it was actual, bloody war, and often kind of absurd

students: huh?

me: okay, to give you an idea, I think there’s a story that really illustrates the Problem of Naples

me: once upon a time, two men both decided they were rightful king of Naples. One of them was a French guy called Louis, the Duke of Anjou, and the other was a Spanish guy called Alfonso, King of Aragón

students: *yawn*

me: anyway, they’re fighting it out, and Louis’ people manage to kill Alfonso’s beloved brother Pedro, which obviously upset him

students: zzz

me: Louis didn’t exactly apologize. By which I mean that he stuffed Pedro’s corpse into a cannon and shot it at them

students: zzzzwHAT

me: Yep! Of course, Alfonso was enraged and decided he was going to burn Louis’ most important city to the ground.

me: So he stopped by Marseille on the way home and set it ON FIRE. But it rained and put the fires out. 

students: hahaha, ok

me: But Alfonso wasn’t going to give up that easily! So he set it on fire again and it rained again. So he said, ok, maybe it was the will of God or something, and he’d try one more time, and if it rained again, he’d know God wanted him to go home quietly. So he tried one last time. And guess what?

students: it rained?

me: NOPE! It didn’t and he razed Marseille to the ground. And went home in a much better mood. Any questions?

students: …

students: ……

me: It Was Another Time

Hi! So I’m finding it really difficult to find the time to maintain two blogs at the same time, so I’ve decided to merge this with my film blog. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while bc 1) i often end up posting the same content on both blogs bc film, musicals/theatre, les mis, and poto often intertwine 2) i’ve been neglecting this blog even after i finished my exams 3) ive found it difficult to keep up with messages on both blogs. So! As of right now my blog ramonnovarro will be my main blog. It will be a mix of personal posts (it also used to be my personal blog), theatre, film, social justice-y things, les mis and poto. Everything will be tagged accordingly.

Please don’t feel pressured into following the blog if you don’t want to! Even if we’re mututals, I will completely understand you if you decide you don’t want the content i post on your dash. 

I will try to refollow all of my mutuals on that blog,  but if I do forget you it’s not on purpose. Feel free send me a message if that happens.

TLDR: I’m merging this blog with my film blog, if u wanna keep up with me follow me at ramonnovarro


Okay, so this is something I’ve been meaning to address for awhile. I might get hate for it, but whatever, it needs to be said.

Just because I’m a fan of Leafy, to the extent where I have an entire fucking blog dedicated to him, it doesn’t mean I’m going to agree w/ and be on board w/ everything he says and does.

This is something I have to explain to people often. Now, while I think Calvin is very intelligent, and he makes a lot of good points in the majority of his videos (the older ones most all the time, ngl), there are some things he says, does, and jokes about that I just cannot support.

Does this make me a bad fan? Does this make me a fake fan? No. It just means I’m objective, and have different opinions than Calvin does sometimes. There is absolutely nothing wrong w/ that.

For example, do you agree w/ every single thing your friends say? No, you probably don’t. I don’t. Does it lessen any friendships I have? No! YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE YOUR OWN THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, AND OPINIONS, INDEPENDENT OF THOSE OF THE PEOPLE THAT YOU SUPPORT. You can be a fan of Leafy, and still be a free-thinker.

Just because you are a fan of someone, it doesn’t mean you have to side w/ them 100% of the time. It is okay to have your own opinion(s), and it doesn’t make you a better or worse fan for being objective.