is that why it looks off


First off, Rih ain’t want y'all to begin with. Why is it that when Rihanna doesn’t want a black man, y'all mad asf but y'all not even settling for black women unless they Rihanna, B, or Nicki?

And ain’t nothing wrong with this. Rihanna dated a black man and he whooped her ass and y'all made a JOKE about it for YEARS, so she looked for a man elsewhere. She isn’t degrading or bashing black men, like how some of y'all do with black women, she simply dated out of her race.

Y'all dehumanize black women when we are here for you then get all in y'all feelings when we date people out of our race.

And he fine anyways tf and I heard he won’t white so y'all can gtfo.

‘Pro-Life’ - Orisa, Efi

Speed prompt, written in 17 minutes. 


“Efi, are you awake?”

Efi opened her eyes. She was now… “We talked about sleep, Orisa, remember?” she said, carefully rolling over in her bed so she didn’t knock any of her many plush omnics off. “When I’m asleep, you shouldn’t wake me up.”

“That is why I asked if you were awake. If you were not awake, I would not ask you my question.”

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Because I'm a horrible person who lives off of angst I started thinking about something similar to Emperor Stark in AA, and Steve's going to fight Tony and not everyone's sure he can do it, and Nat brings up "you know, that's exactly what Tony said abt Arsenal, and we ALL know how that turned out, and you didn't really look ready to fight him last time this happened" then Steve and Tony fight and it's SAD and people almost die on both sides. So, yeah, I'll just leave this here.

nonny……………why do you like Pain™

but wait holy shit this actually reminds me of the (arguably) most heartbreaking scene of the AA season 3 finale:

Steve is the ONLY one who doesn’t raise his weapon to fight. What does he do instead? He shields his face. He chooses to defend rather than attack. He can’t bring himself to. How could he, when the choice involves sacrificing the man he loves?

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let's not forget that 90% of the clothes jin wears to airports are fan gifts, and a lot of them dont match with each other as diff fansites gift diff styles of clothings. jin seems to want to show them off to his fans more than thinking abt making a fashion statement, and imo often is the reason why he wears mismatched outfits. tbh his personal wardrobe seems to be made up of neutrals plus some pink and blue. jin is a minimalist but discards that image when he puts his fansites' gifts first

oh yes you’re right!!! now i remember he said he often wear clothes that are given by fans too because he knows how looking at someone wearing your gifts made you happy so he wants to do it to his fans as well. he’s so thoughtful :”)

"lighten up no one died"

Notice how before he says that David looks kinda angry or at least annoyed. And as soon as he says it he realizes it and starts to apologize before Jack cuts him off.
So why would he get so upset then? Well what if- and here me out here -what if Sarah isn’t the oldest Jacobs child.
In the stage version of newsies Sarah is never mentioned, but we all assume she still exists. So what if there’s a fourth Jacobs child older than the rest that was also never mentioned by David or Les. Their older brother.
What if they had an older brother who was a trolley worker. He went on strike with the union, which was something David really admired. Except at one rally things got violent, and he was killed. David and Les had to go to work to make up for both their father and their brothers lost income. Which would explain why both of them had to go. And would also explain why David was that hesitant to strike with the newsies. His brother died therefore he’s cautious, but he still wants to do right by him. It would also explain why David was so upset and regretful when and after saying “lighten up no one died”. Jack shouldn’t be that upset because Crutchie is still alive. Jack didn’t lose him. The circumstances alone upset David and everything just keeps reminding him of his brother, so he lashes out. He and Les never mention it because it’s too painful for them
This is a total shit post conspiracy theory but wouldn’t it be so much more emotional if they had a brother?? Like davids development and involvement in the strike. His motives would be completely different and a lot deeper and ahhhh

Why are we not discussing these things about today’s G/M/S&G/M/S/More? Link saying to Rhett that he wants him to feel some emotions, any emotions, and continuing to say things like that throughout the episode. All of the flirting. The bit in G/M/S/More where Link mentioned Mexico and Rhett gave him an odd look before quickly making it about the prunes, Then stumbling over what he was saying about prunes being delivered to Link’s room, which included a room number that Link then said “Don’t give out my room number, I’m still there” and then Rhett said “That was my room number” and they just quite and someone (stevie I believe) made a snickering/laughing sound before they started talking about the gummy again. and the bit about “Make us agree on something (their guess for the gummies) our relationship depends on it”

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I’d LOVE to read a fic of them just- satisfying their power and professionalism kinks because you know they both have it. Example:

Magnus: “Mr. Lightwood, Congratulations on being the Head of the Institute. How does it feel to be the man on top?”

Alec: “I love it. But not as much as I love having the High Warlock of Brooklyn under me and begging for it.”

Why else would he look this smug and aroused?


Ok, so…

First of all, I did like how Alex revealed herself to Spencer. That was a spot on reveal.  Kudos to whomever wrote/directed that part.

I also liked how Mona kept Alex and Mary as her doll pets, even if I have to overlook the plot holes created by everyone wondering why the police didn’t take them to the station.

I am getting really tired of acknowledging amazing acting skills in a subpar situation. (Vanessa Ray, Troian, Janell, Andrea- looking at you 4). Fact is- they deserved a better wrap up to what was once an amazingly well written story. Thank the heavens that they can act as well as they do, because it helped take some of the sting out of these “reveals”.  Their acting abilities deserved so much more.

If I had to speculate, and I’m gonna, I think this once amazingly well written story went off the rails when the writers began to cater to the shippers.  For this story to be true to its’ original form, Alison would have had to come clean about a lot of stuff that happened “that night”.

Ezra should have at the very least lost his teaching license. (Which, maybe he did, because he isn’t teaching anymore)

As for Spoby and Caleb.  Well, Spoby probably had the best shot at a true happy ending, given that Spaleb was a huge pill for Hanna to swallow.

However, I think at some point, the powers that be decided the best way to keep the ratings up was to tease the shippers.  I also believe that they thought that if the shippers (pretty much) got their way in the series finale, they would take the rest of it with a grain of salt.

All of that said, I hated Cece’s reveal, because so much of it didn’t make sense.  Shower Harvey as both Red Coat AND Black Widow?!

The Cece/Charles/Charlotte thing wasn’t horrid, though her reasons for torturing the girls were, and her explanation of how Marion Cavanaugh was killed didn’t make any sense at all timeline/age of character wise.

So, I stupidly held on to the hope that everything would somehow make sense in the end.  And, on that note, all I have to say is…


Alex Drake should have been revealed as Uber A instead of Cece Drake back in season 6 after the Dollhouse. Sara Harvey should have never existed and instead Cece should have been her accomplice as they were sisters. Cece should have been red coat and Alex could have been black widow. Looking back it was clear PLL should have ended then but i appreciated the time jump and seeing all the characters development. I feel the disappointment for everyone, how it wasn’t a character we already knew but Troian did an amazing job in my opinion and none of the other liars would have pulled it off. 

Small detail that bugs me is why they didn’t call her Avery or Alice. In fact when Alex first spoke and said her name in that terrible british accent i misheard her and thought she said Alice Drake.

The way Wren played a part in the finale was very unexpected. It made no sense how he would be so loyal to Alex who he just met when he knew Spencer first and was kinda in love with Spencer and always cared about her. To think he went along with Alex’s plan and didn’t even try to warn the girls upsets me. Im sad he was only in flashbacks and my heart is broken that Alex killed him. Also i find it strange how he agreed to be the father of the Twins. Such a sad ending for one of my all time favourite characters. I feel Marlene didn’t do Wren justice at all. 

Melissa. When the black hoodie turned around and it was Melissa i was really delighted. I would have been super happy with her reveal. Sadly it was a mask.

Bethany Young. I am most annoyed that we wasted most of season 4 on Bethany Young and trying to fit her into the mystery. She clearly had no significance at all and i don’t understand why the writers didn’t try to tie her into the finale. 

The episode was rushed. I felt the first hour was fine but boy was the last 20 minutes pathetic! I needed another hour for closure…

I loved Aria in the finale and Ezra too. They deserve to be happy.

I really thought Hanna and Caleb would be getting a divorce by the end of the finale..

When Alison met with Pam i interpreted the whole conversation wrong and i thought Pam was sick and going to die or something.

Toby’s decision to pick the real Spencer was very satisfying to watch and i appreciated Jenna’s sense of smell in warning Toby lol.

Mona. Im glad Mona got her happy ending. What a final scene. It really brought everything full circle. Iconic.

The whole ending with Addison missing was funny i was totally expecting that but it also brought the full circle effect.

Overall im happy. Of course we will find a thousand plotholes but the show needed to end now. Im sad there won’t be another episode to look forward to ever again but i can’t wait to rewatch the show for the rest of my life because it will always remain my favourite even though it tested my patience along the way!. I enjoyed reading every theory and theorising myself throughout the years as it made the experience worthwhile. This isn’t the end for me because i will still theorize about the show and talk about it like it is still on screen forever bye

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1 and 8 for Finn Balor😂😭🙈

“Finn!” You shouted at the dark, haired Irishman. Balor was attempting to drag you down the hallway away from Dean. “Finn! Let me go!”

You shrugged him off your wrist, “(Y/n), if you don’t come with me right now, so help me God-”

“You’ll do what? Hm? Just talk to me. What’s wrong?”

Finned huffed, he looked all coiled up like he was ready to hit something. “What am supposed to say, (Y/N)?” He yelled at you, “What do you want me to say? I just don’t like the way he looks at you. I don’t like the way he talks to you.”

“Why are you so jealous?” You threw your hands in the air. “We’re just friends. Just like you and I.”

“We’re not just friends and you fucking know it!” He growled. 

You stopped, “What did you just say?”

Finn let out a sigh and let his shoulders relaxed. “You know how I feel about you, love.”

“Uh. No I don’t.” You rolled your eyes, “It’s not like you ever tell me anything.”

Suddenly the back of your body was pressed against the wall and Finn was pressed against your front. His lips were against your, feverish and hungry for you. 

It seemed like an eternity that you two stood there, snogging in the middle of the hallway. You didn’t want it to ever stopped and when Finn finally let up, you whimpered.

“Does this tell you enough?” He gasped against your lips.

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Don't worry it's all PR

IKR??? Also PR???

The World’s Fanciest Errand Boy&Girl were out driving yesterday—-which is seemingly nothing, but it isn’t:

Both Trolly-y and Meme-y flew up, presumably leaving their vehicles in LA–and when you shoot on location (as the show is doing in Van City) in studio supplied housing (as they are currently doing), the show van(s) come and pick you up/drop you off every day. It’s why they’re all clearly living in the same complex and generally seen out walking to places.

Van City isn’t that big and they’d also probably have someone (not WFEB&G) to drive you around for shit or town car/Uber…but THERE they were driving, which meant they chose to go somewhere, AWAY from everybody else before work AND Lili was looking a bit more dolled up than she normally does for hanging out.

So they rented a car or are now leasing/bought one and are doing it to have more SH time…and no, show errand running for the breakout stars of a network show IS not what they spend their time doing.

Can you imagine Lois’ reaction though?

Lois: What the hell are you up to at 3:30 in the morning, Smallville?

Clark: I’m researching local dialects.

Lois: Why?

Clark: I used ‘ain’t’ in a JLA meeting and Bruce about dropped dead, so I’m looking for more regional words to use.

Lois: You’re looking up words so you can piss Bruce off?

Clark: Yep. 

Lois: I’ll go get my laptop.

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Thank you thank you thank you I'm scared but idk your blog low key keeps me calm

There’s no need to thank me, I’m glad I can spread some calmness and sense :) And while we’re here, why don’t I get some stuff off my chest that I think it is important to consider in these circumstances:

The member who is in discussions still is not selfish, or a traitor, or a bad person. Let’s look at it this way - this is their career, their life and their dreams. Taking time to carefully think about what they really want is a sensible thing to do. This is a business contract that determines what they will and will not be able to do over the next X amount of years with Woollim - that includes creative freedom, different opportunities and also how much they need to give to Woollim (including time, talent, energy, earnings etc). 

How can we possibly begrudge this member their time to negotiate, when over the last seven years they have given us so much? 

Furthermore, the talks they are in with Woollim are described as positive. Shouldn’t we trust in them to come to an agreement with Woollim that works for them both? If they wanted to leave, do you think they would still be in negotiations? No, they would have left. Woollim wants to keep them, they want to stay as well. Let’s just keep positive and hope things work out well!

Please everyone, stay calm and be happy that INFINITE aren’t going anywhere any time soon!

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Ewwww you're black! You're so ugly Grayson would never go for you

Oh boy, here we go again.

First off, the correct terminology you’re looking for is brown not black and if we’re going into details, the shade is ‘dusky’ you colour blind moron.

Secondly, if it truly was such a crime being a complexion that was on the darker end of the spectrum, why do men of your seemingly superior white race, call us exotic, shamelessly leering at us, their eyes bulging out of their sockets?

Thirdly, I COULD NOT CARE LESS WHETHER GRAYSON WOULD GO FOR ME OR NOT. My life is not dependant on a boy who does not know I exist nor will it EVER be on any boy. Unlike you, I have more important goals to achieve, like making a name for myself, having a career, oh and HAVING AN IDENTITY that is not shadowed by anybody, especially not a boy. 

Fourthly, if your skin does crawl knowing I’m not white, then get off my feed and stop obsessing over everything I do. Beauty doesn’t come with instructions, specific requirements and labels, you ignorant dimwit. Every shade of the human race is breathtaking and no one colour is better than the other. And if it were so, there would never be so many poems, figures of speech and the like that compare the concept of beauty to darker shades of life. 

So, get your racist, uneducated, bratty white ass off my blog, stop obsessing over me and I sincerely hope for the love of God, when the time comes, you realise just how big of a fool you’re growing up to be.

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kinda going on your point i always rme at people being like "i was looking forward to lgbt representation with lup and that's why im upset with blupjeans" like. the t. the t???? THE T IN LGBT, IT DOESN'T CHANGE BECAUSE SHE LOVES A DUDE, y'all,

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