is that why it looks off


WONDER TWEEK: Oh jesus christ, who even told you–

WONDER TWEEK: Wait, n-no!

WONDER TWEEK: I didn’t even tell anybody!

MOSQUITO: Tell anybody what?


WONDER TWEEK: No! What if Craig actually is alive and he’s looking at your blog right now?!

WONDER TWEEK: What if he thought that it’s weird?!

WONDER TWEEK: What if he already thinks I’m weird because of earlier, and that’s why he didn’t even come to the meet up today!






MYSTERION: Knock it off!

MYSTERION: If you two are going to rough house, take it to the training area.

WONDER TWEEK: GHHGH! No, we’re not rough housing!

MOSQUITO: [crying] Bzzzhzhzhzhhhzzzzzzz…

MYSTERION: It sure sounds like it.


WONDER TWEEK: Clyde, you better hope Craig isn’t dead.

MOSQUITO: Zzzzhzzz I DO hope that!

BTS Reaction to you playing strip poker-

(for anon)


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“What game is this? Why are you taking off your clothes? Y/N?!”


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“Nope, no. Get up. You’re not playing this game.” He said low and angered before gripping your hand to move you away.


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Hoseok watched with irritation all over his expression. “Do what you want then.” He said before walking off.


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Namjoon walked in on a game of strip poker between you and your friends and looked down immediately. “Uhh what the fuck? Babe can you not do this please?”


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“Are you serious? Okay everyone game over! Can I please talk to you in the other room Y/N?”


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“Uhh how do you play this? What are the rules?” After explaining, Tae’s eyes got wide. “NOPE. Babe, let’s go do something else.”


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“….so where’s monopoly at?”

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Prompt idea I'm too nervous to try writing: One of the Side's eyes change colors depending on his mood, and no one notices until they're nearly black one day from sadness/red from anger, and whatever you want can happen afterwards. You choose what colors represent which emotions, which side, and any relationships (I love them all). Angst is appreciated but fluff is also wonderful. Sorry if it's a bad prompt it's just an idea I had. You're an amazing writer!

A/N: This is an amazing prompt! I put a slightly different spin on it, but it’s still the same basic idea. I’m also now obsessed with this au, and will probably write more of it in the future. Enjoy!

Tag List (let me know if you want to be removed/added!): @thuriweaver @bloodropsblog @justanotherpurplebutterfly @cosmic-chu @lynlinked @imnotamermaidimanangel @lollingtothemax @sombraplayslazertag @softbludemon 

Patton was at the core of a lot of Thomas’s feelings. And not that this was new news, all the other sides knew this. There was a reason they called him the “heart” after all. However, there was something odd that happened to Patton because of his emotions. His right eye would change colors. While his left eye would stay the same warm brown color, the other would change according to his emotions. When he was happy, it would be a golden yellow. When he was sad, it was a dark blue, so dark it was nearly black. When he was scared or anxious, it would turn purple. When he was calm, it was light blue. And the list of colors could go on and on.

So yes, Patton’s right eye could change colors. And he hated it. It made him feel ugly and out of place. Thankfully, none of the other sides seemed to notice his… condition. That is, until now.

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I’m confused? How did Billboard fuck up and can they fix it?

HDD is saying that they as well as buzzangle music both came in w/totals of 1.29. not estimates, but hard counts. 

BB came in with 1.26.

Big diff… 

HDD is saying that BB would have been prudent to look at hdd and bam’s numbers (which they would have known of) and go, hmm why are our numbers off…?. HDD is saying that if they actually cared about being correct they would have researched the discrepancy. however they apparently did not. HDD is calling BB  out  (Amato is a BB dude)  on their shit job. 

And BMLG and 13 mgmt should be irritated, it’s a huge discrepancy and it’s BBs role to do the job correctly

Off of the Field : Ashton One Shot

disclaimer: don’t smoke cigarettes

You don’t know why you still try.

You’d think you would’ve learned your lesson by now, if not after the guy who barely looked up from his phone at dinner, at least by the guy who couldn’t keep his possessive hand off of some part of your body from the walk into the comedy club to the walk out: dating sucks. Or at least the men you’ve been dating suck. Apparently all of the incompetent yet cocky bastards live in your general vicinity, and you’ve had the displeasure of meeting every single one of them.

A whole year off of the field has really made you forget how brutal the dating game can be.

Tonight’s contestant had to be the worst so far. You didn’t begin the evening with high hopes considering you met the man on a dating app and his conversation starter was an overused pick up line that he was completely serious about, but — he was hot. And you were in a dry spell. One plus one equals sex.

Unfortunately your date wasn’t very good at math.

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the losers as quotes from katya zamolodchikova and trixie mattel

beverly: i think the only way we can fix this is through intercourse

stan: you know who i look like? i look like a blonde anne frank

bill: i’m a biking vampire witch from the future!!

eddie: underwear- if no one sees them, why wear ‘em?

richie: so i’m fucking a stranger i don’t wanna fuck, because that’s who i am, 

mike: i’m not an electrician, and i don’t claim to be one, but i am aloooone

ben: *in a scary voice* i want to enchant you can take your hand in marriage so my mother will get off my back

  • Hermione: I was in the library at the time, but apparently Dean and Seamus were making out in the room of requirement together!
  • Ron: Wow- that's pretty big news! What's up, Harry- you look a little shocked.
  • Harry: Wait a second. Seamus' name is pronounced 'Shay-mus'? I've been calling him 'Sea-mus'! Why didn't anyone tell me?! Oh, I've been making an idiot of myself! (Storms off in embarrassment)
  • Hermione: What would he focus on tha-
Will You Stop?

Pairing: Paul ‘Jesus’ Rovia x Male!Reader; Daryl x Jesus (sort of but not really)

Word Count: 4692

Warnings: A little angst, a little fluff, a little violence and a LOT of a smut.

Notes: This was never meant to turn into what it did but my fics never seem to go the way they are supposed to unfortunately. Hope you all like it! Xox ♥

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baking. (namjoon)

(i wrote this at like 4am for no reason and it kinda dragged on and went nowhere)

I just don’t understand..”, you pause to dust flour off your shirt. “..why they would put us in charge of the cake.” You and Namjoon were walking hurricanes at times. You two tripping over your own two feet, breaking items by simply touching. It was hilarious at the same time ridiculous. “Beats me”, he tells you while wiping down the last of the mess on the counter tops. Being assigned to make the birthday cake for y’alls friend wasn’t the best thing your friend group could have done. Looking past the walking disaster part, Namjoon and you weren’t exactly the closest. The two of you seemed to clash at everything. You did try in the beginning to get close to him but it always ended with small bickering that could be brushed off but stayed in the back of your mind. Taking a deep breathe and looking around at the now spotless kitchen you sink to the floor and sit right in front of the oven. Namjoon pauses with his wiping, “why are you on the floor?” And without taking your eyes off of the oven you tell him, “this cake with not burn on my watch”. Throwing the towel aside he admires his cleanliness for a moment. “We set a timer, it won’t burn”. With a wave of your hand you say, “Mhmm, details.” Namjoon glances around the kitchen and contemplated leaving to the living room but instead plops down next to you. You’re thankful for the gap he leaves in between the two of you. Despite the dislike, or so you think, he may have for you the dimpled boy makes you nervous at times. You hold up your hand to him with a grin. “What?” he asks, eyeing your hand. “High five. We actually made a cake.” your smile getting bigger. All he does is roll his eyes, “We don’t even know if it tastes good.” Before you lower your hand you give yourself a high five. “Well … I’m proud of us.” you let him know. At that he lets out a small laugh. Building up the courage you blurt out, “Why don’t you like me?” His head snaps to you but you refuse to look at him. “W-what?” his body now fully turned to you. “What do you mean ‘why don’t I like you’?”, he asks in a tone of voice you’ve never heard. “Well yeah..”, you mumble. “We’re always passive with each other and bickering ..”, your sentence tapering off. He grabs your wrist to get you to look at him and says, “I didn’t know you would take that as me not liking you”. His eyes search you face as he continues on, “it’s nothing like that”. With a small nod you add, “Oh.. it’s just I always thought we could be great friends”. The soft look on his face is wiped off and he turns his body back to the oven, “Yeah. Friends. Sure”. Taken aback my his sudden change in attitude you exclaim, “See!”, you point your finger at him and tell him, “That’s exactly what I’m talking about!” He bends his knees to rest his elbows on. It’s quiet for a moment before he says, “I don’t want to be your friend”. His words hurt you. You try to calm the racing of your heart and swallow the lump in your throat before letting out a small “oh”. Even at the small word your voice still manages to crack. You’ve never taken rejection well. Namjoon looks over at you with wide eyes and reaches over to grab both your hands. “That’s not how it sounds!”, he says and gives your hands a squeeze. You give him a look that translates to “explain”. He takes a deep breathe, refusing to make eye contact with you, “Trust me when I say that I don’t not like you..”, he says. “But you don’t want to be my friend? I’m confu-“, you can’t finish your sentence before you cuts you off telling you, “No, I don’t”. With furrowed brows you start to remove your hands from his before it clicks. “Wait.” and you fumble to get on your knees. “You don’t NOT like… you like-like me!” At your sentence Namjoon scoffs and says, “Like like you? What are you 5?”. You let out a laugh, “Are YOU? I can’t believe you were mean to me cause you like me.” and you can’t help the smug grin on your face. “Well I take it back I don’t like you anymore.”
“Nope. No take backs.”
“Wow you really are 5 years old.” he says but can’t help the smile that comes across his face. You two stare at each other for a moment really taking it what exactly is happening. “I really like you too by the way.” you let him know.
“Mhmm”, leaves your mouth quietly while you nervously chew on your bottom lip. You see his face slowly getting closer to yours and you’re ready for whatever is bound to happen next. As soon as you start to inch closer to him the oven timer goes off snapping you out of your daze and has you jumping to stand up, “Our cake!” Before you could stand Namjoon is yanking you back to him. “I’ve waited long enough.” and then his lips are on yours. Your hands fly to his hair and his around your waist. His lips are just as soft as they look and he definitely knows what he’s doing. Namjoon holds onto you tightly, like you could disappear at any moment. “I can’t believe I finally have you”, he all but sighs into your mouth. His words just make your grip on his hair tighter and you add more pressure to his lips. Just as you move to straddle him the smoke detector goes off.

“Our cake!”


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i have a hc that everytime you start crying sam automatically starts crying as well like he can't help it it's pretty triggering and you're like "WHy arE YOu CRyinG?" and he's like "BEcauSE YOu ARE" and u guys just have a sob fest together idk where this came from -nana-

nana you’re so right and i can definitely see you like coming home from a really hard day at school/work and you’ve met your breaking point and as soon as he asks how your day was you explode and start going off on how shitty it’s been and you just start crying and he hugs you and then he pulls back and you look at him and wipe under your eyes and go “why are you crying?” “because you were it’s tRIGGerING!!!!” and you just start giggling and he does too and it makes you feel that much better


Chapter One - Lines and Lies

The November rain pounded the tall living quarter windows as Tommy looked out into the dark abyss sipping at his whiskey. 
“This is fuckin’ comical.” He thought aloud, tapping his glass with his fore finger.

“Tommy why don’t you come and sit down, Mrs Loveridge doesn’t have all evening.” Polly called out rather impatiently. The light from the fireplace flickered about the room casting shadows off the furniture and the two women sat at the table in front of it. Tommy eventually wandered over, pulling out a chair next to Mrs Loveridge and sitting down.

“Give me your hand dear.” Instructed the dark curly haired woman in a soft Irish tone. She wore an array of traditional gypsy fabrics which covered her shoulders downwards and costume jewellery that adorned each one of her fingers. Grabbing Tommy’s hand, she spread out his fingers before tracing lightly over the lines on his palm. Mrs Loveridge tilted her head, squinting her eyes as she brought his hand up closer. “Hmmm this is interesting, these lines here - your marriage lines - indicate that you’ll have two strong marriages during your lifetime, the first being short lived but the second being the most prominent. However, be careful because your fate line is deep and has significant breaks meaning you’ll face numerous events that’ll be out of your control therefore impacting your relationships and the making of them too”

Tommy pulled his hand away abruptly as he stood up. “Polly put you up to this, didn’t she?” Tommy growled pointing at the woman. “The woman that I love, the mother of my child died barely a year ago and you’re trying to convince me that I’ll marry again! If - and its a big If - I do marry again it’ll be when I’m ready!” Tommy stormed out of the door slamming it with immense force whilst doing so.
“I’m sorry Mrs Loveridge for my nephews rudeness, like I warned the matter of love is still a sore subject. I appreciate you trying your best to get Tommy to realise that the pain will not always hurt like it does now. I was hoping he’d realise that there’s a future beyond pouring his pain into the cores of loose women. I had a feeling that he wouldn’t fall for it but it was worth a try nevertheless. Thank you all the same.” Polly explained somewhat defeated, lighting up one of her signature black cigarettes.

Looking puzzled, Mrs Loveridge turned to Polly as she began to pack up her things. “Who said it was a façade? I read the lines exactly as they were presented to me.”

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Hey :) im sure excited for this!! Can i request "We hate each other but we both have a mutual friend so we have to put up with each other AU"

Thank you, Hannagh babe! Hope you enjoy :)

“This really is a great party, Clarke,” Raven said, surveying the room. “I can’t believe you pulled it off without Wells finding out!”

“It helped that I’ve been pretty distracted lately,” Wells replied in a teasing tone, running a hand affectionately over Raven’s hair, which cascaded down her back.

Raven grinned back up at him. “Yeah, that helped.” Then, turning back to Clarke, “Why are you wearing that face? You look like you just ate a lemon.”

Clarke rolled her eyes. “Nothing, just something Bellamy said earlier about the decorations. I think he was trying to get a reaction out of me.”

“Clearly it didn’t work at all,” Raven fake-whispered into her wine glass.

“You know, you didn’t actually have to come to the party if all you were going to do was argue with Bellamy,” Wells pointed out, chuckling at his girlfriend’s exaggerated expression.

Clarke scowled. “That’s not all I’m going to do, he’s just being particularly insufferable tonight.” She glanced over to where Bellamy was leaning against the wall across the room, chatting with Harper.

Wells sighed. “You know, it would be a lot easier on us all if you could just try getting along.”

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to ruin your night,” Clarke apologized, gently laying an arm on Wells’ arm.

Raven snorted. “Don’t give yourself that much credit. We’ve got a private room, thanks to you. Not to mention copious amounts of booze, food, and our very own Jasper doing terrible impressions. What more could Wells possibly want in a birthday?”

Clarke grinned at the happy couple. “Alright, alright. I know that Bellamy is important to you, Wells, I’ll try to do better…he just gets under my skin sometimes.”

“I know, but there are plenty of other people here. Try to have a good time,” Wells urged gently.

“You’re right. I will. Now I’m going to make my rounds, make sure you try the crab puffs, they’re amazing!” With a parting wave, Clarke made her way over to the bar where Miller and Monty were chatting.  

“You two enjoying yourselves?”

“Can’t turn off the hostess act, huh?” a cool voice from behind her interrupted before either Miller or Monty could reply.

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My SKIN: A REVIVAL tutorial is off the ground! Here is the new version for the “pale gold” skintone, #03 of 15 new natural skin tones.

On my Patreon I posted a comparison between the new version and the old one, breaking down why the old version was a poor example and what I did differently this time to fix it. I’ll be doing this for all the “repainted” skintones, because I think seeing what NOT to do is really helpful.

This massive, long-awaited tutorial is made possible by Patreon supporters. Join in to get first looks, in depth analysis/process, and see the accompanying swatches for each skin tone as they happen. :)

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i was reading that “why lena is a messy bottom” post and i left my phone open to it to go grab a drink and my dad walked by glanced at my phone and asked me what a messy bottom was and i literally heard the kill bill sirens go off in my head and stood there for a whole ass minute looking like that taxidermy fox

Mmmme me me me me me

GOD one of my housemates fucks me off so much like I feel really bad cos I think he’s just shy but he genuinely DOES NOT speak to me unless one of the other guys is there ?? Like I’ll say hi if he walks in and he doesn’t respond? So I have just started ignoring him, not on purpose but like I have stopped saying hi or even looking if he comes in, it’s so awkward to like smile and say hi and he just looks at me like 😐 and doesn’t respond. But then we had a full on convo when one of the other guys was there a few weeks ago. ???

And also what pisses me off the most is hell sometimes sit in the living room, shut the living room door and watch tv but ignore you if you come in and not respond to a hello etc and I’m just like, if you’re that fucking shy why sit in the living room ? It’s joined to the kitchen and u have to walk through it to get to the bathroom?? Idk he just makes me feel so uncomfortable. Just FUCK OFF. I get it’s his house and he’s entitled to as well completely which is why it’s difficult but sitting in there being miserable and ignoring everyone and shutting the door etc when we need to get through for other bits of the house is like ☹️☹️ ……staaaahp

I’m raging a bit again tonight lads looool xx

A  JL non-spoiler review

Three days in since Justice League was shown in theaters. Since there are still some people who haven’t seen the movie (Why though?), here is my non-spoiler review. 

I noticed how you could immediately identify if the movie was Snyder’s or Whedon’s. You could notice the slight changes in tone in the scenes which somehow made the movie feel off but still delivered it well. 

There were numerous cut scenes and scenes that were in the trailer but not in the movie. It somehow disappointed me because I was looking forward as to how it would be in the movie. 

One thing that I love about the movie is that Alfred Pennyworth is the ultimate Batman/Wonder Woman shipper. You know how he always mumbled about Bruce finding some girl to settle down with in BvS but in JL, Alfred finally sees a woman (that Bruce likes as we take note BvS) and tries his best to tease Bruce to finally go down that road with Diana. 

I loved how Snyder inserted Batfleck & WonderGal moments. I remember in the Wonder Woman featurette, the writers were talking about the romantic development between Batman & Wonder Woman and how they planned to take it to the big screen. The shipper in me shrieked and hyperventilated internally. It was finally happening. They were moonlighting on their budding relationship.

Somehow in the latter part of the movie, it had a slight touch of comedy that reminded me of Avengers (because Whedon). It felt weird because the previous movie had a dark and serious tone. 

All in all, the movie was great. 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

zelinxia Victor crying prettily when he was super upset and the whole fandom getting off to that unnerves me to no ends. Also he has disheveled hair while pretending to sleep in ep 2, and he drools too when napping in the plane in ep6

Yeah like it was one thing to make a couple jokes about how pretty he looked at first, but the way fandom obsesses over it is… weird. Why not focus on Victor and Yuuri’s happy tears, both of which we see in the series (and in that same episode). 

He does drool in ep 6! I think it’s to show how relaxed he is.  We know Yuuri drools a lil in his sleep, at least when he’s relaxed, but it seems Victor does too. 

Seriously though? He’s a twenty-something guy, let him be imperfect.  Don’t just leave all of that to Yuuri and use it as a punchline, imo.

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What do you think Reneesme's style is going to be in the future? Is she gonna be like Alice and very fashion forward, or more like her mom and have a casual style. Also, how do you think Bella's going to dress now? I mean if the Cullen's are going to pretend to go to high school again, is Bella going to dress like how she used to or have a completely new style?

I hope eventually Bella tells Alice to back off and goes back to her original style. Bella suddenly dressing all Cullen Glam as a vampire always ~bothered me, just like the ending of Grease. Like, why does Sandy have to change who she is/how she dresses? That last scene in BD (movie) she looks a bit more like herself. Now that’s Bella’s got this new confidence and strength, maybe politely tell Alice “I can dress myself, thanks?” I like to think after the novelty wears off she’ll revert to her comfy clothes. 

Renesmee… who knows. I don’t think we know enough about her character to really say. I could see her maybe taking after Edward and dressing in nice, clean, crisp clothes, being neat but not eye-catching. Maybe a bit more colorful than all that beige, though! I think by the time she’s out in public she’ll want to “be normal” and “blend in” so Alice’s runway couture would be a little much. I could also see her opting for a private school with uniforms so everyone is dressed the same and she doesn’t have to worry about it at all.