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It was the bitter cold nipping at his ears that caught Jungkook off guard as he made his way through the barren campus to class.

‘Ah, I definitely underdressed,’he quietly chided himself as the chilly winds tousled his hair around–  granted, that’s what he got for not checking the weather when he rolled out of bed a half an hour earlier. A cardigan was definitely not enough. It was surprisingly cold for what was supposed to be a spring morning– a steaming cup of hot coffee was the only thing to provide some sort of solace to his hands as he also forgot to wear gloves. Yet as much as he disliked the cold, he disliked morning classes even more. But alas, it was the only block of time he could fit in his schedule – the woes of being a double major.

And so, it was his rambling thoughts that accompanied him to class that morning. ‘I guess the only good thing about morning classes is how quiet it is, he mused as he opened the doors to the main building, finally reaching his destination. He always appreciated silence, as it was one of the rarer thing to come by these days. There was a strange sense of tranquility that the morning brought, only to be filled with the bustling chatter of college students as gradually filled up the streets to go to class as the day went on.

Upon entering the classroom, he took a preliminary scan of the seats. Much to his chagrin, a good chunk of the seats in the area that he usually sat had already been occupied by his fellow students.

Maybe getting coffee right before class was a mistake– especially considering that he woke up late.

Actually no, that was a silly thought. If he had to be honest to himself he hadn’t, he probably wouldn’t survive the morning without– the caffeinated drink was a necessity these days more than a want. Ah, but it was his own fault for staying up so late the prior night to begin with …

As he bantered back and forth with his conscience, his footsteps made way to the back row with fewer people where his eyes fell upon a young man clad in all black. But what Jungkook noticed was not the attire nor the presence of the other – rather, it was the drink sitting in front of the bespeckled young man.

It was from the very same cafe as the drink he had in his hand– one of his favorite spots. The cafe in question was one of the hidden gems he had found – not that many people knew about it as it was off campus. It was actually next to one of the dance studios he attended, but even that was a bit far from the college grounds. 

“Excuse me,” he addressed the raven haired male with an inquisitive smile, taking a small step forward as if to make his presence known in the least intrusive way possible. There was a brief pause as the eyes behind the pair of glasses met his own, “is this seat taken?” – First Meeting

// College!AU JK based off of @ask-architectyoongi‘s AU!  :D

Attempted some sort of character sheet and wrote a drabble based off of what could have been JK & Suga’s first time meeting????? I got a bit carried away with it sorry LOL/LOOKSAWAY >___>

I was talking with my students (2 girls and 1 boy) and I brought Sebastian Stan up in the conversation and the boy LITERALLY FANGIRLED OVER HIM LIKE OH MY GOD!!!

He said that a man should accept when another man is attractive and he hands down said Sebby was hot. And I have never felt so much joy in my heart than I did right then.

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Zestiria merch arrived again!  (Also, more screaming as this batch of loot is just killing me.)  This time, featuring the Winter Comiket set (plus a pair of miscellaneous acrylic key chains I got).  Not pictured but also part of this package of goodies: the ToZ X 2017 Flip Over Animations Calendar from ufotable.

The acrylic keychains pictured on top are huge.  Huge.  Like they’re they same height as my iPhone 6 kind of huge.  Still haven’t decided where to put them yet, as they are a bit big for my purse.  Maybe I should just go buy one of those purses that have a clear plastic cover on one side so I can just show, like, all of the SoreMiku keychains and stuff I have because, uh, it’s turning into quite the collection, lol.

And now, onto the one you guys are probably more interested in hearing about (lol), the Sorey and Mikleo Winter Comiket set.  The two full color pieces are on nice stock paper, and would look absolutely lovely if framed.  The snow globe acrylic keychain came linked together like that.  And there’s no option to separate them either.  (Excuse me while I die.)  The sticker sheets are gorgeous, and the gloves are nice and snuggly, but the two character key animation art books make it absolutely worth it.  All from Season 1, and I figured I’d include a shot from each book just to give you an idea of what’s inside.  Sorey’s book is amazing, it includes some of the best shots from each episode (clearly, I love the water armatus so there you go).  You’ve got all of his adorable faces, his determined faces, his “oh god why” faces … it’s just pure Sorey at his finest.  But Mikleo’s is like, holy shit gorgeousness overload like how is he so beautiful like ufotable please you’re killing me with all this gorgeousness and it’s not even the fully colored frame from the anime and just ASDFIWUEQI;JALDFWEIO MIKLEO!  *ahem*  Sorry, I’ll try to like, not keyboard smash as my review of his book, but really that’s … the most accurate way for me to review it.   And it’s not just Bedheadleo, there’s Protectiveleo, Concernedleo, Casual-Clothesleo, like, every shot of him where you just saw him and just stared is in this book - and I really have no coherent way of describing it.

omg so we do this thing in english class to build our writing skills every day we have to write nonstop for 7 minutes about any topic we’d like and i can’t stay on one topic like that so my teacher told me to just write whatever comes to my mind so you can imagine that for the 10 days we’ve been doing this 8 of mine we’re about dan and phil n today she goes “please don’t write about those two boys today” and then my friend (that rly needs to shut up sometimes lmao) goes “they’re not boys” and im like yeah ,, phil is turning 30 in 12 days and my teacher is like oh and how old is the the other one and im like he’s only 25 and she’s deadass like “oh. phil is a man but dan is still a boy” love her

  • Me: gets really upset over duplicate blogs and worries about how long it'll take before I'm replaced and forgotten because of them
  • Me: follows every single last one of them

tae is lucky to have him

Post-it Q. Taehyungie what is Jimin’s charming point? ©
Taehyung: 1) Eyes 2) Abs 3) Voice 4) Park Jimin’s very existence 

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why do people talk about Jonathan Groff more than Okieriete Onaodowan? Jon left Hamilton months ago and is literally on stage for like 10 minutes. Oak has an amazing range and is the last original cast member. Why does no one talk about him. Why wasn't he nominated for a Tony. I need answers.

Do you ever realize what a strange combination of things Ryan Haywood is?

Theater nerd that knows the name of broadway songs and musicals
Reads classic books and poetry and regularly recites passages on his streams
Technical genius that hardwires machines, builds computers, and trouble shoots equipment in the office
Plays video games for a living
Knows a random array of scientific facts
Evil/murderous tendencies and likes to be scary
Complete sweetheart and lovely husband and father
He was a fucking male model

I don’t know about you guys but I just love Ryan Haywood