is that where the term came from or vice versa

Whoa-fucking-mother-of-sin I’m gonna praise the super-conservative ‘Jesus freak’ one.

So this is Dumbing of Age, and this comic comes after a few where Joyce (brown-haired girl) gets pissed off at Joe (black-haired guy), tries to swear in adorably innocent ways. Joe offers her 20 dollars to say the word 'damn’. This is her response.

First, A-plus for character development, you really want to hate Joyce at first, but she becomes a pretty bad-butt character. Second, A-plus on, well, everything, ok, it’s amazing to me how many things I’ve seen addressed by webcomics, and yet this is the first time anyone’s touched this. Like, damn. Obviously, I don’t share her views on swearing. But dear god if this isn’t the best response I’ve ever heard to some jerkass trying to amuse themselves at the expense of your values.

And now I’ve been one of those people who posts cartoons and then analyzes them to death, sorry about that. I’m just really excited.