is that where the term came from or vice versa

I’ve been a K-Pop fan for like 9 years and…

Am I the only one who is a K-Pop fan but don’t watch K-Drama?

Someone asked me why I don’t watch K-Drama since I am a K-Pop fan. I was like “I didn’t realize being a K-Pop fan came with a terms and condition manual.”

I used to watch K-Drama. It was being aired on the local tv channels ever since I was a kid. Jeez like I memorized all the one-of-the-main-character-is-really-ill-and-dies-beside-his-or-her-love-ones, boy-meets-girl (vice versa) or bad-boy-meets-good-girl-and-make-him-good, chasing-the-bus-where-the-lead-actress-or-actor-goes (etc) cliché that has been going through K-Drama for like eternity. And give me a fucking break from all of this.

I got so tired of it. I want something new. Plus, K-Drama reminds me of my dead mother because I used to watch with her, so, it’s not good. It breaks my heart whenever something reminds me of her.

That’s why I am now more into super geeky and nerdy shows. Sure. It has some cliché too. Like the-chosen-one, save-the-humanity, Super-fucking-heroes… but it never fails to give uniqueness and something new every episode. Also, it was very rare shows like that to aired in a local channel when I was a kid.

And I can’t stand people who are so Koreaboo beacuse of K-Drama (or K-Pop). They romanticizing everything. I’ve been hearing Oppa here and there and other korean words for a relationship. They shut other genre of tv/movies or music. “I only listen (or watch) to OST or K-Pop because it’s pure and no explicit words.” Bullshit. No explicit words? Then you go read smut fanfic about these idols and fantasize their bodies. jfc what a fucking bs.

*New Gen K-Drama/K-Pop fans* SMH