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*Patiently waiting for the full story behind the recent klance comic*

we were chillin on the stadium getting ready for roll call in gym and these two dudes and a chick come out (they’re all freshmen if that says anything.) and one dude is always joking around and making gay jokes and what not. and the other one does too. but one day one of the guys (we’ll call him dude 1) has a football and says “hey if i make this into the trash can, then i gotta kiss allura (obviously i changed the name bc i honestly dont remember her name nor do i care) but if i miss then i gotta kiss you” and the whole time the girl was saying no like she doesnt want to be kissed or whatever and dude 2 is just laughin away. (note this trashcan is like. a good 40 feet away from us) but dude one just w i l d l y throws it no where near the trash can okay. so the girl is like “lol yeah go ahead kiss him.” and dude one walks up slowly and bRUSHES HIS FACE AND KISSES HIM. LIKE HAVE NEVER BEEN SO SHOCKED IN MY GOD DAMN LIFE OKAY. and then a few seconds pass and dude two just laughs and goes “BRO THAT WAS THE MOST HOMOSEXUAL THING IVE EVER DONE!!” i was trying so hard not to laugh at this point like h o n e y,,,, its o k a y.

BTS Reaction: Them finishing quickly due to it being so long since they’ve had sex with their s/o

(SMUT) Anon Request


You felt him fill you up over and over as his thrusts became harder, making it impossible for you to keep quiet. You clung to his body tight, missing him against your body so much while he had been on tour for months. The unusual loud grunts and the occasional low growl from him told you just how much he had missed you too. Being too lost in the moment, you barely noticed his head move to the crook of your neck, and his hips stuttered in their movement before a deep groan left his mouth. He stopped his movements, panting hard as he looked up at you, slightly apologetic. 

“Yoongi did you just?”

He kissed you slowly as he pulled out of you. 

“Sorry baby, you felt too good. I’ve missed you so fucking much.”

You rolled your eyes, trying to take that as a compliment instead of being annoyed.

“Well, you better be ready to work yourself up again, because if you’re going to be lasting this long in the time I’m with you we’re going to have a problem.”

He laughed at your bluntness, slowly moving south down your body.

“Awe baby, you love my tongue just as much.” 

You bit your lip hard as he rested his head against the inside of your thigh. 

“Mark this as round 1. I love your tongue, but I love your cock more.”


His grunts were loud in your ear as he had you pinned up against his studio door, pounding into you at an insane speed. You could almost see stars, making you forget about anyone else that could possibly see through the fogged glass of his door or hear for that matter. It had been so long for the both of you and the feeling of him inside you was just sending the both of you crazy. When you felt him pull you closer to his body, his mouth attacked your neck, marking you all over your exposed skin. 


He muffled against your neck and his hips snapped against yours harder than before, causing a loud gasp to escape your mouth.

“Y/n, I can’t…”

His words were cut off by the long moan that left his mouth, his hips stopping for a second before he slowly rode out his orgasm. 


You whined as he pulled out of you, the embarrassment clear on his face. You pouted towards him and his eyes finally met your own.

“Sweetie, I’m really sorry. It’s been a while.”

He grabbed onto your hand softly, holding it against his chest as he leaned down to kiss you. You kissed him back softly, running your hands through his hair. 

“Are you gunna make it up to me?” 

You said, batting your eyes at him. He giggled towards you and pulled you over to his chair. 

“I’m going to make round two all about you sweetie.” 


He had made the effort to set up his bedroom all romantic for your arrival back to Korea, clearly planning out exactly what would have naturally happened anyway. At this point, the candle light and rose petals were a blur in your vision as you felt him thrust into you deeply against his bed. He peppered kisses all over you, from your neck to your jaw, and down to your chest. Being away from him this long didn’t do either of you any good but definitely made these times more intense. He had one hand pinning your arm above your head as he kissed you deeply, his other gripping your hip as his thrusts picked up a little. He suddenly parted from the kiss and you heard the shaky sigh that left his mouth as he hung his head against your shoulder. As you felt him fill you up, you sighed contently even though the experience was quick. As he pulled out, he kissed you quickly, moving to the side of you with his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. 

“Missed me so much you couldn’t hold it in a bit longer hm?”

You said, holding back a small laugh, hoping to not offend him. 

“Jagiya, I’m sorry. But I did miss you a lot. It’s so hard when you go away for that long. I lose my control.”

He giggled softly at his own remark. You cuddled closer to his body.

“It’s ok, we have a lot of time to build up your control again.”


He was the type to either take his time and cherish your body, or fuck you for hours until your throat ran dry and you couldn’t keep back the tears of pleasure prickling down your cheeks. Though tonight, after not seeing you for months due to work, he was acting a bit more needier than what you were used too. He was usually controlled and very aware of how he wanted things to pan out, but tonight was wild. He had you naked on the kitchen counter as he fucked you hard, his hands roaming all over your body, trying to feel every inch of your skin as his hot breath hit the side of your face. Your legs were wrapped tightly around his waist and surprisingly, you were so close to your release. The way his hips slammed hard against you were driving you crazy and just before that heat could start building up, his teeth sunk into your shoulder, muffling the low growl he let out, his hips slowly coming to a halt. 

“Joonie no.”

You gasped out, whimpering as he pulled out slowly. He lifted your chin with his finger so your eyes met with his, a small, cocky grin on his face. 

“I would say sorry, but the way you just whined out my name was so sexy babygirl. Sexy enough for daddy to go another round and make you feel good.”


The boys had been cockblocking the two of you all night. Unfortunately, Jimin’s idea of throwing a dinner party right when you had returned to the country wasn’t such a good idea for the tension between you and your boyfriend. Which is what led the two of you sneaking away to the bathroom while the boys were preoccupied with a dumb drinking game. The two of you stood in front of the bathroom mirror as he took you from behind, your skirt hiked up above your waist and your panties pushed to the side as he fucked you hard. One of his hands were hidden under the front of your shirt as he played around with your nipple through the thin fabric of your bra, while the other was covering your mouth to keep you quiet. The sound of his hips hitting your ass was the loudest noise in the room though you couldn’t find the sanity to care as he fucked you faster and harder. Your eyes never left his as you watched each other through the mirror.

“F-fuck, y/n.”

You heard him stutter as he slammed into you hard one last time, an audible gasp leaving your lips through his hand as you felt him fill you up. As he pulled out, he took a second to catch his breath as you fixed yourself up. 

“That didn’t take long. Almost as quick as when I took your virginity.”

You smirked and looked towards him as he zipped the fly of his pants up. He stared towards you with a dark expression, then suddenly, spinning you around quickly, he lifted your skirt up again and smacked your ass hard. You yelped softly, enjoying it more than anything. You saw him with an evil grin in the mirror and tried to hold back your laughter by biting your lip. His hands gripped your hips hard as he came up next to your ear.

“Watch what you say princess, I might just not let you cum later on if you’re going to be cocky about it.”

You bit your lip and shot him your sexiest stare, rubbing your ass against his crotch. 

“Was that wrong of me? Am I going to be punished when we get home? Have I been a bad girl?” 

You whined out. He just laughed evilly, smacking your ass lightly again as he pushed you towards the door. 

“You got no fucking idea baby.”


You had been teasing him the whole trip home, groping him, pulling his hair, whispering dirty things in his ear and also delaying the time it could’ve taken you both to get home by stopping into the shops. It was dark when you pulled over into an almost empty car park and that’s when he took the opportunity to shut you up. You were quickly sprawled out on the back seat of your car, Jimin fucking you hard and fast, not caring about who heard the two of you from outside. The windows were already fogged up and you found the fact that he got so worked up over your actions earlier so hot that the heat in your body was rising quicker then usual. It had also been so long since the two of you had been together, causing a huge amount of sexual tension and cravings. You decided to test the waters though. 

“Jimin Oppa.”

You moaned out softly. You watched his breath hitch in his throat and a little choked moan came out of his mouth as he stared down at you.

“Y/n, don’t.”

He whispered in a slightly seductive tone. You didn’t care though, ignoring what he said.


You moaned out louder then before, causing him to thrust hard into you a few more times as you felt him cum inside you. 


He said breathlessly, laying on top of you. There was a small silence before you spoke.

“Did that really set you off early?”

You said giggling. He shied away a little bit as you both sat up, attempting to get dressed quickly. 

“Hey! You’ve been messing with me all night. Plus I haven’t seen you in months. Plus, You haven’t called me Oppa since we were in high school.”

He said the last part hushed and you could tell he was embarrassed by it.

“But you liked it, right?”

You watched him nod slowly, finally his eyes meeting with yours. You laughed towards him, scooting closer to hug him. 

“I missed you Oppa.”


You had offered to pick your boyfriend up from the airport on the day he arrived, but quickly shutting you down, he didn’t want to put you out of your schedule for the day. It was a little odd seeing as you hadn’t seen him for months, but you took the time to dress up in something you knew he’d like when he arrived to your apartment. When he had finally shown up at your front door, you opened it wearing only a white-floral, mesh bra that tied up around your neck, basically see through, along with a matching, white thong that had a small crystal hanging above your backside, making you feel extra seductive. His reaction was clearly what lead you both to the bedroom. Disregarding your underwear all over the floor of the living room, obviously desperate to get what he wanted. He lay beneath you as you rode him slowly, his length filling you up exactly how you remembered and exactly how you missed. You watched his eyes roam over your body as you placed your hands on his chest. His hands wondering from your hips, up your stomach and then finally, to your breasts. Your body finally felt content having him home again and just as you were about to speed up, he flipped you over onto your back.


You said breathlessly as he sped up, thrusting harder into you, making it impossible for you to keep quiet, as well as him. His forehead rested against yours as he kept moving, his eyes baring into yours and then, they fluttered shut and his movement slowed right down as his mouth hung open, choked moans escaping his lips. He moved off of you slowly, laying on his back next to you as he calmed down. Then he reached his arms out to you, pulling you against his chest. 


He said slightly laughing at the situation. You sat up suddenly pouting at him, and he laughed even more and attempted to sit up as well, but you pushed him back down. 

“No, no. You’re helping me out until you’re ready to go again.”

You said quickly climbing on top of him, positioning in between your thighs above his head. You saw the smirk on his face as he hooked his arms around your thighs, pulling you down closer to his lips. your hands moved down and gripped his hair softly. 

“It won’t take me long, I missed you too much so get ready for an all nighter.” 

this gif … I wanna sit on his face


A/N: As you can see, the more I wrote, the more I got carried away and detailed. Actually, Writing Jungkook’s killed me. Like every time I write something about Jungkook, I start thinking about him and I wanna tell him to swerve because he ain’t my boy but like, he’s too god dam sexy! dw Tae you still the number one like slay me now! Anyway I really hope you all enjoy this! I had so much fun writing it and more requests will be posted soon! Mwah! x

“His Wedding” Part 4

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) Bucky and you are exes. He moved on but you couldn’t since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor - a ridiculous one. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will be fine. But it doesn’t always work out, does it?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1170

Warnings: none

Author’s Note: repost, with a lil’ editing! taglist is open!

‘His Wedding’ Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

“Um… am I disturbing you guys?”

The owner of the voice finally came in view, he had a cheeky grin on his face, having heard Natasha’s exclamations. The mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes told me he was eavesdropping on our conversation from the half open door.

“How long have you been there?” I ask him in a playful way, but also let him know that I’m a little creeped out by him.

“Oh, don’t worry, Y/N. I don’t think I heard anything but Nat shout out she saw you naked, which I already knew.” Steve chuckled before shrugging his jacket off and draping it on the armrest near me. He plumps his heavy body on the couch between me and Nat, chuckling. “Didn’t know you were into girls.”

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Steve/Tony Fic Recs: Ghost AUs

Ghost AUs for my dear @itsallavengers, and also because Halloween’s coming up! :) also tagging @thecitylightshow :D Not all of these are strictly ghost AUs, we need more of those. 

Please kudos and leave comments for your hardworking authors who love feedback!

slipping through the years by often_adamanta: The plane crash and subsequent ice might have killed him, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still around, haunting those he cares about. And since the only person who can see him is Tony Stark, death sure isn’t going to be boring.

Ghost in the Wires by sororexitium: When Steve moves into Avengers mansion he is caught up in strange coincidences. He walks behind an unseen ghost: a ghost who leaves empty spaces all around the manor. It doesn’t make sense, and it sounds crazy until he meets Anthony, a computer simulation programmed by Anthony Stark, who died two years ago. Then it just seems even crazier. (Tony’s POV fic)

Stars Fading, but I Linger On, Dear by ChibiSquirt (@chibisquirt): A Soulmate AU where people meet their soulmate in their dreams. Of course, not even that solves all the world’s problems, especially if one or more of the soulmates has a secret identity…

Interim by Del_Rion: An explosive incident leaves Steve and Tony believing that they are dead. However, there seems to be something holding them on Earth, instead of allowing them to move on, and until they figure out what that is – at least in Steve’s case, because Tony doesn’t think he deserves anything better – they’ll have to work together. They also discover they may have been oblivious to each others’ feelings while they were still alive.

Fighting Ghosts by copperbadge (@copperbadge): Tony Stark is a Seer, someone vulnerable to phantasms, malevolent spirits of the dead. He’s meant to have a bonded Fighter, someone who can defend him – or attack on his command. So far he’s had no luck finding a bond, but that’s about to change…

The Little Things Unknown by coaster (@coaster): Tony Stark has three certainties in life: one, that science was where his mind worked best; two, that, since ghosts had become a science, anything was possibe; three, that he would never know if Captain America was that much of a paragon because the man was long dead. The subject of Certainty Three might be sitting at the foot of his bed.

Steve is a ghost. The Avengers bust ghosts. And Tony isn’t sure what to make of Cap here. But hey, at least his other hauntings have stopped, right?

Re-Take by inukagome15 (@inukagome15): This shouldn’t have happened. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Everything was wrong, and all he wanted was to make it right. Because that was what they did. If Steve just had a second chance, he could fix everything. (616 CW Fix-It)

a moment in time by laireshi (@laireshi): It was Tony, now. His anchor in the living world. He shouldn’t be surprised. It’d always been Tony, ever since the ice (616, unhappy ending, major character death).

Whisper of breath by CoopPenny: Spirit - the non-physical part of a person which is the seat of emotions and character; the soul. Tony’s always seen them, always been able to interact with them, talk to them, he’s even seen them as family. But his greatest pleasure is also his greatest secret…

Wasted on the Dead and Dreaming by LinneaKou (@linneakou): Steve looked right at his friend, and he felt just as disoriented as he had when he woke up in Munich. “What the hell is going on?” 

Bucky winced. I think you’ve spontaneously developed psychic powers. 

And well. Wasn’t that just great. 

When Captain Steve Rogers got back from his tour of duty, he didn’t expect to come back with the ability to communicate with the dead. When Tony Stark moved back into his childhood home, he didn’t expect his dead father to still be inhabiting it. 

When Tony hired Steve to investigate the ghosts of his family mansion, they didn’t expect to be swept up in cover-ups, corporate sabotage, and murder. 

Now, time is running out as increasingly disturbing dreams haunt Tony and the ghost of Howard Stark proves to be the least of Steve’s problems. If they’re lucky, maybe they won’t end up ghosts too.

And Time Went On by Morena_Evensong: Two hundred years ago the Mandarin attacked Washington, the first stage of his plan for world domination. And the Avengers… vanished. All except Iron Man, who eventually managed to defeat the Mandarin with the help of SHIELD, a few other superheroes, and their friends.

Now, nearly two hundred years after the death of Anthony Stark, the current Stark heir, Tony, is moving into the forgotten Stark Manor in order to avoid falling into the clutches of the United World Council. But Stark Manor isn’t just an empty old house and mice aren’t the only things that have been inhabiting it for the past two hundred years. As Tony uncovers the secrets of Stark Manor, and more than a few horrifying truths about the world he lives in, a powerful threat suddenly arises. One that leaves shattered cities and seas of bodies in its wake as it slowly sweeps its way across a world that no longer has a last line of defense.

Ghost of Me by Pearl_Unplanned: Steve Rogers had been a ghost for as long as he could remember, which was admittedly not very long. Most of that memory span was spent with the one man who could actually see him, Tony Stark.

There’s No Rhyme or Reason by Pearl_Unplanned: "What happened?“ Tony demanded when he was able to pull himself out of Steve’s arms. There were still tears running down his face, and he had this almost betrayed look on his face. Steve put his hands on Tony’s shoulders to keep himself from just hugging the genius again.

"I… woke up,” Steve said quietly. “I… I’m not… I’m human again, Tony. I’m not a ghost anymore.”

Til Death Do Us Part by tobiosbae: Tony stands in his empty bedroom, wringing his hands. “Steve,” he calls out. He waits impatiently for a reply but doesn’t get one. “Steve,” he tries again. He taps his hands against his sides and bites his lower lip. “Answer me,” he darts his eyes everywhere, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. He sighs and adds,“please.” His eyes light up when he feels the temperature in the room lower (angst with a happy ending).

Say Hello by AvengersTime: Tony’s dead. Tony’s a ghost. Something’s…not right.

Light in the Dark by snowynight: It is in cloud of pain that Lieutenant Anthony Stark sees him.

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Count Down

Part 2:

As Shiro watched the now 14 year old Lance seemingly eat without a care in the world, he couldn’t help but worry about what would happen if Lance had to grow up again.

It’s not like he could fight a war if he got much younger, or they could just drop him back on Earth with his family in case he never aged when the deaging process was stopped.

Shiro had always been called the dad friend, but in this moment as he watched his friend he couldn’t help but wonder if he had to, could he step up to be a real dad?


Shiro was pulled from his mind by Lance’s pained voice.

His hands were clenched in his shirt and his expression was one of agony.

Before he could even process what was going on Lance fell to the ground screaming as his body shrunk.

Shiro leapt from his seat dropping to the blue paladins side.

“Oh God Lance…”

He felt so powerless as he watched his friend in so much pain, unable to do anything but hold his hand and brush his fingers through his hair hoping it would be over soon.

It wasn’t.

Lance spent nearly twenty minuets shrinking down to a shockingly small twelve year old.

When he was done Lance was passed out in Shiro’s arms.

The ordeal has been horrific, Lance screaming and crying, begging Shiro to make the pain stop. He shuddered realising Lance had already gone through this before.

With a grim expression Shiro scooped him up far too easily and walked him over to the couch.

Lance was now a few inches shorter then Pidge.


“Now are you sure this was the right way?” Coran asked as him and the rest of the team followed Keith through a thick jungle, their way eliminated by the oddly pink glowing plants.

“Yes.” He snapped.

“Yeah but you said that an hour ago, and the hour before that. Lance has to be like 14 by now.” Hunk added.

“I said I know where we’re going!” Keith snapped and imidiey regretted it seeing Hunks face. He was worried… they all were.

It was a race against the clock and if Keith didn’t deliver fast enough then it would be Lance to pay the price.

“Hello, Keith?”

Keith jumped, hearing Shiro’s voice over the coms. “Yeah I’m here… is Lance ok?”

The others stopped walking at the mention of Lance all turning to look at Keith.

Shiro was silent for a moment “no… he’s getting younger much faster then expected… he’s already twelve.”

The news hung in the air.

They were already on a tight time limit and that was when it was a year an hour. But now from the sounds of it Lance could go down a random number of years whenever.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get to the pond within the next hour or so.” Keith tried to sound confident, for his teams sake… and for his own.

“Hurry… I’m not sure how many more episodes I can watch.”

With that Shiro shut off the coms.


When Lance woke up to a pounding headache and staring at the ceiling of the common room, he couldn’t figure out why he was sleeping on the couch.

He groaned as he rolled off realising how thirsty he was.

However he rolled right onto the ground tripping over something.

“What the…”

He trailed off realising he hadn’t tripped over a blanket it was his jeans.

Lance scrambled to his feet, his pants remaining where they were.

He looked down at himself, his boxers were barley hanging on, not that it made much of a difference, his shirt was past his knees.

It was then that he remembered what happened.

Lance bolted from the room, not slowing down until he reached the bathroom and more importantly the full length mirrors.

Soon as Lance saw his reflection he dropped to his knees.

He looked just like he had before his growth spurt.

Back when he was every other thugs favourite punching bag.

Lance couldn’t breath.

5 years.

He had lost five years in less then three hours.

He didn’t even realise he had tears streaming down his face until Shiro found him and held him closer whispering comforting words as they just sat there on the floor.

Shiro rocking Lance gently in his lap.

He kept rocking him as the pain returned.


aka the Reddie soulmate AU no one asked for but I wrote anyway. Once you turn 16 you get a tattoo of the nickname your soulmate uses for you.

The word etched into his skin just belowhis collarbone seemed like a joke to him. It was his sixteenth birthday and he just checked his whole body for the nickname only to find this. He didn’t expect it to be a nickname he already had, especially not the stupidly annoying nickname Richie used.

What was the chance of another person calling him that sometime in the future? It was probably more likely than Richie being his soulmate, his obnoxious best friend who was ridiculously in love with Amy Cardinal. They had been together for months now and Eddie was sure one of these days he was actually going to barf, if Amy called Richie Trashmouth in that sweet voice one more time. Just because the name was tattooed onto Richie’s bicep didn’t mean, she had to use it all the time. It wasn’t like Richie called her Mouse all that often.

Casting one last look at his own tattoo in the mirror, Eddie turned around and quickly pulled on a red polo shirt, making sure it completely covered the tattoo.

The Losers waited for him in front of the school. To wish him a happy birthday, but Eddie knew they were more eager to learn what his tattoo said. He wasn’t going to tell them though. Out of all of them Richie had been the only one to show them right away, flexing his muscles, grinning. “So which one of you fuckers is in love with me? Is it you, Eds? You know it’ll break your mom’s heart if you take me away from her.”

Bev had tried to hide hers at first, but that had only lasted for a couple of days, because she couldn’t wear scarves or turtlenecks forever and the Losers had all seen the word Embers on her neck. This had caused Ben to turn bright red. Eddie didn’t know what nickname Bev had for him, because Ben refused to show them. Not because it was embarrassing, but because of the position of the tattoo, at least that’s what they told them.

They’d all seen Bill’s tattoo once summer started and Richie hadn’t stopped making fun of the name right above his knee since. Eddie secretly thought it was sweet, that Bill’s soulmate would call him their Rock. But Richie wouldn’t be Richie, if he didn’t have a thing to say about it. “You’re about as tough as a marshmallow, Rocky” or “It’s probably because you’re constantly rock hard for this chick.”

And Stan and Mike had succeeded in keeping their tattoos secret for now, although Eddie had seen a glimpse of Mike’s poking out of his waistband the last time they went swimming in the quarry. They didn’t even have a clue where Stan’s was located, which had led to Richie finding numerous ways to get the other boy out of his clothes. One of these days he would get so frustrated about not knowing, he might just set all of Stan’s clothes on fire.

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Notes: Some curse words, Y/N obviously your name, and enjoy!! Based on a previous imagine. 900ish Words

Summary: You’re not a big fan of Roman’s smoking habits. 

Originally posted by dreamingoflife

Breathing in the smoke eased Roman. It was a pretty calm morning. He closed his eyes and leaned against the school’s brick wall. He went to take another drag; however, the cigarette was no longer in his hand.

 “I’ve told you. I hate when you smoke. It’s going to kill you one day.”

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MC is feeling upset


  • Yoosung has his share of difficult days.
  • Today was exceptionally tiring at the clinic.
  • He got home and saw the lights on.
  • He was so excited to see you and have dinner.
  • When he opened the door and was greeted to a gloomy atmosphere.
  • There was no dinner. There was no you.
  • Even when either of you were tired, the first one home made dinner.
  • “MC? Are you here?”
  • He was greeted by silence.
  • He began to call you.
  • Your phone was ringing from the bedroom.
  • He looked in to find you crying into a pillow.
  • “MC? MC? What’s wrong?”
  • Not really knowing yourself, you just continued to cry.
  • Yoosung pulled you into his arms and held you tight, shushing you.
  • Every time you sniffled, he pulled you tighter and stroked your hair.
  • “I’m here, honey. I’m right here.”
  • Once you calmed down, he ordered some food and made you eat.
  • He took the next day off with you and spent the whole day just giving you so much attention, trying to make you feel better.


  • Zen only knows one thing and that’s to make sure his babe is happy.
  • When he saw you come to his set, he was more than thrilled!
  • Wait– Are you? Crying?
  • No, Zen wasn’t having it.
  • He took the rest of the day off to spend it with you.
  • He took you out for lunch and took you home.
  • He pulled you to his chest and softly hummed.
  • The vibrato in his voice lulled you to sleep.
  • When you woke up, he had made you breakfast.
  • And before he left to work, he let you know that “Babe, you are strong. You are amazing. Don’t forget that. And if you ever do, I’ll be here to remind you.” 


  • You were stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  • How could you tell off someone who is offering you help you need.
  • But how could you also deal with someone so toxic that you cry every night.
  • Every time Jaehee saw you, her heart broke.
  • Dark circles, thinning out, life is being sucked out of your soul.
  • One day you just couldn’t do it anymore and just broke down in front of her.
  • She started to cry with you and all she could do was pull you into a hug.
  • You were inconsolable. 
  • She hushed you and held you in her arms until you calmed down.
  • You told her how much you were hurting and she just felt awful she couldn’t do anything.
  • All she could do was offer an ear and her sincere hope of thing to be better.
  • “MC, I know it’s hard, but I can only promise that things can get better. I know you. I know it will get better. You will make it better.”


  • Jumin already has a tough time showing his emotions in a “normal” way.
  • But when he sees you having a tough time, he still tries very hard.
  • He wants to know if there is anything he can do to make it better?
  • Will legal action help? No.
  • Can he offer financial support? You don’t want it.
  • Can he offer emotional support? Yea.
  • He offers you wine, and caresses your head until you calm down.
  • He hums in a low soothing tone to sooth your hiccups.
  • The most endearing thing he does is place Elizabeth on you.


  • It’s been a few days since he last saw you.
  • You both have been busy with work.
  • He called you a few times today but you hadn’t responded.
  • He figured you might be down so he decided to visit you.
  • He prepared himself for an upset MC but not to this caliber.
  • You didn’t even answer the door. He had to use the spare key.
  • He found you crumpled over the couch quietly sobbing.
  • His heart tore in two.
  • “MC, it’s okay!”
  • You could only choke on your words as you struggle to say, “It’s… hard… so hard…”
  • Saeyoung’s arms snaked around your shoulders and pulled you to him.
  • He pulled your head to the crook of his neck.
  • “I know you. You’re going to be just fine.”
  • You two probably stayed that way for hours.
  • When you finally calmed down, Saeyoung even suggested, “If you get fed up at any point, let’s just go travel the world. Even the skies won’t stop us cause we still need to go to the space station.”
Fight and Flight

Nesta Archeron was always envious of the Illyrian males who soared through the sky. Without any training, she had remained land-bound with a useless pair of wings for years. However, all that changes when a new bastard arrives. A new era of females form as the Archeron’s train to be more than what their camp tries to restrict to.

A/N: This is a prologue of what is going to be a longer fic. The story will follow what could have happened if all the Archeron sisters were born Illyrian in the same camp as Cassian, Rhys and Azriel. 

2.2K, Rated T, Nessian, Feysand, Elriel

A small boy, who appeared around Nesta Archeron’s age, was dragged between two older men to the middle of the camp. The boy’s wings awkwardly curled around his body, clearly never having been flown on themselves despite his age. Unceremoniously, the men deposited the boy on the ground.

“We are here to see Lord Devlon,” called a larger of the two men.

Every warrior stopped their training at the request. The chink of weapons halted, the beating of wings ceased, and slowly, aerial units landed on the ground. Even women stopped their ministrations. Besides the High Lord, no one came to their camp unannounced.

Devlon weaved his way through people as if they were water, stopping before the boy. “What is this?”

Everything about the child screamed malnourished. He couldn’t even raise his head to look at the Lord.

“This here is our father’s bastard. We don’t have use for him any longer,” the same brother proclaimed, chuckling as he did.

At the word bastard, many in the camp returned to their training, dismissing him  like any other child out of wedlock.

“What makes you think we want him? Just leave him at your camp,” Devlon replied, eyeing the kid with outward disgust.

The two scoffed. “Mother got angry at the manifestation of her Lord’s infidelity, and your camp’s the close—“

“We’ll keep him,” Devlon suddenly interrupted, his eyes alight with mischief, “Will that be all?”

The pair nodded before flying away, seemingly relieved to be rid of the boy.

Devlon crouched to his hands and knees in front of the child, whispering words in his ear. Nesta creeped closer to decipher what caused him to shake so violently.

“…know what you are?”

The boy shook even more.

“You’re going to bring me into such good graces with the High Lord. I cannot believe those idiots just dropped you here on my doorstep. A real-life sha—“

A sharp tug on Nesta’s braid snapped her head back. A dirty hand covered her mouth.

“What do you think you’re doing?” A voice hissed in her ear.

Nesta knew. It belonged to the strongest, luckiest bastard to graze an Illyrian camp. As she turned her head, she caught the shocking violet eyes of the Heir of the Night Court. The two strongest males her age had her by the balls and could punish her without mercy. No excuse she could muster would hold in any trial, not that there’d be one.

She ripped the hand from her mouth. “I’m just taking a break. You ever heard of one of those? 

Hazel brown eyes just stared back at her. “You ripped my hand away.”

“I couldn’t answer your question with your grimy hands covering my mouth. Speaking of, why aren’t you two training?”

She more directed it at the bastard, for the Heir was still watching Devlon.

“I think we’re all hiding here for the same reason. We want to know why Devlon’s shitting his pants over that new bastard.”

“Shut up,” the Heir hissed, “I can’t hear.”

Both Nesta and her captor grew quiet. Since she was dragged back, Nesta could no longer hear Delon’s words, but she could see a small dark shape curl around the boy.

“What is that?” She asked, “It looks like the High Lord’s magic.”

“I can guarantee you that it’s not,” the Heir explained, “I have the same magic as my father, and it doesn’t look that wispy. I’m pretty sure that Devlon said something about a ‘Shadowsinger’ but—“

Nesta gasped.

“You know what that is?” The bastard asked.

“You don’t, bastard?” Nesta quipped.

“First, call me Cassian. Secon—“

“Call me Rhys,” the Heir called.

They were insane, making introductions as if they’d ever talk to one another again.

“Right, call him Rhys. Second, no I don’t know what a ‘shadowsinger’ is, and I don’t think Rhys does either.”

Distantly, Nesta thought she heard her name. “A shadowsinger,” she began, “is a person who… speaks with the wisps around him. Those are shadows around him, and it’s where the name comes from. They can tell him stuff. I feel like you should know this.” She gestured towards Rhys.

“I’m an heir, not a scholar.”

Nesta rolled her eyes. “As if you don’t have more education than everyone else in this camp combined.”

“Nesta!” She turned her head at her youngest sister’s call.

“I take it you’re Nesta,” Cassian supplied.

She shot him a seething glare before turning on her heel to find her sister.

By nightfall, the newcomer had already been absorbed into the High Lord’s Family’s home for wayward, yet outstanding bastards.

Nesta despised his treatment.

Despite his curling wisps, there was nothing special about him. Where his fellow competitors were taut and lean, he was soft and small. Even she could hold her wings off the ground. She could probably take hime in a fight too.

When she walked away after her strange interaction, she could distantly hear the boys discussing what they would do to the pathetic thing.

All Nesta could focus on, though, was the fact that that boy needed to learn how to fly. And so did she.

Lying on their shared mattress, Nesta waited until her sisters’s breathing evened-out before stealthy sliding out from under the sheets. Quietly, she laced up her boots and threw a cloak over her nightgown before prying the door to their room open.

“Nesta,” her youngest sister, Feyre, whispered, “Where are you going?”

“The bathroom,” Nesta lied.

Feyre cocked her head. “Then why are you dressed to go outside?”

Nesta sighed. “I need to speak with some people.”

“Who? Are you accounted for?”

What a nice way to say that a  girl was already chained to a man. Nesta shook her head. Throughout the years, Nesta tried enforcing on her sisters a wings-up rule. Elain couldn’t care less about what her wings did, dutifully accepting her inevitable clipping already at the age of seven. While Feyre took to the idea better than Nesta did. It was this small act that prompted Nesta to speak her next words, carefully.

“Do you think it’s fair that the only people who get to fly are males and the High Lord’s mate?”

Feyre stared.

“I want some people to teach me. And maybe I will lose them, my wings, but I want to know what it’s like. Just once.”

Instead of saying anything, Feyre crawled out of bed and joined Nesta. “I’ve always wanted to learn too.  Do you really think someone is willing to teach us?”

“They’ll probably say no. If we can even talk with them. But they’re also the only people who might say yes.”

Feyre nodded and followed Nesta out the door.

Together, they huddled close, arm in arm. They passed rows of makeshift tents filled with sleeping bastards, empty fighting rings, and avoided any small bonfires. Their path curved through the camp, clinging to the shadows and obscuring their final destination until it became obvious where they were going.

Feyre froze. “Are you going to ask the High Lord’s family to teach us how to fly?”

Nesta set her chin. “Yes. They practically adopted that Shadowsinger today, and he’s going to need to learn how to fly sooner or later. May as well adopt us too.”

Feyre remained where she stood.

“Feyre. I will leave you here staring if you don’t follow me up those stairs.”

Feyre’s feet shuffled slightly towards the house as Nesta strutted straight to the door.

All of the lights were off in the house, and Nesta desperately hoped that the boys from earlier would open the door.

She knocked twice.

When the door swung open, the High Lord’s ethereal mate stood there. Her raven’s black hair spilled down her back in loose waves, and her eyes marketed a slightly diluted hue that matched her son’s. Even her midnight blue nightgown was extravagant, draping around her body, rather than hanging like a sheet. Her eyes pierced through the sisters standing on the doorstep.

“May I help you?” She asked in a regal manner.

“I wish to speak with Cassian and Rhys,” Nesta stated.

The woman arched a brow. “Can I ask why you wish to see my son and his friend in the middle in the night?”

“It’s personal,” Nesta responded quickly.

The lady scanned the two girls, her eyes lingering on their wings behind them. Something in her expression changed when she gazed at them. “It would be much easier if I just sent them away,” she muttered quietly to herself, then louder, “Follow me.”

The girls were led to a small, comfortable living room as the Lady of the Night Court padded her way up the stairs. Despite the house being fairly ramshackle, their home had steps. That led to another floor. Nesta’s jaw dropped slightly at the thought of having that much money and power.

Nothing else about the home screamed opulence, but it was more than Nesta had ever seen in her entire life. A couch here, chairs there, an island in the kitchen. It seemed like a mansion in comparison to the beaten down, drudgery of the rest of the camp.

Before she could linger too long,though, Nesta heard a smattering of footsteps creep down the stairs. The Lady led, with Rhys and Cassian trailing behind. As they arrived in the living room, Nesta and Feyre stood up.

A smirk grew on Cassian’s face while Rhys stopped in his tracks and stared at Feyre.

“Girls, you can say whatever it is you need to say,” the lady said, quietly.

Nesta turned to her. “Can we speak with them in private?”

“I will not be dismissed in my own home,” she bit back.

Nesta nodded. She begged to the mother that the Lady would not kill them for their request. “That new bastard—“

“Azriel. His name is Azriel,” Rhys’s mother supplied.

“Fine. Azriel. We all know that he can’t fly to save his life. He can’t be Illyrian if he can’t fly. Someone’s got to teach him, and I know that the responsibility will fall on you two.” Nesta gestured towards Cassian, whose face dropped the smirk, and Rhys, whose eyes barreled into Feyre.

“What do you want then?” Cassian asked quietly.

“I want you to include Feyre and me in your lessons.”

Silence chocked the room as the full gravity of her request settled.

Cassian cut the static first, “There’s no way—“‘

“Cassian!” The lady hissed.

“I know you’d probably train in the day, but if we did our duties—“

“They’ll train you,” the Lady interrupted. Rhys snapped his head towards his mother in shock, eyes finally leaving Feyre, “Every evening, starting half hour after sunset until you girls say you’re done.”

Thrill ran down Nesta’s spine at not only the training, but the idea of holding power.

“Are you sure your sister wants to join you?” The Lady called.

“Yes,” Rhy answered, “she does.”

“I didn’t ask—“ the lady began.

“I do,” Feyre said meekly.

Cassian groaned. “So now we’re training three people who should have learned how to fly years ago?”

“Cassian, I don’t care if you don’t want to, but as the mate of your High Lord, you will do as I say,” the Lady chastised.

Nesta knew they must leave soon, lest Elain woke up and found her sisters gone. “Thank you,” she called, grabbing Feyre’s arm, and spinning them around.

“Wait, girls,” the Lady called to them. She whispered something in Cassian and Rhys’s ears before sending them back to bed.

Now it was just two worthless Illyrian girls and the most powerful woman in the entire Night Court.

“I want you two to know that I believe you are incredibly brave. As someone who was lucky enough to keep her wings, I need you to understand that there’s only so much power my son and I have in this camp. There’s a chance that you’ll still get clipped and only have a few years flying. I wish I could guarantee you both eternity, for I believe you’ll find it the greatest joy you’ll ever experience.”

Nesta opened her mouth to say something.

“Not yet,” the Lady held up a finger, “If that happens, I want you both to be equipped with more than that. Can either of you read?”

They both shook their heads.

“I tutor Rhys and Cassian. I’m going to begin with Azriel. If you two would like to join, you may. I can speak with Devlon to see if he could reduce your workloads, so you can both come here in the evenings to learn and then fly at night.”

To both Nesta and the Lady’s surprise, Feyre spoke next, “I think we both really appreciate the offer, Lady. But we can’t ask you to give us unfair workloads.”

The Lady sighed, “If you call my boys by their first names, you may as well call me by mine. I’m Kamaria. What are yours? I insist you take any advantage you can in this place.”

The girls made short introductions, Nesta continued,  “It’s nothing against you, La…Kamaria. But we have another sister who would still be expected to complete her duties, and we can’t run away from her.”

Feyre nodded.

“Why isn’t she here with you?” Kamaria asked.

“In truth, I was going to some here alone,” Nesta began, “but Feyre woke too. More importantly, I don’t think Elain, our other sister, would want this anyway.”

“You can’t speak for your sister, if you haven’t asked her,” Kamaria chided.

“We know,” Feyre tried, “though Nesta always insists we keep our wings off the ground, more dignified that way. But Elain. She never follow these directions, she accepts it more.”

Kamaria stared a the two girls in front of her, and Nesta had never felt more naked. She scrutinized them, and their wing positions. Finally, she responded, “Very well. She is still invited to join you both and is more than welcome to at any time. I know you said you must get going so I will winnow you both back home.”

When Kamaria’s hands slipped into Nesta and Feyre’s, Nesta did not even process the vertigo of winnowing or question how she knew where they lived. Kamaria wished them both good night before disappearing.

Feyre moved to go inside, but Nesta stared at their door.

“Nes?” Feyre asked cautiously.

Nesta shook her head. “I can’t believe it worked. I can’t….We’re going to learn how to fly, Feyre.”

Feyre offered her sister a small, excited smile, and Nesta couldn’t help but return it.

My masked Lover

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Synopsis: By chance, you find yourself in the park at 3 am, face to face with your favourite superhero/crush. Whilst you visit the park every morning to see him, you are oblivious to the boy behind the mask making his advances. 

Words: 2.7k 

Warnings: None 

A/N: Here’s a new story for you guys! This was meant to be a one-shot but, as you can tell, I got carried away and accidentally started a new series. If you would like part two, please do drop me an ask and/or message. 

P.S: My tag list and Requests are open!   


Your puppy’s barks were so loud that they could be heard throughout the house. But of course, you were the only one actually awake to hear it. It’s not like it had woken you up or anything, you had stayed up late to try and finish your history project which was due in tomorrow morning. You had finished it at around 2am and when you had finally slid into bed your puppy had begun barking.

You reluctantly dragged yourself out of your warm bed and downstairs to the cold hallway. You opened the kitchen door and your puppy ran out, barking even more. When your Dad had brought home the golden retriever pup you were overjoyed. Now the puppy, which you had ironically named Angel, was stealing, even more, hours off your already short sleeping schedule. Angel enjoyed early morning walks and the only one around to walk her was you.

Attaching the lead to Angel’s collar, you slipped on your shoes that were by the door, grabbed your keys and walked out of your house with Angel. You were instantly hit by the cold air of New York. Using your phone as a torch, you made your way to the park that was only five minutes away. Whilst most people would be too afraid to walk through a park at almost three in the morning, you were calmed by the fact that a certain superhero would save you if you were to meet any trouble.

All your friends (other than Michelle) called you crazy for believing that Spider-man would always be there to help. They told you that he can’t save everyone in New York and there was only a 50% chance he would appear if you were in trouble. But that didn’t stop you believing. In a city of peril, Spider-man brought hope to many, including you. You had watched videos, read articles and saved many pictures of him. As well as admiration for the web-slinging hero, you were curious to see who was under the mask. How did he get those powers? How old is he? What’s his name? Did you know him?

Angel suddenly tugged hard on the leash, indicating you had reached the park. You pushed the gate open, Angel panting excitedly. You reached down and unclasped the leash, setting her free. Thankfully Angel was trained and would come back to you when you called. Whilst she ran around the park, you began a leisurely stroll along the main path. The park was empty but not silent. Despite it being three am, New York City was still thriving. If you looked right you could see towards the city centre, which was a beacon of light for the rest of the city. To your left were the sounds of the busy subway filled with late-night workers and party goers. And when you looked up you had the best view. The night sky was at its best. Each star shined brightly, creating shapes that could be interpreted in whatever way you liked. The moon provided a gentle light in the areas of the park not lit up by a street light. The whole atmosphere of early morning New York was exhilarating.

You saw a bench and settled down on it. You looked around to see if Angel was around anywhere. You couldn’t hear any barks or rustling from her running around. Usually, this wouldn’t bother you as Angel would usually come bounding out of a bush or let out a bark or two. But five minutes had passed since you last heard anything from her or had seen her and you began to get worried. You flash your phone’s torch around, to see if she was anywhere nearby but found nothing.

“Angel!” You called out, getting up from the bench.

You heard no barking and saw no sign of moving. The last time you saw her was in the small forest area in front of the bench. You didn’t exactly want to venture between the large trees alone at three am, but you had no other choice.

 Meanwhile, Peter Parker swung from tree to tree, clad in spandex. He had spent the night busting some bank robbers and was celebrating in a Tarzan-like fashion. He enjoyed coming to the park at night. It didn’t feel scary at all to be in this park alone. He had the night sky as his company, the moon being his spotlight whilst the stars were his audience. Peter was able to practice new tricks in the empty park without the risk of being spotted without his mask on. Or so he thought.

Peter instantly stopped swinging when he heard the familiar voice. He managed to land quietly despite his surprised state. As he pulled his mask over his head, he heard the voice again, clearer this time. Peter knew he had recognised the voice. But where was it coming from?

(Y/N) stepped out into the dimly lit forest clearing. Peter could feel his cheeks reddening under the mask. What was she doing here?

“Angel? Come on Angel!” She exclaimed a look of stress on her face.

The faint glow of the streetlight nearby shone on (Y/N). Peter noted how the light only accentuated her beautiful face. He couldn’t help but stare at his crush.

(Y/N) (L/N) had been the girl on Peter’s mind for nearly three months now. When Liz Allen had left Midtown High, Peter was heartbroken. He had finally got the girl he wanted so badly, only to lose her almost instantly. It was basically his fault as well- he was the one who caused her Dad to be sent to jail. But it was the right thing to do. He couldn’t endanger the lives of millions over a crush. Peter had soon realised that his crush on Liz wasn’t really what it seemed at the time anyway. Liz was beautiful and so nice but he wasn’t in love with her. It was more admiration. (Y/N), on the other hand, was so, so different. When Michelle had invited her to join the decathlon team he knew she was the one. The one that would please him, the one that would make him happy and the one that he would love. When she introduced herself, he couldn’t help but repeat her name to himself under his breath. He basked in her beauty then and still did now.

“Where are you, Angel?” (Y/N) said to herself.

Peter decided to step out from the trees and find out what you were doing here. He was about to call your name when he realised his appearance. You had no idea that your classmate was standing by you. You would only see Spider-man.

“I’m not an Angel but I could be for you.” Peter heard himself say, instantly cringing at the cheesy pickup line.

 You turned around, trying to find the source of the voice. Your gasped aloud open when you saw your favourite Superhero standing in front of you. He looked quite awkward, leaning against a tree with one hand on his hip. You took a moment to take in the person before you. Spider-man was actually quite short, possibly only five feet seven or eight. He wasn’t incredibly muscular but still looked as if you might find him in the gym over by the weights. You couldn’t see his face but it felt as if he was smiling at you.

“Sorry, that was way too cheesy.” Spider-man spoke again and you noted that his voice sounded like a teenage boy.

“It-It’s okay.” You stammered.

“So, erm, what are you doing out here so late?” The hero asked you, walking out into the clearing to stand with you.

“My puppy. She loves an early morning walk.” You replied.

“Your puppy?” Spider-man questioned.

“Her name’s Angel. At the moment I don’t know where’s she got to. You haven’t seen a golden retriever puppy, have you?” You said, looking around again.

“No, but I can definitely help you find her. I have the advantage of a Birdseye view.” He offered you.

“Thank you! I’ll continue down here as you know, I don’t have the advantage.” You replied, earning a laugh from the hero.

You watched a Spider-man shot a web from his wrist and swung up into the tree. Once he was out of view you took a started taking deep breaths. Spider-man had just spoken to you. SPIDER-MAN. Not only had he spoken to you but he used a pick-up line on you. And now he was helping you find your puppy.  

You finally began to look around again for Angel. As you reached the edge of the forest you still saw no sign of your puppy. You looked up to see if Spider-man was around but you saw no sign of him either. You were alone once again. Letting out a sigh, you began walking back through the forest and back to the bench you were sitting on.

Suddenly, you heard a bark followed by the voice of Spider-man. You quickly ran out of the forest and saw Angel scurrying around the feet of the masked hero. He looked up as you approached him and gave you a thumbs up. You smiled in return, crouching down to your puppy.

“Thank you so much! My parents would’ve killed me if I lost her.” You exclaimed, hooking the leash back onto Angel’s collar.

“No problem. It’s what I’m here for!” Spider-man returned.

“So, you help a lot of girls to find their puppies at three in the morning?” You asked, looking up at him.

“No!” He said quickly, earning a smile from you. “Just you.”

“I’m honoured.”

Silence followed your words. You stood up, Angel already tugging on the leash. Spider-man still stood in front of you. You wondered what the expression on his face was right now. And why he offered to help you. Surely there were more important jobs than you not being able to find your puppy. When he had offered, it made him seem like an old friend. The way he spoke to you was friendly and somewhat calming. He was everything that you expected and more. And you were probably never going to see him again.

“Well, I suppose I should say goodbye now. I need to try and fit in a few hours’ sleep before school tomorrow.” You said.

“Oh yeah, school. I should probably do the sa- I mean go and find more people to save.” He replied.

“Thank you again. Hopefully, I shouldn’t need your help again, if this one behaves tomorrow.” You began. “I never actually asked where you found her.”

“She was over by the rose bush. And do you mean to say you’ll be returning?” Spider-man asked, sounding hopeful.

“Most likely yes. Why? Will you be returning?” You questioned him, already thinking of meeting him again.

“Only if you are.” He answered.

You raised your eyebrows at him before letting out a short laugh. You waved at the masked hero before walking towards the park gate. You were suddenly very grateful for your puppy’s love of early morning walks.

Peter awoke, still buzzing from the events from earlier this morning. Out of everyone he could’ve met in the park at three am, he would’ve never expected to see (Y/N). Even though she had no idea it was him, he was so excited to actually speak to her. Other than a few awkward conversations here and there, Peter hadn’t really spoken to (Y/N) too much. He mainly stared at her in the hopes she would somehow realise he liked her. But of course, that hadn’t worked. But now he had a way to speak to her. He could hear a part of himself saying that Spider-man wasn’t a party trick but this wasn’t really a party trick. It was his only way to speak to his crush. Peter was sure anyone else would do the same. Right?

As Peter got ready to leave, he found himself feeling excited to go to school. His encounter with (Y/N) had given him a newfound confidence. The decathlon team all had the same free period today and were going to use it to meet up. This meant Peter would have a chance to speak to his crush, minus the mask this time.

 “Hey everyone.  So, Nationals are next week and we still need to brush up on Physics and Chemistry. Peter can help on Physics and Ned can help out with chemistry.” Michelle announced before sitting down again.

Everyone began flipping through their textbooks and talking amongst themselves. Peter looked opposite him to (Y/N) who was looking at her physics book with a strong look of confusion. She pouted her lips as she flipped the page. This was his chance.

“(Y/N)?” He said, a blush already beginning to form on his cheeks.

“What’s up Peter?” She asked, giving him a friendly smile.

“Y-you seem confused. I wondered if you n-needed any help?” He stuttered.

“That would be amazing Peter! I’m so bad at Physics and I haven’t really had much time to revise.” (Y/N) replied.

“I’m sure you’re not bad.” Peter mumbled, unable to let her put herself down.

“Trust me, Peter, I’m bad. If I had time maybe I wouldn’t be. But school just loves to give out Homework.” She sighed.

“That I can agree with. I barely get any sleep these days.” Peter said, thinking of how he struggled to balance school life and his superhero duties.

“On top of homework, my new puppy loves to be walked at two am. Although, this morning’s walk was kind of worth the lack of sleep.” (Y/N) added, a smile playing at her lips.

Peter felt himself smile at her words. (Y/N) seemed to have enjoyed their encounter as much as he had. She seemed happier than usual and it thrilled Peter to know that he was the reason. Or at least his superhero persona was the reason.

“W-why was it worth it?” He managed to ask.

“Well, I thought I shouldn’t tell anyone but I’ve already told Michelle and Betty so I might as well tell you as well.” (Y/N) began, before leaning over so her mouth was by his ear.

“I met Spider-man!” She whispered excitedly.

(Y/N) leant back in her seat, the sunlight streaming through the window and onto her face. Her natural glow was enhanced by the sun. Peter couldn’t help but stare at her with a sappy grin on his face. She was truly beautiful.

“You don’t believe me, do you?” (Y/N) stated, a sadness in her voice.

“Oh no, I do believe you! I was just a little shocked that’s all.” Peter managed to save himself

“I was as well! I’ve never seen anyone in the park when I’ve walked Angel before, so when I saw Spider-man out of all people- I was so surprised.” She gushed.

“What was he like?” Peter inquired casually.

“Everything you could want. Kind, funny, friendly,” (Y/N) started to say before stopping. “Sorry, I feel like I sound like I’m in love with him.”

“Aren’t you?” Betty leaned over and added, a smirk on her face.

Both Peter and (Y/N) blushed whilst Betty laughed. Peter gulped, seeing the look of embarrassment on (Y/N)’s face.

“Well, you do go on about him an awful lot. That’s all I have to say.” Betty stated before turning back to her own conversation.

(Y/N) looked at Peter, who stared at her like a deer caught in headlights. She brushed a piece of hair behind her ear before talking again.

“I’m not in love with Spider-man. I just admire him a lot.” She tried to justify herself.

“I-I’m not accusing you of anything (Y/N).” Peter said, feeling his blush deepen.

“I know, I know. Anyway, how could I be in love with someone’s name and face I don’t even know?” (Y/N) replied.

“Well, I don’t know much about love but from what I’ve heard it’s about personality over looks.” He suggested to her.

“I suppose so. Anyway, you should probably start teaching me physics!” (Y/N) said, eager to change the conversation subject.

Peter smiled at his crush, incredibly satisfied by the fact that they were talking.

“Of course. Let me teach you.”

I love you

Richie Tozier x Fem!Reader

Requested: yeah yeah yeah

“can I request a richie x reader imagine? They get into an argument and the reader has a crush on richie but he doesn’t know so while the reader’s yelling at me she slips that she likes him and richie just stares and then kisses the reader or something? Lol whatever you want you’re an awesome writer! Just fluff lol! Thank you so much“

Side note: okay it’s a bit different than what the request is but i reallyreallyreally hope u like it anyway, and if u don’t feel free to sue me

Originally posted by wyattswolfs

Literally every single day you’ve had pranks pulled on you. From pranks like “your shoe lace is untied” to Richie breaking into your house and pretending to be a burglar or some stupid shit like that. 

It’s Monday and you haven’t seen Richie yet. You were looking forward to see him because you haven’t seen him all weekend. Everyone hung out but he didn’t come along.

But today you didn’t see him at all. You didn’t find anything weird or gooey in your books or your bag. No jump scares today. Weird.

“Hey, guys. Have you seen Richie at all today?” You get no’s in response. You sighed to yourself. Maybe he’s just sick today.

It’s Tuesday now, and he’s not at school again. But still, no one has seen him. Now you were worried. What if he’s missing? Did something terrible happen? Did his parents do something? A million thoughts ran through your mind. Oh God.

Straight after school you rode your bike to Richie’s house. You were terrified of what you were going to find. But hopefully he’s okay. Hopefully…

You arrived at his house and jumped off your bike and ran to his front door. As soon as you reached the door you started banging your fists against the wood. “RICHIE,” you called out. You kept calling his name and got no answer. So you opened the door and walked in. Thank goodness it was unlocked, you didn’t have to break in.

You searched his living, the kitchen, the bathroom. Then you went up stairs and looked in his parents room. Still nobody. You opened the door to his room then-


Richie screamed with a stupid mask on scaring the shit out of you. You shrieked and fell back. Richie was laughing his ass off while you were trying to catch your breath. 

“You should’ve seen your face!” He laughed.

You got up. “Are you fucking kidding me?” 

He was still laughing. “That was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Your face was like-” He intimated what your face looked like. You wanted to punch him.

“It’s not fucking funny, Tozier.”

He put his hands on your shoulders “Come on, Y/N. It was a prank, no harm done.” You smacked his hands away. 

“No! I thought something bad happened to you!” You shouted.

“Y/N, I’m sorr-”

“I thought you were hurt! Or missing! Or maybe that your parents did something!” You were stumbling over your words. Richie was trying to calm you down.

“Y/N, please. I’m sorry, it was a-”


Tears started to build up in your eyes.

“I thought you like died or something. Oh my god, if you died, how would I live with myself. Oh my god. I can’t even imagine losing the person I love, oh fuck. What if you-” You cut yourself and just realised what you just said. Your hand flew to your mouth to stop yourself from saying anything else. 

Richie stood there with shock evident on his face. 

“Oh my god,” You whispered to yourself. You just admitted your feelings for Richie. Now you wished the earth would just swallow you up right there. 

“Fucking idiot,” you accidentally said out loud to yourself. “I’ll show myself out,” you said.

You turned to walk away but felt Richie pull your arm. He pulled you into a hug. You felt yourself melt into his arms. “It’s okay,” He said. “I’m sorry.”

You rested your head against his shoulder and sniffed. “I’m sorry for freaking out,” you apologised. 

“No, I’m sorry. It was mean to pull that kind of prank. I’m so sorry. I’ll never do it again.”

You let go and started to make your way. “Y/N?”

You turned around. “Yeah?”

“Can you stay?” He asked. 

“What about your parents?”

“They won’t be coming home tonight.”


You both hung out, watched tv, ate food and chilled for the rest of the afternoon. After a late dinner you both went up to Richie’s room.You only staed over at Richie’s twice, he never had friends staying over because of his drunk parents. The reason you stayed over those two times was because they would be out all night. Just like right now.

You shared a bed with Richie those times. But this time was different. Only because you just admitted that you loved him. So maybe it’s a bit more awkward this time. Richie crawled into bed, you just stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do. 

“Are you gonna get in the bed or what?”

You nodded and sat next to him. Then you got under the blanket covers and you both just lay there. You were on your right side facing him and he was on his left. Richie took his glasses off and just looked at you. You must be really blurry to him right now. 

His hand came up to your face and lightly stroked your cheek with his finger tips. He was warm. 

“I love you too,” He said. 

Your right hand took his left and bought it to your lips and gave it a kiss. Richie smiled to himself. You were surprised that he hasn’t made one stupid comment or joke at all this afternoon. But you didn’t mind. You were just happy that that the boy you love, loves you back.

GOT7 Reaction: To You Being Vanilla

Anonymous said: how would got7 react to you not being into the kinky stuff (spanking, daddy kinks, bondage) also i love your acc thank you for doing what you do :)

A/N: Hope you like this!! Thank you for requesting!



Originally posted by thekpopquartet

I feel like Mark would lowkey find it adorable, don’t ask why, he just would.

“Okay, doll.. I’ll go easy on you then”



Originally posted by biaswreckingyourlife

This boy right here is dominant as fuck, whether you were into calling him daddy or not, he would still have the upper hand and be rough as shit regardless.

You knew this was coming I mean you signed up to date him no one forced you to


Originally posted by jypnior

Jinyoung might be caught off guard at first, but I don’t think he would mind a lot, despite having quite a lot of kinks. I feel like he would be the sort of guy to sit down with you and tell you how sex is about “showing the other person how much you loved them and how much they mean to you”

Can you imagine soft Jinyoung, iM CrYinG


Originally posted by jacksonwangism

One side of him would find it very cute and for some reason he would automatically assume you were a bit more on the innocent side of people. The other side of him though, would try to get you to be more open on experimenting.

“But jagiiii! You might like it! How can you be so sure you won’t enjoy it if you don’t give it a try?”


Originally posted by j-miki

I don’t feel like he would mind it much, probably, he wouldn’t mind it at all. If anything, he’d be relieved not being into kinky stuff himself (Youngjae + Kinks= Sorry I just can’t see it🤷🏼‍♀️)

Soft vanilla sex it is. My boy, will deliver.


Originally posted by tanjhent

Oh boy, the moment you let him know you weren’t into kinky things, he would get all cocky and that smug smirk would appear on his lips

“You’re not into those things…yet


Originally posted by taecula

This man child right here definately has a daddy kink. When you told him you didn’t have any kinks and didn’t quite like any either he would highkey try and change your mind

“I mean.. Are you sure?? Maybe.. We could give it a try, you might end up liking it..”

~Admin Princess (Nas)👑


“I see.”

Harry murmured under his breath as he nodded even if he didn’t have the slightest bit of what you were saying as the last thing he heard was on how you fatigued you are, his eyes focused on the glaring screen in front of him as in truth, something better is the center of his attention.

He felt maybe just a little bit guilty that you’re saying these things to him that didn’t even sink over his consciousness, you being the one to not notice the big smirk on his face as you were occupied in letting out all the complaints you reserved to say in this FaceTime.

“And it wasn’t even when-…”

Harry hummed, tilting his head as his back’s pressed onto the pillow that served as the support to it as he’s sat upright on the bed, a grin on his face being showcased that made you stop.

“You’re cute when you’re frustrated.”

You breathed in deeply as Harry already catched the blush that’s present within your cheeks as you didn’t waste any time in going back to releasing your remaining pent-up stress within, him being the one to rest his head on his hand.

He wanted to take in every detail as he didn’t even warn you that he already took on what he thinks is already the tenth screenshot throughout the call, thankful that the hotel’s wifi processed the call that made you on the other side crystal clear, a grin on his face each time.

“Pretty eyes too.”

You let out a heavy sigh, a little smile on your face as you rested slowly against the bed with a knowing look, lips pressed into a thin line that tried not to show how maybe you’re a little amused.

“You weren’t listening, were you?”


Harry said through a grin as he did mean it seriously as he noticed the little irritated expression in your face that he wanted to fix, slightly pouting as he offered more words of apology that made you finally budge.

“Fourth. Fourth time that this happened, Harry,” you motioned, chuckling as Harry pouted as he’s a bit embarrassed that it repeated that many times, covering his face with a pillow as he groaned.

“S’not my fault you’re distracting!”

“Oh it’s my fault now?”

The rebuttal you provided made the both of you laugh, a feigned frown being provided too by Harry that made the situation all too heartwarming which the both of you wanted it to be at the moment.

There was silence in the middle of it, his hand rubbing his eyes as he swears he really misses you and wanted nothing else but to see you, even going to the point in where he’d ask for a video of you just doing anything as he’ll watch it until he falls asleep.

“All aside, I miss you though, love.”

Harry admits, he really isn’t a fan of detachment in some aspects but this toll just made him hate it all together.

“You have no idea how much I do too, H.”

He chuckles that sounds a bit pained, raising his phone so it could be pointed at the space behind him as he was so used to occupy less of it since he became so adapted to your sleeping positions.

“Even left a space for you here.”

Harry smiles, a little heavy on his part as he did want to go home but had a job to do as well, each day passing that nears to your visit making him a bit more excited everyday.

And he knows, for a fact, that he’ll be distracted again once he sees you as in the first place, it really isn’t a distraction since you are his focus and it’s the other way around, everything else being disregarded.

It’s the little things that remind Harry of you, whether it was a reference you made or a spot that you wanted, it was there with him.

Truth is, he never really forgets them.

And by the moment he sees you, whether through a screen or in person, it floods back in again, every statement becoming stamped into his mind and containing nothing else but thoughts that involved the future.

Love you.”

RUSH  – Chapter One


Warnings: smut, language

A/N: This will have only two chapters and I will publish chapter 2 on sunday. Just the old and good (good? you tell me) smut. Feel fre to comment, your feedback is very important! 

   The handsome viking was teasing you all night. His eyes were glued to you, his rosy tongue often wandering over his bottom lip. The truth is that at the minute you saw him your panties were soaked but you tried to keep your shit together. Your people hates vikings more than anything in the world and Lord Dunward would kill you if imagine how aroused you were because of that one. They were too worried about other things to notice his glances to you. 
        This sunny morning you bathed on the banks of the Thames river, the cool water feeling so good on your bare skin and your hair. You were getting out off the water when you saw him sitting so close to you that you could touch him. You were so startled that felt like your heart was about to stop, the terror freezing your veins. How didn’t you noticed him? Since when was he watching? You opened your mouth to scream but he was faster. He gripped your wrist and pulled you down, covering your mouth with his free hand. You heard male voices speaking a foreign language somewere in the woods and you nodded. You realized he didn’t want to draw the other men’s attention more than you did. He let go your mouth and you breathed heavily, trying to calm down your thoughts. Then you remembered you were completely naked. 
        You were kneeling in front of him, your wrist still trapped in his grip. His eyes lingered first at yours and silently you observed him. He could be a nightmare but looked like a glorious angel. The bright blue eyes left yours toward your mouth and he licked his lips. His glance traveled lazyly down your neck and lingered on your breasts. You were frightened but that man was digging up other feelings… Your eyes scanned his braided thick hair and his leather armor with a different curiosity. Suddenly he leaned forward and sucked at your left nipple, then moved back. You jumped and whined and a sinister grin danced on his lips before he bared his teeth. 
        The hand that was gripping your wrist flew to your neck and he lightly squeezed it before pushing you. You fell in your elbows and your legs opened a little when you tried to recover your balance. You were ready to scream but you remembered the other vikings would hear and bit hard your botton lip. The man laughed and leaned his face very close to your pussy. You tried to close your legs and he put one hand on your knee, scolding you with his eyes, but his lips were still smiling. His eyes were dark, the blue was a thin ring around the dilated pupils. With his index finger he traced a line from your clit to your ass and back to your clit. You widened your eyes feeling how soaking you were. He grunted and you thought you would die when his lips found your sensitive skin. His lips moved avidly, sucking and licking your pussy like if he was making out with your folds. You gasped, you were mortified with fear but also obscenely aroused. 
        You heard louder laughs in the woods and you both paralyzed. They were close. The viking released your knee and whispered “run” with a strange accent. You caught your dress and ran still naked, forgetting your shoes. From afar you looked back and saw two huge men joining to your mysterious viking. 
        Your head was spinning when you arrived at the castle. The other servants could read in your face something was wrong and you told them you saw vikings near the Thames but nothing more. Of course they panicked and soon you were called by Lord Dunward, who was like a father for you, to tell what you saw. A shadow grew on his face. Fear. The whole village heard what happened to King Aella and King Ecbert. Some vikings could speak a weak english, but enough, and two of the leaders were unarmed and accepted as guests. Talk was everything Lord Dunward could do and he would offer anything for the sake of his people. 
        The he kitchen was full of whispers about the two strangers and the air was heavy with fear. When you left toward the hall you arms were trembling and you almost spilled all the wine on the floor. You were so nervous! You never imagined that you would have to serve wine to killers someday. Arriving in the hall you almost fell off your legs… He was there. Immediately your pants were soaked and your heart raced in your throat. Would he tell someone? Would he try something in front of everyone? 
        - W-wine? - of course your voice was trembling too.
        - Yes. - he said, not looking at you. 
You put some wine on his glass but you were trembling so much that you spilled at the table too. He recoiled his arm and looked towards you, frowning. 
        - Oh please, I’m sorry! - you whined and then you could tell the exact second he remembered you.
        He widened his eyes and measured you, the corner of his lips curving in a half smile. Your spine froze and mumbling one last “I’m sorry” you rushed toward the kitchen. The whole dinner was like that. His eyes lingering on you as if you were the main course and his hands discreetly wandering around your thighs every time you approached to serve him. At the end of the night you leaned near him to collect the dishes and he quickly pulled your hand at his pants. Through the light fabric you felt his shaft twitch and he released your hand. It took only two seconds but your eyes instinctively scanned the room. No one noticed what happened. 
        - Come to my room tonight. - he whispered.
        You felt like if your face was on fire and quickly disappeared through the door. Heart pounding on your ears, legs failing. Was it fear? Arousal? Both? 

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Meet Again AU

- Kim and Trini were friends way back in high school when they had the whole saving the world gig going on

- they were good friends - they spent nights sleeping over at each other’s houses, they had inside jokes that no one understood especially when they would break out in giggles during training, they had summers spent by the lake wondering what life will be like when they’re in their forties

- then college happened, they were on different ends of the country, Kim had moved to New York and Trini had stayed back in Angel Grove, and studies and final exams got in the way of Skype calls and phone calls and any plans of seeing each other seemed to vanish until they just didn’t talk anymore 

- they were both sad about it; Kim had been convinced they would be fifty and still cracking jokes, but she had accepted it after a few years 

- every now and then she would pick up her phone and wonder if she should call or send a text 

- hours of indecisiveness turned into days and then weeks and then months; kim figured Trini got a new phone number anyway, so she decided not to risk the awkward “oh you got the wrong person” call

- it’s her first year as a nurse, she gets the night shifts, and she’s left with wailing newborns and angsty teens and business people who never take resting as seriously as they should

- it’s also the year she meets Adrian’s father; he’s tall and tan with dark long curly hair; piercing green eyes and a smile that lights up a room

- she falls in love - or at least she thinks she does - the minute she meets him.

- he’s her boss, though, and she feels like she’s somehow in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy when they start sleeping around

- it’s a fling that lasts 7 months before he’s moving across the country and she follows him like a lovestruck teenager 

- the night he breaks everything off, a few months later, she’s holding back from telling him about the baby growing in her stomach

- she doesn’t keep it to herself for long; she ends up telling him when she feels desperation claw at her chest as he’s packing his bags  

- he looks at her, mouth agape, green eyes furrowing in confusion, and she thinks he’s about to put his bags down, but he shakes his head and wordlessly leaves their apartment

- she calls and texts and she feels like she’s the embodiment of the crazy ex  

- and she feels so lost; she barely knows whether or not to keep it

- she takes forever to decide, but then she passes the mirror one morning and the bump is there; it’s not big, just barely there, but it’s there and it’s enough to make up her mind 

- when she feels the baby kick for the first time she’s got tears in her eyes and she wants to scream and shout with glee, but she’s standing in a patient’s room, some doctor rambling about some treatment, so she settles with rubbing her belly and promising herself she’ll do everything in her power to protect him  

- eight months later she has a baby boy in her arms, small and fragile and she feels like she’s gonna Mess this up and then he’s falling asleep in her arms and she names him Adrian 

- Jason and billy live down the street (she had moved back to New York when she found herself bumping into her ex way too many times than she would have liked) and they help her when she feels like she’s about to pass out from exhaustion

- they help her out as much as they can, but she slowly gets a hold of being a mom with a wailing newborn in the other room

- things get easier and she starts feeling like maybe everything won’t go up in flames

- she’s shopping for Adrian - anything with dinosaurs - while she waits to pick him up from preschool when she gets a small text from Billy asking if they want to come over for dinner tonight 

- she’s looking down at her phone when she feels someone crash into her and it makes her feel like her brain is rattling in her head (it’s times like these when she misses her powers) and then she’s looking up, apology on the tip of her tongue, her hands outstretched ready to help the person up when she sees her  

- she’s struck silent as she stares into green eyes

- she looks older, but Kim would recognize her anywhere,

 - she’s still short, still has the long dark hair; green eyes that look at her in shock and confusion; even just looking at her reminds Kim of when they first met - Trini’s face twisted into a haughty scowl 

- “I’m so sorry,” kim figures it’s a good place to start, she hadn’t been paying attention anyways, and then their engulfed in silence as people buzz around them

- “hi” it’s awkward and short and kim remembers a time when they’re greetings had been completely different  

- they struggle through their conversation, awkward stares and words stuttering from their lips as they try to grab a hold of reality (this isn’t one of her recurring dreams - in fact it’s nothing like her dreams) 

- and then Kim can’t imagine not seeing the woman in front of her again; she doesn’t know how she’s done it this long, but she’s not about to let her slip by her so easily

- “do you wanna have coffee sometime?” It’s out there before she can think it over properly, but it’s out there and she’s standing there,waiting for the shorter woman to say anything

- she thinks Trini’s gonna say no, she sees it in the way her lips turn into a scowl and her brows furrow (and Kim tries to ignore the way she feels something buzz in her chest because that face is oh so trini, one she used to get when they were younger and talked about becoming beekeepers or something as equally as bad) so when she nods her head with a small “sure” she feels surprised

- she hands over her phone and tells trini to put her number in; when she gets her phone back she notices it’s different than the one she still has in her phone  

- they say their goodbyes and it’s full of awkward smiles and weird waves and Kim feels so many things at once

- she’s happy and excited because it’s been close to eight years since she’s last seen/heard from trini, but she also feels something churn in her stomach because everything’s changed. 

- they’re strangers 

- the thought doesn’t settle well but she shakes it off, trying her damn hardest to forget about it

- her four year old son does a good job at distracting her, his green eyes growing wide when she hands him a shirt w dinosaurs on it

- his bright smile and excitement is enough to quell the weird feeling twisting in her stomach and she kisses his head when he starts on a tangent about what he did today

- it takes a week for Kim to remember she has Trini’s number in her phone. She takes a deep breath and somehow forms sentences asking the shorter woman to a coffee date near the mall where they had bumped into each other

- Kim finds herself texting the other woman more than she would have thought, so much so one of her friends at work gives her a weird look when she giggles to herself  

- she prepares herself for more awkward conversations and heavy silences, so much so she almost doesn’t go, but she’s stubborn enough that she gets there ten minutes early

- it’s quiet enough that she figures she can pull out a book on her phone until Trini gets there, so when Trini walks up to her and says a small “hey” she jumps slightly 

- she half glares at the woman when she sees a small smug look cross on her face, and Kim can’t help but remember them in high school again, when she would sneak up behind zack or Jason and try to scare them

- her features soften when Trini points at her cup and asks if she’s up for another; Kim waves her off and tells her she’ll go for another in a few minutes and then she’s left to see Trini walking to the front counter (she totally doesn’t check her out, nuh uh)

- it’s quiet at first, each woman trying to somehow find their footing, and then Kim asks about Trini and how she’s doing, and everything just seems to click

- of course, they’re still strangers, there;s still an awkwardness that seems to circle around them, but there’s an ease in the conversation that still seems to be there 

- it brings a small comfort to Kim, that they still seem to have this easy going atmosphere around them; she’s missed it, forgot how nice it was to simply relax and not have to always have to be thinking about what she’s going to say next  

- they spend an hour longer than Kim thought they would and it catches her by surprise when her phone rings, the small alarm she’s had on her phone telling her she has 30 minutes until she has to pick up Adrian 

- “sorry, I have to go pick up Adrian” it falls from her lips before she has any chance to take it back and she’s left wondering why she wouldn’t not bring it up

- he was her whole life and while she didn’t like to consider herself one of those crazy moms that always talked about their kids all the time, she wasn’t shy about letting people know she had a son

- Trini gives her a questioning look and while she doesn’t say anything, Kim feels compelled to answer

- “my son”

- “you have a son?”

- Trini looks at her with surprise, and intrigue, and Kim finds herself looking for any kind of judgments or pitting looks. She doesn’t get any, just sincere curiosity, and it makes her chest ache in a way she’s not used to  

- “I’ll text you soon? Maybe we could do this again?” Kim asks as she stands and collects her things, grabbing at the two empty coffee cups sitting on her side of the table

- Trini smiles at her, nodding her head before she mutters a small, “I would like that”

- kim leaves the coffee shop with a smile - not that she notices - and she definitely doesn’t notice that she has the same smile on her face for the rest of the day

- it doesn’t take that long to meet up again, despite the long hour shifts she has and the fact that her son seems to be adamant about playing outside in the kitty pool she had gotten him this summer

- they meet at a cafe near the park, the conversation is smoother this time, there’s no awkwardness around them like the first time, and they simply catch up  

- kim finds out that Trini has her own company, it’s small and it’s centered around helping kids in rough situations at home or school or life in general. Kim is left dumbfounded and in awe and then she feels that drop in her stomach again; she blames it on that fact that Trini seems so happy and sincere about helping these kids.

- she spends the rest of their time together asking questions and she feels her lips stretching into a smile every time one of her questions seems to light up something in trinis eyes before she goes on to answer her question

- her phone is on silent today, though, and she somehow misses the alarm, and when she happens to look at her phone and notices she’s got 15 minutes to make it there, she’s up and out of her seat in an instant, wobbling the table in front of her and almost spilling the cup of coffee in the other woman’s lap

- “I’m so sorry, I’m running late” she hurries, picking up her purse before hurriedly walking out of the small coffee shop without looking back 

- she forgets her phone, though, and she notices when she’s five minutes away from Adrian’s school. She sighs and wonders how in the world she was supposed to get her phone back

- kim is in the middle of work when someone tells her she’s got someone waiting for her in the waiting room. She’s confused as to who it could be, and then her mind thinks it’s about Adrian, so her hearts racing a mile a minute and she’s sure she’s going to start panicking more than she is now, never mind the unsettling weight of fear that seems to churn deep in her stomach

- when she sees Trini, she’s relieved and mad all at once because dammit she was so close to crying and fearing for her son’s life

- “hey!” It’s light and casual and Kim wants to wrap her hands around trinis neck for a second, but she settles with rolling her eyes and greeting her back

- kim blames it on the relief she feels because she’s suddenly wrapping Trini in a hug. It’s warm and Kim doesn’t want to let go, and then trinis reciprocating it and she really doesn’t wanna let go

- she does, though, stepping back with slightly flushed cheeks - she blames that on the run here 

- “um, you left your phone yesterday” Trini says with a small smile, digging out the item in question from her pocket and then handing it over  

- “thanks!” Kim wants to hug her again - she totally didn’t have to bring her phone here or like wait for her - but she holds herself back and settles for a grateful smile

- kim doesn’t know what to do with herself, she’s still debating on whether or not to wrap Trini in another hug, so when one of her friends interrupts and tells her she’s needed in a patients room she give a shaky sigh of relief

- “um I was actually wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime? Maybe you could bring Adrian?” 

- the question is awkward and Kim can see how Trini keeps shifting from foot to foot, anxious as she waits for Kim’s answer  

- kim doesn’t know what to say, the question catches her by surprise, but she finds herself nodding, a large smile on her face, and when she’s about to say something, she’s interrupted again

- when Trini leaves and Kim’s walking down to her patients room, she blames the fluttering in her chest on the run, there’s no reason she wouldn’t

- they meet at a park two weeks later when Kim finally has a day off and she’s too preoccupied with a four year old desperately running circles around her

- when Trini finds them, Adrian seems to shy away from her, much like he does with everyone, and then Trini’s squatting and introduces herself, a big smile playing on her face

- kim doesn’t know how she does it, but Adrian somehow laughs and giggles at Trinis joke, and then he’s asking if she could play the monkey bars with him

- “mommy always plays w me” he points out, his small finger pointing towards the general direction of the monkey bars “but you can play w me”

- kim rolls her eyes because he practically demands the other woman to play, but Trini barely gives it a second thought before they’re both running  

- kim swears global warming is a thing because her chest feel funny as she sits on the park bench and watches her son play with Trini 

- “he’s amazing” Trini says with a wide smile as she takes a seat next to kim, Adrian busy playing with other kids, and Kim only nods her head because yea, he’s pretty great

- they spend the afternoon together, Adrian yet again demanding that Trini joins them for dinner

- Kim’s pretty sure Trini cancels plans because she’s fishing her phone out of her pocket and sends a quick text before nodding her head and asking what’s for dinner 

- kim watches her son fall in love with Trini  

- stupid heat is making her feel weird 

- she focuses on her sons smile and excited demeanor, laughing when he wraps Trini in a long and torturous class on dinosaurs - he finds a way of including elephants and flamingos into the conversation

- three weeks later and there’s a bug going around the hospital - when is there not - and she gets scheduled for a double shift; she panics and tries almost everyone she trust, but it’s a Saturday night and everyone seems to have plans, so she tries the one person she hasn’t yet

- “I’m really sorry, I can’t find anyone to take care of him for a few hours and “ she trails off because was she really just gonna ask Trini to babysit her son?  

- “I can look after him if you want” Trini says and Kim wonders how calm and okay Trini is with all of it; if anything the thought of taking care of a 4 year old on a Saturday night should cause someone to panic and politely decline 

- “you would?” 

- “yea, I’m not up to anything, and Adrian’s pretty cool”  

- “I owe you so much” Kim says, a sigh of relief escaping from in between her lips, and when Trini chuckles over the line and tells her it’s nothing, she swears she has that weird feeling in her chest again but she blames it on the fact that the other woman is doing her a huge favor 

- when she gets home, it’s close to three in the morning, and she’s totally set to see the house turned upside down because Adrian isn’t the easiest kid to take care of

- instead she finds Adrian asleep on Trinis chest as the woman sits on the ground, her back resting against the couch, her head thrown back as she sleeps

- kim chuckles as she steps closer and sees the mess of toys that seem to circle around the pair

- she thinks it’d be totally weird and creepy if she takes a picture of them, and she almost doesn’t it, but she pulls her phone out quickly and snaps a picture (when trini asks her about it one night after she spots her wallpaper, kim just flushes red before waving her off, changing the topic to stories about Adrian when he was a baby - it works)

- kim finds herself inviting Trini over more often as the months go by, Adrian always asking when Trini would visit next, and she can hardly ever tell her son no, so she almost always finds herself shooting Trini a text wondering if she wants to come over for lunch or dinner  

- it becomes a thing, every three days Trini stops by and just hangs out with them - Adrian loves it, hogs her up and slowly starts learning how to ask Trini if she wants to play legos or color with him

- kim has a feeling Trini can’t say no either  

- she also finds herself trusting Trini, confiding in her after long days, and when Adrain gets in trouble at daycare because he pushes another boy for taking his crayon, Trini somehow ends up hearing about it, the Latina laughing hysterically on the other end of the line

- kim wants to roll her eyes and tell Trini to stop laughing ( her son is not a delinquent) but she ends up laughing along with her, her cheeks hurting after the call and she falls asleep thinking about Trini

- she also ends up crying in Trini’s arms sometimes when everything seems to get overwhelming at work and Adrian doesn’t listen to her (she doesn’t know how trini settles Adrian down after his fourth tantrum, but she’s grateful)

- kim finds herself adding Trini to Adrian’s pick up sheet, her cheeks flushing the next afternoon when she tells her 

- “you trust me that much?” Kim thinks she hears something mixing in trinis voice when she asks and she’s stuck just staring into green eyes  

- “yea”

- when the holidays roll around, everything is hectic and messy and kim finds herself with way too many shifts on her hands

- somehow her friends take turn babysitting Adrian, much to his delight, but Kim catches him one day as he brings out his pillow and blanket with him to the living room before going back and bringing out his favorite toys, linning them all up near the couch

- “what’re you doing, babe?”

- “It’s trinis day” he says like it’s obvious, giving her a “duh” face, and she smothers a smile as she watches him set up his toys

- “but why do you bring your pillow out?” 

- “we always watch movies and cuddle” he says, his eyes bright as he remembers his nights with Trini and kim realizes that’s why she almost always comes home to Adrian asleep in trinis arms (she tells trini she could take him to his room, but trini just waves her off as she brushes his curly hair away from his forehead)

- “she makes dino nuggets too”  

- she smirks when she figures out why Adrain likes Trini so much. She shakes her head and just lets him continue with getting ready

- “you can’t always bribe him w nuggets” Kim tells Trini when the other woman gets there. Trini just shrugs and sends her a smug look. She shakes her head and totally blames the weird twist in her stomach on the fact that Trini is giving her son greasy food

- long evenings turn into sleepover and kim feels like she’s in high school all over again, and when Trini somehow ends in her arms in the morning, and Kim’s nose is nuzzled into the crook of trinis neck, she finds herself wanting more sleepovers

- when Christmas rolls around, Kim’s parents come to visit and Trini goes to visit her family back in angel grove  

- Kim’s house is full but she can’t help but feel like she’s missing something  

- Kim’s mom pulls her away during Christmas dinner and asks why Adrian seems so sad and why he keeps mentioning Trini

- kim just stares at her dumbfounded because she doesn’t know - well she does, he clearly misses her, but she doesn’t know what to respond - and she ignored the fact that she might not be able to answer because she doesn’t know why she misses her 

- she just says he’s not used to Trini being away for so long and then her mother gives her a weird look

- when everyone’s gone to bed that night, she and Adrian settle on the couch and call Trini over FaceTime  

- “Trini!” 

- “hey, little man!”

- kim feels herself melting at the interaction and when she gives Adrian trinis present ( Trini later congratulates her about being able to keep it hidden long enough and she finds herself wishing Trini were here in person to flick her off) Adrian just freaks out, letting out a loud shriek if joy at the fact that he got one last gift from his favorite person 

- it’s a stuffed dinosaur, almost half of Adrian’s size, and he doesn’t let it go after that. Kim watches as he buzzes with joy and she mouths a thank you to Trini 

- “I love you” Adrian’s admits a few seconds later, his love sounding more like luff and Kim watches as Trini practically melts on the screen

- of course, he’s said it before, mostly when he’s half asleep and asks for Trini to put him to bed, but Adrian seems to actually acknowledge it now, like he’s for real for real

- “I love you too, little man”

- kim doesn’t know what to do with herself when she feels the urge to say I love you too and it surprises her and makes her freeze because she’s looking at Trini when she thinks that

- when it’s late enough and Adrian seems to be falling asleep she tells Trini she’s pretty tired too so she ends the call and hopes that “I love you” she was thinking of was just a friend thing  

- totally just a friend thing  

- you know you didn’t have to get jealous. He’s not the only Hart I love 

- kim freezes. She’s mid way through tucking herself in when her phone beeps and she reads the text

- her stomach does the weird loopy thingy it’s been doing recently and her heart seems to want to race out of her chest and she’s feeling so much so fast and she doesn’t know what to do with herself 

- too bad there aren’t any Gomez’s I love she texts back trying to play it cool

- so cool

- kim doesn’t answer back after that, in fact she kinda goes radio silent for the next two days as her mind seems to short circuit every few hours

- she’s definitely not in love with Trini - she’s her best friend - and trinis Trini 

- her mind seems to be running on one thing and she feels like she can’t breathe  

- and then on the third night when she’s had the same thoughts three times she kinda stops and let’s herself think about everything she’s been trying not to think about 

- her conclusion? She’s in love with Trini  

- she’s barely okay with the fact, reasons after reasons of why it would be a bad idea to date Trini (honestly it’s just like 3 but like whatever) 

- “it’s four in the morning” Jason huffs into the phone, and she can practically hear billy snoring in the background 

- “I’m in love w Trini”

- she kinda doesn’t sleep that night and she practically looks like a zombie the next day at work but like she still feels like these feelings are a mistake, like she mistook something for what it wasn’t, like she’s going crazy

- “is it that bizarre to you that you’re in love with your best friend?” 

- she glares at her mom because yes, yes it is. Of course it is, isn’t it? It was Trini for crying out loud, as much as she liked to think she had a good read on her, she doubts Trini would return the feelings 

- she tells her mother that but her mom seems to just quirk an eyebrow at her before she points out her reason for not being okay with having feelings for Trini was because she didn’t know if Trini would return them

- when Trini comes back for New Years and she comes over before midnight, Her mom just gives kim this knowing, mischievous look

- Adrian just launches himself into Trini, practically gluing himself at her side; Trini doesn’t mind, it seems like shes missed him as much as he has her

- there’s a countdown then, and Trini and kim has been talking about what outfits Adrian needs to replace this year when it catches them at 0

- kim glares at her mother when she somehow finds a way to pass by them and tells them to kiss

- Trini chuckles and then Kim finds herself connecting their lips in a brief kiss 

- it lasts two seconds but it’s enough to keep them in place, brown eyes looking into green as kim wonders what’ll happen next

- shes surprised when Trini leans back and connects their lips again

- the kiss is slow and light, and kim finds herself not wanting to ever not be kissing Trini, and all those weird feelings in her stomach and chest are attacking her head on and she feels like she’s gonna lose her balance and fall

- Trini wraps an arm around her waist and kim feels like everything might just be okay

- “mommy stooop” kim looks at her son in question, confusion on both women’s faces before Adrian seems to circle his small arms around Trini almost as if to say she was his 

- Trini laughs and picks him up, kissing his cheek as he leans into her 

- they kinda avoid talking about it for the rest of the night, just sticking close to each other for the better part of it, and when trinis heading for the door, kim asks her not to leave 

- “I love you” kim says in the dark, she’s got her arms wrapped around Trini and she waits in silence for a response. It doesn’t come and she thinks trinis asleep or completely ignoring her and then trinis turning around in her arms and kisses her fiercely 

- “I love you too”

Meet the Ackles - Part Six

Aesthetic by @whatthecastiel

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

Pairing: Eventual Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Like lots of fluff. Jensen and the reader acting like children.

Words: 2.5k

Summary:  Reader is an actress on the show Supernatural, and is attending a convention in Houston, when she misses her flight back home, and ends up stranded in Texas. Her Co-Star, Jensen Ackles, being the gentleman he is, offers to let her stay with him and his family in Dallas. Y/N and Jensen are barely work friends, let alone close enough spend a week together at Jensen’s childhood home. Seeing Jensen with his family might just change how the reader feels about her “just on screen” love interest.

A/N: Eeeep! I don’t know if you know, but I’m so damn excited as to where this story is headed! Thank you to my other half @highonpastries for being my wonderful beta <3 Don’t know what I’d do without her.

Disclaimer: (I can’t believe I have to include this), LIKE ALL FICTION, this is fake. I have no idea what Jensen or his family is like. I try to keep people and places as close to real life as possible, but like I said this is fiction, and is losely based off of my ex-boyfriend and I’s relationship.


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How He Fell in Love | Jungkook

Jungkook x OC

Genre: fluff

Words: 1.6k

Seokjin | Yoongi | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

How Jungkook fell in love is a story of first loves, or more a story of trying to forget them. 

Jungkook wasn’t an amateur in love in any means. He’s had his fair share of relationships, serious ones, casual ones, and ones for mutual benefit despite his squeaky clean maknae image. But amidst all of these girls that came and went, it seemed as if all of them were just placeholders to forget about his first love, Jennie.

He didn’t like to think of her often, not that he had a choice in the matter. But every girl he met, he just compared to her, yet no one could ever compare to her at the same time. Even after five years, he found himself regretting letting go of her and every stolen moment with someone else was just an attempt to forget about her. This went on for five grueling years, until he had the pleasure of meeting you.

Jungkook often fell in love remarkably fast, mostly because he was trying his best to. He wanted to rid himself of her memory and that was exactly when he fell into you. Your first meeting was at a congratulations party for Bangtan’s new album. You were a co-producer for a company that was quiet close to BitHit and at least for Jungkook, it didn’t take long to spot you out in the room. You were hanging by yourself in the sea of people, a drink in hand, leaning against a counter in the corner of the living room. For some reason it reminded Jungkook of himself, especially since he’s an awful introvert as well. He’d “fixed” it a lot over the years of socializing and such but that didn’t mean that he didn’t have a soft spot for cute shy girls at parties who didn’t know how to enjoy themselves.

From that first moment he saw you, he knew that you weren’t his type, Jennie was. She was outspoken, emotional, and at times over the top. She was like fireworks in the middle of September. But you were the opposite. Jungkook truly just intended to ease you up to the party, help you out, but he didn’t know what he was in for with you.

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Lena Luthor x reader (Worked it out, and figured you out)

Request: I love your writing! Can you do one with Lena x fem!reader? It’s Lena’s first time in the DEO and sees reader training and gets hit with gay panic. Then both flirting over being complete science nerds. Thanks!!     

a/n: YOU BET I CAN. And also… thank YOU! All the prompts you folks send me is what keeps this blog going! I’m getting at it at a relatively steady pace I think, sometimes it’s a little bit difficult than other days to find inspiration, but somehow you all manage to surprise me and remind me of how wonderful this fandom is, and then it makes me want to work even harder and contribute what I can to it! So thank y’all so much!!

Fun little sidenote, it’s actually my birthday today! :D I have too many cute fic ideas swimming around in my head (which is a little bit of a rarity these days) and I’m not even sure when I’m going to get to write for them if I’m going to be off being a loud, delinquent dumbass all weekend. But, yeah! I’m feeling extra inspirational and thankful today… maybe that might even translate into some fics that nobody asked for LOL.

Have fun with this fic though y’all! I was in the mood to write something cracky with J’onn in it and I have not a clue as to why… You’re also a little bit of an ass in this one too but it’s totally fine, it’s part of your charm obviously

- - - - -

For as long as you can remember, you have always been a force of nature. You knew how to work hard and you knew just how hard to push yourself to make the reward that much sweeter.

Simply put, you had fun living life, and despite the handful of troubling setbacks and the unavoidable years-long turmoil that is the discomfort of adolescence, you still looked at the world like it was your playground.

As rambunctious and tenacious as you were, you had just as much discipline, and it paid off deliciously in a plethora of ways.

You would say the human body is a blessed vessel; the tone and curves of some, the muscle and elegance of others, the ability to persevere and flourish, to deconstruct and to rebuild, it amazed you all the same.

What amazed you particularly (and was frequently the subject of ire around all your friends) is how you could eat like absolute shit and still maintain the form that you do.

As it was, you found yourself at the DEO working off last night’s conquest of an army’s weight of cheesy garlic bread and a late night call with Domino’s.

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thecutestofcakes  asked:

Ooh how about Number 1 Dark and Amy, like them meeting for the first time?

(( Hope this is okay darling ^^ 
1. Beginnings. ))

It happened when Mark was sick, and vulnerable.

Amy had been out fetching food and cough medicine, and when she had returned, Mark wasn’t in bed anymore but standing in front of the mirror, sorting his hair and cracking his neck.

“Mark?” Amy questioned, staying in the doorway. There was a feeling in her gut that something was wrong here, but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was. “What are you doing out of bed?”

“Ah, Amy.” ‘Mark’ turned to her with a smirk that she didn’t like. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“…Are you delirious?” Amy asked, frowning as ‘Mark’ began stepping towards her, measured and poised and so different from how Mark had been only fifteen minutes before.

“If I were Mark then maybe.”

In the background, under the distorted voice coming from ‘Mark’, Amy heard Mark himself, calling her name.

“Who are you talking to?”

Glancing behind her, Amy saw Mark coming out of the bathroom, blanket around his shoulders and face still flushed from his fever. When he saw the man standing behind her in the bathroom, Mark’s eyes widened, and he reached out to grab Amy’s arm and pull her away.

“What are you doing here?!” He demanded of the figure.

“Wait!” Amy interupted before the man in the bathroom could answer, “Are you…Darkiplier?”

Dark looked down at her, impressed.

“Your eyeliner is messed up.” Amy commented.

Mark sucked in a breath and his hand tightened its grip on Amy’s arm, but she ignored him, examining the eyeliner that Dark was wearing and gesturing on her own eye where the makeup was slightly messed up.

“Do you want me to fix it for you?” She added.

Shrugging, Dark stepped aside to allow Amy into the bathroom, before bending down and allowing her to gently wipe off the makeup under his eyes and fix it with the liquid eyeliner he had left in the cabinet.

“Amy…” Mark murmured, coughing as he lent heavily against the doorframe, tired and apprehensive. “You just guessed correctly that this was Darkiplier…why are you fixing his makeup?”

“Evil version of you or not, no one should go around with messed up makeup.” Amy replied calmly.

Mark stood silently as Amy fixed the eyeliner. When she was done, Dark stood gracefully.

“Thank you, Amy. I’m surprised Mark hasn’t introduced us before.” He said, bringing Amy’s hand to his lips as she went to turn away.

Pulling her hand free, Amy rolled her eyes, “Stop trying to the suave technique on me, it isn’t going to work.” She laughed, “So, what are you doing here?”

“Like I said, Mark is sick. I’ve come to check on him.” Dark replied smoothly.

“I don’t buy it.” Mark coughed.

“Well Mark is going back to bed to rest, so how about you come with me and I’ll show you how to make cold brew.” Amy suggested, ferrying Mark back towards the bedroom and into his bed despite his protests.

Dark raised an eyebrow, cracking his neck again, and nodded. “Sounds perfect.”

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