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ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Iwa Sketchpage! Pick/Tag your fav. Mine’s bottom left corner for some reason.

can we talk about:

A. dirk wearing a blackwing(?) jumpsuit like pls No let him be colourful and happy and free !



Author: @manalfedz​ | READ HERE
Array Design (PG2) credit to @kataraang0
Co-Artists artworks to be linked eventually
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My contribution for the @fmabigbang​ of my author’s story, “World Without Roy”, which I highly recommend everyone to read ;D (link to story above!)

Had fun while making this! Thank you to the mods of the FMA Big Bang for arranging the event, and to my author (@manalfedz) and my artist partners (@fmaquotesandmore & @kataraang0) for their devotion, support, and patience!

Better view of Page 5′s artwork HERE

Special thanks to @gabbiki for always being supportive, and @kriselledraws for the help with dialogue placement :D


Mike and Diana doodles 🐭💕🐭

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(gif cred to giffing master @tanktoptiger

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YO sign me tf up for alpha Yakuza Hanzo like hell yes imagine just how dominate he would be 247 and imagine if reader comes back from a trip to the spa or something And one of the beauticians (Idk what they're called) was an alpha and bc reader got a massage (wearing just a towel might i add) the other alphas smell is soaked in her skin and Hanzo is NOT having it omg and just the thought of HIS omega/beta with an alpha that wasn't him makes his blood boil (bonus if reader did it intentionally)

“Han-zo”, you hummed each syllable sweetly, standing in the door of his office, a charmed grin resting on your lips. The Alpha didn’t look up from the holoscreen in front of him, his fingers dancing across the keyboard, brow knit in obvious frustration. Nibbling slightly on your bottom lip, your head tilted to the side as you took a half step forward and into the room. “My dearest, is everything alright?”

He still hadn’t responded as you moved further into the room, still focused on his work as you came up at his side. His suit jacket had been laid neatly over the back of his tall leather rolling chair, the sleeves of his navy button up rolled up to his elbow, revealing part of his twin dragon tattoo. His long hair was tied up, as it usually was when he ventured out, the graying at his temples a stark contrast to his cool raven locks. His fingers paused for a moment when your hand touched his shoulder, sighing regretfully as the back of your fingers lightly stroked his jawline. He eased into your touch, his deep brown eyes glancing your way before his hand captured yours, lightly tugging your hand to his lips. Purring low in your throat, you smiled as he kissed your palm then your fingertips, an apologetic glint in his eyes as he looked up at you.

“Beloved”, he began, your hand curling up slightly at the tone. He didn’t release your hand, turning it over and pressing his soft lips against your knuckles. Your smile fell, a pout replacing the expression that had once been on your face. “Something has come up. I will not be able to join you today.”

Your shoulders drooped, a quiet whine twisting up from your chest as disappointment set in heavy in you. Busy would be a grand understatement for how Hanzo had been for the last two weeks, the man working from dawn until after midnight, trying to smooth out a ‘shipment’ as he said. You were starved for attention from your Alpha, missing his touch, his presence, his thoughtfulness. It wasn’t that you wanted to interrupt his work, no far from it, but as an omega you craved him, your own psyche, body demanding his attentiveness. The spa day had been his idea, an apology and reward, for being so patient and tolerant despite the last few weeks of neglect. You knew the words you were about to say were petulant and bratty but you couldn’t help it, your stomach twisting with discontent.

“But you promised”, you whimpered softly, watching as his lips twitch downward slightly. He closed his eyes once more and regained his resolve, kissing your hand as he looked into your eyes once more. He was steeling himself against your voice, the natural persuasive tone of an omega tempting him yet not fully swaying the man.

“I know”, he said, pressing yet another kiss to your palm. “But you know I do not cancel without reason, my beloved. If I am able, I will join you for lunch. Try to enjoy yourself?”

The upward inflection at the end made your heart twist up, knowing he was regretful yet that doing nothing to quell the sulleness that tugged within you. He still wanted you to enjoy yourself, to have a good time, which you knew you would, but it just wouldn’t be the same without him.

“Fine”, you said, voice small, still pouting slightly as he tugged your hand in an indication for you to dip down.

You did as he silently asked, his hand releasing yours to cup your cheek lightly, placing a gentle kiss against your lips. You shivered, sighing softly into him as his fingers drifted downwards and grazed against the mark on the junction of your neck and shoulder. It was a gentle, supplicating touch that sent spirals of heat down your spine and into your chest. Pulling back, a war of emotions tugged at your face before a slight smile settled onto your lips, taking a few steps away from your mate. He graced you with one final smile before turning back to his computer, the smile turning back into a pout as you moved out of his office and house and towards the waiting car. As the omnic chalet closed the door and you began to pull from the historic Shimada estate, you crossed your legs slowly, a devilish thought brewing in your head. Sure it was immature, sure it was childish, but…it just might work to garner his full attention on you. Snickering softly, you leaned back into the leather seat of the holocar and chuckled softly, just hoping your plan worked.

Your body was relaxed, leaning back into the leather seat as the chalet pulled you towards the entrance of the main house. You had gotten the full body treatment, changed from a couples full package to just a singles. You had received a full body gold flake message that left your skin radiant, the keratin treatment leaving your hair soft, shiny and bone straight. You had received a facial, your brows had been plucked and your nails manicured and pedicured. It was absolutely delightful, but you knew it would have been infinitely better if Hanzo had joined you. Staring out the window of the car as it slowed in front of the main estate, your eyes lit up when you saw Hanzo, the man moving towards the car as it slowed to a stop. Forcing yourself to it up straight, you forced the mischief from your smile and focused on making it sweeter as Hanzo opened the door, offering you his hand. As you stepped out of the air conditioned car you could feel him stiffen, a knowing smile taking over your expression as he took a half step back.

“Hello my darling”, you purred to him, gently lifting your long skirt as you stepped out of the car, barely nipping out the squeak as he pulled you tight against his body. Those around you would believe the oyabun of the Shimada-gumi was pressing a gentle kiss against your jawline, a show of affection for his omega. But no, Hanzo was nosing your neck, a soft growl beginning to build in the back of his throat. His arm wrapped tightly around your waist as he stood up straight, twisting your head up to look up him and batting your eyelashes innocently. “Is something wrong Hanzo?”

You shivered at the possessive glare that he threw back at you, your smile turning sly as he pulled his gaze away as he began to lead you inside. His steps were brisk, pausing only to change from outdoor shoes to house slippers, his scent growing sharper with each step as he led and you followed. The scent of him permeated around you, the glands on his wrists bleeding the scent into your clothing, making your head swim with need for him. A soft sound of confusion left your mouth as he turned down one of the estate’s long hallways and moved towards the guest quarters, brow furrowing as he pulled you into the largest guest room. Just as the door slid shut, Hanzo stepped towards you, chest to chest, your mask of naivete chipping as his hands grabbed at your hips.

“Beloved”, he growled softly, his aura and the word dripping with dominance as he locked eyes with you. Your tongue darted out and licked at your bottom lip, feeling your heartbeat pick up as he pressed himself flush against you. He dipped his head down again, nuzzling against the side of your scent glands and giving your neck an admonishing nip. “Whose scent is this on my omega?”

He punctuated his statements with nibbles against your skin, your focus heady as the pure essence of Hanzo poured over you, making your body feel hot. A soft, breathy whine spilled from your lips as he pressed hard kisses to your neck and mark and shoulder, a surprised whine fumbling from your mouth as he nipped at your shoulder for your hesitation.

“Ay-Ayane w-was b-busy”, you stuttered out, earning a soft tut of reprimand at your stammer, his hands moving downward, pulling you tight against him once more. “S-so–Han!–nmmm…Ma-Manami d-did my massage instead!”

Each word was a struggle to get out, your body heat twisting and growing in your core as he continued his assault against your skin. He began to move with you, the man practically carrying you as he moved backwards.

“H-Hanzo wh-where are we going”, you questioned as he pulled his face away from your scent glands, eyes half-lidded and heavy with desire.

“I am going to bathe you of that—odor”, he stated simply, a chill of excitement spiralling up your spine. His attention, his touch, his scent, his care. You were absolutely giddy, biting down hard on your bottom lip to quiet the squeal that wanted to spill out.


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Prompt: post civil war Tony and Rhodey attempting to get custody of a child. The CPS person they're talking to is a Cap fan.

It’s uh. not what you asked for, but this is what came out. but hey, kid!fic

also Civil War has been? somewhat resolved? really idk I just,,,can’t with civil war anymore. 

Riri laughed at something Rhodey had said, Tony couldn’t help but lean down and brush a kiss on her forehead. 

After two years of paperwork and vetting, six months after the so-called ‘Civil War’ took place where they had to decide if Rhodey would recover enough, a year of meetings and day trips and staying for a night or two at a time, they finally had their baby girl. Their seven year old was finally home. 

Well, close enough. They were currently sitting in an IHOP near the Tower, because Rhodey had insisted they did something to celebrate Riri moving in, and a helicopter ride was too obnoxious, apparently. If Tony was being honest with himself, which he wasn’t, Rhodey had a point. Tony still held the belief that Riri deserved the best. 

Tony met Rhodey’s eye from across the table to find his husband smiling gently at him, looking as in awe of their daughter as Tony was. Tony grinned back. 

“Well, Ms Riri, I suppose we’ll have to introduce you to your cousin Lila soon,” Rhodey said. “And you can meet Peter, who is going to be your babysitter.” 

“Stop pawning off my intern as our babysitter, that’s not what I’m paying him for.” 

“It’s what I’m paying him for.” Grinning cheekily, Rhodey winked at Riri who giggled again. 

“We share a bank account, why am I paying him twice?” Tony fake-groaned. 

“Oh, I don’t pay him in money. I pay him in secrets. He’s especially interested in the old MIT days.” 

Tony gasped over-dramatically, seeing the little girl try to hide her laughter, and played it up. “Betrayal! What happened to ‘What happens in Boston, stays in Boston?’” 

“I’m not ashamed of anything that happened during MIT. It was the years after that scare me.” 

They continued along that vein for a little while longer, and Tony basked in the sound of his family’s happiness. Distracted as he was, he failed to notice the stare of the heavyset man sat a few tables away, standing up at the same time as Tony excused himself to go to the toilet.

As he stood, washing his hands, he groaned in annoyance as he saw someone approached him in the mirror. 

“If you wanted an autograph, you’re out of luck my friend.” 

“As if, Stark.” Ah, one of those. Joy. 

“Look, can this wait? I’m kind of busy right now-” 

“What right do you have to be happy, Stark? After all you’ve done?” Tony sighed, digging his nails into the palm of his hand. “After all the people you killed-” 

“I’m going to stop you right there, buddy. I’ve heard this spiel before, not interested in a repeat performance.” 

“You betrayed America!” 

Even better, it was a so-called Steve Supporter, the only people that ever brought up Tony apparently betraying the states. So-called, because they never seemed to actually support Rogers and his beliefs. Despite their differences, Steve was actually the staunchest supporter of Tony and Rhodey’s desperation for a child - he’d almost been as gutted as they were when IVF was ruled out because of Extremis. 

“I was, funnily enough on the side of the law, so technically, I did not betray America.” 

“Because of you, we don’t even have a Cap anymore,” the man’s lip curled up, and Tony was out. Sam was definitely Cap, no matter what douchebags said. 

Rolling his eyes, he shoved past the man. “Rogers made his own decision to retire, buddy. That’s not on me.” 

Exiting the bathroom, he made eye contact with Rhodey who looked concernedly at him. Tony simply shook his head, sliding back into his seat, and smiling at Riri. 

“Right then, what are we gonna do today, then?” 

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the noise pieces (is that what they're called idk man) that you put out are so cathartic like they mean a lot

that means a ton dude, thank you! i’m a real big fan of the noise work that i do too. working on them feels so natural.

  • Katie: Hello producers, this is me, Katie.
  • Producers: Katie, why are you calling?
  • Katie: To thank you.
  • Producers: To... thank us? For what?
  • Katie: I read the interview.
  • Producers: Ok? And?
  • Katie: "Closer" huh?
  • Producers: We just mean they're going to be friends.
  • Katie: "Friends" huh?
  • Producers: We know you're using airquotes. Stop doing that. Kara and Lena still aren't happening.
  • Katie:
  • Producers:
  • Katie:
  • Producers:
  • Katie: We'll see about that.
  • Producers: Katie, no--
  • Katie: BYE NOW. *hangs up*

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So I ended up watching an episode of The Batman (the WB cartoon version) and there's an episode called "The End of The Batman" and basically Batman and Robin become frenemies with these two anti-heroes called Wrath and Scorn who are like opposites of the Duo and in the end you find out they're brothers who's parents were jewel thieves; anyways what I'm saying is i found it funny that they're brothers cuz it kinda enhances your HC of Bruce being an older-brother-not-parent to Dick and Idk yea 🙃

Oh my! 🙃 That’s so cool! I feel like Bruce was like little more than a kid himself when he took in Dick, so while Alfred tried to encourage Bruce to be the one to “parent,” most of the time the fallback of responsibility went to Alfred.

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the signs + my personal experience
  • aries: honest and upfront people. willing to take a bullet for someone. dedicated and understanding. will go the extra mile without complaint and wants to help as much as they can.
  • taurus: reserved and self-restricting. will only open up to close friends/family and will be a short lived confession of emotions. cry maybe four times a year but secretly have the weight of the world on their shoulders.
  • gemini: won't stop talking until you tell them bluntly. has a charm that cannot be put into words and can make you feel alive. loves to talk shit but means well. needs a filter on their mouths.
  • cancer: the one to bring everyone together and the observer. watches out for those they care for but doesn't ask for it in return. can be the most verbally random and is good at keeping tabs on everyone.
  • leo: loves to laugh and smile more than anyone but can cry and frown in a hot second. have a heart of gold with more love than one can take and often feels like they're walking the road alone. needs a hug.
  • virgo: the most meticulous sign and they know their facts. their argument is an analytical one and though maybe not as frightening, can have one of the most finalizing last words. tend to always be right and like to make sure everything is in order.
  • libra: the fashion/style expert of the zodiac. always have neat things to say and things to for show and tell. worried they aren't giving enough attention or love to those they care for but truly give more than what is expected.
  • scorpio: emotional and sensitive to a fault. can build a wall higher than the sky but can love more than anyone on the planet. the observer, the committed, the grudge-holder, the "kill-in-one-blow" of the group.
  • sagittarius: inspires you to look at the stars and love the life you're given. can make the heaviest of emotions light. they worry too much but never admit it because they're afraid of being a burden to others. smile to hide the fear and/or sadness.
  • capricorn: likes peace and quite as much as company and good times. will finish what they set out to do. can come home with sore bones and tired bodies, complain/whine about it, but still continues to endure it. needs approval for lots of things.
  • aquarius: the smartest of the zodiac but also the most heedless. or so we think. can care more than anyone but choose not to express that. has a hard time spreading love/attention among friends or family, the one to ask questions, hates to be wrong or told they're wrong, and the one to break the fourth wall.
  • pisces: the one to turn a simple dream into a magical world of fantasy. while we may see black and white, they see colors. emotional to a point of no return and can be overwhelming with their romanticism. they have heavy hearts as well as voices and hands meant for music and art.

“Pfft, her soul wasn’t even in the lantern to begin with.”

“Wait, really? Haha, what a loser.”

Also I just want to talk about this before I go to bed but

what I really liked about THAT SCENE (yes, of course you should have expected me to talk about it haha), besides what everybody is already talking about (he didn’T DENY IT!!!), was that after Ronaldo said that bit about Connie only being a CG because she’s Steven’s girlfriend, Steven’s reaction seemed more like he was offended by what Ronaldo was implying about her SKILLS as a member of the team, rather than what Ronaldo was implying about their relationship. Like, clearly Ronaldo was just salty, because to him it was “Well SHE’S part of the team, and SHE’S human, and SHE gets the cool sword and gets to go on missions and training and stuff but don’t, you’re clearly just letting her do that because she’s your girlfriend”. 

And like….I know that’s when Steven snapped and got upset at Ronaldo because Ronaldo was being a jerk and Steven was beyond fed up with it at that point, but I’m a filthy shipper and I can’t help but feel like Ronaldo insulting Connie was kinda the straw that broke the camel’s back, haha. Saying she could be a “little more dedicated”, even though Connie’s been one of the MOST supportive friends to Steven, and her dedication to Steven and to the CGs is through the ROOF, AND she is actually a skilled swordfighter, to boot. So, I can see how that would have been what made Steven get angry at Ronaldo haha. Like, “Oh HELL no you’re not going to insult Connie like that!!!”

And also the fact that he didn’t even flinch or blush or deny it or anything when Ronaldo called Connie his GF. 👀

Aaaaaanyway sorry this is rambley and incoherent, I’m really tired and just. Have a lot of thoughts.