is that what they're called idk

I cannot possibly emphasize what a constant trial it is being friends with me.

ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Iwa Sketchpage! Pick/Tag your fav. Mine’s bottom left corner for some reason.

  • y'all: omg imagine shane, garrett and drew as the ghostbusters!!
  • me: but what if the ghostbusters were them instead
  • y'all: what
  • me: can you imagine bill murray seeing a ghost and being like "YES BITCH. I AM L I V I N G FOR THIS." or like---
  • y'all: ....
  • me: ok sorry i'll go home

okay but i refuse to believe that scott and malia would get together????? not when his girlfriend (they never broke up!! their last scene together was them making out!!!!!!) and her best friend is still out with the skin walkers!! and when there was NO closure between them!! they wouldn’t snake my girl like that!!!!!!

the literal ONLY reason why they’re together is because the writers wanted scott and malia to end up with someone as the series comes to the end and one of the geniuses at the writing table was like “ Why doNt We PaIr tHem TogEthEr???!!!!”

this is lazy writing and so so so disrespectful to kira and arden


seventeen × al1 tracklist posters


Author: @manalfedz​ | READ HERE
Array Design (PG2) credit to @kataraang0
Co-Artists artworks to be linked eventually
[please click for full view]

My contribution for the @fmabigbang​ of my author’s story, “World Without Roy”, which I highly recommend everyone to read ;D (link to story above!)

Had fun while making this! Thank you to the mods of the FMA Big Bang for arranging the event, and to my author (@manalfedz) and my artist partners (@fmaquotesandmore & @kataraang0) for their devotion, support, and patience!

Better view of Page 5′s artwork HERE

Special thanks to @gabbiki for always being supportive, and @kriselledraws for the help with dialogue placement :D

can we talk about:

A. dirk wearing a blackwing(?) jumpsuit like pls No let him be colourful and happy and free !


  • Wonwoo: HeY jUn what do you call Minghao when he's in Australia
  • Wonwoo: The M8
  • Minghao: ...
  • Jun: oMg tHaT wAs gOoD! What do you call Minghao when he says he's hungry
  • Wonwoo: HaHA wHaT?
  • Jun: Rel8able!!1
  • Wonwoo: oMg hAHaHA
  • Minghao: hey
  • Minghao: What does Minghao call Wonu and Jun when they're being annoying?
  • Jun: hm idk bro
  • Wonwoo: yea I'm stumped
  • Minghao: real h8able

Mike and Diana doodles 🐭💕🐭


au where taehyung and jungkook are casted to play the main pairing on a new drama called ‘LOVED HIM.’ what happens behind the scenes is another, unscripted, love story. 2/?

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unpopular opinion: jensen ackles and misha collins are gay,,,,,,,,,,, like,,,,,,, really super gay

pFf T !??!? wHAT?? GAY, YOU SAY??? 


how any of this could ever possibly be conceived as gay, I have no idea

this is just two bros hangin out

showin each other their underwear, as bros do

just a couple bros with lots of platonic affection for each other, nothin of the homosexual nature goin on here

“this would look great on our christmas card, bro”

“for sure, bro”

lmao “gay.” boy howdy anon, idk what you’re seeing here that i’m not. just looks to me like ~two broooos sittin on con staaaage, 5 inches apart cuz they not gay~


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Hey can you write like one of those one pager fics or the super short ones idk what they're called. And feel free to pick any couple to do it (preferably Bughead), and I suggest going off of the one liner prompt "I dare you to kiss me".

😘 your wish is my command, lovely nonnie. 

The party is lame. Which is kind of sad to admit, because as her first college party she was hoping that it would at least be a little fun. 

She doesn’t come to these often, or at all actually, but Veronica had all but forced her to come out tonight. 

‘I won’t stand by and let you cry yourself to sleep anymore. It’s time to move on, B.’ 

The words were easier said than done, especially when Veronica had her own perfect boyfriend. She didn’t know what it was like to be left by the person you love; Archie was so in love with the brunette, he’d never even dream about it. Veronica was lucky. 

Betty on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. She knows, deep down, that it was for the best. Jughead didn’t want her to get tied into all the Serpent stuff and she could understand it. It had started easy when they were in high school, little errands every now and then, but as they got older, the Serpents wanted more and Jughead owed them a lot. Betty understood that they were like his family, but still. She didn’t know how much of this she could stand for. It’s what ultimately pulled them apart from each other. She would never ask him to give up the Serpents and he would never put her in a position that made her uncomfortable, but now… Now she was wondering if maybe she had made a mistake letting him walk away. 

She sits on the steps outside of the frat house and seriously contemplates leaving. Veronica wouldn’t even notice she was gone. She could sneak away right now and still make it home in time to watch reruns of Grey’s Anatomy. She liked to torture herself with sad shows these days. 


Her head snaps up and she takes a deep breath. She knows that voice. She knows it better than anyone else. 


He stands in front of her, clad in his leather jacket and beanie, and she wonders if she’ll ever be able to look at him and not feel like her heart is breaking. He still has the same boyish charm he did back in high school and it reminds Betty of simpler times. 

“A frat party?” He asks as he looks behind her. “Really?” 

“Veronica’s idea. It’s actually kind of lame. Truth or dare at the Blossom’s mansion is more fun than this.” 

Jughead smiles, a wistful thing. “Remember when Cheryl dared Archie to streak past the high school?” 

“Coach caught him and made him run laps for hours,” Betty laughs. “How about when Reggie dared you to eat four burgers in ten minutes?”  

“Piece of cake.” 

“You puked all over Cheryl’s rug.” 

“Yeah,” he sighs. “Mrs. Blossom still gives me the evil eye every time she sees me.” 

They laugh at the memories and for a moment everything feels normal between them. 

“How are you?” Jughead asks, dragging her back to reality. 

“I’m fine,” she lies. 

He frowns and walks over to sit next to her. 

“Truth or dare?” He asks and she looks at him weirdly. “Truth or dare?” He pushes. 

“Truth, I guess.” 

“Tell me how you really feel.” 

Her heart pounds against her chest. She could lie again, say she’s fine and that everything is okay. But she doesn’t. He’ll see right through her like he always does. 

“I miss you,” she admits softly. “More than I thought possible.” Jughead nods and she knows that he’s thinking the same thing. “Do you think we made a mistake?” 

“We broke up for a reason, Betts.” 

“I know, but… Juggie, I once promised you I’d be there for you through everything and this counts as everything. I panicked. I was just worried for your safety and it made me scared.” 

“I’m going to be fine,” he promises, just like he always does. “Nothing’s going to happen to me.”

“Truth or dare,” Betty asks suddenly. 


“Do you still love me?” 

“Always.” He reaches out and grabs her hands, holding him in his own tightly. “I’ll never stop loving you.” 

“Truth or dare?” She whispers, leaning closer to him. 


“I dare you to kiss me.” 

His eyes burn into hers. “Are you sure? If we do this then that’s it. I can’t lose you again, Betty.”

“You’ll never lose me,” she promises. “You and I? We’re forever. We always have been, from the very beginning. I just needed to be reminded of that.” When Jughead still looks at her a little wary, she smiles comfortingly at him. “Come on, Jughead Jones. I double dog dare you.” 

His eyes light up as he leans in and presses his lips against hers. It feels like coming home after so long. It feels like the world falls back into place. The hollow feeling that had been in both of their chests finally fades away. 

“Well,” a voice comes from behind them. Veronica and Archie stand on the porch, matching smirk on their faces. “This was very surprising.”  

“Truth or dare, Ronnie?” Archie asks as he walks down the steps. 

“Hmmm…” she hums in thought as she plops herself next to Betty. 

It feels like old times again. They aren’t four college kids with the weight of the world on their shoulders. Right now they’re four teenagers playing a game, smiling and laughing. The world moves around them but they stay still, they stay together. Just like they always do. 

“Pfft, her soul wasn’t even in the lantern to begin with.”

“Wait, really? Haha, what a loser.”