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Lance for forgetting everything temporarily


You can read this with slight klangst if you want! 

Lance groaned as he lifted his head off the ground, everything hurt and Lance slowly looked at his surroundings. He was on some sort of planet, that definitely wasn’t Earth, and he stared at the giant Blue lion that was laying a couple hundred meters away from him. 

Is that a giant lion? Judging from where I’m located and the lion is located I must have come from inside that ship? Lance attempted to stand up but pain consumed him and he fell right back down on the purple grass. What type of place has purple grass?

Lance laid in complete silence his head throbbing and his muscles screaming out in pain whenever he moved them slightly. After a few minutes of Lance attempting to remember how he got in this situation he heard someone calling his name. 

“Lance? Lance? Are you okay?” A low panic voice came through Lance’s helmet and Lance groaned in pain from the noise. 

“Keith calm down, Pidge has the Blue Lion on our scanners, he can’t be far from her.” Another low voice came over Lance’s helmet and Lance threw the helmet off his head. Everything was too loud and Lance didn’t know who these people were or how they knew his name. 

How do they know me? I don’t recognize them at all, and what the fuck is a Pidge? 

Lance felt his heart race increase when he saw more giant lions fall down from the sky. Lance had no idea what they were but they landed next to the Blue lion and were those people coming out of them? Lance could barely keep his eyes open and he eventually let sleep consume him just as he heard footsteps get closer. 


About a week later Lance fell out of the pod and was immediately caught by Hunk. 

“LANCE! You’re finally awake!” Hunk hugged his best friend tighter, ignoring the confused sounds Lance was making. 

Lance felt like he couldn’t breathe and used all of his strength to push back against the person who was hugging him. “Get off me!” After what felt like eternity the person let Lance go and he slumped to the floor. 

Lance looked around the room and saw six strange looking people that were looking at him like they knew him and that he was crazy for pushing that guy away from him and screaming at him. 

“Lance are you alright?” A ginger haired man with a huge moustache approached him with concern in his eyes. 

Lance looked at the man who was speaking to him. “Who are you?” 


Lance was sitting what was apparently his bedroom with the man he now knew as Coran. He was escorted here after a raven haired boy started to scream and the man who hugged him broke down crying. 

“So you are telling me that you don’t know any of the people in this place?” Coran questioned as he stared at Lance intently. 

Lance shook his head no, “should I?” 

“Yes, we’ve been living together for a few months now. You knew Hunk and Pidge back at the Garrison. Shiro was your hero and Keith was your rival.” Coran counted off his fingers as he listed the different thing Lance should know. 

Lance was destroying his brain thinking about what Coran was saying but everything seemed like new information. “I’m sorry, I just don’t remember any of it.” 

Coran sighed and stood up from where he was sitting. “Stay here, I’ll get you some food and we can discuss ways to jog your memory.” 

Lance watched the older man exit his room and placed his head in his hands. I don’t know what I should know. Who are these people? Why am I with them? What purpose do I serve with them? Lance kept his head in his hands and stayed in his room even when he heard the same raven hair boy yelling down the hallways and other people telling him to calm down. 

I really liked this idea tbh 

I may write more if people want! 

I hope you like it! 

Sorry this took so long!!!

Thank you! 

It says a lot about the fandom’s priorities where the biggest f/f ship is judged harshly and treated like the shipping version of Hester Prynne, but the two largest ships supported by fujoshis doesn’t get the same amount of scrutiny and treatment.

“let ppl ship what they wanna ship” is literally “stop criticizing people for shipping pedophilia/incest/something else gross” lol. as long as I run this blog I’ll continue to call out disgusting shippers sooooo deal with it

If Everything was Different

So, I usually post drarry fanfics but I’ve been obsessed with DEH lately so no you’re getting an Evannor fanfic (I refuse to call it tree bros, it sounds like a crack ship). Next one shot will be drarry I swear.

So this is basically what would happen if Connor never saw Zoe’s name on the letter that he handed to Evan. Enjoy!

Connor didn’t know why he had stayed there that day. He just saw Evan walk in and decided to stay, even if he would have to walk home because his sister took the car. He didn’t mind though, he quite liked walking home. It gave him time to think and be alone. At home he always had to worry about his parents or his sister banging on his door, but outside he could truly think and process everything that jumped around in his mind.

His train of thought was interrupted by the whirling of the printer next to him. Dear Evan Hansen was written across the top of the page. Connor swiftly grabbed it and tentatively walked up to the shorter boy. Something white was wrapped around Evan’s arm. A cast. He wondered how he didn’t notice it before.

Connor cleared his throat. “So, uh, how did you break you arm?” He asked, still slowly walking toward him.

Evan jumped a little. “Oh I, uh, I fell- out of a tree.” He was looking down and picked at the hem of his shirt.

“You fell out of a tree?” Evan nodded, still not meeting Connor’s eye. “Well, that’s just the saddest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.” He chuckled a bit before observing that no one had signed his cast yet. “No one signed your cast.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Well, I’ll sign it.” Evan looked up at Connor shyly.

“Oh, no, you don’t have to.”

“Do you have a sharpie?” He stepped towards Evan as he pulled out a black marker from his pocket and held it out to Connor, his hands slightly shaking. He took it and pulled the cast so that he could easily write on it. Evan let out a yelp of pain. Connor tried to force out a sorry but all he could manage was a sympathetic “oh”. He uncapped the pen and wrote his name in big capital letters across the plain white cast.

“Oh, thanks.” Evan said sarcastically.

“Now we can both pretend we have friends.”

He nodded and started walking away. Connor called out to him, realizing he still had the paper. He was really enjoying the other boys company and found himself craving more conversation. Maybe this could turn into Conner’s first real friendship. Well, that’s what he hoped, anyway.

“Is this yours?” He held out the paper to Evan. “‘Dear Evan Hansen’, that’s you, right?” Connor gave him a small smile.

Evan gave a little look of panic. “Yes, that’s mine.” He grabbed it from Connor. “I- it’s nothing really. I- I mean obviously it is something because why would I print it out if it wasn’t something but like it doesn’t really matter…” He went on to ramble a bit more until Connor stopped him.

“You don’t have to explain, I mean, it’s really none of my business.”

Evan looked at him gratefully. “Um, d-do you you maybe, um,” He scratched the back of his neck and huffed out, “do you wanna maybe, um, w-walk home with me? You know, s-since Zoe went home a-and we live close to each other?”

“How do you know I drive home with Zoe?” Connor asked dubiously.

Evan looked up at the taller man, his face significantly redder than it was before. “O-oh well, um, you know, you guys live by me and I see you get into the car with her every day on my way home and also sometimes I have to walk by your car and I see you two there like getting ready to leave that sound like I’m a stalker but I swear I’m not that’s so weird sorry.” He looked back down, his fingers immediately finding the hem of his shirt.

Connor gave a small chuckle. “It’s not weird, you don’t have to apologize. And yeah, lets go. It’d be nice to have company on my way home for a change.”


“Yeah,” Connor pushed the door to the computer room open and held it for Evan. “It should be nice.”

Evan stood there, wide eyes looking up at him. “Sorry, I’m n-not used to people wanting to hang out with me.” He stepped through the door and they started walking toward the front entrance of the school, both boys eager to get out and go home.

“Well buddy, I’m not people.” Connor took a deep breath when they finally stepped outside of the poorly lit school.

After walking for a while in comfortable silence, Evan, much to Connor’s surprise, was the first to break it. “I, uh, I like your h-hair. It- it looks good.” Connor turned to look at Evan, red diffusing onto his cheeks. “I- I mean because J-jared said this morning a-and I completely d-disagree. I think that the length looks great. Not to say that it didn’t look great before because it also looked good when it was shorter it’s just that now it also looks e-equally a-as good.”

Connor was certain that his face had gone completely red. He gave Evan a ‘thank you’ and a small smile before letting his hair fall in his face to hopefully try and hide his blush though he wasn’t sure it was working. He cleared his throat. “So, uh, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’. Is that like a therapy thing?”

Evan nodded hesitantly.

“I used to write letters to myself, when I actually went to therapy.”

“You went to therapy?”

Connor nodded. “I used to go for my borderline personality disorder, but it didn’t really help even with the meds. As you can tell, sorry I pushed you by the way.”

“It’s okay. It was my- my fault. I, uh, provoked you so,”

“You really like apologizing, huh?” Connor joked.

“Did- did you just make a joke?” Evan asked with mock surprise.

“Don’t act so surprised, Hansen. I’m a joy to be around.” They both laughed at that comment. “Hold on, did you just make a sarcastic comment? Woah.” He asked with the same mock surprise as Evan.

“I- I don’t even know why I said that I usually don’t say things like that so-”

“I was actually impressed. You’re ruining it.” Connor chuckled. “Also, you don’t have to apologize so much.”

“Sor-” He caught himself. “Well, you know what I mean.”

Connor spotted his house. He was almost sad that this had to end. Hopefully, Evan would still want to talk to him tomorrow. “Well, this is my stop. This was… pleasant.” He stretched out his hand. “See you tomorrow?”

“D- definitely.” Evan went to shake Connor’s hand but the pulled back and wiped them on his pants instead. Connor rolled his eyes and grabbed the other boy’s hand anyway. He shook it firmly before letting go and walking towards his front door. Once he got inside, he saw Zoe sprawled across the couch in the living room. She looked up at Connor expectantly.

“Well?” She said.

Connor shrugged. “What?”

“Aren’t you going to yell at me and threaten to kill me for leaving you at school?”

He shook his head. “Nope. Hansen walked me home.”

Zoe’s eyes were practically bugging out of her head. “Evan Hansen? The Evan Hansen? The Evan Hansen you’ve had a crush on since seventh grade, that Evan Hansen?”

“The one and only.” He lips pulled into a faint smile.

“Holy fuck, are you smiling?”

“Yeah, I am.” He let his smile grow. “And it feel good to be able to genuinely smile again.”

“Oh my god, you are so smitten!”

“Fuck you!” He said dramatically, but none of the venom was there like it usually was. Connor ran up to his room, still smiling, and just layed in his bed until he fell asleep. For once, actually wanting to wake up the next morning.

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Me and you have to do a drawing collab c: What about doing two Ania X Clive Hailey X Bendy

Oh freaking hell yeah! Hm, since you can’t draw digitally at the moment, maybe we each can draw one of the ships, but in the same pose? I CALL HAILEYXBENDY!! xD I draw Clive and Ania aaaalllll the time bro. xD

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Lance with rescued prisoners. Bonus points if they're Galra.


I wasn’t really sure what to do but I hope you like it!! 

Also a small hint of Langst cause I had too 

Lance checked his map and turned down another corner. He was running as fast as he could and he could still hear the fighting that was happening outside the ship. Lance silently prayed that no Galra would notice that he was out of his lion and come find him. 

“Lance how are you doing?” Shiro called over the coms and Lance could hear bullets hitting the Black Lion. 

“Almost there, roughly 300 meters.” Lance ran around another corner keeping his gun aimed at anything that could pop out at him. 

“Okay try to be fast, we may need to form Voltron soon.” Shiro started saying something to Keith and Lance tuned him out. 

Almost there, come on. Lance willed his legs to push through the burn that consumed them and finally reached what he was looking for. Prisoners. 

Lance immediately shot the lock off the door and scared everyone in the cell. 

Lance swung the door opened and looked around at all of the occupants of the cell. Some of them looked scared of him while others put on a strong mask. 

Lance immediately recognised some of the species that were in the cell. There were three Balmeras, two Arusians and four Galrans? Lance’s first thought is that they were undercover spies that were meant to keep the prisoners in order and keep them from rebelling or something like that, but there was no way they were still serving the emperor. They all looked skinny and weak, one of them had a scratched up face and another only had one arm. 

Lance shook his head, remember what mama said, staring is not socially acceptable. Lance cleared his throat and held his head higher. “My name is Lance, I’m the Blue paladin of Voltron. I was sent here to rescue all of you.” 

The aliens all smiled, some even cheered and they all stood up and surrounded him. Lance smiled at all of them and started to direct them out of the cell, he turned when he felt a tap on his shoulder. 

Lance attempted to not screamed when he came face to face with one of the Galra that were in the cell. “Yes?” Lance cursed at how weak his voice sounded.

The Galra that tapped his shoulder looked scared and she quietly spoke “are you saving us as well?” She motioned to the other three Galra.  

Lance looked at the other three who didn’t even bother to stand up, most likely assuming that Lance didn’t want to save them and he looked back at the girl. “Didn’t I say all of you?” 

The Galran smiled and Lance directed them out of the cell. 


Lance followed the escape pod in Blue and ran out as soon as it landed in Blue’s hanger. I want to talk to all of them before anyone sees them. Lance opened the pod door and escorted everyone out, stopping the Galrans. He heard everyone else enter the hanger and Lance pushed them farther into the pod. One of them opened their mouth in protest but Lance shushed them 

“Listen,” Lance’s voice was barely above a whisper, “I don’t know how everyone will react to having Galras in our castle. Let me talk to them first, I don’t want them to hurt you.” 

The Galrans nodded and Lance walked out of the pod. He saw his team along with Allura and Coran helping the newly freed aliens out of the room. Lance inhaled until his lungs ached and walked over to Allura, quickly tapping her shoulder. 

She turned and faced Lance and smiled, “you did well.” 

“Thank you Princess, but there is something you need to see before you leave.” Lance started to make his way back to the pod and Allura hesitantly followed him.  

When Allura reached his Lance stopped her from entering, “can you just promise me that you won’t freak out?” 

Allura gave Lance a sceptical look. “Lance what are you talking about?” 

“Look, I save more prisoners but they aren’t our normal prisoners.” Lance looked back into the pod, seeing what Allura couldn’t see. 

“Lance, just show me what you’re talking about.” Allura pushed passed him and gasped when she saw the Galrans. 

Allura attempted to run out of the pod but Lance stopped her and begged her to listen. “Lance! Are you insane? You brought the Galra right to us? They could be spies or assassins. You put the entire team at risk, I told you to just rescue prisoners not save the wounded!” 

Lance shook his head and held Allura’s arms down in fear that she would hurt him or someone else. “They were prisoners, like I said. Believe me I was sceptical at first but look at them.” Allura turned and looked at them. “See how malnourished that are? See how that one only has one arm? I don’t think they are still serving the emperor. That’s why I brought them here. I was completing my mission.” 

Allura nodded at what Lance said and slowly made her way over the them. She paused in front of them and examined them. After a few moments she reached out her hand and introduced herself and Lance sighed with relief. That could have ended badly. 

I had no idea what to do tbh 

I hope you like it!!!

Sorry it took so long!!!

Thank you! 

u know what’s the “funniest” bit about johnlockers calling ppl who ship sherlock with irene (or any woman) homophobic? most of them are straight girls who know shit all about the community (and therefore shouldn’t bloody comment on things like homophobia because they have NO CLUE). it’s the same thing in every fandom - the straight girls ship the male gay ship (that is neither canon nor gay) and then they hate on all the women that are “getting in the way” of their ship becoming canon. then they disguise this hatred as “concern” for the LGBT community. 

just no. 

you know what? fuck the hell off. i am actually gay and a woman and this pisses me off more than you can even imagine. in fact, it is so goddamn disrespectful. you do not give a damn about the community and you sure as hell do not care about poor irene adler being forced into “heteronormativity” (you don’t even know what that truly means, shut up) (also - it’s totally not what is happening there AT ALL) - all you care about is your damn ship. and no - i have nothing against people shipping sherlock with john or god knows who else, but this behavior.. it’s disgusting. and selfish. because not only do you use a vulnerable community to mask your awful behavior as concern, no, this also always comes with hatred/dislike/disrespect towards basically all the women on a show. or at least those who dare to interact with one or both parts of ~your ship~ and therefore get in the way of your fantasy. and this is honestly the biggest give-away, because gay/queer women would NEVER. we don’t do this shit. so, god, this shit show after season 4, johnlock-shippers claiming to be hurt, because “their” community got hurt.. shut the fuck up. you’re just pissed your ship ain’t canon and that’s it. and this is cool, really, but drop the act. thank you very much.

and one last thing, alright. like i said - i am as gay as it gets. and i can tell you one thing - lesbians are (usually.. basically.. JUST ARE) not interested in m/m pairings. cos, you know, WE LIKE WOMEN. (especially irene adler ugh damn.) not just sexually. (but of course also very much sexually). we find them interesting. more interesting than men - much more. we obviously support all the gay couples (sherlock and john aren’t a couple, kthx), but when it comes to shipping.. and reading fanfics.. and headcanons.. so - fantasies etc - we’re not gonna go and fantasize about two men fucking. or, you know. being romantically involved. so you can be damn sure that the big big majority of the johnlock-fandom are for sure not gay/queer women. which is - to bring all that to a somewhat sense-making conclusion - why it pisses me off so immensely that they dare to use the queer community for their dumb ass “reasoning”. leave us the hell out of that. and holy hell leave the women of that show and those shipping sherlock (or john) with women alone. god damn. or i’ll beat your asses, man, i swear.

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Mod - how much do you think is on the page with Caryl scenes and how much do you think Norman and Melissa bring to them? For example do you think the Terminus reunion just said Daryl runs to Carol and they hug and NR and MMB added all those beautiful touches or it was all as written? We know how emotionally invested they both are in the characters. Both of them have said filming they 7.10 reunion had them crying!

Well I think its been said that there is a bit of improvision in a lot of their scenes. And I for one think that’s what makes it so special. Because it adds that organic element to the scenes and interactions that some so-called ‘greater ships’ lack.

What I’m saying is I believe that a lot of the scenes are written a certain way and given to Norman and Melissa and they are trusted to interpret it whatever way they see fit. They add nuances to the scene such as touches and facial expressions and body movement the belies the comfort level and trust they have with each other. And that spills out into the scenes with Daryl and Carol and gives them that special ‘pop; they have. Another set of actors, with less chemistry or connection would probably have been less likely to work this way and that chemistry we love so much wouldn’t exist.

And the fact that they do add an interpret the scenes their own does not in any way take away from the relationship or mean that just because something wasn’t ‘written in the script’ disqualifies it as ‘romantic’ in any way. It in fact makes even it more possible in the best kind of way because the writers aren’t forcing this relationship they are letting grow on its own and these two wonderful actors have grown and shaped this relationship.

I think a good example, other than the one you used, was the forhead kiss in which we know Mel added some of those sweet touches such as the brushing of the hair, and Normans expression and reaction to this were therefore real and added a beautiful depth to that scene. The scene was written mostly with the forhead kiss and the words spoken, but the the touches made it that much more poignant.

Another good example being the hand hold in Consumed. We all know that was in the script but I doubt the little caress Norman added where his thumb grazed over her hand, was a part of that, but it adds to the moment.  Gave it a loving detail that we adore.

They are both good actors but their strengths lie in those natural, intuitive and instinctual reactions to each other. Such as in 7x10 when they were clearly emotional upon working together again. That definitly spilled over  into the scene and gave that beauty the we saw in it.

The answer to the question is I think the scenes are written in a way to allow them to add these little touches. These little details that really do make Caryl what it is. It’s been largely made and created by those two but remember that these scenes were written specifically for them as well.

They are deliberatly given scenes to work their beautiful magic so I think the answer is that’s it written for them and given to them to make it that special thing that is and that to me is what makes it great. :)

@funkzpiel and @qed221b came up with glorious Jerry/David head cannons (what the hell do we even call this ship?)
I deliver, at 1 am…

“H-here,” David stammers, eyes everywhere but Jerry, fingers trembling ever so slightly as he hands over the clear cellophane bag.

It contains half a dozen apples, crisp and ripe, sweet smelling and absolutely delicious.

Venom begins to pool in Jerry’s mouth, the glands hidden underneath his tongue practically screaming for him to take one, to bite into the bright red skin and have the flavour burst along his tongue. Jerry plucks the bag from David with a smile, makes it soft and fond and inviting, because not only does Jerry want David to relax, he genuinely feels these things.

Dear god in heaven, what has he become?

“Thanks, guy.”

David blushes and his big, brown eyes drop to the floor. He pushes his glasses up his nose again, shuffling his feet.

“I hope you like them,” David says, voice as soft and quiet as it always is.

If Jerry wasn’t an apex predator with superhuman hearing, the man’s voice may have escaped him entirely. As it is, Jerry catches the words and smiles wider.

“I’m sure I will. I haven’t had anyone bring me food in a long time.”

Well, not of the human sort at least. And it’s been ten years since someone willingly brought him an entree anyways, so it’s not like Jerry is lying. He slides a finger under the softness of David’s chin, feels the man’s heart flutter and thrum against his fingertip. Some part of Jerry roils and yearns, the beast rolling over and beginning to rumble. The rest of him, which long ago learned to cage that thing inside of him, promptly shuts it down.

He needs this man, he’s useful, he brings Jerry exotic apples that smell like sugar. He stands close to Jerry without the usual, primal fear that encapsulates most people so close to Death, Jerry likes that.

He also likes the way David leans into him when Jerry captures his mouth in a slow, hungry, sloppy kiss. He likes the way the man’s gentle belly presses against his own, likes the way David’s skittish hands skirt along his biceps to his triceps, before slipping lower to press against narrow flanks.

Jerry nips at David’s bottom lip, sharp enamel cleaving flesh and leaving a droplet of blood. David inhales sharply, but the sound dissipates as Jerry cleans away the blood with a sweep of the broad flat of his tongue.

When David’s blood settles in his tastebuds, Jerry’s knees buckle. The man tastes like pure intention, like golden sunlight or a fresh breath of sea air in Venice four hundred years ago. He tastes like home and everything Jerry longs for but pretends he doesn’t.

“The things you do to me, guy,” Jerry murmurs when he pulls away, giving David time to collect his breath.

He can already feel himself stirring in his jeans, wonders if David can feel it too, through those ridiculous, ill fitting pants he’s wearing. Colour blooms across his human’s cheek, tinging them a lovely rosé.

“Good things, I hope,” David mumbles, bashful.

Jerry throws back his head and laughs before surging forward to kiss David again, crowding him back towards the living room.

“So many good things,” Jerry promises, “So many good things.”

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how do you feel about checkmating or monochrome (or whatever the blake/weiss ship is called)

I adore it so much!!! There’s sometimes when I ship it more than bugs and sometimes I ship bugs more, it varies between them both. Monochrome’s one of those ships I can get behind just as much as bugs cause both offer so many good things but so many different things and that’s what I love about loving them both :3

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Just... am I the only one who sees an uncanny similarity between the Wayward Wank War (this is what it must now be called) and the Harmony/Herron Shipping Wars of the Harry Potter Era? Am I just old? Because a LOT of the personal attacks seem very... familiar.

I was never in that fandom so…I don’t know.

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I totally get criticizing an actor (if you can actually call him one...) but what makes it okay to go and harass other tumblr users? It's one thing to call the karahells out on their stuff but then going out of one's way to message people that are trying to ignore them? Copying art as a "parody" instead of addressing the issue properly? Just being disrespectful towards even people within the same ship/fandom? Is this really okay?

moving away from the absolute hilarity of the part where you really just tried to vague about Hayley to me: so you agree that one should be able to criticize actors for how they engage with the material they’ve created off-screen but nobody else, just because……… they like the same stuff that i do? like racism, misogyny and homophobia or any other ugly shit should not be called out within the fandom bc hey be respectful to others uwu? i have done exactly none of the shit that you listed here but neither do i owe respect and kindness to people who are racist, misogynistic or homophobic, especially not just because they happen to watch the same show as i do, cheers mate

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Leoriooo for that song thing!!!


The sudden realization I don’t have enough songs for my Golden Boy is hurting hard but I’ll try

.. It’s a bit of a mess too it’s hard to explain my logic with most of those choices jdkhfjkd

Champion - Fall Out Boy

I’m calling you from the future to let you know we made mistakes
And there’s a fog from the past
That’s giving me, giving me such a headache
And I’m back with a madness
I’m a champion of the people who don’t believe in champions
I got nothing but dreams inside, I got nothing but dreams
I’m just young enough to still believe, still believe
But young enough not to know what to believe in
If I can live through this, I can do anything 

Pluto - Sleeping At Last

Until one day I had enough of this exercise of trust.
I leaned in and let it hurt, and let my body feel the dirt.
When I break pattern, I break ground.
I rebuild when I break down.
I wake up more awake than I’ve ever been before.
Still I’m pinned under the weight of what I believed would keep me safe.
So show me where my armor ends, Show me where my skin begins.
Like a final puzzle piece It all makes perfect sense to me…
The heaviness that I hold in my heart belongs to gravity.
The heaviness that I hold in my heart’s been crushing me.

Into the Ocean - Blue October

I’m just a normal boy, that sank when I fell overboard
My ship would leave the country but I’d rather swim ashore
Without a life that’s sadly stuck again
(…)  Where is the coast guard? I keep looking each direction
For a spotlight give me something, I need something for protection
Maybe flotsam junk will do just fine, The jets; I’m sunk; I’m left behind
I’m treading for my life, believe me  (How can I keep up this breathing?)

Us Against the World - Coldplay

Like a river to a raindrop, I lost a friend
My drunken as a Daniel in a lion’s den
And tonight I know it all has to begin again
So whatever you do, don’t let go
And if we could float away, Fly up to the surface and just start again
And lift off before trouble, Just erodes us in the rain(…)
Through chaos as it swirls, 
It’s us against the world

The Fall - Imagine Dragon

I’m ready for the fall
I’m ready for everything that I believed in to drift away
Ready for the leaves
Ready for the colors to burn to gold and crumble away
Maybe I’m destined to be distraught
Always a reason
Breaking me down to my knees in the dead of night
I keep on praying to see the light
Maybe I’m breaking up with myself
Maybe I’m thinking I should just keep to the things that I’ve been told
Wait for the colors to turn to gold

Counting Stars - OneRepublic

Said no more counting dollars, we’ll be counting stars
Yeah, we’ll be counting stars
I see this life like a swinging vine, Swing my heart across the line
In my face is flashing signs, Seek it out and ye shall find.
Old but I’m not that old, 
Young but I’m not that bold
And I don’t think the world is sold
I’m just doing what we’re told

How To Save a Life - The Frays

Where did I go wrong?
I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Money, Money, Money- Abba (i’m sorry it’s cliché b u t r e all y)

I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay
Ain’t it sad?
And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me
That’s too bad(…)
So I must leave, I’ll have to go to Las Vegas or Monaco
And win a fortune in a game, my life will never be the same
Money, money, money,
Must be funny, In the rich man’s world

… Honestly I don’t think half of them makes sense outside of my brain tbh but I tried (and I need to find more songs for him *nods*)

Thanks  ❤❤


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surrealtrashman  asked:

You may not have anything for this one, but illumi?


I can try a few!! Maybe not a lot but… a Few!

I’m trying more on a How he would See himself angle rather than just a playlist calling him out. 

Let’s kill tonight - Panic! At the Disco

May your feet serve you well
And the rest be sent to hell
Where they always have belonged
Cold hearts brew colder songs
Fate will play us out with a song of pure romance
Stomp your feet and clap your hands
Let’s kill tonight, kill tonight
Show them all you’re not the ordinary type

Control - Hasley

I paced around for hours on empty, 
I jumped at the slightest of sounds
And I couldn’t stand the person inside me
I turned all the mirrors around
I’m bigger than my body, I’m colder than this home
I’m meaner than my demons, I’m bigger than these bones
And all the kids cried out, “Please stop, you’re scaring me”
I can’t help this awful energy
God damn right, you should be scared of me
Who is in control?

A Beautiful Lie - 30 Seconds To Mars

It’s time to forget about the past, to wash away what happened last
Hide behind an empty face, Don’t ask too much just say
Cause this is just a game
It’s a beautiful lie, It’s a perfect denial
Such a beautiful lie to believe in, So beautiful, beautiful, it makes me lie
Everyone’s looking at me, I’m running around in circles
A quiet desperation’s, Building higher
I’ve got to remember this is just a game

Adrenaline - Shinedown

Give me the wheel, so we can move a little faster
I make it real, I’m not a glorious disaster
What part of living says you gotta die?
I plan on burning through another nine lives
One more for measure, that’s ten for the soul
Then never sleep so are you ready to go?
Bloodshot against the clear blue sky
Tic tock, I think the well is running dry
My my, I can’t lie, I need a shot again
My sweet adrenaline
Dead scared ‘cause the villain’s in the head
Bang, bang, 'cause the needle’s in the red
My my, I cant lie, I need a shot again
My sweet adrenaline

This is maybe a little clumsy ajkhfkdf but this is what I can find, hope you like it!

Take care! ❤

Wait wait wait, did you just make a joke?

•I am in love with the idea of Keith making jokes so only hunk can really hear
•and they are GOOD
•Hunk has laughed so hard hes cryed over some of them
•one time Keith’s joke got him so good that he skipped the laughter and went straight to crying
•but Keith is sneaky
•and no one EVER hears him exept Hunk
•Hunk is loosing it™
•im sorry buddy but ??? Keith has literally never???
•Hunk looking at Keith
•hes so smug
•Hunk making the “im watching you” gesture
• Keith taking it as a CHALLENGE
•a challenge to get sneakeyer and funnier
•when they are heading to their lion
•right before they enter a room with everyone else
•as hunk is taking a sip of space juice so he does a spit take all over lance and pidge
•at the table when Keith walks behind hunks chair
•Keith is brutal with his jokes tbh
•they are always relevant to something going on
•"Are we sure Galra Keith isn’t evil??? I think he’s tring to make me laugh to death! Is that possible?“
•Keith is so happy to have a thing™ with Hunk
•he feels so proud of himself whenever Hunk laughs
•he did that he made him happy
•Keith would do anything to make that laugh and that smile stick around
•and he finds that making jokes like this is a great stress relief for both of them so thats a plus
•keith dosnt know when he started to automatically seak out Hunk when entering a room
•Hunk doesnt know when he started keeping a constant eye out for Keith
•really tho if you see one of them you probably see the other too and they are probably most definitely both trying to stifle a laughing fit