is that what the ship name is



again no reason for this at all, just wanted to draw random SakuMahi stuff and I mostly just drew the second thing for the sake of the Licht joke. HAHHAhAa, THE TRUE ANGEL. -kicks Sakuya into nowhere-

this is what happens when I get bored on weekends. 

After the last episode of Natsume, I just have to say: If Natsume ships were represented by actual boats, Natsume x Taki is like a romantic cruise, Natori x Natsume is a fun party boat, Matoba x Natsume is a raft with like three perverts on it… and Tanuma x Natsume is a freaking BATTLESHIP with canons aimed at the rest of us. XD

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You'd think that Genji would know how to say Mondatta's name and Shambali with him being really good friends with Zen

Yeah, you’d think that, right? :’D

In my head cannon I kinda picture Genji as the sort of friend that does care for you a lot, but kinda just does not pay attention to details such as names, dates and what not. Unless he is very interested.

For example, I have a friend since High School, and they always called me by my irl nickname (everyone did, they still do), and a few years after befriending them, they went up to me and where like “…hey I know we’ve been friends for years but… what IS your actual name, anyway??”

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I feel sad because a lot of Amedot shippers have been losing faith in the ship, and I have a feeling it's because of what Lauren Zuke said? They said that what they wrote was just their intentions, and yet nobody seems to believe that??

If you’ve already explained it to them and they still stubbornly believe Lauren’s word is law, I wouldn’t bother wastin’ my time.

It’s kinda like the whole ‘Sheena’ thing. Lauren said they thought Mystery Girl’s name would be ‘Sheena’ and now a LOT of people believe that’s canon.

Crewniverse members can say anything (within the rights of their contracts) but nothing is set in stone until we actually see it happen in the show!

(Which – for the record – I still wholeheartedly believe Amedot will become “canon”, and just because the show isn’t focusing on their relationship at this moment, doesn’t mean we won’t have future episodes developing them from platonic to romantic.)

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I don't know if Tsubaki and Berukia have a ship name but coude you do them with #19

Ohhh, something different! Very nice~ 

And here we have an attempt at second person pov. It kind of took over before I realized ;;

Tsubaki/Belkia, 19. things you said when we were the happiest we ever were

There are people you meet in this life who leave before you really know them at all. There are people who walk in and then walk right back out. Then there are people who see you, get to know you, stand by your side, stick with you through the good and the bad. They’re the people you know you can’t live without. It’s a horrible, irredeemable thing to realize - that someone has so deeply woven themselves into your life that you can’t do without them.

It starts as it always does, with you finding a stray soul in need of a helping hand. You extend yours and you help them up, because who else would see the worth in these fractured souls that are missing pieces of a whole? Who else would keep them warm and fed, and more importantly, alive?

You think you’re picking up another stray, but it’s really the other way around. You’ve been adopted by the sassiest magician you have ever seen. Quick and sharp and to the point, but there is a lurking danger to every word, every interaction. You find it enticing, and thus entranced, you begin to spend more time with him.

“You really make me laugh,” you remember telling him one day, wiping tears out of your eyes. “Not joking! Not bored! Ahhhh, I think only you can accomplish such a feat, Belkia. You’ll stay, won’t you? Until the end?” There is a tenuous waver to your voice as you ask, almost daring him to say otherwise.

Belkia spins his hat in his hands, meets your eyes, and says, “Was there ever any doubt? Tsubakyun must be feeling awful lonely today. Let’s go drag the new kid out for sushi! He hasn’t been to usual place, has he?”

With that sort of promise in place, you’re already halfway out the door. “Well, what are we waiting for then? Let’s go find that wayward child - time for a welcome celebration!”

Send a ship and #

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Top five Hannigram moments? Haven't watched the show yet but I know their ship name and now that I'm done school I can watch it now!

omg thank you for the question spam what a blessing

Going to make these silly vague to be spoiler lite

  • Hannibal cradles Will’s head and calls him a beautiful butterfly over a cowering man who has crawled out of a horse. Bonus: Will later leaving an elaborate note at Hannibal’s childhood home saying he’s ready to be a beautiful butterfly.
  • Hannibal and Will meet up in an Italian art gallery, and despite having full intents to kill each other, can’t get those lovestruck looks off their faces and stop saying stupid romantic things
  • Will does the grocery shopping and it’s the best night of Hannibal’s life
  • Will fantasizes about murdering Hannibal with the most tender intense eyes. Wait, Will fantasizes about his better world. Wait, Will fantasizes about waking up in Hannibal’s office. Wait, Will fantasizes about - you get the idea.
  • Will gets cheeky with Cordell; Hannibal’s eyes says he’s in love with Will, Will’s eyes say he’s well aware

And yessss watch the shit out of Hannibal

AoS 4x19

Daisy and May are an incredible team, kicking ass and taking names

Jemma and Trip working together! it’s been too long. It’s like old times

what will it take for Fitz to wake up? I’m waiting for my Fitzsimmons reunion so he can snap out of this

Coulson and May sharing a moment, and him feeling like he can trust her even though he doesn’t know why (my ship feels)

Alistar Fitz can fuck right off

Aida getting quaked through a window and falling however many stories was damn satisfying

Ward always looking out for Skye, and her safety. Also, him knowing that he can’t go with them to the Other World breaks my heart

I’m grateful that, here, Skye trusts Ward and they can work together. It hurts knowing that it’s only for a short time and then we’ll never see these two together again.

I knew Ward would volunteer to stay and hold the switch and hold off any Hydra goons so the good guys would get away

Skye and Ward’s conversation in that room, before she has to leave him, was hands down one of the best Skyeward moments ever. And I can’t say it loud or well enough: Daisy telling Ward that she finally, really and truly, understands the Grant Ward from her world because of this version of him in the Framework, and sees how there was good in him all along, is something I have waited and wished and prayed and hoped for since season 1. And even though I would’ve written it the last couple seasons differently, I’m grateful to have this now.

Because this is what should’ve happened a long time ago. to this version of Ward, I say this: you are all the best parts of the real Ward. and to Skye/Daisy: I’m so glad you see what I’ve wanted you to see in him. Because here, you are the best versions of yourselves.

So thank you, writers, actors, universe, Brett and Chloe, for this scene and this validation in the show.

all the other arcs this season have been good, but this one is definitely my favorite.

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honestly I don't get that gay vibe from pcy, all his interaction with any ecso members is pure fanservice. Those annoying cs shipper is convinced that cs is real coz pcy's mom adore dks so much. My mom likes dks too so does it mean that mesoo is more REAL than any other xsoo ship?😂

im sure dks used to his members and others riding on his back for popularity or buzz, lbr. or just others in general fascinated by him that they have to name drop him in interviews. pcy is really good at giving fans what they want. and knows how to serve. it’s his job. rumor wise, like cb dates/outings and shit were used so pcy could go out and actually meet with his gf (2015ish). imagine that.

This is my favourite screen from the entire anime


1) The pun in the caption 
2) The spelling of ‘Niliforv’ 
3) Otabek looks absolutely pissed 
4) Chris is looking at Viktor like a concerned wife
5) Viktor is pining so hard I can hear sad violins  


looks like i have enough of these twitter doodles for another roundup! this time its chris as everyones favorite city correspondent stefon and phichit appreciation!! because i love phichit!!! and i saw art of him as cinderella somewhere on here and was just like yessss!!!!!!