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28, 35, 36, and 40 for the OTP prompt!


I went WAY overboard with this one omg. But I drew basically everything I missed drawing in one shot. Glasses, ponytail, FLANNEL Yuugi! Let’s also call this ‘Atem meeting Yuugi at the train station when he comes home for break from college’ :DD


(Here are the next two! I will reblog this again with the next set later, I can only do two at a time, these took me long enoughXD)


Prompt: Imagine your OTP are friends who dare each other to get their fortunes told. The fortune teller then tells them that they are destined lovers - and that they will soon be brought together by the powers of fate. Of course, the OTP doesn’t believe it. What follows is a strange series of events that suggest that fate really is bringing them together.

Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: l o n g af lol, mentions of hamilton, LOTS OF FLUFF

AN: so i found this blog called OTP Prompts  and if you write fanfics/imagines they have amazing prompts if you get stuck in a rut like i just did lol

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Peter and I were quickly approaching ‘Madam Estrella’s Fortune Telling’. We stopped in front of the store and stared at the door.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Y/N?” 

“Of course I am. Why, Pete? Are you wimping out?” I teased my best friend. He glared at me.

“Never. Let’s go.” 

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I live in Mongolia and here, students used (now we don’t do this) to go to countryside when they were in college and work there in harvesting and stuff for a week or so, cooking and managing on their own mainly.

So, my mom and dad were classmates and they went together when they were young. It was during late September and boy, Mongolia gets very chilly at this time. Leather jackets would not be enough at all. You’d end with chattering teeth and be a shivering mess if you do, and guess what? My mom went with a leather jacket and she was cold. But dad, gods, dad went with a winter coat which would be literally heaven. And mom told me, everyone was fighting over dad, well specifically his coat.

And my imagination just went wild on it’s own and I automatically imagined people trying to get dad’s winter coat, being extra nice but he just shrugged them off, went to my shivering mom and covered her with his coat, calling her silly for bringing a leather, ‘honestly, what were you thinking?’ and they share a laugh, dsjkldjakls my parents are my true otp, lol.

ANYWAY – imagine this as your otp??? and by otp, i mean sheith, lol. but it can apply for any ship. like every ship in voltron ♡

To me: Shiro = my dad, Keith = my mom.

Keith would go with his red jacket and fold his arms, surpassing a shiver, his shoulder hunched. But when a chilly breeze comes, he will shiver. Most students came with thin clothing and they all regret it. But, Keith’s was the…lightest, really. One student came with a winter coat and it was Shirogane Takashi. Immediately, everyone was fighting for his attention, but not Keith, who stubbornly stayed behind. But then Shiro is kindly apologizing as he walks over to Keith and slips off his coat and puts it on Keith’s shoulder. Keith looks up, surprised but Shiro is smiling down at him kindly yet with a hint of amusement.

“You came with the lightest clothes – you wear that jacket in summer.”

Keith huffed, enjoying the sudden warmth.

“And I wear it in winter too. …Thanks.”

Shiro grinned before sneezing.

“Er…wanna share?”

Keith rolled his eyes at this absolute dork and just nodded, smiling softly.

I got bored and made a mini doujinshi (if I’d even call it that lol). Let’s say this happens after Annie comes out of the crystal several years later… I acknowledge it’s completely out of character but it was fun to do. XD 

Poor sweet cinnabon grows up all handsome and still doesn’t know what to do around girls…

There was a posing reference I will add as soon as I find the URL again

announcement, sort of

Hello everyone! 

First of all, I just want to say THANK YOU for all the support you’ve given me these past few years. I honestly wouldn’t have improved nearly as much without everyone here. :’)

Second, probably about time I tell you that I’ve started studying animation (:DDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!) and animation school takes up A LOTTTT of hours of the day. In a really good way, I mean!!! (This has been my dream since I was a child, omg.) So I won’t be posting art as often as I have before, but I still will - this blog is very special to me. 

(Occasionally I might even post very short animations of my OTPs and OCs that I’ll work on for fun? :D We’ll see how well that goes. I might start a youtube for that. Stay tuned for that - especially to all my cherik friends lol. I’m working on something.)

Anyway, I’ll split what spare time I have between this fan art/OCs blog and my other more “official” and original art websites, where I’ll post some school art too:

You’ll probably find me much more often on IG these days. (Also please don’t call me thacmis there. It’s only my tumblr fan art handle.)

I’ve just been feeling a bit guilty that my art output here has been dwindling, so I wrote this post. I’m saying I haven’t forgotten my tumblr at all, and likely never will! It’s just life is getting busy, and I’m making other art now. Hopefully, you’ll still follow my progress, and I can’t wait to share my journey with all of you. Thanks again!!! And best wishes to everyone. :3


….that you should want to live your whole life through, broken and blue…(x)



[ FAVORITE SHIP: Nina x Matthias ]

“We all carry our sins, Nina. I need you to live so I can atone for mine.”

“You can do that without me, you know.”

He buried his head in his hands. “I don’t want to.”

“Matthias,” she said, running her fingers through the close crop of his hair. It hurt. The world hurt. Touching him hurt, but she still did it. She might not ever get to again. “I am not sorry.”

He took her hand and kissed her knuckles gently. She winced, but when he tried to pull away, she clutched him tighter.

“Stay,” she panted. Tears leaked from her eyes. “Stay till the end.”

“And after,” he said. “And always.”

OTP Prompt 51

Person A is scrolling and comes across one of those “reblog in 2 minutes to come into some money.”

It catches Person B’s eye as A reblogs it. “You really believe in that?”

“It can’t hurt to believe in these little things, B.”

“Alright, alright.”

The next day, on a cute couply walk, A finds a credit card on the sidewalk. They immediately take it to the police who find its owner and call them to the station to retrieve it.

It’s owner is a wealthy and successful local businessman. They reward A and B with a large sum of money since “I could’ve lost a lot more than this if you didn’t return it, so thank you.”

“This is a coincidence, A.” B insists, but now starts reblogging those little money fortune posts.

(Now they only have to decide: What do they spend it on?)


who cooks normally?: Fred, he inherited cooking skills from his mother
how often do they fight?: they’re constantly having fun jokey arguments but rarely have real fights
what do they do when they’re away from each other?:  complain to their friends, but when they see each other they refuse to admit they actually missed one another lol
nicknames for each other?: Fred has very colourful nicknames for Hermione, rarely calls her the same thing twice other then love, Hermione so lovingly probably calls Fred “arse” 
who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Fred, although Hermione puts up a fight
who steals the covers at night?: Hermione, she’s always cold.
what would they get each other for gifts?: Hermione would get Fred a couple of gifts, a few silly ones and a couple of really meaningful ones, Fred would pile all kinds of gifts on her despite her protests… even though she loves all his gifts
who remembers things?: Hermione
who cusses more?: Fredrick
what would they do if the other one was hurt?: at this point Hermione knows every possible medical fix, you don’t go through dating one of the Weasley twins without learning. Fred panics and makes a big deal out of tiny scrapes on Hermione’s arm, “What happened?? Lay down! Do you need water? I’ll get my wand! Do you need ice? A blanket? A cloth? Anything??”
who kissed who first?: Fred probably got fed up with Hermione not recognizing his flirting and kissed her 
who made the first move?: Fred^
who started the relationship?: Fred^

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Hi so I read in an ask that you're a fetus harmonizer, I'd say we're pretty much the same. It's gonna be 2 years for me now and the funny thing is that i just googled Fifth Harmony after seeing the Worth It music video for the first time and I was so amazed that Lauren, Mani and I are of the same age. Next thing I know I was trying to familiarize who is who, and I got myself to watch their 5H Takeover videos. I was already in too deep lol so I was wondering, what got u to become a harmonizer? :)

That’s honestly so amazing and literally just this October 5th became a year since I was laying on my bed at like 1am and I was scrolling through my Instagram timeline and I see a picture from a Camren account called “http.camren.otp” that followed me and a while back I followed back because why not? And the picture was of Camila calling a fan because she had read their letter and they left their contact info and it was a snap and it was captioned with how Camila accidentally exposed the fans number and I sent the picture to myself by insta DM and I scrolled through the Camren account because I was curious and I saw this picture of a meme of Lauren and Camila and it was really funny. Later on I saw a picture of them together with their Yellow Brazil shirts and the picture was captioned with “CC7 & LJ10” and someone said it was a fanfic. So I searched up what camren was on YouTube, I watched the Camren proofs and I was addicted. The next day later I found myself reading a fanfic of them and then I knew you couldn’t ship Camren and not know who Dinah, Ally, and Normani was or who Fifth Harmony was. So I watched their music videos, researched everything about them and a year later, here I am😭