is that what the kids are calling it

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so basically, ableism is what people is what people shriek when someone insults them?

No, it’s what you call it when straight fuckboys go around shouting “ret*rd” and yell “triggered!” when someone is uncomfortable with something they said.

It’s what you call it when you start crying over something small because you can’t help it and a classmate calls you crazy. It’s what you call it when a therapist refuses to treat you because you have a certain personality disorder. It’s what you call it when people say an individual with a disability is “lazy” for being unable to work. It’s what you call it when kids bully an autistic student for being who they are.

There’s this kid in my class named Alexander, but everyone calls him Xandre. So the other day it just dawned on me that I could use his name in any context to fit my Shadowhunters obsession needs and he’d never know.

Therefor, in chemistry, he helped me solve a density problem and I told him, “Thank you Alexander. You continue to surprise me.” And his response, I shit you not, was, “Good ways I hope.”

We both stared at eat other for what felt like ages, I was in complete shock while he was laughing his ass off. Turns out the asshole googled the episode after seeing my reaction on Snapchat and memorized the lines that mentioned his name. 

I don’t know how to react.

OC Hour: United Front
  • Preschool Teacher: You see, we were doing an exercise that asked the kids what their parents did for a living, and your daughter Mallory... well, she said "penis."
  • Duke: *the straightest face imaginable*
  • Victoria: She meant pianist. I'm a concert pianist.
  • Preschool Teacher: Oh! I see. I knew it had to be a mix-up, but you can understand why I was concerned...
  • Duke: No, thank you for calling us.
  • Duke and Victoria: *walk out to their car, climb inside*
  • Duke and Victoria: *burst into hysterical laughter*

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do you guys have any age difference fics?

I defaulted to evanstan since you didn’t mention any other ships. Hope that’s okay!

ALSO SO SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG! There was a glitch, we think, and we did not get notified of this ask!!!! Won’t happen again!

pure as the driven snow by dollylux
Chris is hired to photograph the Stan family–notorious for being hyperconservative, religious fanatics–for a holiday spread in Vanity Fair magazine.   

Sugar Daddy by WhatTheBodyGraspsNot

Sebastian is a broke and abandoned college kid trying to scrape up enough money to pay for rent and tuition. When he meets Chris, an accomplished architect who takes him under his wing, he doesn’t understand what his friends keep calling him until he looks it up for himself.Sugar daddy (n) is a slang term for a man who offers to support a typically younger woman or man after establishing a relationship that is usually sexual. [sugar daddy, age difference]

#ComingOut by alycat
When Sebastian Stan comes out on Twitter, thanking Marvel and Chris Evans for making him realize he is gay, he has no idea what will follow. Between his tweet going viral, interviews, actually meeting Chris Evans and college, Sebastian finds his life turned upside down. It isn’t always a bad thing.

I Was Broken Before I Met You by  SuperAnarchy
Chris is the leader of a world famous rock band, Sebastian is this young singer-songwriter-composer propelled into the spotlight at a very young age. They couldn’t be more different, but Chris should know by now that appearances can be misleading.

Like Rabbits by ballvvasher
Grad-student Sebastian Stan has a dirty little secret. Congressional candidate Chris Evans has a dirty little obsession.

“Just Because You Can” Part 6 of 7, Chapters 20-22

The Pines triplets, Mabel, Dipper, and Jolene, have always been best friends. But lately, there’s been some distance growing between the Mystery Kids, due in part to the forbidden feelings with which they are each struggling. How will they manage to see eye to eye, when torn between wanting each other and craving adventure?

(This is a new AU that I’ve been calling Jolene AU, devised by myself and @handleonthescandal​ after one of us asked the question “What if Mabel and Dipper were triplets but with another sister?”. Although this AU is similar, it is not connected to Double Dippin’ AU, and Jolene is in no way connected to Tyrone.)

Shoutout to @sirwaddlesesquire for being the trustiest squire and an insightful, helpful, and supportive beta.

Mostly SFW, mostly angst with some action/adventure and a little bit of fluff, tw incest

Fic under the cut, enjoy!

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People are saying that Eleanor was awful to Harry ? I haven't been here in this fandom till 2015 so I dunno what's this all about

She would kiss/hug Louis when Harry was around just to cause s reaction on him and lots of people have heard about her calling Harry a r*t*rd*d because he talks slow and well is that cute way Harry is. She also talked shit about Louis after they broke up

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I didn't know that the UK was largely why Finn's arm came back. Is there an article of this somewhere? I'm honestly not surprised given how strangely prudish the UK can be.

I don’t know any articles (there might be some), but what you might want to do is look up an organization called OFCOM. It’s the one that took over the reigns several years ago and its doings is what makes the shows aired in Europe look the way they do. Things were censored since always, because there is apparently a rule that says that all shows aired on kids channels can’t exceed the Y7 rating, but OFCOM took it to the extreme recently. From what I’ve seen, the shows end up getting censored worse than in Australia and I thought that was the high point no one can ever excel.

For the direct commentary on AT censorship, check the panel with Kent Osborne from the latest MCM London. He talks about what things the crew isn’t allowed to do, because of UK’s censorship. It might also connect to what Olivia Olson (?) said about Bubbline not being able to be a thing because of Russia forbidding LGBT relationships in the shows aired over there (honestly I didn’t think that’s true at the beginning but there might be something to it)

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What do I say about antis excusing themselves of being homophobes saying "I ship gay ships and hetero ships so you can't call me a homophobe, it's just that I don't ship the same ship as you, lol" While using homophobic arguments as "The characters are too young to be gay, how can you sexualize the kids"

or even worse, “if you ship gay ships you’re fetishizing gays and homophobic go die uwu”

like um. that includes you, assface.

~ Mod Filth

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Is there a way to convert that my kids will be seen as Jewish no matter what? If I have to do so orthodox for that to happen, can I then start attending a reform shul after conversion?

There are so many uncertainties taking place at the moment that even if you do have an Orthodox conversion, your Jewishness (and your children’s) could potentially be called into question in the future. For example, if you drop out observance and start attending a Reform synagogue — that could potentially lead into questions about your conversion. That’s a struggle that not few Orthodox gerim have gone through, and continue going through — most cases of Orthodox conversions being revoked take place in Israel, although I’ve heard a number of cases in the US and in Canada as well. 

If you have no plan to live as an Orthodox Jew, why have an Orthodox conversion? If your children decide in the future to become Orthodox Jews, they can convert by themselves. You don’t have to — and I think you should not — undergo an insincere conversion for the sake of others.

"Childhood meeting" Martha and Martin (zootopia Drabble)

Childhood meeting

Martin didn’t have any friends when he moved into the suburbs of Zootopia. It was a upscale neighborhood like what the other rich kids had, his mother called it a dump, but nicer than the actual dump. The houses were small and shacky looking, the white picket fences, which were once new and nice, were now broken with their paint dull and peeling. The front lawns were more dirt than actual soft grass and the streets were clunky and full of potholes.
Whenever his mother got sick of his reckless behavior from inside the house, which involved a broken thing, he was kicked out and told “go play outside!” and he would stay out for hours until dinner time. He usually go exploring in the junkyard, find a stick and bang it against windshield of a broken car, anything to keep his eight year old mind entertained. Sometimes he wished he had some animal to play with but the other kids either avoid him or pick fights with him. Even though he was small, he can put up a fight, that would make a group of bullies run away, but that didn’t stop them from coming back to pick on him again. Like, today.
He was absentmindedly hitting a stick against the metal frame of the rusted out car in the junkyard, slow to realize a group of foxes sneaking up on him.

“Hey runt!” Yelled out the ring leader. Martin turned boredly at him. Ricky was his name, he was a red fox, who always wore a dirty tee and ripped shorts because his family couldn’t afford new clothes. He was ten years old, just a couple years older than him. In his mouth he had a cigarette which Martin knew he probably stole off his dad. Behind the scratchy fox was five other foxes, close to his age, ready to see the fight or join in.

“What do you want now, Ricky?” Martin asked, tossing the stick aside. “Another black eye to show to your mommy?”

Ricky growled at him. “You should respect your elders, Runt!” He said, putting his thumb against his chest, trying to use his “advanced” age as an excuse.
Martin wasn’t really a runt, he was just a little short for his age, his mother said he’ll have a growth spurt soon and he believes her. Ricky wasn’t even that big against him, only by a few inches. He wondered if the runt was actually Ricky.

Martin snapped his overalls against his body and spit on the ground. “You just turned ten, Ricky, that ain’t nothin’ special.”

“It sure is! And I’m going to show it by scraping with you, Runt!” He said throwing the cigarette to the side and cracking his fingers. Martin eyes narrowed and stood his ground. He wondered if today Ricky will play fair and fight him one on one but seeing the five other fox kids, he knew it wasn’t.

He put up his small fists and narrowed his eyes. Like always, when the fight began, Martin had the upper claw. He punched Ricky fast and hard, making sure to fill his body with bruises. He jumped around and wrestled Ricky to the ground, kicking him on his arms as an attempt to lessen Martin’s hits but before Martin could relish in his victory, he was jumped by the group of foxes, like he predicted.
Martin covered his head and curled up in a fetal position. He gritted his teeth as he was pounded upon by their fists and kicked in his gut and legs, leaving him twice as hurt as Ricky. After about a minute of cowardly attacks, Ricky delivered the final blow by using his claws to scratch Martin on his arm. The black fox gave out a shout and clutched his bleeding arm.

“You should learn not to mess with me, Runt!” Ricky yelled out, sporting a fat lip that Martin gave him. His “friends” laughed with their ring leader as they turned their back on Martin, heading out of the junkyard. Martin sat up, bleeding and bruised, he laughed at him.

“And you should learn to fight your own fights!” Martin said. “You jerk!”

Martin saw his face contort in annoyance and as Ricky walked away, he responded in a bitter tone. “At least I don’t have black fur!”

Martin’s eyes narrowed and slowly leaned against the ca and licked his wounds. He rubbed his sore body as he sat silently. He supposed what Ricky said was the reason why the other kids avoid and pick on him. The other foxes had red fur and he had black fur. He inherited that trait from his mother, but he didn’t hate the color of his fur. He actually likes it. Yet, he felt alone. He sighed heavily at the thought, he didn’t have any brothers and sisters to play with, his mom is always busy and everyday has become routine. This was the third time this week that he got jumped and now he had to come up with another excuse to tell his mother, would she believe he fell down a ditch?
He spit at his cut and rubbed it in, he hissed under his breath from the stinging pain before lifting himself up. He walked out of the junkyard, heading back towards his home. He sniffed as he kicked a van on the way back, crossing the broken sidewalk. He kicked the can again, making it fly into his neighbor’s lawn. It was empty and he really didn’t have a neighbor until he saw the moving van. His ears went up in interest, wondering why would any animal move into a dump like his neighborhood. In a large van, ten bunnies ran out, immediately screaming and playing with each other. He noticed they all had brown fur, he saw their parents next who were dressed his strange clothes. The mother wore a long dress of many colors and a piece of shiny fabric was wrapped around her head. She wore gold beads and had shiny blue eyes. The father wore the same colorful clothes but did not had a fabric around his head, but had a beard which was woven into golden beads. His brow arched at the sight of them. He sniffed and walked into his own lawn, leaving behind his can. He glanced at the neighbor’s again, through the fence that separated them and saw a pair of red eyes staring right at him.

He jumped back in alarm when he saw a white bunny with ruby eyes staring blankly at him. She was wearing a bright blue dress with a gold dash around her waist. He took a step back from the bunny and narrowed his eyes at her as she kept staring at him.

“You’re creeping me out.” He said, which made her finally blink. He noticed that she was completely different than the other bunnies and was actually dressed more nicely than her other brothers and sisters. His ears went up in surprise when her head jerked, after being pelted by a rubber ball. She turned around, rubbing her head slightly as he brothers and sisters pointed and laughed at her. Martin immediately felt very annoyed at them as she wasn’t doing anything to provoke them. Her mother immediately went over and slapped one of them over the head, the thrower of the ball, and shouted at him angrily.

“Get inside! You should learn to respect your sister, all of you! Inside!” With their heads low and murmuring they entered their home without another word. Her mother strolled over to her daughter and Martin watched her gently pat her head.

“My sweet gift, have you met another miracle child?” She asked sweetly, tilting her head at Martin. He sniffed at her. Her daughter stayed silent but nodded. “Wonderful, stay outside as long as you wish, my gift, I shall have your lunch prepared soon.”
She walked away, leaving Martin even more confused. He turned back to the bunny when he heard her sniff and rub her head again.

“Your family is strange.” He said again.

She blinked at him and whispered something to him. He leaned in.

“What? Speak up.” He said, crossing his arms.

Her head went down shyly and kicked the dirt beneath her shoes. “My family are gypsies.” She said again, softly but more louder than the first time. “My mother is a psychic.”

“Sure she is.” He said, rolling his eyes, but it explains the weird clothes. “I’m Martin Declawe.”

She gave him a small smile. “I am Malaska White, but you can call me Martha.”

“So what are you? You don’t have the same fur color like the rest of your family.” He asked bluntly, which made her put her head down.

“I’m an albino, my mother calls me a gift because I was born lucky for my family. She says I bring wealth.” She said in a low voice.

“Is that why your brothers and sisters pick on you?”

She nodded sadly and sniffed. “I’m different.”

Martin felt his eyes soften at her and he rubbed his arm, still feeling the sting of his cut. He looked back up at her and put his paw in between the fence, holding it out to her. She blinked in surprise and glanced up at him.

“Me too.” He replied, she smiled at him and took his paw. Her head moved to the side when she noticed his cut. She let go of his paw and put her own paw over the cut. He jumped slightly expecting to feel pain but instead felt a warmth emitting into him.

“I hope you feel better.” She said gently. “Marty.” She pulled away and walked back inside. As he watched her, he touched his arm again and felt no pain but he did felt the same warmth he felt before, reach to his face.


I’m really into Martin and Martha right now. Lol. They get me out of my writer’s block.

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Cynthia, don’t even start with me. We all know that the cookies you “baked” for the PTA bake sale were actually store bought, and guess what? They tasted like trash. You’re always late to Yoga class on Tuesdays at 3:00-4:00 PM and you look like a flailing turtle when you go in Standing Tree position. You dress like a teen girl who just discovered Claire’s and your son is bad at soccer, so don’t even go there, Cynthia.

Well EXCUSE me, Deborah, that I have a life outside of taking my kids to soccer practice and pilates on Thursdays. And yes, maybe I DO buy my cookies sometimes, but at least they are edible. Yes, EDIBLE, Deborah, not those two-bit hunks of charcoal you call “brownies”. And the reason I attend yoga is so I can learn the moves, not flirt with the instructor like you do. So if I flail around, at least I’m trying to stay balanced on something that is not what the instructor is hiding in his yoga pants. I don’t know why you are even bringing up my choice of fashion, when you walk around like you’ve been stuck in the 80’s for the past twenty years. News flash, Debby, that beehive hairstyle went out TWO DECADES AGO. And my son may be a little poor at soccer, but he’s eight, Deborah. EIGHT. At least I’m giving him a chance to test out his abilities and see if he likes the sport. I’ve seen the way you “train” Kaedan, and I’d just like to remind you that “sweat” comes from the face, not the eyes. So get out of my face and put it back into the book you were supposed to have read for last week’s book club meeting, Deborah.

even seeing so many of those posts that are like “were you a neopets/club penguin/poptropica/etc. kid ?” i feel like theres always one missing that i vaguely remember spending a lot of time on ??? it had neighborhoods and you’d get an address for your house and could have yard sales and there was a huge amount of product advertisement also, like you’d have a pantry full of General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch™, there were pets, you could buy clothes and customize your rooms and stuff as well i think.. i remember a place where you could shop for that stuff

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5, 17, 35 for Goop and Kid :D

OTP Questions!

5. Nicknames? Pet names? Any in-jokes?

Aside from the obvious ‘Goop’ and ‘Kid’ which have now pretty much become their names, they do really ham up the whole ‘we’re a couple’ thing with each other. Kid will call Goop ‘honey’ and Goop calls Kid things like ‘babe’ and ‘sweetheart’, all of which usually said in about the most sarcastic way possible.

If you know of that joke where someone hands another a phone saying ‘it’s your boyfriend’ and they say ‘they’re not my boyfriend’ before answering ‘hey babe’, that’s basically them.

As for in-jokes? God. Too many.

The ones that come off the top of my head are ‘duck face’ and ‘shooting off Goop’s legs’. Both have become meme-level between the two of them.

17. What would make them break up? Would it be permanent?

God that’s not even something I want to think about, but I’m actually not sure that anything could get them to break up at the place they are now. They’ve been through a lot together and have come a long, long way when it comes to understanding each other. There have been some seriously rocky points in their relationship but they’ve conquered them and now know what to look for with each other and how to tackle it.

I honestly think the only thing that would break them up at this point would be Goop’s death. He’s much more likely to die than Kid is, and they made some promises that if he was to die, Kid would make sure he was 100% dead before going off into his void completely.

35. Do they bring out the best in each other, or the worst? Do they have a fatal flaw?

Right now I think they bring out the best in one another completely. They’re complete opposites in a lot of ways, and they counter one another perfectly. Kid is a chronic liar and a pessimist. Goop is almost incapable of being dishonest and an optimist. And that’s just on the most basic level.

As for fatal flaws? … Caring too much?

Both of them will run themselves into the ground for each other, and sometimes neither of them know how to say ‘no’.

unbearably bearable

pairing: ontae (age swap) / jongtae / implied! jongkey / implied! onho

summary: taemin gets a new temporary job, jonghyun has 25 kids, and jinki’s love of puns fixes everything 

words: 1,108

Taemin is a good guy. Well, he believes he is. He calls his mother every evening to ask about her day, and meets up with his brother every Saturday morning – 11am sharp. He donates all the tokens from his cereal boxes to the local primary school, never forgetting to bring Jonghyun his lunch as he passes his kindergarten class, 302 (he loves the kids). He even walks his neighbour’s dogs along with his own – Adam and Eve – every afternoon; free of charge.

So when his neighbour asks him to watch over his home for two months, he agrees.

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If you could go back and talk to your younger self about your homosexuality, would you? What would you say/do?

I don’t know if I would. Younger me was much more of an asshole, and what would happen would probably end up like that phone call I had with myself when I was stuck in the future.
But if I did, I’d probably show off how fabulously gay I am.~ and tell him that he’s actually for fucking once in his life, that he ends up with a Ginger, Jersey Jew and has two kids with him. You know, to fuck with him until he learns it’s all true.

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what's chancla? if it's okay to ask ah you don't gotta respond!

Chancla is how latin american people call “Sandals”
Is also a latin american meme that got way tok famous to the point where ton of people understand it! Is basically Mothers using her sandal to hit their teenager kids in different situations (ex. the mom is on the store getting nice empanadas those with cheese and chicken bc THEY AINT WEAK and at home her son crashes a plate so she takes out her sandal and trows it and it actually hits) when the kid screws up.

thats why I don’t like it too much…

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<drinks wine> Tell me how Lady Mary would handle seeing Matthew get stoned like David does in Legion - would she be a cool "oh hey, pass the bong" like Lenny sort? Or a passionate "I still love you and you will still die if you bang me" Syd response


Originally posted by bobbiesdraper

She’s got what the kids today call moxie…. ok i was just desperate to say my favorite Lenny line..

Uh…. Mary would understand…. after all Matthew never brought up dead Pamuk….they’d call it even

Part 1\?

Wounded child that cannot find a home.

My memories live in another reality,

For me the world looks like one big dorm.

Don’t cry for me, don’t wait for me, I’ve lost my gravity.

I lost all my respect to society

And now they call me a “bad person”.

Maybe It’s my true personality.

At least, I’m not pretend that I’m a good person.

I’m so used to this pain in my head.

I’m a liar, I’m an addict, I’m a clown.

My wings are wet because of my tears.

Leave me, I’m falling down..

A sinner, a demon, just a kid,

Like ice melting under the fire,

I’m drowning in this street.

There is no world that I can admire.

These people scream what I should to do,

I haven’t enough time for my life.

I’m not lazy, I’m just something new,

And I know that love is a melancholic lie.

Sometimes I dream about my future..

I’m scared that it will be like a train wreck,

It’s my personal kind of torture.

I’m natural disaster, you can die on my neck.