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I'm looking for a fic, I don't remember what it was called but I know it was do to with flirting and the summary was like "I fell asleep on the plane and you kept my kid busy and then you flirted with me" or something like that. I hope it's not to vague! btw I live for your blog

Loving Livy - You fell asleep on the aeroplane and I keep making funny faces at your kid to keep them amused and the steward mistaken us as a couple and for some reason you keep flirting with me now but I don’t really mind (from Dan’s POV).

- Tori

After Harry’s third year, after he meets Sirius and sees what it might look like to have a family, he spends long hours on his bed, interacting with the Maurader’s Map, prodding it with his wand and reading his dad’s responses.

The map doesn’t recognize Harry, calls him, “Future Gryffindor” and warns him to get rid of the map. Still, though, Harry is as mesmorized by his father’s handwriting as he was by his parents’ image in the Mirror of Erised.

Hermione thinks it’s unhealthy behavior, but Ron and Ginny convince her to leave him alone. He’s coping how he can.

Okay, so yuri on ice.
Victor seems super happy, forgetful, and bouncy but he actually has a few character flaws. Maybe he was pushed as a kid by his parents and coach, but whatever the circumstances he was in the spotlight at an early age. He was supposedly doing what he enjoyed and did best, but then money was flooded in his pockets. People who are paid to do what they love often lose that love for the thing in the first place because it’s a psychological thing. It’s such a big thing there’s even a technical term called ‘over justification’. He lost motivation, and then found it in Yuuri. He saw him and saw that passion when he skated his choreography, he saw that spark that had once lit a fire behind his eyes. Do you see him smile when he skates? True smiles? He is moving fluidly, but is not entirely there.
He turned to drinking, it makes him happy, he’s a sensation seeker, and now he found Yuuri. A passionate youth with a calm lifestyle and a celebrity crush on him, who shows potential.
Sensation seekers can hop from person to person, sure, but they are also known for settling down. They lose that drive to go out and do weird or dangerous things when they find something that gives them a overwhelming feeling. Comfort, happiness, love… They stop looking for those rushes because they found it.
Yuri obviously has a lot of psychological issues as well. anxiety, depression, binge eating, weight cycling the list goes on…
But can also say that when Yuuri had an anxiety attack and almost feinted Victor swooped in and let I’m express his emotions before allowing physical contact so he could be comfortable? That episode four is called 'like yourself’ and is likely to be about Victor trying to get Yuuri more comfortable in his own skin because he said he lacked confidence? That Victor wants to know more about Yuuri and has made this strikingly obvious? Maybe he’s taking time to open up about his past, not all characters jump the gun to monologue, but whatever the case he’s here.
I hope they help each other, that’s all I want. Happy healthy gays.

Missing (Saeyoung x MC fic) - Part 4

An eerie blue light filled the dark room and the constant clacking of the computer keyboard was the only sound that broke the quietness. Phone in one hand and typing on the other, Saeran’s mint green eyes hovered over seemingly endless codes; skillfully analyzing data.  His eyes shifted a bit to make sure that he was calling the right contact, he moved his thumb to the green callout button and placed the phone on his ear.  While the call recipient’s phone rings at the other end, his brother’s words rang in his head:

“Saeran,” Saeyoung called his attention, hunching over the computer monitor and pointing out an important detail in the screen. “Remember this: everybody leaves traces.  Even me.  You just have to know where to look.”

“What the hell are you calling me for, kid?” a slightly annoyed tone pulled Saeran from his thoughts. He smiles slightly.  Did not even say hello?

“Black,” Saeran immediately responds.

A slight pause. “Haaah? What do you take me for, twin tomato?  The agency’s gone.”

“Do you think I have a reason to joke around?”

There was silence on the other end of the line.  Then he heard shuffling in the sheets—was he in bed?

“Last sighted?” the tone was serious.

“32nd street. Left Downtown Cinema at 1:15am.  I’m sending you the details now.  And here’s what’s odd: all the security cameras in the 34th, 36th, and 37th streets, plus the alleys in between have been conveniently turned off from 1am to 2am.”

Turned off?” the voice in the phone sounded skeptical.  “Hey, are you losing your touch, kid?”

Saeran gave a tired sigh, getting a little annoyed.  “Who do you think I am? Check the damn email,” he retorted.

There was a moment of silence, in which Saeran assumes that the details are being checked.  He placed the call on speaker, laid the phone on the desk so he can use both of his hands to continue working on breaking into the crime laboratory mainframe.  After a few seconds, he lifts his hands from the keyboard, letting the computer do its job. He takes the chance to rest his eyes a bit, slumping against the backrest of the chair and letting his hands fall to his sides.

He cracked one eye open when a voice from his phone caught his attention. “That many?” He heard the shocked, yet very intrigued, voice from his phone’s speakers. “Hmm. That would have raised an alarm.  Someone powerful is trying to get to him.”

Realization washed over Saeran like a sudden gush of cold water.  

Someone powerful.

“W-we need to hurry!” He felt his heart drum wildly in his chest.  “Meet me at the docks!”

At the other end of the line, Vanderwood’s eyes widened at the panic heard from Saeran’s voice.  The line started beeping before he could even say anything.  He checked his phone one more time and confirmed that the call was disconnected.

“Dammit, 707,” he mutters under his breath. “Is there something I do not know here?”


A/N: I am feeling a little generous, so here’s the next part :)  I think I’m going to spend my whole weekend writing just so I can get this done.

And….YAY VANDERWOOD! :D I seriously love his character.  I want Vanderwood in the RFA! XD

Part 3 is here!

The Many Times Dembe Zuma was so fucking done.

-Hoe. Don’t drink it.

-yea. Totally saw that coming

-Ressler. Are you fucking kidding me??

-Liz. Are you fucking kidding me?? You’re going to blame yourself now???

-what in the blue fuck?

-ROFL!! “It’s a freckle” Dembe is so done!

-so it’s only Samar that Red talks to at the Hive now?

-Ressler. How dare?

-Jesus, I really hate suicide storylines, this Blacklister is fucked on so many levels.

-I really like the fact that they’re in a church. I once wrote a ds fiction where Red was a lapsed Catholic 😄

-Oh Dembe. MY BBY

-did Red just call Liz a crazy ass b… Bear?


-Aram… por que… Whyyyyyy

-Tom. I hate you so much. I will never hate as much as I hate you.

-ohhhh Riley… You poor cupcake… You have no idea what the fuck is coming for you.

-oh my God… No… What the fuck… I have second hand embarrassment for poor Samar.

-Red being straight up with Liz. Yes. 👌🏾👌🏾will it work though? No it fucking won’t.

-Red!! How dare!! Why would you say that about poor Dembe!! He’s a pure precious cinnamon roll!! Let him pray all he wants!


-did Team Fedora just point their guns at Liz??? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

-Samar. My homegirl! Take this bitch down on your own!! Yiissss girl!!

-omgggg YESS! General Red!! He’s planning like a badass!

-are they really gonna make Fucking Tom to be the ‘hero’ again?

-The stone cold truth just blew up in Red’s face!

-Dembe is so fucking done

-oh my God he doesn’t even trust Liz now. First Kaplan now her… But to a lesser degree?

-Ohhh God 🙄 he’s one of THOSE Blacklisters … Giving a long sob story…


-the fact that the color scheme of the fake house is the same as the old Keen house is creepy

-Red. What the fuck. No. Why are you associating with this crazy bitch

-oh Samar. My badass bitch and her sad heart…

-at least we know AGAIN that he’s not her daddy! AMAZING! Something WE DIDN’T KNOW!!!

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Phone Call - aegeanpocket - SEVENTEEN (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Description: Jihoon and Seungcheol have known each other since they were kids. But they’re not close to even share hugs when they part ways. They are not really close. At least that’s what Jihoon believes.After spending years of not meeting with each other, will one phone call changes everything?

Note: Heart-warming and heart-fluttering. I love the vibe of the fic. Even though it’s short it hits all the right feels TT__TT

But yeah, it’s been an interesting career. Obviously, he’s had a pretty successful second period of his racing career post-F1. And I think he’s done well. So he was able to achieve that. He’s going to retire with a lot of happiness and comfort.

For me, I think the impact he had growing up, obviously I knew of (Sir Jack) Brabham and (Alan) Jones and previous Australians before me, but Mark was the one I watched. As a kid, I watched him growing up. And then, when he moved here (F1), the local racing community was talking about it. It was there in front of me when he was doing it and that sort of paved what seemed like an achievable path to follow.

In the end, he was always nice to me. He was always there to call him, to give me advice. He understand the Red Bull system a little bit better. He was just a helping hand when I needed it.

For us Aussies, it gave me a little bit of inspiration and motivation to move to Europe and follow what he was doing at the time.

—  Daniel Ricciardo

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what is wrong with being homosexual and biromantic tho

don’t call gay people h*mos. how many times lmao.
1) sexualises gay people. v homophobic
2) used a tonne by gay kids who are struggling with compulsory heterosexuality & have too much internalised homophobia to call themselves gay. people encouraging this identity w/t explicitly explaining this are encouraging gay kids’ internalised homophobia.
3) even if h*mosexual biromantic Tim was a real person, he’d just be bi. the SAM is useless outside of asexuality/aromanticism. you’re attracted to two + genders, you’re bi/pan. you don’t need to be homophobic & sexualise gay people
I’m too sleepy and shaky to actually go into it but if anyone else wants to, go ahead. If you disagree just unfollow. I’m not in the mood for more hate mail lmao

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I hope they're just watching a movie, hanging out and it turns into that.

I see a lot of head canons and scenarios but none have fic-ed them yet, lol! Just kidding. Candles for a movie though? Something tells me it was a bit planned. I feel like I need a day or two to really come up with a well, thought-out head canon as to what’s gonna happen - cause we know they are bound to get interrupted by either Joe or Wally, or a phone call that they don’t want to tend to but “what if it’s an emergency.” 

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I was lurking on my niece's Facebook (I probably shouldn't have but I was just being nosy), she's 12 (& in my opinion shouldn't even have a Facebook but she's not my child, so there's nothing I can really do. ) and I saw her post something about kids calling her ugly and it broke my heart because I remember going through a similar thing. I'm really hurt and I'm not sure what to do, or say to someone so young when this is subject is still difficult for myself at times. What would you do?

I would encourage you to make time to spend time with her. I wouldn’t exactly lead with “I was lurking on your facebook”….but I would say you should share with her your experiences as a way for her to open up to you. You know the kind of hurt she’s going through. If you can treat her to dinner and a movie or take her out to get her nails done if she’s into that kind of thing. Let her know she has a safe space in you

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Matsuhana parent thing but the kid calls one of them 'daddy' and they freak out because 😫💦👌 that word is not accepted with the meme duo.

oh gOD
It pans out like a horror movie where they just stop everything and slowly turn to the child with mortified expressions, and it takes awhile for them to process what has just happened.. then they just look back at each other like

Mattsun: -slowly starts to smile-
Makki, points warningly: Don’t. I’m serious. I swear to god if you-
Mattsun: Daddy.
Makki: -immediately covers his child’s eyes as he attempts to strangle the other single-handedly-

16 years

for 16 years i’ve been alive,
for about 9 i’ve cried.
it all started when i was about 5,
the day my mom almost died.
the day my dad held up a knife.
the day my innocence went “bye bye”.
the day i saw my uncles save their sister’s life.
they held him back while he threw a fit,
they yelled and screamed STOP,
but all she said was do it.
after it was “over” no one called the cops.
it was forgotten,
no one talked about it often,
the noise never softened.
While other kids worried about the alphabet and the snacks they were gonna be fed,
I worried about going home to see bloodshed.
You see, no one should see
what i’ve seen
especially when you’re as small as a pea.
the vivid memories i have will never leave me.
I didn’t think anyone would care,
so i never shared.
i would cry as i walked to those school doors,
and then i would act like nothing happened before.
I would put on a smile
so everyone thought i was fine,
but i was really crying on the inside all the while,
and focusing on not making my eyes gloss over and shine.
I thought that when i get older i would be stronger.
But every time they fought i found myself screaming HOW MUCH LONGER!
How much longer before they would bring it down to a 2,
how much longer before they would realise they’re acting like fools,
How much longer till i’m off this rollercoaster,
how much longer till THE WAR IS OVER!
after this you probably think i hate my father or my mother.
but i don’t
I won’t.
i hate how many tears have fallen from my eyes,
but i don’t hate them
i don’t
i won’t.
i am in fact grateful.
so i won’t let my heart be hateful.
if god has let me live on this earth for 16 years, even if i spent most of them crying
i am grateful.
because i wake up every morning,
i am grateful.
and even though i’m still wiping tears from my eyes,
i am also still alive.
So, even though my father’s love for me is shadowed by his awful ways,
and by dark and gloomy days,
the many years i’ve spent crying,
will make me appreciate the days when I’M SMILING.

By Tani J
(Sorry for my lack of capitalized I’s)

(Written and submitted by @yvon-tani)

tired of y'all acting like you should only be nice to each other bc a lot of ppl on this site are underage. YES adults should not be harassing kids that’s true. But adults also shouldn’t be harassing other adults??? Adults can be vulnerable, adults can be bullied, adults can be suicidal & mentally ill, adults can come to this website for escapism, etc like…… it’s important we keep this a safe space for kids but it’s also important we keep this a safe space for each other like damn…. I got feelings too y'all and I don’t wanna deal w ur petty drama and bullshit

keep in mind this is different from correcting someone’s problematic behavior too. you can be a decent human being to somebody and still call them out for being an asshole, what else are friends for


They were quiet for a while.

Safael: “All I can say is that I wasn’t prepared for those words. But what exactly do you mean by this?”
Feela: “Some group of kids tries to overthrow our Emperor and his family. Some kind of
revolution, as they call it.”
Safael: “It’s confirmed?”
Feela: “It depends of
what do you call confirmed. If the informations from one of their members, than yes, if the dead body of your father, than no.”
Safael: “Your jokes are
Feela: “But they still sound better than your future.”
Vivilly: “Uh, but what do you want from us?”
Safael: “Isn’t it obvious, sis? She wants help from us because it’s too much for her to find those idiots. Am I right?”
Feela: “It’s not a pleasure to agree with you, but yes. I don’t have enough possibilities to find them and kill them.”
Vivilly: “But, um, do you know who plays the main role in this mess?”
Feela: “I- I think that I know who it is.”
Vivilly: “So can you please tell us something more about it?”
Iormungr: “We don’t know much but we’ll tell you all what we know.”

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My mum named me after something she saw in Star Trek so my whole family on her side has English names, my Dad's side has Portuguese names, and I am just here with shit. People always think I'm being a weeb because it's also a Japanese name?? Idk I go by Charlie now but nobody even bothers to call me that.

parents really need to put some serious thought into naming their kids, especially when the name is some sort of geek reference. some people don’t think about what might happen years down the line when their kid might be made fun of or not taken seriously because they just HAD to name their kid after their favorite tv/movie/game character

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So... I've come to your blog several times in search of fics, and I started to notice that they are mostly (all) jily... I just now made the connection that a blog called jilyarchive is, in fact, a blog dedicated to jily. I wonder what else is going straight over my head, haha. Also, love your blog, thanks for the work you do !

This was fantastic; not even kidding. So glad you enjoy the blog! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧