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Hey, I know for a FACT that you're holding out on us. GIVE THE PEOPLE THE GOOD STUFF!

/sigh, I was hoping you wouldn’t find out about this… But I guess my secret is out. I guess I have no choice but to show you my prized possession

Please forgive me for withholding this, I don’t know what came over me. So selfish Jo, whats happened to you?

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YOUR TAGS. I feel you girl. It irritates me when people pretend Dean hasn't found his perfect match. Even in S4 when Dean barely knew him Cas was gentle and wanted to understand Dean "you don't think you deserved to be saved", the park date, etc. He sacrifices everything for Dean, makes Dean laugh (HE HADN'T HAD FUN LIKE THAT IN YEARS), always comes back to Dean. I can boldly say Castiel is the one person Dean is the happiest around. It does help that he thinks Cas is devastatingly handsome.

Some people must be watching the show like this:

Because really? Dean hasn’t found someone who loves him fully and unconditionally?

A person who would be literally everything Dean would look for in a romantic partner if he allowed it for himself? 

Someone who sees who Dean really is and loves him for it? Who would always choose Dean? Who would give up things for Dean? Who would rebel and fall for Dean? Who would always look out for Dean? Who would always care for Dean? Who would even keep away from Dean if it would protect him? Who would care for him when he’s wounded? Who would also care deeply for Sam because he loves him like a brother? 

Someone who is his equal, a BAMF, who knows the life, who brings out his soft side, who brings him up when he’s at his lowest, who challenges him, who sometimes even frustrates him because he cares so much. Someone with no preconceptions of who a person ‘should’ be, who therefore has no comprehension of why Dean would repress certain sides of himself thanks to low self esteem and cultural norms and therefore accepts and loves him for who he is as a whole, even the sides Dean might not even like himself, helping Dean to learn to embrace them. Someone who helps him be the best him that he can be, who would always choose him and would theoretically stay at his side for centuries if need be, who, when he doesn’t stay it’s because he is trying to protect him from afar and keep him safe, but someone who always comes back to Mr Dean Abandonment Issues Winchester.

Someone who would watch over him as his mother, up on her pedestal, always said Angels would, but you know, literal Angels don’t exist so he would have to settle for a metaphorical romantic partner for this, like in all the love songs and fairy tales…


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Things people say while playing Dream Daddy, but appear as almost nonsensical out of context

“Show us your daddy when you’re done!!”

“Mary shows up and the music stops.”

“I love Amanda already.”

“I flirted with Brian and eggplants went everywhere.”

“Holy shit the Pokémon dad battle.”


“What shall I name this beautiful dad.”


“Do Not fuck Robert at the first chance.”

“Wait a minute. Mat is a rock fan. Oh. I’m weak.”

“Oh god Hugo my heart.”

“Joseph has satan children.”

“She’s like Damien. But bitchy-er.”

“Can I date both.”


“I just got three eggplants in a row from Joseph.”

“Omg.. Mat’s daughter… Fluffy……”

“I want to poke Brian’s belly.”

“I want to save Joseph……”

“Craig looks like he needs a nap.”

“Guys… Damien’s adorable and i’m crying.”

“Man my mom wants a turn lmao.”


feel free to add more! i’ll probably put some more in later.

guys I was just thinking about how I’ve been on tumblr since 2012 and we’ve become so much more inclusive on here. everyone used to just reblog skinny white girls and now there is so much more diversity on our dashboards. I remember getting a message, back when I was tropical, telling me I never reblogged people of color and I, being naive and unable to see my own bias, shewed the anon away and insisted I just repost what I find beautiful and whatever shows up in my dashboard. well, now Everyone is finding beauty in every person and it’s not unusual - in fact it’s so common - to see so many genders and cultures and races! I’m not naive to think prejudice doesn’t exist in the world but honestly tumblr has come a long way in inclusive aspirational messages/posts. not sure if I said this exactly how I wanted to but does anyone else notice this or agree?

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I had a conversation with a sibling today about what shows I'm thinking of watching out of curiosity, and mentioned teen wolf. They said to me "Don't watch that it's gay” and I had a flashback through Buffy and Supernatural and Torchwood and kinda just shook my head and thought "Probably not gay enough actually"

“Don’t watch that it’s gay”?!

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What’s wrong with people honestly.

You know what though, joking aside, my parents used to say shit like this, hell, my husband used to make gay jokes all the time although not necessarily explicitly anti-queer, just not respectful at all (probably cos, like Jensen he is ‘pretty’ and always mistaken for gay so it gets on his nerves).

BUT THEY’VE ALL STOPPED NOW (and my husband actually now just takes it as a compliment and berates people for assuming) Hallelujah! Also thanks to me and my younger cousins telling the older generation that they’re basically being disgusting people and them being exposed to more queer representation in the media, they’ve changed now too. 

Times are changing, people can change, the LGBT community are no longer alone, it’s about perseverance and IMO firmly but politely pointing out what huge dick wads they are being so they just end up not doing it any more as they realise it’s actually a bad reflection on them not others when they’re judgemental or negative about any group of people.

I mean it’s TV, what are they scared of? What do they think, that the TV can turn them gay? LMAO If your heterosexuality is that fragile that you can be turned gay through the TV I have news for you my friend…

I am sure we have read enough think pieces on the Game of Thrones guys doing a revisionist take on the Civil War. But whats one more? Here are two reasons why I think it is a bad idea (coming from a guy who a few days ago was going to write about how I am not going to judge any art unless I have sat with it)

1. We already live in a time when people are less and less interested in knowing what *REALLY* happened during the Civil War and changing FACTS about it to fit their ideologies. We are already seeing revisionist high school text books! I know this is just a “dumb” show, but further revisionist ideas will only muddy the already murky waters.

2.The Reconstruction period of the US. Ask any jerk on the street they have no fucking clue what happened after the war. Our culture LOVES war and stories of battle, but we also have no fucking interest for what comes after war. Just look how vets are treated when they come home for a big example. It just seems easy for these revisionist ideas to help replace the public’s already vague understand of a very important piece of American history. What happened after the Civil War is UNCOMFORTABLE for a lot of (white) people and we all know how good the US is at dealing with uncomfortable pieces of history. Reconstruction is the only time the US tried to change/rebuild its own society at home after war and we failed on so many levels, you’d think there would be lessons to learn here or look at that might help us today. 

2A. Where the Civil War is hard to discuss for Americans, we sure do not mind talking about WWII and still even there, the postwar period is a fucking mystery to most people. How did we rebuild relations with Germany and Japan? How did we deal with all those fucking Nazis? How did society change? How do we make this better? No one cares. We’d rather just watch the glory instead of learning from the work (that did or did not happen).

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How aware do you think TPTB are of Team Delusional? I know the spoon campaign got a bit of press back in the day, but you guys are still going strong and the only recent instance of TD being acknowledged that I'm aware of is Nicotero dropping in the line about people wanting Beth to come back a few weeks ago. Asking because I've been thinking about the show's future & I'm convinced (from my non-TD perspective) that they're going to HAVE to do something even the comics fans won't see coming.

TPTB definitely know of us. It’s part of their job to know what fans think of their project, and Team Delusional is related to the Bring Beth Back campaign, which was brought up on national television. We are persistent, and we aren’t quiet, even though we relatively keep to ourselves.

During season 6, Skybound answered a tweet about us:

Source (X).

(Skybound is TWD twitter that focuses primarily on the comics but will also promote the show and video games). I remember when they answered that tweet. The big TD bloggers at the time just rolled their eyes while others freaked out. Skybound could have shut us down then and there, but they didn’t. And they’re right. Team Delusional is nothing if not stubborn. It’s funny though that they say “[they] can’t change” our minds, as they have actively promoted Beth post-Coda. For one thing, around the time of the season six premiere, Skybound has tweeted “Beth is back” or “Beth lives” three times in relation to Emily’s career: X. The “Beth lives” was tweeted specifically in relation to Emily’s surprise appearance at the premiere, and her appearance was the only they described in terms of life (X). When she did Stalking Dead with Kate Nash, Emily mentioned Team Delusional and instead of shutting us down, she just kept saying, “You never know,” (X).

There’s even evidence that TPTB somehow monitor my posts as well as @bethgreenewarriorprincess’s, specifically our posts on Emily’s social media patterns. While Team Delusional is a drop in their ratings, we know what’s really going on, so it benefits them to keep an eye on us. They can see if changing Emily’s social media behavior, like geotagging works, for example. It wouldn’t be the first time that fan blog’s were monitored by people in the entertainment industry. Well-known news sites have used Swifties’ Tumblrs to get information on Taylor Swift: With all of that in mind, TPTB have yet to acknowledge us in an official, professional context. They don’t want to, because they don’t want to bring too much attention to the holes in Beth’s “death”. It’s the same line of thinking as to why Emily doesn’t do panels at WSC. The best way to maintain a secret is to not have to talk about it, because too many lies can lead inconsistencies. (I put together all strange interviews into a meta I linked to above, where I mention Emily on Stalking Dead.) Beth’s resurrection is part one of the twist TPTB have planned. The second twist is the immunity/cure arc Beth is central to, which will completely diverge from the comics. This has been seeded for a long time, and you can read about it here:

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RULES: Using only song titles of one artist/band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag 20 people

Band: Gorillaz (lmao so original!)

What is your gender: She’s My Collar

If you could go anywhere: Carnival/Plastic Beach

Favorite mode of transportation: Stylo

Your best friend: On Melancholy Hill

Favorite time of day: El Mañana

If your life was a TV show: Demon Days

Relationship status: Cloud of Unknowing

Your fear: All Alone

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RULES: Using only song titles of one artist/band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag 20 people. 

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Artist/Band: Gorillaz!

What is your gender: Punk.

If you could go anywhere: Plastic Beach!

Favorite mode of transportation: Stylo. ;)

Your best friend: Clint Eastwood.

Favorite time of day: Demon Days.

If your life was a TV show: To Binge, lol.

Relationship status: Every Planet We Reach Is Dead. 

Your fear: Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head.

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I'm happy that they're using Colin more in the promotion materials, but I feel like they're under-utilizing their new cast in favor of someone recognizable. I know that these are new actors, essentially blank slates, and not all of us may care or recognize them, but this is supposed to be a season about them, not Hook. If they want to sell us on these new characters then they should use them rather than just trying to use a popular character from the previous seasons to draw us in.

I think the promotions department knows exactly what moves to make in order to get people, new and old, to tune in.  Colin is personable, a fan favorite, and his character is one half of the most popular and recognizable ship of the show.  If they can’t have Emma/Jen then they can use the next best thing to draw people in.

Jen’s selfie with him was trending on tumblr not long after it was posted.  That alone goes to show how beloved they are as actors and how adored their characters are.  The ABC promotional department has no qualms capitalizing on their popularity by using Colin/Hook to lure people in.  That’s not to say that Lana or Robert can’t or won’t be used as pulls for the audiences too but if my guess for how the season is going to go is right then Hook will be a major figure in the playing out of the new curse.

As for the new characters and the actors portraying them it all goes back to knowing nothing about them yet.  I’m sure as soon as they have their panel and release what characters some people are playing they’ll start releasing promotional material for them.  Even knowing that a new Cinderella is in the next season hasn’t been widely promoted, aside from the stills released at D23.  Once the SDCC stuff has been released I’m sure we’ll be getting a lot more information on the characters and a lot more promotional material for them.

For now Colin is their biggest promotional weapon because the season ended with Hook and Emma’s wedding and their happy beginning.  Viewers are most interested in finding out how that has been affected by the new book and the new curse.  Laying the promotional groundwork with a fan favorite will help ease the audiences into getting behind the new characters and the next chapter for the show.

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what do you think Pink Diamond and Pink Pearl looks like? why don't you show use?

You know, I’ve been wanting to for so long but I kinda say ehh because other people like Gemcrust and Artifiziell have a done fantastic job with their interpretations.
And the same goes for White Diamond and her Pearl. I’ve wanted to draw them but Gemcrust and Amaet have done terrific jobs. When White Diamond is revealed this season, I will be drawing her then.

As for Pink, I might do something but I can’t promise anything

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Who's your fave bold type character? Mine is Sutton mainly because my name is Sutton. I got so much shit for having a "boys name" as a kid and now everyone is saying how cool of a name and a character Sutton is and I'm just like fuck yeah

dude thats fucking dope u can relate to sutton, honestly my answer is probably really easy to guess but its kat, the loml kat edison, i just dont know what it is but i relate to her character so much, like shes so good at putting up walls and acting brave and strong and courageous when she is literally breaking down inside, and she struggles with talking about her feelings and letting her true thoughts show, which i can relate to, she also uses humour as a coping mechanism, something to shield herself with, and hide, and honestly i feel that on a deep level, because if i can make people laugh so that they will ignore me in a sense, i will 100% do that, and like lastly i also struggle with sexuality and identity in general but fuck those things honestly. anyway this was a ramble, in conclusion i love kat edison because she is a character i can see myself in

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I've submitted here before on anon, I live right near the city Chester lived in (Palos Verdes). I was driving through some of it today, there was insane traffic (there usually isnt) and I saw at least 15 cars blaring Linkin Park. Which was touching. You know what wasn't? Trash Costello's soapbox post and Andy/Juliet tweeting the same copy-paste bullshit to show their feelings. like if it didn't matter to you (Trash and Juju) don't bring it up and use it for attention. People are grieving.

That band meant a lot to a lot of people. It really is disgusting that some people are using his death to make it about themselves.

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Not that I'm worrying, because honestly it's time for me to move on from Jen not being on OUAT drama...But Katmtan doesn't know EVERYTHING. Like she knows a lot don't get me wrong but there are things that can slip by her.

I missed the post that my other ask was referring to but I also don’t really care. I think it was 5x16 that seemed like there was no Jen or Colin filming days and then their presence in that episode was much more than we thought.

Kat tells us what she knows as long as she feels like she’s not disrespecting the show and production team by revealing too much. She gets judged by a lot of people in the fandom and it’s mostly unfair but she handles it. She’s been wrong before and admitted it but she doesn’t try to intentionally misdirect people. Basically, yeah, she doesn’t know everything but she is probably the best source we have so maybe take her at her word until proven otherwise?

I’m just getting weary of the complaining that this fandom does. I just want to enjoy a fairy tale show and I want to enjoy the episode that features my favorite character returning to guest star. I don’t want to pick it apart and set it up for disappointment and be angry. I just want to like what they are doing and I hope I will.

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I honestly feel like Taylor isn't just going to court to fight for herself but to also share with the world and to show women that it's ok and right to report what happened to you and to not be ashamed of it. She's using her voice to shed light on something people still see as "petty" or "not serious" - I don't see it as something she's doing only for herself

if you mean she will or is trying to find a silver lining in it, a way to make some good come out of some bad, then okay, yes i agree; and as stated from the get go she said she would donate any settlement winnings. 

But i do not think she is going just to disseminate that message by any means. She is absolutely going for herself to defend herself and say what he did is Not Okay.

And i really think you brought up a good point, because people - and not just men, but women too - perceive an incident such as groping a woman’s ass - as ‘not that serious’ ‘not that big of a deal’ which is terrible on so many levels i cant even start. 

Song title meme

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Gotta go with Depeche Mode for this one.

What is your gender?  People Are People
How do you feel?  Dangerous
If you could go anywhere:  My Secret Garden
Favorite mode of transportation:  Behind the Wheel
Favorite time of day:  The Dead of Night
Life as a TV show:  Dream On
Relationship status:  I Feel Loved
Your fear:  Useless and Condemnation

20 people? agh. Whoever wants to do this, please feel free. :)

(well, it’s just my policy of truth. You should try walking in my shoes. Now, this is fun…)

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All I see are a bunch of demands on Gillian what are fans giving Gillian besides complaint? Complaint based on her not living up to what people thought she was. I mean if anyone treated me the way fans have been treating Gillian the last few months and especially after the Italy pictures is just sad. So what she went there. That's like saying a girl who goes to a party in a shirt skirt and showing cleavage deserved to get raped or doesn't get to be upset it happened because we all know it can.

I’m just gonna ignore your rape parallel because it’s ridiculous and it is offensive for actual rape victims.

It hasn’t been us who gave her a hard time but the trashy tabloids all over the world. Instead of us she should have worried about those disgusting headlines saying “Gillian Anderson’s boyfriend is digging in her pussy.” That’s just what my country’s tabloid said and believe me I could have lived without seeing that headline because it’s something I won’t forget. Ever.

 Some people may have sent her hating messages (I haven’t seen any) and even if she’d received any hate on Twitter she probably didn’t read it. All I see on FB, Twitter and even here is fans who are loving and supporting her all the way no matter what. There are only a few of us who are not afraid to talk about what we really think and we are not blindly forgiving her. She can make mistakes and we have a right to notice it and talk about it and express our disappointment. Most of the fans are defending her and standing by her in all this mess. She doesn’t get to be “angry” with us, we did nothing wrong. But she has changed, everyone with eyes can see it, but some people just choose to ignore it. We have the right to speak our minds as she has the right to do whatever the fuck she wants and flipping us off if she feels like it.

what your favourite childhood magical girl show says about you

w.i.t.c.h.: you have either a mild dislike or a strong passionate hatred for winx club, and you’re probably not straight. if your favourite guardian was irma you’re 100% not straight

princess tutu: you’re a dancer, or you used to be a dancer, or you REALLY wish to be a dancer. if you were into cosplay you probably were one of those people who used actual pointe shoes for your princess tutu cosplay and ended up with fucked up feet because you’ve never danced ballet in your life especially en pointe

tokyo mew mew: you’re a furry and/or you really like fruit. something something warrior cats phase? and if you’re gay (which you probably are) it was zakuro who made you realize that

ojamajo doremi: people call you a social justice warrior like 3 times a week, you have great taste in tv shows. you’re an infp and you probably care too much about personality tests

winx club: you love fashion, especially of the 2000s. if you draw there’s a 78% chance you suck at anatomy. there is and always has been rivalry between you and people who love w.i.t.c.h. and others can never tell whether it’s playful or serious

sugar sugar rune: if your favourite character was chocola meilleure you’re chaotic good. if your favourite was vanilla mieux you’re either a liberal who has only read harry potter, or a leftist with social anxiety

sailor moon: you’re LGBT, you love fashion, you often wear cute nail polish, VERY into astrology! and you can’t fucking drive

mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch: you love musical theatre and you’re kind of too passionate about it and people around you hate you for it but won’t tell you. 50% chance you’re an air sign

cardcaptor sakura: you seem really kind and sweet but it’s hard to tell whether you’re genuine or not so a lot of people think you’re kind of fake but anyway you like fashion and your fashion taste is funky and eccentric but ultimately better than anyone who likes winx club

shugo chara: you probably developed a personality disorder sometime later in your life