is that what kitty and artie are


in 22 years when I’m 36 years old, I want Netflix to make a Glee spinoff called Glee-er where we FINALLY see the Brittana closure we need and we can see whatever the fuck Klaine and Rachel is doing with their lives and see if Samcedes and Quick got together (lije they should) and if Artie and Tina kept to their deal and got married or if they found other people. How is Mike doing in his dancing career? What happened to the season 4 newbies? Did Ryley get married? Did Unique have gender reassignment surgery? Did Kitty become a nun? What happebed to Jake? And we get to the the season 6 newbies. No one cares about them They can just leave.

This is the kind of things that we needed to see before Glee ended so abruptly. Please Netflix, make this happen.

I despise Kartie as a ship in canon because Artie’s consistently a terrible boyfriend and Kitty deserves better. But RIB really missed an opportunity with them. Imagine a plot where Artie brings up sex to Kitty, and Kitty in return explains her molestation to him and makes him apologies to Ryder for what he said in Lights Out. But instead we got no plot, poor writing, and the firing and random rehiring of Becca. It’s a shame, she and Kevin were cute together.

Sometimes I fantasize what S4 would have been if the writers had used the newbies and TGP “winners” as the new team expies: Harmony (Rachel), Kitty (Quinn), Jake (Puck), Ryder (Finn), Unique (Mercedes/Kurt), Marley (Tina), Betty (Artie), Joe (Mike), Sugar (Brittany), Rory (Sam), and Bree (Santana).

As we talk about community and Home and Blaine’s exclusion, it would be really amiss if we didn’t mention someone who also had a home there and who lost it in a blink and who wasn’t even shown during the pep rally: Kitty. Now that’s someone whose world shifted from underneath her feet and no one cared. She was kept because she was an “asset” while her true community was forced out and she was left with the Cheerios, who has never been a real community.

But I’m also really proud of her. She is still as scathing and sharp witted as she was but she didn’t revert to her bullying ways. She didn’t try to stop Mason or Madison from joining Glee club. She didn’t try to sabotage anyone and hell, with Kitty’s standards, what she said to Artie was practically nothing.

I loved seeing her telling him no. I loved seeing her maintain who she truly was and not revert into a persona for protection. I loved seeing her, period.

(Now, if we’d only get any info about how the rest of them are doing and if they are okay.)

trios/threesomes I would enjoy on Glee:

Santana/Brittany/Quinn - Brittany asking Santana about the time she had sex with Quinn and being so delighted with Santana’s unexpectedly blushing response that she invites Quinn over for a repeat, OR Quinn turning up on Brittana doorstep exhausted after breaking up with some guy in the midst of a political campaign and Brittany just looking at Santana while they all chat until Santana says, “my wife wants to know if you want to have sex” and Brittany adds, “it’d be so fun. and pretty."   

Marley/Jake/Ryder - they all had eyes for one another and Marley is a sweetheart who shares. Obviously Unique would make an excellent fourth.

Tina/Kitty/Artie - why not, Tina and Kitty would probably not put up with Artie’s misogyny and they would really enjoy complimenting one another.

Lauren/Puck/Quinn - cough. That is kind of beautiful and eye-opening. 

Marley/Unique/Kitty - Marley and Unique giggling a lot as Kitty tries to rein them in to do what she wants.

Kurt/Blaine/Sam - Sam’s single and he’s up in New York for a week and Kurt can’t stop watching his husband watch Sam and Sam glow in response and it’s not like Kurt doesn’t enjoy Sam’s body. But it’s Sam who says, "So… I was thinking…” and Kurt who says, “absolutely.” and Blaine almost cries because all his birthdays have come at once.

Kurt/Blaine/Elliot - Elliot thinks the boys are beautiful together, and somehow after a rehearsal they’re all smoking weed in Elliot’s apartment and Elliot has a decent collection of indie porn and every time Blaine’s hand accidentally brushes Elliot’s thigh, Elliot catches Kurt’s eye with wide eyes until Kurt leans forward and kisses Elliot with Blaine watching.

Kurt/Blaine/Mike - look honestly they’re dancing and Mike finds them both distracting and I find it pretty.

There must be more…