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Concept: a fantasy setting where True Names are extremely important in magic, but what makes a True Name is wildly inconsistent from person to person. Some people’s change; some people’s don’t.

Maybe it’s the name they were given when they were born; maybe it’s a name they chose for themself. Maybe it’s whatever they are most commonly addressed as, which makes keeping it secret rather complicated. This person’s true name is from their adoptive family, that one from their birth family, that one from the family they married into. That person’s true name is the nickname they were given by their dearest friend. That person’s true name is the nickname they WILL be given by their dearest friend, whom they haven’t actually met yet. That person’s true name is the nickname they were given by their dearest friend when they were in preschool, who they haven’t seen since. That person’s is the name of their self-insert character.

Unless there’s some way of divining true names, there would be a lot of people who just don’t know what theirs IS. (If there is, many of them would still be left wondering where the hell their name comes from.) Very powerful name magic becomes very TRICKY.

Word Count: 948

Triggers: Violence mention

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Being married to Eliot Spencer was not what one would call…normal. Given his job, your job, and how it bled into your personal lives, it was a miracle you even kept dating in the first place. It probably helped that you both understood when one party couldn’t make it home in time for dinner, or if one of you had to stay and work an overnight “shift.”

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it upsets me so much when they play the rest of the boys songs on my city's radio stations all day but they never play Louis', and I am in freaking love with JLY. Its the first song he didn't collaborate with anyone on. It's just him, raw. I keep tweeting and calling all the radio stations in my area to play it on the radio but so far nothings working I'M SO SAD WHAT ELSE CAN I DO

sadly because it’s not a single and not impacting radio, i think it’s going to be way harder to get radio stations to play it. it can’t hurt to keep requesting though, and keep streaming while you do that!! because that benefits louis in the end even if you can’t get your local radio stations to play the song. <3

Small Date

Title: Small Date

Characters: Reader x Jisung

A/N: Still not sure what to call these lol but i keep writing these instead of my essays so its short lol

I stared at him from across the table. He giggled a little bit as he took the money out of his wallet. Every little thing he did make me fall a little more in love with him than before.

Even the way his lips curl a little while he sips from his straw. He looked up at me with his big eyes and smiled.

“Earth to Y/N!” He said laughing. I guess I hadn’t been listening to what he was saying, i was just really focused.

“Ah, I’m sorry. Did you say something?” I was hoping that didn’t come off bitchy to him. I honestly felt bad that i didn’t hear him.

“I asked if you wanted one of these,” He pointed to the blue tinted drink that was next to him.

“If you do, I’ll love you forever~” He laughed and then his face hardened.

“You’ll love me anyway,” He squinted suspiciously and walked away.

I watched him waiting in line fidgeting around awkwardly, so I got up and joined him, grabbing his arm.

“Thank you Jisung~” I hugged onto his arm and we waited through the line. After maybe five minutes we got to the front and was served.

With both of us sipping on our matching drinks, we walked out into the streets. He put his arm around me and we set off home.
Film review: Thor: Ragnarok is Marvel’s best yet
The Norse god’s new caper is a ‘light-hearted intergalactic romp’, and undoubtedly his most enjoyable outing so far, writes Nicholas Barber.
By Nicholas Barber


[spoiler free review]

Judging by his box-office figures, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is one of the least popular of Marvel’s cinematic superheroes. It’s all relative, of course. The God of Thunder’s first two films made around $200 million (£152 million) each, so they’re not what you’d call flops. But compared to his buddies in the Avengers, Thor has never quite taken flight. And even in his own vehicles, he is in constant danger of being upstaged by his own brother and smarmy arch-enemy, Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

Thor: Ragnarok should change all that. Undoubtedly the best of the character’s three films, it’s more confident than the others, more kaleidoscopically colourful, and more eye-catching in its design. It has more coherent fight sequences and more impressive digital effects than its predecessors did. And while it takes its hero’s story to surprising new places, it has an endearing reverence for his comic-book roots: he keeps calling himself “The Mighty Thor”, because that used to be the title of his monthly comic.

lt presents us with the comforting notion that outer space isn’t all that different from a glam rock-themed disco

More importantly, this sequel, or threequel, establishes its blond leading man as somebody who’s fun to hang around with for two hours. Not for him the geopolitical debates or the personal angst of Iron Man and Captain America. This time around, Thor is a hearty lunk who is swaggeringly sure of how heroic he is, even if he keeps bumping into things and knocking them over. Whenever he makes a speech about the importance of his noble mission, you can be pretty sure he is going to be hit on the head moments later - and Hemsworth is just as willing to be a stooge in this film as he was in last year’s Ghostbusters remake. The credit for the knockabout tone should probably go to the director, Taika Waititi, a New Zealand comedy specialist who made the sublime vampire mock-doc, What We Do in the Shadows. In his hands, Thor: Ragnarok is so knowingly daft that it almost qualifies as a parody.

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🎮- Favorite video game(s)?

I really dont play like at all, but the few times i do play, its at my friends’ house where i either play Smash Bros, Mario Kart, or Ori and the Blind Forest or whatever its called….and like, castle crashers but i havent played that in YEARS

Long post story VVVV

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destroyhorse said: the guy that literally called his daughter an object and that woman whining about how having kids is like a retail job and she feels Nothing for them. like im supposed to fucking sympathize lmao

i like how he couldnt even bring himself to think of her like a person! whats a baby… a lump of flesh?

also the ones that made me the maddest were the parents complaining abt their mentally ill teenagers like if a kid reaches that age and is that fucked up im p sure its ur fucking fault honey ahavdjcngk

I cannot possibly emphasize what a constant trial it is being friends with me.


time to dance // panic! at the disco


There’s a lot of discorse about the new season and that’s understandable BUT I want you guys to look at something with me for a second. 

 I wanna talk about Keith and Lance. We all know Keith’s going through a lot, the blade of marmora is convincing him his own life matters less than the mission, that if he died it would just be for the greater good of the cause. So he’s pulling away, trying to make it so that Voltron doesn’t need him so that he could be… disposable. 

So Keith talks to Shiro and tries to get him to go back to being the black paladin. And *cough cough* fake *cough* Shiro tells him to buckle the heck up and stop whining and just be the black paladin. He doesn’t see, in that moment just what Keith is trying to do. So he gets mad. 

This is a face of pure dissapointment in Shiro. And Keith sees it. He really sees it, and feels it too. But he doesnt know what to do about it.

He’s the lone wolf, right? He doesn’t know how to function in a team properly. In the B.O.M he’s much more independant. Yes, he gets orders and people he goes on with missions but if you really watch most of those missions involve very little teamwork. 

So Keith is pulling away, but at the same time he’s getting the rejection from everyone in the team that’s pushing him away. When he shows up late in the begining of episode one Hunk, Pidge and Lance are super pissed at him, right? 


No, go back and look at Lance. He’s not angry. He’s worried. 

Yeah, he says “Are you even taking this seriously?” But think about it. Keith is someone who throws himself into missions. He takes everything he does seriously and he puts a 100% of himself into what he does. He doesn’t half ass things, and it pays off. He gets results. 

Lance is used to seeing Keith do well. At the Garrison he was top of the class, when he was still with Voltron he usually spent his free time training. And now, all of a sudden he’s late to missions, falling behind while he’s the leader. 

Not only that but remember this scene? 

 Again,everyone looks super pissed right? No look at Lance. 

And remember the dialogue? 

Allura:You keep saying you’re sorry but your actions say otherwise. Do you realise that your actions put the entire team in jeoprady? 
Lance: And not Just the team but the refugees too. 

and again, look at his face as he says it. 

He’s not angry. He’s confused there. Think about it. What did Keith tell Pidge when she tried to leave? That other people’s lives were at stake if she left. Keith cares about the people he’s out there protecting. Lance understands that this is not how Keith normally is. 

We know that they got closer in season 3 with Lance opening up to Keith and all and you might even call them friends. Sure he’s not as close as (the real) Shiro is to Keith, but he’s close enough to see Keith isn’t himself. 

But what if… what if Keith did open up. 

I get that this might be somewhat of a reach BUT if you watch Keith’s vlog, it’s very likely he wasn’t alone when he filmed it (he looks like he’s talking to someone off camera. but also tells them to get them out of there. Not only that but the camera turns off and from how emotional he got and the way he was walking its unlikely he turned it off and if you watch Allura’s vlog, she definitely gets closer to turn it off). Now my first thought would be that seeming it’s tech related it would be likely that Pidge would be with him. 

But it doesn’t seem like something that Pidge would be into. Sitting and making vlogs with the paladins. Not her style. 

Okay so maybe Coran? He was the first to upload a vlog, and the camera might be some castle gear? Sounds reasonable enough. But why only be there for Keith’s vlog? Allura was definitely alone during her’s. Also, I dont see them having the kind of bond where Keith would say any of that to Coran. No offense Space unc, we love you. 

OKAY so not Coran or Pidge… so maybe Allura? 

No, the bond isn’t strong enough. As someone who is pretty similar to Keith in defense mechanisms, I don’t see him trusting her to a point where he’s this open with her especially after what happened the last time he opened up about his Galra identity. 

(We all know where I’m going with this, but for argument’s sake; I will keep going. Feel free to skip ahead.) 

Okay so Hunk maybe? He has the tech know-how and stood up for Keith during the whole Galra thing. Even if he did tease him a little… Okay but even then they haven’t really had much bonding since then. I suppose it’s possible if Keith was feeling particularly vulnerable and whatever. But… Would Hunk really bother Keith to make a vlog? and would Keith ask Hunk to help with a vlog? 

It doesn’t really seem in character. Yes, they’re closer but still… not close enough. 

So that leaves Shiro and Lance. First, lets look at why I don’t think it’s Shiro. 

As we know Shiro is someone Keith looks up to. He’s always extremely respectful towards him and it shows in his facial expressions and way of speaking. 

but then look at this; 

Thats not a face Keith would make at Shiro.

You know who he does make faces like that at? 

L A N C E 

So lets think about this. Does Lance have the tech know how? Well he’s always stealing Pidge’s shit so I’mma go ahead and say, yeah to that one. Allura seems equally technically inclined as Lance, so seeming she has no trouble with it that makes sense. 

And even if Keith didn’t ask Lance to help him with his vlog, you know what does seem Lance like? Suggesting Keith makes a vlog. 

So lets asume here, for a moment that Lance knows about Keith’s abandonment issues. That would explain why he looks so worried in the screenshot from before, right? He knows Keith is feeling rejected by his team and he knows that Keith’s behaviour has changed since he started working more with the blade. 

But while they got closer in season 3, and Lance has a better understanding of Keith now, I also think Keith was eager to put some distance between them after that outburst. So he starts working with the blade a lot, right? Meaning Lance hardly sees him. 

So they take a few steps back in their friendship.

And then Kolivan calls Keith to a mission that they all know will be dangerous and look at Lance’s face. 

Yes, you could read it as Lance not wanting his spotlight gone BUT remember that Lance isn’t as shallow as he seems at first glance. He’s not the loverboy he pretends to be and few realise it, but he masks a lot of his emotions. 

Yes, Lance thrives on attention. But do you really think that he would prioritise a show over a mission that could give them a great boost in power? No, this isn’t about the show, this goes deeper. He’s worried. He’s worried about Keith. 

He doesn’t want him to go. He needs him around. But he cant tell him that. Especially not in front of everyone. 

So what does Lance do? 

He makes a stupid argument, its not much, but it’s all he’s got. “We can’t razzle dazzle the crowd with four lions.” 
We need you, I need you. Thats what he’s trying to say. 

And Keith refuses. 

So Lance has that same expression. He’s looking at Shiro in dissbelief this time because he can’t believe he’s letting him go. 

So what we’ve established thus far is the following; 

-Lance definitely feels closer to Keith than he used to. 
-Lance was probably there during Keith’s vlog.
-Lance isn’t as straight forward as people think he is. 
-There’s probably some distance between them right now. 
-Lance has noticed Keith’s change in behaviour. 

So with all that in mind, do you really think Lance doesn’t see that Keith is in a bad place. He knows something is up. He can feel Keith pulling and he’s trying to tell him that they need him around but he doesn’t know how to say it. And then… then Keith tells them he’s leaving. 

yeah, everyone looks sad, but look at Lance. He looks deep in thought. What do you think he’s thinking? He just realised he lost Keith. And he gets it. Suddenly it all makes sense. Keith more or less reforced the bond between Black and Shiro and he was acting strange, showing up late. This is what’s been up with Keith and Lance finally figure out that this whole time, he was losing Keith. 

But he gives it one last try. 

Who am I going to make fun of? 

It’s so much more than a playfull jab. Think about it. Really think about it. 

“Who am I going to make fun of?”

Who am I gonna talk to? 

Don’t go. 


AmamixOumaxSaihara interactions in the official OFFICIAL 100% real approved by Spike Shunsoft official ndrv3 anthology vol.2 are some  go౦ԁ sHit👌 👀