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i don't know if ur watching but have you seen all the bamon speculation lately??? do you think there is actually a chance we can get a bamon endgame???

tbh, I have no idea why anyone thinks that’s going to happen or why endgame even matters to people. the story’s what matters. the story’s what stays. endgame is legit like winning a coin toss - you call heads and you get heads and you’re hyped for two seconds but then so what? it doesn’t change the story, it doesn’t change the moments that led up to it, it doesn’t change the things you felt or the lessons you learned or the transformations (or lack thereof) you watched these characters go through. shitty ships are endgame all the time - that doesn’t make them not shitty, and that doesn’t cheapen the journey non-endgame ships went through and how that journey made you feel. characters aren’t real. ships aren’t real. a ship being endgame doesn’t mean those characters are out there existing together once the show’s over - they legit end with the show. but how they affected you and what you learned about yourself through them? that’s what lasts. that’s what matters. 

so bearing all that in mind, bamon randomly being made endgame in the last five minutes of TVD doesn’t really do anything for me except give us childish and ultimately meaningless ammo against other ships - it just really doesn’t matter. if they wanted to do romantic bamon, they needed to do an actual, purposeful, non-ambiguous romance arc for them that unfurled over more than the last two episodes so we could observe things and feel things, and instead they did an entire final season of bonnie having no life outside of enzo and damon clinging to the concept of elena. so nah, i don’t think we’re getting a bamon endgame, and more importantly, even if we did, it’s so last second that it’d literally be nothing more than a stat to fling around to rival fandoms. endgame doesn’t define a ship’s journey, a ship’s journey defines the endgame, and bamon’s romantic journey if they do this will have been so half-assed that the endgame feels pointless. 

the good news is that none of this should take away from how watching bamon made you feel and the thoughts and discussions it made you partake in and the friends you made along the way. TVD will go away (#bless). bamon will fade. de and sc and kc and be and bk and all of those things will fade, and you’ll completely forget about them, but the things you learned and felt will linger and inform future endeavors. i learned so goddamn much from being in this fandom and it’s made me a much better, more respectful, and more informed person than i was coming in. never forget that you’re the actual main character in a story - you, the reader, the viewer - and at the end of the day, a story’s only as valuable as its effect on you. bamon doesn’t need to be endgame to be a great story, because it brought you here and made you feel things and taught you that sometimes things with incredible potential aren’t realized for dumb reasons. so take that forward, and if you’re so inclined, be the person who recreates that potential and actually realizes it. 

but most importantly, know that the only endgame of tvd that actually matters is you.

when i get married im not even having a bachelor party because i love my husband and i don’t need to remind myself of what it was like to be a single man because i LOVE being with him like its such a straight people thing to go to a strip club cause you’ll never be a “free man” again like shut up and love your spouse before i call the cops.

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Can you please follow that on I wanna know what Anxiety's part is? Also feel like Prince needs to call himself out considering Thomas hella bi ... Or even Thomas call out Prince for that matter and Prince is like.. Oh I always took it for implied but all the fairytales say damsel so its my go to word haha

You literally read my mind. Yes! This is actually probably a thing that will happen soon. Prince honestly just doesn’t think about these things and Anxiety is overanalyzing everything again. You know. The usual.

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yea i feel u on the sibling thing, theyre definitely not canon siblings. but whats the deal w the person who brought up r*pe porn? thats never ok but idk the context so i wanna clarify

((Theyre just calling anything r*pe porn??? Idk man they just want something to bitch at. If anything its selfcest so like…. ppl even headcannon (like myself) that they arent even the same person at this point bc of the long separation Edit: @winged-obsessor is my friend and i know for a fact they would never write r*pe porn so theyre literally pulling this out of their ass))

Slightly unrelated but I still find it hard to believe that Syd is that good at planning/manipulating things. Which I guess means his useless sidekick act worked on me because there’s way too much evidence now to refute that, yes, he knows exactly what he’s doing.

(Separating this into its own post, @buwaro-tof because tumblr hates long reply strings.)

Don’t even get me started on Syd’s sidekick act. Syd’s been my pet crack theory for about 4 years now. I actually called most of the significant plot points when it came to him. I made this post about a month before the second game came out (x) And yet, I was STILL surprised at how significant he ended up being, and how much he’d been helping Kat behind the scenes. See: my follow-up to that post here (x).

Not only that, but replaying the first game, knowing what we now know about him, is really weird and trippy. It’s like you’re seeing double. Because you finally realize exactly what is going on. I did another meta-post about this in response to an ask about D’nelica - who also finally makes sense (x). I’m planning on doing more, too. Because there’s always at least two layers to all of Syd’s interactions with Kat, and it’s just so interesting to finally realize it’s there.

And that’s also why Syd’s probably become one of my favourite characters in…anything, really. The rest of the GR cast is up there too, especially Kat and Raven, but there’s just so much to analyze with Syd that it’s mind-blowing. Naoko Sato and Keiichiro Toyama did such an amazing job writing these games.

I vaguely remember owning a Bionicle-esque (you couldn’t take them apart but they looked similar) robot toy when i was young. I loved the shit out of it. Initially it was a gift for my brother but he didn’t care much for it, but I did. I remember it was red and blue colored, it had weird wing-like things, and could be transformed into a spherical shape. It had a lil thing in its chest it could eject and it transformed into a mini little robot. It basically had a mask for a head, one that fit over some transparent marble that shone a green light with the press of a button. I remember the toy even had a website thing, and the toys had two factions, one evil faction and one good faction i distinctly remember were called “Guardians”. 

please for the love of all that is holy someone help me remember what these fucking things were i loved them i need them

I don’t even know what’s happening in Supergirl right now. I can’t tell if the surreal unreality of this episode is indication it’s a dream sequence/altered reality or if the writing’s just bad. Mon-El is the only one showing any skepticism while all of our characters are presumably duped, but Jeremiah also calls him out on keeping a secret about his dark true nature from Kara. Kara’s legitimate complaints about Mon-El’s continued disrespect of her opinion and defiance of her requests is couched in the sense that she’s being deceived and thus comes across as being unjustified. I just…

I can’t trust anything in this show anymore. I just can’t have faith that the writers are playing a long game or messing with the audience with a secret plan in mind because it just feels far more likely this is a cliched, generic plot that’s been used in a million other shows and our characters are being warped to fit that script mold. This isn’t the Supergirl I started watching and they’d better make some major 180s in the remaining episodes of this season or I’m going to have to call it done. And I’m sad about that because I love these characters, but not the way they’re being used this season.

So my little sisters teacher called my mom today apparently they were having carpet time and everyone was going around talking about what makes them special and my little sister said to one of the children “you’re not that special you’re just white” I just got a lecture for about 20 minutes because my mom thinks I taught it to her which I did not but my god now I have to talk to her about why that was wrong


the ballad of mona lisa // panic! at the disco


Academy head insists the Grammys don’t have a race problem like the Oscars. He’s wrong.

To the ears of so many fans, artists and writers, hearing Faith Hill call Adele back onstage to receive the Grammy for album of the year over Beyoncé’s Lemonade, was a death rattle: the sound of the Grammyscredibility choking on its last sip of split pea soup before the life support machines kicked in.

“If we have any respect for albums, Lemonade is the album of the year,” wrote Win Butler of Arcade Fire, a former album of the year winner. Even Adele found it unsettling, asking “What the fuck does [Beyoncé] have to do to win album of the year?” at her post-Grammys Q&A.

In trying to explain the decision, racism was one of the first places many artists and writers turned to. “There have only been two black winners in the last 20 years for album of the year there have been over 200 black artist who have performed,” Solange wrote, pointing out a very telling balance of power in the way the Grammys appreciate treat black artists in since-deleted tweet

However, Neil Portnow, president of the Recording Academy, sees no issue here. He rejected the notion that the Grammys have a race problem in an interview with Pitchfork, published Tuesday. “No, I don’t think there’s a race problem at all,” he said, citing Chance the Rapper’s best new artist win as evidence.

Portnow too is incorrect: The Grammys do have an issue recognizing talent of color. They have for years, and unless steps are taken, there’s no reason to believe their voting will get any more representative. Read more (Opinion)

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you know whats fucked up

ear wigs dont actually even care about your ears they’re only called that because when they discovered earwigs they were like “o fuck wouldnt it be gnarly if that was in your ear!! thatd be wicked nasty i bet they totally want to get deep in that ear meat” but its a lie