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  • Miss Fleming: You guys are reading hamlet, right? What’s one of the recurring themes in Hamlet?
  • Betty Finn: Oh, Oooh, Ooooooh, call on me! Betrayal
  • Miss Fleming: very good, very good. Ok, now who can give me a good example of betrayal?
  • Martha: Oh! Um, when Hamlet sends Rosencrantz and Guildstern on a boat to die.
  • Miss Fleming: Exactly- Hamlet betrays his friends
  • Heather C.: Which is super fucked up because only a fucking dickhole betrays his friends
  • JD: Well, maybe he wouldn’t if his friends weren’t a bunch of selfish bitches who had already betrayed his girlfriend in the first place.
  • Miss Fleming: that’s mostly right! Rosencrantz and Guildstern were going to betray hamlet first.
  • Heather D.: well maybe if hamlet’s girlfriend had known her place instead of being a whiny little bitch, everything wouldn’t be so fucked up!
  • JD: well maybe if Rosencrantz and Guildstern didn’t tried to set up two dickholes to make love with the girl that he was in love with like two skanky little cock wranglers, they wouldn’t have got put on that fucking boat!
  • Heather D.: That doesn’t mean that hamlet should go attempt to blow up an entire fucking school and almost ruin fucking everything!
  • Martha: and maybe if people would have chilled the fuck out, Ophelia wouldn’t felt like she had to jump off of a goddamn bridge!
  • Miss Fleming: Ok, i think we moved a bit off topic, but I loved the energy, guys! love the energy.
  • Heather M.: What page does the school bombing attempt happen on?
  • Veronica: Relax, Heather. Apparently today is not going to be a learning day.

ANYWAYS good morning everyone !!!!! WHATS UP whats HAPPENEING how r u!!!!!!! i had a rly rly weird dream i wldnt call. a nightmare bt im trying to forget it now ANDD its 2nd day of EID !!! I HOPE UR DAY/NIGHT GOES SWELL BTW!!!


Joyce: Hello Clementine, my name is Joyce. Lorraine said you should come see me. Why don’t you tell me what’s going on. 

Clementine: She thinks I have bi-polar disorder. Some anxiety too. 

Joyce: Alright, It looks like she gave you the checklist…and you’ve checked all of them?

Clementine: Uhh yeah.. 

Joyce: Alright. Are you on any medication currently? 

Clementine: Nope

Joyce: Any allergies? 

Clementine: Nope. 

Joyce: Fantastic. I want to start you on Celexa at 10 mg. and Lamictal. 

Clementine: Okay cool. 

Joyce: Now if you notice any rashes or side effects stop taking the Lamictal immediately and call me or your primary docotor. Also if you don’t feel like its working then call me. 

Clementine: Sounds good to me. 

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sorry but i don't really know who to talk to about this,i don't really feel comfortable being called female but I'm not completely comfortable being called male either, i wanna eventually take T when I'm older though, so its why I've been identifying as nonbinary,at least online and to one of my 3 friends but one of them who's been my friend since kindergarten so I trust their opinion alot, said that there are only two genders and no more.i haven't come out to her and idk now what toCallMyself

Your friend is wrong. You can call yourself whatever feels right. And if nothing feels right, you don’t have to use any labels either. Nonbinary is a fine thing to keep id-ing as. 

- Emma

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54, 72, 96 (if you celebrate christmas) !!

54: have you ever been skinny dipping?

no omg i would b terrified and cold

72: whats the tallest building youve ever been up?

whatever the tallest building in vancouver is that people can go up, i was there (i dont remember what its called it was a long time ago lol)

96: what traditionally adorns the top of your christmas tree?

we have a silver star with a picture of simon cowell on it, we’ve had it up for the last 6 or 7 years now

send me a number!

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its not gonna make me a libertarian but i noticed theyre a hell of a lot nicer to me and other palestinians than a lot of the so called commies on this site and around irl.. progressive except for palestine.. at least there was a name for this phenomenon.. such filth they'll never be more then internet whiners or the fascists they complain about so much.. plainly disgusting

im kidna drunk right now and i cant figure out what this says sorrry


I’m back and fully healed! The last few days sucked a little but I’m excited to come back and talk to you guys. I really missed you! And funnily enough even though I wasn’t here the blog reached a milestone (thank you guys so much) and I know I should do a follow forever but for now I thought about giving you guys a little game as a gift for us to celebrate together. What do you think? I’ll call it The Advice Game™. It’ll work like this:

1) You’ll send me two asks, signed with your anon name (in case you’ve already been named by me or have done so yourself before use that - if not, create one~) in both so it won’t get messy. It has to be divided in two so I won’t post your personal info.

2) The first ask must contain your date of birth, city of birth, time of birth and if you would like to know the answer in a sweet but not very deep way or sweet but honest (meaning the answer can be brutal and straight to the point, I’ll tell you if you’re the one that is at fault - so choose wisely).

3) The second ask must contain what you need advice in. Let’s not make it too deep, though, and I’ll give you examples of what is fine: “Why am I always having trouble with this specific subject within my relationships?”, “Why do I have trouble making friends?”, “Why am I so unhappy with my profession?”, “Why am I always sick?”, “Why am I so lazy?”, “What in my chart makes me not focus enough to do this certain thing?”, etc. Please elaborate so I can understand exactly what you’re asking and ask about yourself only - if you’re having a fight, if you wanna know how to act because someone is acting a certain way… Those I can’t help you with since I’ll only be seeing your chart.

4) I will not answer asks about mental health matters and if you’d fit or how you’d fit a certain idol romantically or not (this one will be a game by itself in the future).

5) I’ll delete all the answers after 24 hours as so to keep your lives private - even though they’ll be anonymous, I worry. lol So I advise you to screen it/save it if you wanna read it again later.

6) This game will be on for the next two hours and I’ll try to answer it all as they come.

7) Any ask playing this game sent after that (I’ll make a post of when it’s over) will be deleted without an answer. So be quick!

Shall we begin? 

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(it’s 20:07 btw)


time to dance // panic! at the disco



a hair extension potion made by Anna! He’ll probably lose his hair in a couple of days ahahaha

idea by @draceempressa and was drawn by me :D


Okay but are you a Hamilton person or an Usnavi person? Non-Stop or 96000? 21 Chump Street or Freestyle Love Supreme? Long haired Lin or short haired Lin? “Whaaaaaat?” or “No Me Diga?!”

Hamilton AU where instead of the war its a cook off

“Son, I am working with a third of what this recipe calls for!”

“I go to france for more bisque, I come back with with more whisks, and bowls, and now we’re in control”

“What did I miss? What did I miss? I followed the recipe step by step”

“Say no to this, i just gotta say no to this, ohmygod shes using lemon zest and her icings saying hell yes”

“In every dish Of endless fish And when you made quiche
I hoped it would burn”

It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn’t matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over. Slowly, I began to realize that I could not go back and force things to be as they once were: those two years, which up until then had seemed an endless inferno, were now beginning to show me their true meaning.
—  Paulo Coelho