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time to dance // panic! at the disco

I love the Dirk Amanda dynamic because they’re always pushing eachother, all the time from the very start. Those 2 are not willing to let the other get away with shit.

I mean…

“if detectives dont look like detectives how do you know what it is you aren’t supposed to look like?”

“if the disease is inside you, why can’t you go out?”

I wonder if part of the reason amanda warms to dirk so quickly is because he treats her like a normal person after he finds out about her disease. He doesn’t tiptoe around it or make allowances.
Keep Me Running

pairing: Steve Trevor/Diana Prince
wc: 2955


Within two weeks of settling into his new condo, Steve’s got a nice little routine going.

He gets home around eight or nine P.M., grabs a quick bite to eat, gets some more work done while he’s waiting for the food to go down, and then at around eleven, he laces up his shoes and heads to the gym, towel draped over one shoulder. He hits the machines, gets a nice sweat going, heads back to his condo for a quick shower and falls into bed, his limbs steeped in the pleasant ache of hard athletic use.

As far as routines go, he’s really happy with this one. There’s never anyone else around by the time he shows up for his workout. He gets free access to all the machines, without having to worry about skirting politely around someone else for fear of someone attempting to start some neighbourly conversation.

That little gym is the one place he feels like he can finally tune out all the chaos of life, and get a quiet minute to himself.  

And then one day, the routine gets shaken up.

He doesn’t even notice her till she’s on the treadmill next to his, legs already pumping in long, sure strides and a finger on the speed adjustment buttons.

His head whips back and forth in a sharp double take, feet almost tripping over one another in an awkward one-two step, struggling to maintain their pounding rhythm on the machine.

She glances sideways, her eyes flicking to him. It’s completely cursory; they’re back on the speed readout within a split second. All the while, her treadmill continues to speed up, the low whine faintly audible even through his earphones.

Once he’s regained control of his rhythm, he chances a proper, subtle look at her out of the corner of his eye.

She’s… she’s gorgeous.

She’s tall — can’t be more than a couple inches off from his own height. Under her fitted tank and compression leggings, her tanned skin is warm, glowing golden even under the stark white fluorescent lights. She’s got her dark hair pulled back from her face, twined into a tight braid that sits securely on the back of her head, the few inches of the braid that extends out from her nape whipping between her shoulder blades as she runs.  

God. The way she runs. Her limbs power forward at an unrelenting rhythm, her posture perfect and ramrod straight, her almond-shaped eyes set on some invisible point straight ahead.

He’s seen Olympic gold medallists with less purpose.

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on 3rd March that year Margaret [Tudor] had married her young lover, Henry Stewart, whom James created Lord Methven, ‘For the great love that he bore to his dearest mother’. Margaret’s brother Henry VIII, by contrast, would continue-with sublime disregard for for the proverb about pots and kettles-to call Margaret 'a shame and disgrace to all her family’
—  Game of Queens, Sarah Gristwood

Supergirl episode 2x13 was a very weird episode, to say the least. What’s even weirder is that Mxyzptlk (I totally copied and pasted his name) wasn’t the strangest thing that happened during the ep. I mean, skipping the whole shooting at Supergirl scene, where you can clearly see the people behind her that didn’t give a shit about the gunshots - which, I mean, I know America has a huge gun problem, but I don’t think that’s quite how it works -, or the flying car that went on fire immediately after hitting the ground (my friend has been in a car accident where the car ended up upside down, and she would be dead if cars were so easy to explode)… Leaving all of these things behind… what the fuck was that?
Don’t get me wrong, good for Winn who now has a girlfriend (#winnforthewin!)(<– yeah, don’t comment that), although she seems fled from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and her whole entrance and then their relationship development was freaking rushed (they might as well proposed to each other in perfect Mr. Mxyzptlk style at that point), and awesome for Sanvers, even though they hadn’t so much screentime this time either (which they kinda promised to us, but I guess Mon’Ew closeups were somehow more important…), but the whole episode felt like a patchwork thing to me.

I have to say that Kara’s happiness is my happiness (and damn, how incredibly gorgeous she was in this episode), so I’ve sadly accepted that is extremely unlikely that she’s gonna end up with Lena (what a waste of chemistry, though… ugh, it pains me), but that said, Flann’El is really such a poor choice. In this episode in particular he behaved like a total douche, all testosterone a no synapses, just straight up trying to punch the guy, practically demanding his execution and then challenging him to a duel for what? Kara’s hand? In which century does he think they are??
I didn’t like that he was completely ignoring the fact that Kara is a strong woman - like… super strong -, perfectly capable of handling a random idiot - although provided with insane powers -, and he kept whining about this guy, while doing and saying such stupid things, only because he felt threatened. This is such typical of straight man, the pulling up a chaos because their pride is hurt or threatened and they have to show to the girl that they’re strong and bla bla bla. This is so wrong in any scenario, but in this one? In this one it’s nuts. That’s Supergirl, you idiot! She stops planes and missiles! She’s bulletproof! She flies, for Rao’s sake, she ain’t a damsel in distress and she told you! You can fill me with all the reasons why he behaved like that, like that he cares so much to Kara that he lost it, but that’s still incredibly immature and he ain’t a teenager: he’s supposed to be an adult.
I just hate to see women having to keep the men on the right path ‘cause they can’t keep their shit together by themselves and they have to be schooled all the time.

Anyway, zero Lena’s mentions in this Valentine’s episode. We had Luthors for the real Valentine’s Day, so I’ll pretend that’s enough…

naruto characters as people in group projects
  • Naruto Uzumaki - won’t show up to group meetings unless it’s near places where he can get food, problems basically revolve around food
  • Sasuke Uchiha - secretly likes group projects because that’s his only way of communicating with people but pretends to hate everyone
  • Sakura Haruno - everyone asks her questions on what to do because she’s the default brain of the group, loves to do the referencing work
  • Shino Aburame - does the most work, is acknowledged for 0.5 seconds then is back to being forgotten
  • Sai - everyone is always surprised by the amount and quality of work he does for some reason
  • Kiba Inuzuka - tries to rile up the group into doing work but is actually the most distracted
  • Hinata Hyuga - is always apologising to her group members in case she brings everyone down even though she doesn’t
  • Chouji Akimichi - the grandma who always brings food during group meetings and will make sure you eat if you’re not doing work
  • Ino Yamanaka - straight up bossy and tells people what to do and people are annoyed over this but they listen to her anyways
  • Shikamaru Nara - is always complaining over doing assignments and just wants to finish high school/university
  • Neji Hyuga - has no mercy and will tell people if their work is shit
  • Tenten - knows what to do but will message group members at 4am in the morning about stuff she doesn’t know
  • Rock Lee - provides never ending praise on people’s works and tries to see the light on everything
  • Karin Uzumaki - doubles her work effort if there’s a hot guy in her group
  • Suigetsu Hozuki - “… what? we were supposed to do that as well? i thought we only have to do this?”

A Captain America and Winter Soldier video, or Steve and Bucky, if you will (:

Illustrations all done by Minuiko, who is obviously very good at what she does if she can make me have a burning desire to edit for a fandom I’m not even really in, haha. Her images already had life, I just gave them some movement ;)

Vimeo link for those who can’t view it on Youtube!

You know what sucks? So when I first found out I was ace I was so excited. I called up my gay friend and told her the good news and we celebrated together. Then I found the not so nice side of Tumblr. The side that hates ace people. And I got really pissed. I wanted to be more active in it but something stopped me.

Would people want this shit on their dash?

And you know why I thought that. I thought people wouldn’t care. Even though I’ve been on Tumblr for over a year I thought no one would care enough to want this on their dash. But then I realized something. Homophobes, biphobes, and terfs get multiple callout posts and mass shunning whenever someone finds them. But aphobes get swept under the rug. Cause I was right.

No one cares. Not enough at least to do something when ace teens and minors are getting rape threats, violent threats, suicide baited. Any of the four big letters and there’d be an outcry.

I guess we’ve just learned to deal with our pain in the shadows.

OK may I just point out one thing:

Ash has all these people (and countless friends who are not in Kalos) rooting for him

While Alain has only her:

And it’s sad.

the real reason i don’t buy the “ares should have been isabel maru” idea is because antiope wouldn’t date her if she were ares :\

Am I the only one who takes hollyhark’s Children Wake Up series as canon?

And I don’t mean that literally, of course. I don’t mean I actually believe that her creation is a real part of the Star Wars canon. I mean for myself, in my spare moments, when I can sit down and get lost in something so utterly unattainable, yet somehow incredibly real. It’s a work that I not only enjoy, but believe in fully and completely.

The Children Wake Up series was the first kylux fanfiction I ever read. Someone on here recommended it to me when I first made this account, and I was completely taken by surprise. It’s not just the writing and the structure that’s good; it’s the complete and total respect given to the characters. I have yet to read (or write) another fic that hits the nail so hard on the head with Kylo and Hux’s characterizations.

Even the things we don’t know for sure, like inner monologue and personal histories, are written so beautifully and realistically. Honestly, I’ve never read a fic where I’ve felt satisfied both as a trashy fan girl AND as a fan who respects and loves the canon. Children Wake Up is the perfect balance.

I don’t know exactly why I felt the need to write this? I think it’s because I felt down today, and the only thing I really wanted to do was curl up in a blanket and get lost in that amazing universe again. That’s true, powerful writing.

This kind of turned into a really long fic rec, but seriously. If you haven’t read it, and you’re looking for new Kylux material, I will recommend this fic every single time. If someone asks me what I think kylux really, TRULY is at its core, I’ll give the same answer.

I just really love it you guys ok rant over wow that wasn’t funny wtf aren’t I supposed to be a humor blog???? now I have to make a joke??? uh, 69, 420, hi hungry, I’m dad

hey so I haven’t done any Ghostbusters stuff in a while but

Abby and Patty go on Disney dates. like, every time a new Disney movie comes out they are THERE, in the wayback of the theater with their jumbo popcorn and smuggled candy, laughing and inevitably crying and probably swearing at animated characters. 

(quiet swearing, because of the kids, but still. it’s a good thing they didn’t know each other when Frozen came out, because their collective reaction to The Hans Thing would have gotten them kicked out.)

and it’s like their Thing, because Erin doesn’t really care for kids’ movies (no matter how many times Abby tries to explain that “It’s not for kids, it’s for people who like joy. Do you not like joy?”) and Holtzmann is waaaay to fidgety to be comfortable in movie theaters no matter what’s playing. so it’s just Abby and Patty having a blast and getting a kick out of having a buddy to go with. Abby used to go to Disney movies alone and feel like a weirdo, and Patty used to have to borrow her neighbor’s kids, and they’re just really stoked that they have each other to hang out with now.

an exercise in colliding headcanons

Sometimes emi doesn’t feel like rescuing headcanons at all, really.

Cynical Anna AU meets Student/Teacher AU.

Elsa blinked at the clock on the wall. It said that, if she wanted to make it to Arendelle High School on time to teach her first period class, she needed to get out of bed.

She cast a glance at the nude figure beside her and sighed. She’d need to get Anna up too. The senior didn’t have a class first period, but she still had to get to school at some point.

Her hand hovered over Anna’s freckled shoulder for a long moment. She held back a sigh. She wasn’t supposed to sleep with her students.

Elsa shook the young woman’s shoulder. “Anna, I’m hopping in the shower. I need to get to class.”

Bleary eyes blinked up at her. “Mkay. Morning, Elsa.”

She looked adorable. Elsa glanced away. She wasn’t supposed to fall in love with one of her students either.

She hesitated too long before taking her hand off of Anna’s shoulder. A sleepy smirk flashed her way and Anna chuckled. “Did you think I’d be upset if you left without waking me?”

She was an adult. She knew better than to see someone whose feelings were not commensurate to her own.

“No, I knew you wouldn’t be.” Elsa stood up and walked over to the bathroom. Anna wouldn’t care, really. Because what they did wasn’t about love for her.

“Last night was tiring. I’m gonna go back to sleep for a bit,” Anna said. Then she smiled, full and cheerful. “I hope you have a good day, Elsa. I’ll see you in fourth period.”

She wasn’t supposed to board a student in her home, even if that student’s parents were in the middle of a caustic divorce and fighting constantly.

“I’ll see you,” she said, stepping into the bathroom and starting a hot shower.

That bright smile had been part of what first attracted her to Anna, against all her better judgement. Then she’d found the cheeriness only went so far. She wasn’t supposed to fall for people who didn’t believe in love.

Anna had a way of getting her into things she shouldn’t do.

Elsa stepped into the shower and let the water rinse away her guilt and hope.

people trying to say that naked pictures of maisie williams have leaked NEED TO STOP. not only would that have been the kind of horrific news that turns your blood to ice, but it’s not true - the pictures that are “supposably” of maisie are of some woman who is far older than her and has a different body type, please stop, please never talk about nude pictures of a 17 year old actress ever again

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I don't remember Koujaku's backstory being so stereotypical? He's very inconsistent! Koujaku was mad because the jealous wife beat his mom. She was one of his dad's girlfriends, but not a cowering domestic abuse victim in the drama CD. N+C overexaggerated to make the story more pitiful? She was nothing but an extorted pawn USED AGAINST a kid, weak, and a martyr who still didn't protect her kid. I imagined she at least made an effort, but that's not even true. This makes less sense than before!

As anon maybe I have to make disclaimers when talking about “domestic abuse” in fictional yaoi drama CDs. Abuse is abuse but Koujaku’s family circumstances were twisted into an even worse, more exaggerated situation. I’m criticizing the inconsistent writing. I label the mom ‘weak’ due to the summary. The stereotypical tactics to get sympathy for his story is poor (Yo mama a cliche, Koujaku). Portraying a parent’s role in abusive situations is ALSO touchy, and this was still not written well.

At first I was really confused as to why you’re even sending me this in the first place, but then I remembered that I’m regarded as the resident Koujaku expert, so I guess it’s to be expected.

I’m sure you meant well, anon, but this kind of struck a nerve for me so prepare for an unnecessary essay.

One of the things that I’ve always admired about Koujaku’s character is how realistic he is. He’s suffered through a great deal in his life, and is understandably damaged by it. Koujaku has built up a number of emotional barriers, putting on a false act around others. When he’s alone with Aoba, those barriers come down, and he turns into a sappy, dorky little mess. He hides this true self; his vulnerable self, away in favor of a smooth, ego-inflated persona to be used in public places. Because of this, he appears to be a genuinely happy person.

Sadly, that’s far from the truth.

Koujaku clearly suffers from depression (yet another thing that’s beautifully expanded upon in the drama cd, as my bae Madelezabeth points out). His struggle with depression is heart-wrenching, because it’s so wonderfully written. It makes you wonder how much of the Koujaku you see in game is a façade, and how much is his true, unfiltered personality. Anyone who has struggled with depression could agree that this is a very realistic interpretation. At times, it can be overwhelmingly difficult to distinguish yourself from your depression, and you can begin to wonder where your depression ends, and where you begin. As a result of his deep set emotional baggage, he romanticizes the one bit of happiness that he remembers from his childhood; Aoba. This is also a very understandable trait, and serves in making his character all the more realistic.

So, with such a complex character, it’s only expected that his mother is just as complex, right?

Abuse is abuse but Koujaku’s family circumstances were twisted into an even worse, more exaggerated situation. I’m criticizing the inconsistent writing.

In Koujaku’s route, it’s established that his father would beat him. I believe it’s also implied that he received some of the scars on his back through domestic abuse. Let me pose one questions to you, anon.

In a household where the father is blatantly abusing a child, is it likely that he then chooses not to abuse his mistress as well?

There are cases of spousal abuse where the child remains unharmed. However, if a parent strikes their child, they will most certainly strike their significant other, let alone a mistress with little to no respect in the household.

Now, that’s all simple enough. We’ve established that Koujaku’s mother was an abuse victim. Let’s move on to her reaction. Or rather, your reaction to her reaction-

She was nothing but an extorted pawn USED AGAINST a kid, weak, and a martyr who still didn’t protect her kid. I imagined she at least made an effort, but that’s not even true.

Okay, I’m going to have to stop you there.

Let me just say, I completely understand your frustration. His mother wasn’t defending herself or her son, which was a very bad reaction to have. The thing that makes this so realistic, however, is the fact that she reacts this way.

I’m very well educated in emotional manipulation, which can be achieved through physical and/or verbal abuse. I’ve seen a lot of it, and I’ve experienced a lot of it.

It’s one of the most disgusting feelings I’ve ever experienced. To know you’re being manipulated, to realize how utterly weak you are, is incredibly frustrating. It’s frustrating to the people around you, but it’s mostly frustrating to yourself. You’re very aware that you should be standing up for yourself or others, but you can’t. The abuser has molded and manipulated you through fear and degradation, and you simply can’t break the mold.

It’s degrading, and you know you’re being manipulated, but you can’t change it. You become convinced that you’re completely worthless, unworthy of helping yourself.

In short: you feel stuck. You’re stuck, and there’s no way out, and it’s infuriating and unfair and holy shit you want to change it so bad, but in the end you’re still just stuck.

She feels ultimately responsible for what’s happening, but can do nothing to fix it. If she stands up for herself, she’ll only receive more punishment. If her son stands up for her, he’ll only receive more punishment. She’s unable to change the situation at hand and all she can do is repeatedly apologize for what her son has to go through because of her. This also ties into her whispering “I’m sorry” over and over before dying in front of Koujaku (ouch). In her eyes, she’s been nothing but a burden for Koujaku. Everything was her fault; the tattoo, the abuse, everything.

She’s convinced herself that she’s useless.

So, yes. Get annoyed at her reaction, because that’s what you’re supposed to feel. Abuse victims rarely react how we would want them to, which is the very reason abuse continues to happen. It’s a cliché story because it’s something that happens every day, all over the world.

And that’s what makes characters like this so very real.


“Where’s your mother?” “About a few months after you, she took off. Dropped me off at my grandma’s and went to go ‘find herself.’ I guess she’s still looking.”

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Having Dany confront the Dothraki with hopes that someone will save her, literally they missed the ENTIRE point of that scene.The whole point was that she has gotten comfortable in Meereen and it’s not where she belongs, and her visions of Viserys in the books help her reconnect with her original purpose at hand: Westeros. She was supposed to meet the Dothraki after screaming like a savage, covered in blood to call Drogon and meet Khal Jhoqo as she is: The GODDAMN MOTHER OF DRAGONS, her tag line “To go forward I must go back” is just SO symbolic of her letting go of her vanity as this prissy queen on Meereen, and reclaiming her gritty Targaryan purpose, the conqueror, but no, guess not bruh fucksakes
Sword Oratoria

So awhile back I picked up the first volume of the Danmachi spinoff LN in a buy two get one free sale thinking that it was a manga. I was initially disappointed because I didn’t really want a LN at the time, but since I bought it I figured I might as well go ahead and read it. 

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s certainly not the pinnacle of fantasy writing, but I was engaged in the story and wanted to know what was going to happen next. I appreciate that in the spinoff it focuses on Aiz and her familia doing badass things in the dungeon rather than Bell being a newb and getting stronger. Aiz is already basically a god among men, and it lets the story go somewhere different than the original. 

While the writing is for the most part fairly simple (though I suspect this is partly because of it being translated and also that LNs are typically aimed at a younger audience and tend to not use a lot of advanced Kanji, which probably translates to the somewhat punctual and simple sentences that LN translations seem to have) the author has a real knack for describing large scale tactical battles. Sure Aiz is pretty OP and well wreck things, but in the really lower levels of the dungeon if they don’t work together and have a strong battle plan they’re just gonna die. 

I also appreciate that in the LN the world is fleshed out a lot more. World building is one of my favorite things in a show or book, and the Danmachi anime didn’t go into too much depth about the various things. The LN goes into much much more depth about how all the systems work, the various familia, cool little things about the world and so on. Also the dungeon is just fucking cool. Each floor can be completely unique, with almost no restrictions placed on what it has to look like or be which leaves the author with incredible freedom to dream up the wildest floors they possibly want. 

I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy this book very much, but it’s a solid fun read. Something like a 6-7/10 if I’m going to give it numbers. If you liked Danmachi at all, or sort of liked it but wanted a different view of the world this is a nice book to pick up. Only the first volume has been officially translated, but they seem to be coming out with new official translations every couple months. I’m sure there are fan translations floating around too, but I haven’t looked for them. 

So ya, fun book. There is an anime adaption scheduled sometime this year too. I think next season, but maybe the one after. That should be fun. 


[hook + emma]  when i’m in my darkest hour
a short vid of killian not letting emma be alone in her darkest moments

(here’s to more of this in season 4!)

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Yeah but "haha um apparently you were playing matchmaker for me and your friend but I'm actually in love with you, sorry..." headcanon?

Jason shifted nervously as Percy and Annabeth continued their sparring match, completely unsure if he should leave or stay and attempt to continue what was supposed to be his date with Percy. He pushed his glasses back onto the bridge of his nose just as the waitress came by with refills, her smile bringing a light blush to Jason’s cheeks.

“Tag along on your friends’ date?” she whispered, trying not to disrupt the rhythm that Percy and Annabeth had built. 

Jason glanced at Percy and Annabeth, then back at the waitress. “Actually this was supposed to be my date but uh… I suspect I may have been a pawn.” 

The waitress laughed and Jason felt his heart flutter in his chest. 

“True love always finds a way, doesn’t it?” 

Jason smiled wide as he tried to process all the beautiful colors reflected in her eyes. “Yeah… I guess it does.”