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RWBY Team Ups I Want to See

Note that unless a ship name is used, it has nothing to do with shipping the characters mentioned.

Ren and Blake stealth mission.

Yang and Nora smash mission.

Jaune and Weiss infiltrating a party and pretending to be a couple (in which Weiss feels bad for dismissing Jaune so quickly back at Becon before he had the chance to prove himself but this has nothing to do with White Knight becoming canon and more to do with Weiss further realising the flaws in her judgemental attitude and Jaune realising that he can be desirable to some great women like Pyrrha and Weiss just by being authentic so he gets a boost of self-esteem.)

Ruby and Qrow in which Qrow treats Ruby as a true huntress for the first time… if he lives to that point.

Renora fighting like a fucking power couple! Show us how several years of trust and friendship manifests itself into some golden teamwork! Y’know, something other than Ren get’s his ass kicked and Nora kicks the ass-kicker’s ass. (Ren, I love you, but still.)

Weiss and Winter in which Winter treats Weiss as a true huntress for the first time because she can summon now, so when she inevitably dies (we all saw the big red death flag in the character short) Weiss has learned everything she can from her and can only grow stronger after her sister’s passing.

Tai, Qrow, Raven, and maybe Ruby. Almost like Team STRQ is back together!

Team RNJRWBY (not making Ren the leader here just joining the team names together) fighting a huge enemy together with the sickest teamwork ever seen!

Qrow and Winter being super fucking badass professional huntsmen together and learning to begrudgingly respect each other.

Ozluminati working together to take down some big entity.

Neo and Emerald fucking with everyone with their mirages and illusions.

anonymous asked:

Weiss, Coco, and Yang react to their first kiss with their S/O?


-your first kiss with weiss will be slow and romantic slowly leaning in and kissing her while all kinds of romantic shit happens in the background.


-you first kiss with coco will be sudden, she will talking to you somewhere and will randomly kiss you leaving you lightheaded and seeing stars.


-your first kiss with yang will be heated, she will pull you in and press her lips to yours while prodding your lips with her tongue asking for entrance.  

no but after Jon and Dany inevitably end up sleeping together, if Bran doesn’t reveal Jon’s parentage by telling him he looked beautiful the night he shagged his own aunt then what is the point of this trash show