is that tre in the blue

♡♧♢♤Kissed by the Baddest Bidder♡♧♢♤
~New Character: Rhion Hatter OUT NOW!!!~

The wait is over!!! Rhion Hatter, otherwise known as the Blue Hatter, is OUT NOW!!! ❤

Rhion is the mysterious Mad Hatter who lives deep underneath the Tres Spades. You’re unexpectedly purchased by him at the secret auctions, after which you’re whisked into his crazy wonderland world.

Why does the Mad Hatter act the why he does?! And what exactly is his true personality?

Will you be able to unlock his secrets, and his heart?!

Check out Rhion’s Season 1 Main Story and Epilogue now! ★

♢♤ ♡♧♢♤ ♡♧♢♤ ♡♧♢♤ ♡♧

Did someone said Tres leches? :^> I sure head that somewhere♡ Going to draw them again later cause this is the Blue moon people! Its going to be rare seeing me draw tres leches! Enjoy it ♡ Very cute draw the squad from @croxovergoddess ~