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What happens when your ships get locked in a closet? H2ovanoss please :)

Made this a College AU. This is also for @trashaf who sent me the same prompt!

“Evan, this is a terrible idea.” Jonathan whispered harshly to his best friend. “Tyler could be back at any minute!”

Evan looked over his shoulder at the other man. “This was your idea, Jon.”

“No, no. I said we should pull a prank on one of our friends. I was thinking Brock or Nogla. Not Tyler, who is probably going to murder us with his bare hands!”

Evan rolled his eyes. “You’re being dramatic. I’m just going to leave this phone, and then we’re gonna get out of here. Now help me find a place to hide it.” The disposable phone was set to go off every half hour, and if they hid it well enough, Tyler would never find it.

“I don’t want to be involved anymore.” Jonathan said with a glare as he crossed his arms. “How did you even get the key to his dorm?”

“Brian swiped it.” Evan grinned. “Come on, Jonathan. Stop being a bitch.”

Jonathan sputtered. “I am not a bitch!”

“Prove it. Hide the phone.”

Jonathan ripped the phone from the Asian man’s hand, and Evan smirked at his success. He always knew how to get his friend riled up.

Just as he was about to stick it in the vent above his bed, the pair heard Tyler’s loud voice from down the hall.

“Fuck!” Evan said quietly. He wasn’t sure what to do. They couldn’t leave the room, as Tyler would surely see them. The only option was to hide. He grabbed Jonathan’s arm and shoved him into the closet, following him quickly and closing the door.

“Evan,” Jonathan hissed.

Evan motioned wildly for him to shut up, just as Tyler entered the room with Craig.

“I’ll set up. Grab the head sets.” Tyler was saying as he moved around the room.

Evan chanced a glance at Jonathan, and was alarmed at what he saw. The man was as white as a ghost, and breathing so heavily that Evan was sure the other pair would hear him.

“What’s wrong?” He whispered.

“Small…spaces. I can’t…” Jonathan closed his eyes.

“Shit, I forgot. I’m so sorry. What do you usually do to calm yourself down?” Evan asked, feeling helpless. How could he forget his best friend was claustrophobic?

“I don’t usually put myself in these situations.” He said harshly. “The walls are closing in. We’re gonna lose oxygen. Evan, I don’t want to die hiding out in Tyler’s closet. I’m only 21. I have my whole life ahead of me! I still need to graduate, and I haven’t even…”

He was abruptly cut off when Evan crashed his lips to his. It was the only way Evan could think of distracting him, his voice was only getting louder with each ramble.

“What…the hell was that?” Jonathan asked when Evan pulled away.

“I needed to distract you, and shut you up.” He smirked. “It seemed to work.”

“You can’t just go around kissing people!”

“Can I go around kissing you?”

Jonathan blushed. “You mean, to distract me?”

“No, I mean because I like…”

It was then that the closet door was opened, revealing Tyler and Mini, who had matching looks of amusement.

“It’s about time you two came out of the closet.” Mini remarked.

“Can you guys do this not in my room?” Tyler asked.

“Uh…Hey guys.” Evan scratched the back of his neck. “Fancy seeing you here.”

“In my closet?”

“Let’s go!” Jonathan shouted, grabbing Evan’s hand and bolting from the room like his ass was on fire. They both collapsed into a fit of giggles as soon a s the door closed behind them. “That was too close.”

Evan straightened up, wrapping an arm around Jonathan’s waist. “So, about that kiss.”

But what if there was a Sebaciel AU like this...


Ciel jumped up to his feet, taking one second to wipe the dust off of his freshly scraped knees as he ran at full-speed down the street. He was in such hurry he barely noticed the sting of his khaki shorts rubbing against the raw skin.


The sun beat down on him, sticking his baseball style T-shirt to his chest as sweat rolled off of his forehead. Nothing, not even his after school meeting with the freshman counselor about his future, could stop him from this.

Who needs a meeting when he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life? The fourteen year old grit his teeth, gripping harder onto the straps of his back pack. This was it.

Worn out converse slammed against the pavement, Ciel’s breaths picking up quicker as he held the red device in front of his face, “I saw it, I know its got to be around here somewhere!”

Something caught those big blue eyes, Ciel jutting out into the street and swerving around obnoxiously honking cars as he carelessly continued his pursuit, “S-sorry! Pardon me!”

Barely noticing he just got away with his life, he held the hand-sized device up once more, whispering a ‘no way’. Shoving it back into his pocket, he reached into the front of his backpack, quickly pulling out a small red and white sphere he was so used to by now. The smoothness of it in his hand had his heart racing as he got closer to where his sight was set. He smirked, knowing that there was no way he could fail this time. Three more steps and he held the ball high above his head before dashing head first around the corner.

And crashing right into what felt like a brick wall.

“Augh!” Ciel fell back, the force from him running slamming his head onto the concrete. He squinted up at the hot sun, his now empty hands coming up to cover his face, “N-nooough!! So close! Son of a-!”

“Ahh” the brick wall that Ciel ran into began to speak up, “Are you alright, kid?”

Ciel froze, pausing his lament to remove his hands from his face to see the tall, figure standing above him, one hand out offering his assistance and the other holding onto Ciel’s small possession.

Ciel looked at the hand skeptically before finally taking it, helping himself up without a word. He sighed, dusting himself off as he ignored the oncoming questions.

“You don’t have to pretend that didn’t hurt. I’ve taken a few good falls myself, hah. Hey, can you speak? Did I scare you? My name is Seba-”

“I don’t care what your name is,” Ciel finally looked up into those deep brown eyes, looking away quickly, as he continued to sneer at the man at least a foot above him, “you got in my way.”

“Hm..,” Sebastian watched as Ciel rubbed his head, wondering if this kid was actually alright. From the looks of it, he seemed like he had taken quite the beating. A new idea crossed his mind, “Hey uh- boy.. If you won’t answer my other questions, mind answering just one?”

Ciel sighed, picking his backpack up off of the ground, “Not interest-”

Sebastian held the small red and white orb before Ciel’s face, watching those blue eyes widen, “Is this a Poké Ball ?”

Ciel gasped, reaching his hands out right as Sebastian pulled it behind his back, “Give it back! That isn’t yours-”

“So it must be real, right?”

Ciel frowned, crossing his arms, “What of it?!”

Sebastian smiled, reaching up to un-tuck a chain from its safe place beneath his T-shirt. Ciel squinted at the official stamp on the pendant. There was no mistaking it.

The crest of an official team.

Team Instinct.


“What is it that you were after? It must have been something you’ve never caught before.”

“A..a Rapidash..”

Sebastian’s eyes widened, “You.. you were running like that for a Rapidash-”

“I JUST WANT ONE, OKAY?!” Ciel slammed his fist on the building of the cafe beside them, “Now give me back my Poké Ball  so I can be on my way-”

“You know, I can help you get a hold of one of those easily, I am in th-”

“I don’t need help from the likes of you,” Ciel spat at his feet, “weak, Instinct trash.”

The words left Ciel’s mouth almost as quickly as the guilt and regret behind them came. Shit, this wasn’t how this conversation should be going. He knew he shouldn’t be disrespecting someone else just because they care for his well being. Especially not someone that is officially in one of the three clans. He bit down on his tongue, glancing up to peek at the face above him.

Sebastian remained unfazed, simply tossing the ball into the air and catching it again before shoving it into his pocket, “You’ll be surprised what you find in the weakest corners of the universe. Strength is recognizing your own faults and allowing others to help you in such areas,” he turned to walk away, “so who would be the weak one there?” 

Ciel felt the blood rush to his face as he was pushed right off of his pedestal. Staring at the long strands of black hair blowing in the hot gust of air, Ciel sighed, calming himself.

“I apologize-”

“Apology accepted!” Sebastian whipped back around, a smile plastered across his face as he leaned down over the shocked boy, “Now, come on. We need to get these scrapes cleaned up and some medication for that thick head of yours-” 

Ciel jumped to follow Sebastian as he began to walk quickly down the street, “Wh-what?!”

“-and, you know, probably a phone call to your parents or something so they aren’t worried-”


“Now, my house is only a few blocks from here so let’s get going-”


Sebastian stopped, retrieving the Poké Ball from his pocket before quickly bending down on his knee to Ciel’s eye level, holding the ball in between their noses, “But first, we have a Pokemon to catch”

Ciel was shocked into silence as he watched this man , this strange tall brick wall before him. Sebastian spoke up again, “Or would you prefer someone from a ‘stronger’ team to help you?”

What was it about this goliath, Instinct freak that had Ciel actually contemplating this ridiculous idea? All of this time, he has heard nothing but insults about the “weak yellow clan” and now, one of them was supposed to help him? Although he had his eyes set on another team, a better color he thought was more befitting of his strengths… he couldn’t find any cons in receiving his help. Just this once.

Sebastian rotated the ball, “The choice is yours..”

Ciel bit the inside of his cheek, reaching out and grabbing his Poké Ball as Sebastian stood back up.

“So, small…boy-thing.. what do you sa-”

“Let’s do this.”

Angry Sex

It would be after a particularly rough Quidditch match, Calum angrily stomping into the empty showers long after his defeated team had left, his slightly smirking girlfriend in tow.

“Need a stress relief, babe?” She’d mock, dropping her robes to the floor and pulling her stressed boyfriend’s off as well, his beautiful golden body leaving her in awe, despite the countless times she’d seen him bare.

He’d crush his mouth to hers in loo of an answer, using his wide hands to lift her up with ease as she flicked on the water, steam starting to fog up the mirrors and leave their burning skin damp.

Calum would hold her against the wall, his face buried into her neck as he sucked bruises into her soft skin, earning a loud whimper from his lover.

“Cal.” She’d mewl, knowing that unlike their usual tangles underneath the sheets, this time he would be focused on chasing his own release, all of his pent up anger and frustration not causing him to want to take care of her needs.

She bit into his shoulder roughly as he positioned himself at her dripping entrance, the water cascading down their soon-to-be-joined bodies and leaving her hands sliding against his slick back.

Calum groaned in pleasure once he dropped his girl’s body down onto his length at the same time that he jutted his hips forward, and he heard her loud moan at the intrusion.

Unlike the other times that they’d made love, Calum wasn’t doing all he could to please his princess, but he was only focused on himself coming to a release.

He fucked her roughly against the wall, kneading her breasts in one of his large palms as he continued to suck hickeys into her throat and collarbone.

He could hear her screaming out his name, but all that mattered to him at the moment was the growing tightness in his balls, signaling his imminent release.

She shuddered as he pulled out and painted her stomach with his release, feeling herself climax at the hot splashes on her belly, screaming in pleasure despite the pain in her hips and tit from his rough touch.

Calum gently let go of her, his now cleared head leaving him with the guilt of the already bruised skin on her hips, throat, and breast.

He slid to his knees, pressing gentle kisses to her hip bones that were a darkening purple color, before doing the same to the fingerprints around her breast and the round hickey on her neck and shoulders.

She sighed in content as his lips and tongue soothed the pain from her skin, bringing his lips up to hers for a gentle kiss.

“I may have lost tonight, but I’m still a winner with you by my side.” He’d mumble against your smiling lips before shutting off the water and wrapping you in several fuzzy towels.


And it would be after he heard one of your housemates going on about how odd it was that a babe like you was dating a square like him.

He’d pull you into the Prefect’s bathroom, capturing your mouth with his and quickly undressing you both before entering the massive tub, filled to the brim with pink foam and purple water, your favorite combination.

You’d break away to ask him what had gotten him so riled up, but he entered you unexpectedly, your words cutting off into a high-pitched moan as your normally reserved boyfriend fucked you roughly against the side of the tub.

He’d bounce you up and down on his length, his teeth nipping into your neck as you’d call out his name, the sound echoing around the room.

And he’d watch with hooded eyes as the door would open, the boy from earlier gaping at the sight in front of him before he’d close the door and rush off, Luke smirking because he knew that the boy took his bathes at this time every night.

So he’d make sure that you didn’t forget whose girl you were, and that the slight wobble to your step wouldn’t let the Gryffindor forget it either.

Luke would slow down a bit now that his plan of the loudmouthed boy seeing him fuck you senseless had succeeded, and he’d push one of the knobs, letting the water quickly drain out until there were only a few inches left.

He’d pull out and gently lay you on your back, kissing over the reddened skin of your hips before sliding back in slowly, letting you stretch around him.

“Sh-Shit, Lu.” You’d whine as he lapped his tongue against yours as he rocked in and out of your shaking body until you came around him, your tightness bringing him to his climax as he came inside of you, his breath faltering against your mouth.

And you’d lie there for a moment as the water began refilling the tub, Luke pulling you up to rest on his lap as he gently washed your hair until you were strong enough to do it yourself.


The stupid Potions master had done it again, calling Ashton out in class for not completing his task correctly.

He would fume silently as you knew just what was waiting in the free period that you had next, and not minding one but that Ash would use you as his stress reliever.

It would be in the broom closet on an empty corridor, Ashton dropping your books to the ground (since he’d insist on carrying them to every class) before he’d look up to see you already bare, save for the tie that he loved pulling as you both got a bit rough in the sack.

He’d waste no time in starting, immediately dropping to his knees to get you ready, not wanting to hurt you anymore than his thick length already would, and you’d bite on the tie as his fingers would prod into you, stretching you and getting you wet in anticipation for the great angry sex.

Once he deemed you ready, he’d stand up, hooking your legs around his waist as he roughly entered you, your teeth sinking into his neck to silence your screams.

He’d rut his hips forward, thrusting into you as you’d groan and whimper, him pulling your head up from his shoulder to connect your lips, mumbling between pants, “I… Love… You.”

You’d whine at his words, not able to respond but you clench around him, and he knows that you feel the same way.

He’d begin moving your body to meet his thrusts, ultimately pounding you deeper into the stone wall, but you don’t mind because he’s so far deep into you.

And as you’d reach your climax, he’d thrust harder and quicker, you screaming out his name as you came all over him, Ash pulling out once you settled down and coming all over your quivering stomach.

He’d rest his forehead against yours as you’d catch your breath, him unraveling a bandana that he uses in Quidditch to wipe your stomach clean before pressing a kiss to your belly button, gently sponging them up to your upturned lips.


Michael wasn’t one for sweet love making, but once he met you, that all went out the window.

It had been ages since he’d been balls deep inside of someone, chasing his own release and not paying any mind to the little minx below him.

You’d taken a trip down to Hogsmeade when an ugly girl from house called out that he’d gone soft, and for some reason, that irked him straight to the core.

So once you exited Zonkos, Mikey pulled back up to the castle, his jaw ticking the whole way, only slowing down once you’d asked if you had done something wrong.

“No, love. It’s just something someone said to me.” He’d sigh ashamed, no longer hellbent on taking you up to his dorm and making you scream loud enough for the whole castle to hear.

“If it’s about that wrench commenting on our vanilla sex life, I was quite looking forward to proving her wrong.” You’d mumble casually before taking off into the direction of the dungeon.

He’d join eagerly, quickly stripping you down once you’d get into his empty dorm, passing a few kids in the common room.

You were no saint, and most Slytherins already knew that, but you were going to make sure that the girl from Hogsmeade left Mikey alone after this.

You didn’t have to exaggerate your scream once he slammed into you, catching you off guard before he began fucking roughly up into you, your gasps and moans echoing.

“M-Mikey…” He’d smirk at your euphoric face, leaning down to suckle on your nipples that were peaked from the cold, and he’d only suck harder as you’d groan at the sensation.

His hips would slam into yours as he’d bounce you on his length, hitting you so deep and hard, you had to grip onto his jet black hair to keep from falling.

He’s impossibly speed up one you’d tighten around him, a high-pitched whine leaving your lips as you climaxed at the same time your boy did, Mike still slamming up into you as he kneaded your ass cheeks.

Once you’d both calmed down, he’d pull out of you, a mixture of both of your release sliding down your legs as he wiped it up with a few tissues.

He’d mumble out a thank you into your neck, knowing that you didn’t particularly enjoy being treated as a tool for sex, but you did it for him.

You just smiled as you walked hand in hand down to the common room, past the nosy girl from earlier, the scent of sweat and sex lingering long after you’d both gone.

But imagine Luke being like the flash and you being his best friend. So you can imagine the struggle when he shows you the first time how fast he is by asking you to race him. And I mean, even if he wasn’t a superhero he’d be super fast because those long legs. You’re just barely running fast enough and he’s not even trying yet, so he bursts off in a flash (no pun intended) and runs around in a circle, to pick up your confused face and puts your lips together because he always wanted to do that, and what better time then when he was showing you that he was a superhero.

(I don’t know how to strike though) he was your superhero

For @1980hood superhero!5sos thingy

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“I have been eagerly awaiting the day I could finally meet you…and I am not disappointed. You are beautiful.” (( Two powerful families mashing together? :3c ))

Their union had been planned when they were only children, so young that Hana could barely remember the day she had been told about it. Then she had imagined her betrothed to be some fairytale prince from a far away place but as she grew up her naivete faded. Now she was grown, groomed all her life to be the perfect wife, educated in the ways of the underworld in order to become useful to her future husband. 

She’d heard the rumors about him. Some said he had no interest in taking over the clan, others that he spent his days as a playboy rather than committing himself to his training. Judging by how the man before her was eyeing her she didn’t doubt it. She smiled politely up at him despite the hours he had made her wait. It seemed like hours since she had been ordered to sit in this room and wait for him to arrive, the chamber maids changing the tea on the table multiple times as it cooled.  

“Ah, thank you, Shimada-sshi! It is good to finally meet you.” She motioned toward the cushion on the other side of the table, inviting him to sit.

“Please, have a seat!”

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prince!ty being super flirty towards bg!j and josh loves it! (even though he tells him on multiple occasions to stop, ty doesn't stop which makes josh kinda happy)

yes !!!! josh lowkey loves it he likes bein playful arnd tyler nd lettin tyler flirt with him, catching his cute remarks n silly pick-up lines and tyler LOVES seeing the lil blush that’ll barely show on j’s face whenever he does, just to let tyler kno he’s got an effect on him, and he just laughs everytime josh is disgruntled and tells him “my prince, that’s inappropriate, please just focus on your studies now..”

The One That Got Away -chapter nine

by sobeautifullyobsessed

an AU Romance; angst, unrequited love, romance…and Shakespeare!

chapter nine on AO3 - ‘tis the lark and not the nightingale

catch up on chapter eight - oh trespass sweetly urged

chapters 1-9 on AO3

(from chapter nine)

…..He honestly hadn’t meant to stay the whole night through, but best of intentions was not an acceptable excuse.  Having restrained themselves before going well too far—and having bared their desperate truths to one another—they had reached an understanding, albeit difficult, which they hoped would allow them to move discreetly forward.  He hadn’t a single regret about finally revealing the nature and depth of his feelings to her; and he still rejoiced inside that she had admitted the truth of her own.  Both knew this was no passing fancy, born of circumstance and mere physical attraction—this was that life-changing kind of love, the kind which gripped you relentlessly, shaking you to the core, and forcing you into whatever choices became necessary to make a life together a reality.  The kind of love whose fulfillment far outweighed—for the lovers themselves—the remorse of breaking trust, and the cost in tears which it might exact upon those left behind in its wake.

Thus he had thought it best to end things with Viola as soon as possible, sure that she must know–on some level—that they had finally reached an impasse that could not be surmounted.  There would be no need to bring Vicki into their discussion, for truthfully she was not the reason for their break-up; and he knew there would be pain–on both their parts—for letting go was no small thing, after the happy years they had spent together.  He wished only the best for Viola, hoping she would take this opportunity to make the move to LA and build the future that she wanted.

“But we can’t…you can’t…make a break like this in the midst of our run.”  Vicki had insisted, honestly compassionate towards the younger woman. “Viola loves you, Ben.  Even if it’s marred by all your difficulties now, she still does.  And this could very well devastate her.”  He had nodded, but remained silent as those first pangs of real guilt pricked his conscience.  Vicki continued, gentle but certain in her reasoning, “And since we all still have to work together, it could spell disaster for Shrew, don’t you think?”…..

Consider: Fake AH Monster crew. But they’re vampires, all of them, except for one. 

The golden boy himself, human through and through, but more powerful than the vampires despite his squishy human body. Older than most of the vampires in his gang, too, born to a family of powerful magic users. The vampires serve his family, protecting them like royalty. It started with Geoff, who practically raised little Gavin, centuries ago, after the witch hunts took his parents and caused Geoff to flee with a ten year old, to the house of another vampire, Jack. 

Gavin’s magic was strong and he honed his skills over time. Magic slows aging, as it bleeds into the soul and pulls them out of sync with time and space. The tiniest touches of vampiric blood in Gavin certainly helped. His desire for all things golden and shiny was just as consuming for him as fresh blood was for his caretakers turned bodyguards. 

Over time Michael joined, Ryan joined, Ray came and left, Jeremy is the newest, all utterly devoted to this whimsical ancient witch with magic as golden as the vampiric false fangs in his mouth.

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For the writing prompts #9 Matsuhanaiwaoi plox~

9. “You better have a good reason for waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn”



-gonna give-

“I’m getting up, I get it.”

-you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and-

“Oh my god, I don’t deserve this.”

Matsukawa scrambles out of bed, grabbing his phone from off the charger to stop that god awful ringtone. Seeing it’s a call from Hanamaki (obviously), he answers it.

“You better have a good reason for waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn.”

There’s silence on the other end.


“I got my soulmate mark right now.”

Matsukawa’s blood runs cold, air rushing out of his lungs faster than he can process. No, no, no, no. This can’t be happening. Not yet. 

“O-oh? That’s good. Um, wow congratulations! Tell me about it,” Matsukawa says, but he doesn’t mean it. He had been dreading this since he’d gotten his own mark. He isn’t ready to lose hope yet. He isn’t ready to lose Hanamaki yet. 

“Before I tell you… can you describe to me in detail what yours looks like?” 

Matsukawa does as he’s told. Mouth dry and tongue heavy, he tries his best to describe the shaded flower marking on his shoulder. It’s not very detailed, nor is it even in full bloom, but the pink shading on the unopened petals is an anomaly in itself. Markings typically don’t have colors. 

(But they can, if you’ve already met your soulmate.)

“Hey, you’ll never guess who my soulmate is,” Hanamaki says in such a happy tone that it makes Matsukawa cringe. He already knows who?


“I’ll give you one hint. He has the best eyebrows I’ve ever seen on a guy.”

Matsukawa blanches. That could only be one person.

“Are you serious?”

“I never joke about eyebrows, Takahiro.” 

“Am I really your…?” he trails off, not sure if he can say it out loud. He’d rather not jinx it.

“My husbando? My waifu? My knight in shining volleyball uniform? I’m afraid you are,” the smile in his voice is so apparent it makes Matsukawa’s heart hurt.

Soulmates. They’re soulmates. It doesn’t seem real. 

“Wait, did you just call me your waifu?”

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I'm interested in hearing about these Shakespeare aus you're thinking about..

BRUH!!!!!!!!!!! okay disclaimer by “aus” i mean “i thought about specific check please characters in relation to a specific shakespeare character and cried” SO KEEP THAT IN MIND they’re not aus as much parallels/connections BUT OKAY!

  • obvs hamlet au comes to mind with Sad Hockey Man jack seemingly easily translated into Sad Denmark Prince Man hamlet with bitty as ophelia and shitty as horatio and us being sad
    • but i also think shitty!!! would make a good hamlet au (perhaps this is just me) but like i think his personality? fits hamlet better…and jack fits horatio so that dynamic….we can Cry About It
    • either way someone’s holding the other in their arms and saying “goodnight, sweet prince” IT’S A GOOD TIME
    • ALSO n u r s ey as hamlet ahhHHHHHH DEX AS HORATIO BYE I’M OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • nurseydex much ado about nothing au…..i scream
    • if you’ve seen the Iconic David Tennant and Catherine Tate Production please picture it with nursey and dex!!!!!!!!!! p le a s e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • ransom x holster as dogberry and verges!!!!!!
  • The Possibilities for a twelfth night au (aka she’s the man!!!!!!!!!!!!) i’m just!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • and romeo and juliet au WHOOASDLKFAF (except maybe they don’t die idk it’s an au we’ll bend the rules)
  • MY FAVE THO is henry iv pt. 1 and 2 au i screaM AND CRY about this daily i wake up in a cold sweat
    • jack as prince hal who’s gotta live up to the legacy of his dad the king
    • shitty as falstaff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • kent as hotspur - the Pa r a llels that shakespeare puts between them makes this like so good for kent and jack my HEART is literally beating faster as i type this
    • political intrigue!!!!!!! swords!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of Angst!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • also reconciliation between father and son ahhHHHHHHH i’m probably not explaining this well but these plays are amazing and perfect check please au material I ADFKCMg

Welcome To The Gym 

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

[Fighter! Au Tag]

A/N: how Oikawa meets Kuroo and Bokuto! This could be considered a continuation of Teach Me , but for the most part the ficlets written for this au will be in no particular order! @ryugazakkis is pretty much solely responsible for my intense love for platonic oikuro, please go check out Aly’s stuff. :3

The door looks far more intimating than it did two days ago.

Oikawa knows it’s not the door that’s scary but the people, and the possibilities, and everything else that lays on the other side. There’s excitement too, thrumming in his veins and making him shake where he stands, and yet the fear creates a hazy cloud in his mind, making his legs lock in place.

Sucking in a deep breath, one that doesn’t actually help much but steadies him just enough to regain control over his limbs, Oikawa takes that first step, the hardest and most annoying one of them all. 

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windows || c.h

they spoke through the windows, both too scared to escape the walls.

the first time y/n opened the blinds in the room of her new apartment, she did not expect to see the next door building so close to hers. it was barely a couple of feet away and if she had extremely long arms, she could reach the window that was facing across hers. 

with a sigh, she was about to roll the blinds back down until a dark haired man came into view with no shirt or pants on. he didn’t notice the girl gawking at him from the next door building as he was too busy trying to wiggle his legs into a pair of skinny jeans.

it was until he almost fell to the ground and gripped onto the window sill for balance that he noticed a pair of eyes on him. 

y/n blushed and immediately ducked down because that was the her natural instinct. 

he was extremely hot, so hot that he made y/n feel quite hot herself.

chuckling, the guy pushed open his window, grabbing a ruler from his desk and reached out to tap on her window to get her attention. “hey lady!” he called out.

y/n swore quietly to herself, he even had an attractive voice.

play it cool, just be cool. 

she slowly stood up from the ground and flashed her neighbour a forced smile, “hi,” she waved, and was about to introduce herself until it came to her mind that her windows were still shut so he probably couldn’t hear him.

it took her a while to actually get the latch to open but still managed to push the stiff window up, “hi,” she giggled nervously once she finally figured out how to open the window.

“how you doing?” he smirked, giving her a wink.

“i-i’m fine,” y/n smiled, perching herself on the window sill, “i uh just moved in.”

“i know, you replaced old ned,” he chuckled, his laugh was deep and throaty in a nice way, “what’s your name? i’m calum.”

“i’m y/n.”

“nice to meet you y/n.”

“i guess, yeah nice to meet you too,” she replied awkwardly, sensing that the conversation was about to run dry, sorry… “i um have to go. to do some… laundry.”

she didn’t mean to seem rude, all she wanted was to avoid any awkward small talks and plus, she was getting quite hungry after all the unpacking. so without another word, y/n hastily pulled down the window and walked out of the view.

leaving calum quite confused at her sudden goodbye. 

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What each part of the Star Wars fandom is currently up to
  • Mainstream movie audience:has kinda forgot about Star Wars, is probably gonna see Rogue one
  • Mainstream Star Wars fans:are happy with the SWCE and are going to see Rogue one
  • Star Wars cartoon fans:Are excited about the upcoming Rebels season
  • Kylux fandom:still going strong with strange aerobic aus
  • Stormpilot fandom:Kinda dead
  • Reylo fandom:like half dead i think ???
  • Finnrey fandom:barely alive
  • Other small ship fans:writing a fic on their deathbed
  • Mainstream The Force Awakens fandom:still reading fics and occasionally reblogging something
  • Original trilogy fans:either actually dead, or forcing their grankids to watch it
  • Expanded universe fans:are either hating tfa or they are just dead
  • Prequel fans:?!
  • George Lucas:chilling in his private island, with a Jar Jar Binks figure
s i l l a g e | pt. seven

Pairing: Reader / Jeon Jeongguk.

Genre: Soulmate!AU where soulmates are drawn to one another by the infliction of physical touch, whether it be pain or pleasure. But it is only initiated once the two people somewhat interact.

Count: 8,354 words.

Warnings: Death mention. Smut that is quite descriptive for plot purposes. Delicious angst foreshadowing that I live for. This is painfully unedited. 

The wrath of Joy occurs at the ripe, blood-curdling hour of seven in the morning. And it is a Sunday, the worldwide known day of sleep ins. Who even wakes up before ten? Joy does. Lively, enthusiastic, and downright frightening Joy.

She, in all of her natural form, comes like a whirlwind into your room, wreaking havoc and causing destruction in her wake. It is not unusual for her to barge in like this, declaring word of the farmer’s market or an early morning bike ride that you attend in such a lethargic state that you almost crash into a bush twice. But today is different, very different, because you are surrounded in another body warmth and a beating heart and a mouth gently snoring against your throat, a palm splayed messily on the small of your back beneath your sweater, the soapy vanilla and honey scent of his skin consuming your every sense in the most delightful of ways. Jeongguk is obliviously asleep, and you are barely waking, the slamming of your door against the plaster like a familiar alarm, a signal that your painfully zealous best friend was awake, and so therefore, you must get up too.

Though instead of the usual annoyance that pricks at the nape of your neck, your chest is rather weighed down by a dreaded, heavy leaded fear. You were most certainly going to introduce Joy to Jeongguk, but definitely not like this. Almost on instinct and in a feeble attempt of protection, you curl your arms tighter around him, who is mostly concealed by the duvet, blissfully unaware of the rude awakening he is quite literally about to receive. Inky black waves of hair bob energetically at the end of your bed, and you know that hell is a slow descent, and it is only just beginning.

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submission - Pool/Hotel AUs
  • It’s my very first day of work, I know absolutely nothing about this hotel or the layout, and a stranger comes up and asks where they can get a membership card?? Like, I can barely manage to find the bathrooms, sorry dude
  • Oh hell no, you did not just try weaseling your way out of paying $600 because your food was “too cold” and you ordered “nothing alcoholic”, I served you and now I’m shit out of tips!
  • A drunk man just walked up to me, took my hand, kissed the back of it, and left before I could even say anything or call for security or literally anyone
  • A drunk man who’s getting married the next day won’t leave the pool unless I arm wrestle him so I let him win and as I shake his hand goodbye, he tries to kiss me. Thankfully you’re there and it’s kinda cute seeing you get all huffy and defensive.
  • live for the days when the lifeguard on stand in front of me is you because hot damn
  • I accidentally charged a guest $200 and I’m freaking out and you’re trying to calm me down before I have a full blown panic attack
  • There are so many hot people in bathing suits, how can you even focus on anything else?
  • That lady’s wearing a thong and I am not telling her she can’t wear it. Have you seen her arms? She could slap the sin right out of me
  • There’s a fight going on in the pool so I have to watch the entrance for you, the security guard, and when it’s all over and done, you’re a little roughed up but smile when you see me and act like nothing happened. Like, I am totally worried about you and everything, but give me the deets.
  • You’re really cute, but you have the thickest accent I have ever heard, and you just want to know where the bathroom is but I’m talking about the price for a cabana by the pool
  • I don’t have a car so I have to come in four hours early everyday with my sibling, who happens to work at the same place, and hang out in the office with my boss(es) and share food with them and talk shit.
  • You’re new to the job and kind of awkward but oh my god, you have the dorkiest, classic nerd laugh and it’s absolutely adorable when you snort
  • I’ve only seen you in uniform, which makes you look like a total dork, and the first time I see you out of uniform I didn’t recognize you because holy shit you’re actually really hot
  • The same playlist of songs plays over and over for months and you hate it, I know, but I haven’t gotten tired of it yet so don’t put me down when I’m dancing and singing to it when the guests aren’t around
  • For the love of god, please ask to get your shift changed because if I have to work beside the bitchiest girl at the front desk in 100+ degree heat by myself, I will murder someone
  • We’re cleaning up the pool deck and you find a beer bucket filled with ice so you dump it all on me when I’m not looking and when the guests start cheering, you find another bucket and do it again. Well my friend, pay backs gonna be a bitch
  • We sold out of rental tubes today and me, the smollest of people, has to stand on my tippy toes to put them away at the end of day and you, the tallest person I’ve ever seen, is just standing around chatting with a lifeguard. A little help, please?
  • Why do I work with so many hot people?? Like, this is ridiculous, none of you should be this hot and here I am, tripping over myself and flubbing my words every five seconds in front of you all. Can I get a break please? Or a date?