is that their ship name


Based off Halloween sprays and me friend @survivor-vivian2289 that made me fond of this ship(I guess it’s also a get well soon thingamabob)

☆It’s not my otp but I don’t mind drawing or seeing content of this ship☆

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top 5 ninjago ships?

[[ I always try to avoid posting any art of em tho buT YAH –

1) Cole and Seliel – My OTP on the dl I just love them so much???

2 ) Poly Ninjas OT5. Pls…. they all deserve to be each others’ boyfriends…. im a sucker for all ships pertaining these 5 (plasma, glacier, opposite, etc. just gIVE THEM ALL TO ME)

3) Pixal and Zane. Cinnamon roll + cinnamon roll = dozen pack of cinnamon rolls

4) Skylor and Nya. Working more on my breakdancing AU made me ship them bye.

5) Morro and Lloyd. Complicated relationships and a lot of angst = B))))))

Bonus: Jaya is p cute too.


Ive been workin on the backstory for these two based on headcanons in the Roleswap AU so heres a couple doodles from a couple days back but yet i am still obsessing over the big gay troll dads  (ievenmadeapinterestboardforthemimscreaming)

also i wanna know- are u guys into me drawin stuff for the asks?? and whats ur guys thoughts on me gettin scenes from the eps and recreating them in the AU im runnin low on ideas-

it’s so weird how ship names change over time.
before hyyh epilogue era, i only saw jikook as jimin’s and jungkook’s ship, sugakookie for yoongi and jungkook, vhope for hoseok and taehyung, taekook for taehyung and jungkook, and jihope for hoseok and jimin. it seems like the only really popular ships that haven’t developed new ship names are namjin and yoonmin.

now there’s kookmin, yoonkook, and some other derivations i can’t even remember lmao.

just shows how large the army family has grown hehe.

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hiii i have a prompt for chetty if you are still accepting them that is! it's super simple and cute it's just Betty carrying Cheryl bridal style!!! bc god help me i can't get it out of my head! it could be cheryl twisting her ankle durig vixens practice or the scooby gang snooping around somewhere and she missteps idk I JUST NEED IT. sorry this is probably very messy. whether you do it or not you are awesome and i love your blog and writing very much! have a nice day! :)

umm thank u so much???? i love writing for these two assholes and like,,literally send me anything you want for them because my god i love it. also im always accepting prompts so like never hesitate. i hope this is what you wanted, if not, let me know and ill see what i can do! thank you again for the sweet message and prompt!:))))

Cheryl Blossom prides herself on being The Queen of Riverdale High.

She prides herself on the way a whole hallway can separate within seconds so that she can walk through with ease, how people will dive out of her way so they can be spared from her famous tongue lashings, how she carries herself with such grace and poise that people question whether or not she’s human.

(meaning for a solid three years in elementary, Jughead and Archie were convinced she was a robot that that Blossoms had created so Jason wouldn’t get lonely and that only stopped after they saw her cry after Jason fell down and broke his leg in the second grade)

So when she falls one day on the field as all of her little minions (read: the River Vixens) are filing out, she can’t help but feel a hot shame fill her as relief that no one saw her actually fall battles that shame. She attempts to get up but as soon as she puts weight on her right foot, she hisses and falls back to the ground, slamming her left knee against the grass.


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When tumblr doesn’t notificate you when @mackenzieakari answers something VERY USEFUL, STUPID TUMBLR >:‘V I COULD HAVE DONE THIS YESTERDAY IF IS WASN’T FOR YOUR STUPIDITY ok I’ll stop.

In this one I decided to risk a bit with the shadowing and, I like how this turned out, I’m kinda proud of this. I wanted to do this fast but I entered “into the zone” AND I TOOK 3 STUPID HOURS!!!! :'V

This is a Cream child I think? It wasn made by @fallentheartist and his name is Aurora. I put my sign there because my parents found out that I posted some drawings on tumblr, and I have to tell them EVERYTHING and they got worried that someone could stole my drawings. Hope you don’t mind

(I have a headcanon that a lot of people confuses Aurora with a girl lol)(BECAUSE I CONFUSED HIM WITH A GIRL :'V)

“The Ferengi shuttle ‘Quark’s Treasure’ has just departed the station.”
“Quark, Rom and Nog together on that ship all the way to Earth? I’m glad I’m not going with them.”
“Only thing that worries me, no one warned Earth that they’re coming.”