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multishipper problems: the thrilling sequel

‘why don’t you just ship an ot3?’

Kanej Wedding

Years after the whole Ice Court Heist, years after Kaz and Inej formally start dating, they decide to get married. It’s a small ceremony, a quiet affair. Inej’s parents plan to travel back to Ketterdam for the wedding, but imagine their surprise when Inej herself picks them up at a port just outside of Ravka.

“Inej, my love, who’s boat is this?”

“It’s mine, mama. Kaz bought it for my…business.”

They spend the night on the boat before departing, when Nina and Matthias finally arrive. They’re a little older, a little wiser, and so totally in love. Inej smiles and finally departs when Nina and her have a catch-up tea.

“YOU’RE PREGNANT?!” Inej gasps in surprise.

“Quiet down or else Kaz’s demon ears will hear you.” Nina rubs her belly thoughtfully.

After a week and a half at sea, they dock in Ketterdam’s harbor. Kaz waves at Inej’s parents, greets Nina and Matthias warmly, and gets nearly knocked over into the water when Inej tackles him. He laughs, something low like a murmur. Jesper and Wylan and Kuwei catch up at this point, slightly out of breath because apparently Kaz jogged to the port from Wylan’s mansion.

“He was so excited when he got your letter saying you were returning today,” Jesper confides with Inej.

Inej laughs that light laugh that’s music to Kaz’s ears. “I’d hope he was excited to see his fianceé.”

The ceremony and reception are at Wylan’s mansion. The Slat was too dingy and Kaz honestly didn’t trust anywhere else. Wylan, of course, was honored to host the wedding. Even more honored to be one of Kaz’s groomsmen.

“Hey, Jes.”

“Yeah, Kaz?”

“You’re my best man at the wedding; be ready.”


By the time they’re saying their vows, Wylan’s already crying. Nina’s crying too but Inej is pretty sure it’s because Nina cries easily. What surprised Inej is that Kaz has tears in the corner of his eyes that he staunchly refuses to acknowledge. By the time they’re pronounced husband and wife, Inej’s vision goes misty too.

“I wanna get married, too,” Jesper whispers to Wylan and Kuwei amid the applause.

“Not now, Jes,” Wylan says, but the blush painting him red betrays him.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Kuwei laughs.

Kaz and Inej’s slow dance makes everyone swoon because look how in love they are.


(im sad that it’s not an ot4 parentline video but tbh while these three were relaxing and chilling jinhoo was probably chasing hwanhee and xiao down)

i just- a quiet before-bedtime parent line video with soft voices, all three of them including each other and listening to each other and making sure everyone has a chance to talk and nodding and smiling THIS IS MY AESTHETIC it’s so calming