is that their name


remember how i promised to colour the sketch i did for @gj-fangirls ‘s wonderful spirk superhero AU? here it is!

and i threw in another drawing too, because glasses (also spock totally uses pink blush makeup for the disguise, right?)

also you mentioned pike as the editor, so here he is (i just couldn’t stop lol)

i hope it’s okay i drew so much for your au hahahh


wo W another squad draw!!!!! remember to close ur tabs kids


there he is

can u imagine lance’s reaction to the paladins throwing him a birthday party

like hunk and pidge would probably try to sing him happy birthday in spanish but end up doing it horribly wrong but he doesn’t care bc it reminds him of all the little birthday parties at his abuela’s house and all the cousins singing it and it kind of sounded just like that

and coran would probably try to bake him a cake without hunk’s help and it probably tastes like shit but lance could eat it all if it means seeing that happy look on him that it makes lance think about his dad

and allura would probably put some altean music bc she knows lance loves listening to music and she wants him to have fun and dance and lance decides to dance with her and he remembers his sister teaching him

and shiro would probably hug him tightly and tell him how proud he is of him and how far he has come and lance feels like a little kid in his brothers arms

and keith would probably give him the worst present ever in the most awkward way bc he doesn’t know how to do this and lance laughs and then keith smiles like seeing lance happy was his goal since the beggining no matter what and lance sees his mom and his dad and his entire family in that smile

and he doesn’t know when he started crying but he’s doing it and they are looking at him weird and he cant explain them that he was so sad about expending his birthday away from his family without realizing that he already had another one right in front of him