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An open letter to my husband

by reddit user VenomousHeroine

A friend of mine recently bought a second hand laptop from a busy garage sale, the seller said that the thing won’t turn on. Being the nerd that he is, my friend got it working and found a strange letter saved on it. He mailed it to me after I asked him if I could share it here. So here goes:

“Dear Matthew,

I’m writing to you to tell you that I know everything that you do not want me to know. I know you must dread hearing this- especially coming from me, but I really need you to listen to what I have to say.

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It was amazing how easily one could get lost in this forest, let alone how quickly. Izuku Midoriya, an alchemist by trade; a swordsman by hobby, found himself smack dab in the middle of unexplored territory once again. 

Traveling alone wasn’t really his strong suit - and well it wasn’t normally advised either. He’d left camp without his comrades, almost positive he’d be back by morning. No problem right? No problem, except that he was a walking accident and a huge klutz.  

So while searching the area for any possible new supplies he could use in his alchemic experiments, he didn’t notice the vines that were in front of him and soon a loud yelp was all that could be heard echoing through the area. 


Now What? 

He could feel the blood rushing to his head as his weight caused the branch he was suspended from to bob up and down for several moments more. Bag hanging from around his chest, the emerald haired teen started to struggle in an attempt to free himself until emerald eyes locked with a set of very irritated crimson. 

“Just what the hell are you doing?” Their owner growled as strong arms came to cross over his chest.  

“No~th-ing~?” Izuku spoke slowly only to see the eyes glaring back at his narrow further as if to say that the warrior before him wasn’t buying any of his crap. 

Don’t lie to me like I’m stupid Deku. Why’d you march off on your own?”

An awkward chuckle emitted from the younger for a moment. “I couldn’t sleep…and I wanted to see if there were any new supplies around.” 

“Are you stupid?” 

“Excuse me?” 

“Seriously Deku, you heard me. Are you stupid or something? Do you want to die?” Emerald only blinked at the other’s questions for a moment, showing he clearly didn’t understand what he was getting at.  “You know there’s plants we’ve never seen before and you wander off. Did it occur to you that there could be monsters we’ve never seen before either?” 

“Um… no actually I…” 


It was an explosion of frustration as the blond pulled his knife free and waved it in the alchemist’s face. 

“Um… Kacchan… what are you going to… please just get me down…” Izuku squeaked. 

“Not until you admit how dumb you are! You’d be dead if I hadn’t found you and then all I’d have to listen to is round face and the rest of your merry band of idiots crying over you.”

“Kacchan… please… I’m… I’m getting dizzy.” 

“Pass out then!” Katsuki growled his frustrations more than apparent. “You know what you have to do.” 

Izuku sighed, lips twisting into a frown, which only looked like an awkward smile from his position. Drawing in a deep, disgruntled breath through his nose, emerald narrowed for a moment to glare at the other. 

“I’m waiting Deku. I can let you just hang there all day. Wha if I just leave you here? What then, huh?” 

“I’m stupid.” 

It was the smallest of sounds, but still Izuku allowed them to leave his lips. Anything if only to relieve himself of the throbbing sensation that was building within his skull. 

“What was that? Didn’t hear you.” 

“Kaaaacchan…..that’s not fair….”  An annoyed growl ended his protest quickly to which Izuku only puffed his cheeks for a moment in defiance. “Fine. I’m stupid okay. I shouldn’t have left on my own.” 

A quick swipe of Katsuki’s arm was followed by the sound of the younger crushing to the ground.  “Owww.” Izuku groaned. “Kacchan that hurt.” 

“Cry about it, at least you’re not dead. Now let’s go back to camp before your idiots come looking for you and we end up losing everyone.” 

Good Morning | A Tom Holland Imagine

Tom Holland x Reader
Words: 2,297
TV: PG-14

The sun slowly rises over the edge of the painted windowsill. His mother thought that the color was far too white when they purchased the house, so now a creamy off-white covers the old wood. It smells a little like rain inside his old room as a breeze flows through the crack in the window. The blankets shift around you, but you’re still sound asleep. It would be easy to let yourself stay away in your dreams, but as a gentle hand rested on your shoulder and rubbed a soft thumb up and down over your skin, you knew that he back of your eyelids were nothing compared to the dream laying right in front of you.

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do you know and y lgbt musicians ? i like any kind of music i just want less straight people in my playlists

dont we all anon?

okay so theres of course a difference between gay/bi musicians and gay/bi musicians who are overtly gay in their song writing and im assuming you mean the latter so tracy chapman and other throwbacks will be notably absent 

some of these youre gonna know but ill list as many as i can think of just in case (italicized means either never specified bi or gay identity or qu**r, bold means bi, bold italics means gay and i dont know any trans artists):

syd tha kyd (aka The Internet): super smooth r&b lesbian queen, her tracks and rhythm mix so perfectly and you’ll fall in love with her voice. highly recommend the album Ego Death (esp “special affair” “get away” “curse” “under control” and, of course, “girl”)

angel haze: rap and hip hop with super emotional and passionate riffs that REALLY get me feelin some type of way. notable tracks are “moonrise kingdom” “detox” “gods” and “bruises”.

kevin abstract: hip hop and shoegazing veeeeery dreamy and almost angelic sounding music. his debut album “american boyfriend” is all about coming to terms with his sexuality and relationships as a teenager. highly recommend listening through the whole album, it plays through a whole narrative you dont want to leave any part of the story out. (i also ranked my favs here)

frank ocean: i kno you kno frank ocean and especially if you follow me you know i never shut up about him. genre bending r&b, hip hop, and rap. notable tracks are “slide on me” “bad religion” “pink and white” “thinkin bout you” “forrest gump” “nights” “seigfried” and “self control”

be steadwell: if you like a more stripped acoustic sound and also song writing that ranges from hilarious to super engaging story premises about lesbian witches than heres ya girl. my favs are “witch” and “ambidextrous” please listen to my girlfriend who might be cheating on me.

cœure de pirate: a++ instrumentals (seriously give her instrumental album a listen) and french indie. notable tracks are “aint no sunchine” “summer wine” “oceans brawl” and “drapeau blanc”.

zolita: alt/indie and i love her voice so much. gonna be honest i mostly just listen to “explosion”.

years & years: indiepop with some synthpop here and there. can go from a flow-ey melancholy sound to hardwon upbeat without losing any of the high quality shit olly alexander is bringin to the table. “shine” and “memo” are my personal favs.

troye sivan: dude. you know who this is. (“bite” kills me btw).

willow: yeah, willow smith. yeah, that willow smith. just listen to “marceline”.

kaytranada: hip hop and rap dj who dropped his album 99.9% recently and its   g r e a t  he collabed a shit ton (of course with my girl syd thats called gay and lesbian solidarity). heres what it comes down to: if you’re gay and you love to dance this is your guy. 

alicia keys: before you jump down my throat listen to “where do we begin now” and tell me she aint fuckin gay. yeah, thats what i thought.

hayley kiyoko: this girl comes up with probably 90% of fun lesbian content so no doubt you know her. dreampop icon, my queen, and goddess of Gay Aesthetics ™ dropped her ep citrine (now streaming on spotify). notable tracks are “ease my mind” “palace” “one bad night” “this side of paradise” and “cliffs edge”.

thats all i can think of rn anyone can feel free to add on

My Somber Heart

Summary: Trying to hide a vulnerable moment from your longtime crush, Bucky Barnes.

Characters/Relationships: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Heartbroken angst; mentions of cheating; crying; fluff

A/N: This is my entry for @wanderlustingandwandering‘s 800 Follower Celebration Writing Challenge. Seriously guys, go follow Allie. She’s the absolute best and I loved doing this one-shot for her. 

My prompts were: “I am NOT crying!”, “I’m glad I cried all my makeup off”, and “and they say romance is dead”. 


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Just Friends

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Bucky Barnes X Reader

A/N: a hoes gotta hoe when a hoes gotta hoe

Words: 653

Prompt: porn

Warnings: can u feel the angst tonight, smut, unprotected sex (IT WOULDN’T BE A SHOCK IF YOU WRAPPED YOUR COCK)


Nothing but the sound of both your moans fill the electric air of the room, crackling with tension, hands never ceasing their movements.

Bucky’s hands are everywhere and nowhere at the same, trying to memorize every curve of your body, his hips slamming repeatedly into the crux of your thighs, your welcoming warmth pulling him into you, his senses filled with you and nothing but you.

His name sounds sweet on your lips, musical even, holding him captive the gentle roll of the syllable leaving your mouth in repetitive succession as it if were the one thing that you knew how to say, how to remember.

He’s missed this, the sensation of you, the sounds of your pleasure-dazed words. He’s missed your kisses, your voice. He’s missed you.

Of course, there’s no way in hell that he’d admit that. He’s much too…he’s much too Bucky to admit that. That was the deal after all. No feelings.

He’s unable to look away, taking in the flush of your body, the heaving of your chest, your parted lips, wild hair, words begging him to keep going. He doesn’t stop, continuing in his movements, finding it difficult to get enough of you.

Leaning down, he’s kissing you, stealing your breath with the insistent press of his lips upon your own, pressing pressing pressing. Your own hands find their way into his hair, tugging at the strands, his tongue already finding its way into your mouth, lips gliding languidly over yours in a lustful kiss.

He shifts slightly, attempting to get impossibly closer to you and thrusting into you at a new angle, the tip of his cock catching something burning within you, causing you to break the kiss, back arching off the mattress, a sharp cry of his name leaving your lips.

Smirking, his pace only picks up, the wet sounds of his hips slamming into your hips vulgar. He can feel your walls clench around him, nails dragging down his back, marking him up just as he’d done to you, “You gonna come for me, darlin’? You gonna come all over my fuckin’ cock?”

Your only response is to whimper an incoherent phrase, the words sending you reeling into an orgasm. Walls fluttering around his cock, you cling to him tightly through his continuing thrusts, his own orgasm following soon after, hot strings of his release filling you.

You’re still left gasping as he pulls out and rolls to the side, heavy breaths echoing in symphony with your own.

“Fuck.” The word leaves your lips breathlessly, eyes still dazed as you looked at the ceiling.

“My, my, aren’t you insatiable?” He teases, still struggling to form the words, a light sheen of sweat covering his body.

“Go to hell.” You mumble, despite the small smile playing on your lips as you force yourself off the bed, standing on shaky legs as you get dressed.

“Thought I just took you to heaven, doll?” Bucky retorts cockily, smirking as his eyes linger on your body, taking the marks he’d left. The smirk falters momentarily. You’re not his. Not in any sense of the word. You’re not his.

He wishes you were but you don’t belong to him any more than he does to you.

No feelings.

The words repeat endlessly in his head as you pull on your shirt, hands working your hair back into a presentable state.

“Good night, Buck.” And with that, you’re making your way towards the door, focusing on being able to walk, the memory of Bucky’s hands all over you still fresh in your mind.

“Stay.” The syllable hands in the air, filling it with a different sort of tension as you pause, hand resting on the doorknob.

“You know I can’t.” He doesn’t reply. He knows. He knows the deal.

You stand a little longer than you should as you open the door, offering him one last glance.

You know the deal.

No feelings.


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“A vampire hunter?” Nathan demanded, sitting up to look down incredulously at him. “You had sex, with a vampire hunter?!”

Vlad rolled his eyes with a sigh. “Yes.”

“…a vampire hunter.”

“Please, keep repeating it. That’ll make it sound better.”

“How old were you?”

Vlad shrugged, rolling onto his back and stretching out his back as he yawned. “Hundred and something. And it wasn’t just any vampire hunter.” He smirked. “It was Helsing.” 

There was a pause, and then. “Helsing, as in Van bloody renowned vampire killer Helsing?”

“Hmm.” Vlad hummed, a content little sound in the back of his throat. “He was hunting my grandfather…this was back in the old country of course, before we had to leave…anyway, grandad wasn’t there and my father was off” he waved a hand vaguely “leering through balcony windows probably. So it’s just me and some of the drones, fucking around in the crypts. Not literally,” he adds, seeing the look on Nathan’s face. “Took a few extra screams for me to realize it wasn’t just grandfather returning. He was an impressive tracker,” the vampire conceded, “followed me all the way to the library. Even fired a crossbow at me.”

"What happened?”

“He missed.”

“Bullshit,” Nathan countered, “One-shot-Van-Helsing never missed.”

Vlad’s smile lifted crookedly, running a tongue thoughtfully over a length of fang. “First time for everything I suppose.”

Misdialed Call (Part Four)

Summary: After an overall bad day, you call your best friend to rant and to vent. But when you accidentally misdial, you end up talking to a complete stranger. What you don’t know is that this stranger may not be a stranger at all. He may even be the world’s first superhero.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 938

Previous Part: Part Three

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Person A is a heavy reader. Person B isn’t. Person A usually reads the stories to Person B when they need to calm down, from what it is, Person A never asks. Person B often falls asleep to the stories from Person A’s mouth, and can never stay up long enough to finish the stories, so all they know is the (mostly) happy beginnings, and never the ends. 

Person A gives Person B their favourite book, one that’s been with them for a long time. The book has obvious signs of the love and importance it had on Person A’s life, but they know that it’s Person B’s favourite story. 

You see, Person B might not notice, but Person A always keep a check of how long it takes for Person B to fall asleep when they’re reading a book. Sometimes it’s within the 3rd chapter, other times it’s on the 23rd. But when Person A reads this book to Person B, they notice how Person B struggles to stay awake, and is always concentrating so hard on not giving in to the slumber. Person A once asked Person B if they wanted to start from the middle of the book this time (because god forbid they say, ‘Where we left off’ because that means they’ll know when they fell asleep and that’s a conversation for a later (or never) time) but Person B always politely declines and says with the sweetest voices, “No, I want to hear your voice as much as possible.” 

Person B shakily accepts the gift, and promises to give it back, but Person A declines and says, “No, you can have it. It’s yours. I know how much you love it, almost as much as I do. So here, read it, you fall asleep before the ending anyway.” And laughs it off, albeit awkwardly. 

A few days pass since the gift giving, and Person B has had minimal contact with Person A. Then one day, as Person A was in the quiet corner of the library, back hunched over a book and nail biting in progress, Person B comes in and sits in front of Person A. 


“I understand why this book is your favourite, and I don’t want to copy you but it’s now my favourite too.” Person B says quietly as they watch Person A’s eyes scan 20 words a second. Person A nods slightly. “So I have a gift for you too.”

Person A looks up from the book and stares at a copy of the same book, looking newer and less worn, but still holding the words that made them laugh, cry, and die in a matter of 2 pages. Person B smiles, and says, “It’s my copy, I bought it the day before you gave me yours. I only read the first part, because it’s all I knew in your voice. So I could never bring myself to read the rest.” Person B laughs awkwardly. 

“I mean, I don’t usually read books. But when you read them I suddenly picture myself there, in those pages, except it doesn’t feel like just pages, it feels real. My voice can’t do that, but yours can. So… When you gave me the book you had read to me over and over again, suddenly I could picture you, holding the book exactly the same way you are now, eyes scanning over the words so quickly that your voice fails to catch up, and the small hint of a smile in your voice and the sparkle in your eyes, and, believe me, I didn’t understand why people fell in love with reading but I think I’m in love with your reading. Whether it’s silent scanning of words, or quiet whispers of every second word, or when you voice the characters’ dialogue yourself to get the emotion right in your head because you haven’t heard the words said like that before, or when your reading it to me, I’m in love with you and your reading.” 

Person B is blushing furiously and Person A is //dyING AF BECAUSE ERMAGHWRHGDHGAHGRHGA// still waiting, listening, knowing that this isn’t the end of what Person B wants to say.

“You’re the person people in books fall in love with,” Person B says with a quiet voice.

(Note from author: Hi, this is me coming back after ‘leaving’ this account. I actually never left and I knew a lot of people started following me AFTER i said I wouldn’t be back, so thank you! Also the words in between the // are just my mind going weird and wanting to add in something really stupid haha, love ya’ll.)

Ten Years (Part 11)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,876

Warnings: language, fluff, confrontation

A/N: Tags are closed. I originally had something completely different written, but it no longer felt like it fit with the narrative here, so I rewrote it. I accidentally increased the amount of parts needed for this story, too. I don’t really know how I feel about it, but I feel like it was necessary. Please don’t hate me, haha. BTW - Thank you so much for the sweet messages, they are simultaneously slaying me and getting me through the day.

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

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B.A.P as Youtubers
  • Yongguk: Indie music artist, edgy monochrome home-made MV's of people walking in streets and broken buildings, actively doing charity events, does videos of him talking about social issues but with his face cut out of frame, literally everyone had tried to parody him and his voice at some point
  • Himchan: Lifestyle blogger with one of those really annoying intro's like "HELLO MY DEAR WATCHERS IT IS ME, HIMCHAN, AGAIN WITH ANOTHER VIDEO!!!". Always sponsored by beauty products, fashion lines, app games, diet foods. Really click-bait video titles and icons. Does loads of collabs because he's friends with everyone. Does regular meetups with fans.
  • Daehyun: Cover artist who changes genre of the song to make video's like "WHAT WOULD BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY SOUND LIKE IF IT WAS AN R&B TRACK??????". Probably a huge musical nerd. A little bit Thomas Sanders with the good vibes and kindness. mas massive following of teenage girls who leave disturbing graphic comments on all his videos and instagram posts. Sometimes youtubers make fun of him until they meet him at vidcon and he's just the nicest guy.
  • Youngjae: Lets Player known for his really graphically violent threats at the game as well as his sneaky tactics and bad sportsmanship in online FPS'. Has not played a single other game since Overwatch came out. Sometimes sings as he plays to deal with his burning hatred for other gamers. Has a REALLY annoying LPer intro like "WHATS UP GUYS ITS YOUNGJAE AT IT AGAIN HAHA!!!". Has his own line of tshirts and assorted merchandise with his ugly af logo on it.
  • Jongup: Makes anime parodies or commentaries of pop culture movies and has a really fucking annoying fanbase that quote the same ancient meme for 300 years. Has a line of merchall based on said annoying memes. Sometimes plays games using the voice of the popular characters of the anime's hes parodied. Once bumped into Youngjae on Overwatch and they spammed the hello emotes at each other for the whole game.
  • Junhong: Sketch-comedy videos based on his #relatable life, all of them with over-the-top youtuber titles like "MY DOG NEARLY KILLED ME :O!!" "MY GIRLFRIEND BROKE UP WITH ME BECAUSE IM TOO TALL :(!!" "I NEARLY DIED DANCING TO EDD SHEERAN!!". He owns several low-quality wigs for re-occurring characters in his sketches. Has a really embarrassing story about the time he bumped into Himchan on the streets and made a fool of himself. Himchan commented on it. One time he parodied Yongguk in a video and Yongguk put it in his favourites playlist and Junhong has never recovered.

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Hey, I just stumbled upon your meta posts and I love all your thoughts and analyses! I was wondering, though: in season 3 especially, Keith really does seem to make a lot of poor leadership choices, and the writers almost seem to go out of their ways to highlight his bad judgement. But looking back after reading your posts, I feel like I might've been biased, so I was wondering if you could elaborate. What moments (particularly in season 3) convinced you that Keith has leadership potential?

It’s not season 3 that convinced me of that haha. It was mostly what I saw in season 1 and 2. But season 3 really didn’t change my mind.

Even tho at the beginning of the season Keith is a terrible leader.

And I complained non stop about Keith’s extreme reaction and odd decisions even before I saw the first two episodes, just after hearing the sdcc spoilers haha. But now after watching season 3 I understand why it had to be like that and how it all fits. No complains.

And what I feel they are trying to shows you, is not his bad leadership skills, but just his love for Shiro.

Like they weren’t kiddin when they said Shiro was the only thing that could calm him down and keep him in check haha

And I really didn’t expect Keith to fall apart like that, it seemed really out of character for him, just from what I’ve seen in Keith in seasons 1 and 2, I expected him to hurt but to step up and take command just like Shiro wanted him to.

Because he kinda always did that before… Like watch how fast he is to take control of a situation when Shiro is out of commission or a bit lost or away or even in actual danger.

Keith knows what he’s doing and he’s good at giving instructions even and knows how to command a team and knows when to hold back (Don’t forget he was the one against going to save Allura because he knew it was too risky).

And then Shiro is gone, and suddenly all that is out of the window, suddenly it’s What team? What mission? Shiro is the only thing that matters.

And I didn’t like that because of how it made Keith’s character be all about Shiro, but now that they’ve drawn this parallel between him and Zarkon (with how he betrayed everyone and basically screwed the universe for the person he loved) I’m totally fine with it because I see it’s actually going somewhere.

And “Shiro or the universe”, is something I saw them going for already, just didn’t expect them to put so much focus on it and so early on.

Now ok, this is how I explain Keith’s shaky start as team leader there:

He doesn’t want to do this. 

That’s basically it.

You kno like when someone asks you to wash the dishes, so you wash em badly, so that they won’t ask you to do that again haha.

I’m not saying he didn’t struggle a bit with the new lion and the new position 

(although I dun remember him having any problems with the different controls when he was saving Shiro in “Across the Universe”, but because it was a quick deal I’ll leave him the benefit of a doubt..)

He’s just not really into it.

And at first I was like, he wouldn’t go that far as actually putting his teammates in danger over this, right?

But then with how emotional he’s been acting in the first two episodes all “SCREW EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE, SHIRO IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS TO ME”, I dunno if I should put it out of the equation…

Basically what I feel he’s doing in the first 3 episodes is being “Oh no look what I did!! I acted like a crazy impulsive loner and messed things up, maybe we need Shiro after all…hmm I guess we should just keep looking for him.”

And I’m saying it because of this:

Here Allura says

For Keith it seems like it’s true when it comes to Allura (as he had no problem leaving her behind in season 1) but apparently not when it comes to Shiro haha.

And Keith agrees with her there.

But look what he does on that Gas planet, Allura takes a hit and he leaves Allura behind and Lance has to yell at him to stop.

And then Allura apologizes and then Lance is like:

“We’re a team. We stick together. Isn’t that right, Keith?” 

And Keith goes:

“It’s not about the team.

We have a mission that’s more important than any one of us.

We need to find Lotor and stop him, and I plan on doing that right now.”

So I feel like in a way he just goes “Oh yeah Allura? It’s bigger than any one person? So I guess I’m just gonna leave you behind for this mission, actually I have no problem leaving any of you behind JUST LIKE YOU’RE LEAVING SHIRO BEHIND”

I think he’s kinda being passive aggressive about them forcing him to pilot the black lion haha.

Also I think he just wants to get rid of Lotor so fast not because he really wants to put an end to the Galra empire thing, because well, he didn’t care about that just awhile ago, but because he’s in the way of them looking for Shiro.

Seriously, listen to him in this scene, he sounds so fake here…

”This is all my fault. I followed him right into this trap. Everyone warned me, but I didn’t listen. I put the entire team in jeopardy.”

And Lance is just: “Yeah, you kinda did. But now we gotta fix it.”

Like yeah sure Keith, I bet he knew it was a trap from the start. (but also that it was nothing that he couldn’t get them out of easily if he wanted to)

So I think Keith tried to convince them he sucks but then he realized it’s not working and they still want him to lead, so he finally takes this seriously.

And it think you can immediately see the switch in his attitude. They form Voltron right away. He knows exactly what to do. He even says “No, we need to wait and not fight Lotor”

That seems like too fast of a character growth haha

Like what, Lance tells him one line? And suddenly he’s a good leader?

I don’t think so. I think he was just faking it so they won’t give up on Shiro.

Also notice that from that point on he doesn’t make any more stupid mistakes.

Like here, who was the one who said “Hey guys… it’s a trap!”

“Hey, Allura, maybe you should not help these guys get that rock”

And guess who didn’t listen and fucked everything up???

And then Shiro, mr “I really need to feel valuable and appreciated rn” comes back and is making stink faces at Keith for taking his position as leader (even though he totally gave it to him before) just cause he can’t face the thought of him being useless.

And again, no one listens to Keith! Even though he’s right!

Keith realizes that Lotor is probably smarter than all of them, but at this point he might not be stronger.

And they already messed up like 2 times with him and gave him an advantage.

Keith knows that if they give Lotor time to think and plan, he will most likely have the upper hand soon.

So yeah, they had to go for him at that very second, because at that point they have a ship with a teleduv and Voltron, Lotor just has some scaultrite and a ship with an inexperienced pilot in it. They had a good chance taking him down at that moment.

And yeah, I think they could have taken down the meteor ship and also got the cargo, but if they had to chose then taking down the ship would be the better choice, because it’s the more dangerous thing to let Lotor have.

Shiro is…. I dunno what he’s thinking.. But he’s obviously wrong and Allura is all “Shiro is right! Yay Shiro you perfect leader you!”

( For Allura’s defense tho Keith kinda left her to die twice already, so I understand why she has a bias for Shiro haha)

But yeah, they screwed up big time there by not listening to Keith.

And like Keith and Shiro are so different in their leading style, and they are kinda set up to complete eachother eventually.

Shiro is very team focused, and he usually strives to avoid conflict and is incredibly soft and I’d say even passive.

And as someone who thinks like Keith most of the time, it’s annoying me till no end haha. But I know the power of his way of leadership, and I know that it’s needed sometimes. So I’m not looking down on that.

Keith is the opposite of that!

Keith’s mind is “progress progress progress now now now” he sees an opportunity and he takes it, like they just learned about Lotor’s existence and Keith already has a tracker on him and is on the way to beat him up haha.

He thinks and operates so fast.

Shiro likes playing it safe. (and slow)

I kinda spoken about this before already, how Shiro is trying to survive and Keith is trying to win. And they need to balance it out or it won’t work.

Which is what’s going to happen in season 4.

Because we see Shiro being all “Our top priority is the coalition!” which is not a bad idea at all. Just not at that time.

And Keith’s like “Nooo we need to get Lotor he’s gonna fuck us all up if we don’t go after him now!!”

And guess who’s right, and guess who’s finally gonna run out of luck (hopefully) and suffer the consequences of their poor decision making?

The Secret (12)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteenepilogue.

Baekhyun had gathered all of his members in the living room first thing in the morning before anyone left for schedules. They had probably all read the article by now but none of them mentioned it as he knocked on each of their doors and asked them into the main room. He hadn’t exactly planned what to say. Maybe he should have. Maybe he wouldn’t feel so nervous if he had figured out how he wanted to explain this new part of his life to his brothers.

Still here he was, with eight faces staring up at him in anticipation, about to tell them about the new people in his life that he would happily take a bullet for.

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Blood Sweat & Tears (M) pt. 1

I apologize for this being so late. I had some problems with my laptop for a couple days, then since I’m an amateur/aspiring fx artist, I was pretty busy since it was Halloween. I hope everyone forgives me ♥ This was all purely inspired by their looks in the “Blood Sweat & Tears” MV, hence the name.~ Hopefully everyone enjoys it 

Genre: Spooky Smut~

Length: Hella loonngg 

Kinks: Sir/Master/(and mentions Daddy) kink, a little boyXboy, anal, LOTS of oral, breath play, slight spanking and probably some others…

Originally posted by jeonsshi

It was a pretty laid back, ordinary evening. You and Jin were hanging out, cuddling on the couch in the living room of the place he shared with his friends, while watching some random horror movie. 

“Jin..” You said softly, as you felt him brush his cold hand against your cheek.

He looked down at you, “Hmmm?” He quietly mumbled, moving his hand from your cheek, to your hair. 

Chills ran down your spine as he twirled your soft hair in his fingers. “What are you and the boys doing tomorrow?” You asked curiously, adjusting yourself so you were able to look up at his beautiful face. “Since it’s Halloween, i was wondering if-” You were cut off mid-question by the sound of the front door opening, then slamming shut. 

You looked up at Jin in confusion, as he began looking quite concerned. 

“Excuse-..” He began saying, as he lifted you off him and rose from the couch, only to be cut off by the not so quiet bickering coming from the boys. “Excuse me, y/n..” He said quickly, then immediately walked to the hallway, near the front door, where they were.

You’d be lying if you said you weren’t curious, because you were. Very curious actually, but you knew you shouldn’t involve yourself with whatever was happening. 

“Gu- Guys..??” You called out timidly, as the sound of their arguing grew louder. The moment they heard your voice, though, they grew silent. Well, all except Jin and Jimin. 

“SHE’S HERE!?” Jimin angrily shouted. “SHE CANNOT BE HERE RIGHT NOW YOU IDIOT! WE’RE ALL FUCKING STARVING. YOU KNOW THE RULES!” His yelling was followed by the sound of the other boys telling him to calm down.

“LISTEN TO ME NOW!” Jin shouted back, immediately shutting the younger man up. “She is MY guest. If any of you do ANYTHING to her, because you can’t control your hunger…” He growled. “You’ll regret it.” 

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you told me to go home
little do you know that home has become the sound of your heartbeat
and leaving you robs me of all my senses

but it mostly misplaces my heart and my reason
because those have always come from you
and I had vestiges of them but they are faint and darkened

but the hope is beating in an empty place in my chest
and the compass in my hand can never point north
it just has me following an arrow straight back to you

and where I should be is touching you
and what I should say is the one thing with the power to break me
and who I need, is you

—  Unfinished Stories #512 by Abby S
The Winning Shot : Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Reader x J-Hope 

Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 11,840+

   Hoseok sees you at his hockey game one day and can’t figure out why you’re the only girl who makes him want to be in a relationship.


 Totally expected Fuckboy!Hoseok pining over the reader.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, is saw u put up a list of writing prompts, and was wondering if u could do one on "He's not even a good kisser." Pls!

Here’s a little blurb, my loves. Enjoy.

Kinda Perfect

“Oh my God!” Tiffany shouted before immediately covering her mouth with her hand.

“What is it?” I asked, swirling my straw around my glass.

“Is that…” she leaned closer to me in the booth and whispered loudly, “Harry Styles?”

My eyes followed her gaze across the room where indeed I spotted the tall, handsome man.

“Oh. Yeah,” I smirked.

“Wow. Have you seen him here before?”

I nodded. “A few times.”

Tiffany sighed, sitting back. “He’s so…”

I raised a brow. “So what?”


I jutted out my bottom lip as I pretended to consider her comment. “You think?”

“God, yes. Don’t you?”

I chuckled lightly. “I suppose so.”

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From The Creature You Met Last Night

I don’t know how you wandered into my world, but I’m glad you did.

I think the door you came through led from a party you didn’t want to attend, if the music and laughter I heard when it opened and shut is any indication. 

You stood in the darkness where I slithered, so small compared to me, so fragile as your shoulders shook, and as I tasted the air you smelled of soft, sharp poisons. I felt the tremor as the door you came through rattled behind you, but I held it shut until whomever tried to follow you gave up. 

You did not notice me, I don’t think you even knew you weren’t in your world anymore. Soon you collapsed, and I cradled you in my coils until all muffled sounds through that door ceased. I eased it open, then, and gently pushed your sleeping body through it into another now-dark room. 

I doubt you remember me, but I am leaving this note to tell you that, should you again be in need of shelter, find a door that was not there before. I will be on the other side. I will protect you. You can trust in me.

I Know Now

Zimbits || ~5′700 words || Gen. Rating || AU || AO3

The team members who take Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food start up a study group, but it’s less of a study group, and more of a trying-to-set-Jack-and-Bitty-up group.

“Hey, Jack,” Bitty says brightly as he enters the living room with his textbook balanced under one arm, and his other holding a tray of freshly made brownie.

“Hey, Bittle,” Jack replies, already sitting on a chair with his books open on the coffee table.

Bitty puts his stuff down next to Jack’s, taking care with the tray of food. He lifts his arm to let the textbook thunk down on the ground.

“Where is everyone?” He asks Jack, sitting beside his fallen textbook.

“Shitty’s stuck talking to his thesis advisor. Lardo’s got a project due tomorrow. Chowder says he can’t make this week. No idea about Holster or Nursey,” Jack rattles off.

“So, just us then?”

“Just us,” Jack confirms.

It’s the second week in a row that has happened.


Bitty sits on a cushion on the floor by the coffee table, sipping occasionally from a mug of tea, and refreshing his twitter frequently. The others should be here for the study group by now. He reluctantly opens his textbook, figuring he should use the time to study even if no-one’s here to help him figure out the biology side of this week’s class.

He’s two pages in when the front door opens. Bitty looks up, eager for company.

“Jack! Hey.” Bitty smiles and waves at him.

“Sorry I’m late. Class went overtime.”

Jack sits down on the green couch, rolling his eyes when Bitty gives him a look. “Stop worrying about this thing.”

“Jack, it’s infested,” Bitty insists immediately.

“You don’t know that,” Jack replies.

“And you don’t not know that.”

Jack just shakes his head and takes out his own textbook and exercise book. “Did you do the extra reading this week?” he asks Bitty.

Bitty senses the topic divergence, but goes along with Jack anyway. It’s not the first time they’ve argued over the couch, and it won’t be the last.

“I did not,” Bitty answers. “But I printed it out.”

“Not quite the same thing. I’ll summarise it for you.”

Bitty smiles at Jack gratefully. “Thank you.”


The fourth time it happens, Bitty makes Jack move into the kitchen.

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