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So I’m the person that works at a body shop (ft) and a gas station (pt). I’ve submitted a few times, but I can’t believe I haven’t told y'all once of my favorite “fuck customers” moment.

I was just learning how to close at the gas station. We closed at 10pm–it was about 9:45. This woman–a regular–comes in with her two small children. All 3 are coughing, sneezing, complaining about not feeling well, and touching EVERYTHING, so I’m already annoyed.

The woman comes up to the counter to buy cigarettes, leaving her two children to wander. I complete the transaction, and as soon as she turns her back, sanitize my hands. My coworker is in the kitchen, in a separate room behind the counter. We’re giving each other a look, waiting impatiently for this woman to leave, when I hear a small child say, “I don’t feel so well,” followed by the unmistakable sound of puking.

I can’t see the family from where I’m standing in disbelief, but the woman immediately comes up to the counter and fucking LAUGHS. Her kid just puked on my floor 15 minutes before close, and does she offer to clean it up? Or apologize? Nope. She laughs as she’s telling me about it and then hustles her kids out of there.

Unpopular Opinion Tag

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Popular book I disliked: Divergent. See *

Book everyone disliked but I loved: Hard to say, Mum hated The Martian but I thought it was brilliant

Central ship I dislike: Harry/Ginny. She could do so much better *Whispers* Lunaaaaaa

Popular genre I don’t usually read: Dystopian/fantasy. Loved fantasy when I was younger, have since moved on to romance/existential stuff a la John Green

Beloved character I hate: Peter Rabbit was a smarmy git. 

Popular author I can’t get into: Cassandra Claire. Oh, you hear that? The sound of all my teen bookish follower leaving in a rush

Popular trope I’m tired of: * I’m the gorgeous teen girl, brilliant, athletic, and loved by all, destined to save my society with a combination of strangely specific skills and a pack of boys mooning after me.

Book/TV series I have no interest in: Anything that’s too long. It has to be excellent if I’m getting past the third book/season.

Movie/TV show better than the book: I don’t watch many adaptations, so who knows. Recommendations?

I tag: @lilymaidofgallifrey @somedayillbepartofthatworld and @pretty-empic

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Sorry you have to go through that bad shizzle. Your mom really doesn't sound like a good person, and I'm sad that such a good person like you has to exist in such an environment. Please try to hold steady and stay calm. Your followers and friends are here for you!

Thank you… I just can’t wait to get out of here bc there’s like… no hope for her

Only my dad is understanding and also hates what she does… and all he can do is like tell her what she’s doing wrong and while she leaves me alone afterwards, she just gets in a bad mood and then gets over it later, but just doesn’t learn anything

But thank you I’m just gonna keep proving her wrong :)

Home Remedies from Wayfaring’s Patients

Disclaimer: These “remedies” are all things that my patients have admitted to trying. Some are completely useless, a few might actually be helpful, and others are potentially harmful. Do not consider the following remedies to be sound medical advice. Do not try this at home.

Got leg cramps at night? Try leaving a bar of soap under the sheets at the foot of the bed. Don’t forget to change out the soap or at least shave it down every few weeks / months to refresh it’s leg cramp curing powers.

For any sort of chest or nasal congestion, try a few drops of turpentine or kerosene on a sugar cube.

For sinus congestion, swallow a teaspoon of Vick’s Vapo-Rub.

Got the gout (pronounced thegouch around here)? Keep you a jar of raisins soaked in gin around the house. Take 9 (this is very specific) raisins a day.

Bowels plugged up? Baking soda and water’ll clear ‘em right out. 

Bee or wasp sting? Spit your chewing tobacco juice on it to kill the burn. For fire ant bites, use bleach. 

For acid reflux, try taking shots of cider vinegar. 

Still got some vinegar left over? Mix it with water and drink a glass to lower your blood pressure. Or maybe take another shot to fight the flu. Or a shot to cure hiccups. Or a shot gargled with salt to cure a sore throat. Or rub it on your legs to cure your aching varicose veins. Better buy the big bottle of vinegar at the Piggly Wiggly. Vinegar cures everything.

A Sort-of Bobby Swap

Cas x Reader

Prompt: Cas has to use the readers body for a few days.

A/N: I’m sorry this isn’t gender neutral, but I promise my other fic’s will be. This is just something I wrote really quick tonight after going through my requests.

“Castiel, Hannah needs to talk with you.” An unknown angel says as he approaches the blue eyed, trench coat covered angel.

“Of couse.” The sound of fluttering wings fills the ears of Hannah as she spin around on her heel to look at her approacher.

“Ah, Castiel. Good to see. I’m sorry about the short notice I gave you, but this is urgent. Lately I’ve noticed a small group of angels leaving the garrison and coming back, but with news of strange deaths that seem to follow them. All of which are female. I can’t leave heaven without it falling to pieces. I ask that you take a different vessel and see if the deaths are on their part.” Hannah gives a small smile and silently pleads Castiel to take this mission.

“I suppose I can work something out. I will tell you what I have found out as soon as I do find out.” And he was gone.

In the bunker, you and the Winchester’s have get here’s around the T.V. and started to watch the beginning of the newest season of ‘Game of Thrones’. Wings rustle in the distance, causing all three of you to turn around and look at the angel.

“What’s up Cas?” Dean asks, popping his beer open and taking a swig.

“I need to use Y/N as my vessel for a shirt time.” Beer spilt out from your mouth and onto your lap.

“WHAT? WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU NEED TO DO THAT!?” Accidentally yelling at the angel, you covered your mouth, turned around and blushed.

You have had a crush on the angel for quite some time now. His eyes were just the most beautiful shade of blue, and although he was clueless have the time, it was adorable.

“I understand if you don’t want me to use you as a vessel, but Hannah asked me to pick a female vessel so I can go undercover for an assignment. I will just go find another vessel.” He started to walk away, but Dean nudged your arm.

“Wait, Cas. I’m sorry for bursting on you, I just wasn’t expecting the question. I give you permission to use me as your vessel.” You turn to look at him, and to your surprise, he is smiling.

“Thank you Y/N.” Jimmy’s body dropped to the ground as a blue light emitted from his mouth. It traveled over to you and everything went black.

You were in a room that was padded, except for a large screen covering an entire wall. Through the screen you saw the boys trying to pick up Novak’s body and your body was standing there.

“Y/N, you’re body is very tense and your heart is pumping really fast. Is your cardiovascular system alright? Do you need healing?”

“No Cas, it’s because I like you.” You muttered as you paced in the small room.

“What was that?” Cas said, with your voice, but not out loud.

Scrunching your eyebrows you look up. “You can hear me?” Your body nodded. “Shit.”

The Winchester’s put Novak’s body on the couch and gave Cas, well you, a thumbs up. Suddenly you were at a bar.

“Do angels drink?” You said as you scanned each persons face on the screen.

“No, we tend to congregate at bars were hunters are, so that if problems arise, we know of them.” Making an “O” shape with your mouth, you plopped down on the cushioned floor.

After a few minutes of Cas walking around, you asked if he saw them. He gestured over to a group of men in their mid 20’s, all very good looking.

“Do they know you are in my body?” Cas shook your head. “Okay, take a seat at a booth and watch. If deaths are occurring near them, one of em has to be taking the girl. If you look lonely enough, one might approach you.” Cas did as you ordered and took his place.

You never realized how many people did hit on you at bars. It was nearly fifteen minutes in and six guys had hit on you. Finally one of the angels got up and took the seat across from Cas.

“Are you alright sister?” Cas opened his mouth to answer, but you cut him short.

“Look confused. Remember, he doesn’t know it’s you in here.” Shutting his mouth and trying desperately to act confused, the man sitting across from you looked very concerned.

“Are you really ok-” violent screaming could be heard from outside. Everyone in the bar looked concerned. All the angels ran out and saw the poor woman’s body.

“We should investigate this.” Cas though to you.

“We should investigate this, but not now. Let’s get back to the boys and you back to your vessel. Then all of us can investigate this. Plus, you have to tell Hannah what we found out.”

The bunker came into view and you controlled your body again. Cas informed the boys of the situation and they began to pack. You headed for your room, but Cas stopped you.

“Y/N, can I talk to you.” Nodding, you leaned against the hall wall.

“While I was in your body, I could read your thoughts. I thought that you would like to know that I return your feelings.” Cas nodded slightly and started to walk away.

Jaw hanging open, and thoughts racing, you pulled through to your senses and called his name. You pulled him in to a long overdue kiss that was passionate and loving.

After the kiss, you put your forehead on his and you swear you heard him thank the pizza man.

I’m gonna make this now as I swarm through my inbox, because why not.

Basically, since I’m leaving the FNAF fandom and all with 11,000+ followers, I decided I’d do one of these again to show off my tumblr friends and who you should definitely follow…Alphabetically order so I don’t seem like I’m rating them.

The Meme Squad:

Cory - You’re an amazing voice actor, great guy, and…far too good at sounding like women. Your voice is orgasmic of course, and while we don’t talk too much, when we do it’s always beautiful.
Craig - You’re a fucking nerd, with your fucking lisping as Fritz, the fact that you’re quiet but when you speak you you’ve always got good shit to say, and that the first time we met there was a ship made of us…you’re a real nerd.
Klone - You’re Scottish, you’re a cynical bastard, I love ya. I don’t talk to you as much as I should either, but the moments with you are always friggen golden. 
Mr. K - You’re a great guy, an awesome voice actor, and one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. Even in your terrible moments, you’re always there to help people out. With Mr.s K by your side, I know you two are gonna go far.
Mrs. K - Holy shit you’re adorable. Your relationship with Mr. K is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, and you’re an amazing writing. Hopefully I get to talk to you more in the future.
Nifaux - You’re a filthy, robosexual nerd that acts like an annoying big sister towards me…and that’s why you’re great. We’re always bickering, but our conversations are always amazing either way; you truly are a knee fox.
Rebornica - And here we have the one that started it all…Rebs, you started this AU, this squad, this friendship…and goddammit, it’s a good thing you did. You’re one of my best friends, and every chat we have together is an experience; I’ve loved hanging out with you these past 7 or so months, and helping you out with your problems is a very rewarding practice. You’re gonna do amazing with Pilot.

Other Friends:

Daniel - Sonic the Australian, more like DANIEL THE FUCKING NERD. I’m just kidding with you, you’re a really awesome guy and great to chat to whenever we get the chances to…hell, we gotta roleplay with something in the future.
Hanna - You’re like my big sister, and have been that way for over a year now. It’s still funny to think about that we met through me fucking around as Gundam for some ungodly reason…You’re an amazing person to talk to, and I hope you have fun with college.
Kaya - The Thirst Queen herself, I’m not even gonna get into the crazy shit that’s happened with us, and I’m sure you don’t wanna hear about it either…it’s already locked in your memory forever, you thirsty motherfucker.
Mako - Now we get to the friend I recently got back in contact with. When your first meeting is because you were laughing about a crackship that no one else ships and they claim to ship it…that’s a friendship you need to keep.
Oni - You’re a fucking giant weeb and a WOW nerd that has no ice. Every conversation with you is a fucking journey through Weebville and WOWCity; it’s a fucking clusterfuck of Miku, Elderscrolls, and characters I’ve never heard of…You’re a good friend.
PyroCynical - Talking to you is like talking to the weird looking guy at the bus stop: you think he’s gonna be an egotisical asshole that cares about nothing other than himself…but in actuality, you’re an amazingly nice guy, and fucking cute as hell. I may not watch your videos, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy your personality.
Sonja - Sonja, the big fucking nerd of Persona and a really amazing artist. You’re one of the first people I met in this fandom, and frankly it was a good trip. The fellow Aussie is strong with you.

Of Ogres and Towers: Part 2

After getting inside the mysterious tower, our Dark Knight (Magus), Ogre, Catfolk Rogue, and Half-Ork Ranger, and a… thing we call “Crim” [Large Monstrous Humanoid made in a lab] are investigating the environs. I’m using visual aides (would include but my scanner’s busted)

Ogre: Dis wood too white.

DK: Now that you mention it… [Perception *12*].. not sure, but the grain doesn’t follow any particular pattern. what skill would help identify it?

DM: Give me some suggestions…

DK: Arcana? *rolls* Nope. total of 10

Ogre: Profession Cooking?

DM: Not unless you rolled something freaking astronomical.

Ogre: Nope. total of 15

Crim: I taste it.

DM: You’re going to lick the tower?

Ranger: That sounds dirty.

Crim: *Natty* 45 Perception.

DM: -narrows eyes- Leave it to the one who freaking eats people… It isn’t wood at all, it’s alchemically melded bone.

Ogre: HAH! You like to tongue the bone-towers.


Hello everyone! This is Ohdeery (Joy), used to be letterstoluhan, and I would like to wish you all a happy (late) new year!

I would like to thank everyone who follows me. Thank you for dealing with my sporadic fandom spams and nonsensical tags. I know my blog is a bit of a mess and I really appreciate y’all sticking around.

Also, shout out to the people I follow for being active and keeping my dash alive.
(p.s. sorry for the crappy Lu edits :( my computer is down so I’m using my mom’s.)

Okay now here’s a list of people I follow. 
❀ for my flowers.

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Special shoutout to all the Lu Han dedicated blogs! Thank you so much for providing me with pictures and information on Lu Han!! 

@thisurlisjimine thank you soooo much for all the support you’ve given me these past few years. I really appreciate what you’ve done for me, even if it is subtle.
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Okay this has been sitting in my drafts for long enough, and I’ve procrastinated doing this cause errrr I just didn’t know how to go around thanking everyone without sounding so ineloquent about it, but I shall try my best & I hope I didn’t leave anyone out kay? <3

I’ve been wanting to do this follow forever for awhile now because all of you have been so sweet & I just can’t thank y’all enough.
But I shall divide this into TWO parts.
Part I is dedicated to my followers who I’ve been fortunate enough to talk to personally as they’re just the sweetest and nicest people ever on tumblr.
Part II is a SUPER JUNIOR TUMBLR GUIDE for all you ELFs out there. What tumblrs to follow & take note of if you’re a fan, just like us.

And here’s PART II ~ SUPER JUNIOR TUMBLR GUIDE. Here are some of the best tumblrs for Super Junior content. If you’re looking out for SJ tumblrs to follow, this is a comprehensive list. Some of the finest & up to date tumblrs about everything SJ.

For General Super Junior Content 
| @shirade | @mysilentmemory | @duckflyfly | @plincess-cho | @15-stars@xxjustshakeitupxx | @stringduo | @elf-support | @suju-lvr | @heesexual | @flowercrownedninja | @hae-eeena | @17mingyus | @sapphireblueish | @sonelf-159 | @teukiesangel | @super-juni-oeo | @clownfishae | @danime25 | @prettyheechul | @superjunior13plus2 | @sapphireinsomnia | @doyoung | @walkinwithsj | @shyukerjunior | @supersujulover | @nilysam | @super-junior | @sjeverlasting | @donghaesfantasy | @chokyutehyun | @lovelovelylaurita | @superjuniorsdevil |  @siwook | @welovehaehyuk | @hyukwoon@eunhae-holic | @mysilver-sea | @hyukk-jae | @gaemerkyu-ssi | @autumnguykyu | @gaemq | @mrs-hae | @vitamin-elf | @hyukjhaes | @kyu-the-applause | @ohmymyeolchi | @15ahjussis | @gaemkyu | @chorgasm | @eunhaelfishy | @leeteuktohenrytoelf | @silver-eunhae | @haehyukjaes | @squishiekyu | @donghaeguns | @donghaeyah | @izubizutizu | @mightykyu | @yehae | @leedonghei | @stillhyuk | @craving-for-eunhae-kyuwook | @kyukylie | @neverendinglove4suju | @yesungismylife | @heenimcat | @superhaek | @bonamama | @sj15leeteuk | @prettyheechul | @kyuteminwook | @kyuhyu-k | @heechul-ssi | @onlyloveeunhae | @solvxjae |

For Super Junior K.R.Y 
| @k-r-y-love | @krybiased |

For Super Junior D&E 
| @cutie-hyukkie-pie | @ishipthatfishycouple | @eunhaelthy | @dalhaenim |  @skulltoki | @damnhaehyuk | @loveiseunhaehyuk

For Henry Lau
| @henry-lau

For Cho Kyuhyun
| @choxide | @kyuaddicted | @chokyuwa | @chokyuhyun2013 | @fy-kyuhyun | @atkyuhyun | @kyucito

For Kim Ryeowook
| @ryeomashita | @sneezes | @lixukuixianlover | @lilichan9 | @bibianwook | @ryeong0621 | @ryeowooklvoe | @sjwookie | @ryeowookaddiction | @ryeongs9 | @naega2106 | @ryeowookk | @lovingmyryeowook | @thepockystick | @rainingspellforlovesj

For Lee Donghae
| @haekey | @haeface | @loveleedonghae | @fyeahae |

For Zhou Mi
| @zhoumiblr | @jenks0619 | @sunny-days2 | @mimizhou |

For Choi Siwon
| @siwonstorm | @wonkyu47 | @uniquelysiwon

For Lee Hyukjae
| @eunhyuklover | @monkeilii

For Lee Sungmin
| @themintimes | @mingbiased | @sungmln |

For Shin Donghee
| @shindongogi |

For Kim Youngwoon
| @youngwoonie |

For Kim Jongwoon
| @y3sung | @fyeahyesunggifs | @yeseex |

For Han Geng
| @gengwuolai | @hanfuckinggeng | @beautifulhangeng |

For Kim Heechul
| @caseyshades | @heenim-star | @heecorner |

For Park Jungsoo
| @tokkiteuk | @-leeteuk | @forleeteuk

OTHERS (Pairs, Groups, etc.)
| @sunmings | @royalgengchul | @wonteuked | @kyusung0324 | @heemin-n |

These are but some of the tumblrs that are mostly dedicated to the group / members that I’ve listed. 
However, please note that….

  • Some blogs mentioned above are personal + multi-fandom blogs but most of the content are devoted to the classifications above 
  • For some members, there really aren’t that many active tumblrs dedicated to them :(((  
  • Also, I’ve not listed SJ-M blogs because all of them are inactive. 
  • I wasn’t able to find any tumblrs for Kim Kibum. 
  • I’ve not included any inactive blogs (I think) :\ sorry! 
  • This list would be periodically updated. 
  • Additionally, I am trying to follow more SJ blogs so I would love it if y’all would recommend any blogs <3

(OMG this has taken me forever and a day to complete though seriously and yes, there are slightly more Ryeowook-centric blogs that I listed errr cause he’s my bias so please try to understand hehehe) 

For all the tumblrs that I’ve listed above, I really, really hope y’all don’t mind me listing you guys in here kay? If the classification is wrong or you’d like me to take you off the list, please let me know and I will do so immediately hehehe <3 
Thank You for being such awesome blogs!!! ^_^

~ Aqidah (camaraderiegems) / INSTAGRAM

SasuSaku Month 2016
Day 5- Tag
: Find me in the Loneliness of my Memories
Summary: He decides to show her what happened on the night that changed his life.
A/N: Okay… For some of you, this story might sound a little familiar, and you will be correct to assume you’ve already read something similar to it around here. The truth is that I decided to re-write the story, making it more emotional and more descriptive with the writing style I have now. I accepted my own challenge, and I think it worked out really well… I hope you guys can shed some tears and I hope you enjoy what I’ve done to the theme! Please, leave me your opinions!
She opened her eyes to a world dyed in darkness and blood.

There was no sound indicating the presence of life around her, as the empty streets spread themselves in front of her eyes. The constructions were all following a similar pattern, with similar layouts and colors, all of them with the clan’s crest proudly displayed. Dark alleys intensified even more the air of mystery surrounding her, creating a frightening doubt in her heart regarding what could be hiding behind those shadows.

The unknown should never be ignored by a ninja.

Not on a night as haunted as that one.

Due to the raven haired boy’s impressive skills and his new decision to share his emotions with the one destined to be his wife; the Haruno girl was trapped in a genutsu he created to show her exactly what happened on the night his clan was murdered. Even if he didn’t want to make her go through that horror, Sakura- as the stubborn woman she is- didn’t accept his reasons and convinced him to do what she wanted. She convinced him that she needed to live the same horror he did in order to learn more about his trauma.

By learning more about his fears, she would know how to help him.

She would know how to comfort his troubled soul.

And now, after arguing a lot, Haruno Sakura was living the nightmare that destroyed his childhood. Through the illusion casted by his eyes, she could feel and see everything he did when the massacre happened. The atmosphere around her was heavy with fear and unsureness; and it was as if she could hear a silent call from a childish voice.


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Thank You

Hi everyone. Since I haven’t done this in such a long time and I returned to find so many hearts on my blog, (some from very new followers) I decided it was time to thank all of you for your continued support.  Tumblr is nothing without this support system and I’d be nothing without you.

So a warm welcome to my new friends and warm hugs to the oldies, which is shrinking as I write. I have seen some wonderful writers leave this year, each with their own personal reasons and they are all missed, but I’m anxious to get to know and read what my new followers are posting these days. 

If this looks and sounds like something Mike might say it’s probably because he did say it and I stole his idea. Sorry Mike.

Love you all

Story Time

Today at my school, someone was playing that dog whistle/mosquito sound on their phones in the hallways, giving everyone a headache, but of course none of the teachers could hear it, so I told one of my teachers, who is also the vice principal. Note that his voice sounds remarkably like Professor Layton’s, except with an American accent instead of an English one. At the end of the day, after he gave all the announcements over the intercom, he called out the person who has been doing the mosquito thing and said the following:

“To whomever has been using the mosquito sound on their phone between classes: we will find you.”

And then he just casually finished the announcements and, as always, ended with “Everyone have a wonderful day.”

And I just

can’t stop imagining

Layton over the intercom at Gressenheller:

“A message to whomever has been solving the puzzles I leave in my office: I will find you. I will make sure you can never solve a puzzle again. Do you think you’re safe at home? Think again. I have connections within the Yard. I have connections within the criminal underworld. And I. Will. Find. You. …Also, to all of my archaeology students: today’s classes are cancelled due to… schedule conflicts. Everyone have a lovely day.”

And no one ever dares to solve his puzzles ever again.

The signs as things my puppy does

Aries- bark at random sounds and inanimate objects

Taurus- eat her whole bowl of food and then go right to sleep


Cancer- follow me into the shower

Leo- lay in the middle of my bed and take up half of it even though she’s literally 6 pounds

Virgo- bury things in my blankets

Libra- climb on my keyboard when she wants my attention

Scorpio- crawl away from me when I try to cuddle with her


Capricorn- chew the lids off of water bottles

Aquarius- stare at the wall and wag her tail for no apparent reason

Pisces- act really cute and affectionate when she’s just waking up

I Can Help: Kylo Ren Imagine

Part 2

The Resistant made their move, to attack the Star Destroyer base. It was a bold and risky move but it happened. I was part of the Resistance. I wanted to help people, I was a stand by. If someone was wounded or anything else I was there to stitch them up or help as much as it was possible.

The problem at the moment was that all the Resistance ships were heading back. They forgot me, here on the chaotic base. Bodies were laying around, things were destroyed and in flames. I held on to the straps of my backpack running through the snow. I had to find a way out.

A loud yell suffocated the cold air. It either could be one from the dark side or it could be one form the resistance. I followed the sound to see a man dress in all black kneeling on the snow. He was holding his face as small red drops marked the peaceful white snow.

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Creepypasta #460: Hunting Season

My new running route seemed unusually quiet for a Saturday afternoon, in fact, I hadn’t passed or been passed by a soul. It was a cool, gusty fall day and dry leaves crunched underfoot as I entered a shady wooded stretch of the path.

It was hunting season so I wore a fluorescent orange cap, and although I felt self-conscious, it was better than being mistaken for prey. Between my clopping feet and heavy breathing, I thought I heard something out of context in the quiet woods, so I stopped for a moment to listen. At first, all I could make out was the distant tapping of a woodpecker and the rustling of leaves. Then, like a whisper, I heard a child crying.

The sound was coming from my right, from somewhere in the shadows, but it couldn’t be too far away. Was it a lost child?

I followed the sobbing voice into the hazy greyness of the forest, stopping every few yards to listen. The crying grew louder as a picked my way through branches and brush, and soon I broke out into a large meadow of tall grass and froze. In the middle of the meadow was a deer stand with a speaker attached to it. This was the source of the child’s cries. Then I saw a man dressed in camouflage looking in my direction. He slowly raised a rifle to his shoulder….

Credits to: minnboy

TWINKLING VIXEN’S NEW YEAR’S EVE FOLLOW FOREVER🎉🎉 (also can we just appreciate this beautiful gif of Al)

I know I said I wasn’t gonna do this yet buut…I did…
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come morning light, you and I’ll be safe and sound (1/3)

Happy, happy, happy birthday to my lovely, amazing Elisa. Here is the first part of your fic, as promised, on your birthday, and the rest will follow shortly– promise. I love you to the moon and back a million times, you beautiful human being. I hope your day is as amazing as you are. <3


I remember tears streaming down your face
when I said, “I’ll never let you go”
when all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said, “Don’t leave me here alone”
but all that’s dead and gone and past, tonight.

“Emma, I… command you… to come here.”

David’s words are broken. The hand that he clings to the dagger with is shaking, and it’s all Killian can do just to stand there and watch—helpless, curious, his heart aching with every pulse.

It’s only been one day.

It’s been one day since she whispered a broken “I love you” to him and only him. It’s been one day since she tethered herself to the darkest magic known, only to save those she cares for so deeply. It’s been one day since she disappeared to a location unknown and left a dagger with her name—her beautiful name– now etched into the blade.

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