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these are supposed to be headcanons but i write kinda weird so??

keith birthday week day one: friends/family

  • keith doesn’t remember a lot about his dad. he remembers generic things like the way he looked (tan, gruff, messy dark hair like him), how his voice sounded (deep and drawling, laced with a southern accent), what he smelled like (rain, dust, and cigarette smoke), but nothing else. when he tries to go back things are fuzzy and confusing. 
    • he legitimately doesn’t know if he’s better off forgetting but because of circumstances he tell himself he is.
  • by the time he gets into the garrison he can’t count how many foster homes he was in. he was moved around so much that people and places blurred together. 
    • some houses were better than others (some were bad some were really really bad) but whenever he was moved, regardless of what kind of home it was, something in him ached.
    • whenever he saw another kid leave the home, a shy smile on their face and a bright one on their new parents’, he wondered why his parents didn’t keep him. he wondered what it was about him that made him unable to be loved. he wondered what was wrong with him.
  • he meets shiro at the garrison and treats him like he learned to treat everyone. he’s cold and distant, maybe a little too much but he won’t take any chances. but shiro is kind to him. looks after him and mentors him. he’s proud of him when he does well on a test and even when he scolds him when he gets into fights he still patches him up. he’s the older brother keith never had and never knew he wanted but keith loves him so so much and would honestly be heartbroken if anything happened to him.
  • when shiro goes missing the garrison tells the world it was a pilot error. a mistake and a tragedy. keith tells them that it’s bullshit because shiro is the best damn pilot they’ve ever had and there’s no way that he would’ve messed the mission up. he punches iverson in the face in the middle of class a few days later when he brings up “the idiot pilot who cost us the kerberos mission” and leaves the garrison with a bloody nose and the small bag with his few belongings.
    • iverson (who now has a black eye) smirks smugly at keith from behind his office desk and as he hands him the official paperwork confirming his expulsion, asks him what his plans are now that he’s a dropout. keith rips up the papers right in front of him (he doesn’t need papers to know when he’s not welcome anymore), spitting at his feet and walking away without a word. he doesn’t deserve any.
  • finding shiro hurts. he’s barely conscious, strapped to a table, scarred, scared, and minus an arm. keith softly holds his face between his fingers and vows, then and there, that he won’t ever lose him again. shiro is heavy on his shoulders, and he’s ready to fight his way back out when he sees people in the doorway and someone making his way towards him.
    • “nope you no no no no you don’t I’m saving shiro”
    • the guy (”the name’s lance” he tells him but keith’s blood is pounding too hard in his ears and adrenaline is coursing through his veins so he isn’t really paying too much attention) supports shiro’s other side and together they get him to safety
  • “it’s good to have you back” he says when shiro’s finally awake and staring out into the desert with his arms crossed. he cautiously places his hand on shiro’s shoulder, waiting to see if he’d draw back (just like shiro used to do with him), and when shiro doesn’t, he squeezes it gently with as much comfort as he can muster. shiro lets out a breath and looks at him with the same fondness that he always carried for him.
    • “it’s good to be back”

papillon-noirsblog  asked:

Hi, this is about your post abut ferriswheelshipping that you tagged #nuzlockes tend to be good with this but...#not fanfics and older fanart and I'm confused bc I thought that Nuzlockes were those thing where people play pokemon and when a pokemon faints they release it and act like it tied/ do some other things to increase difficulty of the game and. What does that have to do with shipping?

Oh! Well actually, there’s a huge nuzlocke comic making community. The original nuzlocke was actually a comic, so people started making their own.

I’ve read a lot of BW nuz comics, and while the main characters aren’t actually Hilda/Touko or Hilbert/Touya (some look the same, but go by different names. others are totally different characters), they have plenty of well written interactions with N.

Some prime examples are:

Kynim’s @mythsofunova  (looks like Hilda, but her name is Nina)

V–tori’s @breakfreenuzlocke (completely original protag)

@pipipipiyo‘s Pi and Pea nuzlocke (looks like Hilda, name is Pi)

@zeropro‘s Jet Black nuzlocke (looks like Hilbert, name is Jet)

(and trust me, plenty of others. totally check these out though, they’re all great!)

*Note: by “shipping” I don’t mean just romantic, but their relationship in general. Slowly built (or…not built) friendships are the best.


(click for better quality on desktop) @l0ving-nature & i did a thing! they did the sketch & i (went overboard with) did the colouring! coraline au for day 2 of @dadvidappreciationweek  

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I would like to sit here and appreciate the fact that canon Mccree has a wide-mouthed, pug-like frown that makes him look like another incarnation of Wolverine 

I see no difference

The fact that he’s kind of ugly in that way is so endearing to me, especially since his heavy frown / sneer thing he does with a cigar in his mouth just makes his smiles 10000x more charming to see

He’s my beautiful (not so) ugly boi and i love him

widowmaker: this chair is feminine. ‘la chaise’.

mercy: this chair is masculine! 'der stuhl’.

mccree: this chair is a fuckin’ object, i don’ see a skirt or trousers anywhere on its damn metal surface, y'all are fuckin’ insane.

hanzo: if you don’t pronounce 'chair’ exactly the right way in japanese, you’ll end up saying 'testicles’ instead.

me: lmfao i guess shiro just didn’t have friends at the garrison


me: shiro was a piloting prodigy who was placed on a pedestal by his peers, therefore isolating him from them, and was also under immense pressure from the garrison because of the kerberos mission. lance outright states that shiro is his hero in episode one, further implying that shiro had a larger than life reputation at the garrison. shiro has also never mentioned having family back on earth, implying he may have no one to come back to. it’s no wonder he took keith under his wing.