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imagine your otp kinda

person a: hey come in me bro!

person b: d-don-don’t you mean “come at m-”

person a: bitch did i fucking stutter

pidge: the best part about being the younger sibling is asking your parents if you can have your siblings’ things, then blaming them when your sibling yells at you. 


pidge: hey, shiro, can i borrow lance’s jacket?

shiro: uh, yeah, go ahead.

[scene switches back to pidge]

pidge: [smirks] shiro’s got a storm coming for him. 


I don’t want to sleep

I’d like to say one more thing regarding the recent leaks incident, and then I’ll (hopefully) never say anything about it again

The best thing we can do now as a fandom is to quietly put the whole thing to rest and return to regular blogging without mentioning it ever again

Continuing to drag it on will only further invite trolls to come poke at the fandom cause they know they’ll get a reaction. Let’s not give them the satisfaction, eh?

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Hi! do you have any trans hc about jason?


  • Jason despised his long hair so his first step into transitioning was cutting off his own hair. It looked really messy and choppy but it was the first time he started feeling okay with how he looks
  • Whenever Bruce leaves his phone lying out, Jason goes on it and puts up top-surgery doctor’s so when Bruce opens it the first thing he sees is it. 
  • Despite him being small chested, Jason tries to wear his binder as much as possible. It has gotten to the point where Dick will tackle him and lift up his shirt to see if he is wearing it. If it’s been on too long he forcibly takes it off him
  • No one is allowed to call Jason’s period a period. It is referred to as “the crimson wave,” and when he is on it he is “surfing the crimson wave”
  • Jason constantly makes trans-puns whenever possible but they aren’t good. “There’s a reason it’s called transportation and not cisportation,” “I’m sorry I wasn’t here on time, I guess I am translate,” “what’s on the transgenda today?”
  • On all of his leather jackets there is a trans pride flag buttoned somewhere. It’s become a Where’s Waldo-esque game they all play whenever they seem him

for femslash week, day #1 (late)

pairing: faith/mai
summary: faith and mai bond while faith gets in a little target practise. Angel & Faith 10x06 extended scene.
a/n: up until “Better,” this fic is a novelization of the comic scene in question, so that it can be read w/o knowledge of the comics. context: faith is on a rescue mission to save riley, along with a group of other slayers. 

Faith’s practising her shooting when Mai approaches.

There you are,” she says. “I’ve been looking all over.”

“Sorry,” Faith says. She keeps shooting at the target. And missing. “Didn’t know I was missing.”

Mai looks at the bullet holes, amused. “I’m guessing nobody ever taught you to shoot.”

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Your blood is blue and you're an elf

It started off with a question, it was innocent enough. “Sportacus?”

Sportacus glanced over when his name was said. “What is it, Stephanie?” He asked.

She glanced at Sportacus’ wrapped arm, remembering when he had gotten hurt but he quickly rushed off not before telling them that he’d be fine. What he didn’t know was that she saw the gash, instead of it bleeding red, she noticed it bled blue.

“I was wondering, if you were okay?”

Sportacus smiled, he ruffled Stephanie’s pink hair “I’m fine, you don’t need to worry about me okay?”

Stephanie smiled and giggled softly, she slowly frowned as she looked to the soccer field, where everyone was playing at.

This time it was Sportacus turn to ask a question. “Stephanie, I can see there’s something on your mind, would you be willing to tell me?” “I’m all ears.” His ears twitched underneath his hat.

Stephanie looked around making sure no one was around “Well.” She began. “I saw your arm yesterday, it…um..” she paused. “It bled…blue.”

Sportacus’ eye widen, his face turns pale, he stutters “ saw…?” He moved to the edge of bench they were sitting on.

Stephanie says nothing only nods her head, “I’m sorry, Sportacus.” She whispers as if she’s done
Something wrong.

Sportacus sighs, and starts picking at his bracer “it’’s alright, Stephanie.” He begins. “I’m…not..human.” Stephanie tilts her head, giving him a questioning look.

“I’m…i’m an elf, I’m a special kind of elf, a sports elf.” He explains. “Sports elves have different blood color then other elves.”

There was silence besides the sounds of children playing in the distance. Sportacus starts moving his foot up and down trying to stay calm.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” The tell me didn’t go unnoticed even if it was never said.

A simple question, but a hard one. Sportacus drew in a breath before letting out a shaky one.
“Stephanie, I didn’t tell you because…I didn’t know what you’d say, because humans can be cruel.” He took off his hat, a messy mop of blond curls fell into his face and one pointy ear before putting the hat back on, Stephanie still had got a good look at it.

One ear looked like someone had taken something sharp to it. That’s scared Stephanie knowing that someone actually hurt Sportacus.

“I don’t really want to get into it, but someone I cared about found out I was an elf and did this.” He sighed.

“I’m so sorry, sportacus.” She sobbed She moved over to Sportacus’ side and hugged him, He hugged her back.

He placed his chin on top of her head, “I know, kiddo, I know.” They stayed that way for awhile, before Stephanie let go, she used a hankie she had in her pocket to blow her nose and wipe her tears.

They both got up off the bench and she gave Sportacus a heartwarming smile.


She looked up him, his grin small, and eyes slightly watery.

“Promise me this will stay between us for awhile.”

She looked puzzled, so he continued.

“I…I want to be the one that tells them, it’s just something, i’d really want to do.” He said confidently.

Stephanie hugged him one final time that day before letting go. “Okay Sportacus.”

Sportacus then flipped to his airship while Stephanie walked home.

As they left they didn’t even notice a pair of gray eyes that had been staring at them that whole time and they never did hear the voice of Robbie rotten either.

“I knew he was an elf!”

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I made this cause the idea wouldn’t leave my head.

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Hey, I know that you have a lot of asks but...would it be okay with you if I wrote red hot revolutionary? I need it in my life

God yes. Send me a link when you’re done (I’m actually itching to write more myself. I feel like I opened Pandora’s box or something)

This applies to anyone else. Just make sure you let me read see it, okay?