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This is a great prompt! I hope you enjoy this little drabble!

“Hey, Pidge?”

The green paladin muttered something incomprehensible, remaining hunched over her laptop.

“Do you, uh, still have that time thingy you built? You know, the one that tells Earth time?”

She sighed and adjusted her glasses, still refusing to turn around.

“Yeah, I gave it to you a while back, remember? Plus, it only shows how long Earth time is and not the actual time back home, so you’re out of luck there.”

Lance’s face fell, and Pidge felt something tug at her heart. “Hang on,” she said, pulling up another tab on her computer.

They lapsed into silence, Lance hovering over her shoulder. Pidge was suddenly aware of how little she and the blue paladin had really talked; she never even realized that Lance probably was as homesick as she was, if not more. A pinprick of something akin to guilt bloomed in her chest, and she cleared her throat to break the tension.

“So, you have a ton of family, right?” Pidge began awkwardly. “Yeah, too many relatives to count. I’m the youngest kid in my family, but with all those nieces and nephews, I’m surprised anyone let Number One Babysitter Lancey Lance head off to the garrison,” Lance remarked. He rambled on about the sand castle competitions on the beach, his mom’s famous garlic knots, and so many memories that Pidge could almost smell the salty ocean air; she jumped when her laptop finally beeped.

“This… this should be the date on Earth right now, give or take a few minutes. We are practically on the other side of the universe, so…” Pidge explained. The duo looked at the glowing numbers. “Geez, it’s really been that long?” Lance said. Pidge heard the sadness in his tone, echoing her own feelings.

“It seems like a while, but in the grand scheme of things, we’re just a tiny blip on the universal timeline, and-” the younger paladin cut off. “What I mean is that your family is doing just fine, and they’ve probably moved-” she stopped herself again and took a deep breath, swiveling her chair to face Lance.

“Your family misses you, Lance. They’re probably doing alright, but I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be a lot better once you make it home, especially when they find out that Lancey Lance helped save the universe.”

Lance smiled, and Pidge found herself returning the grin. “Thanks, Pidge,” her friend said. She turned back to her computer. “Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got a family of my own to find,” she grumbled fondly. “You guys are so smart, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had built a Holt satellite and was on their way already,” Lance joked. 

Pidge returned her focus to coding as the door slid shut. Each line of blinking text brought her closer to Matt. Closer to her father. Closer to Earth.

For now, though, she had another place to call home.

I’m deep in clone Shiro theory rn, but I want him to be happy and loved if he is real. Shiro never thinks about his family so maybe he doesn’t have one..a family can be 1 original and 50 clones ok. also @ilovelocust had a cute idea of Keith giving Shiro clone a pep talk and I couldn’t not use it

people who leave detailed reviews on fanfiction are a gift to the world
—  all fanfic writers, ever, awake at ungodly hours doubting everything they’ve ever written or thought of writing until they see that one (or more, hopefully!) magical, long-ass comment that makes every bit of struggle totally and completely worth it
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you’ve ever just been in bed or even on the floor scrolling…



and you know you should stop but for some reason you keep scrolling and not switching off your phone/laptop even though it’s 3am.

please tell me i’m not alone.

Soulmate AU where:

When your soulmate is eating something you can taste it on your lips, just slightly. And maybe feel it on your lips too, like the powder of a cinnamon donut, except you can’t lick it away, so you’re just stuck with it like ‘damn you asshole, lick your goddamn lips! This is annoying!’

If they’re having cravings you do too. Sometimes you’ll get cravings for what you’ve just eaten.

If you taste something like strawberry lip gloss you know their either getting ready for a night out or kissing someone. Or maybe they just like the taste.

You constantly lick your lips when they’re eating something you like because ‘oh gods this taste so good, what is it?’ or 'I haven’t had that in ages!’

You get jealous of the fact that they have such nice food ALL THE DAMN TIME.

When they’re eating something you don’t like you try to not lick your lips for so long. It gets annoying and is hard to do for a while so you just put on lip gloss. Then you think 'awe, man. What if they don’t like… And that’s why they put on lip gloss the other week?’

One day you try to send them a recipe. So you just, like, munch on a piece of toast, then lick some honey, then eat some banana so they’ll try your favourite meal and you’ll have that taste on your lips without actually eating it.

One day you think 'what kind of idiot eats peanut butter with jam - holy shit it’s an American! Or someone in America… Maybe they just like it? Oh god will I have to take 20-something hour flight to find them? Uuuhhhggghhh!’

You’re in the middle of a test but just can’t stop licking your lips because 'oh god glazed donuts…’

You can’t place a taste but you know you’ve tasted it before.

After going to Harry Potter world you realise 'it’s butterbeer!’ and then you try a butterbeer cappuccino or whatever and are just - 'goddamn it you jerk you ruined all my experiences!’

You start craving a signature dish from your town that is only served there. You go to the restaurant and see three people eating the meal, so you just walk up to the counter, order something that is nothing like the dish or something that you know that person hates because every time after you eat it you taste mouthwash.

You calmly sit down and just watch the people as you eat your meal. The person you least expected it to be - oh god it can’t be - looks up and is just like 'fuck’ and has that expression on their face.

They look around and see you. Their eyes widen at what you’re eating. You’re the only one eating it. You smirk and wave at them because 'haha sucker you laughed when I was teased about my soulmate and it’s you!’

Or one day you turn to your best friend like 'hey, can you see if anyone is eating -’ your eyes widened as you see they’re eating the EXACT MEAL you can taste.

Or a different ending where you follow a celebrity on Instagram and just see a picture of a steak with the caption being 'why the hell do I taste banana and honey… I’m eating a steak!’

And you just drop your toast. Your family stares at you as you squeal. Then you realise 'shit. That could be anyone.’ But you do taste steak… 'But anyone can be eating steak!’ You rush to the kitchen and pull out dark chocolate and go to the bathroom and start brushing your teeth.

Soon you see another picture of a steak and a caption of 'okay, now I’m tasting ANOTHER thing that clashes with my meal. Soulmate, please let me eat in peace… AND WHO HAS DARK CHOCOLATE AND TOOTHPASTE?!?! Will my future babies eat like this too? God save me…’

Something like that.

  • you: what's the world's worst betrayal
  • me, on the outside: i don't know, cheating maybe
  • me, on the inside: when i open a fic whose summary was in third person but the story is actually in first

lance, after being lightly roasted by the other paladins: wow. WOW. okay. looks like none of you are invited to my birthday party anymore

hunk: wait! i thought we were going to plan your party together? we had an ocean theme and everything!

lance: shit, you’re right… hunk’s reinvited.

pidge: what?? lance you can’t keep uninviting and reinviting people to your birthday party, you’re just gonna lose track

lance: oh really? watch this - (pulling out a small notebook) - pidge, currently uninvited as of today; hunk was recently uninvited but is now reinvited - side note, ocean themed parties are amazing; allura, currently invited but she’s on thin ice; coran, well, he’s kinda permanently invited because i need at least one person to show up; lotor is invited ironically, waiting for him to rsvp so i can reject him; and finally… keith is permanently uninvited until he admits that he cares about being on the invite list

keith: what? no i- the ocean is stupid!!

lance: oh yeah?? double uninvited!



keith: (softly) what the heck, man….