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Sofia’s Girlfriend - Vernon Drabble

admin k: i’m sorry if this doesn’t portray the LGBT community as well as I would like it. if you have a problem with what I’ve written, please inbox me and I can fix it. truthfully, i don’t want to offed anyone, thanks :) 

S/GF/N - Sofia’s girlfriend’s name

word count: 576?? (i think) 

pairing: vernon x sofia x her girlfriend

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“Sofia!” Vernon exlcaimed, dropping his luggage at his feet as Sofia ran and jumped into his arms. He held onto her with a big grin as he spun her around before putting her back down.

Vernon gave her another hug, closing his eyes, still smiling brightly. “I missed you so much sis.” He said in hopes that she could tell how happy he was.

“’re holding me too tight, I can’t breathe.” She quickly blurted out with the smallest breath she could take in. She felt like her lungs were trapped with Vernon’s hug. She couldn’t even hug him back because Vernon held her hands down with his arms wrapped around her.

He finally let go when she spoke up. Vernon ruffled her hair as she breathed in and out, catching her breath.

Vernon said hi to his parents quite quickly compared to the last times he visited home since another person in the home caught his eyes. It was another girl who Vernon thought was Sofia’s friend.

He gave a quick hi seeing the girl was shy and just in wait for Sofia to return to her again.

“Vernon, this is S/GF/N…my girlfriend.” She slowly said the last words, scared of Vernon’s reaction. Sofia wanted him to be happy for her relationship since she’s so close with Vernon. She wants him to know everything..which includes this relationship.

Sofia has not talked about how…she’s a lesbian with Vernon. For the past months, she’s been dealing with so many problems as to if she should get out of the closet or not, if she truly did have feelings for this girl.

All this time, she wanted to tell him, have him be there and talk her through it but she was more than afraid to even bring this topic up to Vernon.

After she finally came out of the closet and told her parents, asked her girlfriend out..she’s been happier and calmer. Everything’s been amazing and all she wished for was..for Vernon to accept her relationship just like everyone else.

What reason would there be for Vernon to not want Sofia to be happy?

The first few seconds hit Vernon as he was shocked about the news. Shocked that Sofia was in a relationship, with a girl, how she kept it from him for quite a while.

“Come here, Vernon’ won’t bite you. He’s really nice.” Sofia went to grab her girlfriend’s hand and lead her closer to Vernon.

Vernon looked down at the girl and gave a bigger smile than before. “We’ve been together for three months now.” Sofia mumbled, still waiting for Vernon to say something.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet my little sisters girlfriend! I hope you treat her well.” He said, loving the cute couple.

Her girlfriend smiled more sweetly and warmly compared to earlier since she feels more welcomed by Vernon.

Vernon continues to have a casual talk with the family along with Sofia’s girlfriend, already treating her well.

Vernon joked around with Sofia, talking about how Sofia kept from him for the past few months.

Sofia was so happy that Vernon was okay with the relationship. It was like a weight was lifted off her shoulders. She didn’t know why it was such a worry for her but realizing that she overthought his reaction. Now having him back at home and enjoying spending time with her and her girlfriend, she was happier than ever.

When u find a perfect fanfic and realize it hasn’t been updated in years

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I’ve fallen into the RWBY Rock AU.

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Getting along is hard when both Him and Sedusa are vain villains.

Absolutely! I’ve never written these two together before, but I really enjoyed imagining them meeting, and it did become shippy  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thanks for the prompt!

The first thing Oikawa notices are his lips, the upward slant of them, crooked and teasing. He doesn’t like it. It feels off balance. It suggests that there are things this dark-haired boy knows that Oikawa does not. He hates that feeling.

“Who is that, Iwa-chan?” he asks, tipping his chin just slightly in the direction of the lanky boy who has caught his attention.

“Kuroo-san?” Iwaizumi says, as if that name should mean anything to Oikawa. “He’s their captain. Middle blocker. You didn’t watch their tapes?”

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