is that the fandom name

Okay, I’m really bad about responding when I’m tagged in these, so I guess I’ll finally do one. (thanks for the tag, @linkslipssinkships)

Name: Jenna (not Clem, though I think it’s fun when y’all call me that)
Star Sign: Cancer
Average hours of sleep: 7-ish
Lucky number: (Does everyone have one of these? I really don’t)
Last thing I googled: Searched for details on a news story I saw.
Favorite fictional character: Iris Chase, from Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin
When did I start this blog: Years ago - back when it was just my name. I turned it into clemwasjustagirl in February.
Amount of followers: 151
What do I post: Pretty much just rhink, ya know? 
Do I run any more blogs: No (See above: I barely pull off running this one!)
Do I get a lot of asks: No, not really. But I like them! *hint hint* 
Why did I choose this URL? I’m a teeny bit obsessed with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (which many of you already know) and I didn’t think this was going to be a 100% RandL/Rhink thing at the time. I had already picked shewasjustagirl (a quote from ESOTSM) for Twitter and ao3, but it was taken on Tumblr.

Tagging @mythicalseries and @ofsuchchemistry (unless y’all have already done it or don’t care)

Just because a ship has little to no probability of becoming canon doesn’t mean you can’t ship it ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ


this was a lot funnier in my head


Lucy: ok but for real if you think I’m going to saddle my children with the all the baggage a Dragneel last name entails you have another damn thing coming!!!! I know I had issues with my own last name but this is just ridiculous. Natsu, our kids are going to be Heartfilias, ok? 

/// I’m a proponent of any kids Lucy and Natsu having being Heartfilia-Dragneels, personally, but FT is just being absolutely ridiculous lately 

Just out of curiosity

Reblog this if you’re an old Ninjago fan (aka, you know about the skeletons, serpentines, stone army, etc.)

Like if you’re a new Ninjago fan (aka, Lego Ninjago Movie got you hooked)

Edit: Anybody that got into it in between seasons, but before the movie trailer came out, I’ll just name you guys the Tweens of Ninjago (Fandom).