is that the beginnings of a beard i see

Mrs Willison’s Homemade Jam

by reddit user FamilialDichotomy

As a child, I was a picky eater like I assume most children are. As my parents tell it, my eating habits transcended normal childhood proclamations of “I don’t like broccoli!” and evolved into a refusal to eat absolutely anything of substance. Things other children might eat and enjoy like chicken nuggets, spaghetti, or even a hot dog were shunned by toddler me. It got to the point, they say, where they and my paediatrician became concerned for my health.

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  • “Forever can spare a moment.” 
  • The staff talking about why they still stay with the beast and help him ect. because they feeling guilty for having did nothing when his horrible father was raising him. 
  • Belle’s reaction to The Library.
  • “There’s a beast running wild, there’s no question. But I fear the wrong monster’s released.” This line SHOOK me 
  • The little expansion explaining why the fuck no one remembered the servants or the castle were there! 
  • Funny Beast who makes jokes and is super hesitant towards belle 
  • Lmao when he threw a giant ass snowball in Belles face and everyone in the theater lost their damn minds 
  • Um Maurice being an amazing father who encourages his daughter so much and loves her and wants to protect her ???? 
  • “Wasting in my lonely tower, waiting by an open door. l’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in, And as the long, long nights begin, I’ll think of all that might have been” IM FINE 
  • The amount of interracial couples! ! ! 
  • The Dress. You know the one i’m talking about. The Yellow Dress. It was so beautiful. i had my doubts but oh my god it worked. It was beautiful. 
  • When Belle came back for the beast and he goes “Belle!” when he sees her idk about y'all but i loved it
  • “How do you feel about growing a beard.” AND THE GROWL OK !!!!!!!!!! 

I am not too sure if this has been done before, but here is a book series based on the wives of Henry VIII. I really love these covers as you can tell how much effort the artist has put into them. 

Firstly, we have have the accurate Tudor fashion in the style that the individual wives favoured most and the startling likeness that each lady has to her portrait. 

Secondly, the artist has taken into consideration the image of Henry as we see him gradually age as he moves onto another wife - we see him first as a young, viral man at the beginning of the series to the old, lecher that he became. 

The only thing I would suggest that would have been a great detail would have been to lose the beard when he was married to Anne Boleyn as she detested beards and made Henry shave it off, which was why he (like the petulant child he was) grew it back after her execution and refused to shave it off, possibly to spit her. It also would have been better to make him slightly skinnier whist being with Jane and Anne Boleyn as he only gained weight after Jane died, but then the one with Anne might just be his jacket bulking him up. Another good detail would have been to make Anna von Cleves blonde, instead of light brown, but other than that the depiction of the Tudor King is spot on.

Lastly, I really liked the fact that you had the prominent wife in his life at that particular moment next to him, while the other wives waiting patiently in the shadows for Henry to take notice of them and the fact that those wives are dressed in the fashion of the prominent wife, which I think is a good idea as the Queen would have been the one to lead the fashion that her ladies would follow and then when you see the “shadow” wives feathered in their books, they are dressed in their own favoured fashion.

All in all, a really thoughtful cover design and I only wish that novels now a days would take the time and add the details that really pull the story together, I mean sometimes you can see historical novels, but the woman is wearing the wrong style of fashion for that time period the book is featured in. 

Let Me In {1}

Sequel to The Sun and The Stars

Word count: 1968

Warnings: mentions of death, grief, pretty heavy on the angst

A/N: This sequel was inspired by the lyrics of this song (hence why it’s named “Let Me In” so credit to Skinny Living for the inspiration). Hope you all enjoy this fic and seeing where everything goes xx

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Two years later

You lean over the kitchen sink, staring out of the dirty window that overlooks the bustling life of Brooklyn. The noise of the city is calming for you although three years earlier, you would be freaking out at the thought of living in such a heavily populated city. You smile sadly at the irony; it truly showed how much you’d changed since Bucky came into your life, the second time.

Your daughter is asleep in the crib that rested in the corner of your bedroom and you smile as you stroke her soft cheek. You see him every day in her dark hair, the icy blue eyes that had somehow been copied perfectly onto her small face. You’d named her Layla when she was born because her dark beauty reminded you of Bucky and the nights you’d spent together, staring up at the night sky. She was perfect but every time you looked at her, you would feel a sharp stab of pain and longing for her father but regardless, you loved her with everything you had.

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Shit I forgot about in the Raven Boys

 I’m doing a re-read of The Raven Cycle because the first time around I read them so fast I apparently don’t remember shite about what happened. Or my memory is just that bad; possibly both. So just little things that were pointed out to me by my brain during my re-read. Will do for the others too eventually when I feel like it. 

  • Aglionby has a hunting club. Hound dogs, horses and all.  Fucking horses. Just how pretentious can one all boys boarding school get like smh 
  • The book takes place in April. I don’t know why I just assumed it was like June or something. I need to pay attention to dates more
  • Blue wears fingerless gloves that she knitted. God, no wonder Henry likes her so much, like that look is Madonna af 
  • Gansey has a frappuccino-stained notebook in his backseat. You know what that meanssss 
    • He’s also messy as fuck. Like god damn son do you have no shame?
  • Adam and Ronan dragged each other on dollys with Ronan’s BMW like those kids do give and shits about their safety 
  • Adam asks if he’s invited when they go somewhere. Someone protect this child 
  • When the Pig started up again, the Stevie Nicks song Gansey describes is called Edge of Seventeen. Perfect. 
  • Adam has shitty handwriting! 
  • 300 Fox Way’s phone number is often mistaken for a gentleman escort company, like whatt 
  • Declan is a senior at Aglionby. Does that make him and Ronan like Irish twins or something? I need answers 

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The Beauty of Sight

So this came to me this morning after reading a Crowley x deaf!Reader by @thewildomega (which I absolutely loved) and it gave me this idea. Sorry, I wrote it at work and ran out of time to edit it lol

Pairings: Crowley x Reader, Sam & Dean (John mentioned) 2 OC bartenders mentioned.

Warnings: I always swear so swearing


As you walked into the bar, your hand gripped tight around your service dog’s harness, you needed to pause for a moment to get your bearings. You could hear that the bar was packed, loud voices shouting over each other to be heard amongst the chaos and the smell of stale beer and sweat permeated the air.

“Hey (Y/N)! Right on time.” You smiled at the familiar sound of the bar tenders voice and you waved in his direction.

“Hey Steve. Is my chair open?” You asked when you felt your German Sheppard, Cujo, pulling you forward.

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tv insiders are being really fucking grim about the Pitch renewal, and it’s EATING AWAY AT ME. like, I can’t even begin to tell you how phenomenal the show is. this is the first show that, if cancelled, I will be absolutely devastated about. I don’t think I’ve ever connected to a show this much, and it absolutely has a chance to grow. I don’t know how they don’t see that. maybe if they hadn’t put a new show against fucking SHONDALAND this never would’ve happened. 

MPG is already growing out his beard again. DO IT FOR THE BEARD, FOX!!!!!!! and do it for all the fans like me that will be heartbroken to see this show go. 

I really hope that what the cast, crew and creators have isn’t wishful thinking. 

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War series installment-NewtxReader

A/N: Here we are, my loves. I loved writing this, seriously. I live for war romances. ❤️

For those wanting to catch up go: Here

~War series~

Weeks had gone by since Newt arrived at the medic center, and everyday that flew by just brought you both closer together. He had slowly opened up, speaking of his family, his school days, and his interest in creatures. Though, when you pressed him for more details about them he seemed to leave out quite a bit. You couldn’t understand why, of all things to hide, animal knowledge seemed quite tame. But, you stopped bugging him about it, and instead enjoyed the conversations you both had during your breaks.

“Dear god, I’ve gone and trapped myself again, haven’t I?”

The soldier chuckled at your words, looking over the board at you as he debated his next move. You both knew he was going to win, as he always did, but you’d like to think you’ve gotten better at it. Playing chess with him was something that made the times easier, and it was a good distraction for the both of you.


Newt reached over, grabbing his piece and slowly drawing it forward, his fingers slipping over your own as he stopped on your side of the board. At his soft touch you looked up, meeting his beautiful green eyes as he stared at you. It felt like forever, just the two of you glancing at each other, as if the conversation was still going on in your head’s. But, as time ticked by he finally smiled, letting his fingers purposely slide against yours in a slow manner before he knocked your chess piece down.


You laughed joyfully at his victorious smile, and you clapped your hands together as you admitted defeat.

“I do believe I’ve lost every match, Mr. Scamander.”

“There’s always next time, Y/N.”

He settled back into his seat, clearly enjoying your company. He had grown accustomed to your presence every day, and whenever you were absent he found himself completely lost on what to do. It was frightening at times for him, because out there in the trenches, there wasn’t much time to worry about anything but staying alive. And now…now he found himself aching for the company of his nurse, and when you weren’t around he laid in bed, trying not to lose his mind.

“Oh, it’s time to prepare meals. I’ll be a moment.”

You glanced up at the clock, panic setting in when you realized you were behind your schedule. Time always went by fast when in Newt’s company, but neglecting your duties to the other soldiers wasn’t acceptable.


Newt reached for your hand, grabbing it gently as he looked up at you. He wasn’t even sure why he did that, but his mind told him to stop you, to try and keep you near because it was a rare comfort for him.

He didn’t say anything else, but you could tell by the look in his eyes what he wanted. You smiled, giving his hand a soft squeeze before letting it go and apologizing.

“I’m sorry, I’ll be back shortly. I promise.”

The soldier just released you, watching you go down the hall, his heart already beginning to ache from the loneliness.

“Merlin’s beard…”

He rubbed his face, trying to regain whatever dignity he felt he lost just then. Yet, he couldn’t deny what he felt, seeing you leave was something that set many alarms off in his head, and he wanted to jump out of his chair and go after you. But, he resigned himself to writing instead, hoping somehow this would quell the ache inside.


“Alright, soldier, I have your lun-”

You stopped just at his bed, frowning when you saw him hunched over his desk, quill moving quickly across the parchment. He took one glance at you, then hid the letter under a book, smiling to try and defuse the situation.

“You’re back.”

With a disappointed look, you set his tray down on the edge of the bed, taking a seat next to it as you stirred his soup.

“Mr. Scamander, we’ve know one another for a long time now, you don’t need to hide such things from me.”

The corner of his lips turned up into a grin, and he played with the end of his quill as he spoke truthfully to you.

“It’s not what you think.”

“And what do I think?”

You knew though, what he meant. That somehow he started writing to that girl, Leta, again. It had been a good while since you saw him pen that name, and you had just assumed perhaps that woman had left him. That she grew tired of waiting back home for a man who wouldn’t likely come back anytime soon. And yet, the same conclusion always came back. How could anyone be foolish enough to leave a man like Newt? He was entirely too perfect for words sometimes, and he held a kindness in his eyes you hadn’t seen in any man for quite some time.

Newt leaned forward in his chair, placing a hand over your thigh as he traced the patterns on your dress.

“This isn’t a nurses outfit.”

“My other one was covered in-….well, this was the only thing I could find.”

Newt trailed his eyes along your clothing, taking in all the details. He wanted to etch a perfect picture in his mind of you, something to keep him sane during the lonely nights he was likely to experience once again.

“Mr. Scamander-”


You smiled weakly at him, letting go of the spoon and cupping his cheek instead. “Don’t change the subject.”

He chuckled, sinking back into his chair as he ran a hand through his clean cut hair.

“As I said, it’s not what you think.”

“Then why are you hiding it?”

Before he could respond, the hospital director came rushing down the hall, waving you over in a panic.

“Y/N! New injured, come on!”

She ran back down the other way, her hair a mess, and clothing completely drenched in sweat and blood. Your heart began to race, and you rose without a second thought, leaving Newt once again.


“Yes, Sir.”

“Then you have your orders, Scamander. I suggest you ready yourself immediately. You’re being thrown into the eastern front.”

Newt saluted to his superior, standing at attention until the man sauntered back down the hall. He felt that familiar dread fill him, and as he looked down at the uniform set neatly on his bed he thought of you and only of you.


You turned the corner of the medical unit, sweat dripping down your brow as exhaustion began to overtake you. But, you weren’t quite done yet, there was still a few hours left in the day, and at least one of them could be spent with Newt.

As you walked down the hallway, smoothing out your smock, you glanced up stopping dead in your tracks when you came face to face with the very soldier you meant to see. Newt stood at his desk, placing his hat on his head, his eyes now meeting your own tear filled ones.

He offered you a sincere smile, and it was that moment that you understood how badly you wanted him to stay here, to never leave and be safe right next to you. You couldn’t help him out there, if he got injured, there was absolutely nothing you could possibly do to make it better, and that thought frightened you.

He grabbed the letter from his desk, and with a brisk pace he moved towards you, his boots scuffing across the ground.


“You’re leaving…”

You choked back your sobs, a painful tightening feeling developing in your chest as you did. But, crying wasn’t going to solve anything, and if this would be the last time you see him…well, you needed to be braver for him.

Newt nodded down at you, trying to remain positive as he brushed a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“Eastern front.”

You looked up at him, lifting a hand towards his face but at the last minute you lost all your resolve and you simply laid it against his jacket. You traced the metal of his many pins, trying to distract yourself from the idea of losing him.

“Mr. Scamander…”


He brought his hand up, holding it over your own that was clutching tightly to him, and rubbed his thumb over your knuckles, trying to offer some comfort. But, there wasn’t much else he could do now. He would be leaving tonight, that much was certain, no matter how desperately he wanted to stay with you.


His name escaped your lips in a broken cry, and you walked forward, laying your forehead against his strong chest. His warmth enveloped you, creating a sensation that managed to bring you ease for once. It took all your strength not to break down and cry, to hold him and beg him to stay, but when he slowly wrapped an arm around you, that was it.


Newt sighed deeply, resting his chin atop your head as he took you into his arms. This contact was foreign to him, at least as far as he could remember. He hadn’t been this close to anyone in years, and just the feeling of your body clinging to him was enough to make him grit his teeth and fight back the tears that threatened to fall.

“I’m so sorry.”

He pulled back from you, smiling as best he could under the circumstances. He fished through his jacket, pulling out the letter and placing it into your hands.

“Please make sure that reaches her. It’s important.”

Despite your emotions, you simply nodded, wanting to give him some hope even if it was sending out a letter to another woman that seemed to have his full affections.

Newt let out a soft chuckle, wiping a few of your tears away before leaning down and kissing your cheek. His lips lingered there for a moment, but whatever he was thinking he decided against it.

“Don’t read it.”

Even through all your blushing, you looked up at his handsome face, wondering why he’d say such a thing. It’s not like you ever peered into his other letters, you always took them to the post, and that was it. But, when you noticed the grin on his features, something told you he wanted you to do the exact opposite.


He walked passed you, turning one last time with a small smile before heading towards the many other soldiers ready to be shipped out once again. Your eyes never left his back, and you stood silent there in the hall until he was just a memory again. Hopelessness filled your mind, and you sank back into his bed, feeling like your whole world was swept from under you. You traced the wax seal on his letter, and when you turned it over your eyes widened.

There, in his handwriting, was your name. Not Theseus, not Leta, yours. With the quickest of movements, you broke the seal, and hastily opened the parchment.

“Ms. Y/N,

I do believe I’ve grown quite fond of you over these weeks, perhaps even more than I care to admit…words cannot express my gratitude for your most gracious care. So, allow me to just say, thank you.

If I had not bore witness to your pretty face every morning, with a tray of awful food in hand, I might’ve very well lost my mind.

Even now, you think this letter to be for another, my apologies for hiding it. I assure you, this woman you believe to be my sweetheart couldn’t be any less so…I really can’t say much of her now days. People change…I’ve changed.

I owe that to you. To you, who has given me the strength to continue, and to have something…someone, to return to once this war is over. If you’ll have me…

May we meet again, under far better circumstances.

Newt Scamander

P.S. Do practice your chess, you’re quite awful at it.”


Please do give feedback if you can!!!! ❤️

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I Didn’t Know You Were So Easy

Sam x Reader//Smut

Warnings: NSFW, 

Author’s Note: I was eating dinner with one of my staff at boarding school and had this conversation- it was with food but I instantly thought of this and was inspired to write something based off that short conversation.

“It got all over my beard, didn’t it?” He asks me as I giggle a little, smiling down at him. I shake my head ‘no’ as he gets ready to continue, “Well, it will be by the time I’m done” I laugh for a moment before Sam returns his head to it’s prior position- between my legs.

My head falls back on the pillow, I continue to try and keep myself propped up with my elbows underneath me so I can watch Sam; I mouth a ‘wow’ as Sam licks a stripe up my core- I let out a shallow breath as I try not to show how unwound he’s getting me considering we’ve only just begun. I feel Sam retract and blow his cool breath over my heated, wet core- a different sensation from the former heat I’d felt from his hot mouth exploring the depths of me in such an intimate way we’d never done before.

I’d heard from sources- mostly former exes- that Sam was good at giving head, but I’d never experienced and couldn’t compare to until now… Let it be said that I’d be damned if I said it wasn’t true.

I close my eyes and feel the different sensations that I’m experiencing: Sam’s beard scratches my lips and thighs a little which contrasts the feeling his soft, wet tongue brings. The pain his beard is giving off as it lightly scratches me turns to pleasure- I sigh at the feeling. “Fuck,” I whisper under my breath as I feel like he’s purposefully using his beard as a means of teasing.

I let out a whimper, muffled by my lips as I try to contain myself. Sam flicks his tongue across my clit making me jump as the sensitive spot gets momentarily shocked by the sensation- he repeats this. I gasp and hold onto the thin sheets beneath me as Sam continues to devour me; I bite the inside of my cheek, eventually giving up and letting myself truly unwind. I move my hands to Sam’s hair and play with his soft, tough long locks as he eats me out.

As Sam changes up his game and starts to tease my entrance with his tongue my legs begin to try and close in a motion to get more pressure; Sam holds my legs in place as I start to feel myself inch closer to the edge. “Stop” Sam complains as I try to keep my legs steady and obey his demands; Sam’s nose begins to nudge my clit adding a new euphoric feeling to the mixture as I feel myself tip over the edge.

My back arches as I tug on Sam’s hair letting myself orgasm at the sheer audacity that this was the work of Sam’s mouth alone. Sam rubs my thighs as I come down, my breathing eventually returning to normal as I look down to see Sam smiling smugly. “Wow, I didn’t know you were so easy Y/N” Sam comments as I blush, smacking his head lightly in play; I laugh as I notice Sam’s beard is definitely covered- just as he’d said.

I’ll Always Come Back to You

Summary: When Dean loses his memory, you decide to tell him everything that you’ve all been through, from the beginning.

Pairing: DeanxMale!reader

Other characters: Sam Winchester, John Winchester, Castiel(mention)

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Language, ANGST, kissing, Dean’s memory loss from 12x12, death mention, flangst

Word count: 4800+

A/N: Seriously man this shit ruined my life when writing it, both from fluff and angst. I am sorry.

Eternity squad: @mrswhozeewhatsis @beriala @busybee612  @kittenofdoomage @aprofoundbondwithdean @ign-is @icantthinkofaname-oops @catsoftheapocalypse  @purgatoan

You rush into the hotel room, your chest heaving as you observe the space. Post-it notes are everywhere, identifying each item. You lock eyes with Sam, and he gives you a helpless look, trying to form the words to say.

“Where is he?” you ask, your voice as steady as it can be. As if on cue, Dean walks out of the bathroom, staring between you and Sam. Finally, a smile stretches across his face. You smile in return, your shoulders falling.

“Who’s he?” Dean asks in a near whisper, pointing at you with that same smile. You face falls, your heart dropping into your stomach. Sam puts on a strong face, standing from his seat.

“It’s Y/N, remember? Boyfriend?” the younger Winchester says. Dean’s eyes light up, his mouth gaping.

“He’s my boyfriend?” he asks, smiling wider when you nod. “Awesome,” he breathes, a grin on his face. You rest your hand on Dean’s shoulder, leading him to the bed and sitting him down.

“How much time do we got?” you ask, turning to face Sam. He looks so small. His hands are shaking, and the color is drained from his face. “Sammy, you gotta breathe man,” you say, holding a hand up to him. He nods frantically, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

“I’ll call Rowena again,” Sam says as he pulls out his phone. Dean stares between you both, pursing his lips.


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The Affair - Chapter 1

The Request: Negan lives next door to a married reader. They flirt on occasion so sexual tension has been built up. The reader’s husband works a lot and while her husband is at work – Negan eventually decides to pay her a visit and hot passionate nasty smut takes place!

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC)

Rating: Mature, for eventual smut. 

Warnings: Swearing 

Notes: The requester wanted a slow burn, so it’s very minimal right now…y/n means your name. I also gave small nod to Supernatural in a way in this…

AO3 Link:

Tags: @jasoncrouse, @ronweaselz, @hiddlesdowneyjr, @ali-pennell, @melodicdolls, @namelesslosers, @deepsouth, @shanaatjelove11, @warriorqueen1991, @caitydestroys, @acklesdowneyandhiddles-ohmy​, @jaylaelizabethw​, @prettyepiic *I tagged those I usually do for The Mistress, if you only wanted to be tagged on The Mistress, please let me know*

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rik mayall looks: rating my not-husband’s different eras (10/10)

baby rik/fuzzy rik - barbara first fell in love with rik from this era and i can def. see why. a cutie patootie baby that you also want to have their babies. 10/10

secret and rare longhair college rik - *fanning myself like an old southern lady in church*. i mean it’s blurry but it’s hotter than sasquatch at least. 10/10

‘Wick’ from The Young Ones - Punk-rock pigtails are definitely a thing now. Super cute spotty acne. Hair doesn’t look as red as usual but maybe that’s because I’m comparing it to Vyvvyan’s super-red tri-hawk. Either way, anarchic and v. cute. Great look for bringing down the fascist pigs. 8.5/10

mid-80s super close head shave - um??? love you but kinda glad this look didn’t last very long. this look is for dudes with weird natural hair not guys with genetic ginger perfection. recognize your brilliance. 6.8/10

colin from bad news - hair (obvious wig) gets darker and curlier over time and i definitely approve. also i guarantee 100% that barbara did his makeup and it’s absolutely gorgeous. and the 80s heavy metal fashion sells this piece. 9.5/10

alan b’stard in the new statesman - finally took my advice n grew his real hair out. gave it curls which i 100% approve. alan is a real b’stard in this show but this super sexy look was a standout. also rik’s a super good actor. go see it. 9/10

Flashheart in WWI - in rik’s own words: ‘so sex’. loved talking about flashheart because it was the sexiest he ever felt on screen and he was stealing the show by being really really funny. also in his own words: ‘i am a living penis!’ 14/10

official 80s Rik look - jESUS. this is goals. also this era produced that one over dramatic but still sexy photo of him in the shower that i will never get over. 10/10

(ok what the heck here it is. and for the record this = 100000000/10)

beardy rik 1st iteration - OH. MY. GOD. I have a crush all over again. 16/10

Travellers’ Cheques/Lemmy tribute - mucho desperado. what. a. babe. 15/10

this effing music video look nobody expected - ARE YOU SERIOUS??? OK I GUESS MY LIFE IS RUINED NOW. 250000/10

the unbridled perfection that is the Rik Mayall Presents era of looks: okay let’s go into each of these in detail.

#1 - this is my favorite RMP episode and rik is brilliant in it. also this gave us a taste of how Grey Fox era Rik would look like down the road. wouldn’t be fully realized until Jonathan Creek in 1998 and we’ll get to that later. but damn. 9.6/10

#2 - this would go on to become the official 90s Rik look, so i should give them the same rating. plus this episode is creepy and hot. 10/10

#3 - Dad (in glasses) Rik. I don’t use the acronym DILF often. and I still won’t. but just know that that applies here. 9.7/10

#4 - beard rik iteration 2. rik hated growing beards and only ever did it for acting purposes. plus dirty old town wasn’t the best. but this look is amazing. it bugs me that this is my least favorite episode but has the most gorgeous look. 26/10

official 90s rik look - bit more pudge and bit more lines on face. still f*cking hot. embraced his dad side and talked about his family more in interviews, and wore a lot more dad clothes like jumpers and sweaters. also in the late 90s after his death gave him a new lease on life, was more carefree in interviews and never stopped talking. also flirted up a storm with everyone. one of my favorites. 10/10

the ‘jesus look’/Merlin the Return - i’m still not over this look. I will never be over this look. this is art, this is f*cking beautiful. this is what white jesus wishes he was like. also actual brown jesus probably approves up in heaven. infinity/10

the mavis davis era/blond i guess? - a series of messed up studio mandated dye jobs that combined into this color. rik hated it. he made jokes about himself in interviews of the time but was obviously very insecure about it. can’t hate on it too much since it wasn’t his choice, but yeah, not the best color combo. but he’s still able to pull it off by being his charming as hell self, and it later faded. 8/10

the grey-age begins - like 90s only getting noticeably more grey. obviously rik didn’t want his hair dyed after mavis davis debacle and that was a good choice. also became his look for the 2000s as well after he grew it out from being short, or vice versa. i don’t know the timelines. but ihe and ade both looked great in the late 90s during the guest house paradiso times. 10/10

Jonathan Creek - The look that shook the world by revealing that Rik had gone full grey for realsies. this ain’t the young ones anymore guys, grey fox rik is here to stay. this was also the first project he took on after his death on the quad bike and recovery in the hospital. so f*cking brave and it gets extra points. 22/10

grey fox rik - was around for most of the mid 2000s and featured prominently in quality programs such as All About George, Violent Nation. slightly more dad-ish and still punk and very very cute. lots of great interviews from this time. 10/10

the silverage begins/Believe Nothing - this probably was before short grey fox timeline wise, but there was already silver and white under the grey in those so i will counting this as the first time we see silver, even though he’s still vaguely ginger most of the time. he’s gorgeous either way and i love this show. 10.5/10

wut - wut. yeah this was a bit of a weird choice. skunkbeard no go. he got rid of it soon after his one episode and went back to his good beard record. 6.7/10

sideswept disheveled thing I didn’t even know about until i started looking at more pictures for this whole project - i fucking love this. no censors. 15/10

bombadier - beer commercials and rik with beards are like macaroni n cheese pizza: two things too good for this world. also rik’s new whiteage underneath the silver means there’s going to be a new rik era very soon. stay tuned. 9.8/10

official dad rik in Man Down - full beardy rik look #3, this time grown to make him look 20 years older since he’s late 50s and playing greg davies’ 70 year old pop pop. next to 6′7 greg he’s an adorable dwarf dad. he also gets to indulge in more dad fashion, while still being punk rock and saying ‘comrade’. also like JC this is the first time we see a new era of all-white hair rik, and it’s so cool. 10/10

unfortunately the last days of rik - full white hair, sans beard, jean jackets and shorts and his life is buying lil sudoku books from stores and sleeping on trains. has fully embraced his old dad status and loves it. can still be suave as f*ck in a blue and white suit though (in his last film Der Ontsnapping in Holland). Despite his big personality he still was facing a lot of medical problems including epilepsy and the other repercussions of his head injury. died way too soon and we still will miss him always. it was personally one of the worst times of my life. infinity/10

Robb Stark- I am His, He is Mine

Requested by the wonderful @thatrobbstark Sorry it took so long!

The soft chirping of birds slowly made its way through the windows, melting into the rays of sunshine slowly spreading across the bed, its heat stirring you from your sleep. Although you really weren’t complaining, there have been many worse ways in which you have been awoken at the castle of Winterfell, the cruellest of which was easily the giant slobbery ‘kiss’ given to you by the direwolf belonging to the man you love. A direwolf, which in many ways reminds you of him, fiercely loyal and strong but still young and playful when you were alone or surrounded by his younger siblings, it was moments like that, soft and kind… meaningful even if neither of you were truly aware of the effect it was having on either of your hearts.

Well you knew soon after what it had done to yours.

You couldn’t look at him without your heart swelling and butterflies erupting in your stomach at the sight of his smile and his laugh that most of the time came out in barks and small moments, but occasionally Jon or Arya would say or do something that would make laughter erupt out of him, proper laughter, the kind that is fuelled by your gut and makes your jaw hurt after a few moments. Those kinds of laughs were rare for him, but you loved it nonetheless, it makes it so much more special when they do happen.

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"To this day they don’t even know hot Ben’s arm was around her and Darren was totally by himself" Do you remember that video filmed during the backstage in New York where D approaches W and C that are talking and has a slightly possessive face? It's a little bit different with the Beard ;-)


He literally don’t give a fuck of her. So he was totally cool and even relived to not be the “bf”, even if there were cameras everywhere, because isn’t his place.

I’m sorry I have to my hand only this video, but you can totally see him be pissed off af at the beginning of the video and 0:30. (If someone have a better video, please link)

Or even in this pic - that’s totally my favorite meme about him lol. He’s so pissed off that I can only laugh at his face.

He’s protective and jealous af when comes to people who he really loves and not the people who can’t stand even their presence.

Ours (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: can you do a bellamy imagine where bellamy and the reader are together and bellamy goes missing ( you can decide what happened to him) and he comes back while later and finds out that the reader had a baby (thats his) idk this was just a headcanon i had

A\N: omg i loved writing this xox hope you like it!!

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“He's– He can’t be gone.” You stutter as the world around you begins to spin in a fit of panic, “Find him!” You yell above the noise of people talking. Finn and Jasper look at you like you’re going crazy, “Please.” You beg, speaking more quietly this time. The last thing you want is for more attention to be on you than it already is. The leader is gone and all eyes are on you as his second in command before Clarke. 

“We’ve been looking for the past week, Y/N.” Clarke states as she touches your shoulder, trying to be comforting but it only makes you flinch, “He’s g–”

“Look harder! He can’t just disappear.” You shake her hand off you as you interrupt her. Tears begin to brim your eyes and you’re so tired of everyone looking at you with pity and talking down to you.

“Just because he’s gone doesn’t mean you have to do this alone.” Clarke whispers to you and your hands instinctively go down to hold your stomach. It’s been a month since you found out about your child. You were waiting for the right time to tell Bellamy – that was the plan until he disappeared.

“Clarke.” You address her in a low voice and she looks a little scared of you, “He was everything I had.” A tear slips past your eye as you stare at the ground. This is the first time you’ve ever talked about him in the past tense - as if he were dead, “I am alone.”


“You’re so precious,” you smile at your young daughter who looks back confused but then bursts out in a fit of giggles, “I love you so, so, so much!” You hold her carefully in your arms as the sun goes down. You kiss her small forehead and soft cheeks, making her laugh even more. Hearing someone step inside your tent, you turn and see Finn who watches on with a look of dismay. You immediately know something’s wrong, “What am I needed for?” You question, standing up and holding your fragile girl as she plays with a strand of your hair.

“Let me take her first.” Finn states, taking a step forward and you take a step back protectively, “Y/N, it’s okay.” He reassures you as he holds his arms out.

“Sorry,” you reply quickly, not realising how stupid you’re being - it’s Finn, it’s someone you can trust, “She’s probably missed you.” You smile as you hand her over slowly and gently. Finn holds her with a smile and she starts playing with his hair too.

“Hello gorgeous girl,” Finn whispers in his high baby voice, “how are you today?” She giggles and pulls on his hair lightly.

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Zevran Inquisition Party Banter Part 3

potential da:o and da:i spoilers below. Read at your own risk. 


Zevran: Are you feeling well, my friend?

Blackwall: I’m feeling just fine. Why d’you ask?

Zevran: Are you certain? Ah, well perhaps you are distracted by our dashing leader’s good looks, yes? I don’t blame you, they are quite good looking. 

Blackwall: Are you going somewhere with this?

Zevran: Well you see my friend, when I traveled with my dear warden, s/he and Alistair were never surprised by the darkspawn. And yet, I noticed we had no warning about that last group of them 

Blackwall: Right. Well. …I just thought they were further away than that. No point announcing it then. 

Zevran: Hm… 


Blackwall: So. You fought in the fifth blight?

Zevran: Ah, yes! It is quite a tale! Or, well, it will be after I decide how to tell it without including the days of trekking through icy fields of mud and frozen wastes, or the many varied ways my dear warden was distracted by finding stray pets….

Blackwall: You’re not serious. 

Zevran: My friend, you have not traveled Ferelden if you have not solved at least ten personal disputes. 


post - revelations

Zevran: And I thought I was the only murderer in our merry band!

Blackwall: Don’t, please. Not about this.

Zevran: I was only going to say, my friend, that it is not every day one gets a second chance. Do not waste it. 

if Blackwall is in a Romance with the Inquisitor, and Zevran romanced the Warden

Zevran: I was only going to say, my friend, that it sounds familiar. 

Blackwall: What are you on about?

Zevran: Oh, did you not hear? I met my dear warden because I was sent to assassinate her/him. 

Blackwall: Well. That’s – heartening. Thank you. 

Zevran: (laughs) I thought you might think so, my bearded friend!



Sera: uuuugh, elves. 

Zevran: My dear woman, pardon me if I’m wrong but you too are an elf, are you not?

Sera: Yeah but I’m not all elfy like sir-fadey-bottom, all, ‘the veil is wibbly here’ and that shite. 

Zevran: (laughs) I see! Well, I can think of ten differences between myself and our shiny friend without trying. 

Sera: Whatever. Bet you can’t name one. You can’t!

Zevran: Hmmm, well. if nothing else, I have hair, my friend.


Zevran: I am beginning to feel rather like a bullseye. What has you staring my friend? 

Sera: You’ve been in Denerim, right? 

Zevran: Not in some time, why is it you ask?

Sera: When I was little there was this box, and this door and these people –

Zevran: Truly, a remarkable tale. 

Sera: Shut it, you! But there was this box, and I took it and you were there!

Zevran: Between you and me, my friend, I still have no idea what you are talking about. 


Sera: (cackling)

Zevran: (laughs)

Sera: (over the top cackling)

Zevran: (laughs longer)

Sera: (snort-laughing)

Zevran: (’evil’ laughing)

Sera: (’evil’ laughing)

Zevran: Ah, that’s my game!

Sera: Piss. 



Dorian: Did I hear right, Zevran? You were an Antivan Crow? I’ve heard of them. You don’t get many in the Imperium. 

Zevran: Well, yes. Do not take this the wrong way my friend, but it is hard to assassinate someone when so many other people have already lined up to try.

Dorian: (laughs) None taken. 


Zevran: Ugh, why this, and all the mud? Mud should not exist when it is this cold!

Dorian: And then there’s the ever-present stench of wet dog. Where does it come from I wonder?

Zevran: There isn’t even a dog, this time. 

Dorian: Blasted southern winters. 

Zevran: Ugh.

Inquisitor: It’s spring. 

if Varric is in the party

Varric: Maybe if either of you wore more clothes you wouldn’t be so cold. 

Zevran: And hide these legs?

Dorian: Perish the thought.


Dorian: Those tattoos, Zevran. Do they mean anything?

Zevran: Oh, these? (laughs) There serve only to emphasize what is already there, my friend. I have more if you’d like to see them. 

Dorian: Well, perhaps I would. You know where my tent is. 

if Dorian is in a romance with the Inquisitor

Inquisitor: I’m right here you know. 

Zevran: You can come too, my friend. The more the merrier!

Dorian: Oh, look at him blush! 

Inquisitor: (sighs)

How Ben sees it - “This should be us but”..... Part 1

We all know that B/ns been living in the PR house now for 2 years and despite B/n’s recent outing as a room mate D’s PR team have yet to explain his presence properly. Everyone in this fandom has seen posts that show Ben in the bedroom etc, but there doesn’t seem to be as many of his new posts here.  I was looking at @ajw720‘s recent and excellent post X on how Ben and Mia communicate through their social media and thought it’d be fun to put a few posts together AND if you don’t look through their twitter and IG accounts you should as things can often be connected that hint towards a relationship

Ben has now posted ‘this should be us’ comment 3 times.  Usually connected to current or recent bearding.  

The first time was 14 November 2017.  This one was posted during H/dwig and prior to Ben’s visit to Australia.  I’m sure we can all remember the various Thanksgiving PR pics M/a posted at the time with D not in sight and maybe B/n knew about the Xmas stunt of filming Christmas in October.  I believe this is a comment on her job. B/n went to the UK at Christmas and M/a stayed in the USA.  

The second was 15 January 2017. The Obama pic.  D & B/n had performed a few days before in NYC at the Bowie Tribute concerts and Ben as due to go to Kentucky on the 27th Jan after performing at the tribute at the Wiltern LA.  Could she have chosen this road trip?  No she chooses to go stay and do the W/men’s March which also provided the opportunity for a new PR stunt with D and some publicity for her and her friends. 

Ben performs at the Wiltern and goes south to Kentucky without M/a immediately after.

I think she’d declined his offer and we get this tweet. 

He does however try and show some support to his gurl and D for the march despite his feelings.  Note he mentions men can be feminists.

Three days later and in Kentucky Hudson is tweeting again.  I wonder who this is aimed at?

Shortly after M/a responds with a Snap chat and the words Lonely boy 😍🤘😍”

We then get February, Vancouver, the pap snaps and Valentines.  I’m not gonna post about Feb as that deserves one of it’s own (Part 2) which I will post over the next few days.

Finally we get to the third “it could be us but…….” IG posted 5 March 2017.  Now Hudson is in the Far East including the Maldives while M/a has chosen to take part in some heavy bearding duties again including red carpets, the o/cars, F/ud instead of raking up the offer of another fun trip with B/n.  IS THIS BEGINNING TO SOUND FAMILIAR YET?  Read AJWs pos for that analysis X  , M/a responds with a post on contracts.

One final thought.  It does seem that our B/n is a romantic soul who likes nothing better than  a quiet night in with a roaring fire, a bottle of wine, his dog (which D’s allergic to ;) and a pink haired Unicorn.  I wonder who that could possibly be???

So this is how I think B/n sees it and In D’s words “I’ll let that sit with you for a while”.

The truth will set you free/ Leap of faith

Remember Darren has lived this lie for minimum 7 years. He has been bagered, belittled, moched, even hated. This has to take a toll and if I had to wager there is a little bit of PTSD. You cannot live, yes I know he didn’t live in the house, but he went on vacays, red carpets, events, etc, with someone who turned out to be vile, and expect them not to have negative  emotional feelings. It takes a toll. You have to question yourself, and everyone involved. It would take an extreme LEAP OF FAITH to trust your enviornment, people, management (not just his team), fans and of course yourself with any decision you make. PTSD. And I believe we don’t know half the bad that went on behind the scenes with M, his team and Fox/Ryan. While I am a big believer of “the truth will set you free”, we do not live his life. As someone reminded me he is not the young, nieve 23 year old any more. He has had to grow up and learn the hard way not everyone has your best interest at heart. So in the long run we can speculate all we want…we do not know how every thing has effected him, or how he feels. I believe he has removed himself from LA to give himself a fresh perspective, and leave the drama and it’s queen behind to find fresh footing and be with those who love him just for him.

As we have all said many times we cannot live his life. He has to make choices, I’m sure his head is spinning trying to make the best decision for all. Because we know there is more then one life at stake, and we all know as well, he won’t just think of himself and how this impacts him. So we will have to set back and watch, cry, laugh, and run the gamut of emotions with him. Because no matter how he proceeds we all love and support him no matter how he proceeds.


I do not for one second even question that Darren is suffering emotionally from this ordeal. I take that as fact.  Whether its PTDS or severe depression or a combination is unclear. But he absolutely suffers, And I can only hope that in addition to the support he receives from Chris and his parents, that he is seeking professional help. But that only goes so far. Because as long as he continues to live this nightmare, he can’t really put himself on the road to recovery. And we all know, no matter what choice is made- truth, new beard, single Darren, key to beginning his recovery is cutting that woman out of his life.  And i would love to see him clean house with his team as well. But I am managing my expectations. Mia gone from his life will be huge and it will be instrumental in his ability to recover from the severe trauma he has endured.

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HC that otabek grows facial hair like a beast, like he's pretty much prince adam from BATB and has to shave CONSTANTLY. Well in the beginning, Yuri doesn't notice, but when his friend gets sick or takes a few days off, he decides to visit. Only to see a thick, manly, hairy beard in his wake. and he's like L U M B E R J A C K F A N T A S I E S C O N F I R M E D

Rest in fucking pieces Yura