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It's Good for You

Summary:  You need to find a way to get some exercise when you’re out on a case with Sam and Dean.  Dean is happy to oblige.

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count:  1493

Warnings:  SMUT (oral, female receiving, unprotected sex), fluff

A/N:  I may be developing an exercise kink.  Who knew?

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You slam the door behind you as you stomp into the motel room.  Dean is still in bed just rising up on his elbow rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Whoa, they didn’t have the right set of dumbbells, princess?”

“Ha, ha, Dean.  No they were closed.  A water main broke or something.  How am I supposed to exercise without a gym?

“You wanna come with me for a run?” Sam asks stepping out of the bathroom in his running gear.

You’re about to give Sam your “are-you-serious?” look when Dean chimes in.

“This one?  Go on a run with you?” Dean laughs from his bed.  “Don’t you remember that hunt when she was being chased by a ghoul?  She tried to speed walk away.”

“Shut up!” you throw one of your shoes at Dean.

Dean ducks down as it whizzes past his head.

“Don’t get me wrong sweetheart, you’re the fastest speed walker I’ve ever seen.”

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Hello darling, how's about a little fic or headcannon for Pharah, 76, and Zarya. Where they come back from a morning workout (because let's face it, they probably all get up at dawn to workout) and find their s/o still in bed, but wearing an article of their clothing.

Gaahh, don’t call me darling, you’ll make me blush! /////// I’m supposed to call you darlin’ dammit! >:0

Anyway, since you requested three people at a time, I’ll do headcanons for now, just because that’s easier and, frankly, I always find writing headcanons more fun because I can do little stupid things in those. <D



  • She and Zarya are long-distance work-out buds, I swear
  • Anyway she probably gets up at like four a.m.
  • Eats something small, fills a giant-ass water bottle, then she’s on her way
  • Her work-out consists of a five-mile run before the gym, a hardcore almost-military workout at said gym that would make masculine bodybuilder seem like a fragile little flower, then a seven-mile run before heading home
  • Once she gets home, she’ll take a shower so she doesn’t reek, then starts breakfast for her and her s/o
  • After breakfast is a go, she’ll go to check on her s/o and wake them up to come sit
  • They’re still asleep splayed out haphazardly on the bed
  • Like one foot’s against the headboard, the other leg is off the opposite side of the bed, their head’s hanging off the bed and resting on the chest at the foot of it instead, the blankets are everywhere but on the bed
  • At least they got a good night’s sleep, as the position shows
  • They’ll be stiff as when when they wake up though
  • They’re also wearing one of Fareeha’s pairs of boxer shorts that she uses as pajamas
  • They’re so precious and pure and sweet
  • She’ll just stand and are marvel at the beauty of her s/o, despite how ugly of a sleeper they are <D
  • Then she briefly forgets about breakfast until she smells smoke
  • “OH SHIT!” -loud but light foot taps as she runs back to the kitchen-
  • S/O wakes up from her shout and flails the rest of the way off the bed
  • After gaining their senses, they get up and stiffly limp to the kitchen
  • There’s the bird-wife fanning the slightly charred bacon before the smoke detector goes off
  • Personally, I like burnt bacon so this’d be a morning dream-come-true
  • S/O ends up helping her finish breakfast
  • Her fingers will eventually end up rubbing the skin just under the waistband of her shorts that s/o’s wearing at some point
  • She’ll set up the table while they fix the bacon, then they’ll both sit down to eat and chat over eggs and pancakes and more or less decent bacon
  • Afterwards she’ll invite them to join her for yoga or stretching so they can work out their stiff bodies together
  • Also because it another excuse for getting touchy, which Pharah’s always a fan of


  • Similar workout ethic as Pharah
  • Like I said, they’re long-distance workout buddies
  • Plus Zarya loves to show off
  • So she goes to one of those huge, hardcore public gyms that only seriously fit people go to use
  • Also you know that she made one of those huge, nasty-looking/tasting energy/protein smoothies before she went out too
  • And then she spends her morning putting them to shame in the best-humored way
  • She knows a lot of the people there
  • Gets into competitions with various bodybuilder one
  • One of these are probably Reinhardt
  • She usually wins, then proceeds to give whoever she won against tips
  • She indirectly becomes a personal trainer for some of those struggling there
  • When she comes home, the first thing she does is get a drink of water, then check in on her s/o
  • They’re curled up in her huge bed, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket and wearing one of her tank tops that’s a literal dress on them
  • She’ll smile and quietly come in to change out of her workout gear
  • Then she’ll go over to her s/o and run her fingers through their hair or give their arm a little squeeze
  • Just something noticeable enough to wake their s/o up briefly so she can tell them that she’s home
  • She’ll kiss their forehead or temple and run her fingers lightly along their body where it’s clothed by her tank top
  • Might ride the tank top up a bit to massage the skin underneath a bit, just enough to help you relax back into sleep mode
  • It’s her favorite thing to see them wearing her stuff as sleepwear, tbh
  • Then she’ll leave them to sleep while she makes herself some breakfast
  • She’ll come back into the room with a cup of coffee and sit in bed with them until they finally wake up
  • Just tracing her fingers along their body or running a hand through their hair while listening to the quiet nature noises coming through the window
  • When they do wake up, she’ll ask what they want for breakfast
  • She’ll carry them out into the kitchen and have them sit on the counter while she makes what they want
  • If they really want to help, she’ll have them grab things that are nearby where they’re sitting for her
  • She’ll sit with you while you eat and talk about her workout and any dreams you had and plans for the day
  • Then you’ll both spend a couple hours in the shower together

Solder 76

  • He has a home gym or a private gym, or gets up earlier than everybody so he’s gone before more people show up
  • He’s just not a fan of working out in front of everyone else
  • He works out shirtless or in a tank top and either sweats or shorts and he just doesn’t want his scarred body to be looked on by loads of people
  • Not to mention the questions about working about blind he gets every once in while
  • He’s not blind, goddammit
  • He just has cloudy vision
  • The glasses Mercy had engineered for specifically for him helps a lot
  • His sight is almost back to normal now, if not a bit blurry still
  • Sometimes he loses track of time during workouts and his s/o will be up before he gets home
  • This happens frequently
  • So they’ll either make him breakfast or coffee or just go to the basement where the gym is to see him
  • Either way their wearing his shirt and his pajama pants, both of which are way too big on them
  • He hears them before he sees them and stops his workout to apologize for waking them up if he did so
  • When he turns around and sees them decked out in his sleep attire, he gets bit flustered though
  • Either stops talking mid-sentence to marvel at them or looks away and stumbles over the rest of his words
  • When they say he didn’t wake them up but he did lose track of his workout time, he gets all huffy and glares at the clock before walking over to give his s/o a hug and a kiss
  • If they’re okay with him touching them while he’s all sweaty, that is
  • They are; it takes a lot for him to get really sweaty gross
  • If they hadn’t made him breakfast and/or coffee, he asks them to stay while he does his last couple of sets
  • He offers to let them sit on his back while he does one-handed push-ups
  • Or hold down his feet while he does sit-ups (and give him kisses when he reaches his knees)
  • Or spot him while he does his weights
  • High-key trying to impress his s/o, even though he really doesn’t need to
  • At some point, he’ll just randomly comment something about them wearing his clothes
  • Something like “You look good in those” or “You can have those if you want”
  • Low-key telling them to keep wearing his clothes
  • After he finishes his workout, he’ll take them upstairs and he’ll go take a shower
  • He’ll probably ask them to sit in the bathroom with him to chat while he does so
  • Then they’ll both make breakfast after he’s done
  • They make the best coffee
  • His always tastes like dirty water
  • When they eat, he’ll have them sit on his lap on the living room couch and they’ll share breakfast together while watching cartoons or some random old movie that’s on
  • He’ll play with their clothes throughout breakfast
  • After the food’s and coffee’s all gone, the TV tray will be set aside while y’all cuddle for a while
  • He’ll continue to play with the clothes they’re wearing
  • Plus kisses
  • Ending up pinned down under him on the couch with his mouth on their neck his hands in their pants and up their shirt is a total possibility here
  • Keep wearing his clothes
First Time’s Free

“Come on Josh… I didn’t know you wanted to go to the gym tonight. We were just supposed to the movies,” Peter whined. He hated how much time Josh spent in the gym. It seemed unhealthy. But every time Peter would bring that up Josh would just flex his arms asking if they looked unhealthy. No. The answer was always no.

“C’mon man. I couldn’t go to the gym today. Besides I got like four free days for friends,” he said, “You don’t even have to pay.”

It really wasn’t up to Peter to decide what they were doing. Josh was driving. There really wasn’t another way for him to get back home. Instead he’d have to think of something that might get Josh to do something else. “I don’t have anything to wear. I don’t want to get my polo all sweaty and gross.”

Josh instantly started digging in his back seat. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve got just the thing.” He pulled out a sweaty old muscle shirt and some fabric shorts. There was no way they had been washed for a while. Dirt clung to the side of the shirt while sweat stained the shorts. Hopefully it was sweat. “You can wear these,” he smiled while tossing them at Peter’s chest.

“I can…” Peter said dumbfounded. “These are definitely clothes that I can put on.” He had a distinctly disgusted tone to it but Josh didn’t care. It was time for his workout. He led little Peter into the gym.

“Locker room over there. I’ll wait for you out here.” Josh always used a lot of hand gestures when giving directions. “I’m going to get started and if I finish fast enough we can still go see that movie.” Peter was feeling like he should protest but only knew it would make Josh take even longer. Bitterly, he drug his feet on his way to the locker room.

There were so many big guys all over the place Peter couldn’t really believe what kind of gym this was. Sure he expected there to be some guys like Josh but it was like everyone. Peter kept his eyes front. He didn’t want to be caught checking all of the other guys. That would just make him feel even more embarrassed.

Peter waited a few moments before started taking his clothes off. Shyness was practically what he was known for in high school. He thought back and wondered how he was friends with someone like Josh. This was the first time he’d actually stepped into a gym that you had to pay for. However his mind quickly changed to the smell of the shirt Josh had given him. It completely assaulted his senses.

“This. Has not. Been. Washed,” Peter blankly said holding the foul smelling shirt away from his body. He looked at it completely disgusted. “Ugh,” he groaned knowing he would have to spend at least an hour here whether he wore it or not. He weighed his options again. Sitting awkward at a gym with a bunch of buff dudes in khakis and a polo, or actually trying this shirt on and walking on a treadmill.

“Fine…” he groaned as he pulled the shirt closer. It was absolutely massive on him. He couldn’t help but laugh at how stupid he looked. Josh weighed like twice as much as him. Of course his shirt wouldn’t fit him properly.

“Bro’s got a massive stank too,” he laughed. “Needs more body spray.” His voice deepened as he checked himself out in the mirror. His muscles looked like they were lacking today. It was a good thing that Josh suggested going to the gym. He flexed for himself checking them out. For some reason they seemed so much smaller than usual. “Nah man, It’s just cause Josh is so big,” he tried easing his ego. Really the shirt wasn’t that big. He tried a different pose in the mirror. He wanted to flex his chest. His pecs were feeling tight. With another pose the shirt fit him even better.

Another laugh bellowed out of him. “Da fuck am I thinkin? Shirts mine. Fits like a glove. I musta left it in his back seat when we played football the other day. That’s why it’s so wicked dirty.” He lifted up his shirt and slapped his abs. “Bro wishes he was as jacked as me. He’s got the height but I got the real bod.” He flexed again, “Damn right.”

Peter left the locker room feeling pretty good. He felt like he had energy to work out all night. “BRO!” he shouted across the gym.

“BRO!” Josh shouted back. The two beat their chests laughing. They were ready for a long night of working out.

starlighticefire  asked:

Can I ask for the GOM (including Kuroko) and Himuro reacting to a girl who has a crush on him, but he doesn't know until her friends tell him?

*cries* I finally have my computer up and running again!!! Also requests for Himuro make me very happy because I feel like he doesn’t get enough love.

Kuroko:  “Ok, but why does ____ like Kuroko-kun? He’s like a ghost. It’s kinda creepy,” one of the girls in the group cringed.

The boy nearly stopped in his tracks when he heard those words. Not the thing about him being a ghost, since he kinda expected that. His lack of presence was something he was well aware of, obviously.

He heard the name of a girl that was in his class. And that she liked him. They sat on opposite sides of the classroom, but she was pretty. Kuroko felt his face heat up at learning this new information that the girl liked him. A part of him wanted to confront her about it, but a part of him wanted to see if she’d gain the confidence to tell him. He walked to class with a spring in step and a small smile on his face.

Akashi: A girl known for being… in kinder terms, a floozy, came up to Akashi one day and thankfully he already had a rejection speech ready. He wasn’t interested in relationships at the moment, especially not with someone who wouldn’t take it seriously.

“Akashi-kun, I’m a good friend of ____, and she would never tell you herself, but she has an almost debilitating crush on you.” She tossed hair over her shoulder and scoffed. “She’s such a pansy sometimes, but I figured if I told you then you might be able to do something about it.”

With that, she walked away, leaving Akashi somewhat dumbfounded. He blinked cluelessly for a few moments before he sat down at his desk. He knew the girl; in fact she sat right next to him. She was nice, didn’t get the best grades in class, but he knew she worked hard.

He put his chin in his hand and grinned a little to himself. Maybe he could use this information to his advantage to get to know her better…

Aomine: When the ace heard that a girl had a crush on him, he wasn’t really fazed. After all, he was a total stud, so of fucking course a ton of girls liked him. This wasn’t anything new, but something bothered him about it.

Her friends had told him. He felt like that was breaking unspoken girls’ code or something.

He asked Satsuki, and she’d been dumbfounded.

“What kinds of friends does she have?!” the pink-haired girl demanded. “That is one thing that girls don’t do!!! I mean, unless they think that they have a better chance, but… Jesus, this really pisses me off! I’m gonna go and become her best friend!!!”

With that, she’d stormed off, leaving a baffled Aomine on the roof. Maybe if Satsuki was going to become her best friend, he’d see her around, and he figured that wouldn’t be too bad.

Kise: When yet another girl traipsed up to Kise, he had to plaster a smile onto his face again. He hated when girls confessed to him on the roof; it was so cliché. If someone was to confess to him, he wanted it to be original.

This girl, though, she had a sly smirk on her face. “I have a feeling you get a lot of confessions up here,” she said with her hands behind her back.

“Yeah…” Kise raised an eyebrow. “What are you getting at?”

“You’re not gonna get one from me,” she giggled. “I already have a boyfriend. But I’m here on behalf of my best friend, ____. She’s too shy to confess to you herself, and I thought I might tell you to give her a push in the right direction.”

Kise was very confused at this point. “Uh, so… what does that mean?”

“It means that I’m putting the ball in your court, Kise,” she shrugged. “Whether or not you do anything with this information is completely up to you, but I think even if you talked to her, even to give her a rejection, she would be over the moon that you even noticed her.”

“And what if I told her that you told me?” he wondered.

“She’d probably kill me, but I wouldn’t regret it.”

With that, the girl walked away and down the stairs. Kise plopped down on the roof and thought. He’d heard that name before; after all they were in the same class. Maybe he should talk to her a little.

Midorima: Takao bounded up to Midorima at practice one day with a huge smile on his face.

“No,” Midorima said as soon as Takao got to him.

“But you didn’t even hear what I’m going to say,” Takao pouted.

“I don’t care, the answer is already no.”

“But Shin-chan! Just hear me out! Please?”

Midorima rolled his eyes and looked at his teammate. “Fine. What?”

“Yay! So, there’s this girl who has a crush on you, and I totally think you should ask her out because she’s really, really great and I think you’d like her a lot. And honestly her crush on you is embarrassing and I’ve tried to convince her to tell you herself but she’s way too shy. So I decided to take it into my own two hands.”

Takao’s barrage of words stunned Midorima. “Wait…”

It took a few more seconds for it to finally sink in and when it did, the boy blushed and turned away from his friend. “Whatever,” he scoffed, grabbing a basketball.

“So is that a yes?” Takao smirked. “Because I’m gonna text ____-chan right now and tell her that you’ll take her out on a date this Friday night.”

“NO!” Midorima shouted louder than he’d anticipated. “I’ll… do it myself,” he muttered.

In all honesty, he’d noticed ____ a little more since she’d started hanging out with Takao, and developed an interest in her. She seemed to be nice, since she tolerated Takao, and he wouldn’t mind someone like her.

Murasakibara: He was honestly surprised when a group of girls approached him. Because of his height, he almost never got to talk to girls. Not that he really cared either way, if he was honest.

“Murasakibara-kun! Um…” the seeming leader of the group averted her eyes as soon as she glanced up at him.

“We just wanted to tell you about our friend, ____!” another girl added.

“She’s had a crush on you for forever!”

With that, the three of them ran away, leaving the purple giant more confused than he usually was. He shrugged and turned around to go back to the vending machine to get his favorite snack when he saw a girl standing in the middle of the hallway. Her face was pale and she looked terrified. She must’ve overheard.

He cocked his head to the side. “Are you ok, ____?” he wondered. She was the manager of his basketball team, after all, and it wouldn’t do any good for her to be sick or something.

“Uh… Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” she nodded, letting out a sigh of relief.

“So you like me, huh, ____?” he drawled.

She tripped over her feet and fell on her face, amazed that he’d put two and two together. Usually he was so unobservant, but she supposed she had her friends to thank.

Himuro: Himuro Tatsuya was by no means unpopular with girls. He was kind, attentive, and quite a gentleman. He always seemed to be just out of everyone’s reach, though.

He was hanging out by himself in the gym one day during lunch, and he heard a group of girls approaching through the door. He sighed and resigned himself to smiling for them and pretending to be the ideal person he knew everyone thought him to be.

The girls were giggling endlessly and he groaned internally. They were the fluttering preppy girls who usually tried to hit it off with him.

“Himuro, we’ve got something to tell you!” one of them grinned.

He raised an eyebrow. He then realized how strange it was for a bunch of girls to come to him at once.

“What’s up?” he wondered, smiling a bit.

“You know ____, right?” another girl asked.

“Yeah,” he shrugged. He’d seen her around, and he was pretty sure she was in Murasakibara’s class. She seemed to like him well enough; at least she wasn’t scared of him like some people.

“Well, she totally has a crush on you, and we think you two would make a good couple!” the last girl piped up.

Himuro barely contained his surprise. Usually girls were willing to kill for a chance at him, even though he always turned them down. And yet here these girls were, trying to get their friend a chance.

“Huh,” he nodded. “Interesting. I’ll look into it, thanks for the tip.”

This girl must be extraordinary for her to have friends willing to give up their shots at dating Himuro to try to set her up with him.

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kidge w/ side to side?

A/N: I might make this into a full-fledged oneshot because I got ideas. 

Song: Side To Side by Ariana Grande feat. Nicki Minaj

♬ Send me a character/ship and I’ll write a fic for them inspired by whatever song I shuffle to ♬

“I’m not squatting.”

“No?” Allura blinked. “But we’re supposed to be working on our lower bodies today.”

Fuck that. Pidge wasn’t going to get down for shit, and she sure as hell wasn’t going to do any strenuous exercises where it required her ass and legs. No resistance training either. All ropes and bands are off the table.

Except maybe the bedroom.

“Can we just do something else for a change?”

Allura shrugged. “Sure.” She tapped her chin in thought and scanned the gym. “How about cardio?”

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The Popular Belief - pt 2;;

Author’s note: here’s part 2 of ‘The Popular Belief’; thank you for all the awesome feedback and comments I got for pt 1! It’s so nice to hear that some of you are enjoying the fic! I live for otp angst btw. 

BNHA, todomomo, Rated T 

Part 1 + Part 2: 5320 words

Read part 1 here !! 

Since then, they were apart like two sides of a coin. That’s what they were, she realized, two beings that were allowed to be together in harmony for a short period of time before nature took its course to separate them again. With Todoroki officially announcing his engagement to the others, every day was a countdown.

When she told Jirou the day after, both of them sat in silence. Jirou watched her, curling up and hugging her knees at the corner of her bedroom, quiet and disheartened. She didn’t cry or anything, Yaoyorozu would’ve hated herself if she did. In fact, she should’ve figured something like this was going to happen; after all, he was still Endeavor’s son.

She was stupid for thinking anything could have happened between them.

Graduation day came, and sometimes when she passed by the back of the gym, where they both once stood, when secrets were poured aimlessly towards each other, she would be reminded of that letter. She was sure it was gone now, with the rain.

Invitations came to everyone’s mailboxes that day. A lot of people were invited, and apparently it was supposed to be in a month, or so she heard. She waved goodbye and tearfully hugged some of her friends after the ceremony, but stood far from Todoroki as much as possible. Maybe it was her imagination but she could sense him looking at her from a distance occasionally. She scoffed at the thought and rushed home. Inhaling deeply a few times calmed her nerves and she asked her maid if any letters were received. Her maid shook her head, clearly indifferent, and showed Yaoyorozu some grocery fliers. Her stomach dropped, and she realized that those were apparently the only remnants of anything that was in her mailbox the past few days.

She laughed mockingly at herself; of course she wasn’t invited, not after that awkward encounter.

Sitting down on her desk and flipping through recommendation letters her hero mentors gave her during the internship for her first official job, she found herself eyeing the two Russian Matryoshka dolls on her bookshelf. Those dolls were filled with so many memories that she wouldn’t dare relive again. One was a boy, and the other was a girl. She grabbed onto them, and found herself sobbing a little.


That night, she got woken up by a brief vibration of her phone. She rubbed her eyes, and looked at the short text. Her heart fleeted when she saw his name at the top of the message.

I’m outside, could you come out?                                                               10:58pm

She thought for a moment, fingers running through her hair, and she quickly texted ‘Ok’.

The girl grabbed her robe and slippers, opened her window and hurriedly created a ladder from her arms. She didn’t want to startle anyone at this hour. Testing for its sturdiness, she slowly lowered her feet one by one. She could see a shadowy figure at her front door.

He looked like he was out of breath and a red card was in his hands.

“I wanted to give this to you in person, today, at school, but you left so fast,” His voice was soft.

She took it in her hands, shaking from the cold and he handed her his coat. She tilts her head in amusement and stared, “You’re someone’s fiancé now, Todoroki. You can’t be meeting girls in the middle of the night, offering your coats and everything.”

She’s making a silly joke to fill the awkwardness, she knew, but she can’t let her mind wander off somewhere she’d regret.

“I know.” He handed her the card with his other hand, “I really want you to be there that day.”

Her hands trembled when she opened it, “Ya…of course. Anything for a good friend.”

His mouth slightly opened to add something, but he closed it again. Her words settled somewhere uncomfortable within him.

“I read your letter,” he spoke.

Yaoyorozu gripped the invitation harder, “That’s…that’s good to hear.” That was the biggest lie she probably said thus far and she felt slightly embarrassed. That letter was, metaphorically speaking, her heart and mind served to him on a dish.

He gulped inaudibly, his mind was racing, “I-“ He paused and innately took a step towards the shaken girl.

“I don’t even know what to do anymore, Yaoyorozu.”

The girl was surprised; her name came out of him so sternly, and she watched as he lowered his gaze.

“Everything you wrote made me think so much harder than I already was.”

She wanted to wrap her arms around him and tell him everything was okay, but it wasn’t her position to do that.

“Todoroki, if –“

Her chest heaved when she felt his head on her shoulder, distracting her abruptly, while the gentle wind lulled against their ears.

“Can we just stay here like this for a bit?”

Their bodies were so close that they could feel each other’s warmth radiating.



Todoroki woke up early the next morning, thoughts from the night before billowed in his mind like a storm. He slid his leg onto the side of his bed and sat up. For once, he felt lost.

Since young the hatred and rage he had for his dad occupied most of his thoughts, but meeting friends and getting to know people at UA changed him for the better. He remembered listening to Midoriya’s problems with his crush on Uraraka, and then Kaminari’s constant complaints (more like shrieks really) about Jirou, and he would always feel happy for them. Happy they found someone they were so close to that they feel the need to satisfy them. He was adamant that he would never have this feeling; his family bounded his future, he believed. In retrospect, he had so many people to thank.

But his fight with Midoriya years ago should have taught him that he had the power to change his own fate.

Choices were his to make.

And whatever happens, Yaoyorozu would be there for him. Like she always had been.

His lips tugged upwards into a grin and he got up in haste. The boy threw on whichever shirt was clumped up on the chair and ran downstairs, dust motes prancing around him, looking like snow in the sunlight.

“Shouto!” The boy heard his sister shout, “Where are you going?” Fuyumi watched as Todoroki hurried out the door, his right shoe wasn’t even put on properly yet.

“To see mom,” He answered without turning back, “Don’t tell Dad, I’ll explain everything when I’m back!”

Fuyumi was taken aback by his sudden seriousness and closed the door behind him.


The hospital was quiet that day, and he sped walk across the hall, already knowing where his destination was.

“Mom,” he opened the door and said. His mother was sitting near the window, admiring the Sakura flowers that bloomed gorgeously outside. He was slightly saddened by her expression; he knew she wanted to be out there experiencing spring like the others.

“Shouto,” she exclaimed, her eyes lighting up, “You’re here!” She noticed his meek smile, and gestured for him to sit next to her.

              “Is something the matter?” She asked, “you’re never here so early in the morning.”

Todoroki hung his bag behind the door and found himself rooted in place.

               “I…I want to null the marriage, mom,” his voice was hushed, but unrelenting, “I want to be honest to you…and well, dad.”

Todoroki’s mother stared at him with wide eyes. He was waiting for her to say something in response but she let him continue.

               “I don’t want to turn into someone like dad ever was.”

               He found the strength to walk again and moved over to his mom, and she began, “You never will Shouto. If you want to pave your own path, I’m here to listen and to support you.”

               He grabbed her hand, something he has never done before given he was so horrible at expressing himself, and she held him tight.

               “Now,” she teased, “Did you find someone else?” Todoroki’s mom looked amused, and he found himself heating up a bit.

               “Why would you think that?” The boy raised his eyebrows while watching his mom stifle a giggle.

               “A mother’s intuition is never wrong Shouto,” his mom said matter-of-factly, and Todoroki sighed.

               “Yes, maybe,” he tried not to sound too eager, but he did want his mother to meet the person he had in mind one day, “She’s… special.”

               His mother smiled from ear to ear and patted his hand softly.

               “Alright, I won’t pry Shouto, just make sure you take her here to see me soon.”


               It goes without saying when Shouto got home and found his dad in his training room, it was a war zone. Defiance was the only thing his dad was shouting, and if Fuyumi hadn’t stepped in, half of the house could have tumbled down to ashes. Todoroki tried to control his anger throughout the “discussion”, if you could even call it that, and the use of their quirks was almost activated. It was a gong show, so to speak.

               His sister seemed suspiciously happy when she heard his decision; though she did suggest being careful about the damage control that they were now responsible for since the girl’s family have yet to hear about this. She attentively bandaged his arm, scolded him a little bit about being ‘last minute’ and she patted his head like she would when they were just kids. Todoroki thanked her and lied on his bed with loud plop. He massaged his right arm and felt the twitching of his aching muscles. Telling everyone about the news should be easy but confronting her again was not. He was tapping his fingers, thinking about how to approach Yaoyorozu when a loud ring startled him.

               “Hello?” he picked up his phone and said and noticed the voice from the other side. It was Jirou Kyouka.

               “Todoroki you damn son of a gun.”

               The boy hesitated a reply.

               “Yaomomo is heading towards the airport now,” Jirou sounded like she was panting.

               “What?” He was confused but Jirou just kept berating him.

               “She’ll leave and you’ll regret!” He heard her mumble something else in the background and she continued, “I’m picking you up, I’m heading over there myself so you better get ready!”

               He felt his blood run cold and he grabbed a jacket, ignoring the piercing pain on his forearm, “Okay, meet me at the corner of 5th and 10th. I’m there in a minute.”

               And with that, he leapt outside against the protest of Fuyumi the second time that day.


Jirou sped through the highway like a madman but Todoroki was grateful for it at the moment. Had it not been her, he wouldn’t have heard about Yaoyorozu’s sudden departure. Jirou had explained that apparently Yaoyorozu was offered an opportunity to solve a case in northern Hokkaido for a year in the Hero Agency that was she recently hired at. They desperately needed help so Yaoyorozu accepted it right away, and her mentor gave her a few hours to prepare. Yaoyorozu only sent the girls a message in the morning regarding her offer and Jirou was the only one that could make it to the airport in time.

               “I wasn’t going to tell you,” Jirou grunted as she swerved to cut off a car on the left lane, and the driver honked at them in rage, “But my conscience was killing me. I knew Yaomomo wouldn’t have told you. You guys are too complicated.”

               Todoroki crossed his arms and leaned back, “Thanks Jirou. It’s been a tough few days.”

               Jirou rubbed her temples with one hand, looking as if she was solving the hardest problem. She glanced at his wounds.

               “What happened to you anyway? I thought your job didn’t start until after your stupid ass marriage.”

               Todoroki gave a tight-lipped smile.

               “That’s not happening anymore,” he stated, “and I’m not effing this up like I did before. I’m gonna tell Yaoyorozu straight up.”

               “You better,” Jirou answered. Another honk from a car behind them prompted Jirou to honk back.

               “Just make sure I get there alive.”


               Yaoyorozu rubbed her eyes as she stared at herself in the mirror. People were passing by behind her with luggages and carry-ons in hand and she had to make sure her eyes didn’t look as puffy as they did now before seeing Jirou. A distant thought plagued her and she was guilt-ridden. Should she have notified Todoroki at least? She shook her head as if the thought would escape her. She can’t think like this anymore. Taking this job was a sign. A sign that she’s going to start a new chapter.

               I’m waiting for you in the corridor behind terminal 3.                                           2:34 pm

               Yaoyorozu felt slightly better reading Jirou’s message, and she headed over. Dragging her luggage, her eyes scanned the area and she felt her chest pounding. Jirou was nowhere to be seen, but she locked eyes with him then. Her stomach twisted in agony.

               Todoroki ran towards her. She wanted to retreat but she was frozen. Move stupid legs! She thought, but was too late. The boy stood in front of her, sweat beading on his forehead, both of them anticipating. Without a second thought, he took her into his arms. Everything became dead silent, and her arms lifted to hug him back but she went limp.

               “Todoroki,” she said, voice uneasy, “why-“

               “Don’t go.”

               She breathed harder and she pushed away, but he fought it. He tightened his grip on her.

               “I don’t want you to leave this place,” he said it again with more emphasis, “The marriage…it’s not gonna happen, so let me do this right, Yaoyorozu.”

               “Wh..what?” She stuttered, and she felt her eyes well with tears and he grabbed her shoulders. Todoroki gently eased her in front of him and he cupped her face with both of his hands.

               “I’ve been so used to having you around, that I’ve taken you for granted,” Todoroki urged her, and she looked at him as if he wasn’t himself. The Todoroki she knew would never say something like this. He sounded so…cheesy. She laughed suddenly, and Todoroki admired her florid face.

               “I’m really happy,” Yaoyorozu bit her lower lip, “To hear those words from you. It means a lot to me.”

               She paused and her expression softened, looking slightly regretful.

               “I still have to go though, they need me,” Yaoyorozu said and she locked onto his gaze. She examined the bandages on his arm curiously.

               “Don’t ask,” Todoroki started, “It’s nothing.”

               “Well you better tell me all about it later,” Yaoyorozu laced her fingers with his.

               “Yeah I wi-“ His voice became muffled as the girl in front of him tiptoed and closed the distance between them. Their lips touched lightly but with vigor and passion, and he inhaled her sweet scent. Closing his eyes, he wanted to take a mental picture of this moment before she let go.

               It felt different, new, and exciting for both of them.

               “Hey, break it up, you two lovebirds,” Jirou’s voice came as she marched over from her hiding spot, “Don’t worry, I took pictures and everything, I’ll make sure to send it to you guys through the group chat.”

               Yaoyorozu jokingly punched her friend, and the three of them laughed whole-heartedly.

               “It’s time for me to go,” Yaoyorozu shifted a little, “I’ll miss you guys.”

               Todoroki ruffled her hair, “One year’s not that long. And I can visit maybe.”

               She pouted, “I know.” She’s about to go into the secured area and she turned back to wave. He can’t keep track of where she was now as she slowly disappeared into the crowd of people. He grinned to himself.

               “I’ll be waiting.”

Authors end note: thanksssss for reading ^^ im actually thinking of doing a part three where todo brings her to meet his mom but we’ll see :D

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Anon from long long time ago asking for some Izaya (or shizaya if you want to) at the gym! Drolling for someone or just shanenigans :))

“What the fuck am I supposed to do here?” Shizuo mumbles.

Izaya looks disturbingly composed next to him. Shizuo has grown so used to tailored slacks over the years that he can’t imagine wearing anything less form-fitting than jeans; the sweat pants make him feel like his legs are naked, or like they’re about to drop from his hips and leave him with a public indecency reprimand on his already long record. 

Not Izaya. The running pants look great on him, look well-worn and comfortable and something that Izaya should wear more often than the awful black pants he insists on every day. 

“Isn’t it obvious?” Izaya replies. His hand comes up, his arm wraps himself around Shizuo’s back so that he can grip his hip—dangerously low. Shizuo can feel Izaya’s finger toy with the cordon holding the pants up. “You’re supposed to exercise. Grow some muscles.”

He bats Izaya’s hand off. “Getting stronger is the opposite of what I need.”

“And yet you’re tragically skinny. Biology really did everything wrong on with you, Shizu-chan.”

Izaya walks in the direction of a treadmill with a towel over his shoulder and a bottle of water held loosely between his fingers. Shizuo looks at his ass before he can help it and feels his cheeks warm.

The pants look too good on him.

No one is looking at them, weirdly enough. Most of the other clients are women, and all of them are already busy, some even listening to music or talking to each other. Shizuo approaches while Izaya stretches and sets up the treadmill, and doesn’t know what to do.

“You look like you’ve been here before,” he comments.

Izaya scoffs. “Of course I have. My strength wasn’t bestowed upon me by some god somewhere.”

“I’m no a god.”

“Yeah?” Izaya’s smile is a lofty one, only the corners of his mouth curling in both appreciation and mocking; his eyes roam over Shizuo’s face with obvious appreciation before trailing lower—down his torso, and even lower still.

Shizuo’s face is burning.

“Fuck off,” he says weakly.

Izaya laughs, bright and carefree. He steps on the treadmill and starts running without a look back, the muscles in his legs visible through the skin-tight pants. After only a moment his face seems to relax, his shoulder to drop and his eyes to go out of focus. He looks the way Shizuo does when he smokes.

Shizuo doesn’t think he’s ever seen him look this relaxed and contented before. It makes him smile despite everything, and when he sits down on the bench next to Izaya’s machine, it’s with the firm intention of spending the next hour simply watching.

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May I ask for a BTS reactions when you're their generalist doctor ??


Namjoon and you are probably quite comfortable with each other, as he is practically in there with a new injury every other week (we know how clumsy that boy is). You both would crack jokes about how often he gets hurt. And who knows, if he is comfortable enough, he may ask to see you outside of the Doctor’s office.

Originally posted by yoongichii


Jin, being the responsible eomma he is, is probably in for one of his regular checkups. He’ll drop a few dad jokes here and there as his way of flirting with you, and just to try and make you smile. Let’s be honest, he’ll probably make up something about his shoulders so he can show off how broad they are to you.

Originally posted by yoongichii


Honestly, he’s so concerned with his wellbeing that he will be worried just by the fact that he has to come to the doctors for whatever reason. He’ll be throwing question after question your way to see whats wrong, when in fact all he has is probably caused by sleep deprivation. To which he will be grateful, as he is now on doctor’s orders to take a nap whenever he’s tired. 

Originally posted by kpoop


This poor angle is probably scared out of his mind by the slight possibility that he may have to get an injection or something. He’ll practically beg you to hold your hand throughout the whole consultation even though you reassured him that he was only in for a check up.

Originally posted by holdmettightbts


This little flirt will not stop trying to hit on you the entire time he’s in the room with you. He’ll do things like making sure he unbuttons more buttons than necessary on his shirt for you when you need to use the stethoscope. “How about I take your temperature, because you’re looking hot today.”

Originally posted by amsimaria


This little drama queen probably had the smallest accident, but will act like he’s on his deathbed. Honestly, much like Rapmon, this won’t be his first time coming to see you this month - but will probably react very differently to his leader. “Noona… will you have to amputate my pinky?”

Originally posted by parkjmin


Lets be honest, this boy will probably be in to see you for one of two reasons. First being that he went to hard in the gym, and ended pulling a muscle which he needs some help with. Or, have something really bad like a broken limb, but will be walking around like nothing is wrong. “what… Is my arm not supposed to bend this way.”

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mr. neighbour || 11

Genre: Neighbour!Jungkook
Notes: The long awaited chapter! Enjoy!
Series1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 12

The next morning, you were rudely awoken by the stupid chirping birds and a flaring headache greeted you, which was followed by a cough from your parched throat. Scrunching your face up in pain and misery, you blindly swung your arm around to grab for something. But the nightstand wasn’t where it usually was. Your eyes shot open and instantly you regretted it when the sunlight burned your eyeballs. With a hiss, you slammed your face back down into the pillow and welcomed the darkness again.

Where the fuck were you? This definitely didn’t smell like your bed or feel like your pillows. These were way too soft and not at all the memory foam pillows you had on your own bed.

Daring yourself, you turned your head to the side and only peeped one eye open. The light was vicious, but after several blinks, the pain started subsiding and your vision adjusted. The pounding headache refused to go away and you frowned, hoping that would reduce it some.

This definitely wasn’t your room.

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Pokeani Headcanons: Going out on a first date

Ash: Is still grappling with the concept of romantic love. Likely takes the girl to do something mundane, such as see a movie or just hang out together at a park. The girl doesn’t mind too much though, because Ash has got a heart of gold and spending time with him is heartwarming. I’d bet he’ll even let his Pokemon out to play, which is kind of weird since a date is supposed to be about two people getting to know each other better.  He’s not too nervous though, because hey, this is just like hanging out with friends, right? Wrong, Ash. You’re very wrong.

Misty: Misty has liked boys before, but the concept of love is a little new to her since she’s wary of falling for guys before getting to know them. (This is because of her sisters constantly nicknaming her the “runt” of the family, giving rise to insecurities she doesn’t voice often). Once she’s comfortable, she’s very sweet and pleasant company. She won’t initiate anything (unless it’s Ash, because she’s frustrated by his inability to understand social cues) but she’ll allow someone else to initiate. She’s also very flattered by chivalry.

Brock: For the few dates he gets, he always goes for a formal dinner with a (not really) charming smile. His eyes fill up with hearts and he begins blabbering things about beauty and grace to flatter the girl. Nine times out of ten, there won’t be enough time for the food to grow cold because Brock has come off way too strong and freaks her out. (She finds a secret escape through the bathroom window). Not to fear, though, because that “one in ten” girl will come along and be amused by Brock’s romantic antics, and even tease him about it. I’d like to believe that he mellows out after being with someone for a few months. (Though I suspect this belief is actually a disappointment that has yet to come.)

May: She’s very optimistic and excited about the date. Assuming it’s a dinner date (because that’s all you really need to win May’s heart) she’s very indecisive about what to eat. It’s cute at first, but then becomes frustrating once it takes her five minutes to place an order. Nevertheless, once she becomes comfortable she’ll likely convince the guy to ditch the restaurant and go on an adventure of some sort. Oh, and making her blush is the easiest thing in the world since she wears her heart on her sleeve.

Drew: He’ll do his absolute best to come off calm, cool and collected, but the reality is, he’s nervous. He literally does not know how to interact with girls outside of platonic situations, as we see every time he’s surrounded by fan girls. He really just wants to impress the girl though, and if his date is an intelligent conversationalist, he’s able to spring back to his sharp wit and sense of humour in no time.

Dawn: Constantly reminds herself that there is absolutely no need to worry, but in reality, there is every reason to worry. She spends hours the day before picking out her outfit, only to decide five minutes before her date shows up to change again. Dawn only suffers through the prep, though. The date always goes by smoothly, likely because she’s very warm and easy to talk to.

Paul: Only asks someone out because Reggie keeps badgering him about girls. Otherwise, he couldn’t care less. He dresses respectably and takes his date out to dinner, but otherwise, we see Paul as he is. There’s a minuscule chance that he may gain interest in someone an hour or so into the date, only because their company isn’t as bad as he thought it would be.

Gary: We’re talking about a guy who had a posse of ladies following him around in a red corvette when he was ten. If you think Gary won’t be smooth, think again. He’s charming, smart, humorous and quick-witted. Behind all the suggestive smirks, he’s an intelligent conversationalist. While he doesn’t actually fall for nearly half the girls he goes out with, he does enjoy their company.

Leaf: Smart, sly and coy, Leaf will make sure she’s treated right; otherwise, no second date. That’s the rule. She doesn’t expect to be treated like royalty, but she needs to know that she will be treated with kindness and respect before she’s truly willing to open up to any guy. A dinner date is fine, but she prefers doing an activity of sorts to bond with the person.

Cilan: Insists he must cook her dinner. There’s no other option. Cilan gets nervous around women he’s romantically attracted to, and he knows food must be a foolproof way into a woman’s heart (Exhibit A: See May^). It usually works, but Cilan is always left with one horrifying question: what next? He’ll typically turn to Chili for advice on this, and then check with Cress that Chili isn’t trying to (lovingly) screw him over.

Iris: This girl needs a sense of adventure. She wants to know that you can keep up with her while also being someone she can rely on. So, she takes liberty of arranging the first date. It could be anything, from zip lining to rock climbing. (And then she somehow falls for Cilan later in life, which is super strange to her because he’s got no sense of athleticism. Of course, he never hears about this train of thought). 

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could you do 29 + klaroline ,please?

Hi anon, I sure can! Hope you like it!

KC + “Come over here and make me.”

“We need two volunteers,” the president of the student council announced. Caroline wasn’t sure what they wanted a volunteer for again, but it wasn’t like she was going to do it anyway. 

Next to her Klaus Mikaelson poked her in the side and she swatted his hand away, turning to him to glare. She knew he just wanted her attention, but she was really trying to appear like she was listening. When he tried again she yelled out in frustration, “Klaus!”

“Caroline? So nice of you to volunteer Klaus. I assume that means you’re volunteering yourself as well.” She wrote down the names on her board. “Be sure to check with Mrs Deates for more information and the keys.” Before Caroline could protest, the president had already exited the room. “What did I just sign up for?” Caroline muttered dejectedly.

“A late night with me,” Klaus announced behind her. Looking rather pleased, even though she had accidentally got them both involved in some type of stupid task.

“In your dreams, buddy,” she said and turned back. She didn’t dislike Klaus, but somehow he was just one of those people with who she communicated better with in banter. Well technically he was the only one, but she was sure that was normal.

“In my dreams, fantasies and in a weird turn of events, in the gym,” Klaus joked. He smirked at her and leaned back in his chair. He hadn’t wanted either of them to get in trouble, just rile up the beautiful blonde beside him a little, but he could work with the circumstances.  

“Why would I ever be with you in the gym, late at night?” she asked confused. While she didn’t react on her staring in some of his fantasies (he had never made that a secret), the gym felt like a weird location for those.

“Because that’s what you just volunteered us for,” Klaus enlightened her. “They rented out the building for some night class, and we get to be the lucky bastards who get to clean up after them so that PE isn’t delayed tomorrow.”

 “Don’t we have cleaners for that?“ Caroline asked. Surely they weren’t allowed to use students for this.

“They get to set it up. Apparently, our school isn’t interested in asking them to return three hours later and do it all again.”

“Yay us,” Caroline muttered.


“OMG, Klaus!” Caroline exclaimed and jumped aside to avoid the ball he threw her way. “We’re supposed to remove the tables and chairs here. Not throw around PE supplies.”

“Well you look like you’re handling it pretty well on your own,” Klaus observed, checking out Caroline’s ass while she half bent to lift up one of the last remaining tables.

They had been in the gym since 9 PM, moving all tables and chairs back to the storage unit. When that was finished they needed to sweep the floors, lock up and go home. They had been busy for an hour already. At least Mrs Deates had informed them that this would count as extra credit, at least something good came out of this complete waste of time.

Klaus grabbed another one of the balls, a smaller tennis ball this time, and aimed at Caroline this time. He hit his mark and Caroline quickly turned around. “Seriously? Stop it!” she exclaimed, “We’ll never get out of here this way.”

“Who says I wanna,” he teased, checking Caroline out, “I mean being in the gym in the middle of the night? Kinda a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“Like this is anything different from your normal evening. Alone and playing with your balls.” Caroline winced when she hears the words. She was talking about him playing on the football team but knew he wouldn’t interpret it that way. 

“You can play with my balls as well, Caroline,” Klaus retorted, smirking when she turned around. “All you have to do is ask.”

“Not going to happen,” she sang and continued her task.

Klaus watched her leave with a fond smile on his face. Maybe not yet, but one day he would get enough under her skin and she would finally admit what she wouldn’t yet. 


When she returned from storage, Caroline found Klaus with a basketball, playing around in the gym. “You’re not ever going to help, are you?” Caroline asked. Sure he had done most of the work for the first half, right until he announced he was finished and started playing around.

“You could come over here and make me,” Klaus challenged, while he aimed the basket in the net. He scored and watched the ball bounce off the ground before it rolled his way. Just when he was about to grab it, it was intercepted by Caroline.

Caroline grabbed the ball and moved back to the storage, determined to remove the ball before she was going to throw it at Klaus’ head. She had her back to Klaus and was surprised when she felt two arms around her waist. Before she could turn around, she was lifted off the ground and spun around. 

“Omg Klaus!” she shrieked, “Put me down!” She dropped the ball, using her hands to slap at his, but he didn’t budge. When she started to get dizzy he released her, and she stumbled away. Klaus caught her in his arms so she wouldn’t fall over.

“You’re infuriating,” she stated, looking up at him. She caught him staring at her lips and unconsciously bit her bottom lip. “You can’t just-” she never got to finish her sentence. Klaus mouth covered hers and silenced her.

His lips gently moved against hers. For a second, Caroline froze before she moved against him as well. She put his arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Caroline walked backwards, taking Klaus with her before she bumped against the last remaining table.

Klaus lifted her on the table and spread her legs so he could stand between them. They separated their kiss and looked at each other. “Still infuriating?” Klaus checked.

“Hmm,” Caroline hummed. “And annoying, and distracting and-” when she felt his fingers trace shapes in her neck she shivered, “and a surprisingly good kisser,” she admitted before she captured his lips with hers once more. They were never going to get ready with this pace, but she didn’t care. No one was going to be here for at least another 8 hours, and they needed the time to explore what was going on between them before they met in a classroom once more. She could feel Klaus toy with the buttons of her blouse and helped him open up the top one. And maybe they needed some time to explore each other as well.

Well, I’m sure we can all guess what happened next ;)

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Rin finding out his s/o is a dancer/ skater

I picked dancer because I’m not sure if am I supposed to do both???  If yes, message me!

Rin: this boy’d be shocked. how did he not notice that? his tail is wagging when he sees you dancing in the gym. Wow, You’re amazing!

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Originally posted by tobigifs

“It’s not like I was watching you, Y/N! I just forgot something!”

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I went to the gym on Saturday night and there was a father with his kid there. The kid would periodically follow me and try to ask me questions while I was working out. I was so irritated by the fact that out of all the typically kid-free spaces I occupy, this one had to be invaded as well. Kids don't go to the gym!!!!

I am feeling this so much right now. Is it just me, or are more and more places expected to be ‘family friendly’ as time goes on? Adult-only sanctuaries are shrinking nearly as fast as the rainforest. 

I tried going to an art gallery last weekend. That’s a mistake I won’t make again. The place was overrun with kids doing craft activities, making a mess and loads of noise, and the cafe was littered in juice cartons and tiny yoghurt pots. Everywhere I went, there were enormous prams in the way, kids running and dancing, shouting, yelling for their parents’ attention. Most of them didn’t even register there were paintings to look at on the walls. They were just experimenting with the echo in the high ceilings, hooting like monkeys as they sped up and down the stairs, dripping juice everywhere.

And they had a poster advertising special learning sessions for under-fives. 

Under-fives! What are three-year-olds going to get out of an art gallery? What could the sessions possibly be about? Comparative Portraits of the Italian Early Renaissance? Constructivism in Art and its Influence on Contemporary Architecture? Or, more likely, Crayons and Which Orifices They Will Fit In.

And the worst part of all this?

Nobody seemed to care but me. Nobody seemed to think this was strange or out of the ordinary at all.

I can’t tell you how many restaurant meals we’ve had ruined by the sudden arrival of frenzied children and their apathetic parents. My husband and I now keep a mental list of places we can’t go, because people have decided it’s fine to take their noisy herd of offspring there. Nice, expensive places, too. Places we thought would be havens. The list is growing by the year. 

People just don’t seem to care anymore that their kids are noisy and disruptive.

My mother would have been mortified if we’d caused a ruckus in a restaurant when we were young. We would have been whisked out of there at the first disgruntled screech, buckled firmly into the car and taken home. 

No, actually - I tell a lie. We wouldn’t have been taken there in the first place. 

When I was young, there seemed to be a shared belief that the world is for adults, and that adults deserve not to be bothered by naughty children. Some spaces were only for grown-ups. Restaurants, pubs, art galleries, particular movie times. Hell, my mum didn’t even take us into nicer shops. She didn’t inflict us on other people. My mum knew that by nature, as children, we were likely to be noisy, destructive and high-energy, and that we didn’t belong in certain places, where we would inevitably disrupt the room around us.

Now, it seems pretty different. It’s like everywhere must be not just open to families, but family-friendly. Family-orientated. Craft sessions, discount tickets, cartoon mascots and a big tacky gift shop.

You find this about everything now. 

Last year someone told me, “Christmas is all about the children, really” - is it? When was that decided? Why is a seasonal holiday, experienced by everyone, now supposed to be all about spoiled western six-year-olds and their ever-expanding toy collection? Wasn’t there something about peace on earth and goodwill to all men at one point? No matter; so long as Timmy gets a nice big pile that looks good on Instagram.

I know I sound like an old grump here… pining for the days that children were required to live underground, and not utter any noise or sound at all until their 18th birthday.

But seriously, the gym? The art gallery? Is nowhere sacred?

If things keep going this way, I will see you all at the back of my local lap dancing club. I’ll be there with a latte and a book, asking the young ladies if they wouldn’t mind turning the music down a bit.

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hello! can i please have a semi and s/o fluffy scenario? sadly there isn't enough semi reader inserts around here T-T

i honestly love semi so much, seeing him in s3 gets me pumped. i’m not all too proud of this scenario @~@ hope it’s tolerable!! - admin kimchi

fandom(s): haikyuu!!

pairing(s): semi eita/reader

warning(s): none!!

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Softie at heart - Lance Tucker

It was so obvious that Lance had the hugest soft spot for you. If you fucked up his coffee order he would grit his teeth and drink whatever you bought him, but if it was anyone else he’d insult them and send them to get the right drink. He’d get teased for being whipped and that was when your, as you liked to call it, ‘Lance side’ came out. You were the female version of him. Foul mouthed and dirty minded. You’d make crude sexual remarks making his gymnasts blush as he smirked. The worst person to be around was Miss Hope Ann Gregory. The remarks would do nothing to make her squirm and she’d keep taking the piss out of him. Not that he cared because after a while, he was proud to say he fell in love. With you, he was a cute loved up puppy. He’d always hold your hand and try and kiss you at every chance he got, his Instagram was full of your face or cute selfies you took.

It was a Tuesday afternoon and you’d decided that you would skip work, you worked from home anyway, and visit your boyfriend while he was at work. You went into his gym at the facility to find it occupied by Hope and Maggie, you thought it would be wise to wait for him in the gym.

“You waiting for Lance?”


“He left for his break about 15 minutes ago. Said he was going to some cafe”

“I’ll wait, it’s not really a problem.”

“You wanna test out the trampolines we got?”

“Am I allowed?”

“uh, duh. Get your shoes off and bounce”

You were giddy at the thought and jumped up onto the trampoline. You bounced a few times and went pretty high.

“Shit, these are bouncy as hell.”

“They’re professional trampolines, of course, they’re going to be bouncy”

You did a seat drop and continued to jump.

“I feel like Lance is going to be pissed I didn’t do this with his supervision”

“Please, he’s always pissed.”

“He’ll probably be pissed that I didn’t do it with him naked.”

“Can you do a front drop?”

“I get kinda scared but I’ll try”

You jumped a bit more before letting yourself fall forwards onto the trampoline. You bounced back up and yelled in excitement.

“Let’s get some gymnastics into this bitch. Think you can do a flip?”

You jumped more and put your hands on your head and flipped them forward quickly while tucking in your legs and kicking them to flip over. You didn’t quite stick the landing at you landed on one foot with all your weight, forcing it to bend under the pressure. You dropped and grabbed your ankle while groaning in pain.

“Shit! I broke Lance tucker’s girlfriend” Hope yelled running forward.

She quickly called the medics and told them what happened. Just as she got off the phone with them, Lance returned from lunch.

“Y/N?” He yelled running forward.

“Baby, what happened. Are you okay?”

“Just a little trampoline accident.” 

He leant over and pulled you by your calves so your legs were hanging off the side of the trampoline. He then placed one arm under your thighs and one on your back, picking you up bridal style and placed you onto the floor.

“What happened?” He asked, pushing up the hem of your jeans as you hissed in pain.

“I tried doing a flip on the trampoline”

“What have I said?”

“If you want to do anything in the gym do with with me only”

“Exactly. But who did you do it with? Bronze over here.”

Lance ran his fingers over your swollen ankle, pressing it lightly.

“Well nothing’s broken, it’s probably just a sprain”

“See it’s not that bad.”

“Not that bad? You could have broken it”

“Stop being so melodramatic. I’ll be fine, It’ll just need to be iced.”

The medics came in and confirmed Lance’s theory. You needed to be taken to the infirmary for it to be iced. Lance picked you up again and carried you bridal style.

“You just wait until we get home.”

“What you gonna do spank me?”

“I wish. you’re confined to the bed”

Lance sat you down on the bed as the nurse passed you an ice pack.

“Keep a bag of frozen veggies on it at home.” The nurse said before she left.

“I’m going to kill hope”

“It wasn’t her fault.”

“Yeah, it’s yours. But I love you too much to kill you, so I’ll kill her instead.”

“Wow, really feeling the love now, baby”

You spent an hour icing it before the nurse let you leave and return back to your shared apartment. Lance kept his word and you weren’t allowed from the bed. If the bag of peas moved by a centimetre, Lance was all over you. It was kind of funny seeing him act all protective like that.

“You’ll make a great dad”

“I think our kids will hate me when they get older.”

“Oh God, especially our little girl.”

“Imagine she was the only girl with 4 older brothers”

“Whoa, five kids?”

“Yeah. If they turn out like you I’m thinking 7″

“Let’s lower that goal babe. This vagina’s pushing out 3 kids, 4 max”

“we’ll see when we’re out of condoms.”

“You just gotta improve your pullout game.”

While you were having a nap, Lance ran out and got some medicine and a bandage to wrap around your foot. Once you woke up he wrapped the bandage around your foot.

“If I was your gymnast, you’d probably make me wrap this myself wouldn’t you?”

“Of course, but you’re my queen so I’m doing as any good king would, looking after you.”

“I love you”

“I love you more. You’re going to need to keep your leg elevated, but you already know that and you’ll need the crutches I stole”

“How does one, steal crutches?”

“One of my gymnasts needed them at a competition. She got seen at a hospital there and they gave them to her. Her mums a bit of a control freak so she went to get her re seen at another hospital when she got home and I took the crutches.”

“I could get you arrested for that, Mr. Tucker”

“What  would you do if I was locked up huh?”

“Probably pull a Liam and fall down a hole”

“Who the fuck is Liam?”

You rolled your eyes.

“He’s from one of your T.V shows isn’t he?”


The two of you were disrupted by the sound of the buzzer. Lance grabbed some cash off the nightstand and went to open the door, for who you hoped to be, the delivery guy.

“Pizza” Lance yelled as he returned to your room.

“wow, you’re going all out with this.”

“Yep, gonna have to work out extra hard tomorrow,” He said with a smirk, knowing how much you loved watching him work out.

“I’m going to pretend that you didn’t just say that to me and I’m going to focus on eating my pizza”

Lance put the boxes on the bed. He’d ordered 2 large cheese pizzas, one for each of you, cheesy garlic bread and cookie dough. You pulled the boxes closer to you and pulled Lance by the shirt so he would sit down next to you. You snapped a picture, ensuring that you got a picture of the pizza and your elevated ankle and uploaded it to Instagram with the caption ‘Sprained my ankle today, so now Lance is my sexy nurse’. The two of you spent the rest of the evening watching movies and eating pizza.

The next morning Lance had decided that you would be coming to work with him again. His gymnast really needed the training so he needed to go in and since he couldn’t look after you at home, you had to join him in the office. You didn’t really mind since all you would do is sit on the side with a bag f ice on your leg. You’d probably even get some work done.He helped you get into your jeans and packed your medicine into your bag, aswell as your laptop and charger.

Once you got to the training facility everyone stood around the pair of you cautiously as they waited for Hope to show up. She wasn’t in the staff room but she was in his gym, again, with maggie.

“Get out, Bronze”

“I’m training Maggie.”

“I’ve got this place booked for the next 2 weeks.”

“Well, I was here first.”

“Just get out before I disqualify you and your girl from participating”

“We both have ways we can get the two of you out of the running. I’ve heard that training room 2 is free, just for you, Bronze” You said, annoyed at Hope.

It was times like this that Hope really got under your skin. She was jeopardising the training of Lance’s gymnast, not to mention the pain meds were wearing off and so that didn’t help.

Hope grumbled under her breath before signalling to maggie that they were going to leave.  

“That was very attractive, my love” Lance said, smirking

Just then, his girl came bounding in apologising for her lateness.

“Tomorrow, you’re here at 5.30. Understood?”

She nodded as she sipped off her shoes and waited for Lance’s instructions. Lance helped you sit on a chair and put another chair in front for you to put your foot on. He gave you the wifi password and made sure that your laptop charger was plugged in. 

He bent down so that your heads were level.

“If you need anything, just yell.”

You nodded as he left a soft kiss on your lips and turned around, turning into ‘Coach Tucker’

 You spent a good few hours looking over contracts and replying to emails. Lance would come over every half hour or so while his girl was taking a break and keep you company. Towards the end of her session, he was called out of the gym by someone.

“Keep going”, He told her, before exiting the room.

“I won’t tell him if you won’t”, You said with a smile, noticing her face change after his last instruction.

She laughed and sat down on the mat.

“I’d never expect him to date someone as nice as you”

You laughed.

“Like, he used to date only gymnasts. And now he’s with you”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“He’s just a huge softie around you. It’s weird. I’m used to seeing Tucker freak out if something goes wrong. Not be chill. Maggie told me he didn’t flip out on Hope because you were there”

“What can I say? Men in love are surprising, Lance in love is surprising”

After Midnight (M) (Chapter 3/??)

Author’s Note: This is a Jay Park x Jaebum X Jackson X OC fic. After much thought and crazy convos with a great follower, I’ve decided to create this smut. Hope you all enjoy.

Warning: This chapter contains smut. Following chapters will contain smut. Explicit Language, Daddy kink, etc.

Previous Chapter: 2

“Stop calling me.” You hissed into your phone as the sound of Jay’s laughter made you roll your eyes. You had just finished classes and there was no way the other was going to come and pick you up. Especially if that meant others catching the sight of you slipping into his car. No, this was your real life away from all the other drama and chaos those three men have been giving you lately. If it wasn’t Jay calling you it was Jackson or Jaebum. Luckily school was your safe zone. None of them were allowed to enter.

“But I miss my princess. I know you’re finished with classes let me come and pick you up. I’ll even treat you for dinner. C’mon it’s been a while.”

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