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Description: The reader is Caroline’s weaker and practically invisible twin sister. You get along with others but they often misunderstand you. So when you are invited to the ball by Klaus, whom you have a secret crush on, it means the whole world to you. And when you get there Klaus makes you feel like the most beautiful girl there.

Characters: Klaus x Reader

Gender: Female/Dress Wearer

Triggers: Mentions of loneliness and abandonment

Words: 2,487 - this is the longest one I’ve written!

This was Requested by anon - This was a great request, I hope I did it justice.

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I’m kind of making some stuff up to fit what I want to do with this prompt

You left the Salvatore house, sure that no one noticed at all. They were to preoccupied to notice you anyway. They cared for a while, when you and Caroline were turned, well, Stefan did. But more and more happened, and it was like you faded away. You had more control over your Vampirism than Caroline, but she was stronger so she was included more in the problems you were all facing, everyone tried to push you out, thinking you couldn’t handle it, so they left you alone. 

You tried to explain to them you could help, Matt could why couldn’t you? You figured it was because no one understood you. You had trouble being clear with your thoughts, no one could keep up with them. Hell, you barely could sometimes. 

You and Carolines relationship was strained these days. You two use to be so close, you were twins after all. Though, not identical. You wish you were sometimes, Caroline was so beautiful, you figured that was why Klaus was interested in her. Why did you care anyway? Klaus was the bad guy wasn’t he? Caroline couldn’t care about him any less. Why didn’t he like you? Why didn’t anyone like you? You use to cry over this all the time, but now, you were so use to it, you no longer wasted your tears on those who didn’t care about you.

Before you knew it, you had walked all the way home. Walking in you call out “I’m home mom!” hearing no response you figured she was at work. You walked up the stairs and went into your room. Your eyes immediately going to the box on your bed. Walking over you saw an invitation to the Mikaelsons ball, you picked it up ready to take it to Carolines room, Klaus must have gotten her a gift or something, and thought this was her room. 

Stopping before you left your room, you looked back down at the box, you wanted to know what was in it. “It was on my bed. If she gets mad at me for opening it, it’s not my fault.” you said out loud to yourself. 

Turning around you put the box back on your bed. You took the envelope, opening it looking at the invitation you turn it over. You couldn’t believe what was on the back. “Save me a dance y/n. Fondly, Klaus” he wasn’t serious was he? He invited you and not Caroline? He must be up to something. Glancing at the box you slowly took the lid off gasping at what was in the box. A beautiful red sparkling gown. You touched it gently feeling the fabric. 

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20 reasons why Damon and Bonnie are meant to be {Books and Show}

1. Because they have an “understanding”. 
2. She saw something in him than no one else had - his humanity. 
3. They look hot together ;) 
4. They have intense chemistry. 
5. They have fun together.
6. Because when Damon falls in love he falls hard. 
7. You can’t deny their sexual chemistry.
8. Because was never really in love, she just loved Elena because it was an obsession as she looked like Katherine, but then Bonnie showed up.
9. Because their love is forbidden. 
10. Because their love is like a roller coaster; a lot of backwards and forwards. 
11. They have a love/hate relationship. 
12. Because Damon would do anything for her. Even give her up. 
13. Because there is a possibility they won’t be endgame; but we keep hoping they will be.
14. Because they would have gorgeous babies (If vampires could have babies!)
15. Because even Sybil saw that something is going on between them! 
16. Because Damon threatened Enzo that he’ll kill him if he hurts her.
17. Because she wear his shirts. (season 6)
18. Did I mention eye sex? ;) 
19. Because their cute scenes are going to give Delena’s a run for their money! 
20. Because their love is eternal; they will always found a way to get back to each other - Enzo is dead, but Damon isn’t; Elena is meant to be with Stefan, it’s Damon’s turn for love.

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Worth it

Anon ask: Caroline Forbes x reader where you’re Bonnie’s cousin who moves to Mystic Falls for the new school year and Caroline falls for you really hard but is too shy to approach you please

Warning: none

(A/N): Caroline baby <3

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Caroline has never thought that she would be feeling like this towards a girl, and even less, Bonnie’s cousin. She was crushing hard on you, and Bonnie couldn’t stop teasing her about it. What it was even more fun about the whole situation is that Caroline was so damn shy around you.This didn’t pass unnoticed between Elena and Bonnie, they had been trying to set you up with her since then. But it wasn’t easy, you were also very shy, neither of you wanted to take the first step. Bonnie and Elena got tired of this and set up a trap for you two.

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Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 4

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 4

Please note that I am French so there might be some grammar mistakes here and there :)

Enjoy !

(Takes place in 2x11)

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Meeting Elijah again, spending time with Bonnie.

Bonnie is texting you from the Gilbert’s house. Elena went on a suicide mission the day before. Damon tried to stop her but it’s Elijah who actually saved her. Bonnie told you about the moonstone and the ritual. Elena wants to get Stefan out of the tomb he’s stuck in, but all they want to do is protect Elena. 

You don’t quite know why she’s telling you all this. You weren’t sure you wanted to get involved. You didn’t know any of them. Still, you were worried about Stefan. It was your understanding that he was stuck with Katerina, or Katherine, and that she was a “psycho bitch”.

You were at the Grill, drawing, trying to find inspiration. There, you saw professor Saltzman with Elena’s aunt you believe her name was Jenna. You saw Tyler and Caroline leave together and you wondered if they were dating. Then you remember Bonnie telling you that Caroline was a vampire, that’s when she used the term “psycho bitch” to describe Katherine. 

Professor Saltzman moved to the bar where Damon joined him. Bonnie didn’t like Damon, that’s all you knew about him. 

Bonnie texted you she was going to Luka’s apartment. She didn’t tell you why but from the way she talks about him you guessed it was because she liked him.

When you left the Grill, Damon was talking to a girl you never saw in town before.

It was almost 8 when you got out of your car and back home. 

Robert was drunk, yelling at the TV.

“I’m home!” you say, before going to your room. You didn’t want to be in his way. 

You cleaned a little then took a shower. You checked your phone. There were no text from Bonnie. You wondered if you should text her, something you are not used to do. You got into bed with a book but you couldn’t focus. You read the same page four times before putting it down. You sighed and took your phone.

“ARE YOU OKAY?” you texted Bonnie.

You took your notebook and stared at it. The page was still blank. Usually you would draw anything, a personality you liked, a dress you saw at the store you would never dare to wear, ever, flowers, animals, even your bedroom… But you couldn’t stop thinking about all the things that were going on in this town you didn’t know about. And you were afraid because you wanted to know them. 

Your phone buzzed 


“STUDIED, READ, BORED…” you text her back.



She texts back a smiley face and you put your phone down on your night table. You turn off the light and stare at the darkness. 

You think about Elijah… about Caroline, how she became a vampire… You think about Katherine and hope you never have to meet this awful person. You have a hard time falling asleep and you wake up breathless, sweaty and crying. It must have been one of the worst nightmare you ever had but still you couldn’t remember it. It was 6 AM but you didn’t want to go back to sleep, too afraid you would have a nightmare again. 

You go to the bathroom and take a long, cold shower. You go downstairs and start cleaning after your stepfather who was passed out on the couch. You make breakfast and you had just finished cleaning your dishes when Robert entered the kitchen.

“Good morning” you say with a timid smile, barely looking at him. He was as bad hung over as he was drunk.

“Mmh” he groans for only answer.

You decide it’s best to stay out of his way and drive your car to the park. Maybe you would draw a tree or something there. You sit down against a tree and take your phone out. You had a message from Bonnie.


You’re surprised and worried.



So Elijah is not a danger to Elena, then. You got it all wrong.

“THAT’S A RELIEF” you text back


She doesn’t text you back.

You start to draw the park, the benches, the people… When a shadow comes blocking your light, you look up to find Elijah standing there. You look at him with wild eyes, surprised. You put your notebook down and quickly get up.

“Elijah!” you say, the surprise clear in your voice.

“Hello, Y/N.” He says, smiling at you, looking you up and down.

“Hi” you smile back.

“How have you been since we last saw each other?”

“Uh, fine… fine, thank you…” you’re surprised he’s concerned about your well-being. “How are you?” you quickly ask him.

“I am fine, thank you” he says, “I see you’re an artist?” he asks. You look at him weird and then you see him take you’re notebook. He looks at your unfinished work for a while.

“You are quite talented” he says, still looking at the drawing. You blush and clear your throat.

“Thank you…” is all you can say.

Suddenly, you hear a familiar voice calling your name. 

“Y/N!” you see Bonnie coming towards you, obviously worried, looking at Elijah with wild eyes.

“Oh hello, Miss Bennett” Elijah says but his eyes are still on you.

“Y/N, is everything okay?” she asks

“Sure, yes” you quickly reassure her.

“It was a pleasure to see you again, Y/N” he says, handing you your notebook back.

“You too” you shyly say.

He turns around and walk away without turning back.

“What did he want? Are you sure you’re okay?” she asks, putting both her hands on your arms, looking at you like you might be hurt.

“I’m fine, we just talked” 

“What did he want?” she insists.

“I don’t know… nothing, he just said hello”

She stays quiet for a while. She looks unsure but doesn’t say anything.

“It’s weird to see you with him” she finally says

“I know, I was surprised to see him too.” You tell her. 

“What are you doing here?” you ask her.

“I told you, I want to know you more” she smiles at you. “Wanna go grab something to eat at the Grill?” she asks pointing at the restaurant.

You don’t know if you want to. But you realize you’re actually happy she came at the park to see you, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to have a friend. Besides she could answer some of your questions.

You both order something to drink and she speaks first.

“So, I have to tell you…” You look up at her, curious.“Luka and his father… they’re warlocks” she whispers the end of the sentence.

You’re surprised by her statement. So that’s why she’s been spending time with him.“And they work for Elijah” You look at her with big eyes, 


“Yope” she says, taking a zip of her drink

.You stay quiet, processing. You don’t know what to say, you have so many questions you don’t know what to ask first.You stay silent and look down at the table.

“So…” you start saying “What does Elijah wants, exactly?”

“He needs Elena alive to attract Klaus into town to kill him”

Klaus… you’ve heard her mention this name before. He needs Elena to do a ritual of some sorts.

“So, you’re actually on the same side?”

“We… we are on the same side” she says, taking your hand.

Why does she want to include you in this? 

“I think Elijah likes you…” she says, with a grin.

“Yes, he’s nice” you answer, oblivious to what she was saying.

She laughs, “No…” “He likes you” she repeats looking at you with malice.

You frown and your eyes grow bigger once you realize what she means. You start laughing, hard.

“Yeah, right” you manage to say. “How is it going with Jeremy?” you change the subject.

“Better” she says


You don’t know what else to say or to talk about. You never had a friendly conversation before so she is the one doing the talking. 

You talk about Caroline, Matt and Tyler. She tells you about the Salvatores, that Stefan was the good brother and Damon the bad one. She tells you that werewolf exists, which should surprise you but it doesn’t. 

You spend the day with her, getting to know each other, laughing, sharing secrets. 

“Well, this was nice” Bonnie says, walking you to your car.

“Yes, I had a great time today” you smile at her.

She hugs you 

Okay, what’s her deal with hugs? 

You hug her back.“See you later, Bonnie”

She waves at you, walking away to her car. When you get home, it’s about 9 PM and Robert is yelling at the TV. You were about to climb the stairs when you hear him call you.

“Where were you?” he asks, obviously angry and drunk.

“I was a the Grill with Bonnie” 

“I don’t care with who you spend your time!” he says, taking a step towards you, pointing a finger at you.“I thought you were gonna make dinner and I had to eat shit from the fridge!”

You say nothing, thinking it’s best not to answer. He takes another steps towards you and push you against the wall, you hit your head, hard.

“Next time, tell me when you leave me to starve here alone!” his finger was inches from you face. You nod, scared before he turns around and go back to the living room. Your eyes start to fill with tears while you climb the stairs and quickly close the door behind you. 

anyways so uhhhh, one more quick observation about last night’s sunny episode before i pop off to make gifs (still taking requests btw!)

old lady house CONFIRMED that the book is canon.

in the book, we find out that charlie was taught that his name is spelled “cat.” look at bonnie’s letter to charlie:

it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on here, but knowing what she says to him at the end of the episode, i think the first string of pictures/words says something like “are you upset with me, charlie?”

there’s a photo of a cat there. bonnie used it because she knew charlie would recognize that as meaning himself.

additionally, jack is wearing some sort of scout uniform towards the end of the episode, and it looks way too small for him. in the book, it’s mentioned that charlie used to be in the cub scouts (or something similar) when he was little. knowing…. what we know about bonnie and jack, i fully believe that bonnie kept charlie’s scout uniform and that that’s what jack was wearing at the end of the episode.

so what’s the big deal about the book being canon? among other things, it confirms dennis’ gender dysphoria issues, the fact that dee reversed the DENNIS system to create the SINNED system for scamming money out of men, the fact that dennis enjoys getting fingered, and that frank was physically and emotionally abused by his dad

things you didn’t say at all

“For the record, you are exasperating.” 

“I think the word you’re looking for is ‘charming.’”

“Trust me, ‘charming’ isn’t even close.”

Damon grinned down at her, gaze skittering over her face. “You know, I missed this.” He waved a finger between them. “Bonnie and Damon, besties again. Saving lives, killing baddies. As far as reunion tours go, I think we knocked ours out of the park.”

Bonnie rolled her eyes. She’d been back in Mystic Falls for a year now, but Damon always looked just a little surprised when she joined him on nightly patrols of the town. Just because the heretics were gone didn’t mean the town had miraculously become safe. It was still a hotbed for the supernatural and, for some bizarre reason, she felt a sort of duty to protect it. As it turned out, so did Damon. “Don’t get too comfortable. Just as soon as Enzo gets back–”

Ugh.” He flapped his hand in a ‘talking’ motion. “Enzo, Enzo, Enzo. I’m so tired of hearing about that…” At her withering look, he bit his tongue, “guy. I never should’ve let him come back here. Now I can’t get rid of him.”

Unamused, she pursed her lips at him. “In case you forgot, he kind of saved my life, like, a lot. You know, back when you didn’t.”

“Okay, a) he also put your life in danger with the whole hunter’s blood thing. And b)… You forgave me for that. Forgiveness means you stop throwing it in my face. I mean, I did technically save your life.”

“You also complicated it, Damon.” She sighed. “Which is nothing new, actually.”

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Seriously!!!!!!!!!!   Notice the difference between Richie’s suit and Seth’s suit. Richie’s suit is the kind of suit the Gecko’s always wear, Seth’s suit is exactly like something a groom would wear with Kate standing next to him in a white dress. Seriously, if you were to cut Richie out Seth and Kate look exactly like a bride and groom, Bonnie and Clyde style. This is absolutely suggestive imagery no way it couldn’t be. Carlos Coto said everything has changed so get ready for Seth and Kate as Mr. and Mrs Gecko in season 4 

Careful Now || Klaroline

#25daysofklaroline Day 20 - Century Old Klaus Time

Set in the back half of Season 4, Katherine already fed Jeremy to Silas and Elena went crazy. Klaus hasn’t slept with any *ahem* werewolves yet, for those keeping track at home. This is also my first crack at time travel, too, so fair warning on timeline confusion.

She woke slowly, the comfort of sleep far outweighing the cold air blowing across her face or the hard, bumpy ground beneath her. Groaning, Caroline finally sat up, confused by the woods surrounding her. She had definitely fallen asleep in Bonnie’s bed.

The witch had been in a bad way since Jeremy died and Elena flipped the switch. Since Tyler had fled Mystic Falls, Caroline needed an outlet for her caretaker tendencies and a distraction for her hurt feelings. Bonnie needed her help, and Caroline was grateful to still have her friend.

They had been up late, Bonnie going over every detail of how their lives had gotten to be so bad. The intricate conversation hurt Caroline’s head (the tequila shots probably didn’t help), but Bonnie had started to pick up in excitement. Something about solving all their problems, going back to the start, pinning it all on the Mikaelsons. 

Their lives didn’t get weird until the Salvatores came to town. Even then, it was elaborate set-up by Katherine, preserving Mystic Falls as the perfect opportunity for Klaus to break his curse. Everything would have been fine had the Mikaelsons never returned to Mystic Falls.

Caroline’s eyes widened, looking around. Bonnie must have done a spell. But where did she send her?

A quick assessment of herself told Caroline she was still a vampire, wearing the flannel pajamas she had borrowed from Bonnie. No shoes or socks. Vampire or not, the outdoors still mean basic footwear for Caroline. Standing up, she tried not to grimace at the feel of cold, wet grass between her toes. She looked around, unable to see anything but trees.

Sighing, Caroline started walking, hoping she found anyone willing to help her get home. “What did you do, Bonnie?”

Thankfully, her search didn’t take long. About fifteen minutes into her trek, Caroline spotted a cottage tucked into the woods. There was smoke from what looked like a chimney, promising warmth and human interaction.

She made sure to keep her pace level, in case anyone was watching. Approaching the door carefully, Caroline raised her hand to knock.

Instead, the door ripped open before her fist could land. “Who are you,” a shrill voice demanded. “And what on earth are you wearing?”

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Alone In A Love Affair Meant For Two

Chapter One

Murtagh/Ellen fic in two parts (or more - maybe? Who knows). Both chapters are already written but my incredible editor @drunklander (who is the bestest drunky editor ever and I love her more than my luggage and thank you forever and ever, Der, and I’m sorry about the commas) agreed with me that it was too long for a single post. So I’ll post chapter 2 in a few days.

It’s just my musings on younger Murtagh and Ellen and how things might have come about.

You can find other Outlander and SamCait Fanfics on my Masterlist


Ellen McKenzie had always been a friend to Murtagh. As bairns they had roamed the forests together, playing games and seeking hidden treasure. They had searched for faeries and told stories about the wee folk or slaying fantastical beasts. They tried their level best to scare the other as the shadows came to life in the waning light of dusk.  

As the years passed they would lie in the heather waiting for the stars to come out. Murtagh would listen to Ellen laugh, knowing even then that she was the only lass he would ever truly love. Knowing that he would never have her as his own. She was the daughter of the MacKenzie, destined to marry for position and power within the political maneuvering of the clan. He was no peasant, but he was a Fraser. Regardless of his mother’s kinship with the MacKenzies, Old Jacob was not likely to allow his eldest daughter to marry a fighting man of Clan Fraser when she could marry the presumptive Laird of Clan Grant or MacDonald or another man of substance and power.  

Their friendship continued into their young adulthood, and Murtagh began to wonder if Ellen would ever marry. She had rejected every suggested suitor, and Old Jacob was too enamored of his beautiful, stubborn daughter to force her into any arrangement she didn’t want. Murtagh took the gift of her continued maidenhood for what it was, knowing that when she was wed and moved to the home of her new husband, his easy friendship with her would no longer be proper or acceptable. He smiled and blessed her obstinate heid every time she stormed and raged, describing the latest in a series of pathetic men her brothers had proposed she wed. They would walk for miles around the grounds, until Ellen’s rage was spent and they settled into comfortable chatter.  

Murtagh could talk to her about anything. She was the only person he felt comfortable opening up to. He loved her so deeply but would never declare himself. He would never ask her to reject him so thoroughly and break his heart so completely. He was content to love her in silence, alone in a love affair meant for two. 


Murtagh didn’t see Ellen as much these days. Now that he was a man grown, he spent most of his time at Beauly, in the service of his Laird. He didn’t have the freedom he once had to come and go from Leoch as he pleased. On the rare occasions that he found himself staying at the castle, he and Ellen walked and talked and spent time together just as they always had.  

“Murtagh,” Ellen asked one night as they walked the now familiar path around the castle grounds, “Do ye remember the faerie stories ye used to tell?” 

“Of course I do. Dinna be daft.” Murtagh replied gruffly, “Why d’ ye ask?” 

“Well, it’s just that I keep dreamin’ o’ a woman I think is a faerie. I can just barely see her face and she doesn’t act much like how I thought a faerie would act, but I know she isna one of us. She doesn’t speak right, and she wears odd clothes.” Ellen wouldn’t look at Murtagh as a slow blush crept up her bosom.  

His first instinct was to devil her the way he had when they were bairns, but something in her manner warned him that she was serious – and upset.  

“She talks to you? What does she say?” Murtagh asked with obvious skepticism in his voice. 

“Och, I know I sound fair daft to you, my bonny lad. She doesna usually say much that I remember in the morning, but I know the sound of her voice. The only thing I do remember is that she is beautiful. So beautiful, with skin like pearls and eyes the color of whisky. Her hair is wild and curls about her heid like a gorse bush. She has long, graceful fingers and she smells like earth and plants and fresh rain.” 

“Ye can smell her? Ye’re craicte. Since when can ye smell in a dream?” 

“That’s just it, Murtagh. I think maybe I’m not dreaming when I see her. She’s real. She makes me feel peaceful and safe. When I wake in the morn, I feel like it was a dream, because I canna just remember everything clearly, but I know I wasn’t asleep. I dinna know how to explain it to ye.” 

“Why are ye telling me this, Lass? D’ye expect me to have some vast knowledge of the Fae Folk?” 

“No, I just…well, we used to tell stories all the time, and you know a fair number o’ them, and I was just wondering…” Ellen broke off in embarrassment. 

“What a leannan?” 

“I was just wondering if you think those stories can be real? D’ye think faeries are real, Murtagh?” 

Murtagh didn’t know how to answer that, so he took Ellen’s hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. They walked for a time in silence, listening to the small sounds of the woods around them. Murtagh contemplated Ellen’s question, contentment radiating from his heart. 


“Murtagh, I love him.” 

“I know ye do.” 

Murtagh had always known this day would come. Truth be told, he’d thought it would have come sooner. Not that he was complaining. It was time. Time to steel his heart and walk away from love. Hearing the words come out of her mouth hurt just as bad as he had thought they would. They’d stolen away for a rare quiet moment amongst the tumult of the Gathering. Murtagh had been aware of the fierce attraction between Brian and Ellen since the two men had arrived at Leoch and Ellen had come out to the courtyard to greet them.  

The rush of activities had kept them all busy in the days leading up to the Oath-taking, but he knew full well the late hours of the comings and goings of one Brian Dubh. When Ellen had found him that evening and told him she had something she needed to say, he’d closed his eyes and prayed for strength, not wishing to hear what he knew she would tell him. He had been correct.  

“And I ken you love me.” Ellen continued, “I’ve always kent it. Ye ken I love you too, Murtagh, but I canna be your wife.” 

“Aye, lass, I dinna recall asking. I’ve seen the way you look at Brian Dubh, and seen the look he gives you in return. Any man who mistakes that is deluding himself. Besides, I’ll not be the one to come between Ellen MacKenzie and what she wants. I value my bollocks too much.” He laughed ruefully and Ellen smiled through her tears. She squeezed his hand and kissed his knuckles.  

“Murtagh, ye’ve always been there for me. I canna imagine living without you, but I canna know what I know and ask ye stay by me. I’ll not be a source of pain to ye.” 

“Well, I doubt ye have much say about that, lass, but aye, that would be hard to ask of any man. Brian is my kin and my friend. I owe allegiance to him for the sake of the name he bears and the man who sired him. I’ll not abandon either of you…” Murtagh raised a hand to quiet Ellen’s interruption. “But I think I’ll just make myself scarce around Leoch for a time if ye really mean to be going on with this mad plan. I dinna want to be the one who gives ye away before it’s time. I’ll help Brian with his preparations and see ye both off safely - then I think I’ll take to the heather for a time.  

Ellen understood that it wasn’t just for the success of her plan that Murtagh intended to leave both Leoch and Beauly, and her heart ached for the pain she knew she was causing him.  

Murtagh was quiet by any standard – taciturn, gruff and irascible by many others. But he was well liked, respected and valued as a man of honor, and a bonny fighter. He had a comfortable position amongst the Frasers of Beauly as well as a place with the MacKenzies of Leoch. Now, with this match between Ellen and Brian, welcome or not, Murtagh felt he no longer had a home. Where could he drag his sorry bones and find even a bit of peace or comfort? He left the revelers in the great hall and retired to his room in one of the outer halls of the castle. He rarely desired the company of the multitudes. Tonight, he thought they just might push him right over the edge. 

She had never been his. He’d never believed that she would be. So why did it hurt so much to lose something he’d never actually had? Murtagh lay on his bed and wept, 30 years of love pouring from his soul onto his pillow. He wasn’t a particularly God-fearing man, but a Dhia, if there was a way to rip Ellen out of his heart, he would gladly do it.  

Would he, though? Would he take all the joy that came with knowing Ellen and live without it? He huffed loudly and threw himself over on his bed. No, he would not lose the knowledge of her eyes and her laugh and the feel of her warm hand in his as they walked and talked. But to have had that, and now live without it? He couldn’t see her. He couldn’t wish her the happiness he so genuinely wanted her to have and watch another man give it to her. 


The Gathering was over. Ellen’s mysterious disappearance with an unknown highlander had most effectively put an end to the celebrations. Murtagh had stayed quiet, but had listened intently to the MacKenzie and the other leaders of the clan as they plotted and planned, trying to figure out a way to find and retrieve Ellen. He intended to do what needed to be done to keep her safe – and safe, in this case, meant hidden from the Laird of Leoch.  

People were dispersing, and Jacob had his men combing the highlands, looking for his missing daughter. Murtagh wasn’t completely confident that the pair, stubborn as they were, would be able to stay hidden long enough to accomplish what they needed to in order to secure their wedding. He couldn’t believe he was doing it, but he raised a prayer that Ellen might find herself breeding, and fast.  

In the morning, Murtagh dressed, and wrapped in the armor of sensible Scottish wool, set out from the castle, seeking solitude in the heather to heal his wounded heart. He would never forget her. Never stop loving her, but Ellen MacKenzie belonged to another man now, a man he called friend, and he would never dishonor her by loving her openly or contrary to her wishes.  

He had but one stop to make after breakfasting in the kitchen with Mrs. Fitz. Murtagh wrapped a set of boar’s tusks, polished and capped in glorious silver scrollwork, in fine linen and left them in Ellen’s room where they could be packed with her things and sent to her when she and Brian were eventually discovered. 

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Personally I don't call myself a brony, but a lot of people who defend harassing them separate themselves by saying they're just fans of the show, not bronies. Don't MLP fans on 4chan outright reject the term brony and instead call themselves "fans"? ironically to distance themselves from those who actively practice love and tolerance non ironically. I get people don't like unsavory characters but is the word brony really a distinction? or does it just make it easier to dehumanize them?

As has been explained before (and is generally understood by many fans), the term “brony” was a spur-of-the-moment thing that arose out of a pun.  It was not something intentionally created to “isolate” anyone, or to try to “infuse patriarchy” into something that is unfairly pigeonholed as being “just for girls” (a belief which, of course, flies in the face of the very genesis of the franchise, as it was originally intended by Bonnie Zacherle to be an adventure series for both girls, and boys).  While some female fans opt to use “pegasister” in reference to themselves, the fact is - no one thinks anything negative of the women in the fan base, regardless of age.  Think about that for a moment.  Why would women require a label for something they’re expected to accept due to it’s supposed femininity?  That would be like creating a label for women who wear makeup.  It’s unnecessary, because we automatically associate cosmetics with femininity.  There are plenty of men out there who use makeup, but they’re a small minority in that respect, so no one bothers to take them into consideration.  It is generally understood inside the fan base (at least to those who are as immersed in it, and understand how the term came to be) that “brony” is not as gender-exclusive as others are trying to claim.  It was merely perpetuated as a means of including men into something that would otherwise be reserved for women.

When it comes to male MLP fans, they were a completely unexpected phenomenon to the world at large.  Hell - a great deal of them likely never expected themselves to enjoy the show in the first place.  I didn’t even expect myself to enjoy the show, and I’m a woman that grew up with the goddamn things in the 80’s!  The term “brony” likely gained acceptance as a means to show guys that perhaps didn’t feel quite as comfortable about the fact that they liked the show (due to the outdated gender constructs that we continue to impose upon them, and then blame THEM for), that hey:  There are other guys like you that appreciate the show for what it is, and that’s okay.  It’s a name created out of a silly pun that became a term intended to foster community, and bring people together.  No matter how seriously a scant few may take the term, that doesn’t change its simple origins.

Unfortunately, nowadays, it’s used more by others outside the fan base, because it’s easier to dehumanize them by labeling every fan with one blanket term, and disregarding their individual humanity.

These people do not care how each, separate human being that is a fan of the show is as a person - they just want to be able to see them all as the stereotype that they’ve painted in order to have a distinct image to project their resentment and/or lack of understanding onto.

They completely disregard the fans that are female, gay/lesbian, trans, non-binary, and any and all minorities, because those individuals don’t fit into their stereotype.  They also disregard anyone that has been a fan of My Little Pony long before Friendship is Magic came around, which, yes, does include male fans. 

These people also don’t care that many of the fans that create adult-oriented material are women.  They don’t care how astoundingly stupid it is to try to impose the exact same mold onto a very large group of people.  They refuse to acknowledge the fact that the stereotype keeps CHANGING, either.  All of a sudden, they added a piece of fucking headwear into the mix, as if thousands of unique human beings all collectively own the same kind of hat.  I mean, for fuck’s sake - the majority of human beings on this planet don’t even wear hats unless they have to because of the goddamn weather.

Take a moment right now to think about football fans.  Think about the ones you know, or even yourself.  Now, think about the image that comes to mind when imagining the stereotypical football fan - the kind used in comedic representations.  What comes to mind?  Obese, cishet, white male.  Now, think of a stereotypical player of any MMORPG: Ones like Runescape, World of Warcraft, or Final Fantasy XI or XIV.  You know - the ones played by millions of people worldwide.  What image comes to mind then?  Obese, cishet, white male.  Star Wars fans, Star Trek fans, anime fans, horror fans.  How many fans are lumped into this same physical mold, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary?

Chances are pretty good that anyone reading this right now is probably a fan of at least one of the things listed above.  Now, ask yourself:  Are you, in fact, an obese, cishet white male?  Are your fingers “covered in Cheeto dust”?  Do you display poor hygiene, facial hair grooming habits, and own a specific type of hat?

Probably not.

I live in a city that is extremely dedicated to football, to the point where its nickname is “Title Town”.  It is the home of one of the most revered teams in the NFL - The Green Bay Packers.  In this town, there are fans of every shape and size, from little girls, to little old ladies.  My 60-year-old mother owns at least five pairs of Packer earrings, numerous Packer sweatshirts and t-shirts, and even matching pants.  We have lots of Packer memorabilia in this house, including a miniature Christmas tree decorated solely in Packer ornaments.

Don’t believe me?

This is her SEWING ROOM (messy as it is).  She’s an accomplished seamstress.

She was also a member of Avon, and in the President’s Club for many consecutive years.

These statuettes of Mrs. Albee (the first Avon lady) represent only a few of her awards from Avon for excellence in sales.

This little old former Avon lady (whose favorite color is pink) doesn’t quite fit into the “big, fat, shirtless male in a “cheese head” covered in grease paint” image, now does she?  Anyone who actually lived in this town would see that this image is actually pretty rare.  Funny, isn’t it, that we represent an entire group with a single image, even when that image in no way represents the people it is intended to portray?  There are also Packer fans the world over - particularly in Japan.  Does that somehow change their ethnicity?

I happen to be a die-hard fan of horror movies, yet I’m a 31-year-old woman that likes to keep her nails long, and adores pastel colors and anything with glitter on it.  I also listen to bands like KMFDM and Sepultura, yet love Lady Gaga and at the same time.  I also play Final Fantasy XI as well.  And yet, none of this has spontaneously changed my gender or appearance.  Fascinating.

Human beings are not cut-and-dried, cookie-cutter molds of whatever you want them to be, and it’s about goddamn time the world started coming to terms with that.

(Now watch as this is reblogged by disturbingly obsessive anti-brony sites (which the very existence of is a pretty gigantic warning flag that those involved are in desperate need of more worthwhile pursuits) without reading a word of it, and basically repeating themselves like angry toddlers with their emotionally-driven (i.e., bullshit) cries of “All bronies are [insert slur of your choice here]”, whining about the “rape culture” that is little more than a figment of the imaginations of those claiming it, cries of “harassment” against others while conveniently ignoring the far greater harassment (including sexual harassment) and threats of death and violence thrown against the fan base on a daily basis, cries of “All the porn!”, despite that most of the places that would house such material have default filters that keep it out of Google’s Safe Search, as well as the fact that efforts from the fan base have already done a fairly impressive job of cleaning out stragglers, so-called “activists” and “feminists” attacking the fan base despite the significant amount of genuine charity and altruism accomplished by its members, while they themselves continue to do absolutely NOTHING for anyone but themselves, ludicrous allegations that male MLP fans are “taking the show away from” little girls or making it “unsafe” (which has already been thoroughly discredited), or trying to project the cherry-picked negative behaviors of a handful of people onto an entire, very large, community.)

My current theory: Kai is in Bonnie’s dreams

Since we have nothing much to go on in regards to Kai, he’s not in any promos or synopses. All we know, at this point, is that he’s planning his comeback with the heretics from the prison world.That could mean he’ll still be in the prison world by the end of episode 21 or beginning of 22. But we know for sure that he will be in all of these remaining 3 episodes. From the sounds of episode 22 it seems as if Lily has not been reunited with the heretics yet. So does this mean that Kai comes back without them in 6X20? Maybe Bonnie goes back for Kai once she finds out his life is connected to the entire gemini coven? But what doesn’t make sense is why she would enlist Matt’s help in 6X21, why wouldn’t she just enlist Kai’s help if he’s back already? We also know Bonnie will start having nightmares about Lily soon.

In the photo below, Bonnie looks like she’s wearing something that would be worn to bed. As if she were just shooting a scene where she is sleeping. Lily was likely in the scene with Bonnie(Annie even said she was shooting with Kat all day) , it fits with the info about Bonnie having nightmares about Lily. Kai is there in the same location too. And he looks like he’s wearing different clothes than what he was wearing last in the 1903 prison world. But that could easily be Bonnie’s version of Kai in her dream. So she could be having nightmares about Lily but sexy dreams about Kai.

Sorry, I’m just trying to pass the time between now and next thursday with theories. We hardly have any info on Kai.

These BTS photos are most likely from episode 20 or possibly 21: 

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Send me and OTP and I’ll tell you who:

-accidentally falls off the bed in the middle of the night: damon but can you really call it falling off when bonnie’s a wild sleeper and practically kicked him off?

-gives the other piggy back rides: damon obviously while bonnie disgruntedly reminds him she’s not a four year old and “the doctor said it’s not a sprain damon I’m fine, I can walk” to which damon sarcastically quips “No can do Bon Bon you’ve proven to me and the rest of Mystic Falls that walking is out of your range of expertise and as your best friend and accomplished lover how could I in good conscience allow you to risk your life like this?” Bonnie responds by punching him in the back only to hear damon lament about her ungratefulness to whole walk back to the boardinghouse 

-tries to act tough but is really a giant sap: bonnie likes to believe she’s a real hard ass but the girl’s got weaknesses that melt her like snow in the middle of july such as finding damon snoring in their bed snuggling ms. cuddles when she sneaks into the house after a girls night out with caroline.  

-almost burns down the kitchen trying to bake: Damon knows Bonnie can’t cook, hell Bonnie knows Bonnie can’t cook but that doesn’t stop her from trying to whip up sheila’s award winning red velvet cake for Damon’s birthday. To be fair he did tell her that he didn’t want to celebrate because it reminded him of darker times Katherine infested dark times but what better way to clear up his hatred of birthdays then cake? Needless to say they nixed that idea once the fire department was called to put out the kitchen fire. Bonnie’s devastated but damon can’t stop laughing and even though at first she wants to slap that stupid grin off his face she winds up joining him laughing and secretly loving that this small fire is the brunt of the chaos their lives are filled with now. After cleaning up they finish the night off snuggling on the couch with a nice inflammable ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins and The Bodyguard.  

-sings lullabies to their kids: Bonnie, she used to sing a lot before Grams and it started to become harder and harder to find anything to be joyful about but now she sings and damon is surprised but elated to find out this secret about her some would argue he looks forward to the twins bedtime lullaby than they do.   

-morning person vs dead until they get their coffee: Oh god Damon fucking Damon is that irritating kid you had in class that was always bouncing off the walls and dripping optimism early in the morning while Bonnie won’t even look him in the eye until she pours herself a mug of coffee although that doesn’t stop him from trying out new and inventive nicknames for her over breakfast because like he said “ a promise is a promise bon”  

-cries during sappy movies: Bonnie, and Damon can’t exactly explain why but seeing her shell crack and some vital part of her fall out even if it is over Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams sets his teeth on edge, makes him feel like he’d go into battle and die for her as she would for him if only to avoid seeing her cry seeing her hurting more than she already has.

-wears a billion layers because they get cold easily: Bonnie and Damon teases that there are far better and more satisfying ways they could be warming each other up.

-initiates cuddling: Damon and he’s surprised to find how much he loves it, craves it. He loves sex don’t get him wrong but there’s something comforting about no expectations, just lying down in bed next to each other to feel close not just to stave off lust. There’s something reassuring about Bonnie’s warm back nestled against his heart it stirs something in him, their closeness it feels so much more vulnerable, intimate than the millions of love declarations he used to spit out at the drop of a hat. 

-hogs the covers: Bonnie and when Damon complains she reminds him he’s immortal and it’s not like he’ll die of hypothermia. 

-would fall over their own feet while trying to seduce the other: Damon and he finds it pretty damn annoying that he “the eternal stud” of all people would find himself so tongue tied so utterly inept when it comes to something that used to come like breathing to him. His every word is laced in innuendo dammit and now he finds himself stumbling over words and using lame stefan like pick up lines? Bonnie is of course endlessly amused by this and thinks back to when she used to call him “older sexy danger guy” only to find out he’s a giant teddy bear 80% of the time. 

Klaus gives Caroline one of his sexy necklaces or maybe she asks him for one. She will have a piece of Klaus with her at all times. She always wears it underneath her outfit. Most people don’t even know about it. Some know she has a necklace she always wears but they don’t know why or who gave it to her. Maybe just write something to show klaus giving it to her or snapshots of situations where it’s clear how important it is to Caroline or maybe someone asking Caroline about the necklace

All the air left her lungs with a small ‘oof’ as she fell back onto the bed, scantily clad in just her underwear as she reached out for similarly naked Klaus to pull him down to her. Hooking her fingers around the leather cord of one of his necklaces, Caroline tugged him over from where he straddled her thighs until she felt the bed dip on either side of her head when he planted his hands there to keep his weight off her.

Wrapping her hand around the shark tooth pendant (a real shark’s tooth from the coast of South Africa, she was told when she had asked one day), she pulled once more as she looped her other arm around his shoulders to hold him to her as she captured his bottom lip between hers. Sighing contently, she tightened her hold when she felt his tongue run along the seam of her mouth, granting him access with little persuasion and a guttural moan at the passion it induced.

Feeling her hold on him becoming lax, Caroline pulled back slightly to quickly avert her eyes down to where she gripped his necklace, the leather now lying against her chest instead of around his neck. “Oops,” she murmured as Klaus hovered above her, brows furrowed as he took in what she was looking at.

“Better my necklace than… anything, really,” he brushed off halfheartedly, pressing his body down against hers once again so she could feel his well defined erection through his boxers against her stomach.

“I’ll fix it for you,” she offered sheepishly with a sweet smile that he reciprocated, dimples included.

“Later,” he murmured hotly, kissing her hard as she felt him move to lace his legs with hers.

Caroline nodded when he trailed his lips down the column of her neck, reaching out to place the broken necklace onto the bedside table. “After sex,” she agreed, bucking up against his body when he bit her gently on her collarbone. “Now, just get me naked.”

Squinting against the morning sun, Caroline pulled the sheets up to her chin and curled up under the covers when she realised it was early morning already. She squeezed her eyes shut as she focused on the sound of Klaus moving around the room; the bed in front of her cool to touch when she swept an arm out indicating he had been up for a little while.

Sensing him approach her, she turned around so she was facing him when he perched onto the edge of the bed. “Sorry, sweetheart. I didn’t mean to wake you,” he said softly, running a hand through her sleep-mussed hair as she smiled at his tender gesture.

“‘S’ok,” she muttered, stifling a yawn as she blinked up at him. Dressed in his typical jeans and henley combo, his hair was still damp from his shower and she could smell the spicy bodywash he used mixed with his usual earthy, musky scent. Disappointment filled her as realisation hit as to why he was up so early. “You’re leaving?”

“I must if I want to be home by tonight,” he replied with a wry smile, twisting a lock of her hair around her finger and tugging gently. The action reminded her of similar actions the night before and quickly looked down to his neck where she noticed he hadn’t worn the necklace she had ripped off him. Instead of fixing it, she had promptly fallen asleep after their lust-filled hours and snuggling up to him.

Reaching out, she grabbing the necklace from the bedside table and slowly started to knot the ends of the leather cord together. It wasn’t the hardest task in the world, but being bleary eyed and half-asleep wasn’t the best time to try it.

After the knot slipped for the third time, Caroline sighed heavily and shuffled in an attempt to sit up straighter to gain a better perspective but was stopped by Klaus’ hand on her hip. Dropping the necklace into her lap, she glanced at him, confused and questioningly.

“Hold onto it for me. I’ll take it back from you next time,” he told her, picking it up and placing it into her palm before folding her fingers around it.

“Ok,” she replied, smiling as he brought her hand up to his lips and pressed them to the back of it.

Laying their joined hands back into her lap, he cupped her cheek gently with his free hand and leant in to kiss her chastely. “I love you, Caroline.”

Her heart jumped like it always did at his love declarations. Clutching his necklace tightly, she pulled their hands into her stomach simply to have him closer to her for a little while longer before he had to head back to New Orleans and she went back to college. “I know.”

Caroline glanced up from her books to catch Bonnie’s eyes. She was sprawled across her bed on her stomach with her best friend sat at the desk, chair turned towards her with a pen between her fingers, tapping repeatedly against her lips. The former-witch’s stare burnt into the side of her head, annoying her until she finished the page she had been reading to look at her questioningly.

“Nice necklace. Definitely not your style though,” Bonnie commented, eyeing the pendent Caroline had unconsciously been toying with.

Freezing at her words, Caroline wrapped her hand around the shark’s tooth and contemplated tucking it back under her dress (the cord was long enough so the pendent laid just in the valley between her breasts). Instead, she unfurled her hand and held the tip of it between her thumb and forefinger to show her roommate even as she peered down at it.

“I thought I’d change things up,” she said as nonchalantly as she could.

Bonnie nodded seriously, pursing her lips and pointing her pen in her direction. “Funny how you decide that now, after your weekend with Klaus. Klaus, who has an affinity for wearing such necklaces,” she explained in a similar tone to Caroline’s, who immediately ducked her head to hide the blush she was trying to will away.

Her relationship with the hybrid wasn’t a secret, nor was it an unspeakable event anymore between her friends. But it definitely wasn’t something they spoke about daily like Elena and her tug-of-war between the Salvatore brothers, or Bonnie and Jeremy. It didn’t help that Caroline was in a long distance relationship. She figured they would be slightly more comfortable with them if they could see them together more often. Instead, it was a weekend here or there, usually hidden away in Mystic Falls at his house to spend some quality time (mostly naked) together.

“Fine, its his. He gave it to me,” Caroline admitted with a soft smile as she recalled how it had look on him as she had pulled off his top, taking in his naked chest with his multiple necklaces decorating his collar and the tattoo on his left shoulder. Rubbing the pendent, she pulled herself out of her memory and looked back up at Bonnie. “Actually, I broke it off his neck and he told be to hold onto it until I see him next.”

“How did you-?” she began to ask before clamping her mouth shut when Caroline could feel herself start to blush once again, lowering her eyes in an attempt to hide her coyness. “Never mind.”

It became a habit of hers to pull out Klaus’ necklace and fiddle with the pendent whenever she was alone, in deep thought or missing him. Such as right then, in the middle of the coffee shop waiting in line to place her order. Her next class was due to start in ten minutes but she simply could not fathom getting through it without caffeine.

She had spent a good two hours on FaceTime with Klaus the previous night before turning to text messages when he had to leave to go to a meeting with some of the town’s representatives from all of the different fractions. It still puzzled her as to why these meetings were kept so late at night (surely the humans wouldn’t appreciate it), but he would always answer with the same thing, alluding to the fact that the French Quarter is the city’s playground after dark.

Until she went to visit, she would never know.

“That’s a cool necklace,” the man behind her commented when he stepped up next to her. He was blonde with piercing green eyes, good looks and clearly a jock if his stature (and jacket) was anything to go by. Taken aback, Caroline merely stared at him even as his eyes bounced from hers, to her hand and (she was pretty sure) to her cleavage. “Did you know royalty use to keep a shark’s tooth with them as a good luck charm?”

“Yeah, I did,” she replied, polite yet curt, dropping her necklace so it hung over her top instead of tucking it back in under her top. Not when the man, who she now realised was a player on their college football team alongside Tyler, was watching her every move.

“Is it real?” he prodded, trying to carry on the conversation when she moved forward towards the counter. There was only one more person in front of her, and if she could get rid of the guy before then, she wouldn’t have the urge to throw her coffee at him.

“I don’t know. I’ll ask my boyfriend and get back to you on that,” Caroline said in an overly-saccharine tone, throwing him a cutesy smile with a shrug when she caught his unimpressed look.

It was mean, she knew that, but she reasoned that it was definitely better than a coffee in the face.

“It looks good on you,” Klaus commented as he reentered his bedroom with a bottle of water in hand for her and a tumbler of whiskey for himself, nodding at the necklace she still wore.

Caroline was sat on the leather couch, wrapped in one of the silken bed sheets which she had no idea how it had reached where she was. Their sex life was definitely active and exciting, and as she pulled her legs up onto the seat to curl under her, she was forced to bite her lip at the memories of the past two hours. Starting by the door when they had returned after a couple of drinks on Bourbon Street, and ending up on said couch by the way of the bed, the wall and even the table.

She had finally made her way down to his city for Spring Break, deciding it was time to see his new home. New Orleans was everything he had described it to be, but Caroline had found solace in his arms for her first night there.

Taking the proffered water, she clutched at the leather cord and pulled the pendant out of the sheet she had tucked around her to lay in front of it. Klaus perched on the coffee table in front of her, drinking his Scotch silently but with a ghost of a smile, after his observation. Dressed in simple pair of grey sweat pants, she allowed her eyes to roam over his half-naked form before replying.

“I like it. It’s been a familiar weight over the past few months, and wearing it made me feel closer to you. Like, it was a connection to you,” she explained, shyness suddenly overtaking her as she focused on uncapping the bottle and shook her head at herself. “Silly, I know.”

“No, of course not,” he assured her gently, but Caroline merely scoffed before sipping her water. His soft smile, accompanied by his adorable dimples, was enough to turn his words sincere (not that she let him know it). “Here, let me show you something,” he said suddenly, patting her knee lightly and getting up to head towards his closet.

Remaining silent, she could hear the familiar sounds of a drawer opening and the rattling of jewelry. “Another necklace?” she asked when he reappeared with said item hanging off his fingers.

“What’s this, Caroline?” he asked her gently, settling onto the couch next to her and laying the necklace in his palm. It was long, made of small wooden beads with an only slightly larger silver pendent which Klaus pointed to.

“A diamond?” she tried, peering closer at it after placing her bottle next to his glass on the table and leaning in closer to him. Picking up the necklace, she rubbed her thumb over the criss-cross design, overlapping the diamond to keep it secured behind it. It look familiar but she couldn’t place it. Instead, she pulled back and tilted her head at him, raising a brow teasingly. “Are you proposing to me with a necklace? Because that’s kinda lame, Klaus, no matter how old you are.”

His eyeroll made her giggle, bumping her shoulder into his when he set his jaw momentarily at the mention of his age. It wasn’t particularly a sore spot for him (nothing really was, unless she left him with a hard on), but it was the root of her teasing that she knew he was getting fed up with.

Klaus curled an arm around her shoulders to pull her into his side, pressing his lips to her temple before taking her hand in his so they both held the diamond pendant. “Its a diamond link from the bracelet I gave you many years ago. Do you remember it?”

Gasping softly, Caroline nodded against his bare shoulder as the resemblance hit her. “Yeah, before your mother’s ball,” she added gently.

“When you tore it off and threw it at me, it broke. Seems like you have a habit of accidentally breaking my jewellery,” he informed her pointedly, making her huff at his jibe and elbow him in the side. He chuckled lightly and she shifted her legs so her knees rested on his thigh to press herself closer into him. “I managed to fix it, but I kept this link and turned it into pendent for the exact same reason, sweetheart.”

Looking up at him, she shook her head at his revelation. The bracelet had been the bane of her existence for the small amount of time she had had it. Yet, the fact that she had worn it had clearly held a lot of meaning for him. So much so that he had kept a memento from both the jewellry and that evening (no matter how awful it had gone).

“We weren’t even together then,” Caroline stated airly, resting her forehead against his neck as she blinked back the glaze a thin cover of tears had created over her sight at the mere reminder of how much the hybrid loved her whereas she couldn’t even bring herself to say the three simple words yet. Clearing her throat, she kissed his pulse point and rested her cheek on his shoulder once again to mutter affectionately, “Crazy, old man.”

This time, Klaus laughed with her, capturing her lips with his own halfway through to swallow her giggles and turn them into a sensual moan. Taking her hand out of his, she dropping his necklace into his lap and reached up to cup his cheek so she could hold him in place to elongate their kiss. She nibbled softly at his bottom lip, soothing away the sting with the tip of her tongue and breaking away before he could reciprocate.

They settled into a comfortable silence as she wrapped her arm around his waist and snuggled up to his side. His heartbeat sounded in her ear comfortingly with the gentle rise of his chest lulling her towards sleep. It wasn’t the usual ending to their evenings, but it was a pleasant one nonetheless.

That was until she felt him shift slightly under her, his hand coming up between her legs and chest to pick up the shark’s tooth pendant. Caroline watched his hand through heavy eyes as he tucked it under her makeshift clothes and between her breasts.

“Keep it and think of me,” Klaus told her, resting his hand on her leg where she could feel his natural warmth through the silk sheets.

“Anything to keep me from looking at other men, huh?” she murmured sleepily, relishing in the coolness of the necklace against her skin once again.

Growling exaggeratedly at her words, she smiled to herself at his reaction, feeling the roughness of his stubble brush against her forehead when he rested his chin upon her head. “And don’t you forget it.”

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For fun what do you head canon a Bonnie and Damon wedding being like?

Oooooh, hmm, let me think!!

Bonnie would let Caroline handle the majority of the planning, more because Caroline is just so damn into it than because Bonnie herself isn’t, lol. Plus Caroline is just really good at it, somehow managing to completely take control but still keep it all about Bonnie. For example, the color palette would be something subtle and earthy and so Bonnie, like this:

The gown would also be relatively understated, but still with some intricate work on it, maybe something like this:

Actually, I could also see for the dress Bonnie wanting to wear Sheila’s old wedding dress, so that she’ll have that connection to Grams even though she can’t be there. Maybe something with lace sleeves, since I think Grams could have been married in the 70s…

The wedding would take place at the boardinghouse, on the lawn in the back. And this is how Damon would find his in for becoming super-involved in the planning, because I could just see that domestic little asshole being so into planning a wedding lmao.

He and Caroline would butt heads on the regular about what kind of flowers and the design of the pergola, etc, and meanwhile Bonnie would just be sitting between them, rolling her eyes.

On the day of the wedding, I could see Bonnie being surprised by just how beautiful everything is, and how she can feel so hopeful and loved without any looming dread or fear. Caroline would be buzzing around her, and Elena would be there helping style her hair and do her makeup, and they’d both get in some little conspiratorial smiles together while Caroline explains everything that still needs to happen and could possibly be going wrong in great detail.

Damon on the other hand would be a wreck, though he wouldn’t let anyone know. And then Stefan would walk in on him as he’s just pacing in his room, and help calm him down by reminding him that he deserves his. He deserves his own happily ever after, and there’s no one who he can have that with the way he can with Bonnie.

And he’s still nervous, but the fluttering in his stomach calms just enough for him to get out there. And when he turns to see her, Matt is walking her down the aisle… and every little wriggling fluttering fear in his stomach just stills.

Because she’s smiling at him like she always smiles at him now, like he’s the person she trusts more than anything, the person who was by her side every step of the way though they may not have even realized it at the time. The person that she loves.

And he understands in that moment that this smile is not something that anyone else gets to see. That this side of her, the vulnerability and the honesty and gratitude and the love… she’s giving all of that to him, and there’s nothing in this world that he wants more than to protect that, forever.

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In my head I see Bonnie picking out an outfit and Damon making fun of it which brings about a challenge for them to each pick something out for the other which would explain this sexy little number and Damon wearing plaid of all things lmao.

this needs to happen! kadjfkajgkasdgdsaf